June 9th, 2008

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If you were buying a (starter) house, what would you consider your basic non-negotiables to be?

What would you not want in a house, aside from obvious construction flaws/bug infestations/etc.?

What would be some nice bonuses you'd like to see in a house? (hardwood floors, brick exterior, etc.)

Would you rather live in the best house in an okay neighborhood or the worst house in a nice neighborhood?
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My cat is old, fat, and the best. But he's hurt. He has no injuries that I can see, but he can't move too much. Did he get hit by a car? Should I take him to the vet even if he's doing better in the morning? Do I hunt down the villain that did this to him?
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So...my piercing is infected and it's pretty gross. This little red bump next to the hole. if I apply tea tree oil all day tomorrow (every hour) will it go away quickly? I want to take the piercing out but I can't until the infection clears up.

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Today I did something idiotic. I dropped my car key into the parking brake...area. It wasn't on a key ring because I just got the car and hadn't gotten around to buying a key ring yet. Luckily, I had a spare key and was able to drive home from where I was but now I face the problem of how to extract the key from its hiding place.
How do I get it out?!
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Has anyone else ever done something idiotic like this? Share your tales of car-related idiocy.


A huge roach just flew into my face out of nowhere. I spent the last hour crying on the phone with my mom out of terror. Yes, full on sobbing and shit. Look, I'm stressed, K?!?
I don't know where it went. I sprayed raid everywhere it could be hiding, but no sign of him.

Will he die, even though it wasn't sprayed on him?
Is he going to fly on my face again in the middle of the night?

Do you think it's a robotic roach with a spycam that my landlord's son maneuvered into my room to look at me in my panties or some shit?
bitch please

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1. what browser do you use?

2. what are you hearing right now?

3. what was the last thing you ate? drank?

4. what was the topic of the last paper you wrote?

5. have you ever done someone's homework for them?

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have you ever wanted to just open an empty IM window and type in a message without someone to send it to, but when you send it, it goes to some random person?
i guess i am just feeling lonely.
wanna talk to me?

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1. What book are you currently reading?

2. Do you keep prefer to keep your hair long or short?

3. You are on death row (any crime can get the death penalty in this situation):
a.What crime landed you there?
b.What is your last meal going to be?
c.What method of execution is going to be used on you?
Bandit Driving

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There was a fly buzzing around my head for the last hour. I got up to go to my room, came back to my computer and the fly was dead on my desk.

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storm says fuck you!

Roommate Hate

TQC, my roommate is a crazy bitch, and I want her to move out. We have another week left in our lease, but she has told me she has her new room waiting for her whenever she wants to move out.

SO... what kinds of things should I do to encourage her swift emigration?

I also need a soundtrack for said effort. So far the only track I have is "Move, Bitch." Nothing else seems quite as appropriate. Suggestions?

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my boyfriend said he was going to take me to breakfast this morning. he was supposed to pick me up an hour ago but he's still asleep.

is he going to wake up or should i give up and go make a bowl of cereal?

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I have been eating a lot of black bean burritos. I feel like if I fart I will be blown into space.
1. What do you feel like?

2. If you could only listen to one c.d for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

3. Do you like to eat shrimp? If so, how to you like them cooked?
I want to grill shrimp today.

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Do your dreams more frequently feature people/places/events from your past, or the present?

Whenever I dream about people or places I've known IRL, they tend to be about 7 years out of date for some reason - the friends I had then, the school I attended, the job I had.

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There are only four people in my office including me, all of which have some degree of authority over me. This makes me nervous as my actual boss is prone to talk about each of us behind each others backs and frequently change procedures and policies depending on his mood. Being the only young, female person amongst 3 middle aged men.

Shortly after I was given a warning about the 'quality' of my work (based largely on the fact that changes in procedure occur nearly weekly), I was given a dollar and a half raise. So from one day to the next I never know if I'm in a good standing or not.

I'm not particularly happy or attached to my job. I started as a temp in August of last year and my offcial hire date was Nov. 1st 2007. Frankly I rather hate my job. It's absolutely boring and frequently frustrating.

On the plus side I was also given a company vehicle (2002 Honda Accord, nice car) and whatever gas I need. I can also drive the car in town for personal use, which is a big bonus considering the economic times.

