June 16th, 2008


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My boyfriend's ex just emailed me asking "Do you know John Doe?" (John Doe = my boyfriend). I'm pretty sure she found my e-mail through an old LJ community post I once made that was an ad for a room in my boyfriend's apartment (which he was living in when they were dating, so she knew the place). They had been e-mailing really flirty messages to each other for the past 6 or 7 months, and I finally confronted him about it and he hasn't contacted her in about 6 weeks. I think she's kind of worried about him because she knows he has no family and no friends in the area, so I guess she's trying to get to him through me.

What should I do?
a) tell my boyfriend and let him deal with it
b) e-mail the crazy bitch back and tell her to back off
c) just delete the e-mail
d) something else...?
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When emailing someone about a job, how should I address them? Based on the name I can't tell if they are a man or woman so I don't want to use Mr. or something. Should I just use their full name? Would it be better to call them?

If it matters I already work for the company.

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i am closing my bank account tomorrow. bank of america (formerly lasalle bank) has screwed me over for the last time and their very unhelpful customer service representatives suck and like to make me feel like a 12 year old who has never handled money before. bah!

so, TQC, my question is, what bank do you do business with? do you like them? are they a national bank chain? i'm in michigan, if that makes a difference.

this is what i'm looking for in a bank:
-no minimum checking balance
-free online banking
-ATMs frequenting common places
-low fees (i know this is asking for a miracle)

anyone want to help me out? i've had this bank since i've been about 10 (so 11 years) and they've never really made me feel comfortable or like a person, rather a source of money. i'm not a fan, and it's not convenient for me to bank with them anymore.

have you had any experience with boston terriers? did you like them?

A Tale of Two Hotties

You're dating somebody and you've agreed that you each can have a list of 5 people you're allowed to sleep with and its not considered cheating. On your SO's list is Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson (or Brad Pitt/Clooney, if it's a she, or gay). One day you and your SO are at a party at a hotel, when Biel and ScarJo (or Pitt and Clooney) arrive. They're here for the party. Your SO wants to talk to them. Do you let him/her?

Yes. Fair's fair. We agreed that it wouldn't be cheating
Yes, only because there's no chance of my SO scoring. My SO has no game. I kinda wanna watch and laugh
No. I want us to leave immediately before it gets worse. I can't handle this
I let my SO flirt with them, and I flirt with some cute guys/girls, to make my SO all jealous. Maybe he/she will come over and pay more attention to what I'm doing

Let's say that your SO talked to these 2 celebs, and maybe it was due to the booze or some situational humor, but they want to go upstairs and get a room and give your SO the 'business' til he/she can't walk any more in the threesome fantasies to end all threesome fantasies. Your SO looks at you, eyes hopeful. What do you say?

"Off you go. Run along and have fun. I'll see you in the morning"
"Over my dead body. You're coming home with me or this relationship is over"
"Ok...but only if I can watch."
"Ok...but only if I can join in"
I go nuts and beat the shit out of those two. I make the TMZ exclusive that night
"Then you won't mind if I go home with this pretty person I met at the party..."
It's only sex. Nothing to be that concerned about. After tonight. my SO will have gotten it all out of his/her system and come back to me
I smile and walk away, looking confident. But once I get home, I cry myself to sleep
I don't even make it home. I start bawling all over his/her shoes, begging my SO not to sleep with these celebrities

Let's say you're allowed to have a list of 5 celebrities you're allowed to bang. Tell me who's on your list

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Recently I had to buy a new power cord for my laptop. I bought one from ebay that is compatible with my particular computer but I noticed that when the cord is plugged in my touch pad is off. The cursor moves erratically and is almost uncontrollable. When I don't use the cord and use only battery power the mouse works fine.

Do you think it's just the cord or what?
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If you got married, would you change your name?

If you are married, did you change it or hyphenate it or something different?

What do you think of men taking their wives names?
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I've sworn off buying an iPod for a long time. I've finally succumbed and decided that running without music is annoying/boring. Anyways, should I get the classic iPod or the iPod touch? (Why is it that the classic starts at 80GB while the touch is 8/16/32GB?)

And for all you people who exercise with your iPod, does the Apple store sell workout equipment like an armband thingy?

And, I was at the Apple store like in March and heard that you're actually not supposed to run with your iPod (some customer brought one in to get fixed, the SA asked what happened, he said he ran with it). Does it really fuck it up?

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I'm having a fibro-flare, and feel like I'm being prodded to death all over my body.
Will you post something funny or interesting that happened to you today? Or maybe a macro?


