June 8th, 2008

Please be helping me

Actually, I meant to ask this for probably 2 weeks, but...

My fiance is currently in Idaho for an internship.  He gets paid $70 per week for living expenses, except that they're taking taxes out of that.  He has to use his own car everyday, driving back and forth...I'm beyond annoyed, but it's what he wanted.  Oh well.

The question: They were clear in saying these were just for living expenses, not his wage.  It's supposed to be an unpaid internship.  Is that even legal? 

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Regardless of where you stand on the seat up, seat down debate (ie when a guy pees, should he put it down after he's done?):
Say you've been dating someone for 4+ years and you want the seat down. He still forgets 75% of the time. Are you a bitch for not letting it slide, or is he an asshole for not making a point to fix it?
And for fun where do you stand on this important issue and how flexible are you?
By the way I'm not either party mentioned.
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How is it possible for me to be bored when I have many, many books, games, craft things and DVDs to keep me occupied? Not to mention the whole damned internet!?
Do you often find yourself in situations like this?
How do you get out of them?
Should I not watch Tipping the Velvet in the living room because my extremely prudish flatmate is almost certain to come out of her room during one of the steamier gay sex scenes or should I just watch it and not care about her delicate sensibilities?
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I have an adorable hamster that I love very much. I call her Mel Gibson. I bought her one of those exercise balls that you can put into this little stand, so she can run in some stationary spot, and every night I put her in it on my desk, next to my laptop, for a little while.

WELL! Tonight, just to see what would happen, I got the urge to spin the ball for a second. So I spun it one rotation, and she flipped on her little back and then immediately righted herself. I giggled for a moment, because it was adorable, but then immediately felt like a monster.

So, TQC, what can I do to atone for my sins?

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Why does it cost so much to volunteer?

Has anyone ever volunteered in a third world country without having to pay out of their ass to help people?

EDIT, because people are assuming I am whining about airfare: A lot of programs call for an extra two, three grand even after you pay airfare and visa costs and lodgings and food yourself. These are for things like teaching programs, so it's not like you're covering building materials. Why? How expensive is 'bureaucracy' over there?
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Collapse ) How do you feel about this column? Do you think the advice is sound, or do you disagree with it? If you agree, what do you agree with? If you disagree, what do you disagree with?

Does it surprise you that this article is on MSNBC, or do you feel it's typical of them?

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So it has been storming for the past 5 hours. I am in awe of the lightning. What is the last thing you were in awe over.

When I was walking to my apartment about 10 min ago, there was a couple standing by the stairs making out, outside in the thunderstorm. Inappropriate or romantic?

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What's blister juice made of?
(I thought it was lymph but I don't really know)

Does anyone else take Lamictal & how does it make you feel?
(It makes me feel like I'm in a trance for about 1-3 hours a day)

Do you ever chew on your fingernail clippings?
(Almost 100% of the time)
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1. have you ever felt like you need a little breathing (like a day or two) away from your significant other in your current or past relationships? if so, why?

2. how often do you see your significant other? (once a day/once a week/etc)
-if you live together, has seeing him/her everyday changed your relationship?
-if you don't have one, how much is too much time spent with a boyfriend/girlfriend?

3. favorite chain restaurant?
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I have decided that Thai Sweet and Sour Chili dipping sauce goes really well with seasoned french fries.

When was the last time you were (so) scared (your muscles tensed up)?

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There is a spider in my bed. I jumped out and it disappeared. I know for sure it's still in my bed, but I don't know what to do to kill it and the boyfriend is being no help.


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My crush-guy is going through a rough time with family related things right now. I'm pretty concerned for him and couldn't sleep due to that and the AC-less heat.

When was the last time you worried so much about someone, you couldn't sleep?


