June 12th, 2008

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I have officially reached the stage of teacher-dom where I need a tote bag to carry all my supplies to and from work in. I checked LL Bean, but they don't have anything tote-like and I'd kind of like to have my name on it to carry out the insane teacher-ness. Does anyone know of any good places to find something like this?

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 What was the last thing you were incredibly excited about that was actually kind of lame/pathetic?

Sean fucking Nelson (HARVEY DANGER!) sent me a friend request on Myspace and I'm like "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG" because Harvey Danger has been my fav band since I was 8 years old.  Yup, I got giddy over something on Myspace.  -lame-
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I'm looking for some books to read once I'm finished with my current ones. So my question is: what would you recommend?

Mainly, I like: Fantasy-Adventure

I tend to be picky with what I choose, though. I like intelligent books (like Tolkien and T.H. White's "Once And Future King".) But I like the types of adventures found in Harry Potter and The Thief Lord and The Enchanted Forest Chronicles. If anything comes to mind please tell me the title/author and maybe a sentence or two on what it's about? And if you really feel like promoting, maybe say what you liked about it so much. But please, no spoilers about the books. =3 Thnxxx.

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What things in your life do you want to get rid of?

Whats holding you back from doing this?

Do you tend to make your own choices or are you more influenced by what others want you to do?
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What was the last thing you had break?
The handle that controls the water in the shower. Grats to my school for cutting costs when buying fixtures, etc.

What is with the fleeting, confused look I keep catching on this one guy's face for the past week (He shares an apartment with a friend)? It isn't from anything I've said.
Do you focus more on facial expressions or on hand gestures in conversations? facial expressions
I'm going to hang out with a bunch of friends that graduated tomorrow. What will you be doing?

edited because I failed at html. :(
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1. Can you whistle loudly? (Wolf Whistle or the finger-in-mouth whistle, specifically) If so, how did you learn?

hah i'm learning from google now :)

2. Have you ever made a makeshift repair or fix for a problem in your house (or car, anything really) that is really really shabby, but works? What was it?

we got hit with a big rainstorm tonight, and the roof started leaking in the attic on the insulation. i cut up some drum liner trashbags, taped them to a window frame, and tossed them on the insulation. ghettoooo, but it works.

3. How much water do you drink in a day?

at least three liters

4. What are some of your favorite movies from childhood?

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have you ever stayed up late enough to see your pay make it to your bank account?
if so what time does it get deposited?

its currently 3am and i still didnt get paid. the bank i used to be with sucked but they were great with my  pay which would get deposited a few minutes after midnight. I wonder if i'll be up long enough to see it come up...

EDIT: for anyone that cares, i got paid at 3:45!! woot!
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You're a black man. You live in Hong Kong. You're coming home one night after hockey and a few beers after hockey practice. You are crossing the street when a taxi hits you. Not enough to hurt you, but enough to knock you over and make you irate.

You get up, shake your fist at the cabbie and ask him if he saw you there and what is his problem.

Next thing you know, you are up on assault charges because the driver says you hit him and somehow, he has a fat lip and a small cut. The driver is claiming that you merely slipped on the ground and randomly got up and punched the crap out of the first taxi driver you saw, for no apparent reason. The HK cops and this taxi driver are corrupt enough to take you and your family for all it is worth. NO ONE saw the accident and if they did, it would actually not work in your favour that HE hit YOU bc then you would have cause to assault him.

You are also married with a 5 year old. You wife works here as well and your son goes to school here.

Would you:

A) Stay and fight this with everything you had, at any cost, to prove your innocence?
B) Take a plea bargain, but this means you will have a criminal record for years to come and you truly did not do anything.
C) Flee HK at the first chance you have and never ever ever return?
D) Other suggestions?
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Would you sit on the edge of a jutting rock cliff?

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Why or why not?