Hi. My friend made a mistake and is in pain and is now in a really bad place. I wanna help her, but I don't wanna recommend anything that could harm her. I was wondering what the effects of taking ibuprofen while on cocaine/coming down from cocaine would be like. Does it help? Is it any more dangerous? Should I give her some? What's an over the counter pain killer that would be good for coming down from coke? This is not a posting to promote drug use in any way, I'm just worried about this situation. Thanks!
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What would you do if your car burst into flames?
What if you were on an isolated mountain road in a national forest with no phone reception?
Would you give a shit about not burning down the forest at all?

What was the last monkey wrench thrown into your plans?

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How long should you be with a boy/girl friend before bringing them to a family event? Does it matter what the event/holiday is?
(My cousin brought her boyfriend of 2 weeks to our family father's day/birthday party yesterday, and it was horrible. I think if this hadn't been her 10th 'boyfriend' of the year, that might have helped. but it was weird.
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Wireless Router Question.

I am at my Dad's house and he has a D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Router. Which seems like a lofty name, but that's what's on the side of it there.

I have an HP computer running Windows Vista. (Evil, I know, moving on) Dad has a Toshiba Satalite running Windows 98, I think. Point is, he can connect and no one else can. Back when I had a Toshiba Satelite that was a few models newer than his, I still couldn't connect. When I search for wireless networks, I find his (named just 'defaul') and it's got full bars. I try to connect and it says it can't because 'it did not receive any response from a wireless router or network point.'

He did not set it up as a secure network. He didn't do anything fancy with the IPs, which is a different problem I ran into before. Every setting that I can identify is identical between his computer and mine. He's not computer-literate to have done anything more than plug the thing in and run it and be gald it worked, so everything's factory default.

And yet I still cannot connect and never have been, same problem on two computers now. Does anyone know what's wrong or where I can find someone who might know what's wrong?

Edit: It's all better now. I reset the network, which I really should have thought of sooner. ;_;

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Good morning, TQC. So, I sorta made a friend, which happens but rarely. Also, she is another mom with a kid my daughter's age, which is a super bonus. I've been over to her house once so our kids could play together, and we talk by email sometimes, and during our kids' dance class. A week or so ago, she told me that her son had testing for autism. She wasn't at our kids' dance recital on Saturday, which worries me.

Is it rude/nosy to send her an email asking after her son, and if they're alright? We're not that great of friends, and I don't want to seem like I'm trying to intrude on what might be a family's sad time if their son just got an autism diagnosis.
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Yesterday, around noon, our neighbors had guests over who parked in the street, blocking my car in our driveway. It was still there at 6pm, and neighbors weren't home, so we left a note on the car, asking to please move it and not block us in anymore (this isn't the first or second time that this has happened). Neighbors got home around 7pm and took the note off the car and didn't move it. It is now after 8am the next morning and the car is still parked there. I cannot get my car out of my driveway unless I drive on my lawn. If I wanted to drive on my lawn, I wouldn't have a paved driveway.

What would you do in our situation? Would you get it towed? (If we do this, it won't cost us anything since it is parked in a manner that blocks my car).


So I have extremely sensitive skin, but I have been wanting to get a tattoo for years now and I know exactly what I'm going to get.  However, I am allergic to ANY metal unless it's surgical steel, gold, sterling silver, platinum (as awesome as that may be, it really sucks) And I have heard that they use metal in the tattoo ink. 

Does anyone else have this problem and did you get a tattoo?  If so, what happened?  The tattoo people are reassuring me that nothing would happen, but they admit that they haven't had anyone else with that problem.  Are there tattoo inks that don't have metal in them?
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Hey tqc,

what is your opinion on physical fitness clauses in a prenup?

I heard on the radio about a couple who signed in their prenup that the man would stay above 180 lbs and the woman would stay below 130 lbs.

Do you think this will catch on?

edit - ITT: fat chicks

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I went home this weekend, and my parents told me more about why I got my name. It's from the book The Thorn Birds, and they wanted to call me Meggie, but I was not having that even as a toddler.

Why were you given your particular name?

Edit: What is your name?
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This morning I came downstairs and the kitchen was an absolute disaster. There were dirty plates that nobody'd bothered rinsing all over, a bunch of half-full glasses next to the sink (which was absolutely gross)... and I had to take care of it all, of course, since I'm the only one home.

When it comes to keeping the house clean and doing chores, what are some things the people you live with do that make you absolutely crazy?

What's one chore that nobody would ever do if you didn't do it? For me, it's the laundry.
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The background: I live in a house with four other people (my SO + others).