If you got a raise at a job that you disliked or felt uncomfortable at, would you still look for a new job? How long would you stick it out.
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Do you have any online wishlists (e.g. at amazon.com)? What is on your wishlist (link!)? Have you ever received something from your wishlist when you weren't expecting it?

On Your Radio

1. What media market do you live in?

2. How much do you listen to the radio in a typical week?

3. Are you a satellite radio customer?

4. What stations do you have as presets and what format/genre are they? 

Collapse )1. Los Angeles

2. Only in the car and I have a pretty short commute -- maybe 2 hours total in a typical week

3. I have XM in my car.  


I don't listen to terrestial radio much these days...

KCRW -- local NPR affiliate with some good music and local interest programming
KDLE (103.1) -- "Indie" rock
XM 43, XMU -- college/indie/unsigned
XM 47, Ethyl -- new alternative.  like XMU but acts with name recognition and bigger record deals
XM 52, The Verge -- Canadian Ethyl
XM 53, Fungus -- punk
XM 60, Soul Street -- od school R&B
XM 70, Real Jazz -- um, jazz
XM 110, XM Classics -- classical

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1.) Do you believe human beings are meant to be monogamous? Why or why not?

2.) If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

3.) Have you taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test (MBTI)? What were you typed as?
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i like to live on the edge

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I am going to the post office for the first time in a long time. I need to mail 2 handbags and a cd to 2 different locations. Anyways, for the shipping boxes and stuff, does the post office sell them?? And are they ridiculously expense aka I should go to staples and purchase them myself?

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1.whats your favorite candy?
2.do you think people will still listen to bands like bright eyes,My chemical Romance,etc...30-40 years from now like they do with bands like led zeppelin,pink floyd,jimi hendrix,the police,etc..?
3.whats your favorite brand of shoes?
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Miss me, TQC?

When will I finally get my wireless back?
My mom came up to me this morning and asked if it was a good thing she had kids. Um, should I be worried about her again?
I just lost my female chinchilla and her mate is pretty down. What was the last pet you lost and how hard was it?

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What's the worst name you've ever heard?

Edit: Placenta.

Why am I getting calls from debt collectors? I'm not even old enough to drive a car legally, much less have any kind of debt. :(
Edit: I called back and got answers, so never mind. It was regarding a doctor bill. I guess they actually needed to speak to my mom, although they should have said that. :) 



1. Do you like, or dislike honey? Why?
2. What kinds have you tried?

For those that do like it:
3. What kind(s) do you like best?
4. What do you like your honey on/in?


1. Yes, big fan now, but I hated it when I was a kid strangely. I guess my palate has changed, I tried a variety I just didn't like, or I tried too much of it in one go.

2. A fairly weak, dark, unset variety, and a strong, dark unset variety by the name of "Strong Woodland Honey" (from pine forests, I think?).

3. The strong woodland honey is amazing :)

4. On multigrain toast with butter, and in cooking.

5. Yum ;)

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the biggest unit for my last year at college, in English literature starting in september is war literature focusing on the first world war. i have a huge reading list because i have to read outside class for this unit and the texts i get for the exam ( which will be a comparison and an essay question ) are unknown until i sit it. i'm advised to read, listen and watch as much as i can about the war, especially the first world war. this is damn for me. i've never taken history... :[

this comes to my question... do you have any recommendations for books/poems/plays/songs/anything relating to this unit that you like? any advice on the best way of understanding/learning about the first world war?!

and... what are you eating for dinner?
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When you were in school, did you ever have a half day because of extreme heat?

Why the hell didn't they do this shit on the grossly hot days when I was in school?
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Some questions about self-image etc.

This might ruffle a few feathers, as I'm associating some behaviors with good or bad people -- it's just hard to do a "survey" without categorising somehow. Feel free to skip all the questions and explain why they don't fit in your case :)

1. Do you consider yourself good to others, or bad to others?
2. Do other people tend to like you, or dislike you?
3. Do you think people have generally treated you well, or badly?

4. In terms of self-image, do you consider yourself "good" or "bad"?

5. Which of the first three questions contributes most to your self-image?

6. How "bad" are you capable of being, assuming you had NO reason not to be? Could you hurt? Kill? Massacre? Become a druglord? Arms dealer? Lie in court?
7. How bad have you been? If you changed, why did you change?