ETA: Do you think shywords deleted my comment and her response (here) because she doesn't want TQC to know she's dyslexic and this is the reason she can spell everything but underwear?
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 My little sister's graduating tomorrow and it's just occurred to me...
Is gift giving between siblings customary in such a situation? I can't seem to recall if I got anything from my siblings when I graduated.
If it is, then what should I get her?
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What the heck

I was at the grocery store last week. The guy behind me bought:

20 10-lb bags of white flour
3 full cases of refrigerated pop-roll biscuits
16 1-gal containers of chlorine bleach

1. TQC, what's this dude planning?

2. If you had 200 lbs of flour, 60 rolls of pop-open biscuits and 16 gallons of bleach what cool stuff could you do with it?

3. When you're at the grocery store do you notice what others are buying?

Serious and non-serious answers OK.

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TQC, why do I have sexual dreams about my boss? He's not sexy. In fact, he's an asshole a lot of the time. For that matter, why do I always have sexual dreams about my bosses? They're NEVER sexy people.

Should I give myself a home lobotomy?

What's the most disturbing sexual dream you've ever had? Please do share.

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When you count something off on your fingers (clarification: as in a list of something, not for math), which finger do you start with?

Do you fold your fingers in as you count or straighten them?

missing document?!?! please help

Hi. My friend finished her term paper, which she periodically saved onto her computer, and then clicked out the window. She attempted to e-mail the document to herself, but her document seemed to disappear -- she couldn't find it anywhere on her computer. How did this happen (she saved the document many times) and is there a way to retrieve the document? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
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For those of you who shave your nether regions, would you ever use an electric razor to do so?

What is the last thing you lost that you had to replace?
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What is something you always buy brand name?

Toilet paper and english muffins. Any other brand but Thomas's English Muffins taste like cardboard to me.

What's your favorite Classic Rock band?
90's grunge?
90's R&B/rap?
The Who, Pearl Jam, Bone Thugs or TLC

Have you ever bought appliances at Sears? How about Home Depot? Lowes? Any stories appreciated.
We're considering Sears because they sell refurb appliances.

Adventures in hiring babysitting

In this scenario, you have a little 5-year old daughter. One night, you have plans with your SO and you can't find a babysitter. Your boss overhears your plight, and says, "My daughter could babysit. She could really use the money. She's good with kids. She's 22". Your boss is smiling, waiting for an answer. What is your answer?

"S-sure. When can she come over?" Maybe this will help me get promoted
"Um...no offense, but I'd think I'm going to keep looking"

For those of you who said yes, the doorbell rings, and your boss' daughter is there. She's heavily pierced and tattooed, and wearing a tube top and mini skirt. Her eyes are bloodshot. Her purse is in the shape of a Jack Daniels' bottle. You let her in, and she gushes over your daughter. "What a cutie she is. She's going to get laid a lot when she's older. Up to her cooter in boys and girls, I bet. Won't you, you little tart?" she says in a cooing, sincere voice. You're going to be gone for 4 hours. Do you entrust your daughter to this chick?

Yes. I'm sure it'll be fine
No. I cancel my plans

For those of you who left your child with the girl, you come home later to find that the boss' daughter gave your daughter a tattoo on the back of her neck. It says BITCH. "I know, totally hot, right? She's badass now. She's going to be the most sassy girl in her class now" Your daughter's longish hair covers it up. Your daughter seems happy with the ink job, but said it hurt a lot. What do you do?

"That is pretty cool! This is awesome. I'm giving you a bonus"
Kick the living shit out of her, pulling out at least one piercing
Hold my tongue and pay the girl. I don't want it getting back to my boss that I wasn't supportive of his kid
Call the police
Daughter's still alive. Check. Babysitter did her job. I pay her. As for the tat, these things happen. C'est la vie
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It seems I'm difficult to shop for. Nobody knows what I like or has any idea what would make a nice gift for me. This is not something I've decided, it's something I'm being told by more and more people lately - my mom, my best friend, my husband, another close friend. I don't understand it.

