June 7th, 2008

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I have a really busy day tomorrow and will have no free time to do random pointless things like READ TQC and I find that when I'm extra busy the next day, I find it harder to get to sleep because I want to stay up doing all the silly things I won't be able to do the next day.


ETA: I'm very tired hence the crazy run on sentence :|
do the d.a.n.c.e.


1. When did you last have hiccups?

2. Are they usually the quiet, cute kind or the loud, body-jerking kind?

3. What's the longest you've had hiccups?

4. Hiccups or hiccoughs?

1. Not counting now, I had them this afternoon.
2. They're very loud. I'm usually very sore the next day. :(
3. They can last the whole day. If I get them early in the day, it's almost guaranteed that the hiccups will come back at least 2 more times later.
4. I've never heard anyone call them hiccoughs.

Do you think it's possible...

Question for you guys. I currently have $3,400. Anyone out there think it's possible to become a millionaire by the end of 2008?

If so, any tips? That was my goal for this year, to have at least $1 million in savings so I can travel and buy a nice place. I don't think it's too late.
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The horror movie question...with bonus vampire question

What was the last movie to actually scare you? I don't mean gross you out, I am looking at you Hostel, but actually unnerve you to point that you felt like a frightened child.

What is the scariest movie out there and why?

Oh, and, I am looking for a good vampire movie. Not the type that has sparkly vampires, vampires who have crossed oceans of time or vampires who generally piss and moan about how hard it is to be them. No, I am looking for something like "Near Dark," "From Dusk to Dawn" and "The Wisdom of Crocodiles". Any suggestions?


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What's your Pokéname?

Mine is Drowchu

You live in the arctic wastes of Kamchatka, and your diet consists mostly of small rodents, berries and Dr. Pepper.

(Combat and Non-combat)

You can puke maple syrup. You have a force field. You have a winning smile. You can float in jet fuel. You can throw bricks.

Natural Enemies
Your natural enemy is Lowhirl.

I'm cool with everything but the "you eat small rodents" part. And can't everyone throw bricks?
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If you were impregnated by an alien (whether you're male or female) which alien race would you prefer?

Here's a handy list of possible inseminators.

Attempting to abort your alien fetus will lead to your death, just so you know.

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This is the second time this week I have heard my (neighbours) stumbling home between 12 and 2am, with small children. The kids are under 5ish. Is it just me that thinks this is a bit irresponsible? Discuss.

ETA - I thought I'd make it clear that both times the kids were with the adults, coming home drunk. Not my kids, not my problem but i'm curious to what others think

I have toothache and can't sleep. I'm hungry and there's nothing I want to eat. Rather than asking what I should do, what should I NOT do? (The ridiculous the better)

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Anyone know any good classic rock online radio sations i can listen to tonight? I'm not home, but I'll be working online all night and need to listen to something or I might blow my brains out, which honestly is probally my best option anyways.
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How many hours of your life do you think you've killed chatting on IRC?

How many hours of your life do you think you've killed chatting with a javascript client on somebody's website?

How many hours of your life do you think you've killed waiting for printers to print?

How many hours of your life do you think you've killed figuring out when to use a backslash and when to use a forward slash in DOS?

Why do the gods hate you?
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1. Have you ever been in a community where people did "roll calls" at weird times of night? I was totally in one forum that did that but I can't remember which one it was and now I'm sad.

2. ROLL CALL???????!!!!!!!!!

3. If you have, what was your first time smoking pot like? (Did you get high, how old were you, where were you, how did you feel)?

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Long story short, I just revealed to this guy who I might be totally in love with that I knew someone we ran into through a bdsm dating website (collarme.com)...

Was this the worst idea ever? Are my chances nil (or have they just increased exponentially?)

work woes

You guys always have good advice about work so I was hoping someone could help me. At the end of last year I had just finished school and was looking for a full time job. I searched around and found a "pet resort" that was hiring, and after a look at their website and taking a tour, I decided I really wanted to work there. I had another tour and an interview and I still loved it. The owner/my now boss told me he couldn't give me full time hours, he could start me out at 4 days a week, 7 hour shifts each day, giving me 28 hours. It wasn't full time, but it was a start, and I stressed to him that I would like to be FT if it became available. Soon I was offered a 4-hour afternoon doggie daycare shift and took that too, which is what I'm at now, 32 hours a week, working 5 days a week (FT is 40 hours/week).

