June 11th, 2008

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Assuming you must have and name children, what would you name them if it had to be after:
A family member?
An artist?
A musician?
An author?
A constellation/star/planet?
A Greek God?
A Roman God?
A friend?
An actor?

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I have been awake for about 38 hours. My questions:

How long do you think I'll last before I start falling asleep standing up?
Do you think I'll hit the ground when I reach that point or jolt awake enough to avoid face planting?
How fucked is my thought process right now?

Moving questions

What's it like in the Portland, Oregon area?

When I move from Florida to Oregon, I have to temporarily leave my cat behind with my parentals until I get money issues straightened out. I need to know what I have to do to have her sent to me? I hear she needs vaccinations to be sent by plane. I'm wondering what the rules to this are, where I can find information on this, anything. I also hear about shipping animals, but that sounds like it's just by plane as well. *shrug* I'm lost.

Would it just be easier to have my mom visit us and bring my cat as luggage onto the plane?
Bravest Warriors, Catbug


Whenever I put on sunscreen on my face and it gets wet, it makes my skin sting a lot. I tried a bunch of kinds, even kinds for your face.

What kind of sunscreen doesn't hurt? I'm totally a wimp with delicate skin. I can't just not wear any because I'm about to go to the beach.
I should get Cori a beret... D:

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-What's the best way to get rid of that rotten corpse smell?

-Have you received your free diabeetus testing supplies yet?

-How many Gregory Pecks does it take to make a bushel?

-What's more fun than five babies in a barrel?


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have you ever heard of a charley dog? where are you from? my boyfriend loves them but i've never heard of them, so i'm convinced it's just weird vermont food.

eta: they are just hot dogs with this sauce made of ground beef and a bunch of spices and such. me and my boyfriend also put ketchup on them and they're super good. om nom nom.

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1. Have you ever worked at a bank (as a teller)?

2. Did you like it?

3. Any words of wisdom/advice/stories you'd like to share?

4. Is working at a bank really as wonderful as I hope/expect it to be?

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 Someone at work today just got fired--I know this because they called me in to work her shift.

We don't know exactly why she was fired, but we think it might have to do with her being late every time she has to work.  (We're nosy leave us alone)

1. Have you ever been fired from your job? If so why?
2. What is the strangest reason you've heard someone get fired for?
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If you really dislike a community, think people there are rude, generally unhelpful, and whatnot, why the fuck would you hang around?

You're in a terrible wreck and one of your limbs is amputated (either at the elbow or knee depending on whether it's an arm or a leg). A renowned gadget-maker will make something to attach to the stump for you (a claw, normal prosthetic, machine gun, whatever you want) to use as long as you live. What do you ask him to make?

In your opinion, what's more likely to be invented first: a Star-Trek quality teleporter or a weather-controlling machine?

plxed to be validating me.

Say you're going on a small friend-group-is-getting-broken-up roadtrip(two hours one way) with two friends. Would you ask the driver before inviting someone else along?
What about both people?

'Cause apparently Joel thinks its kosher to invite his annoying ass new girlfriend along without consulting me(the driver/car owner) or us(the Amanda/Andy unit). So basically..if she goes it will be me, Andy..and Joemantha.
I'm also probably a terrible person for inviting my friend Courtney along so I can muscle Samantha out of the equation. My car my rules!!!!
-paws the dirt-
I know she won't sponge off someone else in the car and form some icky transformer though.

deja vu?

What do you think a "Déjà vu" really is?

and for those who think it's just some glich in the brain, what about "Déjà vécu"? (where you get the familiar feeling AND can 'recall' the what is to happen next), how do you explain that?
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fellow Enya fans...help!

okay this is driving me batshit.

while catching up on my Enya downloads (i have everything of hers except for the obscure singles on CD, and 99% of everything period on the computer), i ran across an album i'd never seen. titled Sumiregusa, it has about twelve tracks i think, including "Horizon", "Elian", "Kiss the Book", and "Mysterium" among others.

my media player lists the genre as Celtic (duh) and the year as 2005 (incidentally the same year Amarantine was released). i vaguely recall my friend claidis telling me it was an import, non-US album.

problem is i can't FIND it anywhere! i've searched everywhere from amazon to her official site to the best non-official fandom discographies.

i'm not imagining it--it's here, the album art media player shows HAS a pic of her, and the sung parts of the songs i have so far sure as hell SOUND like Enya. so why can't i find it anywhere to buy??

thanks y'all.
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I'm up here at work and this window just popped up saying that my computer is done updating and it will restart in... 3 minutes and 54 seconds.

