June 14th, 2008

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Have you ever taken Trazodone?
If you did, was it for recreational or utilitarian purposes?
If utilitarian, did you take it as an antidepressant or a sleep aid?
What did your experience(s) feel like?
Did you ever feel like you were going to die?

(Because I've been taking it with no ill effect, and then for no good reason I had one horrible experience with it, and then another one.)

Did you read the Anne Rice Jesus book?
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Vista Service pack

My Toshiba just downloaded Windows Vista's Service Pack 1-- I'll install it in the morning since I need to get some other tasks done.

Has anyone installed Service Pack 1? Anything I need to brace myself for in terms of bad surprises?

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Why is it that eating can cause you to cough mucus back up, but it isn't coughed back up on its own?

EDIT: If you've been sick for a while and some mucus has gone down your throat, sometimes it doesn't come back on its own. I've found that after eating, I'll start coughing some of that mucus back up, getting it out of my system.
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Quick internet question...

So the sound for anything I try to stream off the internet is off. But stuff like AIM, itunes, etc., are working, just not anything I get to online (youtube, tvlinks, any flash, etc). What can I do to fix this? We currently have a shitty wireless router that we're replacing.... would that be the problem? So apparently my firefox is being crappy, because I'm getting sound through internet explorer (blah). So new question... why is firefox going craptastic on me all of a sudden??

I just moved into a new house, only to discover that one of my housemates is an incredible baker! And she shares :)
Do you bake? I can't at all, I'm really envious of those who can.
What was a small, nice surprise that has happened to you recently?
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I participated in my first DCI sanctioned Magic: The Gathering event tonight. I got my ass handed to me. Over and over again. I did not win a single game.

So my question to you is:

When was the last time you thought you were really good at something, and then got proved horribly wrong?

O Almighty Question_Club

Say this girls refers to you in such a manner, when referencing significant others:
"well, there's this boy and then on the other hand potentially there's this girl"- and you are this other potential girl. What would you make of it?

Thank you for your most welcome advice.

Summary- A girl refers to me- talking about significant others- as a potential. is this good or bad? And yes I want to date her, this being the whole reason why i have brought it upon your guidance.

Edited to be more readable.


I went to a local, mid-high quality restaurant, dressed up quite nicely with a female friend. We were seated in the lounge (no one asked for I.D. and there were other young people there) and since we're only 18, we didn't order alcohol.

During the dinner, our waitress never looked at me once, was clearly rushing us through our dinner (restaurant not crowded at all), handed us the bill without asking if we'd like coffee or dessert or anything (she asked the table next to us - the table drinking alcohol), and STILL wouldn't look at me when I paid the bill. She only addressed my friend. 

So is a a 13.4% tip on the meal bad? (PS: I'm Canadian - this isn't the U.S. where their tips are the wage, servers here must be paid a minimum of $8/hour before tips.) 

EDIT: I'm new to the whole "paying for meals at restaurants" thing, and so I'm still unsure of what's good vs. bad tips. I once sort-of tipped 50% on a meal because I wasn't sure. Honest question, I want to see what servers vs. non-servers think. So far, I like tipping and seeing my server so happy afterwards, but with situations like this, I'm not sure what's proper. Help guys!
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Roman Polanski ?

Did you know Michael Jackson was acquitted of HIS child molestation charges on....... June 13th 2005?

After Michael Jackson, who do you think is the most famous child molester of all time? Alleged child molesters are included.

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Just outta curiousity looking through how eveyone's post time is different, I'm wondering where eveyone is...I'm making a generization with the main English speaking countries.

Poll #1204681 Where is eveyone from?

where are you?

Other (specify if you want)
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ghetto poll.

The back door to our apartment is very problematic, and will probably need to be completely replaced. It doesn't lock properly, and there are a bunch of small holes through which many insects and arachnids of various sizes like to enter our house.