Me: I have a hairbrush, it is in my bathroom drawer.
SO: Has a hairbrush, leaves it on the bathroom counter. Has floofy shoulder-blade length hair.
Owner of house (friend of SO): Has a mohawk, uses a comb once in a blue moon.
Other renter friend: Has her brush also on the bathroom counter most of the time. Has shoulder-length hair.
Other OTHER renter friend: No idea what he uses, but has typical boy-short shorn hair, and has a history of using other people's bathroom items.

The plot:
My SO's brush has been disappearing and re-appearing over the past week and a half or so. One Saturday, we both used SO's brush while in our room. I tosses it to him when I was finished with it, he used it, he left it on the bed, and we went out for the day. When we got back, it was not there. Three days later it mysteriously turned up on the bathroom counter. All was well, if a bit mystifying. Then, yesterday we brushed our respective heads with our respective brushes, and SO left his brush on the bathroom counter as usual. We left to visit my parents for the evening, and this morning, his brush has disappeared from the bathroom and is nowhere to be found.

TQC, what is going on?
Who do you think is stealing this girly-hair hairbrush at odd intervals?
What sort of adventures is this brush going on?
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If you gained two pounds each time you had sex, how much weight would you gain by Christmas?

Over the course of 5 years (while being fully aware of this strange metabolic disorder)?
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I have this friend who insists that he is fat or "getting really fat." He's actually quite thin (6', probably 145 lbs). We are pretty sure he really believes this because he is pretty crazy in other ways too, and goes on long streams of self-loathing. ("I'm getting so fat, I'm really ugly, I should just quit design, and I"m a terrible drummer.")

TQC, why does he do this? And how can I/mutual friend make him feel better and stop?
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1. How do you feel about shag carpet?
2. How often do you wash your car?
3. What was the last fruit you ate?
4. Will you post a picture of the last book you finished reading?

Teh crazy is me.

So, TQC, I feel like I'm losing it. More specifically, over the past couple of months I've begun to feel insanely intense rage at inanimate objects. This only occurs when I'm encountering some sort of problem with them (I haven't gone up to, say, a potted plant and proceeded to kick the crap out of it because it was just there. Yet). Last week, I got pissed off at my bowl of pineapple because the top wouldn't open and threw it across the room. Of course, it ended up splattering all over the place and making a huge mess just to spite me. On Saturday, I broke the handle off a coffee mug because I was washing dishes and not everything would fit in the drain the way I wanted it to, so I sort of attacked the drain and ended up breaking the mug's handle. And just a few minutes ago, when my LJ format wouldn't do what I wanted, I pounded really hard on the keys while yelling at the monitor. 

I know that the majority of these are hormonally caused, and I'm planning to get on birth control to hopefully control the hormone crazy, but are there any tips for controlling my emotions? I'm not really a big one on anger, and I never threw temper tantrums as a child, so I don't know how to deal with my rage beyond just walking away and taking a few deep breaths. I try to think through them, like, "okay, I'm feeling this way because of ___, I should respond to it in a more reasonable way, it's not that serious" but it's kind of like telling a child who's on the floor kicking and screaming to think reasonably. So, any advice to help the crazy? I really don't like feeling like this. 

Srs and non-srs answers welcome, by the way.
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If a family member needed an organ, would you donate one? Say that it's an organ that can come from a living donor, like a kidney, or a portion of liver or pancreas, and not something like a heart that can only come from a cadaver.

Would you donate? Why or why not?

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Collapse )

TQC, is my mother right to be angry?

If this was you, would you be angry?

What would you if you were in my shoes?

Do you think they are trying to play a game with me?

TL;DR version. I flew to NYC, got held in a place for 2hrs, they lost my luggage, and now they are trying to jerk me around.
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Itunes Giftcards

I'm sorry if this isn't appropriate for the community but I have no where else to ask it. I just bought a $25 ITunes Giftcard and was trying to redeem it online only to find out you need a credit card. I was wondering if it is possible to return it to the store I bought it at for something else if my parents won't let me use their credit card to redeem it? The only problem is I already scratched off where it says Scratch off.

Edit: Does anyone know a way to set up an account so I don't have to give a credit card number since I can't return the card I bought? I don't remember which email address we originally set up iTunes on.
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I'm leaving for a VERY spontaneous trip to NYC in an hour. What are some fun, CHEAP things to do that aren't incredibly touristy? BF and I have never really been before, so we'll do some touristy stuff too but I'd like to check out some other stuff too.
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Pocket shrapnel.

What do people do with their coins? I replace my wallet pretty frequently, and it's getting harder and harder to find a good wallet with a coin department. I dislike having a pile of metal digging into my right ass-cheek as much as the next person, but loose change is even more of an annoyance.


