June 13th, 2008


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My younger sister (17) is feeling really sick, like she's going to throw-up & had a fever. What can I do to help her? What makes you feel better when you feel like you're going to throw-up?

And.......what was the last thing you googled?
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I'm friends with a guy in one of my classes, but I've never done anything with him outside of class. His birthday is this Sunday and I'd like to take him out to dinner since I just found out we have the same favorite restaurant. How can I ask him without it sounding like I'm asking him on a date? I haven't known him very long so I don't know what he'll think, and I don't want him to get the wrong idea.
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Does anyone with a laptop have a wireless mouse or a fan? Is it a good quality? Can you link me to it? I'd like to invest in one or both of these this weekend with my paycheck and I value TQC's consumer opinion.

Also, ladies, what is it about Target that makes you walk in to get one thing and leave with practically everything in the store you know you don't need? I go in for a purse and leave with $100 worth of shit.

SO I need a good sleep.

And while I've been living at home, I've been dealing with my mattress and sheets and such. But now that I know I'm going to stay there for awhile more, I'd like to buy new stuff because it's time for an upgrade!

But I have no idea what to buy when it comes to good, comfy, bed shopping!

Whats the best mattress, and what count of sheets are the most bang for the buck?
And for good price.

ANY help would be wonderful.



How exactly would salmonella contaminate tomatoes? Is it just the skin that's affected? Wouldn't washing them well be good enough to avoid getting sick? Or has it affected the insides? Does it get infected from the soil?
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1. Why won't they let the damn rabbit have some Trix?

2. Why didn't they ever let Fran meet Barbra Streisand on The Nanny? Well apparently, she did - in the episode where Fran is afraid of driving because she ran over a rabbit.

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do you appreciate Collapse ) image?

what's better, salty food or something with chocolate in it?

last time you went shopping? what did you buy?

do you want to share a picture of whatever, since those are always fun to look at at 2 in the morning?
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Which category do you fit in?

I'm an only child and I can ride a bike.
I'm an only child and I can't ride a bike.
I'm not an only child and I can ride a bike.
I'm not an only child and I can't ride a bike.

Accents and other late night offering

What is your favorite accent? And if you say New York or such, which type of New York accent do you like?

Which one gets on your nerves? Why?

Which one do you like to do for fun?

Who has the best voice out there? And the worse?

And why do American guys like to imitate JFK? In Great Britain, guys like to imitate Sean Connery. Are there any other global versions of this? For example, do Canadian guys like to imitate some specific famous Canadian?

Collapse )
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So I've been throwing up since Sunday, as mentioned in a previous post. I went to the doctor today and told him I'd been sick. First question, "Any chance you could be pregnant?"
"What kind of birth control do you use?"
"I don't have sex"
"Oh. Okay. Good. This isn't a concentration camp."

WTF? What did he mean by that?

Also, why did he ask me if I could be pregnant when the next question from him was "So, when are you going to lose weight?"
Fat fat fatties like me don't have people wanting to have sex with them, duh.

My friend said he would be weird, but I just didn't realize what she meant by that, I guess. I'm talking I wouldn't take a kid to see him, PedoBear-approved weird. I should look for a new doctor, yes?
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I wish I had a link but there is nothing available at the moment. Anyway, new anti-piracy laws will include the selling of your ipod, if you plan on selling your device did you know the drive has to be wiped first or else you could be charged with trafficking.

Is this going a little too far?
Isn't it great bands like Metallica became big/famous in the 80's because of tape trading, what would a band like that do now?
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I am about to finish my current book and I have a bunch of books sitting around and can't decide what to read next. Help me make my decision, TQC!

If you've never heard of these books/authors, just pick the one that has the coolest title or that sounds intriguing or whathaveyou.

Which book next?

