June 6th, 2008


Summer Olymics 2000

at least I'm pretty sure it was 2000 one of the track events, and the U.S. mens team won. While they were talking to one of the runners with the rest of the team standing around him. One of the guys in back was making really funny faces-intentionally from what it looked liked. Does anybody else remember that?

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If it were possible, would you object to wind farms being placed on unused tracts of privately-owned farmland in your area? (Edit: of course the land always has to be either leased or bought from the land owner. No stealing wind!)

Do they "ruin" a landscape any more or less than the average power station, in your opinion?
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I just came from McDonalds. While I was in queue at the drove-thru I noticed something. A cheeseburger costs $1.05; cool, whateve. But wait, a double cheeseburger costs only $1.00?

...the fuck? How can they afford this?!
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A question you can't Google! (yet...)

What is this building's name, and where is it located? Also, how freaking awesome is it? I would say, pretty freaking awesome.

Speaking of buildings, would you like to live in a giant greenhouse? Maybe sleep in a hammock or tent and pretend you're camping all the time? Because I would.

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Dr. TQC,
My knee hurts. It started when I was having me some slumbers, and it would wake me up in the night. I figured, "rain's a-comin". Hurt the next day. Then it slowly started to go away. Today it came back with a RAAAAAGGGIIINNG vengeance.
I can't go up the stairs, and I have to take the subway daily, and I live in a 3rd floor walkup. It feels like it's a tendon in my knee and not quite arthritis.

My question to you, what is the best method of amputation?
If I start a fund, will you help me get one of those spidery wheelchairs that go up stairs?
What should I name my nub, or what should I draw it to look like?

Enough about me, though. You doin' alright?

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Will you please share your favorite episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

If you, like me, can't think of a title/favorite, feel free to just share what you remember about a certain episode/s

I can't remember the exact plot/details but I recall one where there was just like this static or just weird nonsensical musical sound that turned out to be a message from aliens

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The phrase "What has science done?!" is often encountered in internet memes, and used by geeks, and so forth.

Where did it originate from? Is it a literary reference, or something like that?

Music Fest?

- What was the largest multi band music festival that you have ever attended? 

- Did you discover any bands that you had previously not heard of? 

For me Woodstock 99

I heard Sevendust for the first time and have been a fan ever since.  

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If you have to wake up quite early for work, how do you perk yourself up?

I drink about 3 glasses of Mountain Dew every morning so I am able to function to drive to work. Probably not the best thing, eh? I blast my music also.
I wake up at 3:30-4am.

Do you own any TV Show box sets and if so, which?

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When reading the comments of someone you do not know and/or have not seen around TQC that does not have an icon with a picture of themselves and a fairly "androgynous" user name, do you normally assume the person is a male or female?

This one goes out to all the ladies out there

As anyone who's seen a lot of boobs knows, there are a lot of different kinds out there. Different shapes, different colors, vastly different nipple varieties. I'm curious, ladies, if you personally believe that the best kind of boobs are the kind that you have.

Now, I'm not saying that you have to think your boobs are the best boobs ever, just, is your preferred *class* of boobs the same class that your boobs are in? Do you think that people with boobs similar to your own have the best boobs? Or do you find a different class of boob more aesthetically pleasing, and if so, do you wish your boobs were like that?

I'm also curious to see if sexual preference plays any part in this, but I want to hear from all the women, cause let's face it, who doesn't like boobs?

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i am looking for a drink. it sounds like "knee high"
it's spelled weird, like nee-hih or ne-hai or something.
i don't think it is from america, but it might be.
the drinks were fruity and slightly carbonated, but not that much.
what is this drink, TQC?!
it comes in glass bottles...

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I had a cyst removed from my lower lip and got stitches 3 days ago. The right area of my lip where I had the cyst removed is still swollen and a little numb is this normal after 3 days? Also, my stitches are dissolvable how long until they will completely dissolve?
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I overheard this while two of the nurses [nurse aids maybe? at least LPN's, they're really young] were in my room changing my IV fluid.

