June 15th, 2008

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So, I decided to pay for www.consumerreport.org and I am trying to figure out how to see which breadmaker is the best one, but all ive found is one report on how to select one. Am i using this wrong, is there a way to compare different brands?
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1. So, if this nail polish is supposed to be dry (like a rock) in 60 seconds, how come I can still accidentally eff it up hours later (I thought this stuff was supposed to be me-proofed)?

2. What is your favorite kind of pen (or pencil, crayon, whatever)?

3. Swimming pool, lake, or beach?

Edited to delete the boring 4th question.

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This is random and I'm going to assume this hasn't happened to anyone but:

I get this weird pain in my eyes...it only happens to one eye at a time and it wakes me up. It never happens during the day. My doctor can't figure out what the fuck it might be. Does this happen to anyone else? If it has, what did your doctor call it and what did they do to fix it?

For basically everyone else:

Who is THE craziest person you know? Will you please give me really good examples of what makes them so batshit?
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Think about the last time you had flavored milk. What flavor was it?

can't remember
I've never had flavored milk.

Which of the following apply to you?

I'm 23 or older and have never had a job.
none of the above!
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Does anyone know where I can find a good BLEACH moodtheme?

Also, anyone fallen in love with a new character recently? Why?

If neither of these two questions apply to you: where do you sleep? what on? is it comfortable? My bed's a little on the hard side, but I still like it.

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Why has my internet been so damn slow? For three days, it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 MINUTES to load one page. I called Verizon 344305 times and they said it's not their fault. My modem is only a year old, my wireless router is newer than that. The problem is with all of the PCs, including the one the modem is hooked up to, but my laptop is the slowest.

What is wrong with my internet? FIX MY FUCKING INTERNET, TQC!

I hate my car.

I have a Kenwood car stereo. My car battery died today. I was able to bring it back to life with jumper cables. However, now the aux output no longer works.
I wanna listen to my zune!! :(

For those of you who know as little about cars as I do:

How far in advance do you start planning for a trip?

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What are some good older hip-hop/rap songs?

I don't care for the new stuff, but the older artists like Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Dr. Dre, and LL Cool J are some of the ones I can stand to listen to. Jay Z is my favorite out of the above...

Any suggestions?


OK, so I am sure a great deal of you have experienced breaking up. :(

Have any of you ever broken up w/someone and then gone to a wedding soon afterward? Did it make the wedding that much harder? Because that happened to me today. Good thing I didn't catch the bouquet or I'd have had to cut a bitch :(
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It's 4 in the morning...have a questions.

Who is the most bad ass fictional villain out there? Why?
Who is the most bad ass historical figure? Why?
What's your way of saying "bad ass" in polite company?

And I learned about this passage from the Bible while reading it over today. (Story research.);

Ezekiel 23:19-20
Yet she increased her prostitution, remembering the days of her youth when she engaged in prostitution in the land of Egypt. She lusted after their genitals – as large as those of donkeys, and their seminal emission was as strong as that of stallions.

What thing that you've learned recently made you go Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
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 buise, (boosee) means bad, not true, or bull shit.  right?

what other words have you learned that aren't quite english anymore? (slang in particular)
EDIT: words that are colloqial in nature, and will not be found in any 'normal' dictionary, but still used on a daily basis
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

Watch the birdie...

When you flip somebody off (AKA give them the finger, flip them the bird), what do you do with the rest of your fingers? Curl them up at the sides of the middle finger, bend them towards your palm, other?

Is your middle finger straight up and down, horizontal, or at a jaunty angle?

Do you smile big and fake, frown, mouth obscenities, or do anything else with your face that shows the victim your intents with that finger?

When is a double-handed bird necessary?

I'm going on a road trip, and if we encounter some bad drivers, I'd like to have my technique down pat.
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What's the last silly, superstitious thing you did? Especially one you knew was stupid and there was no logic at all behind it, but you did it anyway.

My answer -- we just found out we got the house we were bidding on and I'm over the moon. And people want to see pictures of it, which I have on my computer, but I refuse to post them, at least not yet. I feel like it'll jinx things.
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1.Does it seem to you like most of the movies that come out these days kinda suck?