Collapse )
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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does anyone remember a computer game from like...ten or twelve years ago that consisted of a bunch of bugs falling from the top of the screen onto this big giant arm and the point of the game was you were supposed to click the bugs with the mouse (which was a little hand on screen) and squish them before they drained too much blood out of the arm?

If so do you remember what it's called?

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inspired by this

have you ever had a random person/acquaintance tell you they'd had a dream about you?
what was the dream?
how did you react?

I haven't.

do you have a habit of telling people when you dream about them?
would you tell someone you didn't know well if they made an appearance?


hannibal skull


How do you feel about LJ friends who make "COMMENT OR ELSE I CUT YOU" posts? Do you comment?

How do you feel about comment whores who never comment on your LJ but demand comments in theirs?

Who is the biggest comment whore you know?

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what weird food item/dish/meal do you like that makes others say "yuck!"?

for me it would be milk toast.  lightly buttered toast sprinkled with sugar then soaked in hot milk. YUM YUM


Is there any way to cook frozen waffles other than in a toaster?

The only cooking appliances we have are a george foreman grill, a stovetop and a microwave. No toaster and no oven. Can it be done?

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I love eating fried tomatoes on toast, but I'm trying to cut wheat out of my life. I can't think what else they would go with that wouldn't turn it into a big meal. What should I eat with the tomatoes instead?
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When you masturbate do you think about a great sexual experience you've had in the past or do you make it up in your head?
Who do you think about?!
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1. Which celebrity would you like to live in a cave so you would never need to see them again.
Gyweneth Paltrow. I cannot stand that bitch!

2. I'm going shopping today for the first time in a very loooooooong time.
What are some of your favorite stores?

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I've been wracking my brain over this. At some point in my life I came across a piece of software in which you could move a piece of data up or down with a simple drag and drop interface. I am trying to find a way to organize a list of items and I want to be able to move the list objects up and down easily.

Can anyone think of a good way to do this or some software that will function in just this way? I don't really care much for other functionality.

(Example: In a horizontal list of favorite things you might have listed in order puppies, kittens, death, and taxes. Say you want to move death above puppies because you're a morbid fellow. You just pick up death by dragging it, placing it above puppies, and letting it go. There. Death is now situated above puppies, you sick son of a bitch.)

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1:  You're spending a night/weekend at someone's house and the host makes you a meal.  They don't ask what you would like to eat or how you would like your meal prepared.  The whole thing is a total surpise... but it looks disgusting.  Do you eat it?

If  you do eat it but it tastes as bad as it looks, do you finish it?

2:  Have someone ever prepared a dish for you that you considered bland and became offended after you added some flavor?

3:  Do you agree that food (fruits, tamales, etc) always taste better when they're off the street?


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what are some songs you like to listen to when you drive fast?
or are there songs that make you put the pedal to the metal?
i want some good driving music, but when i look it up it's almost always songs about cars. like the fact i am singing about cars makes me want to drive fast.
songs for me that get me in the mood for driving fast:
19/2000 - gorillaz
mastermind - mindless self indulgence
mama - my chemical romance
sucked out - nadasurf
crazy train - black sabbath
fuck you like an animal - nine inch nails
little bit of life - craig morgan
this weird techno remix of one winged angel
soundtrack stuff from battle scenes or with a haunting sound. like when iron man is suiting up or the main theme from charlie and the chocolate factory. or climax scene music. if it's tense and pumping quick i love it.
so, any suggestions?
New Camus

Historical homes

Have you ever lived in a 100+-year-old house before? Would you do it again? Will you tell me about it? My husband and I have fallen in love with this house, but its age scares me :( It's been completely updated, but what sort of things tend to need work on a regular basis in homes like this?

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Major league pitchers frequently have intro songs they like to use to pump up the crowd and themselves. E.g., Mariano Rivera and Billy Wagner use "Enter Sandman" by Metallica, Jonathan Papelbon uses "Shipping Up to Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys.

What song would you use if you were a MLB pitcher?

Edit: Extra win for you if you provide clips/videos (esp if the song is not well known)... thanks!
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I was at Target the other day, and 'Never Gonna Give You Up' came up on the radio or whatever music they play in there. My friend couldn't understand why I found this so amusing. =D

When and how have internet memes/trends etc made an appearance in real life for you?