Girl 1: So, if you get a tan from the sun, it's because the sun is hot. Do you think you can get a tan or at least a sunburn if you sit in a really hot bath for a long time?

Girl 2: Maybe if you keep switching out the water once it starts to get cool, but I think you'd have to do it outside.

I shit you not.

My question:


How did they get this far in life/the medical field?

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Worst thing you can hear after sex with a new person?

"Well, that settles it. I'm officially off women/men (whatever sex you are)"
"What do you mean 'where's the condom?' I never wear condoms. Protection's your lookout, babe"
"Say....where's my cock ring? Uh oh. I think I left it inside you"
"DAMN! The stitches from my 'reattached' penis are loose. It's coming off again!!!"
"Where I come from, we have to get married now. My parents are going to like you"
"I have a knack for telling these things. I'm definitely pregnant now"
"Wow...you suck in bed. Seriously, what a lousy lay. I'm so disappointed"
"By the way, I'm pretty sure we're cousins. You know your Aunt Doris? That's my mom"
"Whenever I get really turned on, I lose control of my bodily functions. I'm pretty sure I pissed your bed. Sorry"
"My 4 illegitimate children are going to love you. Oh, I didn't tell you about them?"
"I hate to admit it, but I was thinking of your best friend the whole time"
"That'll be $500"
"We've mated. You're now mine forever. If I even catch you looking at another person, I'll kill all 3 of us"
"Now that I tapped your ass, I think you have nothing more to offer. Don't bother calling me"
"You don't think these are herpes on my mouth, do you? If they are, I'm so sorry I went down on you"
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I was diagnosed as a child with ADHD/ADD but my parents didn't want me on Ritalin, as a teenager they told my parents again that I should take something but the idea of medicating me didn't sit well with them.

Now at 24, it is obvious I need help with this because it's to the point where I can't even remember what I wore yesterday, nor am I able to concentrate on anything important like work or even playing with my children. I can't even believe I made it through college.

By far the worst part is forgetfulness - I forget everything important (like yesterday- I work at a newspaper and I forgot to publish our next day's paper before I went home), I forgot to drop my son off at school early the other day so he could go on his field trip and I'm on my 18th debit card and haven't had house keys to my own home in months...

It's really getting me down and I need help. I don't have a family doctor so how do I go about getting the help I need from a walk-in clinic...? I don't want to walk in and say, "I have ADHD and need drugs please."
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 To those of you who use online dating services:

Which service do you use?

Do you usually contact people or do you wait to be contacted?

Will you tell me about the most ridiculous email/IM/whatever you've received from someone from a site?

How have your experiences been?
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1. How many of you have high-traffic communities like this on your FL?

2. How many of you initially added them to your FL, then got wise after?

3. You and your husband are thirty-somethings who co-own a skating rink. There is a teenage girl who is very needy and has a horrible home life. She thinks of you as her "parents." She is rather obsessive with the two of you and calls you and hangs up or leaves weird messages. She writes both of you notes telling you how much she loves you. You think she has a huge crush on your husband. You know she needs positive role models in her life but her creepiness is a bit much. (Yes, this is my situation.) What do you do?
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What are your favourite hair style/hair cut websites? Or do any of you have albums of cool hairstyles? I'm totally sick of and bored with my hair and it's at the point where I really need to get it cut. I just have absolutely no idea what to do with it.
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Once I had a dream that I had some rare disorder that resulted in me bleeding iron filings instead of blood. Somehow I could play with the magnetism of it, too, so I was able to use them as a deadly weapon. It was pretty crazy.

If you bled something other than blood, what would it be?

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(I was pretty sure someone asked this somewhat recently, but I ljseeked to no avail)

Oh TQC, why was I rejected when requesting to join on my new username?