What will kill me first while I'm waiting for the door to be replaced?

a.) spiders
b.) serial killers
c.) other (please specify)
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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1 - What place, if any... are you dying to visit?

2 - Also, whenever I masturbate...I am left with a raging headache. I can't for the life of me figure out why this always happens. I never finish cause of it either. Anyone have any idea why it would be that way? (Srs and non-srs answers are welcome.)
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Have you seen the movie 'Funny Games' (either the original or the remake)?
What did you think?

If not, when's the last time you told someone to shut up?
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I had a fever with a sore throat. For a while I was getting better, but my sore throat came back. I went to the doctor a week ago. She said it would be gone in 3 days. Well, it's been over a week, and my throat is still sore. No fever this time, the only thing wrong is my throat. It hurts really bad when I swallow. I'm wondering if I could have somehow got a second infection or something? Should I just go to the doctor again?
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My work is having decade theme days in the next few weeks, so I'm researching late 50's and early 60's stuff. I've been watching Hairspray and I really like the beehives and the swing-style dresses.

I've been looking for a dress pattern similar to the one  Brittney Snow (Amber Von Tussle) is wearing just before they announce that there's an opening on the Corny Collins Show. I've tried to find a full picture of the dress, but the only thing I can find is from the waist up. Does anyone know where I might find a full length shot of that dress?

Where might I get a good 1960s swing-style dress pattern?

I've also been looking at beehive and bouffant hair styles, but I can't seem to find one that explains exactly how to 'backcomb'. I also have never heard of a rattail comb, as one website said I would need.  I heard my dad mention a ratting comb once, so that might be the same or a similar thing. So what is a rattail comb and where might I obtain one?

And the last questions: is my hair long enough to beehive, or am I going to have to try a different hairstyle? Okay, so my hair is too short. What other vintage hairstyle might I be able to do?
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Shipping Prices

Do you know any cheap(er) shipping companies? I'm moving and will need to send numerous things, however, I don't have a lot of excess cash. It can take 2-3 weeks to get there for all I care just cheaper than UPS?
It'll be from Houston to Detroit if that matters

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what sites are out there besides craigslist, that i can put up a "house for sale by owner" ad?

what was the last video game you played?

hypothetically, if i were to move in with my boyfriend and another roommate in a 2 bed and 2 bath (might end up being 1 bath) how do i split all the rent bills that its fair?
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It is 7:45 AM and I have not gone to sleep. Things are weighing heavily on my mind and my friend is in my bed, besides.
Do you ever use TQC as a journal to vent in (because the responses will be more varied and greater in number)?

When was the last time you argued religion or spirituality with someone?
What was the outcome?

Do you hate atheists like anthill626 does?
derek smalls

dear dr tqc

i have a terrible sore throat and i have to go to work in about an hour. my job requires a lot of talking which doesn't sound like fun right now.

what is the best thing to drink for a sore throat? tea wouldn't really work since i couldn't make it/heat it at work (though i might drink some before i go) and i've eaten a pint of ice cream between last night and this morning so a milkshake doesn't sound the best, either.

what do you use to sooth your sore throat?

Help! The Attack of the Docx-es

Periodically, someone (who doesn't know better) sends me a Microsoft Word docx which I cannot open. I always tell peole not to send me these but to no avail. I CANNOT OPEN DOCX DOCS! That being said, what the hell are they and how DO you open these damned things?

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1. Do you ever wake up with a song stuck in your head?
I did this morning and I thought I would share it with you, its in comments. You guys are going to kill me.

2. If you have a song stuck in your head will you post a video of it?

3. My muscles are so sore I swear you can hear them when I walk. What is a good remedy for sore muscles?
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honest question

If you get drunk purposely on a regular basis--why?
I really don't understand what's so fun about it, and I tend to believe that anything you have to be drunk to make yourself do, you probably shouldn't be doing in the first place. And remembering things the next day and not vomiting are fun too. Please explain to a girl who couldn't drink that much anymore if she wanted to (I have a fucked-up stomach).

