June 18th, 2008


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What's your favorite dinosaur?

When I was little, I loved Diplodocus. As I grew older, I liked the dromeosaurs more - my first e-mail address, now defunct, was utahraptorgirl98@yahoo.com. I remember at the time (2000) being shocked that there were two people on the internet who wanted the e-mail handle "utahraptorgirl".

ETA: Which is to say, I like Utahraptors best!
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Questions about American health insurance....

In the UK we have the NHS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Health_Service_%28England%29 which provides health care.  It is the publically funded health care system. The NHS provides healthcare to anyone normally resident in the UK with most services free at the point of use for the patient though there are charges associated with eye tests, dental care, prescriptions, and many aspects of personal care.  Eye tests, dental care, prescriptions and other things though are subsidised and the costs covered for those on benefits or who have low incomes, like young people, the old and students.  We have one ambulance service which runs throughout the country, taking whoever needs it to hospital where they will be treated for free, free treatment is also covered by local doctors.  The NHS is funded by a taxable amount taken from each working person in the UK, straight from their wages in the form of National Insurance contributions http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_insurance (national insurance contributions also provide money for benefits in the UK, for the unemployed and sick, they also contribute towards each persons state pension (an amount given by the state to those of pensionable age))  he unemployed as well as the employed are covered by the NHS  so everyone in the UK is entitled to the same basic health care.  Hospital stays however long, incur no cost for anyone.

So coming to my questions:

1) How does the American health insurance scheme work?  I have heard you have to pay or your company pays for an insurance scheme so you can go to hospital and be covered by the scheme, other wise you have to pay for treatment yourself?  Is this true, if so how much does it normally cost to be covered?

2) Does your health insurance cover you for all hospitals, or is it just set hospitals who sign up to your insurance provider?

3)I have heard that if you have no or the incorrect type of health insurance ambulances can drive straight past you and dont have to stop, is this true?

4) For the people who cannot afford / do not have health insurance what do they do? Do they just have to suffer?  is there free hospitals for them to go to?

5)Do you think a national or at least state health scheme would be a viable idea in the States?

6) If you could change American health care, how would you do it?

As I say I have no experience of the American health care system, so i really don't know how it works.  The only coverage I have seen of American hospitals have been on the comedy shows, Family Guy, Simpsons and Scrubs and I doubt they are particulary realistic.

Sorry for the large post but I'm geniunely interested in how it all works
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Have any of you tried weight-watchers?
Will you tell me a little about it, like what you did, whether there were meetings, the price, results, etc?
Do you recommend it?
How old are you?

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What's one surefire way you know will successfully make you vomit?
I found another roach in my kitchen. It fell on my dishes.

I barf'd.

I have a lot of gardening space. Aside from herbs, what should I plant?

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if you've ordered textbooks through amazon, how long did it take for you to receive them?

i ordered a book on monday of last week and it's still not here :/ i need it by thursday so i'm getting worried.

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Whenever I read vaginapagina I feel like the entire female population of the (Internet-access-having) world lives their entire lives in deep, deep fear of pregnancy. Like, constant neurotic terror. Is something wrong with how we handle contraception and/or getting knocked up? I feel like there has to be a better solution than freaking out nonstop every time you have sex or your vagina produces some discharge.
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My sister got the LG Voyager by Verizon. Of course, she's already lost it and she has to pay a $50 deductible to receive a replacement. What happens if we find the phone, or if it's been stolen? Is the ESN flagged?
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1) Would you feel uncomfortable feeding penis-shaped gummies to a small child?
2) What's the weirdest present you got from a friend?

3_ Would you feel uncomfortable masturbating while your head was lying on a pillow with a Sesame Street pillowcase on it?

4) Did you go to a concert last night? Because I did!
5) Have you ever been to a concert that was filmed? D
6) Did you make it into the resultant video/film?
7) Do you think that people smoking weed at a concert is a given?

8) My health insurance runs out at the end of next month if my husband doesn't find a new job with benefits before then. What should I go to the doctor for before it runs out? I've already decided to get 5 months worth of Nuva Ring.