2.Do you think it should be movie theater policy to get your money back for a movie if the movie you watched really sucked and you didn't enjoy it?

3.Have you ever gotten your money back for a bad movie before?

4.How did you go about getting your money back? Complain to the manger, write a letter, etc.?

politics: yours and everyone's

I like politics. everyone I hang out with likes politics, and agrees with me on most issues. my family likes politics, and doesn't always agree on stuff, but we agree that the belief is important.

the people I work with every day? nuts. they either don't give a rat's anything about politics, or they're 100% opposite from me on every issue. there's no one I can talk to.

how about you?

do you have strong political views?

no, I don't really give much thought to politics
sort of, depending on the topic
yes, I have strong political views
I'm a politics freak, I could be on CNN

who do you talk to about politics?


who agrees with your political views?

dianna agron ;;

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I'm getting a spray-on tan today.
Obviously the best way to do that is to just be standing there completely naked, but the lady doing it is a friend of my mum's and I think I'd feel weird...
So what should I do?

Undies and a bra?
Just undies?
Get over my fear and GO NAKED AS A BABY?

Love and Hate

I hate it when people say Its All In Your Head. OF COURSE IT FUCKING IS! Where else would it be?
#1 What are some things people say that you hate?

I love the sound of my dryer because it means I have clean clothes coming.
#2 What sound do you love?

The dude that fixed my car yesterday stole my favorite pen. My boyfriend couldn't understand why I was so upset.
#3 What is something that has upset you that no one could understand?
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1.Red or White Wine?


2. Can you tell me about your favorite Cafe?

The Forest is the best place,. They have fresh salads and buy all their produce from the markets up the road. You can get a mixed plate or Vegetable burger or desserts + hot food. They also have the best range of Organic Alcohol. Usually they have film nights and bands too.
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daim cake & name that bug!

1. Have you ever had Daim cake? Do you like it?

2. If I were going to make Daim (like heath bars) themed cupcakes, what flavor frosting would be best? Do you have a good recipe for this frosting?

3. These bugs (the filter on my lens fogged up as soon as I got outside so they could be clearer) have taken up residence on my fence. What are they? (I'm looking around on What's That Bug? right now) Are they going to eat me?

EDIT: Should I make my dad kill them?!

Iron Chef America

If you watch Iron Chef America, did you happen to catch the Morimoto and Sakaki (I think?) vs Flay and Batali battle? If you did, who won? I cant find anything on this battle, only older ones when Morimoto and Flay beat Batali and Sakaki.

Newsletter ideas

Will you help me think of a cool name for a newsletter?

Here are some things to consider:

*We would like a cute, witty name (nothing like "THE BEACON" or "THE COURIER JOURNAL")

*Our group name acronym is COBB, we are a musical community organization and our logo includes an ear of corn, playing on the name "COBB"

*This newsletter would be sent out to supporters and members'

Thanks for your help!
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Hey all,
I'm trying to remember the book (or film?) where the 1st boy for 300 years (or something) is born into the family and the grandmother is really upset and says something to the effect that 'boys can't be trusted'.

I'm pretty sure it had someting to do with witchcraft and magic, I'm not sure. Help?
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OMG! Why does data recovery cost so much!?

Have you had a hard drive fail and taken it in to get the data off?

How large is your hard drive?

Do you own an external hard drive?
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For those of you that have been to Cancun...

So my family and I are taking one of those fabulous all-inclusive trips to Cancun for a week, and I'm not terribly in to going clubbing and whatnot with my family and 16-year-old sister, so we're going to Xcaret, snorkling and maybe zip-lining somewhere.

1. What other sort of family things are there to do? It's okay if they're a little physically intensive or require a bus trip out of the resort area.

2. I know there's shopping in Cancun but it's sort of more geared towards designer and other expensive items. Is there anywhere nearby where we could find affordable handicrafts and local artwork?

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Is Harry Potter set some time in the past?
While re-reading the Deathly Hallows, it mentions that his parents died in 1981, when Harry was about 1. If the books are meant to be running in real-time then this obviously doesn't work.
I seem to remember someone mentioning somewhere it's set a few years back.

