June 5th, 2008

silhouette theater

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i want to watch something but idk what and i'm sick of whatever is on tv right now

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what movie/tv show should i watch?

or how much do you hate it when someone IMs you and then doesn't respond to you for the rest of the night? i have a friend who constantly does this and it drives me insane.
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The past 4 nights i haven't slept well because of a cough / sore throat. I slept until 5 pm today (ugh) because i still felt a bit rank in the tummy. What is the best way to re set my body clock? I don't feel tired from the sleep and its midnight now.

What is your favorite old school video game?

Curse of monkey island/ broken sword.

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Will you please describe your day today in 3 words?

What did you do today? Anything out of the ordinary?

Should I bake banana nut bread, blueberry muffins, or apple bread tomorrow?
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So let's say you formally accepted a job offer a few days ago, but something has come up since then that will prevent you from taking that job offer. What's a professional way to let the employer know?

Lights out?

Do you think that when businesses close for the night the massive amount of billboard lighting should be shut off for energy conservation purposes?   

- I noticed that in NYC numerous department stores are closed but they have thousands of lights on. Is this really necessary?
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I just got a list of who is willing to interview me for my co-op next year, yay! One of them, however, is asking me to e-mail them (There's no number to call) to schedule an interview. I don't have a first name, it just is listed as "G Grayshaw".

I DON'T KNOW IF IT'S A GIRL OR GUY, how should I address the e-mail? D:!

ETA: Okay, I found it, but how horrible would it have been if I addressed this GUY as "Ms. Grayshaw"? :P

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I wanna read a book which will make my heart ache and eyes water.
Any recommendations? I'm leaving for Tokyo this Saturday (7/6/08) and I don't want to bore myself sleeping or listening to my MP3 or taking never ending photos or stone on the 2 hour ride from Narita Airport to Hilton Tokyo Hotel.

Thanksssssssssss :)

How about a little synopsis too?
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Was there ever a music video in the early 90s of a band playing music in a burning house? The interior of the house may have been pink, and it may have been a nighttime shoot. This image is so strong in my mind but I can't remember for the life of me if it was real.

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Poll #1199701 For $50,000, would you....

...lose the memories of the first 10 years of your life? Every single memory before the age of 11 is erased. This doesn't affect the scholastic knowledge gained in this span, strangely enough, but every thing you did, every movie or book you enjoyed., every childhood memory, wiped clean


...lose your tongue's capacity to taste chocolate? All chocolate will be as delicious as a block of uncooked tofu. Procedure is irreversible


...Get Goatse's bunghole tattooed to your chest? Like this paint job, the hands go across your nipples, with the stretched asshole in the middle. Applied with the heaviest colors available and touched up with even more color later, so removing the tat will be difficult and painful for you


...give up one of your kidneys? It's removed safely by a skilled doctor, placed in a cooler, and whisked away to parts unknown. You can survive with just one kidney. Better hope it can do the work of 2 and won't konk out ever


...wipe out the livejournals of every single person on your flist? The databases, harddrives, backups or whatever location and format your friends' journals are kept, they're magnetized, erased or just crudely beaten into the ground with a baseball bat. You get paid, but all your i-friends lose every post, picture and story they ever had on their journal. Sucks to be them


...eat your weight in pork rinds within one month? I have no idea how many that is, but a full size bag of rinds is under a pound. You have 40 days to get er done


Edit: For the last question, yes, I'm aware I goofed and created a 40 day month. I'm too sleepy to go back and change it. Deal with it
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Are there any circumstances under which you'd be willing to let a complete stranger make an important life decision for you?

A member of your family chosen at random?

Your SO/best friend?

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For those of you with a septum piercing. Did you have any issues with sleeping? Like it getting caught on blankets or the like? I am a pretty violent sleeper and just got the piercing today so I'm a little worried to go to sleep.