So I was hired on as a secretary today at a firework warehouse. The job only lasts until July 15th. I will be working 7 days a week, 9.5+ hour days.

They offered me 8 dollars an hour with wiggle room. Hes desperate. I will be doing secretary stuff and working in the unairconditioned warehouse apparently doing moderate lifting since he lost two warehouse staff members. I am a frail pale female.
Gas here is 3.95. I will be driving approximately 40 miles round trip each day. Minimum wage is 5.85. It goes up to 6.55 in late July.
ETA: there is no overtime I don't think. Thats why those two guys quit.

How much should I ask for?

Should I call now or wait until I go in in the morning?  

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i asked this over at thesims2, and no one's actually told me anything that helps me. so i'm asking you guys.

i was playing the sims 2, and i accidentally moved a house full of sims into the lots bin. i have simpe and i know i can fix relationships with it, but how much do i have to fix so it won't bork my game? i don't really care if they lost all their friends, but i want their family and family trees to show up right. does anyone have any idea how to do it? i know it can be done, but i've read websites that said that your ONLY option is to delete the neighborhood and start over. i'm really not willing to lose all my sims, especially when i know it's fixable, i just can't figure out HOW to fix it.


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You're in a cafe type restaurant, the sort of place you pick up your food from the counter and find your own table. Even though you're alone you choose to sit at a table meant for more than one. You've been settled into your table for a while now when a group comes in and before ordering asks/demands that you give them the table since they're in a group since there are no other group tables open. How do you react?

Does it matter why you're there, for example you wanted this seat because of the view from the window, it was in a less crowded section, closer/further from something, you had a computer with you and the table was near an outlet?

My answers, If I was settled I'd be annoyed and probably refuse but if I'd just gotten there I'd likely give it up because yeah, they needed it.
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I am 19 but i have used my passport as an 18 plus card for pubs and clubs etc. I am going to apply to get my 18 plus card because it will be easier. On my ID for my proof of address i just noticed they spelled my last name wrong, if i have other bits of ID with my name correct and photo will that suffice?

When was the last time you had to face red tape?
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If you really want a job, and the hiring manager tells you that no positions are open, so you call back about every week- two weeks to inquire very politely about a job opening-

Is this ambitious or annoying?

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#1 Do you like sushi? If so, what is your favorite roll?

#2 Do you think prostitution should be legalized?

#3 Will you post a picture of your favorite cartoon/comic character?
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Oh, how I wished for crooked teeth...

In elementary school, I was jelous of my friends that wore glasses, had braces, had their ears pierced, and used crutches, or had a cast... It seemed like everybody broke their hand and foot at some point in elementary school... So, I used to make glasses out of paper, braces out of paper clips, earrings out of stickers, crutches out of sticks, and casts out of as many socks or gloves as I could find.

Did you ever do anything like that when you were younger? Was I just insane?


  1. I wonder why in scrabble (the online one) it accepts "Jew", "Christian" but not "Hindu", nor "Jain" nor "Muslim"? hmmmm... sigh...

  2. How long can one use Tupperware (the Glad variety)?

  3. What's kind of face wash works for you in the summer? and in winter? Or it doesn't matter?


Oh crap...

1. The last time you gave a shit, did you wrap it up or just use a gift bag?
2. The last time you gave 2 shits about something, did you package them separately or put them in the same box?
3. The last time the shit hit the fan, was it dropped from a height over a horizontal fan or did you have some serious launch capacity to put it in flight into a vertical fan?
4. If you call someone a dumbshit, is there a legitimate way that you know of where they could improve their poop's problem-solving abilities?

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I'm trying to remember the name of this site that had a word jumble/scramble game. A lot of kids at uni play it instead of listening to lecture. It has a turquoisey-azure blue background, and if you push the space bar the letters rearrange themselves. It is timed, and you are usually given around 6-7 letters. As you get more words the answers fill up little boxes on the left side, with three letter words on the top left and the full 6-7 letter word on the bottom left. The letters themselves appear on little orange circles.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? I've tried googling but I'm getting different scramble sites.

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Will you give yourself a compliment sandwich? for all you geniuses out there, it means you say somehing positive about yourself, then a criticism, and then something good again.

Will you post a picture of yourself so we can decide what animal you look like? I know this has been done before, but I demand a recount.
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1) TQC, All my friends suck and no one wants to go to Cirque with me. Should I go alone?

I can score a decent seat for a good price. And it's Corteo.

Edit I just bought the ticket. It is awesome.

2) Favourite soft drink?

Random flavor pack

What is your favorite weird flavored chip?

Have you ever gotten a perm?

Have you ever passed gas and blamed it on someone else?