Mistral's Kiss - Laurell K. Hamilton (erotic fantasy)
The Shining - Stephen King (horror)
Garden of Shadows - VC Andrews (thriller? prequel to the Flowers in the Attic series)
Widdershins - Charles De Lint (urban fantasy)
Once... - James Herbert (horror/fantasy)
Insomnia - Stephen King (horror)

...Damn I forgot the ticky.
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If you had a dog and lived on a farm, would you take it to the vet to be put to sleep or would you take care of it yourself with a bullet?

If/When your pet dies, will you write an eulogy for him/her?

If/When your pet dies, will you get another one? Would you get the same type of pet?

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How do you feel about people who use an icon of their face as their default?*

Does this change if they're not attractive?

Have you ever ad-blocked an icon of someone's face? (A regular picture, one without photoshopped creepiness)

*edit: I mean how do you feel about interacting with them on lj. does them having an icon of themselves make you feel like you know them better (than someone who has no icons of themselves)? are you less likely to think they're a troll? do you sometimes catch yourself picturing those with celebrity icons as the celebrity?..etc.

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Why can't I get a good picture of myself with my cell phone? Why do I always look like some halfwit pile of goo? Is it because I'm horribly ugly, and everyone that has ever purported to think I'm attractive is really just part of some international conspiracy to make fun of me, and when I'm on my death bed they're all going to show up, point fingers and laugh, "HA HA HA, WE NEVER LOVED YOU, YOU'RE HIIIIIIIDEOUS!"?
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it's just about that time again

Every year, come my birthday or XMAS, I respecfully ask both parents to get me very little or nothing. Not that I'm opposed to gifts but I just don't have much of anywhere to put anything anymore. Dad is very resistant to this and not only buys me stuff but gets the oddest assortment of wonkiness...his gifts almost scare me. So, this year (blood vengeance) I'll be shopping for his gift out of here: Clicky...

...which may not seem bad but trust me, it'll drive him nuts.

I'm a big fan of family holidays and am usually quite festive with them. Which differs slightly from KevinniveK's philosophy. He's not in favor of Father's Day, or Mother's Day really, as he doesn't see why he should treat them better on one particular day as opposed to all the others. Granted, he treats his parents better than almost anybody I can think of so I suppose if he did put in an effort on their respective special days...he'd keel over dead.

How're you planning on spending Father's Day?
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!) When someone tells you they think you're a beautiful person, what are they really saying?

@) Today is my last day of work, should I actually work or should I spend it on TQC/LJ?

#) When did you last sleep somewhere other than a bed? Where did you sleep?
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Did you play with paper dolls when you were younger?
If you did, looking back now, do you think the concept of a paper doll is strange?
Have you seen kids playing with them recently, or in stores recently?
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So, it's Friday the 13th.

So far, I have come downstairs to find that while someone was showering all the water leaked through the ceiling/floor to the dining room below. D:

Then, I found the bathmat soaked as though someone dunked it in water, just sitting on the floor in the empty bathroom. D: D:

Also, the carpet outside the bathroom door is soaked through. D: D: D:

So what's happened to YOU so far on this illustrious day?

Edit: sorry, didn't realize someone asked this while I was typing this up.
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Do you eat dinner at a set time every night?
Growing up, dinner-time was 7pm. That's when dinner was served, so if you wanted to eat you were home at that time.

If you don't eat by a certain time, do you just say screw it and skip it?
No. I have to eat when I'm hungry, regardless of the time

For meals at home, do you eat at a table, in front of the TV, in your bedroom, where?
We eat in the living room so we can watch TV. Growing up, we always sat at the dining room table.

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Two of the three:

Weezer's Red Album, Foo Fighters "Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace", and Serj Tankian's "Elect the Dead".

Which should I buy my husband for Father's Day?
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 Argh, TQC. I need addresses of my mom's friends and relatives to send out birthday party invites, and I can't find them. She didn't leave any addresses on the guest list, and I can't ask her about them because then she'll know we haven't sent out invites yet and jump down my dad's and my throat (the party's at the end of July). I've just been on Whitepages.com and findpeoplenow.com, and both of those want you to pay for the addresses. And since a lot of the people we're inviting live in different counties, they're not in our local phone book, which is all we have. 

