June 10th, 2008

Bandit Driving

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Does anybody here watch Top Chef? Who are you rooting for in the finale?

Has anybody been in a relationship where you and your SO worked drastically different hours? How did you find time to spend together?

Will you tell me something about yourself that you are willing to share with TQC that you don't think you have or that you want to share again?
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I just had the best tomato ever. I don't know If I should sit here and cry or masturbate furiously. Whadya say, guys?
WWYD in this situashuns?

Also, can someone explain to me why all news reporters have the same inflection in their voice? I've been hopping from state to state, and when I'm home sick, I just put on the news because IT SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE THE NEWS IN ALL OTHER 50 STATES. I'M PRETTY SURE GUAM HAS AN ASSWIPE VOICE REQUIREMENT ON THEIR CHANNELS, TOO.
Do they have to go to special classes for this?
Where do I sign up?


raincloud314 made a TQC post just a bit earlier about how to spend her grandmother's wedding gift, which was money. I was surprised to see how many people chose the "wedding ring" option. Does it have to do with sentimentality?

How sentimental are you? Can you also elaborate on your yes/no answer?

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Smooth or chunky peanut butter?
Who do you text the most?
Whats your favorite horror movie?

When it comes to sex,
do you like being on the top or the bottom?
How come?

What time do you leave for work in the morning?
I <3 TLV

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A couple nights ago while drunk, my husband confessed that he's jealous of Duo Maxwell - an anime character that I've had a crush on for about 9 years XD

What's the silliest thing that your SO has confessed to you?

[Edit: Another question!]

How open are you with your friends about sex? Masturbation? Do all your friends know your habits? Does their gender matter if/what you're going to tell them?

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I was talking about getting my favorite anime from netflix, and my roomies said we can only get it if we watch it in the Japanese version.

How do I tell her nicely to STFU and DIAF, that I don't want to read subtitles?

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1) Are you a fan of the Sex and the City series?

2) Have you seen the Sex and the City movie?

3) If yes to #1 and #2, would you say the the movie did the show justice?

4) If no to #1 and yes to #2, did you enjoy the movie?

5) If yes to #1 and no to #2, why the heck haven't you seen the movie yet??

No spoilers please! I'm going to see the movie for the first time tomorrow night!
kitty + books

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a. what part of your body are you most self-conscious about?
b. are you male or female?
c. of what part of the body do you think the majority of females are most self-conscious? what about males?

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So, TQC, I have what seems to be an online stalker, or just a very creepy situation. I'll post the story and a couple pictures behind the cut.
Collapse )

the whole situation is dumb and i feel lame for posting about myspace, but it's exceptionally creepy

the question is, if I could find this lady, and given the opportunity, how should i torture her? creativity is a plus!

Food of the Gods

I seem to be developing a pistachio addiction.

1. Are you a pistacho addict too?

2. How long can the world's pistachio supply last anyway?

3. Will we end up fighting to the death over the little brown bit of edible inner shell from the world's last pistachio?

4. Is there anything useful/fun to be done with pistachio shells, other than throwing them out?


I had this online friend from 2003-2006. He was made of awesome and we used to talk all the time. We would occasionally call eachother at weird hours for fun, and sent letters back and forth. Then, at one point, he randomly dropped off of the face of the earth.

He stopped updating his lj, hadn't logged into his myspace/facebook since that point, and I haven't seen him on msn or aim since then. It's now two years on and I keep wondering how he's been, and seeing if he's had any activity online at all. He hasn't. I'm kind of worried that something has happened, considering that he was pretty much an internet addict up until the day he stopped coming online. Even if his internet connection was cut off, I would imagine that he would t least log into his myspace at some point just to check what's going on instead of dropping off of the face of the earth. He had always said that the people he talked to online were very important to him, so I don't think that he would be the type to just throw away everything online just because he felt like it. Both of the emails he had now bounce back.

So, when we were in contact, the address he gave me for mailing things to him was his parent's, because I live in Australia, (and him in america) it was the one place any package that might take a while to send would be sure to reach him. I also have his phone number, but I thought it would be a bit stalkerish to call him up and jump down his throat about not being around.