If you could have your address be any number in the street, what number would you choose?

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The weather has been crummy the past few days, today its 90 degrees and beautiful. but I kinda want to sit around watching movies.
should I go out side and enjoy life or sit around watching gangster films?
how's the weather were you are?
would please describe was the last time were awaiting the arrival of an advent, only not to care when the it came?
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Vacation in a week! *bounce bounce bounce*

1. Would you ride this?

I did the last time I was there, and it freaked me the hell out when it dropped. I'll be there a week from Monday (squee!), and I'm debating with myself if I want to put myself through that again.

2. What's your favorite amusement park food?

I'm looking forward to a Texas-sized corn dog and a Pink Thing.

3. Are you going on vacation this summer?

3a. If so, how far are you driving? How do you plan to budget for gas?
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Do you say "I am standing..."

*in line
*on line
*in a/the queue

or something else?

Can you find a women's long-sleeved business casual shirt or sweater that is not collared and won't make me look frumpy?

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why do i always confuse halfmilk and verytaken? i know they are very different and don't have similar icons/usernames, that's why i ask the question! there isn't really anything confusable about them.

what are some good cleansers/moisturizers for dry skin?

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Does anyone live in Metro Atlanta? I live in Lilburn myself

What do you do for fun?

My fiance and I want to start bike riding, but we don't know where to ride them. The roads over here are pretty busy, and we are looking for suggestions.

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1. Will drinking around someone you really don't like make them seem more annoying or less annoying?

This girl went out with my ex all of a day after we broke up. Now, she is currently dating/living with the ex of one of my good friends. (Her SO is in our group of friends, so he's fun to be with - but her fakeness just ruins the mood.) She's one of those "zomg!! letz play TRUTH OR DARE (we're back in middle school)!!!" types.

2. What should I drink to make her more tolerable?
3. What drinks put you in a good mood?
4. What kind of alcohol puts you in a bad one?

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I was asked to watch my cousin's wiener dog today.

So, I took him on a walk to the grocery store with me, and made sure I grabbed the leash that would attach to something so I could run in quickly without him. I wasn't going to be gone more than 5 minutes. We got all the way to the store and I remembered him saying something about this particular dog being a desirable animal to steal, and so I called to ask if I could leave him outside the store.

Nope. I came all the way back without doing my errands.

Is my cousin crazy, or would someone really steal a wiener dog from a storefront?

It was not a total loss though, apparently the walk was just what doggie wanted and now he's not whining :D
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1. Fried chicken: hot, cold, both, neither?

2. If an all-electric vehicle with the same performance (as regards range and speed) as gas or diesel vehicles were available now at a comparable price to traditional vehicles, would you buy one?

3. Smokers who drive: do you tap your ashes and toss your butts out the window, or do you use your car's ashtray? If the former, why shouldn't I beat you senseless when your lit cigarette hits me in the chest while I'm on my motorcycle?

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Do you like cleaning out the lint trap in the dryer?
I just cleared out pretty much a sweater and it was super satisfying. I like drying brand new towels.

I'm 20 and feel like I shouldn't shop in the junior's section. Am I being irrational?
h/w batman and robin

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TQC, I have two roommates, both of whom I get along with very well. However, my roommate J and I do NOT care for our other roommate's boyfriend. M, the boyfriend, constantly yells at C (the other roommate), they fight all the time, he monopolizes our television with his damn X-Box, eats our food, etc. We've told C that we don't like that and are concerned with how he treats her, but she shrugs it off.

Today, however, the straw broke the camel's back/ After being asked bu J and myself multiple times not to do this, C left for work this morning--and M has been here all day, the majority of which NOBODY ELSE WAS HERE. Neither of us are comfortable with anyone who isn't paying rent being here when nobody else is, and that we especially don't want him here if she isn't. C thinks that getting a larger television in her room and having him stay in there will make everything better, even though the point is that she's blatantly disregarding our wishes and that's disrespectful.

My roommate keeps allowing her creeper sleezeball boyfriend to stay in our apartment while nobody is here and my other roommate and I are really pissed off about it.