9) Have you ever heard of Thermal Reconditioning/Japanese hair straightening?
10) Ever had it done?
11) Would you recommend it?
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1. My brother had a severe reaction to poison ivy and his whole face is puffed up and swollen. He's been out of school for 2 days for fear of getting mocked mercilessly but would really like to make it back in time for the last day of school (friday). And depuffing tips?

2. I have a few photos I'd like to get blown up to poster size (assuming the resolution is good enough) and framed. But I'm on a budget so every penny I could save would be helpful. What's the least expensive place you know of online to have this done?

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1. My best friend flashed his weiner at me earlier. No, no. Not flashed it. More like walked out of the bathroom bare-ass naked and laughed and laughed as I screamed and turned away in horror. He knows I hate p33n0r (I'm a lesbian), and I know he hates woman parts (he's a gay man). He's also a clean freak. With this information, TQC, tell me: How should I get back at him? (srs and non-srs answers)

2. What was the last thing that made you cry?
This (the little 4-year-old girl singing on America's Got Talent. OMG it was so sweet.)
I won't cry for you

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Today my little sister and I both got flat tires. Yay.

How much does it cost to get a tire patched?
Have you ever used Costco's Tire Center? What was it like?
Do you have any really bad flat tire stories?

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I'm bored out of my fucking mind. I got a phone call that woke me up a few hours ago and now I'm getting really restless and anxious since I can't sleep.
What should I do to keep myself occupied online? Websites? Want to play? Something? pls?
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Gaeilge Interrogative

~This is related to the Usher's Island thing I asked about a few weeks ago, but is nowhere near as obscure.

The Gaelic term for Prime Minister is Taoiseach, whose pronunciation I have sussed out as TeeShax. Yes? No?

The Gaelic term for deputy Prime Minister is Tánaiste and that one has bloody well defeated me. Help?

PS I have no Gaelic-English dictionary, neither does the local library [I'm in the boondocks], the on-line ones are faakin' useless, and I'm twitchy and trying to do something toward Facing The Page.

Edit: Taoiseach Tee-shok'

Tánaiste Taw'-nish-ta
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Sorry if this is an incredibly stupid question. I've never moved out-of-state before. If you're planning to move to a different city in a different state, what's the best way to get an apartment lined up without having to fly out there and find one in person? Is there a way to do it via phone and e-mail? Is this common?
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Am I the only one who wants a CSI/NCIS crossover, just so Greg and Abby can meet, and maybe get together?

ETA: Also, if this never happens, is there any good Greg/Abby fanfic out there?
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disney world omgahh

okay so i am going to star wars weekend at disney world on thursday, and i have never been to disney. i am so excited, but i need to know. what are the things i absolutely must bring?

also, i am on a LOW LOW LOW budget. really low.
what are some things that i can do to help myself out?

i want to enjoy myself and not have a shitty time just because i'm poor.
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Does the full moon affect your mood? 
  I don't know if the full moon is to blame, but I always get ultra crabby/emotional a couple days before a full moon.
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What's a good site that I can buy music at and have it sent to my cell phone? (I'm totally technically retarded, but I'm assuming I can do this). A good site with a wide selection, especially stuff that may be a little obscure.

Is it totally weird that I've never, ever bought any mp3s or digital music download thingies of any kind before?
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Not counting the time before you first had sex, what has been your longest dry spell? Why did you have it? When you broke it, was it worth the long wait or kind of meh?

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I was reading David Sedaris' new book, and he posed a question that has been on my mind ever since:

How come you never see any baby squirrels?

This, according to the internet, is what a baby squirrel looks like:

So what do you think, TQC? Where are all the baby squirrels hiding?

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If you had to choose one, would you rather marijuana or prostitution be legalized?

Which would be more detrimental to society, in your opinion?

Would you participate in either if they were legal?

If you could outlaw something that is currently legal, what would it be?
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Is photobucket.com being weird for anyone else?

Should I be concerned about a person who is into Firefly/Serenity?