Also, do you find it necessary to shower every day? (Meaning you think it's necessary not only for yourself, but also for others)
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If you were offered a benefit that you didn't technically need, would you take it anyway? A tax-funded benefit, that is.

To make a concrete example, say that you were disabled somehow and eligible for social security disability payments. But you are married or with a partner who is not disabled, and is able to pay for healthcare/insurance/living expenses/etc.

Or say that due to income, you are eligible for food stamp benefits. However, you are employed at a family run grocery store and have virtually limitless access to free groceries - produce, meats, dairy, specialty products. You may not make much money, but there is never a lack of quality food available.

Would you take the benefits? Why or why not?
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Did you go to your senior prom?
If you went, did you have fun?
If you didn't go, why not?
Do you have any good prom night stories?

I am going to mine tonight. I've been looking forward to it but nervous that it's not going to be any fun.
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What weapon would you use to defend yourself against a zombie uprising?
Where would you set up camp?

If you were seperated from your SO/best friend during a zombie uprising, would you look for them to make sure they were all right, or think they could take care of themselves?
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do you cry like they do in the movies?
or does your face get all red and splotchy? if so, is there anything you can do about this? or are you just stuck announcing to the world that you are having a shitty day?

are there any words you absolutely hate?

when you are on TQC, where are you?
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What is the last thing that made you really, really excited?

I just got back from Publix and for the first time in the two years I've lived here, they had pink lady apples. I was so psyched I forgot what I was going there for originally and I had to go back in to buy stamps.
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What's the most recent photo you've uploaded?

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What did you post about on (or near) June 5th, 2006?

I posted about how some people at work had been fired (misuse of company property/information and one for telling a customer to fuck off), in the lead up to my department being made redundant. I was also planning a holiday.
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TQC, I have a new bathing suit and I am wearing it and it makes me feel super cute.

Will you tell me when you feel your cutest/sexiest/hottest?

What makes you hot?

Will you post photographic evidence of said hotness?

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Which of these would you consider more healthy (no "neither", please):

Doing moderately intensive cardio workouts every day and eating a pretty bad diet (very few fruits/vegetables, almost entirely processed foods, too many calories - enough to gain weight but probably not enough to give you a heart attack)


Eating a very healthy diet but getting very little exercise (just standing at work and walking a mile or two here and there)


I pretty much have to choose between these two because working out makes me ravenously hungry for junk, but if I eat a healthy diet that allows me to lose weight I don't have enough energy to exercise enough.
The Receptionist Classic


I don't mean to be wordy today, but... my step-sister graduates from high school on Wednesday. Then she's going to be starting culinary school to focus on baking. Naturally I have waited until the last minute to think of something to get for her. There's a restaurant supply store near where we live, and you can get tons of kitchen stuff on the cheap. She could easily beef up her supplies for school/the kitchen there.
1. Should I go to the restaurant supply store this weekend and get a gift certificate for her? Or would I be better off giving her cash?

2. If you have a sibling (or more than one), how much older or younger are you? There's an 11 year difference between me and my step-sister.

3. Besides eggs, what else do you slice with an egg slicer?

4. My brother-in-law put a Transformers poster up on one of the laundry closet doors (the inside, so you only see it when you open the doors). What should I put up on the other side: a Jurassic Park movie poster, a South Park movie poster, or a U2 concert poster? Or should I go buy one from Wal*Mart of Hannah Montana or something embarrassing like that?

5. What kind of grapes do you like best? I used to be all about the green seedless, but I'm now in love with black seedless.

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Go to your favourite comms or interesting blogs. What are some of the most interesting entries? (Either what they're about, or link us to the entry with a summary of it).

My friend wants to know, how would he go about promoting a blog he has for being a new parent?

Why is it so hard to find fellow dollhouse miniaturists to talk with? :(

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Do you think people who require you to fill out a questionnaire in order to be their friend on LJ are a bit odd? And by a bit odd, I mean completely insane and off-putting?

