June 4th, 2008

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i'm making a playlist of sexxxxy jamz.
what are the songs that get you in the mood? i'm not looking for "closer" by NIN, "gimme more" or anything that is "song lyric song lyric sex sex do me blah blah song lyric". so, do you have any songs that aren't really meant to be sexy, but you think are?

a/c and time?

I live in a 2/2.5 two story condo...all by myself. In sticky, hot, summery Florida. I'm at home about 12-14 hrs a day (I know, I haven't gotten hired yet ;_;). Which is more cost effective: to turn down the A/C (I have to turn it to 72 for it to get cool, though), or to run the fan in my 2nd-floor room on high (it's too hot on lower settings) for 12-14 hrs straight?

I've done the latter, but my elec bill hasn't gone down yet (then again, my roommate kept popping in unexpectedly last month...but she couldn't raise the bill THAT much....could she?).

Did my excessive use of parentheses bother you?

Next: how do you visualise time? The year?

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the answers to the question about buying a car at a police auction made me wonder,

I've heard that the back doors and possibly windows, are disabled so that somebody in the back wouldn't be able to get out on their own. assumably this is fixed before the cars are sold. BUT how hysterical would it be to have your friends get in there not knowing the history and then realize they couldn't get out?
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What types of clothes should i get when i go shopping?

ok ok scratch that. What do you buy the most while clothes shopping?

I want to get a pea coat, maybe some vans authentics and some office clothes for a job..maybe some long sleeve button ups too.
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So, for the past few days I've been sleeping a few hours at a time, instead of sleeping through the night. I set my alarm for an hour before I have to go somewhere, sleep until I wake up, and do stuff until I get drowsy again. How unhealthy is this? Will this completely screw my health up again? Will I die?

How can I keep on my meds? I have this horrible thing of going off of them, and it's really, really bad not that I take anti-depressants. Do you have trouble staying on your meds? What helps you to not go off of them? I'm fine about it until my schedule gets disrupted, then I end up off of them for around a week. Would taking them at the same time every day (like 9am/9pm) work better instead of just the when-I-wake-up/when-I-go-to-bed method?

Have you heard of Bipolar II? Do you think it is valid, or just one of those things where somebody is just looking for something to be wrong?
I think it could be valid, but most people who have it would not end up getting treatment for it. I have my doubts, though.

What is your official stance on romantic relationships right now?
It can never end well. Ever.

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Can you please name a movie in which the crew is credited by more than simply running names at the end of the credits?

Do you ever get cravings even when you're not actually hungry? I'm not hungry and yet there's a part of me that wants a pepper jack grilled cheese on sourdough.
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It's almost 1am, but I'm hungry! I'm watching Bravo-- Top Chef is on, and they all made steaks! OMG. Now I friggin' want steak. Should I eat? Y/N?

What do you usually eat as a midnight snack?


I have a kitten who is roughly 9 months old and a rabbit who is a little over a year old.

My roommate has a dog and due to her not keeping the dog up to date on flea prevention my poor cat is starting to scratch away patches of skin. The rabbit has a few but nothing horrible yet.

I've used spot on for kittens on her but it isn't seeming to help, does anyone know of any cheap things that will work, I'm in a really bad place financially and can't afford much. But, I can't see her suffer anymore.

And any ideas on what could help the rabbit? I know most of the traditional things are poisonous for him.

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my boyfriend & i are both on verizon wireless and i can see when my texts get delivered to him. the thing is, texts stopped being delivered an hour & half ago, so i decided to just call him but it just rings and rings and rings, eventually going to his voice mail message. i tried calling with my house phone and texting with their website but no avail. and i'm still receiving texts from other people.

(note: i'm trying so hard to talk to him because he was really sad and it's really not like him to just quit talking mid-conversation).

i'm confused because if it rings, it means his phone is on, right? then why aren't the texts being delivered? anyone have any explanations?

is verizon being dumb for any one else?
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I'm sitting around doing nothing. I should really get to bed, but I can't be bothered to do so.

When you're in this situation, what gets you to get up off your lazy bum?

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one of my wisdom teeth is acting up and moving itself farther into my gums, causing me hella pain. what else can i do other than take asprin?

what are you least looking forward to in the very near future?

for me, it's having to walk around new york in the rain while still trying to look nice
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Hi, TQC!

I started a new job tonight as a bar tender in a little pub in the country side. It was all going so well until the door of the glasswasher smacked me on the head leaving a massive bump. :( Everyone laughed at me! My boss also told the story to every single regular that walked through the door as a way of introducing me! So now everyone calls me "Bump".