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I ask because I think my mothers family is a) not so bright and b) full of igits.

Why on earth would you throw a surprise birthday party for a man turning 85 yrs old!? (he has no clue that it is going to happen)

I have promised to be there, but have sworn off the "SURPRISE" part. Should I keep my celly handy in case it causes a heart attack.

I can't stay long because technically this will be cutting into my much needed sleep. How long is long "enough" to stay without seeming rude? *It starts at two, I'm usually asleep by noonish. Will be pushing it by staying away that long :{ *

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At my ballroom dancing class (we're all in the same age group, late teens/early 20s) there's this guy. Who creeps me out. He creeped me out from the first time I saw him. He reminds me of Mr Collins from Pride and Prejudice. He'll do things like cutting across the dance floor in front of about five other guys to dance with me (or someone else on the other end of the room). He'll do things like, people are having a conversation, and he'll join in, that's fine, but he does it in such a weird way. Or someone will make a joke and he'll completely overreact to it. And I swear that he holds girls for dancing in completely the wrong place so he ends up holding the side of your breast when he catches you. None of the other guys have done this. I've tried saying 'um, can you hold me further down please?'. In the second time I ever saw him, we were dancing together and the teacher was like 'That's great everyone! You're really improving!' and he hugged me. I was caught off guard because he did it sideways. He did it again. Then the third time, a few weeks later, I finally told him off for it. He hasn't done that sort of thing for ages, but he does do things like, he dances with me twice that night and I'm like "I've already danced with you tonight!" and he's like "I know. Nice, isn't it." *shudder*. or he'll come up beside my guy friend and say "Boo."
Anyway. There's just something about him that's hugely creepy. If other guys had done or said this it wouldn't have been a huge problem.
Anyway. The question is!
Do you know anyone really creepy? Does this guy sound creepy to you? Why can't I figure out what it tangibly is that's creeping me out? What should I do about it?

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What's your favourite instrumental piece of music? What's your favourite classical piece of music? 

My favourite instrumental: Pitter Patter Goes My Heart by Broken Social Scene. Classical: Fur Elise.

If you're not into that kind of music, what's your current favourite song?
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Do you want to turn around and join in on the convo but you ain't got jack to say and you're sad to say you're just a poetry fag actin' gay with your black beret?
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1:  What kind of screen caption do you use?  Do you like it?  Is it easy to use?

2:  When your employer has a company picnic, do you go?

3:  Is there a TV show/movie/song that you love that you would embarrassed to admit liking to people who don't know you that well?  What is it? 
MLP - pinkie chicken

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TQC, I'm going up to Target to get some things because I had a rough work week and I need to compulsively spend a slice of my paycheck. What sort of things should I pick up? Do you need me to get you anything?

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My mother just called me because a coworker was looking for the artist of a song...and mom thought I could help.

I think TQC can help.

I know very few details but one that should make it unique enough that you'd know it if you ever heard it.

It's currently receiving airplay.
Female vocalist.
It is a capella

Now I haven't heard any a capella songs on the radio in aaaages...so if you have, and it was done by a chick -- what was it?
kurt halsey

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If you were a character in a romantic comedy, which one would you be?
(i.e. the cute best friend who is secretly in love with the protagonist, the hot one with whom the protagonist is obsessed...)

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i totally had a pretty incredible sex dream last night. what was your best dream ever?

i'm going to check out some thrift stores for sweatshirts with animal scenes on them. which animals should i go for? i was thinking deer or bears or something.

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So my apartment complex has a gym and to get the key you go to the office and check it out for 24 hours. A couple weeks ago i went to the office to check it out and the office lady didnt take down my name or anything because she was a little busy with other people. I think she might have recognized me because we just signed our lease about a month before.
Well the point is in our lease it says if you have the key out for more than 24 hours it is a $87 dollor fee for everyday you keep the key out.
Its been about 2 months and i havnt returned it yet.
Do you think i should return the key or keep it until my lease is up?
If she tries to get me to pay hundreds of dollars if i return it should i pay it? I think it would be unfair to make me pay if she never called or anything to let me know i need to bring it back.