Because I sure do. It's one thing to have a friends only journal, it's another thing to make someone write a paragraph explaining why they should be added. I ask because I've never seen this before and am a little mystified. Do people do it often?
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I've been invited to a boxing match/exhibition tonight. What does a lady wear to such an event?

It's supposed to rain and get really hot outside tonight and I presume the inside of the place is going to be really humid and hot also. However, I don't want to be mistaken for a ring girl, so I don't want to wear anything too skimpy.

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I'm always curious to see how people keep their kitchens. TQC, what does the inside of your refrigerator look like? How about your cabinets/pantry? Will you show me a picture of it?

What's something silly you always want to know about other people?

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This would be 2 posts from me today for the record.

1. What is your favorite food that contains noodles?

I just ate Oriental seasoned Ramen and have a very happy belly, but I think I would prefer Pad Thai.


I'm getting an error message when trying to upload to Youtube. Their website says I can upload up to 1024 megs, my video is only 3.

"The video you uploaded was too large. Please shrink it, then upload the smaller version"

Any ideas on what I can do? It's happening on all sized videos and cannot find any answers on their website.
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What do think when people ask for your opinion, but then act like little bitches if you tell them something they don't want to hear?

It annoys me and amuses me at the same time. One of my best friends is like that. Like, her asshole ex wanted her to add him back to MSN and she asked me what I thought. I told her that it was a bad idea and then she stopped talking to me for about an hour (we had this conversation over IM).
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My whole life is a disorganised MESS and its beginning to frustrate me.

Anyone know of any sites that can help?

How organised are you? How do you keep yourself on top of things?
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So when I started college four years ago, we lived in a very tiny house. Pretty much everything I owned got packed up in boxes and put in the attic, and one of my two sisters got my old room. I told them they could pick and choose whatever they didn't want packed up, to hold onto it for a while.

I've since graduated, and am back home living with the family in a much larger house. I've gotten some of my stuff back, but my sisters are still holding onto a ton of my books and won't return them. I don't really have room for them -- my bookshelf is already overflowing, even without the massive stacks next to it -- but I figure the longer I wait, the less likely it is they'll give my books back.

Should I keep trying to get my books back now? Or should I wait the couple of years until I move out, and ask for them then?

Where can an unemployed college grad get more bookshelves for cheap?


how decked out should you be for a waitressing job at a seaside restaurant, a sort of high end type of place?

edit: i should have clarified. this is for an interview. however, i'd totally show some cleavage if that gets me the job. because job hunting in the panhandle of florida sucks so hard.
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(no subject)

What was your favorite 80's and/or 90's cartoon?

What was your favorite Nickelodeon show when you were younger?
Favorite Cartoon Network show?
Favorite PBS show?
Favorite Disney Channel show?

Did you hate it when kids couldn't assemble the Shrine of the Silver Monkey?

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I've been getting spam emails from 1998, 2003, etc. lately.

Were these messages lost in cyberspace and I just got them now?
If not, how do you make and send 10 year old emails?
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Okay guys, this is really bothering me so I just want your opinion on the situation.

My boyfriend recently got hired at an autoparts store. He has gone in and done the drug test. I waited over 2 hours for him to fill out paperwork and such. Tomorrow is his first day. So in order to do this job he put in his two week's notice at his retail job at the mall. Today he gets a call from the retail store offering him a promotion to "key holder" (which apparently is a really low level of management?) if he stays. Now he wants to stay at his original job.

So TQC, is this wrong of him to do to the autoparts store? I mean I think he is already committed to them. He says he isn't committed because he hasn't actually worked yet.

So which is it? What would you do if you were in his situation?

And if you don't like that question: What is the perfect temperature? (I'd say 75 degrees!)
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Does being a bridesmaid in a wedding, flying in from out of town (and therefore spending over $350 on the wedding between the plane ticket, dress, and required hairdo) give one the right to give a cheap gift?
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Ladies, what do you look for in a purse?