Would it be appropriate or kind of creepy to send a nicely worded letter to his folks explaining what had happened, and ask if they could pass on a letter basically saying hello?

Should I just not bother and get over it? I mean, I'd really love to know, and possibly tell his LJ friends if he's dead.

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I have a math final that I have to take by 8 pm today. I lost my graphing calculator. If I don't pass this test I fail the course. This is the only math class I have to take for the rest of my life. Should I buy a fucking graphing calculator? :(
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Does the fact that Barack Obama's middle name is Hussein make you uncomfortable?

Do you think it's possible that he is the false prophet that the Bible foretells?

Do you think he will actually be able to bring change to America?

Do you think McCain would bring change? What kind of changes?

If Obama wins, do you think people will try to assassinate him because he is part black?
Spongebob and Patrick SHOCKED

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My dog is currently passed out on the futon (yes, we let him sleep on the people chairs) and keeps farting. These are farts of epic proportions. As in, I don't get how he's not waking up. They smell horrible, too.

Should I consign myself to the fact that he's not going to wake up offended at his own buttstink and move? Or should I "accidentally" wake him up with a loud noise so he moves by himself?
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china town

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1- do you keep pens and or pencils between your F keys and number keys on your keyboard?
1- when someone asks you a question about 'when you were a kid' what age do you normally go back to when answering their question?
1- Hey, did you know your poll is friends only?

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1. If you made a post in one community and then found that it had been snarked in a different community, would you say anything in the snark post?

2. If you made a (generic, non personal) post in one community and then found someone had copy & pasted the same content into a post on a different community, how would you feel?
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Does anyone know anything about Refurb Depot? Ordered anything from there? I've gotten refurbished electronics before and have never had a problem with them but never from this site.

For those of you who don't care: What have you eaten so far today?

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Should I wash the dishes before my mom gets home? Y/N

Non serious answers welcome.

ETA: Dishes are done but keep the answers coming for they amuse me. XD
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From experience can anyone tell me if the "Rug doctor" worth the money to rent? We're moving out of our apartment and I've kind of made a mess with my pastels and the puppy has left some stains as well. I need a really good way to clean our carpets. I've tried Oxyclean and scrubbing and things like "Woolite pet odor and stain remover." What can I use?

I don't want a cotton sun dress, but I don't want a prom/ball dress. I want a nice semi-formal dress to go to dinner in. What stores online or otherwise do you recommend?
bother bother bother


9:53 AM 6/8/08 · So, I just heard about this and I just wanted to check. Is a fight between a unicorn and a werewolf truly the ultimate battle?
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I'm about to go off to Family Reunion #2 this weekend... luckily at this one, there are hot tubs to every cabin! I'm pretty much thrilled about this, because hot tub + alcohol guarantees at least a bearable weekend. Problem is, I have been feeling some familiar pains in the general baby-growing area.

TQC, if I start bleeding from the crotch before this weekend and therefore can't get in the hot tub, how the hell am I supposed to keep myself sane?! Will just alcohol be enough or will I be too sad from lack of hot tubbing that it'll cancel it out?!


Edit: Tampons are not an option. :(
Mitty box

Political poll

Who will you be voting for in the US Presidential election?

Barack Obama
John McCain
I am underage and cannot vote, but if I could Barack Obama
I am underage and cannot vote, but if I could John McCain
I am underage and cannot vote, but if I could Other
No Opinion
I do not live in the USA.

Who do you want to win?

Barack Obama
John McCain
No Opinion

Who do you think will actually win?

Barack Obama
John McCain
No Opinion

What are you registered as?

Republican, when I turn 18
Democrat, when I turn 18
Unaffiliated, when I turn 18
I will/am not register(ed) to vote
I do not live in the USA

EDIT: Crap. Use the "other" option in question one for "Undecided" and just clarify in comments. I forgot that option.

EDIT2: Sorry about no other options for party registration. It's been a long time since I registered and didn't know you could register as other parties.

Inspired by the voting post.

I know this shows everyone how completely ignorant I am and probably don't deserve to vote, however.

Is gaining US citizenship difficult? Has anyone gone through that process? I plan on googling how to actually do it, but I kind of just remembered I'm old enough to become a citizen.
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I spent all weekend cleaning our apartment and a big part of that was scrubbing the stove. I wake up this morning to see that my boyfriend made fruit punch last night. Yum!