Help me decide how to spend my money TQC

Should I get:

1. An 80gb black iPod classic for $250.

2. An 8gb iPod Touch for $299.

The reason I ask is because I really like the Wi-Fi feature on the iTouch and I doubt I'll even need all 80gb for music/videos. Before anyone asks why don't I just wait to get the 3g iPhone well, I don't have AT&T and you can't jailbreak the phone for Verizon [the service I have]. My contract expires in September though so I might switch to AT&T then and get the iPhone but that is a long way away so it's not even a factor now. My current iPod is the 3rd generation one and it's broken so I need/want a new one ASAP.

Thanks! Hope everyone's having a good Father's Day.
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to the TQCers that use AIM
have you ever been mid-conversation with someone and you get an accept-a-message bullshit, probably from someone off your f-list...but since you're mid typing, you end up accidently closing the message when you hit enter...
omg..fucking shit..I hate this.
do any of you know what i'm talking about?

who the hell was IMing me? D:

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which one should i get?
they are both jelly shoeeeees



i'm thinking #2 but i don't know if they'll fit me since they're a size 6 and i'm like around a size 4 (size 2 in converse). the other ones are a 5/5.5 apparently.
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Two Teal Deers and a quickie.

1. Someone dumped the discography of AC/DC on my hard-drive as a means of uploading their albums to their ipod. I don't mind a little bit of this stuff in moderation, but having listened to a few albums, they're all starting to sound the same to me. And they're taking up a lot of room. Which songs from AC/DC are crap and ought to go? Which ones should I keep?

2. So, I live with my sister, in a town about 9 hours drive from where we grew up and where her SO still lives. They've been together about 7 years, planning to live together and get married. She's supposed to be moving back home in a month, but I'm having suspicions that she might be having an affair with someone from work. She talks about this guy like she's got a crush on him, she's always comparing him to her SO, and she's spending every spare minute with him. He's a military guy with a wife and kids back in his home country. Should I confront her about this, or say nothing? What would you do?

3. Ugh, way too much study to do. How do you get yourself out of bed in the mornings when you don't feel like you've got much to look forward to?

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Is it OK to cook frozen waffles in a microwave, or will it somehow render them gross and inedible?

I'm really sad, and want to watch a comedy of some sort. Stuff like "Zoolander" is good, offbeat stuff like "But I'm a Cheerleader" is even better, and romantic comedies are OK if they have a modicum of substance to them. What movie should I go rent?
crazy dog

just friends

have you ever been romantically involved with someone who eventually said they "just wanted to be friends" with you?

ever told that to someone?

in either case, what'd it mean? were you really friends after that?
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My parents are considering buying me a GPS as a graduation present since I'll be living in an unfamiliar city next year.

1. Do you have a GPS? If yes, answer the following.
2. What brand? Any special features?
3. What do you think is necessary for me to have in a GPS?
4. Is your GPS update-able? Does the update cost anything?
5. Anything else you think I should know about buying a GPS?

If you don't care:

Do you think there is some drug out there that lets a person completely control their subconscious? So that there would be a way for people to THINK themselves dead?!
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I'm planning on doing some grilling tonight, which I'm a total noob at.

Besides meat, what's good to cook over an open flame?

(srs and non-srs answers welcome)
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We've just gotten another digital camera after I screwed up the old one! What work-safe thing should I take pictures of now?

When you're at work, you're dead tired, and you have just one energy drink/coffee, when during the 9-hour shift do you drink it for maximum effectiveness?

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I have a maths exam tomorrow. It is on applied linear algebra and multivariable calculus. Am I going to fail it miserably? I've spent around 8 hours a day every day for the last week studying but I failed the practice exam I took this morning.

Have you taken a maths unit at university? What was it? Have you failed a maths unit?

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i just got a job working nights at a limo company. my aunt works there during the day and she told me that i should be careful because all of the men there are pervs and yada yada yada.

tqc, am i going to get raped?
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This may have been asked, but what do you do to celebrate Father's Day when you are so estranged from your dad that he doesn't even register as a father figure anymore? I just called and wished him a happy day, but for what, really?

On a similar thread, how do you approach someone you are estranged with and ask them if you loan a couple hundred dollars, until you can pay them back?

TQC, what did I forget to ask you earlier?
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fav colors?

