June 17th, 2008

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My friend got sunburn about three days ago. She was in a lot of pain and it kind of got better. But today her skin is peeling a lot and she said that it is causing her so much pain that she's crying right now. Do you think she needs to see a doctor immediately? Or what should I tell her to do?
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What kind of belly button do you have?

some mangled mix of the two

What is the fire-extinguisher situation in your home?

I have one and know where it is.
I have one but I don't know where it is.
I don't have one.
I'm not sure if I have one.

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I know book questions are asked a lot, but what are some good sci-fi/fantasy series I should read?

I just finished The Wheel of Time and His Dark Materials.
The list I've got in my head is Dune, The Dark Tower and Riftwar. I guess I should add Lord of the Rings to that maybe.

I'm trying to read as much as possible this summer :D

ETA: I've read Harry Potter. Kinda forgot about it, lol.

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What the hell is the name of that song that is about a long haired cowboy doing things his way or something? Sorry not much help, I can't remember any of the lyrics right now (except he calls himself a long haired cowboy) if it helps it's classic rock.

Do you like M*A*S*H, how old are you?
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1. What kind of bathing suit do you wear?

2. At what weight/shape/amount of unwanted fat should one consider not wearing a bikini? Honestly, if you can.

3. Are you uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit in public?

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on a scale from 1-10, how weird is it to like being scratched/bitten during sex? what about if you like to be tied up a little bit?

my friends freaked the fuck out when i mentioned it, and i really seriously thought it was more common than that.

Kill Bill - Elle
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Teal deer about feeding dogs human food

Our dogs are out of bagged dog food because OMGWTF MY BROTHER MANAGED TO SET MY CAR ON FIRE YESTERDAY and we probably won't be able to buy any until tomorrow sometime when our mother comes to the rescue. I mean, I could totally walk a mile to the nearest bus stop, ride to Wal-Mart, purchase two 25 pound bags of dog food, take the bus back to the nearest bus stop, and walk another mile home, but something tells me that that isn't happening.
Guys, what should I feed my dogs? I've done the bread soaked in milk and two slices of bologna thing, but they're hungry and I feel so bad, and there's only so much bread soaked in milk that I can give them before they get sick on it. HALP ME PLZ.

When was the last time you felt like a failure as a pet owner/mommy?
When was the last time you felt like posting something on livejournal was going to get you sent to either stupidpetowners or stupid_free?

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Which piggy do you identify with the most?

This little piggy went to the market. Shopaholic
This little piggy stayed home. Reclusive
This little piggy had roast beef. Cows are the neighbors of pigs, so this guy obviously extracted a vicious revenge upon his enemies
This little piggy had none. Minimalistic. Possible belief in the eastern religions
This little piggy went whee-whee-whee all the way home. Off his meds. Psychotic episode.

Your SO gave you gifts for each of the 12 days of Christmas, but who knows what they were thinking. Which of these gifts would piss you off the MOST?

Fully-grown pear tree. Partridge lurking in the branches that refuses to come down. The tree's inside your place and it's stuck
2 turtledoves
3 French hens
4 calling birds. They won't shut up
5 golden rings. Unfortunately, not included is the One Ring to rule them all.
6 pregnant geese. They try and bite you if you get close
7 swans and a fully-inflated and filled kiddie poll, which they're floating in
8 rural chicks. Plus, 8 cows
9 strippers
10 skateboarders. They spend their day hurdling over the furniture in your house
11 bagpipe players. One bagpiper is a novelty. You now have stereo. It's pissing off the birds in the house
12 hippies in a drum circle. The cows are getting agitated
Are you kidding? I love them all! Why can't there be 20 days of Christmas?

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How do you feel about Marvel movies?

To be honest, I don't really care for any besides the Spiderman movies. I had no interest in seeing Iron Man and I have no interest in seeing the new Hulk Movie.
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I need new shoes.

Specifically, sneakers...like something relatively plain that I can wear with most things because I can't afford bazillions of cute shoes, so I need something that I can wear with the many many outfits I don't have super cute shoes to match. But I can't really find anything good. I really like a lot of the stuff from Simple Shoes, but I am really cheap when it comes to shoes and I don't want to spend that much money if I can avoid it.

So, my question for you...do you know of any companies that make similar styles of shoes that are cheaper?
Or do you have any other suggestions of something basic but still somewhat cute that I should check out?