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I'm a sophomore at Florida State University. I've mentally changed my major about 4 times. (never actually bothered to fill out the paper-work). I'm about to have a mental break-down because I've been freaking out over what the hell to do with my life for...hm...3 years now? yeah it definetly started in high school. 
-i'm a kick-ass writer.
-i like designing page-layouts for newspaper. (lame, i know, but its soothing.)
-i can't draw/paint/be artistic in any way.
-i want to travel like hell.

these things have never changed.

any career ideas? maybe Major ideas? should i just say f*ck it and transfer to a different school?

hate to lay this on someone else, but seriously. it's been three years, and i'm no where near decided on my life's path and a couple thousand dollars out. 


muchos gracias,

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I've been relentlessly job hunting for the past month or more. To no avail.
The economy sucks, therefore no one is hiring, even in tourist filed orlando, florida. =[
Its quite depressing. I'm a broke college student. Come fall, I'm going to need tons of money for school.
I need to save up.

Is there anything I could do this summer to make money?
Any alternatives to a regular 9-5?

I'm not giving up on finding a job, but in the mean time, maybe I can make some other money?

I'm desperate.

Only serious advice.
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My roomie baked some chocolate brownies and the smell is positively intoxicating, alas I can't have any because 1) they aren't mine and 2)they aren't vegan friendly.

So TQC, it's 3:30am. Is that too early in the morning to go to the store to get something chocolately yet vegan to sate my craving?
What's the wierdest thing you've went to the store in the wee hours of the morning to buy?

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Welcome to an alternate Earth. Barack Obama and John McCain still have the same personalities and presentations as their counterparts in this reality, but the alternate Obama holds 'our' McCain's political stances and is the Republican nominee, and the alternate McCain holds 'our' Obama's values and is the Democratic nominee. In this alternate reality, the barriers broken are the same (Obama's still the first minority to become Presidential nominee).

Come this alternate November, who gets your vote, Obama (R) or McCain (D)?

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An odd question, I know. But I'm just wondering if I'm strange or if it's normal.

Given a choice, when eating fresh fruits and/or vegetables (i.e., not cooked), do you prefer them warm, cold, room temperature, frozen?

I know some people that like freezing fresh fruit, such as grapes before eating them. I have to admit I despise them frozen.

But I want my fruits and/or vegetables to be cold. I can't stand them when they're warm.

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Haven't slept a wink.
1. Should I walk 7 blocks to do my laundry and risk falling asleep there?
1a. Should you say yes: hot, warm, or cold? pre-wash?
1b. Is your detergent eco-friendly? Mine sho ain't.

2. Do you have business cards?
2a. Where did you get them done?
2b. If I put my tits on a business card, would I get more clientele?

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Tqc, long time no talk. I'm sitting at work right now (the abercrombie and fitch home office) and on the new a&f soundtrack that we hear a few weeks before the stores do, they have that Rick Astley song, but in club-beat form. Am I being constantly rickrolled? I loled.
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Are there any corgi dogs in video games? Besides nintendogs. And give me the names of all the game-dogs you can think of too while we're at it.

(I just got a dog but can't figure out a name, and that's the area I'm currently looking)
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Which fictional headline would most likely engage you to either debate or defend.

A clear and present state of sexism cost her the election. : Clinton aide.

A clear and present state of racism cost him the election. : Obama aide.

Edit:: Due to the first comment - this question removed.

For the last few months did you honestly believe it was going to be Race vs Gender, or did you firmly follow the candidate platforms?
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1. Do you find them an excess you'd just as soon do without?
2. Do you view them as a means to an end to get what you want?
3. Do you, not intended sexually, just like to play with them?
4. Do you think they're plotting against you?
5. Do you, if you've had them enhanced, think they get good satellite reception?
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Hey, Thanks!

The last time you said "Thanks/Thank You" to someone, what was it for? (I don't mean "thanks" in the sarcastic way, I mean a genuine expression of thanks and/or gratitude.)

Do you send Thank You cards for gifts?
Have you received many Thank You cards for gifts you have given?
Do you think Dear Abby is smokin' crack when she says that people tend to keep Thank You notes they've received? (See the last letter & reply here.)
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Does this sound really passive-aggressive and petty?