But wait! There are red spots all over the stove. Why was he mixing it over the stove? And what's a suitable punishment?


Where's my stumbleupon toolbar thingy gone? It was there last night, and now it's not. How do I get it back?
Has anyone else here had a comm spotlighted before? What comm? How is it now?
Does it annoy you that LJ doesn't give you any warning, they are just like 'Congratulations! Thanks to your nomination, we've chosen your  community for the LJ spotlight. I'll add it to the spotlight in just a few minutes.'
Have you ever joined a spotlighted comm?
X-Mas Larva

i am a girl failure

So i don't know anything about normal clothes or shoes.
For example, yesterday i bought these shoes right here to be my "office/work" shoes. Are they anything near appropriate for a business casual environment? I'll be in a design studio so things being a little unusual is okay.
Are you supposed to wear shoes like that with socks or without sock or either?

Aaaah i'm so  useless. You should have seen me trying to buy "work clothes" yesterday. It could have been a sitcom plot. Laugh if you must :(

BONUS QUESTION: In what ways are you a girl failure? I also can't cook.
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footwear sexuality

not of fashion-mind

so, i'm not good with matching things with...things. i know a few of you fine people ARE good at matching clothes.

i bought Collapse )

any idea of what kind of top would go with them? i really like them and they're super comfortable. i just have no idea what to pair them with (i do, however, love the shoes they're paired with in the pic, but that's another topic).

for those not interested in clothes...
what was the name of your first grade teacher?
did you like him/her?
any memories that stick out from first grade?
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blow me by brightblinds

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Did you ever throw/attend tea parties when you were younger?
I'm nineteen years old, would it be ridiculously immature to throw a tea party? Would you go to your friend's tea party if you were nineteen?
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Party angst.

You guys. I got in to art school, and tomorrow they're having a party for new students who will be attending this fall. And I mean I'm relatively socially well adapted, but I'm always scared of going to events like this all alone, so I'm going to be shit scared, basically.

Do you have any advice for me on how to calm the fuck down tomorrow and be normal about it? Serious and non-serious answers are welcomed, and I've already considered "stop being a pussy". :)

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how often do you buy new pillows for your bed? do you have a specific brand? do you like soft, normal or firm pillows?

and what about wiper blades for your car, how often do you change them?

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so i just had to do this online profile quiz for a sales position and the guy told me to call him once i finished... i think. i don't remember if he did or not and i already had to call him back once cuz i didn't recieve the quiz in my e-mail and he sounded kinda ruder than before. should i call??? i'm nervous

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My best friend and I want to have a picnic at the prettiest place in the world on the longest day of the year.
We have the prettiest place picked out, but what should I bring to the picnic?

Should we have our guests dress up a little? It's in a field (think Shawshank Redemption but surrounded by water).

Also, what should I have for lunch?

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How do you ease the discomfort of a sunburn?

I've tried an aloe vera gel with .7% lidocaine and .2% menthol and I've been lotioning like crazy, but it's still painful in some spots, itchy in others.
I'm only concerned because I kinda have to wear a bra to work and the burn is the worst where my bra straps will sit.

What are the odds that I can work an 8 hour shift on my feet without a strapless bra falling down? This could be interesting.
Prince Harry in Lesotho

om nom nom

I am attempting to host a picnic tomorrow. There will be about 10-15 students there, to celebrate finishing university.
What shall I make to eat? I am an average cook, but I have less than 24 hours to go, so nothing too ambitious.

If you don't know/care, when was the last time someone got offended by a joke you made? Did you apologise, appease the person by explaining the joke, or did you continue the joke?
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I live in an urban area, lots of buildings, very little backyards.
So peppered throughout my county there are community gardens.
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To get a plot, you submit an application and pay a small, annual fee. (Like 40 bucks or something.)
And you agree to nurture and love the land, devoting a certain amount of time to it each week.

Isn't that nice?

Well, we submitted our application back in April 2006 and was told that there is a wait for plots and that we'd be put on the list.