8. How good are you capable of being, assuming you had NO reason not to be? Could you let homeless people sleep in your house? Forgive a killer? Give all your money to charity? Devote your life to helping out in africa?
9. How good have you been? If you changed, why did you change?

10. Obligatory simpsons question: Is it right that I should buy a Chrysler?

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Is there a way I can change my menstrual cycle?

I only see my boyfriend for about one week a month, things get in the way like the fact we live in different cities, work, school etc..
It seems every time I see him I'm on my period, which is incredibly frustrating. Bless him, he doesn't get grossed out but it means there are certain activities that I miss out on..

Do you/have you ever had an awful boss? or hated someone you had to work with?

I do, mine has just emplyed her daughter (not allowed under comany policy) and has cut down mine & another employees shifts so her incompetant daughter can work more. I'm guessing it's only because she still lives with her mum and has to pay rent.

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Last semester, I took a math class online. I missed a few of the projects, and didn't pass.

Should I retake it in the fall semester, or wait awhile?

*Edit* The only opening for the class on-campus is a night class. I have a morning class on the same days. Also, the teacher is kind of a jerk, so I'm not sure I'd want to sit in a class with him.

Should I take it online again, or on-campus?

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How risky would it be to wait for standby seating (United Airline tix) during the Olympic games? (I want to fly from LAX to Beijing July 27/28 before the Olympic games, and then from Shanghai to LAX Aug 15, which is the middle of the Olympic games)

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My friend thinks that a psychopath has no emotion, and cannot really help killing/causing pain due to an imbalance in the brain. He also says they are very good actors, and people don't know how to distinguish one before they do something crazy.

1. How would you classify a psychopath?

2. What do you think is the difference between a psychopath and a murderer?

3. Is there a difference?

4. Ever read Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho? If yes, did you like it not? Why/why not?

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I moved into an apartment with a friend of a friend last week and things have been going GREAT! I want to get her a little something to say 'Thanks for being AWESOME!' - any suggestions?
Clem & Joely

Book of riddles?

Does anyone know of any books that are full of just riddles? Whenever I go to the bookstore they have books that have jokes and things like riddles, but none of the good ol' fashioned riddles that actually make you have to think to get some interesting answer.

Any help appreciated.

Do you like riddles? Do you have a favorite? (Please share if you do.) Are you good at riddles?

I love riddles. I don't have a particular favorite. I'm not all that good at riddles. I have to take one and let it sit in my head for a day or so before I can actually come up with an answer. They're not always right, either.
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

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Every time I go to favorite a video on YouTube it tells me I have to confirm my email address, but I've had an account there for ages. How do I do confirm my address? Answered!

What's for lunch?

Anybody taking a summer course?
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I'm eating a grilled chicken sandwich with provolone cheese, lettuce, and buffalo sauce. YUM! Does anyone else enjoy buffalo sauce as much as I do?

Have you ever used the Name Your Own Price thing on Priceline.com? Basically, you name your own price on how much you want to spend on airline tickets and you get them for that price. The catch is that they don't tell you what your flight times are until you pay for your tickets. You could be departing any time from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. I typed in $10 per ticket (for 5 people) and with the fees and everything the total cost was $250. Is this too good to be true?
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Choosing the matrix.

If you could press a button, snap your fingers, etc and produce the perfect SO who looked and behaved exactly like a real person, and was absolutely everything you've ever wanted, amazing in bed, capable of reproducing, blablabla, but you'd always know he wasn't real (let's say AI, or something like that), would you do it? Or would you want a real human being, even if that meant having something less than perfect (no human is..)?

Edit: Assume, by perfect, I do mean with opinions, standards, a personality, preferences, etc-- maybe even "the perfect flaws." (whatever flaws compliment your strong points or something like that) But, unnaturally perfect in the sense that wherever/however he/she is made, it is artificial and specifically intended for you.
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Is It Just Me

 Am I getting weaker or are twist top soda bottles getting harder and harder to open?  It seems once or twice a week I can't turn the cap and have to play damsel in distress to have a man do it for me.  Of course they won't admit it was very hard.  :-)

Anyone else notice this?
Quinn Twin

Hey Ladiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies!