If it's past 1:30am, don't feel obligated to call me because I tend to go to sleep early these days.

I was thinking about saying this to my boyfriend. We're currently in a long-distance relationship, and for the past week or so, he hasn't been contacting me at all for HOURS either via text or phone. I text him once or twice a day and he sometimes responds and sometimes doesn't. He does always call late at night however.

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I just spent 100000000 hours on the phone trying to talk to my doctor, now I want to pull my fucking eyes out!
1. What was the last thing you did that made you want to pull your eyes out?

I have a box of straws. They are different colors. Orange, pink, green and yellow. I will NOT use the green and yellow ones. I don't know why, but I just won't.
2. What is one of your crazy irrational behaviors?

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What is your astrological sign?

What are some typical characteristics of your sign you feel you do indeed have?
moodiness, maternal instincts, strong connection to family, loyal, romantic

What are some typical characteristics of your sign you feel you don't have?
cautious, clingy, home body

Do you believe in astrology or do you think it's a bunch of crap?
I believe in it

Musical Questions

1. Hey Carrie Anne, what's your game now? Can anybody play?

2. Is she really going out with him? Is she really gonna take him home tonight?

3. What shall we use to fill the empty spaces where we used to talk? How shall I fill the final places? How should I complete the wall?

4. Why do we never get an answer when we're knocking at the door? With a thousand million questions about hate and death and war.

5. How many of these do you recognize?


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Did you have a plastic lunch box with a thermos when you were in elementary school?
Who was on it?
Who made your lunch?
What was your favorite thing to eat in this lunch box?

I had a Care Bear lunchbox and a Lion King lunch box. My dad made my lunch and it was usually some fancy sandwich that my dad took way too much pride in

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I live close enough to work to walk, but I don't walk when it's dark outside (so when I have to be there at 5 a.m. or leave at 11 p.m.). Most of my co-workers are willing to drive me home from work when we close together. One girl lives an hour away herself, and she is still willing to drive me home. I know my house is only about a five-minute drive, but I still feel bad for making her go slightly out of her way when she has such a long drive home so late at night.

Should I offer to compensate her in some way? And if so, how?

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What (if anything) is wrong with being a hypocrite? (ex: So you tell people not to do things that you, yourself, do. Aren't you just looking out for them in a 'dont make my mistakes' sort of way? What's wrong with this?)
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are you a spelling/grammar nazi? what bothers you the most? (besides the obvious: you're/your, their/there/they're, to/too)

how do you feel about godwin's law? ("As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one." per wiki)
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I think I'm getting a cold and I have far too many fabulous bday plans to feel shitty.
What are your get well quick/beat a cold back remedies?

When asked what three things they'd bring on a deserted isle, have you ever heard anyone say "a boat"? If you were on a deserted isle, what would you bring?

I'm a fan of silly things in English.. like palindromes (straw warts) or onomatopoeia (bang, boom, buzz) and alliteration (Llamas love licking leprechauns). What "nerdy" things do you like in language, science or math?
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Should I just try to forget about my friend of like... 8 years (which is alot when youre only 19!) because she's turned into a complete japan-obsessed non-bros before hos psycho who is totally sociopathic?

Or should I wait and hope she comes around? :(

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Have you ever, or known someone that has, spontaneously made a memory up in their own heads, something that never happened?

My boss made something up in his head- something I don't remember happening, and I've gone through all the files to verify that I am indeed correct, and that he is crazy. Not only has he totally made it up, but he's also flamingly pissed at me about it, even though it's totally inconsequential and superfluous to any aspect of work or life or anything.

How do I get him to STFU without making him more angry?
It makes us stronger

Shipping Cats?

Is there a way to send cats to someone? I have heard you can take cats on a plane, but is there a way to do that where you don't have to be on the plane too?

E.g. My friend is taking an internship for 3 weeks and wants to send her cats to live with her mom. How would you get the cats to mom who lives across the country?