I want to be a veterinary technician and I plan on going to a four year college for it. I know you have to go to a veterinary school AFTER a four year school and get certified to be a veterinarian, but what about a technician? I can't find anything on the Internet about this for some reason. Maybe I'm not using the right searching methods. lol I really would rather not have to go to school AFTER school but if I must then I'd like to know about it beforehand. haha Also I'm not 100% sure but a veterinary assistant isn't allowed to do as much as a technician, right? I was going to do that but I wanted to be more involved in the taking care of the sick/injured animal. Would you need schooling after a four year degree to be an assistant? 

If you do any veterinary work can you describe some of your experiences to me please? I already talked to a veterinarian to get a basic idea of what is involved but I'd like to hear more from others.

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How often do you wash your bed sheets and blankets?

How often should you wash them? 

Should you wash them more often if you have a pet that sleeps with you?
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dear dr lj

Lately, itchy bumps have been appearing on my back and belly. what causes this? Should this complaint wait til the 20th?*

*when I'm at the dr.

eta: would you pay $50 for a gamecube?


I'm planning on taking a trip to Ecuador in September as a graduation present to myself.

If I'm going to be there for a week or so, what should I absolutely see or do?

If you could take a week's vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

What's your ideal vacation?
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i was looking at the strictly platonic section on craiglist and was tempted to respond but all my friends say people on there just want to get laid, are creepy or are sex predators.  I just want to know if that's really true.

Have you ever met someone on Craiglist?

What were they like? weird, awkward, normal, a great person?

Do you still meet up with them?

Sorting digital photos.

On Macs, there is a very awesome program called Photo Reviewer. It lets you easily and quickly scroll through your unsorted photos and move the ones you want to keep to a separate folder (all you have to do is hit ENTER while the photo is on the screen). It makes sorting 1000+ photos very quick and painless. Is there anything like this for PCs? I have spent hours looking, and can't find anything that looks promising.

My Mac is an older iBook and my primary computer is a PC. I'd prefer not to use the iBook to sort tons of photos if there is any good alternative.
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It's my day off, and it's going to hit 90 degrees.

Should I go to the beach, or spend the day reading in the air conditioned bookstore?

Do you prefer swimming in the ocean, a pool or a lake?

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So I've got this good friend (we'll call her Racer X) who, with a bunch of other gal friends, I usually hang out with on Friday nights. The SO husband of Racer X and I had a bit of a falling out a few weeks ago, it wasn't really a fight so much as a disagreement and we sat down and talked to try to resolve it in a peaceful fashion. Ever since then though Racer X has started saying that she can only hang out every other week on Fridays, and has started ditching our usual Saturday movie nights. I like hanging out with Racer X, but she's really sensitive about anything I say against her SO or their relationship, which I'm pretty sure is what's causing the problem here.

So TQC what would do you about this whole mess?

Should I call Racer X and ask her if she's going to let her husband decide who she can hang out with for the rest of her life? Or should I just leave well enough alone and accept the fact this is one of those "give and take" relationship things that people tell me I don't understand?

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through craigslist, i have found a job pet sitting next weekend. i am not exactly sure what i'll be doing (though, she offered for me to stay the night there if i needed to) or how long i'm expected to be there, but she has asked me if i have a daily rate. i've never done this before, so i'm not sure what to charge.

she is about a 15 minute drive from where i live. she has a (apparently, very friendly) boston terrier and a shy cat. she and her husband are leaving next friday until next monday. i will have no commitments that weekend, school wise. she sounds very friendly and flexible. i have no plans that weekend that i'll be breaking. most likely, i'll be making the 15 minute commute to her house and back to where i live a few times during the weekend. i don't think i'll have to walk her animals, just feed them and love on them and let them outside to play and do their thing. i'm meeting up with her later so i don't know what my other responsibilities will be, but, with this information alone, what would you charge? since i've never done this before, i don't want to sell myself short.


I stepped on a cactus a few years ago, with bare feet.
1. What was something painful you had happen to you?

I just watched the Misery.
2. What was the last movie you watched?

3.Who is you least favorite celebrity chef?
I can't stand "Barefoot Contessa"

4. If you like berries, what is your favorite berry?

transferring movies from VHS to DVD

Are there places that do this sort of thing?