I realized as I was sitting here working, my coworker noticed that all my stuff is in green. My bumper for my phone is green, as is my key and my cover for my DS. And I'm wearing a green shirt. I feel like I'm sort of green bean or blade of grass.

So, what's your favorite color? When you buy stuff, do you tend to buy them in your favorite color or what? What kind of stuff do you have in your fav color/is there a lot of it?

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Inspired by an earlier post about PIs.

So the story is this: My mom was married before i was born, but she got divorced while pregnant with me. She had me, and a few years later she met my step dad. He adopted me and is now my legal dad. Until I was 15 i thought he was my real dad. There were suspicions but i could never ask anyone and i just went with it. But then when i was 15 they told me that he wasnt my real dad, and that my real dad was a bad guy and left it at that. I didnt even know his name or anything.

Fast forward to a couple months ago. I went a trip and came home and was showing and elderly aunt pictures. She says you look just like your dad, and then she leaves and comes back with pictures. Theres pictures of him and my mom at their wedding and their wedding invitation. I now knew what he looked like his name, and his parents names.

My parents asked me never to locate him. We havent even spoken about it since they told me 7 years ago. My aunt asked me not to tell my mom she gave me the pictures. I looked my dad up on the court website and saw some things he'd done, but nothing current.

So my question is: How do I go about finding him? I dont necessarily want to meet him, but maybe id like to meet my grandparents. Or at least know if he is alive or dead . I dont have a ton of money to work with, and im not sure of the protocol for this sort of thing.


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Do you think guitar hero/rock band has made a lot of people too lazy to pick up a real instrument,and put the time and effort into learning to play?

Its just sort of hard for me to take someone serious when they say they can play on expert with a plastic guitar wrapped around their necks.
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Last night, I asked TQC a question about beef jerky, and right after my SO came home with some. Today, at a parade, I was worried my kids were too hot and needed water, and a couple minutes later, a float went by and gave out bottle of water to everyone. If I think about someone for awhile, the phone will ring and it will be that person. Last week I was nixing for a coffee and had no change. When I got in my car a shiny Toonie ($2 coin for those who don't know Canadian monies) was staring up at me. If I am ever in a desperate situation or need something badly, it always works itself out.

Do these things happen to you? What would you call it?
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What is your natural hair color?
What is your eye color?
Edit:Crap, I meant what is your nationality.

Will you post a picture of your natural hair color? If not, just tell me.
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And if you don't want to do that:
If you like pancakes, do you prefer them light and fluffy, or thin and crispy?
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My ipod touch won't turn on no matter what I do. I bought it about a month ago from Target but I didn't get a warrenty. Am I completely fucked? Would I need to take it to Target or to the actual Apple store to have it looked at?

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What would you include in a message to a car dealer in regards to an ad for a car?

i'm looking for a new car and found a few potential interests online. one site has a thing where you put in a message and your information. i know that i want to inquire about trade ins and what hours they are available for test drives because i work a lot, but i'm not sure exactly what to say. help?
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Hey TQC, I'm at work for the next 2.5 hours and its really slow, and I forgot a book. 

Can you point me in the direction of some e-books? Something interesting (and long-ish) to read?
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What is the most life changing thing you have ever seen or done?

Have you ever gone backpacking?  I'm seriously thinking about going backpacking around europe.  If you have (no matter what country), what do you wish you knew before your trip?

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I had an awful day at work today. What should I do to make myself feel better?

Will you tell me something about yourself that very few people know?

Banana yogurt with actual banana pieces in it - delicious or gross?
dianna agron ;;

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Do you have any posters/pictures on your walls?
What of?

I have two Disney pictures [Finding Nemo and Winnie The Pooh, I can't even remember where I got them but they've been there FOREVER.] and a picture of Jared&Jensen over my bed ;)
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What kind of oil can you use in a fry machine (we have a Fry Daddy that never gets used)?
What kinds of bizarre shit can/should I fry and report back to TQC on?

What funny crap do you do?
How're the unicorns in your mouth?
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I'm taking my 7 year old male nephew to see Kung Fu Panda tomorrow.

I know that he can use the men's bathroom by himself, but I will be standing right outside the door.