We are STILL on that list.
We did get a call last week informing us that there MIGHT be an opening.
But alas, the person who currently has that plot is sticking around.
In doing some more reading on the community plots, I come to realize that there are gardeners that have their plots for years and years and years.
And the chief gardener I spoke with last week admitted that he's been in possession of the same waiting lists for years and years and years. Same lists, same people, no new plots opening.

So my question:

Do you think that there should be a term limit on these plots?
What should be the limit? 3 years? 5? 10?

Or nothing in life is fair and this is just another example?

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When I was younger, I learned a poem that listed out all of the monarchs of England in order. I can no longer remember the poem, but would very much like to again. I've tried googling for it, but I'm not coming up with anything... do any of you know the poem or where to find it?

Yay, someone found it!


After reading the one there, I remember the way I learned it, which is only slightly different. Posted behind a cut if anyone wants to read it.

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1) What did you eat for lunch, TQC?

2) Have you tried the Indiana Jones Snickers? Thoughts? Edit: If you haven't tried it, would you? It is like a Snickers, but with: "A cliffhanger kick of exotic spice and a hint of sweet coconut flavor"  I'd say it is a little bit coconut, and a little bit spicy. It's good.

3) Pan crust, thin crust, stuffed, deep dish or other?

Collapse )
Agents are Go!

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How come I haven't been charged for the gas I bought yesterday morning. It still hasn't shown on on my online banking as being taken from my account. When will they, cause I don't wanna spend money i don't have...

What was the last thing that annoyed you?

Who's going to Six Flags for Father's Day? If you have a friend with a Season Pass they can get you in free :D

Do holidays/birthdays "sneak up" on you? I swear Father's day was a few weeks away. Christmas even surprised me last year.

What's a word you always misspell? (surprise is mine, I always for get the first r. Also those words that star with "pre-" or "per-" and I can't remember which..is it prescription or perscription?)
regina happy

Air conditioning

If you have A/C window units, do you follow the fancy installation instructions, or do you plop it in the window and hope for the best?
Are you ever afraid it's going to fall out?
HAS it ever fallen out?
fear de evil dat is me


10:42 PM 6/9/08 · I just finished watching the movie Bug (Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr, Michael Shannon) and I'm honestly not sure what I thought of it. I mean, I think it's great...but I honestly can't tell if I like it or not.

If you've seen it, what did you think about it?

Also, this movie wasn't rated and I've never actually tried to check before but...is there a way to track down movies on how they're rated? If I wanted to bring up a list of other non·rated films, is there a database for that?

Don't think the Internet Movie Database does that...
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I went to Fresh Choice again for lunch today. Two men who appeared to be colleagues entered behind me and I overheard this exchange:

Man #1: "I'll just follow your lead."

Man #2: "Okay. First you get a tray..."

TQC, when you first patronize a buffet, do you require training?
chan marshall

i hope this works

Poll #1202480 what would be cooler?

A invention that would cook any meal you wanted instantly, including cravings and recipes in cookbooks


Or a gift that meant you could play any instrument put in front of you at a professional level

this is better!
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Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Doctor TQC, why have I been barfing for the past three days?

I've never had sex before, so if I'm pregnant, my kid is gonna start a religion and have people kill in his name, y/y?
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My hair is currently dyed turquoise and blonde. I am worried that if I get my passport photo done with it that color, in the future I may have issues. Mainly because I cant keep my hair one color, ever.

So my question is... Should I just go and get my passport photo, or should I dye my hair a natural color for it?
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Shit, I think I have to get injections in my knee tomorrow.
Have you ever gotten your knee injected with things? Why? How'd it feel?
Will you hold my hand?

Also, my mom and sister are coming up for a visit and I want to bake them delicious cupcakes, but I don't know what flavor. Can you suggest an awesome flavor? I might share them with my friends, so vegan would be preferable.

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i have to lock the cabinets here because people steal office supplies like crazy (post-its, sharpies, copy paper, nice paper, etc.)

do you have a job? in an office? do you steal office supplies?

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Yikes. Have you ever accidentally posted in the wrong tqc-related community (because naturally you are in all of them and they all start with tqc)?

I have no food in my apt right now except for lettuce and ramen. It's thunderstorming really badly outside. Should I risk the water, car-shaking thunder and scary other-drivers for some better and healthier food, or stick with the ugh meal of ramen?