Have you ever re-gifted?

What is the strangest thing you gotten in the mail? 
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I was cleaning my kitchen and had my itunes on shuffle and Spice Up Your Life came on.
All of a sudden, automatically, I was slamming it to the left, shaking to the right, moonwalking the salsa and polka-ing the salsa.

When was the last thing you automatically did?

How awesome are you?

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Do any of you have this camera? Even if you don't, what's your opinion of it?

I haven't showered in 4 days because there's no hot water. My hair is greeeeeeezy and I need some grooming of my underarms. Should I go out anyways? It's pretty sticky outside, I think I'll turn into a biohazard.

Oh, if you want, will you mspaint me a masterpiece? Much apreesh.

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i started working at a new place about 4 months ago. there's only 3 other people in the office at any time (usually just one other). they are all christian 'cept for me and i'm staunchly a-religious.

every time i sneeze, there is a chorus of 'bless you!'s and it is driving me insane. how should i deal with it?

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Woot! NPR's doing an interview with Jenji Kohan!! (the creator of Weeds) The fourth season starts today, and for the first time in 6 months, I'm sad that I'm TVless.

TQC, is anyone else hopelessly devoted to that show? (great, now I have that damn 'Hopelessly Devoted' song from Grease stuck in my head...)

What can I do tonight to make myself feel better about the fact that I'm missing the epic premier of the first season? Despite the fact that I've never seen it in TV, just DVD, 'cause I've never been fancy enough for Showtime.
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I keep seeing gladiator sandals everywhere but I've never actually seen someone wearing a pair. Would you wear some? If yes, do you have some?

ETA: >_> Where can I get a cute pair?

(no subject)

Do you  work out specifically to work out (i.e., go to the gym or go running or play a sport specifically to work out, not just on a team for fun)

If you DO work out, are you actively trying to lose weight/get in shape or do you just do it to be healthy? Do you consider it a lifetime activity or something to do until you reach a specific goal?

Do you LIKE working out?

I usually never go to the gym, but am currently going 4-5x/week. but I'm only doing it to lose a few pounds/shape up. I eat healthy and am not really overweight, but I hateeeeeeeeeeeee the gym so i'd like to stop going asap. My husband on the other hand goes all the time and considers it a lifetime activity.

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Why are the people at Target being dumb shits right now?

I quit my job there like three weeks ago and still haven't received my paycheck which they said they'd mail me. I called twice already ask HR if they sent it or when it will be sent and both times the same woman said nobody from HR was there, and would be back in like half an hour.

How long is reasonable to wait for the paycheck to come? The way I see it, my last day was like on the 21st of May so even if the next pay day was on the 30th the check should be here by now. Is there someway for me to prove I didn't get it or whether or not they sent it?

edit I got a hold of them, the woman said the check was sent on the 10th so if I don't get it by midweek call back and they'll stop it and resend it. What I love though is when she told me it was sent she said it was sent to Lake Road Ontario (street I live on) but I wanted to double check they had the right address so I asked her what address and, sounding a little put off/annoyed she's like "Lake Road, Ontario" So then I just asked the number, she said yes. Seriously though, if I'm fuckin' asking you the address after you just gave me the street name/town what do you THINK I fuckin' want from you?
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(no subject)

Anyone been in the military?

Which branch?

How'd you like it?

What was your job?

Did you like your job?

If you're a woman or minority did you experience lots of sexual harrassment or racism?

Where'd you get deployed?

Regardless of sex or race how much ass did your uniform get you?

Did you fuck any whores?

Got any hard to believe whore stories?

Got any cool war stories?

If you were in the Navy got any crazy sailing stories?
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what's that bug?

I went outside today and found a spider floating on a pool noodle in, well, my pool. I didn't get a photo, since I didn't want to risk him falling back into the water when I ran to get a camera, but I did study him pretty well, I think.

The guy was about the size of a nickel, or maybe a quarter--no smaller, but certainly no larger. His front legs were somewhat larger than the others, and positioned more toward the front of his body. They also looked sort of furry. His entire body was a dark black, and he had white markings on his 'back' that actually looked like Oogie Boogie's face, except the 'eyes' were more triangular. There were white spots/markings on his legs as well, but they were mostly unremarkable.

I would send an email to What's That Bug, except they're somewhat backed up as far as emails go, so I'm hoping one of you people know. I've been googling for a while, but mostly I get Spiderman results and spiders that don't look like mine.

Does anyone know what kind of spider this could have been?

Where *should" I have posted this?


Are you aracnophobic?
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What was the latest upgrade you've had in your life? (i.e. went from apartment to house, no makeup to new makeup, sad to happy, etc etc.) Any downgrades?