I've seen that type of updatey thing before but usually there's a 'do it later' option, right? Because I'm up here alone and I don't know the passwords to log on to Windows and I kinda really need my computer.


What was the last totally weak thing that happened to you?
i like to live on the edge

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I had an interview for an internship yesterday. The lady who was supposed to do my interview aka Romy* was stuck in a meeting so another girl (under the same title) interviewed me. Now, my memory isn't always the best... especially when it comes down to names. But, I'm pretty sure her name was Michele*. Anyways, Romy* came in a little late and sat with me and Michele* and chatted and stuff. I think the interview went really well, but the company is AMAZING and I'm sure there was probably 10+ more people going for this... so I'm not getting my hopes up. I guess I lucked out with having both of the people meet me?!

Anyways, Michele said to Romy, "Let's show her around..." So we left the conference room and they showed me to the room that I would be working in and introduced me to the other intern.

Up to the interview, I've only conversed with Romy, but obviously I need to write two thank yous. The thing is, when Michele introduced herself to me, she just said Michele, so I don't know what her last name is OR her email. I tried facebook, but the picture isn't clear and in a way, pushing be back.

1. Now, do I send a quick email thank you to Romy and ask her, "hey, Michele didn't give me her last name when she introduced herself, so can you give me her email?"

2. Or do I call HR aka I think I would be directed to the receptionist who would DEF know that the asian girl called because I think I was the only person who met both ladies.

It's a magazine company and I've checked masthead and all. It only lists Romy as the position. But there's 2 people with the position.


*(Yeah, I made up a name).

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There's a disclaimer on my carton of soy creamer that says "NOT TO BE USED AS AN INFANT FORMULA".

Does anyone know someone stupid enough to use soy creamer as an infant formula?

Will you please tell me the story of the stupidest thing that you have ever seen yourself or someone else do?

Beer mail.

I was thinking about getting my dad a "beer of the month" membership for Father's day this year. I don't really know anything about them though and from what I can tell, there seem to be hundreds of companies offering this service. Have you ever bought/had a membership to a beer of the month club? Which company was it and how did that work out?

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My cooky, crazy, amazingly awesome high school drama teacher is retiring, but I've moved away from that area and wont be able to attend the little party thing being held for him. I want to send a gift, but uh.... what do you send people who are retiring?

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What is the most useless product you've ever seen advertised?

I've seen commercials lately for a spray that makes the tires on your car look like they are constantly wet. I'm sure there are some people that are excited about it, but it just seems ridiculous to me.
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1. What song is currently stuck in your head?

2. Whenever I type or use my mouse, my right index finger gets all tingly. What's wrong with it?

3. My boss is being investigated for security clearance today. (The feds are coming to work.) What are good ways to mess with him?

4. I'm writing a summer review packet for students going in to Calculus. What questions should I ask?
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Tax Breaks

I read an editorial in the paper today where a guy was complaining bitterly that the interest paid on a mortgage is tax-deductible. He posited that rent payments should be tax deductible in the same way (though in some states, a certain portion of rent DOES follow this rule, but not all states and definitely not all rent).

Should a renter be afforded this same tax break? Why or why not?

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about a year or so ago I watched and was obsessed with this random song. It was either Jpop or something of the sort. I don't remember the name of it but it was by a girl group and part of the song was something like "na na na na na na say goodbye na na na na na na say bonzi" and i'm pretty sure it was a para para/ddr type song.

tqc, what is the song i'm thinking of?

Whats your favorite perfume/cologone?

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So zombies take over the world and mortals are left running and hiding for their lives. You manage to land yourself in a group of people who do good fending off zombies. They seemed nice enough but there was something they were keeping from you that was making you feel unsettled but you never felt comfortable asking them. 
One day your group was attacked and they were unprepared to fight so you all fled. And here is where you find out that everyone can outrun you. The key to their survival was learning that you don't have to be the fastest out to outrun the zombies, you just have to run faster than the guy beside you. One of the people in the group slows down and trips you for good measure before sprinting off.
You manage to fight your way out of the mob of zombies, unfortunately, they gnawed on you a bit. You catch up to the group and they feel bad about using you as bait so they could get away. They feel guilty and don't want you dying twice so you and everyone else decide what they want to do with you when you turn into a zombie. 