I really want to go shopping but i have no one to go with. Should i just go by myself or call my mom?
Do you want to go with me?
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Job question

I'm applying to retail stores for a job. I just graduated high school, I've never had a job/applied for a job before (my parents wouldn't let me) I have 3 dates this summer that I know I can't work. (Graduation, my graduation party and my boyfriends grad party)

When I submit my application should I mention that I have to take these days off, or not since it's just single days? I'm a job noob :(
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When was the last time you felt really betrayed by someone or something?

How long do you spend in the shower on average?

What are some things that you do to conserve energy/help the environment?
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How many people do you know who follow non-Christian religions?
How many atheists/agnostics do you know?

How important is your religion or lack thereof in your life?
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How many ways do you know how to cook an egg?
Just one. Scrambled. I always break the yolk whenever I try to make them any other way.

What are your plans for today?
It's just me and the kid today. Which means a day filled with watching the same Wiggles video over and over again and playing plastic golf.

Walmart wants me to have 2 references on my application. Working at Walmart is serious business y/n?
Wanna be my reference?

Do any of you have any experience with QuickBooks? Is it hard?
I'm gonna take a class in the fall on it so I can get a super awesome clerical job when Noah goes to school.
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1. SpongeBob Squarepants: y/n?

2. Do you have kids? If you answered yes to 1 and 2, has having kids impacted liking it?

3. Assuming you answered yes to #1, who is your favorite character?

1: ugh
2: yes. If I didn't have them, I would never hear it in the background as I peruse LJ
3: If I had to choose, I think it would be Mr. Crabs. He's so cheap.
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What is something that always makes you swoon even when done by someone you weren't necessarily attracted to in the first place?

Me, I always swoon over unexpected text messages.... and also, when guys compliment my kid, I'm kinda putty in their hands.
Cissnei ♥♥♥
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What's the best lunch you've had in a while?

How about the best dinner?

Lunch, for me, would be the soft-boiled eggs and toast I just ate, simple but satisfying, something I haven't done in a long time. Dinner would probably be the veal paprikash I got at a Hungarian restaurant two months ago; it was so deliciously tender.
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1.  Will you tell me something about yourself in a language other than English?  (If you know more than one other language, tell me something in those, too!)

2. Are you looking forward to anything next week?

3.  If you have a commute and listen to the radio in the car, do you prefer music or talk?

4.  How far do you have to commute?

5. Why did my frozen pizza taste like gasoline? :(

Time to be a prison bitch in prison, bitch

You've done a bad thing, and you have to serve prison time. You have a choice. Serve 2 years, starting tomorrow. You're given no time to make arrangements. Serve 5 years, starting 5 years from now. Serve 10 years, 15 years from now. Or, serve 15 years, starting 30 years from now. What will be your sentence?

2 years, starting now
5 years, beginning in the year 2013
10 years, starting in the year 2023
15 years, starting in the year 2038
Kill Bill - Elle
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My friend is taking me to Rocky Horror tonight and I believe I am supposed to dress up. TQC, what should I wear tonight? If it helps, my wardrobe is mostly comprised of tops from places like Old Navy and The Gap and I don't own much other than jeans.

What was the last thing you were ashamed of?
How shitty is your day on a scale of 1-10?

Trying to plan a hunt for my dad

Are there any specific tools or anything that you bring with you if you are going mushroom hunting?

What other kinds of mushrooms (that would grow in MI) do people hunt for (to eat as food not recreational drugs) other than morels?

Have you been mushroom hunting before? If so, did you have a good time/were you successful in finding mushrooms?