I'll bet you can do better than they can! What would you give me on some gift-giving occasion?
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Wash your hands!

How thorough are you when you wash your hands? Do you soap up each finger individually? Do you soap up to your wrist? Do you just run your hands under the water for a few seconds?

headache question

has this ever happen to you?

this morning at about 6am i woke up from a huge headache on my left side >.< so i took some tylonal and headed off to bed again. i woke up and hour ago and the place where i had my headache, it feels like it has a bruise or something from my headache.

has that ever happened to any of you? or something similar?

if so, any ideas to help relieve the pain?

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What cool sites or comms (or whatever) have you discovered lately? Do share!
Why is it that Borders gift vouchers are only valid for one year? :(
How would I go about getting a tutoring job? I'm not in uni anymore, and I'd want to teach younger kids anyway, not my peers.

1. downforeveryoneorjustme
I think that's awesome, and useful! It checks to see if a site is down, or if it's just you.
The Void Calling - people sending out notes for strangers to find. Go join in, should be fun!

indeedsir for Jeeves and Wooster fans, and it's one of the best little fandoms I've seen lately. Very talented people there.

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Are you an ethical person?

If not, why not?

If so, in what ways do you believe yourself to be ethical?

(I'm aware that what constitutes an ethical person is open for debate, but I'm curious as to whether you have a code of ethics that you adhere to, and what constitutes it, or if you don't think about ethics at all)
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Inspired a little bit by a dream.

Imagine for a bit, The Question Club is a non-internet club, and had a physical location for a sort of "headquarters"...

Where would it be located? (specific city, or just a general "feel" for the area.)
What would the building TQC HQ was in look like?
How big would HQ be?
What sorts of nifty things would we have there?
What would happen when someone trolled/flounced IRL?
Who would be the most likely to get beat up first?

Feel free to describe TQC HQ in a way that I haven't prompted either. Use your imagination!
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What is it like when you wake up?
(Answer however you feel necessary, I know it's vague.)

Will you show me what you look like when you wake up?

If not, will you describe it to me?
Is your hair flatter or curlier, is your face redder, or paler? (things like that)

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I've included a picture of my puppy.

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I work as a live in nanny, and in february i got into a small accident caused by the weather ( we had an ice storm, i was driving down the hill on my street and slid into the curb, but it still cost $1800 dollars to fix) i paid for half of the damages, and they decided to give the car to me and i would pay my own insurance, we were litterally scheduled to put the car into my name this very weekend (after i paid the $400 to get the repairs needed to pass the saftey inspection, which i did 3 weeks ago), but yesterday I got into a rear end collision involving 2 other cars (the car was still in their name and on their insurance), the mom (my boss) says they are taking the car away and i will be home bound. I dont see this as very fair especially since i put $400 into it for it to be ready to register into my name. Its not fair for me to be stuck in a house 24/7, I have friends, a boyfriend, and will be resuming college in the fall which will not be possible without a car. Im thinking of looking for a new nanny job. What do you think?
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Last night I dreamt that Johnny Depp signed my boobs (I'm a guy, apparently i switched in my dream) and then killed me. With Force Lightning.

What crazy dreams have you had lately? Do you think that mean anything?

ETA: Wow, did not notice there was another dream related question below me. Interesting.

Also, what does ETA stand for? You guys win, thanks.

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Do you have any goals you want to accomplish this summer?
I want to read more, stay on track with my marathon training, go camping, and work on eating healthier.

What are some good (read = substantial) books I should read this summer?

If any of you live in the Tri-Cities, WA, do you go to a gym? Do you have any recommendations for pilates/yoga-type classes?

My sad kitty :(

My 10 months old cat has never been able to stay with a cat collar for more than two days. She always manages to take it off! So yesterday I bought her a tiny dog collar, because it doesn't have the stretchy thing that most cat collars have.