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1. This summer, I'm planning a camping trip with three friends. I'm organizing everything, finding a campground, etc. What, if any, costs should I ask them to split? Gas money (it's 1.5 hours away)? Site rental? Neither/both/something else?

2. How long does it take you to get ready for bed?

3. You know the phrase "that's all well and .... but.."? Well, how exactly does that go?

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The song "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco just came on the radio and is now stuck in my head, just like every other time I hear it.

What is a song that constantly is getting stuck in your head?
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#1. I am just now starting to watch the X-Files for the first time, do you like that show?

#2. Do you use bar soap or body wash?

#3. If you had the choice of working 7am-3pm or 2pm-10pm what shift would you choose?

#4. What did you have for lunch today?

#5. About how many times do you eat out in an average week?

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Are you near a window?

What do you see when you look through?

(I see sunny weather, the Sunset neighborhood of SF, a giant pink stucco church, the Pacific Ocean, and a teensy snip of the Golden Gate Bridge. Too bad I'm seeing all this from the library).
Agents are Go!

Lotsa Questions.

What can I do with a Computer Science degree that isn't hardcore computer work (i.e. making hardware or programming software)? I like it, but more as a hobby than a living. I think I'd die if I had to think in code all my life.

Does anyone here work at a computer Help Desk? Do you have any horror stories? (inspired by clientcopia.com)

What's the best made up indie band name? (My entry: The Orange Telemarketers)

Who wants to go to Six Flags this weekend? (I do! But I have other obligations)

What was a TV related guilty pleasure you had as a child? (Lizzie McGuire. I watched mostly for Miranda. I had a crush on her for a while.)

How long does it take to do a normal cleaning at the dentist? I have an appointment next week scheduled for 11 when I have to be somewhere else (nearby) at 12. Is that enough time
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I want to go on a USA TQC road trip.
Who can I visit?
Which state/city are you in?
What will we do when I'm there?

EDIT-I'm leaving Ral NC with my car full of cool things.

EDIT- I'll go to Canananada too.

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Whenever I eat, I pick around the plate for the perfect "last bite" of food and leave it off to the side until I'm almost done.  If anyone touches that bite I get irrationally upset with them and feel as though my whole meal was ruined.

Does anyone else do this?

What are your weird eating habits?
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1. Who here intends to celebrate "Thirsty Thursday"?

2. If you HAD to choose, Tyra Banks or Oprah Winfrey?

3. Anyone like to watch Ghost Hunters on the Scifi channel?

4. What is the best thing that has happened to you this week?

5. The worst?
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1. i saw my aunt this week, and she brought up pro-life vs anti-abortion. she says that to call yourself pro-life you have to be against abortion, the death penalty and euthanasia. if you are against abortion, but support the death penalty, you are anti-abortion, not pro-life. do you agree/disagree? (this is not intended to start a debate. i just thought the concept was interesting and had never heard it before.)

2. if your only source of income freelance work, how would you go about doing your taxes? do you do everything under the table? or have a billing system?

(no subject)

What daily hygienic habits do you enjoy doing most? Least?

(You can include some non-daily stuff, like shaving/waxing, since time in between varies per person.)

I love taking showers because all my shampoos, conditioners, and soaps are solid, lather well, and smell great. I get annoyed at flossing.

a few

1. What is the ringtone on your cell phone?

2. If a friend of mine is pregnant and has only gained 6 pounds in the middle of her 6th month, should I have an intervention?

3. If you have an internship or practicum experience, would you tell people you have a job?

4. What color are your toenails?

Edit: Thanks for answering :) I guess I've just read that healthy weight gain is between 20 and 30 lbs, but I guess everyone does gain differently.
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1. What is your favorite website to find quotes on, other than thinkexist.com?
idk, that's my only site, and no bugmenot logins work anymore :(

2. What is the longest time you've had the hiccups?
on and off for a couple of days.

3. You are sick, and have a few days off work/school because of it. You're snuggled into a chair, watching tv and eating a comfort food. What is on the television, and what are you eating?
little house on the prairie and tomato soup :)

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Do you love Thursdays?