1. Do you have a bruise that has an embarassing story to go with it?

2. When was the last time you were really nervous?

3. Are you one of those people that can talk to anybody? How do you do it with out coming across as creepy?

4. Do you like ice in your drink?
Big Love


I'm watching Unwrapped on Food Networked. I'm also wasted so when Mark Summers said they were talking about "all things orange" I thought he said "all things orgy". When was the last time you misheard something?
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muscles, i needs them.
i have started lifting weights/packing weights on my body and doing martial arts while in the pool. but i need more things to focus on my core.
if it helps, i am trying to build muscle for the police academy, if anyone has suggestions for what i should train up the most for that.
so, my questions are..
how can i build up my muscle? preferably in the pool, but i am fine with it not being in the pool.
any cops/cops in training out there? what did you wish you trained up on better? what did you do to train up for the academy?
i really want to strengthen my core, how can i do that?
ps- i r noob with fitness
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TQC, I am sick. I have a headache/dizziness, body aches, a bit of a swollen throat/cough, and I keep getting random shooting pains in my neck and hip (left side for the former, right side for the latter). What horrible disease do I have? The more farfetched the better!

Remember: it's never lupus.
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 A co-worker [and close, family friend] just gave me $70 for food, as we were talking about how I wasn't as well off with two jobs and being on my own as we were talking about a couple months ago.

Besides the fact that I hate taking money from people, and this money really could go towards other things I need, I decided to suck it up and spend it on food.

What are some easy meals and food ideas that can stretch my $70 pretty far?
[this $70 is all I have to last me for 2 weeks]
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I could go to bed at 11 or I could go to bed at 2, but even if I don't have an alarm set for the next day I'm still almost always up and about by around 8:30 at the latest. When you don't have an alarm to wake to, what time do you usually sleep till?

If you eat cheese, what's your favorite kind? (I prefer mozzarella, Parmesan, and provolone.)

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My coworkers have no qualms about discussing personal things, or having private conversations openly for everyone to hear.

What is one of the weirdest things you've overheard a coworker discuss?


If you don't have a job, what is one of the weirdest things you've overheard from someone having an inappropriate conversation in public place?
i say, old bean


A couple of minutes ago a cop/city officer showed up at my house asking if anyone from here had called about a stolen car. I told her I didn't know wth she was talking about and in turn, went to ask my brother. he went out there asking "what seems to be the problem?" and she's like "i don't know, you tell me."
TQC, mega wtfs from my area of the page, what the hell is going on?
This lady didn't even identify the stolen car, but she was fully dressed in a uniform.

pretty much what i'm asking is...did she honestly get the wrong house and not offer any information, or am I being fucked with?

Have you ever woken up with your eyes gunked-closed? did you think you were blind or anything silly like that?

where or where has the three-legged cat who clawed me? where or where can the sonuvabitch be?

have you heard any good jokes recently?

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I really need your help with this one!

My boyfriend is turning 28 on Sunday.  He's got really expensive taste and I have very little money to spend at the moment, because my next paycheck isn't coming for another week.  I'm going to take him to a fancy restaurant when I get paid (it's probably going to be a $300 meal between the both of us)

We're having people over Saturday night to celebrate.  I want to give him something then, too.  He's always complaining that his tool box is too small, so I was going to get him a new one.  I thought it would be a good idea to stuff it with little gifty things, (blu rays, maybe a framed picture of us)

The question(s)
Do you think this is a corny idea?
If so, what should I do instead?

If not, what other things should I put in there?

EDIT: Yes, I know I'm a loon for spending so much money on the dinner.  BUT, this is the first birthday I'm spending with him and I want it to be special, and I just got a raise.  He's done a lot for me and I want to make his birthday nice because up until very recently I didn't have the funds to do anything of the sort.
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TQC, I have $50 in spending money right now.

What should I do today? Roughly estimated cost next to each.

A. get an oil change ($35)
B. go to the movies to see "Iron Man" ($12)
C. buy pants ($30+)
D. buy the final items for my aquarium set-up ($10)
E. go to Cold Stone ($7)
F. go to my SO's place (!!FREE!!)
G. hookers and blow ($too much)


H. Something else?

One or more answers applicable.

Also, what's your favorite Cold Stone treat?
Mine: cake batter and gummy bears.

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Is your birthday a big deal for you? Do you do anything special for it?

I notice my guy friends don't really care about their birthdays, but I like when my friends remember my birthday and at the very least mention it.

Are you a lefty or a righty?


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How do you deal with someone flirting with you if you don't know if you like them 'like' that or not? I'm always paranoid I'm leading someone on. Irrational, maybe.