There's a short movie I found that's only available on VHS, and I'd like to have it transferred to a dvd. I've googled and it's not available on any format that's relevant to this millenium :(

anyone know?

edited to add : I don't have a VHS player and don't want to invest in one just for this exercise.
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I'm really confused. My boyfriend says he feels like we should spend some time alone. Like he wants to be able to not see me for a day or two because when he'll see me again it'll be that much more worthwhile. He says when he comes over after work he doesn't get all excited or anything because he does it everyday. But I, on the other hand, want to see him every day whenever, however. Granted, I get alone time when he's at work (esp since I'm on summer break). But I still think 2 days is a long time to take breaks from seeing someone! It's somewhat upsetting.

Advice? Have you been in a situation like this (either party)? Do you think 2 days is a long time like I do? Help me rationalize?
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If you play Sims 2, which expansion pack do you feel has added the most to your gaming experience?
The least??

If you don't play Sims, what's the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

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What is your:

1. All time favorite restaurant?

2. Favorite trashy or dive sort of place?

3. Restaurant you opt to go to when you're treating yourself to something a little pricier?

Include locations if applicable, please.

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I want to learn actionscript 3. I have no programming background but I'm reasonably familiar with flash. Mostly I want to learn how to script animation and silly little games.

Can anyone reccomend a decent foundation book? Amazon has so many...

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Poll #1201581 Meow! MeAAARRRRGGGH!!!!! (headsplodey)

Science is able to prove the existance of God, and shortly afterwards, discovers that indeed, God does kill a kitten every time you masturbate. How will this news change your life?

I'll never touch myself again! Poor kitties!
Meh, we could afford to lose a couple
I didn't masturbate much before, but this kind of encourages me to start with the diddling. I don't like cats
I'll try and balance out the fallout. For every kitten I kill while masturbating, I'll donate enough money to animal shelters to feed 2 cats. Karma's balanced
I didn't masturbate before, and this discovery doesn't change a thing
I masturbate. Kittens die. Nothing changes. Circle of life

A few days later, the scientific community apologizes. They forgot to carry the one, and God doesn't kill a kitten every time you reach the big O, he kills a convict instead. How does this change your life?

I'll never touch myself again! Poor convicts
Meh, we could afford to lose a couple
I didn't masturbate much before, but this kind of encourages me to start with the diddling. I don't like criminals
I'll try and balance out the fallout. For every convict I kill while masturbating, I'll buy beer for 1 minor and give a dollar to a crackhead
I didn't masturbate before, and this discovery doesn't change a thing
I masturbate. Convicts die. Nothing changes. Circle of life

No, it was definitely the kittens. The convicts aren't dying by lightning bolts. However, scientists discover that God will raise the kittens from the dead if you watch the Passion of the Christ. For every viewing of this movie (you have to actually watch it, not have it on in the background), a kitten will be restored to life. How many kittens will you save?

None. I hate that movie. R.I.P. furballs
1-12. On average, one a month
2-24. Every 2 weeks is all I can stand
52. I'll make it a weekly ritual. Masturbate on Friday, kill the kitten, bring it back on Sunday...Just like Jesus!
365. There will be a lot more kitties on this planet
365. I'm just bringing back all the cats I kill (I masturbate a lot)
More than 365. I'm obviously not doing this for the kittens anymore. Savior torture is pretty addictive
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Poll #1201505 Highschool!

How did you feel about your highschool and the over all experience?

I loved my highschool!
I liked it.
I hated my highschool.

There's a trend in Hollywood where new up and coming young actors are given the title of "The New _________ "
Anne Hathaway is said to be the new Audrey Hepburn, Abigail Breslin the new Shirley Temple, etc etc....

Taking this into consideration, which "The New" are *you*?

(Jesus doesnt count, it's already been called)

(no subject)

Do you worry about your sanity, or mental state? If so, how often?