Better yet, what's your favorite macro? (image macro)


#1. I am watching the Bucket List.... If you found out today you had 4 months to live, what would be the top two things you would want to do?

#2. Where do you work? How much do you get paid? On a scale from 1-10, 10 being awesome, how much do you like your job?

#3. How many children do you want?

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You are my only hope. How in the hell do I get puke out of the nooks and crannies of the Xbox controller?

I was letting the boy-child play Mater International and he PUKED all over the controller.
milkman dan

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To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;

Given article I, section 8, clause 8 above from the U.S. constitution, how could you argue that the RIAA and MPIAA have no right to seek justice for illegal distribution of their members' copyrighted works?

Do you believe the writers and ratifiers of that particular power of Congress would disagree with the RIAA and MPIAA's lawsuits?

(no subject)

For those of you who have or have had jobs, how often do you deal with people, be it customers or just coworkers?

When was the last time you peed?
When was the last time you pooped?
Was the poop stinky?

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TQC, I'm going camping with my family for 4 days, 3 nights. I need to be prepared so I'm making a list.

Behind the cut is the list so far.

Collapse )

What kind of snack foods should I bring?

Do you have any fun camping stories you would like to share? Any camping tricks or ideas?

What is good camping booze? I have some flavored Bailey’s that I plan on bringing up, so far.

Note: The camping is taking place in the pacific northwest, so while it won't be freezing, the ground and surrounding area will more than likely be damp, and the weather will probably be around 15°C/60°F with mixes of sun, rain, and cloudiness. Also, we are camping in the middle of nowhere, so no, there are no amenities or bathrooms. Or showers.
Kill Bill - Elle

(no subject)

Since electrelux is posting about camping and has a pretty good list, I ask you TQC:
If you were a group of 10+ 17 and 18 year olds going camping without the assistance of your parents, what would you bring? What kind of food, supplies, and entertainment items would you bring? What amount of planning would you do?

Are there any feelings that you really enjoy but other people might find weird?

(no subject)

If you shop on threadless, what was the last shirt you bought?

I'm going under general anesthetic tomorrow, and I know I'm not supposed to eat six hours beforehand, but should I eat a certain number of hours beforehand? I mean if my stomach has been empty for fifteen hours could that also negatively affect me?


What is the whole point of Twitter? How is it different than the status update on Facebook, Blackberrying or texting? What's so great about it anyway?

Sign me Perplexed.

(no subject)

1. We bought my son a used PS2. He tried to play a DVD movie in it, and the PS2 is asking for a password before it will play the movie. Apparently the previous owner password-protected it, and we don't know the password. Is there anyway to get around the password or reset it? It's an older (large size) PS2, not the slimline.

2. Is there any free program out there that will swap out the desktop picture every-so-often and replace it with a different one from a folder of pictures?

3. Doesn't the title "Chop Socky Chooks" feel somewhat slimy and racist to you?


Edited to Add:

My son, my wife, her son from a previous marriage

More Edited to Add More:

Myself, My Wife, My son, Santa - underwater

(no subject)

have any interesting stories about strangers you've talked to on the internet?

a few years ago someone started talking to me on aim, and he was irritating so i blocked him. he signed onto another screen name and started complaining about how mean i was and then proceeded to cut himself to make me feel guilty and even provided pictures. it was seriously creepy and luckily he never tried to talk to me again after that.

(no subject)

To what extent am I ethically required to be involved in a dispute between my father and my ex-husband/babydaddy in which ass-kickings are being threatened, when I am reasonably sure that said ass-kickings will not, in reality, come to pass?

ETA: Thank you, TQC, for validating my desire to not become involved in this crap. Will you tell me about some hilarious family shenanigans that you've gone through?
amelie half face

messy messy situation

So last week my best friend (John) noticed a bunch of random smaller charges on his checking account that were made with his card but not by him, and a bunch of overdraft fees from them.

Collapse )

Would you confront Derek? What would you do/say?
Would you call the police on him?
Where would be a good hiding place for a wallet in a college dorm?

Okay, okay, edited to add names...you guys DID make me laugh though.

Oh, sales...

Help me, TQC!