Are you having equipment failure of some sort?

Do you eat the portion of the box of cereal at the very bottom where it's all crumbs and powder, or do you toss that cos it ruins the texture of your breakfast?

I used to. This one has cured me of it.

God, yes. I'm breaking everything I touch here lately.

I do not eat the dregs of a box of cereal.


This has been bothering me for a while but as it happens more and more I've become curious.

In regards to lj icons; WHY do people make icons with text so small that you cannot read it?

Sure makes them look pretty I guess, but .. am I the only one that is annoyed by that?
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it's a movie

In the bar last night, I was sitting with several friends...

Me- "Oh hey Jess, you should come to Global Metal with us next week."

Jess- "AWESOME!!"

Kathy- "Can I come too?"

Me- "Sure"

Kathy- "....what is it?"

Why would you (kathy) DO that?
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My older brother is in Paris, France, right now. He's doing all sorts of exciting and amazing things. He told me that he's going to a restaurant tomorrow where you sit in a pitch black room and they serve you food, but they don't tell you what it is. I'm super jealous.

Who are you jealous of right now? Why?

Would you go to a restaurant like the one my brother is attending?

(no subject)

Which restaurant would you prefer to work at? (Waiter/waitress)

Red Robin
Ruby Tuesday's
Texas Roadhouse
Outback Steakhouse
Cracker Barrel

And why?
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Let's say someone sends you an email with a word in the subject misspelled. You have to reply to this person. Do you fix the spelling or just leave it, or find some other way to deal with it? Does it depend on how bad the misspelling was?

Fecal Matter

When was the last time you took a poo?
This morning

How was it on a scale of 1-10? (1 being it came out sideways and needed a whole role of T.P....10 being it slid right out with little wipe-age necessary)

After you poo, do feel the urge to take a good look at it before you flush it?
Yes. And I firmly believe that everyone does, though not all will admit it.


TQC Geek Squad, halp!!!!!

Have any of you ever had the malware "abetterintrnt"? How the fuck do you get rid of it???

"Why, bellapalmera, don't you know how to use the Google to find things on the internets?"

Actually, a lot of my websites don't work, and unfortunately Google is one of them. I can, however, get to it through comcast.net :) But the results are either inconclusive or the pages do not work on my computer. Seriously it just says download more programs. So, what are some programs that will not fuck up my computer more that you guys use? I trust some of TQC, lol.

I have:
McAfee Security Suite
Spybot S&D

So what else?

Oh also, the file location of this wh0re-ass malware is F:/undo/backup.cab which I do not have access to.

Also, I'm just going to get it out of the way now: Buy a Mac is not an acceptable answer. So maybe only like 12 of you will tell me to now instead of everyone.

EDIT: Does this look legit? If so, I'll do it. If not, well, I might do it anyway =P
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Is it warm where you are? It is here.
I was given the suggestion to try for American Idol after I graduate in Feb 09, I should, y/n?(serious/non welcome)
should i go beg for my job back at Best Buy even though they might screw me over with scheduling me when I'm supposed to be in classes again?
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i just got a new bike that is really vary awesome and kind of the best in the world(picture below) and i was wondering what the best types of bike locks are?

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 So...would it be safe to paint my hairles dog using crayola poster paints?  I want to paint him so bad!  But I want to make sure he stays alive for a long time also.   <_<

 What is the cutest thing your mom/dad has done?  My mom texted me yesterday saying "i love u to infinityyy!"   :( She didn't spell out "you."


(no subject)

Backstory: You work for a department store, and have an "associates shopping day" coming up, which means you get an extra 15% added to your current discount. You want some new summer clothes, but your sewing machine (or something else you enjoy using) just died, and you want a new one.