Upgrade: old clothes to spanking new outfits and jewelery ;).
Downgrade: Went from hired, to unemployed..again -.-;.
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What should I season my chicken with? I'm cooking it in a pan on the stovetop and I have an array of dressings I season it with. I want to try something new. any suggestions?

oh, and what should my sides be?

which gender would you want to be?

if you could choose whether to be born a female or male which would you choose? and why?

*optional* please state whether you are a female or male.

I'm a girl, and I'd prob choose to be a guy, it seems easier heh, no pms and from what I've seen, all my guy friends can eat anything and still don't gain an ounce.

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I'm applying to volenteer at Bestival, a Music festival that takes place in September.
The usual online questionaire.. have you done this kind of thing before/How's your health/when are you availible etc..
Then there a blank space that asks me to comment further on my skills and abilities.

Has anyone else worked a music festival or something similar before?
What would they be looking for in the additional comments?
I wouldn't know what this volenteering actually involved until I got there so I could be doing anything from working behind a bar to stewarding.
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I can't get no......satisfaction.

1. What's YOUR method of wooing the poop when it's being just a little bit stubborn?
I rub the bottom of my feet on a stepstool, works like a charm.

2. I love waking up to pee in the middle of the night simply because the feeling of climbing back into a warm inviting bed with a nice empty bladder is one of my favorite satisfying feelings ever. Do you love it, too?

3. What made you feel the most satisfied today? (aside from orgasm or food, just to see a broader range of answers)

4. My crush left for the day and on his way out, he stopped to tell me I can have the soup from his desk that he ended up not eating. Will it make me look piggish if I accept? Or disinterested if I don't? Decisions, decisions. I ate it and it was yum.
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Gmail users- I was wondering, is there a way to make folders and move emails to different folders? I get my university email, blackberry and my blog emails forward to my Gmail account and would like to separate everything. (kinda like with Thunderbird)

(no subject)

Do you have a good sense of intuition?

Like, can you tell when you are being watched? If you are driving in a new area, can you tell which road you should take?

(Personal examples would be lovely.)

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We have theme days at my work and Friday we have to dress up like a song. I suggested to my friend "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" like, a nametag that says lucy, a cloud around her waist, and diamonds on her. she said she's going to do that and then i realized i needed one too. any suggestions for very literal song titles? a relatively simple costume would be nice, as i'll be playing games outside.
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Ever have one of those days where you just want everyone you know to leave you alone?
When will my mother get out of hospital so I can resume normal life instead of being a replacement mother?
Do you necessarily need insurance to get your license?

Bad Parenting

#1 Will someone lease explain to me why people are such fucking fuck mooks? I'm watching the news and this asshole just beat a toddler to DEATH! The toddler was in such bad condition, they will need to take a blood sample to confirm who it is. WTF?

#2 Did/Do you have good parents? If so, why? If not, why?

#3 What was the last thing you heard that pissed you off?

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I have a "friend" who is constantly making up stories of being pregnant or being raped. In the past 6 months shes been "raped" 3 times by different men and claims shes currently pregnant with twins... Last night she told me she was "raped" friday night by a convicted sex offender who has aids....

TQC, Should I call the cops and tell them she was raped?
I personally think I should because this girl obviously needs help for her little lying problem but my boyfriend said I shouldn't because she only does this for attention.

edit- what questions should i ask her to catch her in this lie?
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Group Interviews

What is a group interview like? Specifically, what is a group interview like for a retail store...more specifically, a bookstore?

What sort of things do they ask and how does one succeed at such a process? Are you supposed to showcase your individuality or something?

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I have two job interviews tomorrow, one for Forever 21 and one for Aeropostale.

What are some questions you think they will ask me? and some appropriate answers I could give them?
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I want to be a veterinary technician and I am REALLY wanting to attend Penn State College. They have a four year course called Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. I would like to take this course at </i>this</i> college. I have looked at 2 year vet schools and I just don't find them...to be as appealing to me as PSU. So my question is: Can I walk into a job as a vet tech after I've completed this 4 year degree? Will I need further schooling or is this enough? I know I won't just "walk into" any jobs but I guess I mean will I be able to get a job as a vet tech with this degree at all?
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*cough* Now that I've found the right community...

My pipe broke =( This brings me to ask, TQC stoners, have you ever owned a Proto Pipe? Why did mine brake after only a few weeks of use??

Also, my replacement one hopelessly clogged. Any suggestions on cleaning? Got it! Thank goodness ^_^ Replacement question: I want a glass pipe, which one should I choose, this one or this one?