1. Wear a shock collar (think Fido)
2. Be the first zombie ever to star in a reality tv show. Like the Simple Life (only you'd be smarter)
3. Get sent to the live in the base ment/lab of some weird brainy shut-in who is looking for a zombie cure.
4. Get released into the wild far from other zombies and people.
5. screw those options. You are still pissed off and want revenge. So you start biting and scratching everyone. They got you into this mess so you are taking them all down with you
6. Other see comments.

(omg fail poll. Last edit. I keep screwing things up)

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 My hot librarian aid Matt was telling me about this book of poetry where you can read it front to back, and then turn it upside down and read it back to front (like the words on the page were written upside down one way) and I can't remember the name.  It had the word revolution in it I think.  What is this book called?!

 If you don't know the answer to that, what is something you DO know?
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If you have a cat who wears a collar, do you ever take it off for them, so they can scratch or lick or whatever they may want to do to the area where the collar is?

I've had cats all my life, and they've always been indoor cats and have never worn collars... but we just got collars for our two indoor cats because we're going to be moving soon to a house where there is more of a chance that the buggers could escape outside, so we wanted to make sure they had ID tags (one of them is microchipped as well, and we're working on getting the other one a microchip). 

Also, does anybody use Soft Paws on their cats?  Do you like them/will you please tell me about your experience with them?

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I couldn't figure out why our floor is always wet, but then I actually saw out dog put her paw in her water dish and shake it around until all of the water flew out of it. Then she walked away.

Why does she do this?
She does this every time I refill her water dish. It's clean, and it's not new; same one she's always had.

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1. Are you the kind of person that, when leaving a voicemail for someone, re-records the message a few times until it's right or do you record once and hang up?

2. What are some of the nicknames your city has? (E.g. Portland is known as PDX, Rose City, Stumptown)

3. What colour are you living room walls?
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Computer Problems

Hi everyone, a serious one this time.
I have the evil demon on my PC that is known as Vista. I'm currently backing up all my saved files, pics, songs, etc on disc, so I can reformat and go back to XP. Do I need to back anything up from the C:\Program Files?? Or the Windows folder, etc?
Hope someone can help!! :(
Ms. Michonne

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1.) Do you like classical music?
1a.) If so, could you recommend a song to me (as I am in the process of attempting to create a classical playlist)?

2.) How do you unwind after a long day/a stressful event?

3.) What's your favorite nickname that someone has given you? Why is it your favorite?
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What does your lj username mean/where did it originate?
If you were to change your username, what would you change it to?

Mine: It's a fight club reference.  Pretty stupid though, I must say.
No idea what I should change it to

How do you want your computer to work?

I think computers could be a lot simpler. So let's pretend you've never seen a "normal" computer -- never seen windows, or mac, and never will.

Being (semi-) realistic about today's technology, how do you WANT your computer to work instead?

How would you imagine doing the following:

1. Creating and printing a letter to someone you've known for years?

2. Finding and playing songs by a certain person (either from your own computer, or online; your choice)?

3. To do something repetitive, that only you need to do (so you can't get some ready-made program to do it, but will be driven nuts if you have to do it from scratch every single time)?

4. To set an alarm to go off (or email you, or whatever) when the weather in your area is going to be rainy over the next few days?

My answers

1. I think you should be able to start with a template, open your address book, and drag the person's name into the address box. The computer might then say, "This person has a home address and a work address; which do you want to send your letter to?"

other smoking

Do you think its okay to not smoke cigarettes but to smoke stuff like cloves, black-n-milds, etc on an infrequent basis? Would it bother you if one of your friends who does this encourages another friend (who doesn't smoke at all) to try it?

Why do some people like to smoke only when they're drinking alcohol? Wouldn't the smoking mess up your ability to taste the alcohol?


1. 31 days ago I bought $100 worth of snacks from a company that imports UK food products. They had a bunch of stuff I couldn't find anywhere else (certain flavors of crisps, etc). The stuff was supposed to get here in 10 days. I've sent them four emails asking what's up, and went so far as to contact them through ebay, and their website,  but they haven't responded. I ended up doing a charge back on my credit card. But now, I have no delish delish UK food coming. What should I do with the $100 I have back now?