She still hasn't been able to take it off! And I'm sure she isn't going to. But she's acting all weird...she isn't walking, or seems to have an interest for anything. She just lies there. I have tried to play with her all morning but she doesn't want to :(

Has this happened to any of your cats? And did they get used to it? What worries me is that she's almost a year old, and it would have been easier to get used to it if I had done it when she was younger.

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On my favorite radio talk show, they're talking about Guantamo Bay, and how they've put panties over the heads of a few suspected terrorists because they find it offensive. It was debated whether or not they were clean or dirty panties, and then it opened into a forum of whose panties, if they were placed over your head, would you consider torture?

TQC, whose panties would you least want over your head?

My answer: Amy Winehouse. If her face is that pitted and unkempt, I can only imagine what her vag would be like. I might contract something, and besides, she might have a big beehive bush. I could choke on a pubic hairball

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Google-fu is failing me.

So I went to the doctor about my knee. He said it was something super long which abbreviated to ARPFS. Apparently its the main reason women are medically discharged from the military or something of the sort.
I know/think thats what he said because I wrote it down. However, when I googled it only PFS comes up, aka runners knee. I KNOW what he said started with an A though.

Any idea what I might have got wrong in translation?
(I tried calling the doctors office to have them pull the file but they're out to lunch and I have to leave for another appointment in a few minutes so its semi-important to figure it out now)
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have you tried one of the sammies at quizno's? are they good? would you eat them again?

i am debating what to eat for lunch, and they are one of the only places that has tomatoes. i definitely want a sandwich.

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My doctor recommended exercises that will work the different muscles of my legs with very little stress on my knees (lunges, light weight training etc).

Do you think the Wiifit would be a good idea?

I really want to buy it, but it's sold out everywhere but Amazon where it is listed literally at twice the retail price. :(

In other news, do you like white tea?
I do with raspberry.
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been lurking for a while...

but now i thought i'd actually ask a question or two.

1) What is your preferred method of contraception?
2) How do you dispose of used condoms?
3) Do you get on with you SO's parents/family? Do they get on with yours?


-edited slightly.



What are some modern variations on Psyche that you can think of? They don't have to sound identical, but names that at least resemble Psyche, either in pronounciation or appearance would be good.

For that matter, what are some variations on Eros that you can think of? My only idea is Eric, and naming a love god Eric just...doesn't quite sit well with me.

Creativity would be a plus. :)

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So, I need a new hairbrush and would like some advice on what kind I should get?

My hair is about shoulder length, very thick and wavy/curly. So I need something that will get out tangles without messing up the natural curls. Thanks :)

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 Why do guys cheat? Why can't they just end it and not lie about anything. Do they really think that they will get away with it? Do they cheat because they lost intrest or are they all just dishonest cheating pigs?

I'm not just bitching, i'm seriously wondering this because my recent ex cheated on me and I told people about it and they said "what do you expect, hes a guy."

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1. so, i'm totally going to leave right now and go buy this. good idea or awesome idea?

2. last night i was sifting through some of the old music my parents used to listen to from when they were in their 20s. i found gordon lightfoot (which i totally LOVE, lol) and a swiss yodeling album, as well as a bunch of old christian praise songs on vinyl. what strange/interesting discoveries have you made lately?

3. i'm sewing a skirt by hand, even though i own a sewing machine in perfect condition. do you make things unnecessasarily difficult for yourself too?

4. what word do you have trouble spelling? necessisary and all it's derivations is the bane of my spelling existence. i can NEVER get it right, and every time, i spell it differently.

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Pretend you have an ex-SO who still likes you and is convinced you can be convinced to continue the relationship. He/she is threatening with stalker tendencies and an affinity for methamphetamines.

Which is more immoral:
a) lying to him/her to maintain your safety? or
b) having intercourse with them while wearing a device that will leave spikes in their genitalia?

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Poll #1203981 Why did the chicken cross the road and kill everbody?