But anyways, I'm talking to a bloke and he's quite flirty but I can't decide if I like him or not, so what should I do TQC? (Because you know I am not capable of making my own decisions!)
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Has anybody had a SO move away and ask you to go with them?
Did you go?
How easy of a decision was it to make?
How long were you together at the time of the move?
If you didn't go, did you stay together and do a long distance thing or break up?
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Weird Sex

1) Where is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
2) What is the weirdest sex you've ever had?
3) Who was the weirdest person you ever had sex with?
4) What was so weird about this person?
5) What is the weirdest sexual thing you've ever heard of?
6) That last one...would you do it?
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Did you know that the idea of separation of church and state is not explicitly outlined in the constitution?


Are you going to argue with me anyway?


Do you know who did introduce the idea as well as the circumstances of his statement?


Finally, are you aware of how often the idea of separation of chruch and state is miscontrued and misunderstood?

sleepy leila

i want a hair change too

 TQC please advise:
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i had a traumatizing cut in january, i had superglue incasing my scalp and in my hair from a seizure study and they had to cut 6 inches off the bottom and half the thickness out. these pics are what i have left of my hair. 
What should i do with it?
and forgive the crappy lighting and no makeup. i tried finding pics without the kid but shes always in em, sorry

The nose that knows

Does anyone know the name of this movie?

I've come across it on TV a couple of times, and I have a feeling it may be a made-for-TV movie of the Hallmark kind, but for the life of me I can't recall its name, its cast members or the finer details of the story:

Family 'loses' a young kid at a railway station... kid, in fact, gets taken away by kidnappers...

A number of years later, the family ends up coincidentally living on the same street/in the same neighbourhood as the kid and the family who 'adopted'/kidnapped him...

I think he first crosses paths with his original family by showing up at the house and asking if they want their lawn mowed or something...

Still-grieving family has suspicions that this is the child they lost years ago...

A bit of snooping and detective work determines it is him. The kid has no idea that the only 'family' he's known gained him by stealing him...

Some complications arise. Things like Thanksgiving, where the original family insists it's a special occasion so he must spend it with them... but because it's a special occasion he wants to spend it with the fun 'relatives' who've always made it feel special to him...

I forget how it ends, but it's not too hard to see where it goes from there. It's driving me crazy trying to remember what it is!
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Quite a few questions.

I have an okay tummy, I just want to firm it up.
Are sit ups sufficient and/or effective?

I have horrible legs, I want to lose fat from them and firm them up.
What can I do? As of right now I just ride my bike as often as I can.

I posted awhile ago about how my husband makes fun of my [Polish] accent. I really am thinking about speech therapy.
Am I being stupid? Should I just keep it / embrace it?

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My boy has trouble saving money. They're in lots of debt with everyone, including me. It's gotten to the point where if I sold all of his belongings second-hand, took his car, tv, etc... it wouldn't be enough to pay back just what he owes ME, let alone the other people he owes money to (total combined debt = 5 digits).

I want to help him become better with his money, and get him to start paying people back. The problem is, he gets paid cash in hand fortnightly on Fridays which makes it more tempting to spend and if deposited at an ATM won't show up until Monday, and the moment he gets that cash he spends it on pointless stuff. If he gets a bonus for selling a lot at work, his usual reaction is "wow, I can buy that new [blah] I wanted!" and spends the entire bonus on something for himself, without putting any away in savings, keeping some for the weeks he doesn't earn much or paying back any of his debts. I've given him LOTS of money management books and I know he's read them by asking him questions about the books but he doesn't follow a single damned thing said in them.

How do I get him to manage money better without, y'know, being a controlling bitch by taking complete control of his finances, taking his money off of him the moment he earns it and only giving him a certain allowance to spend himself so I can at least make sure he keeps enough aside to pay the rent and electricity and phone bills (which he often forgets about)?
I <3 TLV

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A question for Muslim TQCers:

The other day in physics the topic of life on other planets came up, and a guy raised his hand to talk about a white planet with people living on it, or something like that. It sounded interesting so I said "Oh I love science fiction! What author wrote that?" he got offended and said that it wasn't fiction, it's something that Muslims believe. My professor is also a Muslim, and he was like wtf, who told you that? But he insisted it was true.

So, is this really something Muslims believe? If it is, what is the full story?

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i didn't sleep last night & chances are i won't tonight because my mum will be giving birth, should i take a nap or suck it up?