2. Want to tell my about your frustrating internet shopping experience?

Or, if you couldn't care less...

3. What was the last illness you had?
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Another music request post :-/

I just bought an 80gb iPod (in Tokyo, so it actually cost less than an 8gb nano would have back home in Ireland! Waeyyyyy!) and I would like some ideas of things to use all the extra space for. I'm asking here because I'm rather stuck in a  rut music-wise - mostly EBM/industrial (think VNV nation, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, etc.), trad. goth (bauhaus and the like) and some j-rock.

Would you guys please diversify my music collection?
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I don't like to eat when I first wake up in the morning. I usually skip breakfast. However, about two and a half hours or so into being awake, I get kind of hungry. By this time (if I'm at home), the thought of cereal, or oatmeal, and that sort of stuff just doesn't do it for me, and I generally go for leftovers.

Do you prefer to eat breakfast food when you wake up, or can you eat whatever?

I had some curried chicken at 11:30. That was my breakfast.

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When's the last time you realllllllly wanted something? what was it? did you get it?

eta: how much is your cell phone bill per month? would you pay $100 for unlimited.. everything? (text messaging, long-distance, call fwd:'ing, etc.)

how much is TOO much to spend on a pair of shoes?
Brother of the soul.

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Tell me TQC, what careers would be substantially live worthy for Hawaii?

And while we're on the subject of professions, what are you doing/going to be as a life career?
Was it what you initially wanted?

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i'm going to a wedding with my boyfriend on the 22nd and i can barely make decisions on what to wear when i go out with friends. i know some of you looove putting outfits together. tqc will you please dress me?

Collapse )

also, i spilled arbor mist on the side on new years eve. it's not terribly obvious but there are a few spots. any chance i can get it out? the dress is made of polyester.

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So I had a suck fuck day at the hospital yesterday, and one of my dogs just knocked me over coming up the stairs. Now my $600 phone is held together by a Hello Kitty Band Aid.

1. What has happened in your life lately?

2. What should I do this afternoon?
It's hot as Hell here and I'm sick as a dog, but I don't want to just sit around.

ants & layouts

Two questions-

#1- What is the best way to deal with ants running loose in your house/apartment? Our neighbors don't have the ant problem we do, and I don't know what to do. We have this weird white ant poison stuff, but it doesn't work and I feel uncomfortable about putting it near our food. Also they thrive on our tub. WHY DO ANTS LIKE BATH TUBS?

#2- Do you have any favorite online resource for tiled/repeating backgrounds that are awesome/appealing/not from 1997? I want to give my LJ some flair that does not consist of old GeoCities style backgrounds (or more fucking ~hearts & stars~ tiled bgs).
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Salary negotiation?

I was just offered a job with a decent raise, but the benefits are not very good. I think that the only way to make it worthwhile is to negotiate a bit more money. Any advice on negotiating a better salary due to lackluster benefits?
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TQC, I don't currently have a cell phone (!) or an iPod (?!). I'm getting a cell phone, finally. Can you talk me out of wanting an iPhone?

I've never sent a text message in my life. Do I need to send text messages? If I don't, will I surely die?

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So I declined that camp job (the one that was going to pay me $4 an hour)

Would you like to give me an estimated date as to when SOMETHING in my life will actually work out for me?

What was the last thing that disappointed the fuck out of you?

Do you feel guilty for feeling sad about something that isn't a big deal?
Haruhi disappearance

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Should I make my dad spice cake cupcakes with maple frosting for father's day? (His favorite)
If no, what should I do?

Either way, should I also give my mom flowers because I was moving on mothers day weekend and didn't manage to do anything for her? (She insisted I forget about it)

How do you get on with your parents? Were they good to you growing up?

What item of food or drink would make you insanely happy right now?
I would REALLY love some french onion dip with some ruffle potato chips. mmm.
as a kite

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TQC, what are your favourite cover songs?

It's my friend's birthday and I want to make her a mix of covers, because she has a crazy love for them. Doesn't matter what genre, I just want to know what covers you like best.