Police find pipe bomb stuffed inside roasted chicken on the side of the road. If you saw a roasted chicken on the side of the road, would you call the police?


If you said no to the above question, is it because you're secretly in league with the terrorists?


Who do you think the bomb was supposed to target?

The chicken. Obviously one of them wacky PETA people
People who talk on their cell phones whil driving
Busybody motorists who call 911 over the most insignificant thing
Joggers and power walkers
An important diner, where it would take out a room full of chicken eaters. The bomber accidentally dropped it on the way there
Patriots' fans (Conn. falls into the New England area)
Trailer trash who would consider picking up and eating meat they found on the side of the road

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 So I was home schooled (well...online schooled) for my last year of high school, and I just graduated this past February. I'm supposed to send my school laptop, printer/scanner, and any other books I may have back to the school ASAP and so the school sent me labels to put on the boxes I use to send them back so that I don't have to pay anything. The problem is that I don't have any boxes big enough for this stuff except for a giant HP computer box in my basement that would probably fit everything into it. Should I use only one label on it and then drop it off at the nearest FedEx or would this box just be too ginormous?
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i sent my resume to a christian high school on whim to get a full-time English teaching position for next year. they sent an application back asking for references from a clergyman or church elder as well as a variety of other information. i did not reply because i do not belong to a church, i never have, and i do not believe in god.

i just got a voicemail saying they were extremely interested in my resume and would like to schedule an interview with the vice principal.

do i go with the incomplete application, but lie and say that i am in fact a ~spiritual person? do i have a friend pretend to be a pastor? how hellworthy are these sins i am contemplating?
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1. In your state/province/country/etc., are you required to have two license plates, or do you only need a rear plate? If you only have one, do you have anything in place of the front plate? (Like one of those awesome airbrushed things from an amusement park, haha)

2. In your state/province/country/etc., are radar detectors legal? Do you have one?

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So i'm going to go get my 2nd biopsy because my pap came back abnormal. Which it also did last year but then it was fine. Does this mean I have HPV? or am i just abnormal in the cooter?

another question.... ummm if you get an STD test what do they do?

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For those of you in a long distance relationship:
What are some of the most annoying things people say to you in regards to your SO/relationship?

I'm so tired of hearing "Do you miss him?" and "absence makes the heart grow fonder"

What was the coolest toy/thing you had to play with as a kid?

My dad built me a little house in my backyard complete with working outdoor and indoor lights and flower boxes...haha
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I need help lying...

Earlier this month, I went to the community pool with my sister and realized I lost my bracelet there. We retraced our footsteps and everything. I went back to search the next day again...even went to the lost and found. Didn't find it. Just this past week, I visited a friend in LA...and he got me the same exact bracelet for me. 

I already lied to my mom and sister that I was going to LA with my best friend, her aunt and boyfriend just to visit Southern Cal. But really, I went there myself to hang out with a male friend. My mom is really old-fashioned and is against me hanging out with guys. Unless she knows of them. She will flip out if she ever found out that I flew to CA to hang out with a guy. And I told her that the people I went with already did nice things for me during my trip...so if I said they got me a new bracelet, that will just make her suspicious.

My sister is another story. She's just really nosy...and I just want to avoid all questions she asks as much as possible...and by lying, I think would be the best case. As sad as that sounds. 

*I can't say that it's fake because I'm allergic to most jewelry that aren't real. It's a name brand bracelet, too.*

What should I tell them where or how I found it? Or who got it for me?
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Gah, I need to start packing to move into my new apartment, but I fucking HATE packing.

When was the last time you moved?

Why were you moving?

Where were you moving from? Where did you move to?

What did you like better: where you lived before, or where you live now?

Spoiling myself.

I'm graduating from college in January, wooo! I've financed almost all of it myself, by working full time. I've made a lot of financial and social sacrifices to get here, and I'd like to reward myself with something completely luxurious and impractical to remind myself of it.