Edit: Can you suggest to me a good place to buy (decently priced) bags? I like the mini-messenger kind, but my search is running up dry :[
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To the ladies of TQC...
Does your beauty routine for the day change when you know you are going to have to be out in the rain?

It's storming here right now and I have plans to go out for dinner tonight, but it isn't supposed to stop raining til tomorrow morning.  This means I won't be spending nearly as much time on my hair, because I know it'll just get ruined anyway.  >:o
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How content are you with your current employment situation?

I'm 3/4 of the way to a masters and I do the same job (and make very little more money than) a high-school dropout. I think I need to start looking for a better job.

(no subject)

i'm transferring schools. I'm looking for a degree in journalism (magazine) / visual communications. ( Thanks for calling me an idiot earlier and saying what I want to do is right in front of my face btw lol seriously)

1) Anyone know any good schools off the top of their head that you think would accept me? I'm not exactly shootin for Cambridge or NYU...

--not against going to the UK or France (although, i can't really speak french yet...im taking classes)
--3.0 GPA
--currently at Florida State University.
--will have my AA after next semester
--1950 on my SATs

2) Has anyone from the USA gone to school in a foreign country? How did you do it/ it work?


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there is a huge grasshopper stuck in between the glass and screen of my window... how do I set it free without letting it into my room where it could potentially hide for LIFE?

p.s. it got into the glass/screen through a small cut in the screen i'm guessing.

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Okay so TQC help me make a decision:

I took a new job where I will most likely be making more money than I am now. I also took it because it was right near a train station and at the time I thought I'd be able to minimize my commute. However, because of scheduling, taking the train from that station to/from school and work will be difficult. I have the following options:

A. Wake up at 5:30 AM, drive to the station by my work and catch a 7:02 train, get off 5 stations later, wait 5 minutes for the train that gets me to school in time for my 8:30 class and possibly pay extra. I can then take this train directly back from school to work after my 2:30 class.

B. Wake up at 6:30 AM, drive to a different station and catch a direct train to school in time for my 8:30 class. I can then take this train back to the station, and drive 25 minutes to my job.

Option B is what I've been doing for the past year, but I was commuting to my current job where I am making less money.


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Which mispronunciations of words really drive you nuts?

I can't stand "lie-bary" (as opposed to "library"), for one, or "albLum" as opposed to "album" (my mom does this all the time...)
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

1. Tomorrow, morning, do I take my kids to a carnival 30 minutes away, to a free Kid's Art show on an island 5 minutes away (complete with Sharon, Lois and Bram), or to the beach to collect shells and have a picnic?

2. Am I justified in being upset that my manager (but not my boss, she just has say in operations, not over us) shows up to work late, leaves early, and is gone for hours at a time during the day? I'm second on the food chain and get stuck with her leftover work. She goes shopping and books hair appts during the day as well. Every time I pass her desk she's on Facebook. Right now she is choosing paint colours on walmart.com.

And yes I am aware I am also at work right now posting to TQC lol

3. My college grad is Tuesday and it is a casual affair. BBQ and open bar afterwards. What should I be wearing? I was thinking a thin-strapped summery knee-length dress with heels?

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Platonic love.
We had a circle in our psychology class today and a lot of people were convinced that it doesn't exist. My best friend told me he loved me a few weeks ago. He's not the feely- emotional kind. And he is gay, so I know there wasn't anything else implied with him saying that. And I feel the exact same way towards him, everything is just really natural and sincere about our relationship.
Do you think love is only romantically or sexually founded?

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video games!

1. What was the first video game you ever played?

2. What was the first video game you ever beat 100%?

3. What was the first video game you ever got a game over on?

4. What was the first video game console you ever owned?

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I'm going to be the height of maturity at a pyjama party tomorrow, I'm 25. We're planning on starting early, drinking insane amounts, eating lots of junk and laughing till we cry.

So.... TQC I ask you

 - What was some cool things you did at a sleepover type thing?