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you are driving on a 2 lane road in the country. there is a road coming up on your right with a stop sign for them, but you have no stop sign. tractor trailer #1 is in front of you, turning onto this road. they turn, and you continue driving. however, tractor trailer #2 has half- turned onto the road you're on, and you don't have time to stop so you hit them, bounce off of them, and then hit the truck in the other lane waiting to turn left.

whose fault is this?

eta for clarity: tractor trailer #2 was on the other road, turning onto my road to go the same direction as me. he turned as TT #1 was turning, and thus couldn't see down my road. i have no idea if he actually stopped at his stop sign. when TT #1 was onto the other road, TT #2 was directly in my path so i slammed on the brakes and i believe i hit TT #2 and the pick up truck at basically the same time.

black car = me
brown = pick up truck waiting to turn
blue = TT #1
red = TT #2

there is a stop sign at the end of the side road, but the vertical road is a state route and doesn't have any stop signs for like 20 miles. the speed limit is 55, and i was probably doing about that.

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 Have you ever heard of ChaCha?

What is the funniest thing you've ever asked?

If you haven't heard of it, or texted/called them, will you upon finding out what it is?

What's for dinner?

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Poll #1203523 The Amazing (insert animal here) Man

You're bitten by a radioactive chipmunk, and have gained the powers of that animal. You can fit 20x as much matter into your cheeks than normally possible, you can scamper up trees like it's no one's business, and you can fit into a cramped, tiny area with little discomfort (particularly those holes found within trees). Plus, instinctively, you've built yourself a lair aka headquarters, where you hoard all your goodies. What do you do with your newfound powers?

Design a costume, and fight crime in the street, and by God, I swear to use my powers only for good
I design a costume, and then, attempt to take over the world as a super villian
Become a minor youtube star like this guy, except better
Join a circus. Surely they could make some money off me. I'd like to get paid for my powers
Probably, absolutely nothing. I continue my life as normal
I feel that I have been blessed by my deity. I devote considerably more time and money to my religion of choice

There's a room full of radioactive animals, that can pass on their powers to you with a simple bite. Which animal's abilities will you take?

Dung beetle
Homing pigeon
A Dude

Latin Literate?

~I'm writing one of my infamous Cyber Witch stories at this very moment and I'm using a motto in Latin. In English, it's "Death is Our Lover".

I've got Mortis Amorata. Yes? No? Not even close?

Latin literates please help!

Edit: Mors Amatricum Nostrum 'Death, our lover', amātrīcum being the genitive plural of Amatrix, 'female lover'. Death would be female to these gals after all. =)

another movie question

Are there any movies that are constantly being praised and you just don't understand why/don't think they're that great?

Personally, I will never understand why people consider these movies so good: Scarface, Transformers, No Country For Old Men, Citizen Kane, Reservoir Dogs and Star Wars.
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People with tattoos,

1. How did you design your tattoo? Did you sketch it yourself or did you describe it the artist or what? I kind of know what I want but I can't draw for shit.

2. How did you pick an artist?

3. What do you think about tattoos of trees? In general.

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Inspired by this entry.

What makes you a horrible driver?

I text, I speed and I also change cd's all while driving (not necessarily all at the same time) & WITHOUT TAKING MY EYES OFF THE ROAD. yes. I am that talented.

What makes you a good driver?

I look over my shoulder whenever I am changing lanes (after using my rear-view mirror, of course) I use my blinker as needed.. I stop at stop signs. I know who has the right of way and when upon entering onto the highway. I know better than to try to beat the light once it's turning yellow and I am still about 15 ft away.

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so my dog keeps licking her paw...I think she may have hurt it somehow..but I don't know what to do O_O...

thing is she favors my parents (doesn't really like me...and especially now she kinda growls if i try to appraoch her, she doesn't usually, I'm assuming it's becuase of her paw hurting?..) and they just left the other day on vactaion not to come back for another two weeks.

I know she's acting funny partly because she misses them already..but that doesn't exlplain the paw licking..should I wait a day to see if everything fixes itself..but then if she really did hurt her paw then it would be like me letting her suffer.

agh what should i do?


what do you think would be the most romantic way someone could propose to you?
(for me, at disneyland)

have you ever been proposed to?
(yes, i knew the day he was going to ask, it wasnt anything out of the ordinary)
drew pickles tilde

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I can feel myself catching a cold. It don't think it's something big because I just had a double ear infection a couple months ago and my luck really can't be so bad that I'd just get majorly sick again so soon (I hope). However, I can feel it coming. I feel a little tired, a little nauseous, and my throat is starting to hurt.