Do you know anyone with Aspbergers outside of the internet? What are they like?

Messes and Eyeballs

So far today I woke up to a broken fridge. Talk about a mess. The entire freezer was on the floor:C I also got toothpaste in my eye somehow.

1. What has happened to you so far today?

2. What was the worst thing you got in your eye?

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So I'm starting to go out with this new guy. The main time we hang out is late night, because I work afternoon to night shifts, and he works morning. We live in the SF Bay Area, and are totally broke. Our dates have generally consisted of grabbing Starbucks and sitting in one of our cars, hanging out for a few hours.

What good, inexpensive, late night things are there to do around here?

Btw, he's 22, but I'm 19, so... no bars :-(
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vampires & zombies

I'm working on two stories at the moment, one of them about zombies and one about vampires. Don't worry, they're not exactly typical ;)

But I thought I'd come here and ask you guys, what are your favorite ideas of zombies/vampires? Things like theories and mythology, versions, etc. I.e. Joss Whedon's version of vampires, or Bram Stoker's, or ancient mythology of Transylvania etc.

I'd love to know :) Thanks!

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i had firefox 3.0 beta a long while back. it was too bug-filled for me, so i downgraded back to the standard version at the time. i recently re-upgraded to the new released version of 3.0 and i am missing bookmarks! but now that i think about it, some of the book marks i have on here i didn't have on my 2.whatever. how can i fix all this? is there anything i can possibly do?
also, i know i came across a website that teaches you computer programs online and it was free and there were little belts like in kung fu, going up to black belt. do you know what this is? or something similar? i need to learn me some programs.

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How do I refrain from jumping on the FedEX guy and grabbing it out of his hand when he gets here?

How do I deal with not being allowed to open it until the boy gets home?

Should I just open it and reseal it and say fed ex did it?
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Which of the following foods have you consumed today, or do you plan on consuming today?

some kind of sandwich
ice cream
none of these!

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Guess what? You've just been given the opportunity to travel wherever your little heart desires. The only thing is that you have to make up your mind as to where you want to go in about 5 minutes. Money isn't an issue. You'll be gone for a week.

Where do you go?

ETA: what would your choice be if you couldn't travel outside the country?

salon budgeting

what do you do to keep your salon costs down when getting your hair done (colored, cut, etc.)?

im not saying go to supercuts and expect a vidal sassoon cut. im thinking more along the lines of how can you go and not have to spend $300 for a dye and cut.

The Champagne of Comics

Hehe, I just picked up my Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee! comics and started reading through them. I haven't opened those things up since I was 13...

TQC, what was the last thing that made/would make you feel super nostalgic?

The last thing that did it for me was playing my old Pinocchio VHS last year =P I hadn't watched that since I was, like, 7.

Do you love Married to the Sea? (their normal site)

'cause I do.
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If you were gone for four months and had only been eating MRE's with an occasional slice of pizza, would you rather have:

Breaded baked fish with rice and soy sauce
A home made sandwich of your choice, on Italian bread and toasted to perfection?

What would you want for dessert?

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Hey guys. So I want to change my Firefox theme, but I want to be able to continue to use the ColorTabs feature. Do any of the themes out there allow this? I downloaded one theme and wasn't able to use the ColorTabs feature.

amack: glowing

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I'm gonna be buying a shirt off Amazon.com, but the merchant selling it has sizing charts only for sweatpants (which is, as you can imagine, especially helpful when shirt shopping). It's just a regular raglan-shoulder baseball-style jersey shirt, and the sizes are listed as follows:

What are the numbers beside the sizes? If I'm looking at an adult medium, is that 38-40 inches around the chest, or what? Anyone have any ideas?

stalkers suck =0(

if the only information somebody has about you is your first name and your 10 digit mobile phone number, what information can they find out about you? what if you then changed your number, and the only info they have is your old phone number? are there services that can tell them the address of the main wireless account holder or any other types of identifying information? i have verizon, if that changes anything. i've seen some services online that claim they can offer info for a fee, but i wasn't sure how legit they are and exactly what information they are able to provide.