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Edit: DAMMIT, are you people trying to tell me I have crappy taste in shoes? :(

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What the heck do you do to keep yourself *ACTIVE* when you're not exercising, or working/school, or hanging out with friends?

(tv, gardening, cleaning and reading doesn't count either)
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I'm doing a unpaid internship (THF 930-630) and taking a night class (MW 6-9). I'm in desperate need of my own spending money for clothes and stuff. What should I do to make extra money?

I was thinking about standing around my towns' elementary schools and talking to the mothers waiting to pick up their kids and handing out my resume to be a babysitter or a mother's helper or something to that extent. But how creepy is that? And, the only problem is... I've never really babysat before besides my cousins or watching the younger kids whenever my parent's threw parties at our house.

Should I give it a shot? I live in pretty wealthy/well off neighborhood and I figure the pay will be decent? I mean, I can just be a chaperone and play with them/watch Hannah Montana and stuff or throw elaborate tea parties and themed birthday parties etc.

Or, I could help people applying to college with their essays and whatnot. Idunno.

Does this sound legit? Should I give it a shot? I'm 19 btw.

And lame, but, what exactly is the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?

ps: This would be my only option because I would rather have something not as formal as being a waitress or working in abercrombie.

Zoned Commercial / Residential

Is there a good real estate search engine that allows me to search for properties that are zoned commercial/residential? I'm talking about something like trulia.com (it appears trulia doesn't let you filter/search for that in particular).
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is it possible that this is a psychological disorder?

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thank you so much if you actually read this. if i could bake cookies and mail them all to you, i would promise to, and then never follow through- unless someone finds me a solution to this mess, i suppose.
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4:00 cravings...

Ah, man, I want a pork siopao right now. But it's 4 in the morning and I am in the middle of WASPyville.

So, I ask you, what are you craving right now that there is no way you can get your hands on it? Or to put it in another way, what is your torture craving?

What are you substituting for it?

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When I'm writing and my pen runs out of ink I want to scream to the Heavens!
1. What makes you want to scream?

I love sprouts and cucumber in my sandwiches.
2. What are some unusual things you like in your sandwiches?

When I'm drinking a beverage that is supposed to be cold, I NEED ice in it.
3. Do you need ice in your cold beverages?
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Is there a piece of clothing that you own that you barely wear because you have NO idea what might go with it? if so, what? (pics, pls)

Is there something that you WISH you could pull off wearing? why can't you? these, I can't walk in heels. D:


when's the last time you felt like bitch slapping somebody?

when's the last time it rained where you live?

jacktripper (i doubt you'll even see this!) i am typing up this order right? the guy's name is Hilario! lmao.
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Tomorrow, I am going to Ottawa for a mini-family vacation and the NHL entry draft.  On Sunday, I am flying from Ottawa to South Korea for a business trip and will be there through Friday.  I haven't packed yet!

TQC, will you help me pack?  Will you at least tell me what to pack?
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A: What job would you say would be more emotionally/physically/mentally pressing, the chiropractor in a busy office or the receptionist in a busy chiropractors office? 

[I ask because me and my chiropractor were talking about how we'd like to switch jobs for the day!]
--I think the receptionist's [my!] job is more pressing.. organization, phones, insurance billing, etc.

B: What's your favorite flower? 

C: If you have one, how much pain were you in while getting a tattoo on your foot?

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Hey all,

What's your favourite brand of high-quality, but not ridiculously expensive, knives and why? Also where did you get them, how much did they cost and how long have you had them??

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I think I've decided what I want to do with my hair for the wedding. Finger waves! Since I have short [naturally curly] hair, I think this might be cute. But I can't decide whether to have a tiara, veil, or both. I don't want to do none, because then I wouldn't look very bridal. Help?

ETA: Finger Waves


Finger waves y/n ?
If no, do you have another suggestion?

Tiara, veil, or both?
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Do you wear glasses? Contacts? Or are you one of those lucky bastards with perfect vision?

If you wear contacts, where do you order them? Do you know of a good website to order them from that is really cheap?

If you don't feel like answering any of these, what (to date) is your most embarrassing moment?
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For those for those of you who work in some sort of daycare type place, do you have rules about eating in front of the kids? How do you feel about this?

If your kids were in daycare, would you care if the staff ate in front of them? What if it was different from the snack the kids were eating?