It could be allergies though because when I've been outside I've been sneezing a bit, and my dad brought it to my attention. And right now my nose is a bit runny.

But either whatever it is, I'm getting sick.

How can I nip this oncoming cold thing in the bud and prevent getting sick? Stuff to do, stuff to take? I start my new job in a couple days and I want to feel 100%!


I love video posts

1) Will you show me one of your favorite music videos or one of your favorite people performing? Rick Astley is STILL APPROPRIATE.

2) Show me a video of a singer who annoys the unholy hell out of you?

3) Someone you're minorly ashamed that you used to love?

Mine in the comments

(no subject)

You're searching for the love of your life on an online service. The best matches you are confronted with are:

a. a black person with bipolar disorder

b. a white person with only 2 fingers on each hand

c. an Asian who cannot be exposed to outdoor light

The descriptions cannot be specified more than what has been given. Who do you choose?

(no subject)

1. do you/did you have a friend on Myspace that just kept putting big stupid 'funny' images in your comment box? you know, the ones that stretch out the comments & make your page look out of proportion. how much does this/did this annoy you?

2. what kind of field is your job in?

3. what's the last movie you saw in theaters & how was it?

4. what's the last CD you purchased that you regret buying and why?

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Tax Rebate

I worked all through 2007. I was 17, my parents claimed me as a dependent. They didn't get the 300 dollars for me because I'm 17 and I don't get a rebate because they claimed me. :( Does this make sense?

(no subject)

CHOOSE: die right now or live forever?  You can't say neither!

What is your pets favorite toy?  My pup loves this flamingo I gave him when he came to live with us.  It was like 5 times his size and now they are best friends!  Except I took it away because he chewed its head open and I can't find the sewing stuff to mend it.  :/
popsicle dog

(no subject)

1. what are you planning on eating for breakfast tomorrow?
2. what was the last big change (physical, emotional or otherwise) you've made?
3. does the head of your bed face the north, east, south, west or something inbetween?
4. what book are you reading & is it for pleasure or school?
5. should I watch ps I love you tonight?

old school

do you have a VCR?
do you record things on it?
do you have VHS tapes?

we're giving ours away. I have a feeling I'm one of the last people to have one of these things!

(no subject)

Smokers, how long does it take you to smoke a cigarette?

And, is it possible to smoke faster if you're in a hurry? Like, still finish it, just... i don't know, inhaling faster?

Kinda dumb, I know. But I don't have any personal experience or friendly smokers to ask.

Another fish question.

Different fish, different problem.

My comet sadly died the other day. I don't have air-conditioning and the temperature in my room shot way up and over heated the water. But my oranda lived.

Today I took him out and put him in a smaller container so I could clean the tank (I'm still using the same 6.7 L tank.. I know.. I need a bigger one..) Anyways, when I felt the water in the tank was the same temperature as the water in the container i put him back in. And now he's just kind of floating on the bottom in one corner.

Collapse )

He still breathes.. but he just won't move from that spot.

The green thing is a pea. I read on a few other sites that if it's swim-bladder disease then peas can be used as a laxative..sort of..(?) But he refuses to eat it..

EDIT (here's the question): What do I do?

(no subject)

My father bought all these potatoes at "such a great deal!" but it's not a great deal if they aren't being used. I don't really want to make potato salad, baked potato, or mashed. So, I ask, what's a quick, tasty side dish one can make with potatoes? Or am I doomed to eating mashed potatoes for the next month?

If it matters, Collapse )

EDIT: Thanks for some great ideas. I'm not really a spud eater, and I honestly didn't really know what to even google, since I got more hits for mashed and potato salad than anything.

If anyone has any more ideas, that'd be great. At least now I know what I can try for the next couple of days/weeks.

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My boyfriend's in the Navy, so he's away during the week + some weekends. He sent me flowers today, but I can't think of something cute/sweet to do for him while we're not together. Any suggestions?

Birthday or Christmas cards?

So...let's just say that my parents weren't uh..perfect....when they were younger (hell, they still aren't).

Let's just say that I managed to um....get copies of their mugshot photos from when they were in their 20s....

Should I be an ass and make them into their birthday cards this year, so only they see them? Or be an even bigger ass and send them out as my Christmas cards?