Everyone else, upon learning that I joined and actually enjoy OkCupid, my sister called me a sell out. TQC, am I a sell out?

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Holy fucking SHIT, you guys. My legs look terrible. It's hot as a motherfucker and I can't wear shorts/ dresses looking like Collapse )
I mean, I could wear them because I have been, but I'm constantly getting asked about who the hell is beating me.
I know my family bruises easily, but not quite like this. Why is this getting so bad? Last time I got blood work the docs said there wasn't anything too concerning.
Any idea how to make them go away faster? They just keep accumulating, but not really healing.

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TQC While I was at work today I got a call from a Chicago area code. For the record, I no longer live in the Chicago area.
This person left a message that was a response to an ad she saw regarding an apartment in the Ottawa area. She wanted to view it.

Should I call her back and tell her that I am not renting an apartment in the Ottawa area and she got the wrong number? Would you?

eta-Ok I did call her back. No answer so I left her a vm saying she either dialed the wrong number or the newspaper printed the wrong number! Hopefully she just dialed wrong and I dont continue to get calls about an apartment in Ottawa.


Has your name or picture ever been in a newspaper? What was it for? And what were the consequences of it, if any? (including people telling you they saw it)
Would you care if your name or photo *was* in the paper?
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Your ex boy/girlfriend is visiting you. You've resumed ex-sex but you made it (semi) clear that the relationship will not start up again. You've been seeing other people and having sex with them. Ex-partner knows this.

When the ex is with you, you go out on the town one night. You get VERY drunk and pass out in the club. Ex steals your mobile and rings some of the people you've been hooking up with since you guys broke up. Ex insists that the current fucktoys call and that they all talk.

This leads to 234598723479687345656 calls/SMSs back and forth, all of which they forward to you and expect you to side with one of them.

The ex lives in a different country and one of your current toys has now refused to see you bc the ex is fucking psycho.

Who ya gonna call? Psychobusters!!

What would you do, TQC?
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I started deleting people I didn't really know or hang out with from my friends list on Facebook. They were mostly people from my college network. (Flashback- friending everyone at the same frat party you were at during freshen year.) I deleted a LOT of people aka I'm not in the 4 digit numbers anymore. Anyways, I guess a couple people realized this, and sent me a Facebook friends request. Do I add them again? Or ignore?

*These aren't old men, rather, students at my college or high school friends.

E.T. bone home

There's a knock at your door in the wee hours. You open it, and there's 2 space aliens standing there. "We've come to your planet with great knowledge. We carry the secrets to cold fusion, the cure for cancer and a renewable energy source with no harmful waste. All we demand in return is an anal probe. You've been chosen at random, earthling. Will you submit your lower regions for scrutiny to further your species?"

I jump them, and beat them unconscious, and take the secrets off their prone bodies, and hope they're in English
My ears perk up at the mention of anal probe. The rest of their input doesn't interest me

Say you agree. They sweeten the pot until you do. They lead you out to their vessel, where the examination will be done. What do you imagine their vessel looks like?

Shining orb
Floating metallic saucer
Buick Skylark with oxidation damage on the roof
Zepplin with a 'MARS OR BUST' poster stapled to the side
3 Segways, which you'll take to the nearest Motel 6
There is no vessel. They lead behind some large shrubbery

Objects you expect to find inside the alien vessel?

Ray gun
Futuristic computer-type surfaces with blinking lights
Small pyramid of empty Pabst beer cans
Intimidating probing device, mounted on a platform which has superior articulation
The Anal Intruder 3000 (still in the box)
Other captive humans and strange creatures, contained in glass cases
Electrodes and sensors to better monitor activity
Duct tape, possibly to restrain the subject's hands
Futuristic chess set, which is composed entirely of holograms
Old school game of Pong, hooked up to a b&w tv set
Doors which open when vocal match is accepted
Lights which turn on when the aliens clap their hands (the Clapper!)
Advanced robotic helpers
Receipt for 2 alien suit rentals from Big Jim's Costume Shop
Picture of your neighbor's girlfriend in a frame. Strange...why would an alien have a picture of her?

Upon completion of your services, which method of knowledge transferral would you prefer, regarding those secrets?

Snail mail
Emitted directly into your brain via space ray
Invitation to a time-share seminar, where you can learn the secrets of the universe..AND partially own a cabin in Utah
A mysterious blue pill, held in the outstretched alien hand
The BIG BOOK OF SUPER ALIEN SECRETS. 3rd printing. Sticker of purchase from Barnes & Nobles
Interpretive dance
Pop-up book
15 whacks with the Smart Stick
Data osmosis, where a mysterious gel is placed around your temples and the knowledge is absorbed directly into your brain
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So, I'm about to take off my set of acrylic nails.  Yes, I know they're terrible for your nails and I was smoking crack getting them put on to begin with, yes, I realize I should probably go to the nail salon and have them do it, but I have neither the hour or the 15 bucks to burn at the nail salon tonight.  They look like shit and need to come off tonight!