( i don't feel that tired because i'm on autopilot. i just have a sick headache & no appetite )
crush on you

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I interviewed for a job at the beginning of last month and was told "You'll hear from us week after next." Week after next, I don't hear from them. I call the following Monday (2 1/2 weeks after interview) and get the voicemail of someone else. I e-mail the woman I interviewed with and hear no response. That Wednesday, I call back and leave a voicemail for the new person saying "I interviewed with person x and haven't heard back, but this is the phone number I have. Can you please call me to tell me what's going on." Later on Wednesday, I get an e-mail from the woman I interviewed with saying "Sorry about the delay. I didn't realize my business cards had the wrong phone number until after your interview. I'll hopefully have an answer next week."

It's now been two weeks since I last heard from her. If I call again, am I sounding desperate? Or just very interested? The position is still listed on the company website, although I haven't seen it posted on the job boards I've seen it on.

Also, the last e-mail I have from her is in my Gmail account. On the side are links and in the "More about..." section of links, the top link is for "Rejection Letters". Does Google know something about the job that I don't?

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Have you ever had the internet intrude on your real life in a way you didn't want? Have you ever had a scary/disturbing/unpleasant experience related to someone from the internet finding out too much about you? If so, how did you take action afterwards to correct and/or avoid it in the future?

Care to share?

If not, are you paranoid about it happening?

(This is not related to anything that has happened to me, I am just curious).

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What are your current favorite bands/artists? Who would you compare them to?

Do you have a considerably older sibling/other family member that surprises you sometimes with the music they listen to? Do they ever introduce you to new music?

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1. I'm all bruised and cut up from cliff jumping and rock climbing this past weekend. The bruises don't hurt but look like they should. Anyone else get bruises that don't hurt?

2. My boyfriend got me a promise ring. It's not the one I wanted and I kind of don't like it. Will my opinion change when I see it in person?

3. Do you  collect snapple caps?

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I just saw a commercial for "I love the new millennium."
too soon?

Also, would you say the current year is two thousand eight or twenty oh eight?

edited, idk why I said "and eight".
I mean if you say it that way, erm. I guess that's cool.
as a kite

Rock Band!

What's your favourite instrument to play in Rock Band?
What's your favourite song to play?
Do you have a band in Rock Band? What is the name?

If you haven't played Rock Band, or don't like it, then why not? And what's your favourite game right now?

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I am sure you hear this kinda crap all the time but what the hell.

I want to drop 60 lbs. within a reasonable healthy amount of time...but what should the timeline be?

Also losing those 60 will take me to 140 and that's healthy for a 5'7" female right?

Any good ways to do it and stick with it?

This one is kinda outta the blue...but would you ever be on one of those reality shows to find "true love"?

...sry it's not very interesting...
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If you see a male and a female walking down the street/hanging out together what are some assumptions you make(aka do you assume they are together)?
Do you think guys and girls can be friends without hooking up?
Would it bother you if everyone automatically thought of you and your friend(of any gender) as being a couple?

And in case you have no clue where I'm coming from here, for fun:
What are some ways a girl might make it painfully obvious to the world that she's gay and has no interest in her male friends without being insanely sterotypical in her appearance?

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Okay, so you're married to the ~love of your life~ when you die unexpectedly. OH NOES! you've always told your SO that it's okay for them to re-marry so you don't fret over it and are living it up in the heavens...

only to find out that 6 months after your death your SO has married your best friend.

does it bother you? (okay, so you've never been dead.. PLAY ALONG DANGIT!) does it make you think that maybe they had wanted eachother's bodies the whole time that ~you~ were in the picture?.. something else?

how close is your best friend to your SO? [don't give me none of this 'my SO is my best friend' mess, k? if they are then think about your other close friend(s)] are they civil just for your sake? can't stand eachother, etc.?
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okay guys, you've gotta help me.
I'm trying to remember the name of a band that had some music out in the late 90's, kind of rock/punk style, it was hot [something] music and I cannot, for the life of me, remember what it was called.

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If you were able to make a sizable donation, would you want your name attached to it or would you do it anonymously?

Edited to add: The donation isn't HUGE but around $1,000.

Help me, Ria!

TQC. I am getting a hair cut. And I know how much you like to share your opinions on such matters.
I want something of a bob, as my hair is pretty short. It's down to about my C7/T1 vertebra.
Reference pic: Collapse )

What kind of cut should I go for?

PS- no dye suggestions. I dyed my hair a million times and it's finally healthy again.

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Does anybody know if the black birds (sometimes they are gold, also) that you see on a lot of houses (at least here in the US) have a significance, or are they just decorative?
My husband and I are buying a house and it has one above the garage, and we've noticed that a lot of other houses have them on the front of the house as well.  I'll throw a picture in for reference.
My husband wants to know about stars on the front of houses, also.  Does this have a significance?
I tried googling the birds, but I had no luck...