Last year I sold a toy saddle to a girl in Germany, to the tune of $95 AUD ppd. I sent it in early June. The girl emailed me a month later, saying the saddle hadn't arrived, so I involved the post office, and received compensation of $70 AUD for the lost mail.

Out of that, I refunded my buyer the $95 AUD. We agreed that when I refunded her, if the saddle does turn up, she would return the refund to me.

Lo and behold, last week the saddle turns up. The box looks a bit worse for wear, but the saddle's okay. It was missing for approximately 9 months. My buyer sends me an email to tell me arrived, and I reply, all gleeful (etc), but don't mention the refund at first. When she doesn't seem to remember, I gently remind her, and copy-and-paste our agreement from our email back in last year.

She replies:

"... Regarding the fact that you've got a refund from your post office and that I had to wait for the saddle for about 9 months, what would you suggest would be a fair solution for both of us?"

A friend of mine thinks I should ask back for the full $95, since that's what I paid her, and she's basically got the saddle for free. I think this sounds a bit steep, but I don't want to loose out on the cost of getting the saddle made for me in the first place, either. However, the 9-month wait was hardly my fault, either.

TQC, how much do I ask for back?
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shocking 4 teh internets

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What's your best guess as to why tqcrs may sometimes get butthurt on behalf of other posters?
(yes, I'm looking at you
ohsummerstars .)
Are they telling a white lie that it's not about one of their own posts?
Are they just feeling moody or out of sorts?
Other favorite theories??

I really don't want to do meta on top of meta, so variation on the question:

If you were having an off day, what topic(s) would be best for you to avoid so as to minimize the chances of personal butthurt-titude?
lead me

(no subject)

tqc, i am unmotivated.

i need to (in no particular order) do a water change in my fishtank, clean off my dresser, finish laundry, clean off the kitchen counter, list textbooks online, and find something to eat.

can you motivate me, tqc? please? if you don't, i'll probably continue to sit here and be slothful.

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My dog had a tic this morning on her lip.
It really creeped me out, but my mum knew to burn it off, but decided to wait until i'd left the house.
I went to show it to someone else 10 minutes later, and it was gone of it's own accord.
Did it drop off when she went swimming, and if so is the head still there/do we still need to burn it?

Have you ever had to deal with a tic? 

EDIT:: A tic as in a small bug thing. Maybe you spell it tick but i've always known it as tic.
kiss my irish ass

"i will veto every single bill with earmarks"

Are we so inattentive as a society that matters of attention and declarative memory like McCain's flub would call into question his speaking skill or intelligence?

Would you, having listened to the less than one minute clip, noticed that the word "earmark" followed very shortly after the word "bill" in the sentence he was composing in his declarative memory?

If you'd noticed, would you be compassionate enough to realize there are matters going on in the machinery of the brain that we don't completely understand?
rock star

(no subject)

My area is predicting tornados. I have never had to face tornados before. Should I:

listen to the radio and head to the basement when warned?
pull a Helen Hunt, and face the fucker head on?

What should I do to keep busy until then?

stock up
start cutting up soda cans

DId you ever see Twister?


(no subject)

For those of you in Canada (specifically, Toronto), where's a good place to get a decent clothing rack? I tried Canadian Tire and the selection was kind of shit, and Ikea is too far away. Does HomeSense carry them? Any rec's? Thanks.


(no subject)

What artificial flavors of fruits do you like?
Which ones do you dislike?

I like grape(usually), pineapple, orange, green apple.

I HATE FAKE CHERRY, and I don't usually like lemon or blue raspberry (and wtf is a blue raspberry?).
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(no subject)

What is happiness to you?

For today, mine was burning opium incense, checking out some indie sounds, and having a real conversation with a good friend. And the thought of junior year ending and summer starting in three more days. The thought alone brings out a smile.
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(no subject)

1) Which movies confused you or you didn't understand?

2) Which Sex and the City character are you most like? Why?

3) Do you know anyone who looks like a celebrity? Pics?

4) Bonus points: Do you *know* a celebrity? Who?
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I took a community college class but I quit going during the last 3 weeks and stopped doing my work during the last 7.  However, during the first couple of months, I did all the assignments, passed a test, etc.  My grade was finally posted and it said "ID."