I'm interested in this because i just changed my number due to harassing phone calls and video messages of porn and beastiality i was receiving from a stalker, and I'm terrified that he might find out more information about me. I'd go to the police and file a harassment charge or restraining order, but then he'd discover my address/last name, correct? thanks for any help you might have.


I am making a photo collage on my wall today, and I have just ordered the prints and now I need to know: how should I hang the photos on my wall? It's painted with semi-gloss paint and has that annoying texture.

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So, Saturday, I will be on a plane/in an airport from 7am to 5:45am the next morning (there is a significant time zone change, but still, it's something like 20 hours). I can't sleep on planes. What do you suggest I bring to occupy myself?

I do not have:
-A DS or other hand-held game thingy
-More than about $5-10

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On the 15th I ordered two GRE prep books (general and subject) from Amazon.com I got them today. YAAAY. Only I received three books.

I got two copies of the subject test book and one of the general. It doesn't seem like they charged me for the third book.

What should I do with it? Send it back? Keep it? Sell it to someone else? If I keep it will they discover their mistake and charge me for it?

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I just moved into my first house with two other girls. They have jobs/take classes, I do nothing productive.
What kind of hobby/craft would you suggest taking up? I don't have a car but lots of stores are in walking distance.

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HEY GUYS I'M NOW A STRIPPER (it has been about 35 minutes)


I have a psychiatrist appointment in two and a half hours so it can't be anything too fanciful. I am totally numb and do not understand what to do, as performing onstage is my biggest fear of life and I can not believe I just pulled that off. I almost shat myself onstage, and with such small underwear on that would not have been appropriate in the least.

Also: how do I go about finding a brave polydactyl cat to adopt? I want one so that s/he may be better at catching the vermin that abound in my life, since my two current cats just run away.

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I just checked, and my checking is -$4.98.
And my credit card has $900 on it.
I have two dollars in my wallet, and I don't get paid for a week.

What would cheer you up?
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bonus money

When you've gotten a bonus at work, what have you bought with that money?

I got a $1,000 bonus. Should I buy the 32GB iPod Touch? Or put it towards something more practical? Or just some other item of equal cost ($500). Suggestions appreciated.
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So, TQC, what color is your underwear today??

Quite unrelated, since hardtoreport  is being uber-sensitive or something and too lazy to google, can you guess what this photo might mean or represent if you saw it at a 'pro-life' march/demonstration?

I specifically want to know if you can guess without checking.

edit: give me a sec, gang, and I'll get the picture I forgot to put in. :[

goddammit, I closed the tab and no longer have the picture!
So, what's the last thing at which you failed so hardcore?  Please! - make me feel like I'm not alone.  8(

FYI: the pic showed a sign that said "May 16 (or thereabouts), 1969  - Canada's Day of Infamy".

Username used but wanted

So, one thing that I really hate, is that you want a specific username somewhere and when you go to put it in it says it is already used.  So, if you all are like me, you  go specifically to the person's profile to see what they are like and if they are still even using the username.  And they're not!  It's just an idle username that hasn't been used in 7 years!! 

Is there a username that you really want that is technically used but not BEING used?

For me it's Prajna and she/he hasn't been on since 2001.  -_-  And I think it's in Russian...

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My cousin might have her baby today!  At least by Sat because she's having problems and they'll induce labor if she hasn't had it by then.  WILL IT BE A BOY OR A GIRL? (They didn't want to find out with their other two kids until they were born either.  Yeah three kids...breeder).  I hope it's a boy!

What is bothering you today?
My friend and her mom went to Palm Springs for a few days.  The night before they left my sister's boyfriend and I were going home from work and he asked if I was gonna go with them, because Erica had went on and on to them about how much she wanted me to go.  She never even mentioned it to me :/

EDIT!  Can you help me find a video of Fam Guy where Stewie and Brian are talking and Stewie is like "Why can't we just do the same things we do with girls but with boys?" And Brian says "You mean be gay?" and Stewie goes "Oh that's what gay is? Yeahicouldtotallygetintothat" ?!  I'm having a hard time finding it.