What should I get? I was thinking of something like a Michael Kors bag I've been eyeing, or a piece of Tiffany jewelry...something like that. Unfortunately a vacation is not an option.
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Ever since our old computer fried, I've been lacking in the 80s music department.

What're your favorite 80s songs?

Cheesy, pop, or just plain songs preferred, but everything is welcome.
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What does it mean when someone says "don't call me out my name"?

ETA: answered.

So how about answering this:

What is your favorite slang phrase?
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I fully intended on partying last night since I had the opportunity but seeing this greatly disturbed and angered me.

If you have a friend who needs to learn how to be a better dog owner what would you do?

If this same friend has friends who treat their dog poorly, what would you do?

Examples would be they slap or threaten to hit or slap the dog if they don't sit down or if they don't stop play biting another's dog in the house. Two of these dogs have one back leg that is either broken or they just don't use that leg. And one of the dogs has some pink bubble thing the size of my pinky nail growing out of her eyelid, possibly the dog equivalent of a stye?

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What gross misunderstandings do your family have in regards to you?

For instance, I came home and commented on a CD my grandmother had recieved in the mail, entitled "PARALYZED VETERANS PRESENT: MUSIC FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY". I'm one of the least patriotic people I know. I came into the computer room, and upon opening a giant chain e-mail she sent me containing The Pledge Of Allegiance decorated with 8 million red white and blue sparkly .gifs, loud patriotic marching band music began to blast from the kitchen CD player -- she apparently misread my mild curiosity as a strong desire to listen to said music.

I don't have the heart to tell her I'd rather listen to the sounds of someone simulataneously farting and scratching their nails on a chalkboard.

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I know how much tqc loves generalizations, but
Does it seem like a lot of guys have a poor memory when it comes to things you've said?
And a lot of guys talk about themselves, but don't ask you a lot of questions about yourself?

It's not an I-hate-guys tirade but I've just noticed this.
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so my mom hooked me up with a job babysitting one of her employee's kids tonight. i was just thinking of dressing up real professional to make a good impression, but i think that maybe they'd see through my ruse and be disappointed that i'm putting up a front. should i just go in my street clothes? or doll myself up some?

also, i'm bringing my tattoo inks and needles to show the kid. seems to impress the little ones when i tell them that i can do tattoos. good idea? or giving the wrong impression?

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So I've just cut some extremely toxic 'friends' out of my life because they were assholes who had no respect for me.

When's the last time you found out somebody you had liked was an asshole? What did they do?

For those of you who have cut off your 'friends', what are some ideas of things to do during the increased amount of alone time?
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do you use gmail?
if so, what is the weirdest thing you've noticed in your sponsored link bar?

right now my sponsored link bar is an article entitled "top 10 reasons not to sleep with him"
i have no idea what gmail is picking up on, but its wayyyyyy off.
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(no subject)

1- What's the last thing to surprise you? Good or bad.
2- How do you generally get to this community?
3- Aside from your monitor, what's right in front of you?

I'd like to say that I am eternally shocked by people who are insane enough to have this place on their friends page.
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Have you ever accidentally stayed late at work because you were on TQC or something else on the internet?
yeah. Just now. but I'm leaving (15 minutes late) See you in a half hour, ya'll!
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What would you name a rock and roll themed super hero? He's a male, if that makes any difference.

Also, I'm currently looking for a job in childcare (I'm majoring in early childhood education, though I don't have my degree yet). I've been sending out applications online, but my mother, frustrating busybody that she is, insists that if I'm not actually physically driving around to daycare centers and demanding applications to fill out in person, I'm not taking this job looking thing seriously. I feel weird about this because, number one, I don't know the locations of any local daycare centers, number two, I have no way to tell if those places are hiring, and number three, I feel like a place like that would be less likely to hire someone who walked in off the street than a place like a restaurant or store. Admittedly, I have no experience looking for "real, grown up" jobs, the kinds with salaries that require you to have a resume, so I could be wrong. Is she right, or am I right? Any advice on the job searching?