And last but not least ... if you are from MI where is a good place to go mushroom hunting?

This is probably a long shot, but...

Do any of you Chicagoans here have an HMO through Blue Cross Blue Shield?
If yes, who is your Primary Care Physician (and/or your Women's Principal Health Care Provider), and do you like him/her? The only way I can seem to figure out who to choose is by looking at who is located close to where I'll be living (near the California Blue line stop).

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Have you ever stolen anything before?

Yes, but not intentionally (i.e. - I forgot to purchase something in my cart)

If you've stolen something before, why did you do it?

Because I wanted it, and couldn't afford it.
Because the thrill of getting away with stealing is exciting.
Because I was pressured into doing it by a friend, parent, etc.
I'll tell you in the comments.

If you knew you could get away with stealing things with absolutely no reprocussions, and you knew it would not affect the store or person you stole it from in a negative way at all, would you do it?

I don't know; I'd have to be in the situation to know what I would do

(no subject)

was there a single event in your life that made you more or less the person you are today? makes you act the way you do, choose the decisions you do, and so on?

if so, what was it?
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TQC, I just bought a prom dress! Do you like it?
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Would've liked something more colourful but it is impossible to find stuff that fits me :(
Also it's not really a prom. It's like a school disco, with fancy dresses.
at seven

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I posted really lame questions yesterday so I'm trying to make up for it.

TQC, remember when we played that game where you described a movie in a few sentences and everyone tried to guess what it was? (Don't answer that.) Why don't we try it again, except halfway through your summary, switch to a different movie?

For example, I'll start:

He was just a slip of a girly-boy from Communist East Berlin who underwent a sex change operation so he could marry his GI boyfriend and move to America. But when his husband leaves him (her?), a chance encounter with a childhood friend helps him realize he needs to return home to vanquish his evil uncle and take up his rightful place as king.
lead me


my hair is getting long. as in, down past my shoulders. i live in the south. my hair is hot and annoying, and i want to get it cut.

my hair stylist is in the process of relocating across town, and i haven't been able to reach her. i'm at my wits end with this mop on my head.

should i stick it out and find creative ways to keep my hair up and off my neck, or should i go to fantastic sams or somewhere else cheap and get it cut?

flagyl and side effects

So i was percribed this medicine called flagyl and the doctor said that i cannot drink on this medication at all until i finish the doses, and up to three days after,  well its day two and i had about a half a beer and it gave me a headache but thats it.  My question is; i am driving to the beach tomorrow and i would love a cocktail on the sand so do you think it will be ok for me to have  a few on the third day or should i wait til day three is over?
 thank you


What city do you live in?
What do you think of the city you live in?
If you had a choice would you live anywhere else?
Where is that place?

I live in Las Vegas. I used to hate it here so bad. But then I thought about it, and it really isn't that bad. There are places that are better, but there's are tons of places that are worse. So I don't really complain about it that much anymore.
Pros: Relatively safe and non threatening place to be, the interesting culture and art/music scenes that are coming to prominence, the dark and somewhat interesting history, the uniqueness of the place.
Cons: The HEAT, Too many neighborhoods filled with houses that look the same, too many gated communities, the lack of appreciation and attention for the culture, the people, the lack of variety when it comes to things to do, too many casinos and how every movie theater is built inside a casino.

So, if I had a choice, I probably would live somewhere else.

And that place would probably be either Seattle, Portland or Atlanta.
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I have not posted in my journal for a long time one of those long pointless questionaires but I cant find one. Got one you can post so I can steal and answer?!
zombie baby cede! :D

(no subject)

What are your opinions of books/musicals that attempt to tell the story of the bible, from a diffrent point of view?
(examples, "The Lamb, the gospel according to Bif, childhood friend of Christ" "Jesus Christ Superstar (Judas' point of view)" "He Was Here (literaly.. anyone and everyone, including Pilate and Mary Magdalen)")

If you have no idea what I am talking about.... do you like the movie Young Frankenstien? Its on the tv in the lobby right now, really, really loud...