Ok, lady friends o' this journal! If you've ever been on the Nuvaring, I need all your XP experiance type stories! I'm especially interested in the so called "ease of insertion" as I have a small hoo hoo dilly. Oh, btw guys, RETROACTIVE SPOILER ALERT! <<< Hahaha, too late! So, uh, yeah! Get to typin' whilst I go molest check out my Roomba (affectionately already named Lucille Two). Adios!

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So, I'm packing up appliances and could have sworn I had a waffle iron but apparently it left with one of my old roommates.

TQC, do I like waffles enough to buy a new waffle iron? Do you have a waffle iron? What's the best topping for waffles?

Why am I even asking this when I clearly like pancakes more?
Haruhi disappearance
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I just found out my company has an "outing" in July, one of those employee morale boosting things. I'm rather shy and reserved at work and the thought of a day out with my coworkers makes me feel not so good, and awkward D:

How can I get over my silly fears of socializing with my co-workers? lol. (They're all 10+ years older than me which makes it harder)
Brother of the soul.

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When people get upset or get annoyed with something they're not exactly forced to read/listen to/watch and then complain about it, do you sympathize with them or do you just find it ridiculous?

Personally, I can see situations where it'd be warranted, but other times, it just makes be wanna slap a person.

In retrospect, I suck at formulating questions, sorry

any ideas?

Hello,  i just started a new job as a pool attendent at a counrty club yesterday, where i sit by a pool for 8 hours at a time.  The first few hours were sort of fun i played in the water, read and layed out but then i got super bored.  Got any ideas of what i should do during my shift when theres nothing to else to do work-wise?
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I recently bought a macbook, and I want to get µTorrent for it, but I have no idea how to.

....so... my question is... is there like, an equivalent program similar to it? if so, i would appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks in advance ^_^

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so remember this morning i posted about my lazy sleeping boyfriend?

he is still sleeping! it's 2 pm.

how should i punish him for making me wake up at 7:30 to go to breakfast with him, when his ass can't even wake up? non-srs answers preferred.
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My dog is a really quick learner and I have a lot of time on my hands this summer.

What tricks should I teach my dog?

She already knows high five, jump, and down low (low five) along with the typical dog commands (sit, stay, lay, up, and we're working on speak but she's not much of a barker so it's harder). I tried teaching her "up high, down low, too slow" but she got too smart and refused to offer a high five after "down low" because she knew we'd take it away.

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When you were younger and in school did you make those fans by folding a piece of paper?

Did your teacher/s try and get you to stop by telling you that you'd be cooler by sitting still than by using the energy it takes to fan yourself with it, or was that just me?

Do you think there's any truth to that, or were they just trying stop kids from doing it for other reasons-what is that reason?

Yes they did, I'd like to think it wasn't just me/my school where teachers protested...not all of them mind you, it wasn't as if it was a school rule that you couldn't make a fan to cool yourself with but there were definitely one or two teachers that tried to make it stop. I don't really think there's much truth. Having spent 14 years in Southern CA I like to think I heat fairly well and various ways to deal with it. Not being really active is definitely a good idea but I do not believe that the slow motion most people make to fan themselves raises the body temperature that much, and the breeze it created was generally worth it. Staying still does not always work when it's hot your body is going to feel that temperature. I don't know WHY they didn't like it-maybe they just got annoyed with the steady movement.

Damnable References

How do you feel about organisations asking you for references?

Do you feel differently if they ask for references from specific kinds of people, or people you've known a certain amount of time, say?

Personally, I think it's really dumb and awkward. I've had lots of friends and employers I got on well with, but most of them are people I've lost contact with now, because they've moved or their companies have closed down, or something like that. Most of the people I've seen providing references have obtained them from relations with dissimilar names.

And... do you have any particularly good strategies for getting references from people you haven't spoken to in years? :)
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Call the whambulance

I'm home sick with a gnarly sinus infection and it hurts a lot. Each sneeze makes me want to never breath again in case that triggers another sneeze. What do you have to bitch about today?

In other news, what good books have you read lately?