1) Is it completely irrational of J and I to be insanely pissed off about this? C thinks we're overreacting.
2) Suggestions for a compromise that won't have me killing C or her boyfriend?
3)Should previous suggestions fail, creative ideas for killing one or both of them and getting away with it?
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I just got an invitation to my cousins' 8th grade graduation party. It's for her, and a cousin on the other side of the family (so the second person isn't related to me). Because it's a combined party, I know that I have to give a gift to both kids.

I have no idea what to give for an 8th grade graduation. Besides hookers and blow, what's the standard gift? Cash, I'm sure, how much? Give the same to both kids, or no?

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what was/is your major in college?

how many times did you change it before you were happy with it? or did you just settled because time was running out?

if it's past tense, has it actually benefit you any post-college?

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Hello, I am auditioning at a super-fancy strip club sometime this coming week and I am so nervous that just thinking about it makes me vomit a little bit.

How might I quell my enormous stage fright? Only, like, six people tops have ever seen me naked, which includes my parents. I would just show up totally drunk but I think that is a rather inauspicious way to start off a new career.

Also, should I morph into a Tanned Asian Girl, or stay as a Pale Asian Girl? Being a TAG might make me look sleeker and less bumpy and hide my bruises and mosquito bite scars, but I believe being a PAG will make me stand out from the sea of orange strippers.

P.S. Please do not mock me too hard
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Are you spoiled? By whom? If you're not, do you envy those who are?

I want a fairly cheap room divider... I'm not picky, I'll just probably need two to properly divide up my room studio apartment. Where might I find that? Actually, I need a couple different pieces of inexpensive furniture. I don't have a nearby Ikea, but I'm willing to travel as a last resort. Do you have any suggestions for places to look online?

I'm moving into an apartment by myself for the first time... I've previously lived in dorms, and an apartment with three other people, who had all the furniture for the living room/dining room. What did you forget, moving into an apartment for the first time?
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o wut.

How would you personally describe an orgasm?

Be as specific or abstract as you like. Try not to repeat from above comments, just to keep it interesting.
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I have about three hours to tidy my room and I'm so unmotivated and can't be arsed and know I'll just forget to do it and it'll stay messy for another week...

SO TELL ME TQC, what is some good music to get me MOTIVATED so I can prance around like a fool while I tidy up?!

Bugs in the kitchen window

My window can't support a proper screen so the landlord has put in this crappy half-assed window screen that doesn't really stop bugs from getting in. So now I have a miniature ecosystem living in my kitchen.

There are a lotta little guys with long legs and tiny little striped bodies. They look kinda like spiders and kinda like ants.
I have little bright red dot guys that run around
Little tiny black guys (don't think they're roaches though) that crawl around on the windows.
A giant red mosquito lookin' thing that probably breathes fire.
And worst of all, one little silver guy that squirms around.

For some reason, I can't bring myself to directly harm these little creatures, but I also don't want to live with them.

Is there anything I can put on the window screen, or near the window, to keep these pests away? What would you do if you couldn't bring yourself to murdering insects, but wished for countless little bug deaths in secret?

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A variation of this was asked on my History final and I thought it was interesting.

An evil scientist is going to send you back in time to a random place and time during the last 5,000 years. You will have to live and survive there for one year. Oh noes.

But! You can bring 5 things with you. What do you bring?

(We'll be generous with the details here. Like, say you want to bring a camera. Assume that it will have infinite film and batteries without those things counting as extra items.)

distract me, TQC

When you get smelly underarms, do you tend to stink more under one arm than the other?
If so, which one?

Should I start doing some of my laundry at home now or should I wait and just wash everything at the laundromat on Monday? (I have to wash blankets so I have to go to the laundromat on Monday anyway)

Why is one of my biceps significantly more defined than the other one?
Clem & Joely


Hmk, I'm having a mouth issue. Or a gum issue, moreso.

I woke up yesterday morning (or was it the day before?) with these parts of my gums that are like...small flaps? Flapped out. And I don't know what they are. I have two small ones (they're like loose bumps, kinda?), one on each side of my mouth at the same place. The one on the right, I can hardly know it's there - it doesn't bother me. But the one on the left is raw and sore. x_x It's not a canker sore, I know that. And they're too high up that I couldn't bite my gums there if I tried (so I know I didn't bite myself in my sleep to cause those things to get there...) And I don't feel like they've changed at all since I've had them, haven't gotten better or worse.