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 Who has been to Bend, Oregon?

Aside from the Deschutes Brewery, where I'm sure I'll spend a significant amount of time, what are some good things to do and see?

What are some good locations for a day hike that are close to town?

H20 intake.

So we all know the whole drink 2.5 litres of water a day thing, good for health, cleans out the system, helps you lose weight, etc. It doesn't need to be straight water or so I've read (although that's the obvious way of knowing you're getting the right amount), but does anyone happen to know what difference using drink mix makes? I drink this stuff which I think corresponds to Kool-Aid, except we don't add sugar/etc and it has no artificial sweeteners.

If I drink 2.5L of water mixed with that, will it have the same health benefits? Obviously I'd also be taking in more sugar/etc that's in the juice; I figure it wouldn't be staggeringly high with drink mix and would be outweighed by the benefits of drinking the water content, but I'm not sure how much that would throw out the balance.

While I'm genuinely interested in general health, I'll admit that I'm more actively concerned about weight. I'm trying to get on top of harmful/obsessive eating behaviour by using healthy ways of managing my weight. I know that drinking water regularly causes the body to let go of water stores, for example, and wonder if that would be inhibited by using sachet mix? I find it much much easier to consume large amounts of drink mix than the same amount of water, so it's working out if that balances out or if I'm better off in general to just force myself to drink the lesser amount of straight water.
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What was the last thing you read that utterly confused you?
Only Revolutions by Mark Z. Danielewski. Not only is the type all weird and crazy, but it's even more confusing cause it's written like a big poem, and I wasn't expecting that. (And I'm only 8 pages in...I hope I get used to it, cause the premise seems interesting

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If you get them, how many comment notifications do you get from LJ per day, on average? What was the biggest number you estimate you ever got, and what were the circumstances?

If you don't get comment notifications, is it because you would get a whopping assload of them if you did?


1. When was the last time you get lost?

2. How did you get un-lost?

I just got lost in the woods with my puppy. I was really scared for a minute.

Back from Bonnaroo

So TQC, how many showers does it take to get all the dirty hippie off of me?

Also, my college finally sent me the name of my roommate. Orientation is tomorrow. Should I try to meet up with her if she's going, or wait until a later date? I haven't spoken with her any yet.

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What is something that needs to be invented?

I wish there was some sort of Google that will search for a song when you type in how it sounds, like "Doo do dododoooo dadadahhh" and then it finds the song!    This would be so helpful .___.

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 TQC, How much do you like peanut butter?

and what's the biggest peanut butter sandwich you've ever made?

I love peanut butter, so much i've have a peanut butter sheet cake with peanut butter frosting topped with peanut-filled peanut butter ice cream before.
And I just made a 4 slice sandwich because I was craving :)

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Apparently there is a movement of people who are practicing the concept of only owning 100 items.

Would you ever do this?

What would you definitely keep?

Would one shoe count as one object or could you get away with counting a pair as one object?
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I've come to find out my boss is having sex with one or more underage girls. I was actually present when he started making moves on her. What should I do about this? This job is the only thing I really have going for me in my life right now.

Bug-eyed Earl

Firefox 3

OK, I just installed Firefox 3. I didn't like it because all of the themes that were compatible were ugly. So I un-installed it, thinking I would still have version 2 since I installed 3 in a separate directory just in case. Well it erased ALL of my bookmarks, preferences, etc. even in Firefox 2, which still works but now has no bookmarks, no themes, no add-ons, has forgotten my passwords..

Can I recover all of this data? Should I just do a System Restore or something?

Edit: Ugh, did a System Restore, it didn't do crap.


So I was just banned from ask_me_anything for responding to a mod's question in which he asked if he should tell his friend that his girlfriend is ugly or resist the overwhelming urge and keep it to himself.

I said he should fucking grow up if he's that concerned with how attractive the significant others of his friends are. I was then told to apologize, to which I replied with a, 'Yeah ok.' Another reply comes along and agrees with me to which I responded that the reply user should apologize to the OP because apparently that opinion is offensive. Then came the ban hammer.


When was the last time you got the ban hammer and why?

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What are some important tips and things to include in a thank-you letter? This one is specifically for a scholarship that was organized by community members, so all the little things I would include ("I can't wait to see you next fall!") wouldn't work. Should I say, "Sincerely," at the end, or something else? HALP!