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 Is it important to you to maintain proper English (spelling, punctuation, ect) on the internet? Why or why not?

Also, do you think that the English language is degressing as a language because of this? Why or why not?

I don't think so, myself. But I'd like to know what other people think. : )
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Breaking a Lease

Have you ever broken a lease on an apartment or house? What were the repercussions (loss of security deposit? additional charges?) Did it affect your credit rating at all?

(no subject)

Do you think it's rude to ask someone you don't know very well or at all if they have a SO?

I do, but it's probably just because I'm bitter.

Edit: Only answer if you are single and get asked this all the time, LOL.
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What are the best clothes to wear to a job interview? *edit* it is for a office job

Ugh i have probably asked this before but i need this job so much. Thanks

Do you own a hammock? If no why not? 
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 So tomorrow afternoon and Saturday will be my first weekend off in several weeks, I need opinions... What should I do with this time?

I am living in KC for the internship if that is any help...
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 Should I get a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or a MacBook?

I get up to a $299 rebate towards either an 8GB Ipod Touch or an 8GB Ipod Nano.  Which should I get?

If you don't care, how's the weather where you are?
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how can you tell if a head gasket is about to blow? my neighbor claims mine is and he wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. I have a 1991 jeep cherokee laredo. I need to sell it to get a new laptop but I feel weird selling it if its about to die, and no way am I going to pay to replace the gasket.

ok, who wants to buy it for $1000?

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Is there such a thing as a really, really quick-and-dirty, easy-to-comprehend, free guide to Microsoft Access? I desperately need to learn how to use this blasted thing in like the next hour...

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music video

I saw this music video today but didn't catch the band.. all I remember is there was a guy with longish black hair singing, and in the video there's this almost stereotypical alt kid getting picked on the whole time (swirlies, jocks hitting him with a towel, etc.) It was on Fuse, and I didn't get to see the whole video so I was wondering if it sounds familiar and if anyone knows the name of it?

yep, seriously

1. If I wanted to wear a few little braids in my hair, should I hairspray those braids after I braid them or before I braid them? Yes, seriously.

2. How do you avoid making mountains out of molehills? (overreacting)
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Fellow Iowans, WTF IS HAPPENING!? Storms and storms and flooding and more flooding. And roads closing all over. Mandatory evacuations!?

Where do you live? Is any of this flooding and such affecting you?

For non-Iowans, how's the weather in your state??
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Ladies: Do you have your clit pierced? More specifically, do you have a VCH? Has it heightened sexual pleasure for you? If I were to get one, would it most likely reject if I were also to pick up bike riding afterward? (Not directly afterward, but I don't drive, and buses are annoying to get around, so bike riding seems to be the logical thing for me to do).

In general: There was a super funny pic post a few days ago in TQC and I can't find it! There were a bunch of macros and one of them was a mail person fighting a dog, the dog somehow was wearing the person's shoes and one of the captions was "THEY DON'T EVEN FIT". Another macro was one of a political ad for Obama and one of it's captions read "His font got serifs and shit goddam". Can anyone link me to this post, or leave these macros for me in a comment?

Please and thank you.

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1) What is the better state?


2) What is the coolest park you've ever visited?

3a) What's the longest you've ever had to hold in urine or fecal matter? if you don't know exact, ballpark estimate is fine
3b) Why did you have to hold it in for so long?
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Okay, so I figured if anyone could help me find this thing, TQC could. One girl in my dorm this year (who is currently at a camp with no internet access until August, so facebook is out of the question) had this giant beanbag chair in her room. I mean huge, at least four or five feet wide (it took up pretty much the entire underside of her lofted twin bed), and filled with not necessarily beans, but something soft, possibly cotton. It was comfortable as fuck, and referred to affectionately as "the blob". Does anyone know where I can obtain such a jewel? I covet it. :(
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This was a triumph

I just paid 20 bucks to download (and hopefully play) Portal on my computer, which may or may not run it well (my laptop's fairly sucky). Was it worth it?