ETA: Why the heck are all the daytime shows so dramatic and lame?
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Noel Panda. Fat Chinese people.

avoiding work - would you rather

would you rather be unable to hold in your urine for more than 3 seconds once you got the urge to pee


be unable to stop vomitting for a full 24 hours once you started?

edit: these are both lifelong ailments. Any time you throw up, it's for 24 hours. Any time you have to pee, you only have 3 seconds to get your pants down.
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1.) Years ago I read that something like <1% of women masturbate by humping pillows, stuffed animals, etc.   (It was worded more eloquently, I'm sure, but it's been awhile.)
So tell me, ladies of TQC, (and gentlemen, for that matter, I don't care), are you in that <1%?

2.) Gmail chat being a bitch for anyone else today?

3.) On a scale of 1-10, how much does it bother you when someone says something like "I got my hair did"?

1.) Yeah, I admit it, I am.  I started early 4 or 5, and had no reason to believe that wasn't "normal" until I read it in that book...
2.) It's been acting up for me all morning.
3.) 10...I want to punch them.
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When hybrid electric vehicles that get 230MPG exist, and pure electric vehicles that run on 12 car batteries and charge with a wall plug exist, what is this nation's problem that such technology existsis available that can be coupled with nuclear power plants yet we're sitting around bickering over the bullshit that the two party-system spews while avoiding these things?
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Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

You find a door that leads to a fantasy world. The very landscape of this place is so beyond your understanding that it is in constant flux, as far as you can tell, shifting and changing to the point that you end up with motion sickness and throw up something that was once your lunch, but turned into a bunch of flowers, then into a frog and hopped away before growing wings and ceased bumping its ass on lily pads.

As you make your way through the world, you are then approached by a well-dressed man who also happens to have four legs, and giant wings made of fire. He casually asks if you are new to the place, you say "Yes" and the two of you talk as he informs you of the goings-on in the world. Turns out you were summoned, indirectly, by the Lord of the Realm© to be his champion against a coming evil. Something that you, simply put, find absurd. You are given a suit of armor, and a sword "able to strike down God himself" and told to use them against the evil.

Shortly thereafter, a representative of The Coming Evil© approaches you, and offers you a rather lucrative deal if you go ahead and slaughter the Lord of the Realm©. Simply put: You will be the new Lord, and they will all have to kiss your heavily-armored and powerful ass until such a time that you decide that you should take off the armor and someone surely kills you.

Knowing this, do you:
1 - Attempt to summon Dark Charizard, but get a notice at the top of the screen saying that it doesn't work here?
2 - Kill The Lord of the Realm©, and become the new Lord, working with The Coming Evil©?
3 - Try to find a power cord to double-click?
4 - Kill The Coming Evil, when it finally gets here, and be The Hero?
5 - Summon the land's analogue to Dark Charizard, and kill everyone who dares challenge you as you kill both of them?
6 - Wander around and level up?
7 - Go back to your own plane and hope the armor goes with you, because it looks really sweet?
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1. Are leggings pants?

2. What song can you not stop listening to right now?

3. Approximately how much water do you consume on a daily basis?

4. Will you describe or post a picture of what you define as the closest thing to the "perfect body"?

5. If you could travel to any country in the world for ten days on an all-expenses-paid vacation, where would you go?
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I have an envelope that I'm sending to my boyfriend containing the base for my old web cam which is now his. I already have stamps on it so I can't put anything heavy in there, but what else should i put in?
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In mathematical logic, a well-formed formula (often abbreviated WFF, pronounced "wiff" or "wuff") is a symbol or string of symbols (a formula) that is generated by the formal grammar of a formal language. To say that a string \ S is a WFF with respect to a given formal grammar \ G is equivalent to saying that \ S belongs to the language generated by \ G, i. e. S \in \boldsymbol{L}(G). A formal language can be identified with the set of its WFFs.

Given that above, would it be analogous to say that a context-free grammar's capability of digitally describing a grammatically correct sentence within a natural language would also imply that it's describing a well-formed sentence?

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I'm trying to think of a way to word this...

What gift could you buy for a kid that would annoy their parents the most?
(What gift for a child would be most annoying for their parents?)
Edit: I'm not asking so that I can buy something and annoy someone- I was just curious what the worst gift you could think of would be

I was eating lunch thinking of knock-knock jokes and realized if someone ever gave me a book of them as a kid, I would not stop until I had read every single joke to my mom or dad
[tdl] - train window

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What are you craving right now?

How many times have you been salmoned?

Do you take criticism well?

Are you confrontational or non-confrontational? In what situations?