Yes, I'm a little worried because I'm on self-destruct mode, and the number of people who I would go lesbo for is increasing. It's freaking me out.
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Will you guys (mostly ladies, but you know what I mean) help me through my urge to dye my hair :( ?

It looks exactly like my icon now, and I'm trying to grow it out, and I keep getting antsy and want to dye it.

Serious/non serious help welcome.
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who do i address it to?

I'm sending out thank you cards for gifts I received on my birthday. This one woman took me out for lunch and gave me a $25 gift card to B&N. It had a small To and From, but I threw that away and don't remember the "from" part. Now, I know it's from her, but I'm not sure if her husband was also included in that "from" part. I don't want to be a bitch and send a letter to only her saying thank you and forgetting her husband, though I don't want to seem like a twit for putting him in if she was the only one to give it to me.

So who do I address it to? :( Could I just leave out their names and say thank you for the gift?

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have you seen the movie "The Air I Breathe"?

did you think it was as good as i thought i did? totally looooved it

if you haven't seen it - can you please go rent it?

its really good, IMO. its one of those WOAAAAH. OMG. movies.

Musical Questions

1. Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up in the morning when the day is new, and after having spent the day together, hold each other close the whole night through?

2. And where is that band who so vauntingly swore that the havoc of war and the battle's confusion, a home and a country should leave us no more?

3. If happy little blue birds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh, why can't I?

4. Why should I care if I got to cut my hair? I got to move with the fashion or be outcast.

5. Who put the dip in the dip da dip da dip?

6. How many of these do you recognize?

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I have a show I'm working tonight at Hollywood & Highland, I live appx 23.1 miles from it. I estimated and gas in my car would probably cost about $15 (adding in the horrible traffic at 5pm around Los Angeles & my car only takes plus/premium) to get there and come back. If I take the metro, it's only $5 (plus maybe $1 to get there & back in my car to the metro station right by my house) for a day pass (perfect for going there & back cuz I do have to change trains once), but the only thing is I'll be getting on the metro around 10pm since that's the time the show is over. I have to admit I'm a bit afraid of the people that might be on the metro that hour at night, and I'll be alone.

Should I take the metro or drive?

Are gas prices absolutely ridiculous where you're at?
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(no subject)

I'm supposed to be getting out of the hospital tomorrow, but I can't unless someone drives me ( according to the doctor) or else I have to stay another day.

Will anyone pick me up? :(

More importantly, I only have 38$ until the 15th and I need to invest in some food.
What should I get?

Collapse )

(no subject)

What TQC bad-habits bug you the most? Bad spelling? Poor grammar? Senselessly deleting comments/posts? Posts with no question mark? Posts that secretly link back to the OP's journal? People who don't know how to use the Internet?

Should I have made a poll instead? Will you forgive me for not knowing how to make one?

(no subject)

What was that website called where you get to apply to sleep at someone's house while traveling...or something?

something about a couch. this probably doesn't make sense.


EDIT:When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Is it different now?

(no subject)

Which of the following foods do you like?

snow peas
corn fritters
soft pretzels
chicken salad sandwiches/wraps
raw tomatoes
garlic bread
grilled chicken breast
I don't like any of these.

(no subject)

1)would you be embarrassed to go to the children's section of the library for a book?

Yes, irationally

2)Do you send back Netflix DVDs if they are just meh or do you watch them all?

3)what do you think of summer tv?
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Teaching ESL

Has anyone here had any experience teaching English as a Second Language? I'm thinking of getting into it as part of a career change and I'm wondering what I'll need to do, in terms of schooling and certifications. I have a bachelors of fine arts degree, I'm in my late 30s, I'm currently in the animal care field; I live in Boston now, but I forsee a move down south somewhere.

My question is, Should I make the effort to change careers, and if so how should I go about it, and if you have experience in the field, what should I look out for?

and so on.

(no subject)

What are some good nutrition or weight loss websites/message boards/lj communities that are really active and informative?

I know of sparkpeople and dieting support.

any others?

I need to get back in my healthy attitude for the summer.
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were you planned?