Where can I go to find free addresses? Or should I just suck it up and ask her?
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1)Would you rather be devoured by a zombie, a vampire, or a werewolf?
2)I had a dream last night about a 3 layer lemon poppyseed cake with chocolate chips and lemon filling between the layers. Does this sound like something that you would eat?
3)If you have a Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, or Mazda 3 what is your opinion of your vehicle and how long have you had it?
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pet rocks, cupcakes, ipod woes

1. I want to make pet rocks at work. Where should I get the rocks? Would they have the right kind at a craft store? I wouldn't mind just taking them from a parking lot or something but I can't think of any that have the right kind.

2. I'm going to make cupcakes for the kids at work before the end of the school year. I'd like to make summery ones but I'm having trouble coming up with ideas. I've been looking around and all the cute ones seem too hard. Collapse ) anything that would require more skill than the second ones probably wouldn't work for me. If it matters I'm going to be filling them too!

3. Collapse )

Breaking up and Chicken

For those married or engaged folks...

When you were dating did you ever break up with your now husband/wife or fiance?

If so, why and how did y'all end up getting back together?

For everyone else...

What is your favorite thing to cook with chicken breasts?

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TQC, make my decisions for me. :(

Collapse )

ETA something completely unrelated:
My cousin's apartment was broken into and a ton of their stuff was stolen (big screen TV, 2 X-box 360s, a bunch of games, a Wii, and a laptop).  How can I make her feel better?  I feel so horrible for her and her fiance. :(

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I'm drinking an XX-Strong lemon and passionfruit flavoured beer in my hostel in Japan. It cost 100yen per 1000ml bottle, which is about £0.50 in the UK/N.Ireland, so I guess about a dollar in America?

It tastes ... amazing.

When is the last time you bought something purely because it was cheap but it turned out to be totally great? Or how about cheap stuff that was as bad (If not worse) as its price would suggest?

I don't watch The Office.

Not religiously, at least. From what I've seen, it's a good show but I'm not much of a TV-watcher.

Last night,a friend told me that I'm "his Pam". I'm not totally up-to-date on her relationship with Jim (that's his name, right?) or how it has developed over the series so can someone plz help me figure out what this means?

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What's the best brand of digital camera? (Nikon, Casio, Olympus, Canon, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony?)
What are important things to look for when buying a digital camera?
I want an easy to use, inexpensive camera that will last me a few years.

What camera do you have, and what has been your experience with it?
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What are (were, if you don't like animation anymore) some of your favorite animated telvision show?
Family Guy, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Haruhi Suzumiya, Spongebob

What was something amusing/weird about a building at your work/college/high school?
When you looked at it at the right angle, the Arts Center of my high school spells "FUCK." Hooray for I.M. Pei.
Also, my high school was featured in College Road Trip as Northwestern University, and it shot it from the perfact angle so you can see the building spell "fuck" right over Donny Osmond's shoulder. hilarious.

Where were you on June 13, 2007?
Same place I am now, at working at my high school, and getting ready to be an A/V Coordinator at a summer program in a few weeks.

Have you ever tried to take a picture while driving?
A few times yesterday. I got some good shots, but most were blurry cause I have a point n shoot and I can't change shutter speed. I almost died though. :/

ETA: There's a woman stretching outside my office window. She's too far away so I can't tell if she's how. Am I bad for staring and trying to ascertain said hotness?

concert etiquette

so.. it's my first concert in my life. What should I expect? It's a R&B concert.... how early do you go? Ticket says 8pm. Why is it that we can't take photos? It would be fun to be able to get a few shots since this is my first time seeing my favourite singer! sigh. but I am ever so excited!! :)

edit: think it helps.. going for Alicia Keys, we have good seats, and it's at the Verizon Center.... and starts at 8pm

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Why do I hate Jesus? I'm always asked that when I explain I can't accept a theology where unquestioning belief, not good deeds or anything that really matters, is the means of salvation.