I would really like some naan or carne guisada with corn tortillas.

Okay, I've been salmoned 3 times in the past two days and before that I think one time.

I would say that sometimes I take criticism well, and sometimes I don't. When it comes to schoolwork, I take it well and I put it to good use, the same way with my artwork and my playing. When it comes to how I handle situations or my personality or how I view myself, I don't and it generally upsets me and I want to seclude myself from the world. I'm working on it, but it's still difficult sometimes.

I would say that I'm confrontational when I need to be, but I generally like to avoid confrontation.

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Is anyone else out kinda afraid and nervous around large groups of people? And/or, have you ever been frightened at the prospect of moving to a large city where you know next to no one?

It's looking a bit likely that my husband may possibly get a job at Big Hoity-Toit University in Big Hoity-Toit Expensive city sometime soon, and it's giving me little panic attacks. How do I deal, TQC?
amelie half face

ugh parents

Theoretically (or not so theoretically), you have about a thousand dollars saved up and a steady (but part time) job. Due to financial issues, your parents basically force you to live at home for a year at least because you can't afford to live in college dorms. You have already lived in the dorms for a year, which allowed you to come and go as you pleased, stay up late, whatever.
Another wrench in the situation; you hated the college you were attending. You're planning to take a year off.
After you've been home for a month, your mother flips out on you about how you don't act like she owns your soul anymore and how she expects to be able to control you like you're a preteen now that you're back in the house. You clearly disagree.

Instead of returning to college, what do you do?

Some options:
Keep saving money, find a cheap apartment, move out asap?
Stay and deal with parental crap to save more money?
+/- Trade school/full time work?

Srs/nonsrs answers---all are welcome
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I'm coming to the end of a very bad sore throat and cough.
With this in mind, if I  go to the gym tomorrow or will it make it worse or get rid of it quicker?
(By my estimations, if I let the cough run its course, with no gym intervention it will be gone by thursday)
party llama

a bunch of questions about family, because I'm bored and curious...

1. How many first cousins do you have?

1a. What is the age range (youngest cousin-oldest cousin)?

2. Are you named after anybody in your family?  If yes, what is the name you share with them?

2a. If so, how do you feel about being named after this person/these people?  Proud?  Ashamed?  Indifferent?

3. Are there any names that traditionally get passed down in your family?  If so, what are they?

3a. If you plan to have children, do you plan to pass any of these names down to them?

3b. Are there any family names that you're glad did NOT get passed down to you?

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For those of you who are married: Do you ever take off your wedding ring?

My mom just told me once you're married its bad luck to ever take off the ring.

I would think too much water and dirt/etc would damage it if a person were to wear it 24/7, but thats just my naive opinion I suppose.
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I just agreed to have dinner with my ex-bf and his fiance (who i have never met). I haven't seen him since the day we broke up but we have talked regularly over the internet and occasionally on the phone so it's all friendly.

Have you ever done something like this? How did it go? Did you end up actually enjoying yourself?

Any general advice?
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(food) usagi eating ice cream
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1- What did you get in the mail today?
2- Why did my library claim to have a lot of books I wanted in, but I couldn't find them anywhere? (I didn't order them ahead, just looked them up when there... they said they were 'available', rather than 'waiting to be shelved'... my library system has a lot of codes for crap.)
3- What's the last thing you thought was a sure thing, but it turned out to all be a LIE??

1- A sample baby bottle... I love getting free stuff for baby. And the book from tqc_travelbook :P
2- I DUNNO. :( What the hell!
3- The books man. The books were all a lie. And it made me cry so many tears, let me tell you. :(
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Name game.

For those of you interested in your ancestry, what's the strangest name(s) you've come across in your family tree? How far back in your tree is it?

Syche Peppenger. Born about 1707. (Ninth Generation)
Geertje Gulick "Charity Gitty" Born 24 Jan, 1748. (Eigth Generation)

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this is not meant to start any kind of drama, but i was having a discussion with a few friends recently, and we're all biased on the question. so, i ask you, TQC, do you think that homosexuality is genetic? is it something that is learned? does it happen because of a bad (or good, i guess) experience in your past? is it a combination of a few of them?

i really just want some opinions of an unbiased group of strangers.