I'm wondering if anyone here has had this or knows what it is? Should I get it checked out? Or just wait for it to go away? It's really annoying. =x
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I'm feeling as though my boyfriend has been negligent lately, and it's pissing me off. If I send him the same text 3 times back to back, would that get his goddamn attention? I wouldn't send him a mean message, but something sweet.

(no subject)

1. What are some of your least favorite foods? Can you justify why they are so gross?
1b. Why do so many people dislike tomatoes?!

2. Where could the memory card to my camera be hiding?

3. Does anyone know what kind of stone is in this ring? Collapse )

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Have you or anyone you know ever gotten their appendix out?

What was the experience like? I want extreme details! Like .. what did it feel like before and after, how long did it take you to go back to work/school, how long before you could leave bed? Were there any side effects? Anything you want to tell me about it, I want to know!
Oh hay thar

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How do you take a break with your SO if you both live together and neither of you have anywhere else to go?

How do you bring something like this up when you know the other person would probably blow it out of proportion?

I don't want to break up. It's just obvious that we need to be alone for a week or 2.

(no subject)

1)do you like reality tv shows?


2)what kind do you like?

real people in unpleasant situations- see 30 days, Jon and Kate + 8, Dirty Jobs

3)Did you ever know anyone with a prosthetic?

Yes, in middle school, I knew a girl with a hand that opened and closed.

(no subject)

Did you grow up on livejournal? Meaning you've been on livejournal since you were a teen and have been on here for more than 5 years.

What are some of the most valuable things that you've learned on livejournal? Life lessons?


(no subject)

WTF?! DO THEY BEAT THE HORSES THEY RIDE IN THE RACE?! They took off the horse's (remaning nameless for spoiler reasons) saddle and he had welts on his body..is that from a fucking whip!?

Serious responses only.

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I forgot to ask: Does anyone here live in Maui? And do you want to let me hang out with you so I don't have to spend the ENTIRE week with my family?

EDIT: Also, my sister. She is 18 and cooler than me, and we like to make new friends.

(no subject)

Do you know anyone with an artificial eye?

My little brother has had one since he was a baby.

Edit for clarification: Is it a visual prosthetic (allows the person to see) or an ocular prosthetic (non-functioning)?

My brother's is just an ocular prosthetic.

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I'm sorry, but are you people serious? You find nothing better to do then to just write moronic, idiotic replys just because you know it'll piss someone off? If I'm serious with my question, and only WANT serious answers, why are you just trying to waste my time? What's the reason behind it, so you can announce yourself as an asshole? Is that all you want? Then there you go, you have now reached asshole status. By the way, you've just wasted another five minutes of your life as well as mine. People talk about being pussys and cowards, but how is what your doing so far above what I'm doing? You try pulling that shit in the real world and you'll fucking get your face punched in. There's nothing cool or mature about being a dick to other people just because you can be. What the fuck was the whole point of that?


I know the rules, but like the rest of you, I chose only a few to follow. Like this one.

Snark is okay, BUT DON'T TAKE IT TOO FAR.

Or maybe this one.


(no subject)

Where does your username come from?

Also...do you read the user comments on youtube after watching videos?

It comes from Dead Like Me. "I'm Dolores Herbig...as in Herbig Brown Eyes!" But you know...my eyes are blue.

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Do you enjoy fried foods?

Is so, what's your favorite fried food?

I like fries, chips, and falafel! But I don't eat fried foods very often because the idea kind of grosses me out...

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Dear TQC,
Please help me settle a dispute.
Is there such thing as a juniors section for boys?
My boyfriend insists that there is one (or was one 10 years ago when he shopped in it).
He also says that I am too old to shop in juniors, since he stopped when he was 11. But he was also 6 feet tall when he was 11. /rant.
so i'm back to the velvet underground


1. Are you watching the remake of Sybil on CBS right now?
Yes. Although Jessica Lange and Tammy Blanchard are great actresses, and it could be good, but it probably won't be nearly as good as the original.

2. Have you seen the original version with Sally Field?
Yes and it scared the shit out of me.

3. Do you believe people can actually have dissociative identity disorder?
The mind is so fragile that the idea of the mind splitting into multiple personalities is very easy for me to believe.