1. Would you get the clothes or the sewing machine?

2. Beef, chicken, or pork?

3. How do you like your eggs?
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I'm stuck in the hospital for misdiagnosed kidney infection! (They gave me arthritic anti-inflammatory medication instead!) and never even took any kind of labs, hurray!

Point being, what can I do to amuse myself online? (Beside TQC of course)
What are good sites with interesting things to buy?
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(no subject)

1- What would you do to be popular? (Internet popular, real life with friends, real life by being a celebrity, whatever)

2- If you think popularity is overrated, why? On the flip side, if you think it's the shizz, why?

3- Can just ANYONE be a celebrity?

(no subject)

i've cried twice today. i'm worried about and angry at my boyfriend and i just got in a huge fight with my mom. tomorrow is my birthday. what can i do to cheer up between today's pity party and tomorrow's birthday party?

what do you do when you just want to whine and cry and complain and bitch about the things that are bothering you but you don't have anyone to spill to?

have you had a very uncharacteristic day lately? i'm usually very cheery and nice. today i've been crying a lot and i screamed at my mom for some things she did a couple of weeks ago. i had plans today but they were cancelled and now i'm just sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself.

Mechanical Pencils

Inspired by the pencil question...

For those of you who like mechanical pencils: what's your favorite kind?

I bought one on a whim before, and it was really nice to use, but when I lost it and replaced it with another, that one sucked to use, and broke in no time.

some questions

I live in FL which is a No Fault state. Let's say you get in an accident and the person technically at fault (the one that got the citation) does not have insurance. The thing is, the accident took place on private property and therefore the uninsured motorist can drive their car without insurance (only not on state roads/highways). Since it took place on private property, apparently insurance doesn't get involved anyway. Is it plausible that the person who was not at fault would have to pay anything? Besides the damage to their own car if the uninsured motorist wouldn't pay. For example, the damage to the other person's vehicle?

Do you believe that you once you start going to a chiropractor you'll never stop going? I heard this somewhere and was wondering....

Do you  have a hard time saying sorry? What's the last time it was really hard for you to apologize?
careful or you could cut someone

You are going to die

That you will die is a given. You know this, as do I. However, what if you were given the choice. What if you were told that you would not have to die so long as you were willing to give up something important to yourself. If you gave up a part of yourself in exhange for a longer life would it be worth it?

Or, to put it another way, if you absolutely had to have a part of your body amputated (we're talking meat and bone people) what would you choose to lop off?
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So, I know I should really be asking my doctor but they haven't called me back so...

My BC is making me absolutely crazy, to the point where my doctor wrote me a script for a new brand. I have four pills left of the crazy-makin' ones. Should I just stop taking them tonight to get them the fuck out of my system? What would you do?

If you don't care about that...

What was the last thing you made? Whether it be a painting, poop, or dinner.

I just made chicken soup from scratch and it was delicious

(no subject)

1. what are some tv shows that were canceled or ended that you loved?
2. what did you have for lunch?
3. who's bitch are you?
4. what did you do last summer? because i obviously do not know.

1. grounded for life - watching it right now! of course arrested and freaks&geeks jump in that boat too :(
2. cottage cheese!
3. the world's
4. tqc and get fat.

(no subject)

I just did four laps around the block with my puppy. That might not mean shit to you, but it means a lot to me. Training my puppy and getting back in shape feels so good!

1.What have you done lately that makes you feel good?

2. As usual I will post something random in comments. Will you post something random?

(no subject)

If you share meals with others,
Do you and that person have different eating schedules?

Collapse )

Speaking of the momdroid, she is going out of town for two weeks. What should I feed myself during that time? No cooking skill limit. So far I have kabobs and jerk chicken planned.

Whats your favorite exercise?
Jason the Ninja

(no subject)

Who would you like to smack across the face with a bat?

People who say "waitressing." The phrase is "waiting," genius. Gerunds come from verbs, not nouns! ARRGGGH! When Julia Roberts goes to work, she's "acting" not "actressizing!"