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I am looking into buying a motorcycle for this summer and was wondering if...
a)you have ever riden a 125 CBR? What was it like? Too beginner for a beginner?
b)Will my insurance be cheaper instead of going ahead with a 500 or 600 cc bike as my first bike?
c)any tips for first time biking?
c)tell me your riding stories good or bad   :D
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teary days :(

1. What is the last thing that made you cry?
TV, haha.

2. What is the last movie that made you cry? The last TV show?
Sex and the City; Doctor Who

3. How do you hold back tears when it's inappropriate?
I wish I knew :( when I want to cry and can't I end up with a nasty headache and I have to give in and cry anyway :(


What style of clothing does your mom wear? Your dad?
What style of clothes do you wear?

Where are each of your parents in respect to their siblings? (Oldest, youngest, middle, only child...)
How is your parents relationship with each other?

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What do you put on your ice cream sundaes, TQC?

Right now my favourite combination is vanilla ice cream, oreo crumbs (the kind from the box, so its really fine, not like big chunks), and Rice Krispies. Rice krispies are my favourite ice cream topping, and strongly encourage you all to try it. This is a topic I'm very passionate about!

Also today I made cookies and crumbled a cookie onto it to. I'm so healthy! When was the last time you made cookies?
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Let's say you get your neighbor's mail in your mailbox.
Do you hand deliver it to them or do you put it back in their mailbox for them to get the next day?

Butter or margarine?

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I just found my Nintendo DS (the original one). The touchscreen has been refusing to calibrate for ages, so following some online advice I took the battery out. Now when I turn it on both screens are just white, or it works but completely out of calibration.
Is there any way to fix it or have I killed it?

If you have step-siblings, how long have they been in your life?
How often do you see them/how well do you know them?


My computer monitor recently decided to show discoloration in about half the screen. I can still read and see things, but it's difficult. I have no idea what caused it, or how to fix it. I was wondering if anyone here had an idea. I can't really afford a new monitor right now, and I'm not even sure the monitor is the problem.

Let me know if you any ideas. Thanks soooooo much!!

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Are boners funny?

Are songs about boners funny?

Is this song (web page with video embedded) funny?

The video's NSFW, I think.

edit: Will you tell me about your first experience with a boner? Yours or someone else's, doesn't matter.

Tricky boy question, possibly tl;dr


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Should I completely forget about him? If he presses the issue again, should I stand my ground and explain that I don't think we should see each other again? Am I being a baby about this? It's kind of a "three strikes you're out" situation for me, but part of me wants to give in. But I don't want to seem like a doormat that will wait around for a guy to be good and ready for me, you know?
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time machine

do you think it's possible for humans to travel through time? do you think it'll ever happen?

it seems to me like we would have had visitors from the future by now if it was possible, but you never know, maybe there are rules we don't know about.

do you think if you went back and time and killed one of your ancestors, you'd still be born?
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I sent out thank you cards for my graduation and baby shower gifts over the weekend. I'm 99.999999% sure I sent my crazy grandmother an empty envelope. Since she's crazy, this could end badly.

What should I do, TQC?
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If you were going to  be moving to a different city, but still working for the same company, would you give your boss a written 2-week notice?

If it makes any difference, it's a small company-- just the owner, 2 other guys and myself.  We've been discussing my departure since February, so it's no surprise.  I'll still be working for him, just from my home a few hours away.

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Poll #1202482 For those of you who are organ donors...

You have a really bad allergic reaction to something, and are rushed to the hospital. During a particularly bad conniption, your heart stops for 5 seconds, and then, you're revived. You're past the seizures and are wheeled to a bed for rest. Suddenly, the curtains are pulled aside, and a few medics are there, brandishing saws. "We heard your heart stopped. You were technically dead. We've come for your organs. All of them. If you'll please put your hands through the restraints, we'll get this done and leave you to your jello". What do you do?

Well....technically, they're right. Hahaha. You got me on that one. All ready for the incisions, doctors
I defend my organs with a crutch, the tv remote, and anything else I can get my hands on. MINE, BITCHES!
Make a compromise. Give up a kidney and a 5" layer of skin, but I get to keep the rest
Offer them oral pleasures in exchange for my organ integrity
"You want my organs? Ok. But you should know I've been subsisting on Twinkies, McDonalds and spoonfuls of pure lard. If you think anyone would want them, go ahead"