What does ID mean?  I thought that I had at least earned an F or a D.  Is ID worse than failing?

Not like it matters, I'm just wondering how bad I did.

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Why is the top of my left foot numb and sort of swollen? I'm dying y/y?

Srs and non-srs answers pls.

EDIT: I'm kind of thinking that it's probably related to how strained and tight my left calf muscle is. We'll see.

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Do you have any special knowledge and/or skills?
How did you get them?

I have infinite inside knowledge of the delivery system of a large appliance store.

It is stupid knowledge but it is knowledge.

Does the current state of the world depress you?

I keep having talks with people about how the world is going to shit.

Whats going to happen when it gets so f-ing hot outside that we literally melt?

Maybe i am just worried about that part because i live in arizona and right now its really just too hot to go outside.

so...whats up?

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What's the most disgusting thing that's ever happened to you/that you've seen/that you've had to clean up?

Me: My toilet clogged and ended up overflowing while I was trying to fix it.

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Okay so I am(was) friends with this girl. She got a boyfriend and basically dropped off the face of the earth (you know the type, doesn't exist outside of some guy)

-She ditched me two days before my birthday when we were supposed to hang out. We'd had it planned for a few days. She failed to tell me she went out of town.
-She got my birthday flat out wrong. Also note I made her some f'in brownies for her birthday and drove sixty miles round trip to take them to her 'cause she was feeling down. She didn't bother to call, just text which she knows I have to f'in pay for.
-She never invites me anywhere anymore(Shes one of my only in-the-know people when it comes to social gatherings)
-Never calls/IMs/myspaces anymore

Should I
A ) Ignore her if she tries to talk to me again
B ) Acknowledge her when she ends up breaking up with the guy (who really is a sweet dude btw. No qualms with him) and inevitably comes crawling back
C ) Talk it out like its the freakin' Lifetime channel.
D ) Do a barrel roll
E ) Other
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Is there a law in the States about pulling over when an emergency vehicle is coming? Whenever I see police chases on TV from the States no one ever pulls over to the side of the road when a cop passes. I've got a ticket from not pulling over and I'm in Canada. This question has been bothering me ever since I started watching those stupid cop shows.

If someone called an ambulance to your house, would you still get a bill for it? I'm freaking out about having to pay $500 when I didn't even want it. EDIT: I didn't use it, but they just came in and asked me if I was okay along with a few more questions. I had to sign a form that I refused treatment. I didn't even leave my house.
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Would you ever buy a laptop on eBay?
What about a cell phone?
If the answer to the above two answers is no, what's the most you would spend to buy something on eBay?

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All these camping questions make me want to go camping.
Will you go camping with me, TQC?
If you're coming, you gotta bring something that will contribute to our merrymaking (snack foods, games, etc.). Whatcha gonna bring?
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I was walking my roommates dog and got caught in a storm. My cell phone was in my pocket and got wet. My phone worked enough for me to call my roommate and ask for a ride, but now it only turns on and none of the buttons work. Will it work again or am I going to have to buy a new one?

What are your plans for the night?

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What is humanity's greatest strength? Why?
Greatest weakness? Why?

Do you find people on TQC nicer or less nice than people you meet elsewhere online?
More or less nice than people offline?


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I'm making a package for AnySoldier. I've got a shit ton of stuff already, some bought and some free, but I'm asking around to different companies online for samples to put in the package.

They seem to want things like snack food, personal care items, hygiene stuff, scented stuff, and socks.

So, TQC: who the hell should I ask for free loot to send to the soldiers? I've run out of ideas of places to ask. I've asked Avon, Mary Kay, Lancome, Crest, Colgate, Proctor and Gamble, places like that.
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1. "Leningrad" by Billy Joel--every time I listen to it, I get goosebumps and I have tears in my eyes. Is anyone else here profoundly moved by this song?

2. What song does this to you?

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Why the fuck does McDonald's call a fried chicken breast and pickles on a bun a SOUTHERN chicken sandwich? I have lived in the south all my life and have ONLY found pickles on a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a and I thought that was the weirdest thing ever when I first encountered it. What awful place in the south are they talking about where people put pickles on a fried chicken sandwich?