I"m going to soak them in 100% Acetone till they melt off... any other suggestions?

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1. Did you ever see that Doug episode where he makes pizza and Roger trips and spills his banana dish on it? Were you curious about banana pizza after everybody happily eats it and especially when Doug dips a banana in the pizza sauce as he's writing his diary journal entry?

2. If you haven't seen it, what the hell is wrong with you? Did you watch any other Nickelodeon shows?

a ~*~relationship~*~ question et al.

01.) The girl who lived across the hall from me said that my boyfriend and I were still in the "honeymoon stage." Ignoring the fact that I was offended that she'd think she knows anything about my relationship, at what point do you think the "honeymoon stage" is over?

02.) Do you watch The Mole?

03.) What froo-froo drink should I make?

04.) What's your favorite cereal?
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Why do people have to be jackasses and not put tags on their dogs?

There's a dog staked out in my backyard because he's been wandering the neighborhood. He has a collar but no tags, he was out the other day as well but nobody knows where he lives. Just FUCKIN' put tags on your dogs.

UpdateOne of the guys I called is on his way

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1. What are you reading at the moment?
    A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I read My Friend Leonard first, not realizing it was the sequel, but I'm ok with that :)
2. What is your fav read of all time? You know, the one you reread at least once a year EDIT: GIVE ME A SYNOPSIS! Make me want to read it! :)
The entire Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. I'm both happy and sad that the series has been completed!
3. What is your favorite book that you've read for a school assignment?
I think W;t, although it's technically a play, is absolutely amazing and it really moved me.
4. What is one book that you would steer everyone away from at all costs?
5. Suggest another really good read. I'm trying to get in some good reading while I have the time!!


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 Psychic Kids is premiering tonight. 

So, TQC: should I watch it half-seriously, or strictly for the lulz? 

Dio you think that these kids are for real? What about Indigo Kids? 
Both tend to make me lol, but these kids might be different. I'm giving them an hour of my brain cells. We'll see.
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I'm trying to remember a type of self harm that was depicted on BBC's program 'Casualty' years ago - one of the characters used to withdraw his own blood from the inside of his elbow as a form of release/relief, I can't remember much about it and haven't read about this condition since. He was either doing it with a needle or one of the semi-permanent catheters/cannulas that hospitals sometimes give you in your arm when you need repeated injections/blood samples. Does anyone know what it's called or where I can get information about it? Google searches are proving fruitless!

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In the previews for Indiana Jones there was an advertisement for two drama TV shows. Both featured an older blonde women, in detective-related roles. I'm pretty sure it said they aired on a basic-cable station. I'm also pretty sure one of the shows was "The ________".

Anyone know what shows I might be talking about?

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1:  Does anyone have any experience with Strattera?

2a:  Does anyone have a case of the Mondays?

2b:  Is anyone going to punch me now that I've asked that?

3:  Do random things happen in every day life that make you think of Office Space?
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What is worse for a child:  The parents getting divorced, or the parents staying together "for the child's sake", but constantly arguing and insulting each other?

Which influential woman (alive or dead) do you admire most?
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have you ever been treated unfairly because of your gender?

if yes, can you tell me what happened?

also if yes, what is your gender? did your experience make you feel like the other one has it easier?
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Have you ever gone on vacation by yourself? 

If yes, where?

If not, would you?

Have you ever been on a cruise?

Have you ever been on a cruise by yourself?

Would you ever go one a cruise by yourself?
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Bloody Paint Shop Pro...

I'm trying to run a script on some 400 files: open, crop, save/overwrite, close. Simple, right?

Then why does PSP barf on the first one with the oh-so-gorram-helpful message "Error processing file [filename]"?

ETA: In b4 "because you touch yourself at night/you look at pr0n/you make teh babby jeebus kri"

ETA2: Got it. I had to move the script from the Restricted folder to Trusted. SO FUKKEN OBVS, AMIRITE?
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The guy who took my order at Taco Bell asked me where I went to church and said I should check out his hard core oh look we skateboard and listen to Korn church.

What was the last thing to make you go "WTF?"


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If you have 50 packages of meat, can you still go in the 20 items or less line at check out? The theory is that 50 items of meat only count as one item because they are all meat.

Will you post a picture of yourself in underwear?