Rocky Horror Batman Show

(no subject)

Am I a horrible person for trying to convince my mum to divorce my dad? He's emotionally and verbally abusive, lazy, and has no respect for her. He's a dick to me and my brother, as well as her, no matter what she does for him. They've been married for 24 years and split up once, but he convinced her to come back.

She's afraid that he'll fuck with her if she tries to leave, and also that she wouldn't have the means to support herself, since she can't continue working on the gas wells that they work on together. I am completely behind her leaving him 100%, even going so far as to offer to buy a house with her/split an apartment, as well as helping her get on at where I work.

We can do it, I know we can, but I feel bad because I love my dad. I just dislike him immensely.
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AAA just sent me a letter. Somehow, they found out that I bought a car (even though the title isn't in my name yet or anything) and ANYWAY
It's $45 to join with a credit card. But how much will it be in a year when I need to renew?

I checked the website and well, the page just won't load. So that's out. And I googled, but to no avail.

  • ilurk

(no subject)

When you purchase plane tickets online which website do you use? Do you always look for the cheapest tickets?

Is there any secret to finding insanely cheap tickets?

(no subject)

I may get to go to NYC again this summer...I've done all the tourist things, and I'll be spending at least one whole day at The Met/The Cloisters. What else should I do that may be off the beaten path?
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(no subject)

If anyone's familiar with my posting, then they know my problem with my husband making fun of my accent.

My tentative plan right now is to just stop speaking English because he's mean.
Is this a bad plan? How mad do you think he'd get? How mad would you get, if at all?

(no subject)

You're given the freedom to eat-all-you-can-eat of one thing. You can help yourself to as much as you want of this one thing. Which of these choices do you pick?

Ice cream
McDonald's cheeseburgers
Caesar's salad
Pie (there's over 30 kinds of pie in the dessert section)
Nachos, with a variety of toppings
BBQ babyback ribs
Pancakes/waffles (your choice)
KFC chicken (seasoning of your choice)
Normal salad with your choice of dressing
Alcohol (it's an open bar)
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(no subject)

Are you into receiving but not reciprocating?

Can you dish it out but can't take it?

Do you ever wonder why the same thing happens all the time but never draw the correct conclusion on the matter?

(no subject)

What are your parents' worst traits?

Mom- bad listener, is totally oblivious (ex: my brother got an ear piercing when he wasn't supposed to. She did not notice until a few weeks later.)
Dad- high temper, control freak at times.
cat in the hat

what's in ya'll's bedroooomz

Which direction does the top (pillow side) of your bed face?


what color (s) are your bedroom walls?

yellow or gold
pink or red
orange, bitches!
lavendar or blue
brown or tan
black or emo
another color or combination of colors that you didn't fathom

which do you prefer for storing clothes (shirts, pants)?

under the bed storage
the hamper
the laundry basket
the floor
the chair
the treadmill
Suzer, I don't actually own any clothes

Which of the following do you have in your bedroom right now?

full-length mirror
walk-in closet
ceiling fan
bed side table
reading lamp
super seekrit stash o' porn or sex toys
wood floors
area rug
poster of a musician

(no subject)

I'm baking a cake. This cake, to be specific. However, I'm having trouble with one of the directions.

What the hell does "Remove the cake from the oven, and invert the pan over a bottle" mean? Am I supposed to like, balance it on top of a wine bottle or something? I'm confused.
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I have a movie that's converted to be played on my ipod, but I need to get it on the computer I have itunes set up on. I don't have a jump drive, and I've wasted about 5 CDs trying to burn it. I've zipped it, but it's still taking forever to send it to myself through gmail. Is there any other fast way to send/transfer large files?
James Franco joint

(no subject)

My younger brother (16) is going to London, Paris, Lucerne, Rome, Sorrento, Pompeii, Barcelona, Athens, and a few others along the way I can't remember. He'll be hitting up the Lourve, Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, The Vatican, and most of the typical tourist attractions.