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i just moved into an apartment, and i don't know how these things work, so please be patient with me.

what happens when you live in an apartment (not the kind of townhousey apartment where your apartment door faces the outside world, the kind where you have a front door and you have to go up the stairs to your apartment) and you get a package? today i am supposed to receive some certified mail that must be signed for. i have a feeling that they will buzz up to my apartment and that i will be called down to sign it. is this terribly wrong?

and what happens to packages you don't need to sign for? you know, the kind that they'd just drop off on your stoop if you lived in a house.

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I haven't seen the boy since may 3rd when he want back up to the twin cities, and he's coming home next weekend so we can go to a wedding together, other than lots of teh sexo, what should we do that is fun together time that weekend?!
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If you had to pick a piece of classical music to listen to for the rest of your life (you can't listen to anything else, but you can turn it off and not listen to music), what would it be? It counts if it's a collection of pieces (Like Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, which is four pieces/movements I believe).

(I'm asking this because I want to get into more classical music, but I don't know where to start)

It's a toss-up between Durufle's Requiem and Orff's Carmina Burana.
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Disappearing e-mail

An e-mail I read this morning has disappeared from my inbox. I checked my Gmail online and it's still there. Other than forwarding myself the message, is there a way I can re-import it? I'm using Mail on a Mac (10.4).

Who are you?

I disappeared for a few months there, not that I was all that active to begin with.

What's the best thing that's happened to you in the last two months?

What's the worst?

(I've got a new job that I enjoy and I'm making more money. But every time we think we've got a little money and talk about buying a new tv, something else comes along. Yesterday it was the news that our washer and dryer are broken).

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What song (or songs) makes you want to cry every time you hear it?


Mine: Colorblind by The Counting Crows, and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

I have no idea why

ETA: What song (or songs) always makes you happy without fail?
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maybe a little teal deer

I was guilted into volunteering for a work event this weekend. However, I haven't heard anything about it in the 2 weeks since I was asked. Should I email the person and ask about it or just wait to see if she says anything about it or sends out a schedule? I don't really want to do it in the first place, so if she forgets that I agreed, that would be okay with me. On the other hand, if I am going to have to do it, I'd like to know now exactly when I will be needed. So... email or no email?

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I had my standard OB-GYN appointment earlier.

While "elbow deep" in my moneymaker, my doctor said:
"Don't look so disappointed.  Men are MUCH bigger than this."

1.  Wot?
2.  What made you wot recently?
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gift giving.

the boyfriend is leaving to taiwan in a couple of days. it's his first time outside of the US, and i really want to get him something special as a going-away gift.

any suggestions?
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so, i wanna download firefox 3, but when i downloaded the beta version yesterday, none of my bookmarks were there. i got a del.icio.us account and imported all of my bookmarks on there. if i get firefox 3 and export my bookmarks from del.icio.us, will ALL of my bookmarks, including my BOOKMARK toolbar be there?
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In your opinion, what is a song that exemplifies rock 'n' roll? (for me, "Rock 'N' Roll" by Led Zeppelin)

Also, what are some songs that mention Chicago? (besides the Sufjan Stevens song)

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I vaguely recall this topic coming up a week or so ago, but I couldn't locate it on my own, so I am going to re-ask -- I've never waxed my legs before, but I am interested in giving it a go. Do any of these home waxing kits work, or should I go ahead and go to a salon of some sort?


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I just burped and almost had an orgasm.
1. What was the last thing you did that made you feel good?

2. Will you post a picture of what you believe to be is the cutest dog?
Mine in comments.

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I'm in one of my good friends weddings this fall. I have a pretty tight budget anyway, and I've allotted $100 for my part of the bridal shower. The maid of honor is asking for more money. Am I being cheap by telling her no way, Jose?

If you don't care about wedding crap, tell me about any summer traveling you plan/want to do.

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Hiya TQC. Leave me some wonderful answers while I go out and apply for jobs.