(no subject)

I'm a 6' tall big gal. I already have a bike, but I kind of want a fancy ass girl bike. Am I too big/tall for a woman's bicycle, or does it not matter as long as the seat is high enough?
Would I have to go for one of the girl bikes with bigger wheels?
I know nothing about bikes.
emmett, QAF

Job Blues

I'm a college student looking for a job and having some really bad luck. Anyway I applied at On The Border on Tuesday and I really hope it goes through.

I wanted to know if anyone applied at an On The Border: Grill & Cantina  or any other Brinker Restaurant (Chili's,  Maccaroni Grill) and how long it took them to call you back after you filled out the application ?

Anyone else having a hard time finding a job ?
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(no subject)

While using a public restroom, have you ever had a kid (or anyone, really), poke their head under the stall door or wall that you were occupying?

How did you react?

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TQC, I am missing my cats like crazy. I haven't seen them since Saturday morning and I won't see them again until this next Saturday. Will you post pictures of your pets?

Also, since I'm on this hotel's nice high speed connection, and since usually I have to put up with dial-up (I know, I know), can you recommend me some funny (and cute) things to look up on youtube?
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Unknown writer and books a go-go

I am in the middle of writing a novel.
The raw chapters are on my deviant account. I really would like someone people to read them in order to get some feedback. However, I have no idea how to go about and do that. Well, outside of going to each person, dropping to my feet and begging them to read my story.

So, all you writers out there who have online fiction, how the devil do you do it?

Now, speaking of books, I just finished Slaughterhouse-Five. I am not a big fan of Vonnegut. I read Cat's Cradle and was pretty "Meh" on it. But I read Slaughterhouse-Five because it is supposed to be a BIG influence on LOST. I can see it. With that said, I still don't have any idea what the book is about. Is it anti-war? It doesn't come across as one because of the anti-glacier comment in the book. Is it anti-fate? Is it pro-fate? No one I know has read this book, so I would love to hear someone's thoughts on it.


What was the first job you've ever had?

me, i've never had a job, but I have my first job interview ever on the 9th
so my first job might be at Smiths(a grocery store chain in Vegas), I'm not enthusiastic about that though, bagging people's groceries and rounding up the carts in parking lots day after day is way too redundant for me.......
but I also applied at Starbucks and plan to apply at Target once i'm done with my interview at Smiths.....
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1. What's the worst argument you've ever had?

2. What's the silliest argument you've ever had?

3. What's the worst effect of avoiding confrontation that you've ever endured?

4. What do you think is the funniest scene from TV or a movie?

5. What's the most neurotic & quirky thing you do?

6. Who's the most interesting person you know, and what makes him that way?

7. What's the best thing about your life?

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Will you motivate me to finish my chemistry papers so I can get to bed, TQC? I haven't had more than six hours of sleep in a week, and I am not having fun right now.

Also, I got new glasses today. They're the same prescription; however, objects farther away appear slightly blurry. Close-up objects are crystal clear, though. Is this something that solves itself with time, or should I go back when I am less exhausted and ask them what's up?


So TQC I went vegetarian back in February, and try to make as fresh a dinner as possible every night. I am, however, getting incredibly sick of chopping vegetables, especially onions. Should I get a food processor? Or will something else chop veggies better?
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How would you feel if someone you knew wrote a fairly successful book inspired by events in his or her life and you recognized yourself as a character in the book?

Would your answer change depending on whether or not you were a likable character?

In the above situation, would that make shipping characters in the book like shipping the people they're based on?

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my god.
The season finale of House just aired on Australian tv two nights ago...Did anyone else watch it? Do you agree that was nearly the saddest thing that ever could have happened? I nearly cried.

Compressing ringtones?

Are there any (free, preferably available on download.com, but that's not a requirement) programs that will enable me to compress a snippet of a song to a certain size to make it usable as a ringtone?