Depending on my googling, anywhere between 1/5 to 2/3 of pregnancies are unplanned. So odds are some of us in here were accidents. Or "happy surprises", depending on how optimistic our parents are.

So how about it... were you the product of two careful type-A suburbanites finally getting money for a house, throwing out the shellfish and charting fertility? Or are you, like millions of other humans, evidence that birth control isn't *quite* 100% effective? Or maybe you were in the plan, just came a bit earlier/later than expected?

and finally... do you think reflecting on the situation affects your outlook on life from time to time? does being unplanned give you a sense of fortune/purpose or do you feel disconnected sometimes? does being planned make you feel wanted, or just more boring?

(no subject)

For those who enjoy fiction, do you prefer it when novels are written in the 1st person, or in the 3rd? Is this something that really jumps out at you, or would you generally not even notice?

What's the last work of fiction you read for pleasure?
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(no subject)

What have you listened to this week? (aka post your last.fm charts if you have them)

How many times have you been rickrolled?

What languages do you speak? Which ones do you want to learn?

Only two times.

English (obviously), Spanish, a little Russian and a little French. I'm really ~into~ learning Russian and French and I'd also like to learn Portuguese, an Asian language and maybe German.

(no subject)

What little thing in life pleases you?
The little references in cartoons that only adults can understand, because it seems like the makers of the show are just saying to whatever parent or babysitter is stuck watching the show with the kids is saying, "hang in there!"

What little thing in life annoys/upsets you?
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People argue that the internet is not serious, and they do not take it seriously, but they feed trolls like no other when ever presented with situations when they should not be taking the internet seriously (I am guilty of this, but I kind of enjoy it). Recently, the NYT magazine did something about the internet and SERIOUS BUSINESS:


When I read the comments, it seemed  like a lot of people didn't get the point of the article (which, to be fair, missed the bit of formatting where 3/4 of the way through, you're supposed to talk about how it relates to the real world, and other people, etc) and then others thought they understood it perfectly. Do you get why the NYT would publish something like this? Do you think it's not worth the story? What's your take on the internet and SERIOUS BUSINESS?
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(no subject)

Which hairstyle suits you best?
Long, short, brown, blonde etc etc

My mum thinks she looks better with short hair and I look better with long hair because her face is long and mine is round :)

(no subject)

Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? Which one? Do YOU see it?

I've gotten Angelina Jolie a couple of times because we have a similar mouth, but in actuality I look nothing like her.

da future

Have you heard of fabbers?

For those who had, or have just read that link, are you planning to get one when they become practical for a wide range of tasks? Sooner!?

And... what do you think it'll mean for existing industries, when people can download the designs for, say a coffee machine, or Iron Man merchandise, and "print" it out just like the one in the shop?

(no subject)

what is the last song you listened to?
if you have itunes, what is your most played song?
what is your favorite type of cereal?
is there any way to get make this pesky mosquito bite go away? ):

(no subject)

Should I get In n Out, Del Taco, or Taco Bell for dinner?  Or Baja Fresh?  Hm.

How many times do you ask a person to hang out (but they can't for whatever reason ex: my band has a radio show, I close at work, too much wine at wine tasting, blah blah...) before you just stop (but they keep saying they want to hang out)?  :-/

Approved By The Comics Code Authority

(no subject)

You return from your battle with The Minotaur Who Guards The Bathroom (after getting into a heated argument about how you really needed in the bathroom, and he demanded "a blood sacrifice" and you made remarks that suggested if you didn't get in there soon, he would be the blood sacrifice--there were also a lot of comments made regarding sodomy and the large trident he wielded) and have decided that you're never going to eat at that restaurant again. That and the food was absolutely terrible. I mean, they didn't even have something as basic as a "garden salad". No they had "A fresh collection of what might have, perhaps, been vegetables, before they died in screaming agony."