My parents are giving him a credit card. What do you want him to bring you back?
years go by

Making your own t-shirts

I want to make my own T-shirts. Not to sell to the public or anything, but just for myself. I know sites like Cafepress will make shirts, but they only do it in bulk, so I want to do it myself. Also, I don't really want to pay out the ass for this. What are some cool, non-shitty/cheap looking ways to make your own shirts with your own words / designs on them?
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I am sick and fucking tired of the lights going out in my apartment!
#1 What are you sick and tired of?

#2 Are you interested in seeing the new Hulk movie?
I love Edward Norton...but Hulk? I don't know.
Jessie- Story of my life!

(no subject)

On the topic of Barney, what was your favorite rendition of the "I love you, you love me" song?
I remember singing to my brother and babysitter "we're best friends like friends should be, some people think we're very best friends, but others know we're lesbians... LIKE MY BROTHER!" Unaware at the time of what a lesbian is, thinking it was along the lines of jerk, or idiot.

(no subject)

Are there any body parts or things about the human body that freak you out or bother you?

Are there parts of your own body that you can't stand letting other people touch?

I have nothing for the first question, but I feel like puking if anyone touches my nipples or belly button.

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If you see a picture on the internet, and you right click and save it, why does it disappear sometimes? Like in "my pictures" a few of them are now little dots instead of the picture. I know this is a dumbass question, but I don't get it.
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weird shoes

So I just started running (why, I'm not sure) and was looking for some running shoes online.  That is where I came across FiveFingers.  These are the weirdest looking "shoes" I have ever seen, but the premise sounds really cool.  Anyone ever worn them?  Are the actually comfortable?  Or are they a load of crap?
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A new study on meteorite has confirmed that certain raw material for DNA and RNA originates in space. This isn't to say that the same compounds might not have been produced on Earth but that still means that meteorites that pelted the Earth billions of years ago contained nucleobases that are essential to our existence.

Does anyone find this to be as absolutely fascinating as I do? It's like Christmas for the science nerd in me.
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this really should be the last of these! and i'll try to get a picture of my boyfriend and myself at the wedding for tqc updates.

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unrelated- can you share your rose and thorn for today?
rose - i went to the beach today and got rid of the tan lines that will show with my dress :)
thorn - i got a circle of sunburn on the front of my throat, hahah
I <3 TLV

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1. Is there a place where you consider to be your home? Is it where you grew up, where you live now (if different) or somewhere else? I feel so sad for my husband - he moved around a lot when he was younger, and now there isn't anywhere that he considers to be his home - he doesn't identify with any of the places where he lived =( Is there anyone else here like that? It seems strange to me.

2. Also, last night I dreamt I had a penis. I've heard that this isn't too uncommon for girls - but I've never heard of a guy dreaming they had a vagina. So, guys - have you ever dreamt that you had a vagina? Plz share details if you remember.
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Does anyone have any pictures / video clips of dancing fruit?  My wife for some reason likes dancing fruit....

Do you watch Dr Who (as in the newer stuff)?

Which is, if any your fav CSI?

And finally (if you haven't heard of them (I'm talking to you America) then get on Youtube and have a look):

Favourite Comedy out of the following?

Peep show
Green Wing
The Fast Show
titanic, rose, jack

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The Wisconsin state law says that if minors from 16-17 years of age are employed, they must have one full day off per week.

The ACA (American Camping Association) states that camp counselors must have one day off every two weeks.

The Wisconsin state law trumps the ACA regulations, correct?  Or is there an exception for summer camp jobs?

Oh joy, oh rapture!

1) If you were a professor, what would you like to teach?

2) What would you do to convince your class you might be a little insane?

3) In this hypothetical fairy marshmallow land where we all get what we want, what city do you teach in?

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