Or should I do something even more creative with them?

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I have a rather silly question for you all.

My boyfriend and I see eachother twice a week (we live 40 miles away from eachother). We (almost) always have sex when we see eachother. And we (almost) always have sex twice in one night, on one occasion three times.

Is this too much sex? It FEELS like too much sex because we have it every time we see eachother. 
Would this bother you? Or would you just be glad that you're getting pretty darn good sex on a frequent basis?
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How much do you make? Hourly? Salary? factor in benefits?

What do you do for a living to make that wage?

Edit, why is there such a stigma of telling people how much you make?

In my PT warehouse job (3 days a week) i make 12.50 CAD/hour, which in a month covers all my basic expenses, rent, food, transit pass.
The rest of the time is  freelance theatre work which makes any where between 14-26/hour
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I posted earlier today about wanting tips to prevent a cold, so I've been taking this stuff you dissolve in water that supposed helps prevent colds. It's called Air-Immune I think. Anyway, it has a shit ton of Vitamin C, and it says to take it every 3 hours, so I will.
Now, this may be a stupid question, but is it possible to have too much Vitamin C?
If not, is it possible to get sick from having too much of any type of vitamin/something that's supposed to be good for you? Just curious.

And if you don't feel like discussing colds/vitamins, post a photo of your pet being extraordinarily cute. Collapse )

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1. what's your favorite music to fall asleep to slash music that puts you to sleep?

2. how do microsoft word pages translate to book sized pages in terms of page count?

3. what's your favorite exercise machine/class/activity/whatever?
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My friend's house is in the middle of a forest fire. They're not entirely sure if her house is going to make it.

She's at out mutual friends house right now.

What do I say to her to make her feel better?

Her family and pets have safely evacuated.

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Guise, I just saw a commercial for SAM-e, which is a supplement that's supposed to improve mood. The commercial was three grown sisters having a giggly lunch. Then the voiceover guy says something like "The Johnson girls are all in a good mood today, naturally!" GIRLS? Really??

This kind of pissed me off. Do I need SAM-e?
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Have you ever been tempted to post a picture of someone obviously not you for a picture post in TQC, to see if people would remember that is not what you look like? (Assuming the pic post was for pictures of yourself).

Have you ever posted a picture of someone else for a picture post?

Have you ever had a sexy dream about someone reignite your interest in them? I am having this problem.

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So I went to my eye doctor today, because I've been getting these headaches lately and they seem to go away a couple hours after I take off my glasses at the end of the day, so I thought that maybe I need a stronger prescription or something.

It turns out that my prescription has actually improved over the last two years, thus my glasses are now too strong for my eyes, hence the headaches.

So my doctor gave me my new, weaker prescription and I have to go buy some new lenses for my glasses.

I didn't know that could even happen! I knew that prescriptions could get worse as you age, but it's so weird to think that mine healed (for lack of a better word) itself!

Did you know that could happen? Has this ever happened to you, or anyone you know?
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1. TQC, I just got my third HPV vaccine. On the bright side, I am now one less! I am so excited to be able to jump rope with little girls on the streets of New York now. On the not so bright side, my arm feels like it's going to fall off. What can I do to fix this horrid fallacy occurance (shit, medication is killing my grammar)? I have to work 9-6 tomorrow with the chilluns.

2. What's your favorite facebook application?

3. What's the most pointless facebook application?

4. What's a guilty pleasure book of yours? One you'll read or reread but hate admitting you do, like a kid's book or a terrible Harlequin novel. 

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What odd expressions did your teachers use that you picked up from them and still use today?

My 7th grade English teacher (who was awesome, btw) would use "Herb Gobsnotch" and "Gertrude Googlesnort" as hypothetical character names. She also used the phrase "Yes, no, I don't know, who cares, up your nose with a rubber hose?" whenever she was asking the class something and nobody answered. Also, my 9th/10th grade science teacher is to blame for my overusage of the word "retard". I always thought it was odd that, being a teacher, he threw the word around with such disregard.

ETA: Oh yeah, and whenever there would be a math word problem, let's say "Sally has 5 blue marbles and 7 red marbles. How many marbles does she have?" and you said/wrote "12" and not "12 marbles", some teacher during my educational career would say "12 what? Shoes?" I still do that when someone says a number and I don't know what they're referring to.