You decide, in turn, to open a competitive restaurant right down the street. Well within a distance that most people would be able to make a choice between the two places before settling on going to McDonalds to shut the children up (if you weren't going to have children in your restaurant to begin with, then I'm sure this is no loss to you.) However, the owner of the place who serves the Salad of the Abyss has decided that it would be in their best interest to blackmail you, threatening to release pictures of you doing rather unethical and possible health-code-violating things in various places of the establishment.

Unable to let this go, do you:
1 - Bribe the Minotaur Who Guards The Bathroom to kill him and work for you?
2 - Use Dark Charizard?
3 - Double-click the power cord?
4 - Seduce the owner, and kill him, so that your information will never be made public?
5 - Point out that those pictures are all manipulated from various porn he watches, and punch him in the testicles?
6 - Blackmail him, in return, with a large collection of clearly illegal "adult" items that he happens to have in his possession?
7 - Hire the Nazi Lesbians to take care of all of your problems?
8 - Remember that you beat Satan in a Pokémon battle, and set the owner of the place on fire with your mind?

Summer Time!

1) What are some songs in theme with the new song Buzzin' by Schweeny (?) and the old song Summer Girls by LFO? I just want to make a dumb upbeat playlist with songs about hoooking up for the summer.

2) What has been your favorite summer? What went down that made it so epic? Do you still chill with the people you chilled with that summer? Seriously I just want stories about the best summer of your life!

3) Who in your life have you lost contact with that you regret? OR who in your life changed so much that you had to cut off contact with and do you regret that?

4) Anything else summer related? That's the kind of drunken mood I'm in!
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(no subject)

Can you drink soda if it's super cold?
Can you drink soda if it's not icy cold?
Can you drink room-temperature soda?
How about car-temperature soda?

How often do you accidentally post tqc questions to your own journal?

(no subject)


Will you post a drunken photo of yourself? The less clothing, the better. 

thy drugs are quick
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(no subject)

When you're standing around in your shower, masturbating with your spray nozzle, do you just stop and think, "WOW, I must look really funny to the hosts of heaven"?

(no subject)

1. Hoodie wearers: do you like the zip-up ones or pull-over ones more?

2. Do places like women's shelters accept open packs of pads? I switched to tampons a while ago, but I still have a lot of pads at home. And I don't have any friends I'd be comfortable approaching and asking if they want my pads.


There's a website that can help you choose what electronics you should buy, according to your needs. Like, I used it when I bought my digital camera. It asks what I'd use it for, how important certain aspects were, does brand matter, the price range... etc. Someone in here linked me to it, so I know SOMEONE knows what I'm talking about.

What website am I thinking of? It's driving me nuts!

Edit Nvm, after about a half-hour of Google-usage, I found it. Myproductadvisor.com, for the curious!

(no subject)

I'm looking at scholarships right now, and found this:

Students are invited to suggest ways to reduce social problems such as teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, the AIDS epidemic, rising school dropout rates, gang violence, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, political corruption, homosexuality, media decadence, or other social problems not listed here. 

Am I being unreasonable for being upset about this?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)

I don't have a driver's license. I have a permit. I took some driving lessons, and the two instructors I had said I was really good, I just need some practice.

My boyfriend has offered to help me practice, and we have been driving around in his car for the past few days. He told his parents that we were doing that, and they weren't sure that I was covered. They called to ask their insurance if I was, and with his policy, only guest drivers are covered by his insurance if they are 25 or over and have a valid driver's license. I asked if maybe I could be put on their policy (and I'd pay for all expenses, of course), but they said I needed to be a member of their household for that to be possible. And even if that WERE possible, they would need my driver's license number...which...I don't...have.

I called my mom and asked her if I could get on her policy, and she said yes, but I'd only be covered if I drove her car. And I can't because...she lives many hours away. Plus, she has a manual and is in San Francisco. Stick shift + steep hills + easily freaked out mother with a bad temper =/= driver's license.

Soooo...how the hell do I get insured so that nothing bad will happen to my boyfriend if I crash his car? Or am I just SOL in terms of getting a driver's license? How the fuck does someone who didn't get their license as a teenager get one?!

(no subject)

What have you been up to?