What about when I have to pee? Isn't 7 a little old for boys to be going into the women's bathroom? Do I take him in anyway, or leave him standing right outside?
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So my coworker asked me if I had eaten my Wheaties this morning because I guess I was sailing through my morning duties super duper fast ohh yeah!

What was the last memorable question you were asked that was not in TQC?

Who are you irritated with?

Who do you appreciate?

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Does anyone have any experience with painting Vans shoes?

More specifically, should I gesso the shoes before I paint them? Does this depend on the type of paint to be used? I need information on how important gessoing is in this process. I can't find anything through google, though I do remember my teacher from a recent oil painting class I took told a student that you can gesso anything if you wish to paint it, and the student asked about Vans shoes, and the teacher said yes. So I assume it's a good idea, but I can't find any information anywhere. Maybe you know?
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What gift(s) have you received (for anything, birthday, Christmas, graduation, whatever) that you immensely disliked? Did you make that feeling known to the giver? What did you end up doing with it?
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1a) When is the last time you cleaned out your clothes closet?

1b) Do you have a specific method when cleaning out your closet?

1c) How do you store your clothes? Pictures a plus! =)

2) If you're currently in college, how many more credits do you need to graduate?

3) Are there any countries or states (US) you would refuse to live in?

4) What's your favorite game online that can be played for free?

5) Beer, Wine or Liquor?

6) Have you ever played Beer Pong (or other variations, such as Wine Pong)?

7) Would you prefer to have Straight, Wavy, or Curly hair? Which one do you have?

8) Bars, Clubs, or Staying at home? Why?

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Okay, so I think we've all read/heard the news that "rogue groups" and the "Axis of Evil" nations might well have been given "blueprints" for atomic weapons by Pakistan's main nuclear scientist. (If you haven't, read the CBS story here.) I have a few questions relating to this, and maybe we have people who have a greater understanding of the issue. What I want to know is this: what sort of practical implications would it have if these blueprints, as described in the news articles, were given to rogue states? What if they were given to "rogue groups"? How useful is the information to those who want to build weapons? It sounds like a scary story, but I'm not sure I understand the practical ramnifications of these documents and the story, so anyone with a clue would be appreciated.
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TQC, HELP. My hair's gotten to the point that I want a change.

What should I do with my hair?! I like kind of wild, J-Rockish looking styles, but any suggestions are appreciated. The only thing is, when I used to have really short hair, I got called 'sir' way more than a teenage girl could handle.

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What's your ideal breakfast?


Will you tell me a story about the redneckiest redneck (or the...chav-iest chav, etc.) you've ever known/seen/encountered?

Is there any particular first name that you irrevocably associate with rednecks? What is it?

[for you american apparel shoppers (or not)]

Collapse ) I saw this on my facebook page.

Do you find this ad appealing? Is he supposed to be....hot? If you were a guy, would this ad induce you to go "Oh, I want to buy some AA shorts so I can look just like him?" Does it really matter to you whether your t-shirt is organic or not?

In other news, do you prefer going out (eating, movies, bookstore, shopping) alone, or in company?

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Are you an anxious person?
When you do get anxious, do you get really irritable, or do you get quiet?

What's the worst way it manifests itself (sweating, shaking, stuttering, dizziness, rapid heartbeat)?

What's your most simple cure for it or what gets your mind off of it? I just realized candles work really nice.

I've gotten a few phonecalls in the past few hours, and for whatever reason I get incredibly worked up and I've been so worked up I've started trembling. I would go out for a cigarette, but I'm too nervous to leave my room and step outside. How ridiculous is this?
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1. Which variety of Goldfish Crackers are your favorite?

2. What do you like in your quesadillas?

3. I'm making filled cupcakes for work on friday. What kind of filling would you like to encounter in a cupcake?

4. What does your wallet look like? How long have you had it?
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My hair is naturally frizzy/curly and I've recently started straightening my hair. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to make it straighter/sleeker? What products to use, etc?

Secondly, who is one person that you would not bring home to meet your family and why not?
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Have you ever saved someone's life?