1. What's the harshest, most horrible text message/IM/facebook message you've ever gotten? Paraphrasing's okay. Context is also nice, but not required.

2. Anyone ever work at a golf course? Did you enjoy it? Good pay?

3. Why are YOU amazing and beautiful? You aren't allowed to say "I'm not."
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Warped Tour / Outside all-day-concert tips?

I'm taking my sister to Warped Tour this Saturday. I have never been to warped tour before, but know that I should bring a backpack for all the merch she'll want and tons of sunscreen since it's getting warmer. But is there anything else you would recommend bringing when attending an outdoor all-day-LONG concert? Warped Tour tips? Is Visa accepted at the booths, or should I just carry tons of cash?
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does anyone have the lg scoop? i'm thinking about getting it. tell me about it, pros/cons. if i use the voice recorder, can i set that recording as a ringtone? i hate spending money on ringtones and they never have anything i want.

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So, some guy from around here won $34 million dollars playing the lottery. Great. Right?
Well, I guess he's a sex offender and the local news keeps blasting the, "SEX OFFENDER WINS $34 MILLION" headlines. On their website, you can post in a forum about how you feel. A ton of people feel that he doesn't deserve the money and what-not because he's a sex offender and he should pay his victims X amount of money for the emotional distress.

So, how would you feel if a sex offender won $34 million? Should he pay his victims or are these people just butthurt?


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For those of you who no longer live with your parents:

What kid of place do you live in?
(house, condo, apartment, spare room, cardboard box)

Do you live on your own?
If not, with who?
If so, how much do you pay for rent?

About how much money do you make a month?

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I didn't know most girls shave above the knee, and completely embarrassed myself talking to someone I just met at work about shaving/waxing. My body hair is very fine and blonde and I only have to shave like once a month and I don't grow hair above my knee.

Is that normal?
What's the last thing that embarrassed you?

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Have any of you tried going to a holistic doctor?
What for?
How was your experience?
Was it a last alternative type deal?

I'm going to try one out tomorrow, and I'm really hoping something good comes from it. My brain is fried from all of the medications I've been put on, but my last run with psych meds made me go from decent with a little anxiety to completely dysfunctional. Has that happened to any one? Any luck reversing it? I most definitely wasn't born crazy.

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so, if you're one of those people who pee in the shower - would you wash yourself in your toilet? why or why not? what if it was a toilet only used for #1?

GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

Viva La Vida

Have you heard Coldplay's new CD?
What are your thoughts on this?

(I havent decided how I feel about it, but the thought that's buzzing 'round in my head is "how are they going to tour with this?")

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If a guy came up to you randomly and said this...would you go have coffee with him?
"Hey there...Mind if I be a little direct and honest?"
You: Err...sure...
"Well...listen...I dont know what your name is, I don't know who you are...But I do know this...
I know you're very attractive. I know you have an amazing smile...And I know I want to get to know the person behind that smile...Soo...I was wondering if I was lucky enough to have you give me that chance over coffee or something?"

Would you give him the chance for coffee?

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So between apparently for real having no sense of style as i was informed today and now getting a call from my gyno that my biopsy was still abnormal and he wants me to come in and talk. i'm having a bad day. I also have to go over to my apartment and finish moving my stuff tonight. So my questions are...

1.Will you please cheer me up?
2. will you find me affordable cute clothes and I can buy? (the entry taht shows you my frumpy self)
3. When my gyno talks to me tomorrow, are they going to do the procedure of choice then?
4. (i'm soo scared! I haven't told my parents yet) should i tell them?
Big Bang

Gap year/working holiday questions

So, in about a year and a half I'll be finished with school. (Yay!) At that point I'd like to go overseas for about a year, and work while I'm away. I'd like to keep costs down as much as possible, because I'm not mega-rich.

The itinerary (which is extremely negotiable at this point) would be something like this:
- France ~3-4 months
- Britain and/or Ireland 6 months
- South America (Argentina, maybe) ~3-4 months
Along with some general travelling.

Should I arrange my own work and accomodation, or go through some sort of organisation?