What university do you go to?

How much money do you owe in loans for college?

Are you paying for it by yourself or with the help of your parents?
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Say you work for a company that produces a weekly newsletter, with bits and pieces about what's going on, interviews with random employees, stuff that's happening, upcoming events, etc. If they posted the following recipe, would you get offended? Do you know anyone who would?

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What was your favourite joke as a kid?

i always liked:
how do you know an elephant has been in the fridge? Footprints in the butter. :)

if you have no silly kid jokes, whats your favourite bad/dirty joke?
(food) usagi eating ice cream

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1- Do you have any LJ enemies? If so, what did they do to earn this?
2- Who are your LJ idols, if anyone?
3- Do you have any people on your LJ friend list who you can't stand, but you keep on your list because they are an awesome trainwreck to behold? If so, who?

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What is something you are totally dying to know?
I want to know what Karabekian is keeping in that damn potato barn!!!  AH!  Don't you dare tell me!  

What is the last sacrifice you made?
I sacrificed a clean living room  for my puppy.  I let him have this toy he loves that i took away because the stuffing was falling out.  I'm going to vauum today so I figured I would let him tear it up before I do :)

Friday the 13th......

What is embarrassing about your country?

Have you been in a lot of physical fights in your life? 

Have you ever hit an animal?

What is the worst injury you have sustained?

Have you ever been on the news or in the paper?

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Fading hyperpigmented skin

I have dark spots on my legs from an allergic reaction that I would like to lighten. I was using Ultraquin, and it helped significantly, but the spots are still noticeable. I've started using Vitamin E cream, but does anyone have any other recommendations? Natural or unnatural, expensive or cheap...doesn't matter. I'm thinking of trying cocoa butter.

Here you come to save the day!!!

You save the life of a middle-aged man, and he's extremely grateful, and wants to pay you back. "I'm a high-ranking member of the mafia, and I was in your neighborhood looking for a place to set up a safehouse. I'll give you a choice of 3 rewards. $25,000, or one favor from myself and my considerable influences and contacts, both legal and illegal (he's well connected), or I'll leave this neighborhood and start looking a few miles away for a mob location. Or, if you want, I can get you a job in the family, which pays out close to 6 figures and doesn't require much skill, but you'll be a part of the mafia and it's very hard to leave the outfit. Which reward do you want?"

One favor, to be used at any time, guarranteed to solve whatever problem you may have, whatever it may be
The mob out of your neighborhood
The mafia job
"Really, I couldn't possibly ask for a reward. Simpy pass the good deed forward"

You save the life of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. They're grateful, and offer you a reward. "We'll give you 3 choices. $1,000 in cash (it's all the money they have on them at the moment and neither is carrying a checkbook), 2 front row tickets to Justin's next concert, complete with limo ride, back stage passes and invite to the party afterwards, or...one night of sex with either or both of them (they reveal that they're swingers). What do you do?"

Front-row concert tix, plus the perks
Night of sexual debauchery with Jessica or Justin or both

You have a new job, and you're getting by. One day, your boss comes out of a conference room and asks you into his office. "Our new prospective client is thisclose to signing a deal with us, that will bring millions to this company. We could really use this account. However, this client asked an unusual request before agreeing to sign an agreement. The client wants to have sex with you. She/he (which sex you find attractive) likes you. To make good, if you agree to sleep with this person, we will pay you $5,000 incentive bonus, under the table, if you put out. Otherwise, the client walks. What do you say?" The client is around 50, pudgy, not particularly attractive.

Yes. I could use the money, and it'd help out the company
No. I refuse to whore myself out


#1. Is there a difference between sex and making love?

#2. What are you watching / listening to right now?