 - We have a board game where we have to have other people guess our secrets, I'm planning on making some good secrets, not necessarily true, any suggestions? (The funnier and more ridiculous the better)

 - What are some songs I can add to our playlist? I'm thinking, cheesey 80's stuff or 90's for the nostalgia part...Or anything else you recommend?

(no subject)

The post below this made me laugh. I understand the reasons for it, but I don't understand why guys idolize breasts so much too, and big ones at that. Why? They're two globs of f-a-t with nipples attach. Doesn't sound too good when put it like that, but they're just kind of like shapely man boobs. 

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does anyone know the name of the website thats a life simulator quiz/game - you start as a baby and have to make choices about how you live and the way you "grow up" is affected by the choices?

i've been googling but second life keeps showing up and thats not what i want!

(no subject)

I think the Italian mosquitoes are trying to communicate with me. They've kept me up for two nights with their incessant buzzing, and this morning I looked in the mirror and noticed that all their bites seemed to be concentrated on my face and my right arm, and that a pattern was emerging from the twin spotches. Some kind of constellation or geometric shape, I thought.

Then, just now, I was looking at some pictures taken today of me standing directly under the noon sun and the shadows cast by the bumps on my face seemed to spell out today's date and time in Roman numerals! There was another date, but incomplete--for 2012, December something.

I am looking at my arm again and I'm thinking that I should really connect the dots with a magic marker, in case there's a coded message in there. But should I do it now, or wait a few more nights? And what if the message is in Italian? Can anyone here read Italian?

TQC, what should I do?!

(no subject)

What's the name of that movie/tv episode where the main guy travels into the future to find it destroyed then meets someone from his past who has also come forward to tell him to go back because the world is destroyed without him there?

Links to more related communities where I can ask this question are also appreciated.

(no subject)

Has anyone ever flown Continental Airlines? Is it nice?

I'm flying from San Francisco to NYC, and don't want to be stuck on a crappy plane for 6 hours... but it's the cheapest ticket.
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(no subject)

Will you please post with the weirdest thing you can think of so other people can start a thought train?
Kind of like word association, but with weird sentences!

Fuck it! Would you like to begin some word association?
Karl Love

(no subject)

So you're sitting at a restaurant waiting on someone to show up. How long after the agreed upon meeting time do you leave when they haven't shown up?

Does it change if you're waiting on a relative?
A significant other?
A complete stranger/blind date?
A friend?

What if they text you and say they are running late, how long do you wait?
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Haven't posted here in a while, but I've always gotten good recommendations in the past.  I'm in desperate need of new music!  What artists/albums are you really enjoying right now?  Any recommendations for me?

Some of my favorite artists (for reference) include: Belle & Sebastian, The Decemberists, Sia, Rilo Kiley, Barenaked Ladies, Regina Spektor, and Ingrid Michaelson.

girls in white dresses

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there's a cage with a person inside of it being suspended over a cliff edge. the cage is set to a timer so that it will drop in a few short moments, giving you just enough time to save them. but suspended over a cliff not to far away is a cage full of, oh, say, monkeys. the monkeys are being held in a similarly difficult position. you may only save one party.

how many monkeys would have to be in the cage before you would save the monkeys instead of the human? how many monkey lives are worth aproxx. one human life?


Apartment Horrors Part 2

So, good news! I found an apartment that doesn't belong to the racist asshat! And It's pretty!
But, I'm not done dealing with assholes, yet. My landlord is an old, New York Italian shmuck. He's the biggest moron I've ever dealt with and has been considerably rude to me and my mother. No, this isn't about him, though. This is about his spawn. The son of Satan. Their company is a block away, so if I need something, I call their office. A few days ago, the son came by (Why? Duno. Supposedly to see things.) He was skeevy when he was here, but whatever. Then today, after the plumber fixed the sink that's been needed to be fixed for 3 months, I called their office to let them know he had left his caulk gun thing.
Here's the conversation after that:
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Cats pawing at mommy's face

(no subject)

1. What's something especially "classy" about your town?
We have a "Tattoos and Pool!" sign in front of one of the local pool halls. There's also a trailer park I drive by on my way home. The name of it is spelled, on the sign "Mountian View Trailor Park" It makes me laugh every time I drive by it.