Guitar Hero

I have a Playstation 3 with 2 wireless controllers. I want to buy the Guitar Hero 1 & 2 disc for the Playstation 2. Will this work in my PS3 with my wireless guitars?

Srs question, real srs

How do I get over my prejudice against white people?  I try to tell myself that they are accepting people, but every time I do a white person will say something racist or ignorant.  I'm trying to believe that not everyone is not like this but I never have really met any caucasian that hasn't been racist :/

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TQC, a friend of mine was supposed to pick me up to bring me to a job interview, and showed up two hours late.

She said it took her clothes two hours to dry. This is obviously bullshit.

What was she really doing?
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Must-visit North American cities?

Hi everyone!

Quick question for you all:

What are the cities/unique towns that should be on every person's must-visit list in Canada/The US/possibly Mexico?

I ask because I'm planning a six-week road trip from Edmonton and I'm trying to decide where I should visit. I have to be in Tucson, AZ for the middle of the trip, if that affects your choice of cities.

Bonus points if the cities aren't all obvious like New York City/Toronto/San Francisco/Los Angeles/New Orleans/etc.


(no subject)

If you are, or have ever been, a waiter or waitress, about how much did you make in tips hourly (or nightly, if you don't know)?

Is it financially better to have a waitressing job or a $6/hour job? ... an $8/hour job? $10? At what point does it become lucrative? I am thinking about this and I'm not a very social or outgoing person, if that would change how much I make. Input plz kthx?

(no subject)

Do you hate everyone you know?
Because I do.
My friend (who's one of my 'better' friends in this state) is having a housewarming party. But I hate him. And I hate how douchey and inconsiderate he is as well as the people who will be there, so I'm just staying home.

Guys, I think I'm a bitter asshole. How do I snap out of it?

Ever felt that way? Wanna tell me stories?
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TQC, I am thinking of making business cards. However, I need your help...

What symbol could I put on a business card to represent the Seven Deadly Sins?

I'm trying to avoid OVERLY religious symbology, unless it's really esoteric where no-one would know what it means anyway and would look good on a business card.

*le sigh*..

When was the last time you arranged an event (a party, meeting, dinner etc) and all the planning and effort went down the drain?

Have any stories?

I just spent some hours cooking and getting everything ready to have an amazing dinner with my SO to find out a couple minutes ago he'll be terribly late.. late enough that he probably won't come.
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Mac users of TQC,
I'm getting a MacBook Pro on Monday (!!!!!) and am considering getting a Mighty Mouse while I'm there. Opinions on it? The online reviews were really mixed - basically most said that it was just an issue of keeping it clean. 

What other kind of mouse would you recommend?
o.O, Snooch


How do you get a scanner to import to adobe Illustrator or Photoshop?? I gots drawings and I wants to share.


I'm not happy about working on an unfamiliar format but it's what I got until dad and I figure out what's up with Paintshop Pro 8.
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I'm eating a 100 calorie pack of kettle corn and drinking vodka and Coke.

1.) Whats the last thing you ate and/or drank?
2.) What's the last thing you said out loud?

3.) My husband and I are about to play Uno. What is your favorite game?
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Why do my burps taste like Bacos, when I haven't had any for like, a month?

Is anyone else watching/has anyone else watched Alton Brown's new show Feasting on Asphalt or whatever?
It just makes me love him even more.
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I'm looking for a song/music video of a song from the 90s. It's sung by a black woman with big hair in a white outfit in a red room and I remember the sound of bells. Does anybody know the song or the band?

eta: there were also trumpets


Sooo I drank too much last night. Whatever, get off my back, you're not my mom!

Anyway, it's now 10pm of the following day, and I am STILL nauseous. All I've eaten today is a banana, a few bites of bread, and a spoonful of ice cream.

And now to the question- what can I eat that won't immediately come back up? What is *good* hangover food? I'm craving pizza, but uh.. that seems like pushing it.

I haven't actually puked in about two hours, but I've had some gagging moments. Or is this sickness merely the result of my having NOT eaten, disguising itself as more hangover??

Last time I'll ask about this....

So last night I asked about being misled by my boss and finding out that I wasn't getting paid "$13.50" an hour, but instead was getting two payments of $1350 for my job.

Today, I read more closely and the $1350 is being paid in two installments, so $675 for a full month's work (40 hour work week) which I figured to be around $4 per hour.