#3. How do you clean your bathroom? I just cleaned ours for the first time today- my husband usually does it....

#4. How old are you?

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How do you write a resume? I'm 19 years old and the only jobs I've ever had I just applied for and got an interview and now that I'm looking on Craigslist for a job all of them ask you to email your resume .. I don't even have one!

Can you give me some advice? Or show me yours? Anything?

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Remember I asked about how I should hide my vibe? Seems like I forgot about my benwa balls. I walked into my kitchen and saw my mom dangling them asking what they were... and how does one play with them.

(I ripped them away from her and threw them out.)

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Adding to my general feeling of dorkyness, it seems the zippers on all my jeans go down all the time. This includes the jeans that are really not tight at all, as well as the ones that are all butt-fabulous.

Do they just not make zippers like they used to?

Does this ever happen to you? Or is it just God pulling my zipper down, trying to tell me I'm a doofus?

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I just found a stack of about 30 addressed and stamped thank you cards from my baby shower in January. This means that some people got thank you cards, some didn't. I feel like a tool. So, should I send these thank you cards out, even though it's been almost 6 months since the shower, or is too late and I should just forget about it?
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I just saw a commercial for a lobster gram. Why would you send lobster? Why are there all of these "grams" that you send food? Wouldn't it go bad? Have you ever received any sort of edible gram?

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TQC, my fingers have been hurting real bad for a few months now. They don't look quite right to me either, but I can't figure out just what's wrong with them and I have no health insurance to go to the doctor.

Collapse )

What do you think is wrong with my fingers?

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Poll #1204449 Friday Night Dinner

TQC, where should we go out to dinner tonight?

Brixx Pizza
Fox & Hound Grille
Cheeseburger in Paradise/Johnny Rockets
Qdoba Mexican
Other, tell me in comments
I'm going with two of my girlfriends and one of them is extremely picky while the other will eat anything. Where we live is close to most chain places so we have a lot of options.  The picky one won't do anything Asian :( 

Where did you last go out to eat?

Edit...I've never been to Cheeseburger in Paradise or Johnny Rockets, how are they?

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1.Are the pharmacy departments (to get prescriptions filled) open on sunday?
(boyfriend says they aren't. I say they are)

2. Are shamrock shakes made out of real shamrocks?

3. I'm going to be on a movie set for 12-16 hours tomorrow making sure the crew doesn't steal/break anything at my dads office. Is it going to be as boring as it seems?

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would you tell someone you were interested in 'goodnight buttercup'?

or is that just casual?

Do you think I over analyze too much? hahaha

basically I was talking to the boy I think I might like and he said, 'goodnight buttercup', and I am thinking he was just being silly. who knows.
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 Do you know of a website where I can get locations of gas stations along a long route I would drive?

For instance, I printed off directions from Reno, NV to Coralville, IA. I am looking for a site that can also show where gas stations would be along this route.

Master... of the universe?

OK, so, I'm creating an email notification on a website, picking job titles I want to hear about vacancies for. Browsing through the health care section, the titles read:

Laboratory Scientist
Manager, Dental Laboratory
Medical Advisor

And so, some questions arise, thusly:

1. Master?!? WTF??

2. Do you think these jobs come with jedi training?

3. Should I apply for one of these jobs?

4. If I try, and fail, will I have to flee the previous master's minions under cover of darkness?

This is a post about clothes.

If you were going to rock leggings like this, how would you do it?

And if you wouldn't wear them, these questions are for you:

What current fashion trends do you LIKE?
Do you follow news/events in the fashion industry?
Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

(no subject)

If you are in a relationship exclusively with someone who is married, meaning they are poly, does that make you poly too? Or are you still considered monogamous even though your partner is not?
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Someone once told me that if you drink alone (to get drunk) you have a problem. Would you consider this to be true? Would you say the same about smoking weed (to get stoned) alone?
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i found a plain black dress like everyone suggested :) now tell me if THIS is a good dress? and help with accessories?