Do you have any recommendations for organisations to you?

Any general advice for taking a gap year/working holiday?

Should I do it alone all the way, bring a friend everywhere, or try and meet up with someone halfway through?

Thanks in advance.

Born American

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Why does that camwhore wannabe with the fug boyfriend/friends keep posting pictures asking for judgment on looks then deleting posts when it's concluded they are all really ugly?

Did anyone save pics? Can we make macros?
Cats pawing at mommy's face

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TQC Mommies - I'm sending baby clothing (gifts) to a friend of mine who just had a little girl. Would it be worthwhile to send the hangers with, or would that be a waste of postage? (I bought a lot of 3-6 and 6-9 month stuff, so it's not going to be competing with her 0-3 month stuff for hangers, if that matters)

If I have an HD TV but don't have cable, can I get network channels? How? (theoretical)

Do you watch game shows? Which ones?
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Hey Guys.. Weird question...

What is a good remedy for constipation?
Has been a few days now, gonna see a doctor, just want other advice for the rest of tonight and such, because the doctor's office is closed.
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Because this one is much more fun compared to the other way and produces names that don't sound like gibberish...

What are 4 (realistic) names you can come up with for yourself using the letters from your parents' first names?

Jacqueline + Kevin = Jenna, Elena, Liv & Kalee
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You're taking a shower, a nice hot one, following a rather busy and stressful day at your uncomfortable office job where your boss spends the majority of his time trying to grab your butt and makes lewd remarks about you that would be considered harassment. You would say something, but the pay is good, and no one else in the area offers decent benefits. But you're in the shower, your eyes closed and enjoying the smell of your new soap and whatever, when suddenly you notice an odd smell. It takes you a minute to realize what the smell is. It's blood.

You open your eyes, and realize it's not your blood. The shower, itself, is spewing blood. You get out of the shower in a panic and try to clean the blood off, only getting your white towel to turn a nice shade of red and not accomplishing much else. You go to turn off your shower, but the blood forms a hand and knocks you back. Slowly the blood-hand forms the rest of a body, and stands in the shower building more of itself. You grab various things--your hair dryer, Listerine, and whatever else--and throw it at the blood monster, only to have it absorbed and spit back out at you, barely missing you and hitting the wall.

The blood monster looks at you, its dead, coagulated eyes filled with what could only be considered murderous rage, and says, "A plane takes off and flies due west at 350 mph. At the same time a second plane leaves the same airport and flies due east at 400 mph. How long after they take off will the two planes pass each other?"

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1)what causes misfortune?

shit happening.

2)what's the weirdest thing you've seen people photographing?

I saw people photographing a very small scooter bike thing with a basket, and getting the guy to pose and everything..
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Jeopardy just had a whole question category that was about Anime.
1. Is this awesome or sad? (edit) if it is neither, what is it?
2. do you have a hobby? what is it?
3. Do you like musicals?
4. What is your favorite musical? (can be on Broadway or a movie or whatever)
5.  What do you do when you are waiting for a package?

1. I think its pretty cool... the answers made me lol.
2. I have a few... I collect asian ball jointed dolls, i crochet, i cross stitch, and i sew a little.
3. i love musicals
4. my favorite Broadway musical is Jesus Christ Superstar my favorite movie musical is Moulin Rouge.
5. I go crazy.... lol

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How would you feel if you were partially responsible for making someone really good at vocalism and as an instrumentalist?

What if you were an aspiring performer yourself?

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1. Do you think people are more or less attractive when they wear glasses?

2. Have you ever had an infection? If so, will you tell me about it?

3. On a scale of 1-10 how attractive are you?

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Do you believe a husband or wife should be able to sue their spouse for more than half in a divorce on the basis of denial of conjugal rights?

If you denied your spouse conjugal rights without working out why you're denying them, would you be upset if you found out they cheated on you?
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Tres preguntas mami putas!

1) Who is your greatest countryman?

2a) If a stranger came up to you with a camera and asked to take pictures of your knees, would you let him?