What was the last movie you saw in the theater?

When was the last time you ate pizza?

What living thing do you deal with best?

What are you wearing?

Colorful clothes y/n?
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(no subject)

What are some of your favorite episodes of some of your favorite shows? As in, the episode that you get excited to see everytime it comes on no matter how many times you've seen it?

I love the episodes of Roseanna where Darlene and David kiss. which only happened like 4 times ever (namely the one where David moves in).

And the Best Day Ever episode of spngebob, I never get tired of that song. haha
a zim

(no subject)

is gmail acting weird for anyone else? 'standard view' just keeps loading and loading and loading and the only way i can see my mail is by using 'basic html view' which fucking sucks. fixed, yay!

when's the last time you had to pull a tick off yourself (or someone else)? i hate ticks.

what's the weirdest object you've used to masturbate with?


Say you need to get up at a reasonable time in the morning to go to work/school/etc., 7:30 a.m. for the sake of picking a time. What's the EARLIEST possible you can justify going to bed on a typical night? (i.e. you didn't just run a marathon or get back from a 14 hour flight that day)

There's some nights my sister and I will both come home exhausted, and just keep telling ourselves, "okay, if we can make it to the double digits, then we're not totally lame..."

(no subject)

I took some bridal pictures of a friend of mine last summer, and as one of our "fun shots", we did a shot of her at the bus stop.

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Today we were talking about taking this picture and making it some kind of ad about how our city (Tulsa) really needs better public transportation. Especially since the price of gas has spiked.

So, any ideas on what to say or how to say it?

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What is a secret that you promised not to tell?

Do you have any tricks for keeping your dog cool during the summer? My dog HATES the heat and we put a pool out for him but he just seems miserable.

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i don't get what's wrong with indecent exposure to an extent. i mean, yeah, flashing people is creepy. but what i mean is like having sex in a public place like your car is indecent exposure even if you are not involving anyone else in your business. i mean, i wouldn't care if i saw someone having sex in public if they weren't like moaning or some shit.

i've given my boyfriend head in public before and nobody has noticed yet still that would be illegal on principle. WHY?
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Is it okay that I decided I want to throw out all of my clothes, and stop buying over priced faded , ripped jeans from AE and start buying equally as expensive, quality skirts and slacks?

What do you think of starting to dress like a middle class lady from the 30's?

Where can I find these clothes?

Where can I get a good turkey breast type meal, at a restaurant?
My husband wants to go out when he gets home.

All these revelations and I haven't even had my pain medication yet.

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okay sorry to post again so soon but i'm struck by genius right now and i need to get this out before i lose my train of thought. my question before was why it matters if i fuck someone in public if nobody knows what is going on, since if they aren't aware it obviously isn't affecting them.

but i'm taking this a step further. WHAT WOULD IT MATTER IF THEY DID KNOW WE WERE FUCKING?

i truly feel like our society needs to be more hedonistic and indulgent. i look at greek and roman society and i can't help but think ... man, how much more honest was that? we've all got freaky sides, but we feel like we have to repress them. i don't see why we should.

it's like, we have this complex about being "above" animals. i mean, animals fuck in public. they eat, they shit, they fuck. they don't try to make things have a deeper meaning. they just are. and i really feel like this is a much more honest way to live your life. and so i ask ... what's wrong with honesty? what's wrong with indulging? what's wrong with fucking orgies in the streets? the hawaiians used to do that. the greeks and romans used to do that. native americans used to do that. why not us? in some ways, their societies were so much fucking better than ours, so why can't we take a few cues from them? WHY. NOT?
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1. If somebody used an existing photo of you and photoshopped it -- WITHOUT your prior knowledge -- to make you look hotter, smoother, slimmer, etc.... just for the fun of playing around in photoshop or whatever.... what you be flattered at how much better you look in the final result or would you be seriously offended that you need photoshopping?

2a. Do you ever photoshop your own images?
2b. Would you if you had the skills?
I pretty much never photoshop my own, even though I have the experience. I'm just a very what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of person, no need to paint a picture.