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What should I do with my afternoon, TQC?

a) play The Sims 2: Pets
b) tell my friend to quit being a d-bag and come over so we can hang
c) read one of the 5 books I've got sitting around, waiting to be read
d) something else that I will tell you in the comments

It is 83 degrees and sunny if that is somehow relevant.
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Should I buy a Nintendo DS in the coming weeks (I'm currently saving up)? I know it's good and stuff, but I don't want to buy it if something else is gonna replace it soon. It's been out for a while and I don't want Nintendo coming out with the new Nintendo Vaaj handheld or anything.

If i should get one, Should I save 30 bucks and get the normal sized one, or is the lite oh so much cooler?

Also, does anyone have a spare one they want to give/sell to me?
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TQC, I have never smoked anything at all. The closest I got was inhaling once over this last weekend and it wasn't that great.

So why the HELL have I had this weird urge to smoke over these last few months? I mean I've never done it, so I shouldn't be having any sort of craving or anything. I've never had a desire to before. So WTF is going on?

(And yes, it is specifically just normal cigarettes I've been wanting)

What is the strangest craving you've had that you can think of off the top of your head?
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(no subject)

Any online gamers: Will you show me a screenshot from whatever you play?
What's one of your favorite alcoholic drinks?
Pet names between you and your SO: Y/N? If yes, will you tell us what yours are?
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Girls, how old were you when you started your menstrual cycle?

Did you start with pads and move onto tampons? If so, how old were you when you started using tampons?

Do you use tampons now?

(no subject)

Have you studied abroad? Where? How long? What was it like?

I'm an American going abroad to Cape Town from July-Dec. I'm leaving in 3 weeks, so I'm a little nervous and I don't quite know what to expect, because I hear culture shock is pretty common. Do you have any tips for going abroad? I know it depends on where you're from and where you're going, obviously, but I'm interested in hearing any experiences or suggestions or whatever.


i am baking a batch of brownies. the recipe calls for 2 eggs, but i only have one. i dont want to go to the store, and i dont have any egg substitute. can i use anything in it's place?

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LOLOL so this would sort of be an _updates post, except I have a new question.

I called my roommate and hahahah it's the funniest thing, apparently she's not going to my college anymore. Am I screwed? Or incredibley lucky?

Also, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a bitch move was it for her to wait until I called her to tell me?
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Calling all e-ttorneys!

Ok, so my former assistant (she's former for a reason) just texted a coworker of mine requesting that myself and my current assistant lie to some "credit people" if they call and say that she still works here and has worked here for the past six years.  With a "please please please I really need this" thrown in.

Even without taking into consideration how illegal that may be, there is no way in hell that either my assistant or I are going to do this.

But if we did do this and we were caught, what would the repercussions be?  Exactly how illegal is lying about employment verification for someone seeking credit?   Exactly how illegal is lying on a credit application?

I'd like to give both my coworker and my former assistant a piece of my mind for putting us in this situation.  This is not the first time that either one of them has tried something not completely kosher.  I'm thinking that this would be a fine and community service type thing, but the more serious this is, the more pissed I'm going to be.

While srs. responses would be really helpful, I am ALWAYS game for non-srs - the more ridiculous the better! 

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I tried google, but clearly I'm an idiot...
Is there a place to find what your proportions should be according to your height?
Do you know what your measurements are?

I just joined a yoga/fitness thing yesterday and they took my measurements and my hugeness is astounding and painful.

Do you eat before or after your exercise? What is the best thing to eat?
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What's something that really bothers/upsets you that people think is weird?

I hate listening to heart beats, because it causes me to focus on thinking that the heart is a machine that won't always work, and it makes me cry every time. I can't lay on my husband's chest, and it was hard for me to take vital signs when I worked as an lpn.
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What is your favorite Bushism/GWB quote? I won't be sad to see him leave office in January, but I think I'll be kinda sad when I don't get to see him goof up on national television anymore.

What do you do?

1. When you feel slighted by someone do you tend to assume your instincts are correct and they are actually slighting you, or give the other person the benefit of the doubt?

2. Do you tend to bring it up when you feel upset, or keep it bottled in?

3. Do you tend to get more angry, or depressed?

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TQC, I'm female, but I hate women.  I think they contribute nothing to the world, and that men have the terrible burden of having to carry us along like the failures we are.