Collapse )

would any of that go well? if not, any suggestions for jewelry i should look out for if i go shopping this weekend?

i have no idea what to do for a bag. help? pictures pleeease

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Both legs of my glasses came off so I had to hold them together with sellotape (scotch tape. Funny that, we don't call it Scotch tape in Scotland!)

Anyway now I have an eye infection so I can't wear my lenses and rather than only wearing my glasses indoors, I have to wear them outside as well. So, anybody got any suggestions as to how I could disguise the tape? The glasses are dark pinkish/reddish and its quite obvious.

What was the last thing you broke?

How long do you usually wait knowing someone online before you meet them? On the flip side, what is the shortest length of time you have known someone before meeting them?

How often do you speak to your best friend?

We Have Ways of Making You Talk...

1. If you knew you were going to be interrogated and possibly tortured is there anything you would do to prepare yourself? Assume you have two months time to prepare yourself as best you can. 

2. How high is your pain threshold?

3. Do you think you would break quicker through physical or mental torture?

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1. My formerly house broken 2 year old dog has recently taken to peeing on one of my hall rugs. Why is he doing this? Is he depressed? Does he have puppy herpes? :(

2. Last year I planted 2 strawberry bushes. This year, they have spread into fourteen bushes. There are currently 45 (as counted by my four year old nephews) strawberries in the process of turning red, and innumerable flowers still blossoming. What should I do with all these strawberries?

3. Do any TQC'ers in Massachusetts want to come out here to Central MA and go see THE HAPPENING with me?

4. Do you think M. Night Shamamalamallama is a hack?
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Have you ever eaten something that you thought would be awful but turned out to be amazing?  What was it?

(Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream)

Have you ever eaten something that you thought would be delicious but it turned out to be terrible?  What was it?

(Wishbone Salad Spritzers Balsamic Breeze variety.  Awful awful awful).
made by o0catty0o


1. Does it make you feel awkward when someone picks a wedgie in your presence? What do you think is the best way to inconspicuously relieve a wedgie?

2. What is the most amusing entry you've found in the Urban Dictionary?

3. Do you wear glasses? What do they look like?
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1. I'm going to Honduras next week! Anyone have suggestions of what I should do while I'm there? I know NOTHING about Honduras.

2. I also know nothing about job hunting! What are your favorite resources/sites for job hunting or tips/advice related to job hunting?

2b. In August I'm moving up to the NYC area like a good little college graduate to fight with all the other new college graduates for jobs. When should I start hunting in earnest and sending out resumes, etc, if I'd be available to interview/start anytime in August? I feel like I'm procrastinating but I also feel like there isn't much point in applying places right now if they'd want to interview me right away...
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Hey Fred, we missed ya! NOT!

Last Sunday, two girls (in their very early teens) were found shot dead in a small town in Oklahoma. Very sad. Their funerals were today.

Westboro Baptist Church sent a fax to the news stations saying "We're coming to protest because GOD HATES OKLAHOMA BECAUSE OKLAHOMA HATES US BAWWWW". But they didn't show up!

Poll #1204545 What happened to the Phelps-ites?

Why didn't the WBC show up?

Gas prices are too outrageous
It's Friday the 13th, and that's a WBC holiday
They're circling the drain - won't hear about them soon.
Zombies got 'em!
I got a better answer than you offered, noob.

BTW, I'm just having fun. I don't give a rip that they weren't here - in fact, I'm glad they stayed away so the families of the girls could mourn without putting up with their shit...

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 The only reason for having a baby is to give it an awesome name y/y?  Seriously, that is my favorite part of anyone having a baby.  Whenever I hear a name I think is cool I am like "Ok I need to get another fish!!!" just so I can name it.

 Ever have sex at work?  Tell me about that.
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Do animals have problems with poison ivy? as in, do they ever get rashes from it, or does their fur deflect it?