2. My cat is a huge part of my life. We're together whenever I'm home. I'm moving from a ~1800 square foot house to a 520 square foot apartment in August. In our house, he lives with three other kitties (who I would not be willing to take with me due to behavioral issues,) and he hates being the only cat in the house. I would really like to take him with me, I can't imagine how much I'd miss him. There are two issues:
b) Is he going to be miserable in such a small space, after living in a decently large one? I could leave him with my parents for the five months I'll be living in the small apartment, but he's going to have to come with me someday, and I kind of don't see large apartments in my foreseeable future budget.
a) How traumatic will it be if I adopt a baby brother(probably an adult male from our local humane society--- once they have one, I'm calling tomorrow to see if they have any which aren't on their website yet) let them become acquainted, and then move them together? Is two months enough time for them to get comfortable?

3. Which icon in TQC is your favorite? (and who is the user, if you happen to know?)
Bandit Driving

(no subject)

I'm in need of money, so it has come time to sell my gamecube and games. My best friend is interested in buying it all, but I'm not sure how much to sell for. What would be a reasonable price?

Included are:
Gamecube console
Two controllers
Memory Card 251
Mario Party 5
Mario Party 6
Traveling Case for games

When you are low on cash what are ways you save money?

How are you today?
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If a phone conversation happens between 2 parties that involves a "contract" ie, I do this, and you will pay me this much. Does it hold up in court? That said, you are stupid and forgot to record the phone conversation.

Back story: I brought 2 purses at a event which had the proceeds going to charity. My friend previously went to this event and got bags there and raved about it. "It's amazing... real bags for really cheap, etc" So I didn't even SECOND think the purchases, etc. I spent a little over $1000 there. Long behold, a piece of hardware broke on one of my bags and I didn't think much of it... I'd just go to the store and ask them to send it in for a repair. Anyways, when I went to the store, they said my bag was fake.

So, I emailed the lady who I brought the bag from. Told her I went to the store to get it fixed (they said it was fake. etc). I also called her on her cell (I saved her business card) and left a message. She called me, we discussed, she agreed to refund the money when I send her the purses back (with insurance on the shipping). She told me her address (I google mapped it) and yeah.

Now, I have the receipt and all (I paid in cash)... and I just want my money back. She claims that the bag is real but is willing to refund me back the money. She'll send me a check. I am now worried that if I send her the 2 bags, she won't send me the check.

What should I do?

(I'm going to report her to the police.)

(no subject)

What was the last thing you say that gave you a 'wtf?' reaction?

What would be the probable cause of my cat going batshit insane? She is meowing loudly and trying to climb the walls/jump to the ceiling after unseen objects.

Will you answer this question with an offensive remark of macro?

me - with gun
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(no subject)

Will you post a picture of yourself so that fellow TQCers can compliment you?

Will you compliment the photos of others? (oh no, you MySpace kids have to do more than post your own pic and run off into lurker oblivion! ;))
macro - procrastination cat
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(no subject)

What is the fastest you've ever got a promotion?

How much of a raise would you have to get to leave your current job? If not a raise, what would they have to offer you?
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(no subject)

Has anyone ever had chicken flavored rice, with broccoli and just a tiny bit of brown gravy mixed in for flavor?

It's delicious. One of the gunny's who was hanging around the hospital offered to make me some food!

TQC, entertain me pls.

What's the most disgusting thing you've ever witnessed/had happen to you?

I drank out of the wrong soda bottle whilst heavily intoxicated and ended up drinking a huge chug of this guy's dip spit. And it wasn't like fresh dip spit, it was like his universal "in the car" dip spit bottle that was half full and fermented from sitting in the sun. I was sick for three days and I still shudder and wretch a little bit when I think about it.