What is so wonderful about girls, TQC?
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Doctor TQC,

I have hypersensitive hearing and every time I turn on my TV I hear this terrible PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP
Fuckin' nonstop.

Is there anything I can do to stop this?
Or is there any reasoning to it? I mean, if I were to buy a new TV, how can I ensure that I wont get that incessant and ear-bleeding peep?


I want a cute planner that I can carry around with me. Where can I find some good ones? Online preferably...also I really want some colored gel pens and just black ink pens in general. Where could I find some of good quality?
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medicaid is awesome!

Okay.. so I think my foot is broken.. got a requisition form from my doctor and got the xray. Called the doctor and they said that they MAY have the results in by Friday.. maybe.


So if I go to the ER am I going to be billed by medicaid for having two seperate xrays for the same injury? (and yes I have tried calling all the helplines and can't get through to anyone).
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When you are walking down the street dressed appropriately for very warm weather (meaning, you're not wearing a lot of clothes at all), and a guy yells from his car at you, do you think to yourself, "maybe I was asking for it, dressing like this," no matter how progressive and feminist of a person you are?

Do you ever yell at women from your car?

Why DO men yell at women from their cars? Does this ever get results?

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small personal dilemma...

I am really really exhausted. I've been up since 6:30 and I didn't go to sleep until way too late last night. I have that really drowsy, whiny "I want to take a nap RIGHT NOW" feeling.

and by nap I mean sleep for at least 4 hours (I don't know how to properly nap)

so what should I do? what would YOU do? do you feel tired right now?

ETA: I'm concerned about not being able to sleep through tonight if I nap now. I have to get up for work at 6:30 in the morning again.

Breakup teal deer

So, I really feel like I need to break up with this guy I'm dating (it still feels weird to call him my boyfriend even though we've been "official" for like a month). Basically, I'm not attracted to him and never really was, his argumentative nature irritates the shit out of me, and I just don't have time to devote to a relationship right now if I'm not really into it. I am on break now and want nothing more than to see my friends and have some "me" time, and when rotations start again I'll need all the free time I have to deal with reading, taking care of my dog, and taking care of myself.

However, I suck at breaking up with people. I always feel guilty and awkward, and I haven't done it in so long that I'm really nervous about what I'm going to say.

So, tqc, my question for you is: what should I say/how should I say it? Do you have any advice on how to make it as painless as possible? Keep in mind that he is more into me than I am into him, and he is a very argumentative, often abrasive person.

(no subject)

1)what news stories make you go awwww?

PBS' reports on how cute school children want to read

2)what do you think about news stories using subtitles for people who are speaking english?

(no subject)

I have no life. I'm sitting here refreshing the FedEx tracking page because my ring is currently in Memphis, TN and I'm in NY and I highly doubt it'll be here tomorrow as much as I want it to be.

TQC, What can I do to get my mind off of my ring?
srs & non srs of course.

mucho masturbation

My SO gets reeeeally mad at me when I masturbate because it "makes him feel like he doesn't satisfy me." It's not like I blatantly do it in front of him, but sometimes I have urges and he's "too tired" to take care of them. I wouldn't get mad at him if he did it, which I'm sure he does when I'm not around, so I don't understand why he's so butthurt about it.

So TQC, my questions are:

How often do you masturbate?

Would you be mad at your SO if you caught them masturbating? Why or why not?

(no subject)

My friend and I got in an argument the other day. She asked why I wasn't interested in a friend of ours, and I said I wasn't attracted to him. She told me the only reason I wasn't was because he was overweight. I told her, well, yes, I'm not attracted to overweight people. She got offended because I could learn to love him. But without the physical attraction there, I couldn't love him. But now my friend refuses to talk to me. Honestly, I'm just not attracted to fat people, and so could never be in a relationship with one. Could you? Am I totally wrong? Are there any types of people that you could never date?

eta: The guy she tried hooking me up with just called me. He said he's totally fine with not dating, but he had a great time with me and he just wants to be friends. He's interested in another girl anyway. Why won't he just leave me alone? I said I don't want to have anything to do with him.
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chef ramsay got me flustered

Have you ever worked for a Gordon Ramsay type?

Do you crumble under that type of pressure or do you just let it roll off your back the way the chefs pretend to?

When you make a mistake, does it make you flustered and more likely to make more mistakes?