Should I still take this job? Do counselors get tips at the end of a camp session? How much do parents tip per kid on average?

I went through so much trouble for this job, and it will look good on my resume (again) but $4 an hour seems absolutely fucking insane to me.

And again, if I'm annoying the fuck out of you:

What's in the back seat/trunk of your car?

Restaurant Question

This is a question that has come up in another community I'm part of. If you are at a restaurant and are being served by a waiter/waitress, will the waiter's/watress' mood affect the atmosphere of your meal?

For example, I prefer a waiter/waitress that smiles. I go to restaurants to have fun so there is an expectation for smiling to be involved.
Would a waiter/waitress not smiling affect your own mood during the meal?

What is this book?

So, I'm trying to track down books from my childhood to put on my Amazon nostalgia wish-list, and there's one that I just cannot remember the name of.  I would say it was aimed at people around 10-14, and I probably read it about 1994, give or take 3-4 years.  It was about a girl who lives in a strange sort of family in that they're interested in mideival stuff and suchlike.  She has a mother, and her mother's lover or second husband is named Niall.  The girl meets a guy who is out of her social group.  She keeps travelling back in time 400-800 years and living life as a woman there who eventually they're trying to execute for witchcraft.  That's all I remember, except for at one point in the book she makes hippocras.  I know that isn't a hell of a lot *cries* But does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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My dog has a cut on the area where her head meets her neck. She was doing fine, but recently started scratching it and now it's open and not healing. cottonmanifesto, my dog authority, told me to try a bandana around her neck, but she just scratched it off. We're going to get her one of those collars so she can't get to it tomorrow at petsmart.

What can we do overnight to help her stop scratch that? Also, when she scratches it, she's flicking blood everywhere so she's making a mess. How can I help her understand not to get her blood all over my stuff?
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Have you ever used Netflix? What plan did you use? Pros/cons?

I just signed up for the free trial [2-disc] and I'm a little wary. I'm trying to figure out if this is cheaper than running off to Blockbuster.

The meaning of girlfriend

1) When a new female friend of yours use the word "girlfriend," what do you think they are referring to? (i.e. a lover, a platonic friend, etc...)

2) What's your sexual orientation?

3) What's your age or age range?

4) What's your gender?
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this question is only if you have unlimited texting on your phone plan or whatever you have.

is it completely unlimited?
how much is it a month?
&who is it with?

i have verizon, and pay 20 a month but it only gives me unlimited IN texting, and 5000 for people outside my network.
(thats what i mean about completely unlimited i.e. for anyone outside of your network)

i need a new plan for sure, verizons plans suck. :(

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1. When's the last time (if ever) that you ate at a Howard Johnsons. What did you order?

2. How do you like your herring?

3. What if they gave an orgy and nobody came?

4. Why'd you choose such a backward time and such a strange land?

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Does anyone have a blind pet?

Tips for caring for a blind animal? Best ways to adjust the pet to new surroundings and other animals?

I just adopted a blind kitten today and while I've had cats all my life this is my first special needs pet and I'm a little new to it all.

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Has any new technological invention/device ever surprised or shocked you, or do you think that in this day we can expect pretty much anything to be successfully invented?

I think the last thing that really surprised and delighted me was AOL when I was about nine.

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Prompted by ONTD:

What movies make you cry almost every time you watch them?

Would you call a person heartless if they said they had never cried at a movie before?

Pretty much any Denzel movie makes me cry, ESPECIALLY Man on Fire and John Q. I don't really cry that much IRL, but damn, a lot of movies will do it for me.

Also, the reason I asked the second question is because whenever somebody said that on the post everybody else would say something like, "NO WAI UR LYING"
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The adorable factor

And now a light question...

We've have questions about which celebrity do you hate? Which ones do you think are hot? Even which ones you would like to throw down a hole and forget about them forever and ever and ever.

But let me ask you, who do you think is adorable? I don't mean hot. I don't me sexy. I mean, when you see him or her you go into cute overload.

My pick? Alan Cumming. His giggle gets me every time.
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I'm currently 24 days late. I took a home pregnancy test two days ago and it was negative.

What else would cause this? I've never been more than 10 days late before. Have you ever been this late and had it not be due to pregnancy? If yes, what was the cause?