I mean no shit, without a doubt, they'd-be-dead-if-you-hadn't-intervened saved, not "yeah, that penguin looked pretty ornery so I suggested we leave" kinds of things. What were the circumstances? Did you know the person beforehand? If not, did it spark some kind of long-term friendship? Did they even know you had saved them, or that they needed saving? Did they thank you, and if it's someone you still know today do they occasionally go "hey, remember that time? With the thing? I'm really glad you were there that day"? Do you ever regret saving them?

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long story short, my poor car got into a fight with a cement wall, and the wall won.  i love my car dearly and i want her to look nice and shiny and happy again.  so my question is, about how much does it cost to get a car repainted?  i'm kind of poor right now and i know it would be a bad idea to spend a ton of money on this, so before i make any decisions, i just want to know how much money i'd be shelling out.  btw it's a toyota camry; i'm sure size factors into price.

thank you!!

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What look/piece of clothing/accessory/etc. do you consider to be your "signature"?

Cookies if you include a picture!

For me I'd say it's red lipstick, all-black clothing, and gold bikini tops

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Why are cats so revolting?

I can hear my cats regurgitating their dry food and then slurping it back up from the floor. I thought only owls and cows and shit did that. They also puke on everything that is absorbent and light-colored, and their poop smells like rotting meat. They are not sick and/or dying. Should I have them for dinner instead of continuing to spend hundreds of dollars on them so that they may perpetuate their vile habits?

What do various exotic meats you've had taste like? I had a large type of rat and it was delicious but full of cartilage, and rather gamey.

Drugs, Death, and other things...

SO one of my friends just lost her Mother. I guess she was suffering a lot so they were pumping her with pain medication. She was hallucinating the last few hours of her life. The same thing happened to my Grandfather. He thought bees were flying out of the air vents to kill him. It was hard to watch. This brought on a conversation I just had with my boyfriend. I told him that if anything happens to me, I don't want to be drugged up. I would rather feel the pain than to be tripping my balls off before I die.

#1 Would you want to be tripped out before you die, if so, why?

Credit Report

So after being a slacker about it for YEARS, I've decided to actually take a look at my credit report.

Experian & Equifax both asked me "security questions." All of the security questions for Equifax were accurate, but when I tried Experian, it told me that I opened a mortgage in August 2002 and asked me who the lender was, and what the terms were. I was a bit befuddled because I've never opened a mortgage (I was 19 years old in 2002). Although, around that same time my older sister DID steal my identity. So it seems logical that my sister may be the culprit. If so, what do I do? Do I need to seek out a credit counselor? Experian put a freeze on my credit report because I answered "no" to the security questions... I'm worried now!

Is there a way I can look at a detailed report to see if I DO have a mortgage out in my name?

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So I'm soon to be visiting my crazy religious family from the South. My mom and dad say I should under no circumstances mention that I am atheist. She says they will already think I am weird (I'm a vegan), so she wouldn't want them to think I am also going to eternal damnation. Apparently the kids in the family recently put on a play in which there were a bunch of scientists who believed in Darwinism and were "evil" and my dad said it was seriously fucked up, but he didn't say anything.

How am I supposed to act around them? I'm super liberal, atheist (sort of agnostic, though, I guess), vegan, don't brush my hair, wear clothes from Goodwill, I live in Eugene, Oregon, etc. etc. basically I am for sure going to hell (despite fairly rigorously adhering to Christian morals by default). What do I do tqc?

ETA: I'm certainly not going to bring anything up, I mean what if I am asked 'why aren't you going to church?' I'm not even staying in their house; they are coming here. I will hold my tongue, but I'm wondering if they are outlandishly offensive towards gays/atheists/whoever if I should really just smile and nod?
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1. Do movies ever scare the shit out of you?

2. I saw The Happening last night and adsklfja;fjas;f it fucking ruined me. How do I get over it? This is really important since there's a bottle of beer in my mom's car that I NEED but I can't bring myself to risk the dark and get it or whatever.

3. Why do so many movies (Cloverfield, The Happening, that global warming movie, so many) have disasters that take place in New York? Seriously, why New York?

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Has someone ever told you that you don't have a 'real job'? Why did they think you didn't have a 'real job'?

Have you ever been told you are not a grown up until you can legally do everything there is a certain age for doing?