(no subject)

I'm trying to watch Sailor Moon (me being a dork is implied). Google Video, Youtube, and just about every other video player does not want to work for me. My friend has been sending me links to different sites that have the episodes, but my email isn't working.

Is this the universe's way of telling me I'm a dork?

Also, I did a dumb and got my hand in some hot cooking oil today. How have you stupidly hurt yourself lately?
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#1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

#2. What is in your freezer right now?

#3. How often do you vaccum?

#4. What was the last movie you rented? Did you like it?

#5. Where do you buy your toiletries?

#6. What kind of car do you drive?

#7. How much money did you spend today?



I've been looking and looking and looking for this damn firefox add on where you can play any nes game evar. I can't find it for some reason :[

Does anyone have it?? and can link it please?

(no subject)

What should I do tonight? It can't cost more than 10 bucks. If I see a movie, which one should I see?

Also, if someone called you a glamor hawk, would you be offended? idk I remember it from a dream I had last night. I dream up some weird shit.

Okay I'm still bored. Who is your least favorite actor? Mine is Hayden Christensen. I don't see how he stays employed he's so awful.

(no subject)

Hello again, TQC!

I am moving soon!  My soon-to-be roomies all have dogs.  One has a german shepherd/lab mix, the other has a lab, and I have a pug.  I want to get a bigger dog - a lab, or a german shepherd.  What do you think I should get? 

I already have the Love of My Life, my baby, Dwightum the Pug.  I will just be doin' school, no real job, except for school.  Yes, I can absolutely afford multiples!

Anyway, what do you think is the best bet?  Another blessed pug, or a lab this time?  I have had both my entire life, so I am a good owner.  My cousin is also a  vet, so free, and AMAZING, vet care! :)

blue balls..

How badly do "blue balls" actually hurt? Really?

Have you ever had so-called "blue balls" and checked to see if they'd actually turned blue?

Is your kitchen upstairs or downstairs in your house?

(no subject)

Dear TQC-ers who live in the US and/or TQC-ers who know shit about US economics,

WTF is up with gas prices?

I'm not trying to post one of those whiny bitch fests about who has it harder blablabla, I'm genuinely curious here. Can you PLEASE explain to me why they're so high? I honestly just don't get it.
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Let me introduce you to my home...

Since we have people from all around the world, I'd like to ask a question.

Say you were talking to someone from another country and were asked to name three things that make your state/territory/province/etc great, what would yours be? Oh, and where are you from by the way?

North Carolina

1. Cook Out Burgers - The best fast food burgers on the planet! Take that In-N-Out!
2. The art and music scene of Chapel Hill. It's like SoHo but it doesn't smell like urine.
3. The crazy mix of 'burbs and country. Where else can you see someone raising chickens in their front yard within an eye shot of a Macy's?
lulu guinness clutch

(no subject)

You buy a pint of ice cream at a grocery store that is 11 miles from your home. You open it when you get home only to discover it's already been opened and 2 spoonfuls are missing. What do you do?

eat it
feed it to someone else
return it to the grocery store
throw it away
something else

Who do you think ate my ice cream? An employee or customer? It was Wegmans if it matters.

This would be post 3.

I walked 3 miles with my puppy Liberty today.
Finally finished payroll and am now watching Cast Away.

1. What did you do today?
2. What are you doing now?
3. Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors, who is one of your favorite actors?

(no subject)

Are diamonds really a girl's best friend?
I just can't seem to find any I think are worth the outrageous amount of money.
Will you show me your favorite ring you either have or wish to have?
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(no subject)

What are some of the funniest and/or most confusing typos you've found on menus?

A diner I went to as a kid had a "bacon and harm" sandwich. More recently, I noticed that someone's finger slipped when typing "chunk chicken" on the menu of one of my favorite Chinese restaurants.