To clarify - I have a Samsung BlackJack, and my mom has a Samsung Sync, both of which require songs to be less than 300kb to be used as ringtones. I used an MP3 ringtone extractor to create song snippets from files on my computer, but it turned them into humongous WAV files. I used WM Converter to get them back to more manageable MP3 format, but they're still not quite small enough (the ones I want range from 313 to 657kb). Short of making the snippets shorter (thereby cutting out part of the lyrics/music I want to use), is there any way I can compress the snippets to be less than 300kb, without losing too much quality?

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tqc i'm cheering up!

now, i'm over all the self-pity questions i posted earlier, let's try a bitchy one!

so my boyfriend got arrested for drugs two nights ago (and i haven't been able to talk to him yet). i was out with my friend last night when i found out and we're pretty close, so i told her. she immediately said, "if i were you, i'd cut ties with him." now.. my boyfriend got arrested for drugs, trust me i know that's bad, but he wasn't directly endangering lives. this friend just got her license back after a recent DUI! she was absolutely hammered when she got it. she's been extra bitchy lately so when she texted me to ask about him today, i reminded her that she would've been a mess if people cut ties with her over her problems.

she flipped!

tqc: am i a bitch? ahha, i'm sure it was bitchy but she's been so rude lately and i think it was pretty necessary.

real question: what was the last totally bitchy thing you did? extra points if it's hilarious
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man, the weather's been crazy up in here.

are there tornadoes where you live?

have you ever seen one?

when the tornado sirens go off, are you the type to pick up a few valuables and move quickly to the nearest basement/shelter, or are you that crazy person sitting on the back balcony with a beer and a camera?

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this topic came up in a conversation between me and some friends earlier and i'm curious about other people's point of view.

the situation is basically this, there's two people, one is in a relationship, the other isn't, the two flirt a lot.
the question is, when exactly is there a line crossed? how far is too far, and who crosses the line, the one in the relationship, or the single one?

i'm not really sure, i think the crossing the line part is a mix between when you're doing something you wouldn't want your SO to do back to you, and when there becomes a more emotional attachment?

any other opinions? (:
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1. Is EliteXC really fixed? More specifically, was the Kimbo/Thompson fight fixed?

2. If you don't like MMA, who are you rooting for in the NBA finals?

3. And if both of those don't apply to you.. what's your favorite food to cook/bake?

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What do you know of William Patterson University?
Particularly the communications department?

What do you know of Binghamton University?
Particularly the cinema department?

Pizza Hut, Papa John's, or Dominos?

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I've suddenly become extremely sensitive to certain sounds and textures. Has this ever happened to you? Do you know of any reason this would happen?
What are some sounds and/or textures that make you cringe?
Will this post get any comments while the drama ensues?
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In this day and age, do you think it's weirder for a person not to have an MP3 player or not to have a digital camera?

What's one electronic device that seems to be everywhere that you could live without?

I have no need for a TV-- wait, no, I need one for video games. So for me, I guess it'd be a digital camera.

multi-question post!

hi tqc.

have you picked up any phrases or mannerisms (if that applies) from users here,or the community in general?

i opened up a bottle of chimay to enjoy before meeting my friend at a bar after half-time in the celtics/lakers game. was that a mistake? will i be able to finish it tonight? ETA: you can find out what chimay is here (wiki) and here (website)

are you watching the basketball game? if so, who are you rooting for?

will you tell me something good that happened in your life today?

my answers:

yes, i picked up using bb from latenightdrives. at least, i think it's her that uses it.

it probably was a mistake, but i will finish it anyway. and probably regret it tomorrow.

um, yes i am. the celtics.

i had some delicious cheesecake for lunch.

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Drama right here.
I AM SO FUCKING TIRED of this bullshit.
I have been a member of TQC for a while, getting called out is out of the question.
My Father killed himself last year, and I just got diagnosed with cancer. But FUCK MOOK FUCKERS here in TQC yes you CHERRYBABY need to call me out. FUCK YOU!
This place has become a popularity contest. I WANT NOTHING OF IT!
You want my Fathers death certificate?
Want my fucking tissue samples??????????????
You stupid fucking CUNTS?????????
How fucking DARE YOU.