3a. What shows can you think of where the audience desperately wanted two characters together?
3b. What about a show where they got together and it was totally anticlimactic?
3c. Are there any shows you currently watch waiting to see if a couple ever gets together? Do you really want them to?
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1 Do you enjoy travel that involves flying commercial airlines?

2 Does airport security piss you off or do you go with the flow?

3 What's your worst layover/messed up travel story?

4 What's your best layover/messed up travel story?

1 I used to love it, now I'd really rather stay home.  Right now I'm stuck in Denver for an extra four hours due to the shit weather in the middle of the country.

2 Usually I just go with the flow, but this evening I came really close to screaming in frustration (and maybe strangling people).  First off, because we've been upgraded to threat level Ernie here in the US, the TSA were searching one bag for every single person in the security line I was in.  Then some fucking moron put each of his fluid items into their OWN quart sized baggies instead of into one - which lead to the TSA taking every single item out of his bag, stuffing all the fluid items into one baggie, and then repacking the whole thing... all while holding up everyone else in line.  And then finally the douchebag behind me swiped two of my bins that I was trying to put stuff in while I was dividing things up for xray.

3 The worst would have been a 2 hour layover that turned into a 10 hour layover at JFK back in the 80s due to engine trouble.

4 Our flight leaving Las Vegas was cancelled and we were given the option of flying to an airport two hours from home then being bussed home or taking a flight the next morning.  We took the flight the next morning, got our rental car back, got our hotel room back, got tickets to see Spamalot, and had a lovely late dinner at the Wynn.


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Did anybody else happen to watch the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" on the Discovery Health channel tonight?

Holy crap!  I can't even imagine having that happen. :(   The show was about 4 or 5 women who gave birth without ever even knowing they were pregnant.  One of them even had TWINS.

But if anybody else saw it... what did you think?! 
How do you think you would react if you showed up in the hospital with abdominal pain and an hour or so later, *poof*, there's a baby? 

(sort of x-posted to clucky, but I don't think that affects a whole lot of TQCers :P)

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What are some fun songs that I can listen to when working out?

What color should I paint my nails?

Who do you have a crush on right now, celebrity or otherwise? I'm slightly in love with Jason Schwartzman. The RL boy I had a crush on turned out to be a douche, so. WHOO CELEBRITIES.
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When was the last time a friend blew off plans with you? Stories.

What would you do or say if a friend repeatedly blew off plans? (Not like standing you up, but pulling out at the last minute.) (non-srs and srs are both welcome)

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Im lonely, TQC, so here's some questions.

1.) What did you havefor breakfast TQC?
(I had an egg over medium and a piece of toast for breakfast.)

2.) What's the last song you listened to?
("A Long Walk" by Jill Scott.)
I <3 TLV

Electricity and sleep?

Our power recently went out, and was out for over 24 hours throughout our entire neighborhood. During that time I slept better than I have since... well, I can't even remember. Usually waking up is extremely difficult for me, and I remain painfully tired throughout the day regardless of how much sleep I got (I can sleep for 20+ hours and still feel tired). But that night I only slept for around 7 hours, and I woke up by myself without an alarm at 6:29 (one minute before I set my watch alarm to go off) feeling well rested and refreshed, and remained awake throughout the day (and I didn't take my Provigil that morning). The day before and the day after were as usual.

So I'm wondering... is this just a really weird coincidence or is it possible that I have a bizarre sensitivity to electricity that's effecting my sleep?
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I thinking of getting a new laptop, and it will likely have Windows Vista on it. I want to downgrade to XP, and would like to do it myself. Is there anything special that I need to know about downgrading, re: the version of XP or compatibility? Any hints or tips from your experiences? I know I need to make sure I have all the drivers, because some are vista-specific. Beyond that, help!
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Would you rather have your thumbs replaced with big toes or your pinkies replaced with pinky toes?

thumbs replaced with big toes
pinkies replaced with pinky toes