Note: I've played through Portal on a friends 360. I'm doing this so I can get custom maps and play Portal without having to go over to my friend's (which is hard now since he's over 100 miles away)

ETA: How do I turn off the site preview thing on links in LJ?
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I am exhausting my options for a job. I am an undesirable employee because I am 17, a, and inexperienced, b.
TQC can you recommend places for me to call tomorrow? General names like dog kennels or bookstores. Someone out there has to be creative enough to think past what I have; so sick unimaginative.

How was your last crap?
Feeling okay today, or better?

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I'm going to see a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show this weekend.

Which is your favourite song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Which character do you relate to most?

Corset and high heels - y/y?
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 So I'm doing a modern retelling of the Cupid and Psyche myth. For the purposes of my tale, I'm making Psyche into an up and coming model. Thing is, I don't know a thing about modeling. So, TQC, what should I know? Where should I go for personal experiences, modeling stories, etc.? (Besides Google.) Basically, a "Day in the Life" of a supermodel, if it could be procured, would be amazing. 

TIA. :)

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I was pissed at the scallion/green onion thing. I was upset at the spinach and the tomatoes. Now lemons? OH HELL NO! I love lemonade WAY too much. Nobody's going to scare me. Screw bacteria!

TQC, Why don't they scare people around with chocolate? Do you think it's because chocolate is too profitable/delicious? Did you know that chocolate/cacao has a significant amount of cockroaches and rat droppings in it? That people who are allergic to chocolate could possibly be reacting to the cockroaches ground up in there?
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There was a construction work on the road I drove today, and there was this laser thing. A levelling machine or something, I think. I looked straight at it. Do you think my eyes are damaged?
I'm rather afraid of lasers. I almost fainted at the wheel because of it.

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1. So, my mom's credit card number was stolen, but thankfully the fraud dept. at Discover froze the card and called within the hour of the charges all piling up. A few charges (though they may not have all been actually charged because several of the vendors called us first to confirm that it was a fraudulent large purchase) included:

- a large purchase from a diamond dealer
- a big screen television from Ebay
- a huge order of gifts from some national florist chain
- 6 bottles of dom perignon from an online liquor store
- a bunch of stuff from a local thrift store (the only strangely small charge, and it was in our city)

I'm inclined to think that with "professional" CC# thieves they're vastly more interested in slowly draining cash out of your account with random "fees" from seemingly innocuous services rather than having multiple bottles of champagne, that this was instead some idiot working at a store we went to that thought it would be a brilliant idea to steal a customer's number try and buy several items that would all trigger a fraud alert all at once.

For this reason I'm thinking it's less likely that she used a non-secure site and more likely that it was an idiot cashier at the grocery store or something. What do you think?

2. Have you ever been a victim of CC fraud or identity theft yourself? How did it turn out?

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TQC, I need help figuring out what to buy my dad for Father's Day.
He's an awesome dad... just horribly difficult to shop for.
He is a 53 year old high school principal with a passion for good cigars.  I am a 21 year old newlywed with a limited budget ($15-$20 at the moment).
Does anybody have any suggestions?
And no gift cards - every gift card he's ever received is either still sitting in his wallet, or has been given to somebody else.  He simply won't use them.

And for those who don't care...

Are you watching last comic standing right now?  Is there anybody who you are rooting for?

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How are blow-up dolls sexy? My desktop picture is this guy putting his penis inside one but it just looks like a huge balloon. Are balloons arousing?

Should I be a Japanese schoolgirl named Yuki or a geisha possibly also named Yuki or a generic exotic Asian person with hair chopsticks and stuff? I bought my stripper shoes but I don't know what else to wear.

Will you write me a small poem?