I have, and I crumble. haha.

(no subject)

i'm bored with my hair lately but i like the cut and color. i just want to get away from ponytails all the time. lately i've been wearing my hair curly but even that is getting boring.

do any of you ladies have any relatively simple but cute hair dos you'd like to share? pictures would be sweet, an added explanation would be even sweeter.

Two things

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Why has the gas station down the street from me limited gas purchases to 50 dollars and lower?

How am I going to manage to get myself to the gym by 5:45 in the morning? (meaning waking up at 5am) FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY
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(no subject)

What game show do you think you would kick ass on?

Have you ever gone dumpster-diving?

Do you think I can fit an ikea bed, dresser, bookshelf, and mattress into a small Saturn? They're all disassembled and in boxes (except for the mattress).
(food) usagi eating ice cream
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(no subject)

Will you post your most recent, or one of the most recent icons you've attached to your account?

Why did you upload that icon?

Mine: I made a bunch of icons from vintage ads today, and this one specifically (it's my default now) because it's SO CUTE, and actually has milk in it, so thought it was more fitting than pink octopuses, for my username.

(no subject)

I'm sitting on my front deck minding my own buisness and I get that "someone is looking at me" feeling. And sure enough it's my neighbors. See, I live across the street from a campground and the owners are all sitting at a bench staring at me. I'm not doing anything. I'm sitting here typing away on my laptop and text messaging.

Should I stick my tounge out or flip them off?
do you have a better idea?

(no subject)

The Lakers just lost Game 6 by 39 points. What was the cause of this FAIL?

Boston just had a better defense, and a better fast game
Kobe's ego tsunami'd everyone else's. No Laker may thrive unless Kobe does first
Lakers had more white guys on their team
Hometown advantage. Boston had the fans on their side, and they always win at home
Somehow, it's all Phil Jackson's fault. They should pour boiling Gatorade over his head as punishment
Los Angeles teams are doomed to fail. It's punishment for allowing Shaq to make Kazaam back in the 90s
I admit it. It was because of me and my lucky underwear...and this Kobe voodoo doll
Boston can't lose. Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics. God smiles on the New England states

Probably been asked before...

- What do you think of those parents who refuse medical treatment for their children because of their religion?
- Do you think there should be laws protecting the parents' right to pray for healing and refuse medical care?
- Do you think there should be any way for children to receive medical care (either because the child wants it or medical professionals want to intervene)?
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Oh TQC...
If a boy shows all the right signs of wanting to be with you.... And you want to be with him... Would you?
What if the boy already had a partner....?
And what if the boy comes across as really fantastic, but you worry sometimes, because some of the things he says are just rather... slutty... Would that change your mind?


1) "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego" had the best theme song ever, Y/Y?

(I have no memory of how the actual game show was played, but I love this song!)

2) What book are you reading right now? What was the last book you read? Which do you like better?

I just read Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk, and I'm now reading Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides. I love Palahniuk but his books are such quick reads, and it seems like he's just writing one book over and over again. Middlesex is fascinating so far.

3) Why does it seem like ever since I started farting in front of my boyfriend, I have to fart A REAL LOT and they're smellier than before? AM I GOING CRAZY?

(no subject)

Inspired by that wedding dress post way down there...

If you're a female, when you were a little girl planning your ~*~*~amazing dream wedding~*~*~, what did your dress look like?  Tell me about the rest too...

If you aren't a female, will you tell me the little boy equivalent to a little girl dreaming of her wedding?

I remember sitting with my girl friends in 3rd grade talking about this and I wanted a green, blue, and purple strapless dress with flowers all over it.  I hate purple now!  My friend Sammy was supposed to be my MOH, but we decided to have double weddings since our sets of twins were going to be born on the same day and be bffs and eventually marry each other.   -sigh-
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What are you some of the most thoughtful gifts you've received?

What are some of the most thoughtful gifts you were excited to give?

Do you get really nervous and awkward when watching people open a gift you're giving them? I hate that.

Ashley Parker Angel!!

What ever happened to There and Back???

Does anyone know the episode when Ashley was singing to Tiffany on the beach for their anniversary? I've been serching all over youtube!!!


edit: Do you know if Ashley and Tiffany are still together?

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 I've been studying for my World Religions exam tomorrow. I'm exhausted.

What do you believe in