ETA: I understand that it's an eagle.  What I meant was more along the lines of, does somebody having one on their house signify that they were in the armed services or something along those lines?  And does having a black one mean something different than having a gold one?  Stuff like that...

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Attention to anyone who may have ever worked at Taco Bell:

Do you get reprimanded for not asking the customer 'would you like hot sauce?'?

Honestly, I don't think I've ever NOT been asked this question at the drive thru.
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1. myspace won't load, is it working for you right now?

2. what should i engrave on my ipod? (it's free engraving!)

3. which celebrities do you think gets too much hype for nothing?

(no subject)

Do you enjoy Mr. Bean?

How do YOU get rid of serious garlic breath?
Garlic bread and tsiziki (however you spell it in English) sauce before work are a serious no-no. Brushing and gargling hasn't completely fixed it. I still smell garlic.
Edit: I'm going to try the parsley suggestions.

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In these scenarios, you all have a SO. One day, your SO gets trapped under some ice at an ice rink. She/he is under for 15 minutes, but is revived. However, there's some brain damage, and some amnesia. Your SO only sorta recognizes you, and due to the oxygen deprived to the brain, they've been reduced to a 3rd grade intelligence. His/her family is taking care of them, but your SO will never recover. Do you stay with him/her?

Yes. I love my SO and we'll work past this
No. I would want to do the right thing, but I couldn't be with someone with irreversibly low intelligence

Your SO is diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. The nature of this disorder is that it slows the metabolism severely. Science is working on a cure, but there's nothing to combat it. In one year, your SO gains 50lbs, despite moderate exercise and observing their intake. Depressed by the futility of it all, your SO starts to pig out more on junk food. Would you stay with them?

Yes. It wouldn't matter if they ballooned to 500lbs. I'd still love them and want to be with them
No. As much as I do care about my SO, I couldn't deal with someone that's probably going to be over 100lbs from when I first met them

It turns out your SO has 4 kids you didn't know about. They were in custody of their ex-spouse (who you also didn't know about). The ex up and dies, and the custody is now given to your SO. The kids are 5-8 years old, and the ex raised them with little to no supervision, so they're brats. Both you and your SO are stressed out, but he/she will not pass the kids on to any other relatives because it isn't the right thing to do. Do you stay with your SO?

Yes. Bunch of annoying kids is not enough to deter me from my love for my SO
No. Either I'm not into kids or not into this amount of responsibility and sacrifice. I'm outta here

Your SO gets a good job (if they don't have one already) and after 6 months, the company plans on moving to a small industrial city in Guatemala. Your SO is making good money, and wants to follow the company to South America, and asks you to join him/her. Your SO is making enough money where you don't have to work, but you will have to give up your family and friends, at least for the forseeable future. Do you go with your SO to Guatemala?

Yes. It's only going to be for the next few years probably, and I couldn't stay away from my SO
No. I'll miss my SO but I can't leave all this behind to live in a crappy city in South America. We'll try the long distance thing and see how that works out

Dell Webcam

Does anyone know how to get the Dell Inspiron 1525's built-in webcam to work with Skype, AIM 6.5, and Windows Live? For whatever reason, despite the fact that I've set them all to use the default camera, neither of them are allowing me to use the webcam. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Nevermind; it works in Skype and Windows Live... AIM is just being a bitch, as usual.
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Long story short, but my husband and I just moved back into the house that I bought with my ex a year and a half ago. The ex trashed the place terribly. That much I can deal with, we just rented a dumpster and hauled out all of the stuff.

What I can't handle is that he let his cats piss all over the basement instead of changing their boxes. Now my entire house smells like cat urine.

What's the best way to get this smell to go away? I've bleached the floors twice, but it just keeps coming back!


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Last night my cat brought another salamander to me. This one was mostly intact, only missing one leg and some of its tail. I set him free outside and hopefully he heals, but I was thinking about the next time my cat brings me a salamander, should I keep it?
Or is that a bad idea because of it being wild?
Do any of you have a pet salamander?
And should I name it John Rambo?

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I love feta, but it reminds me of my breath after I puke.

1. What food do you love that reminds you of something you would never eat?

2. What is the food and what does it remind you of?

not really a friend

My friend W was suppose to be the best man for X. X got dumped instead so the wedding is off. To make it worse, X got fired 2 days after he got dumped.

W doesn't feel like they're good friends, but agreed to be his best man because X doesn't have other friends. He says X can be annoying so he doesn't really enjoy hanging out with him, but I think he should at least once to show support at this shitty time.

He doesn't want to. Do you think he's being an asshole? I do. I don't think it's a lot to ask.

But would you do the same as W?

W thinks that letting X know there's a job opening at his company is good enough.

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Regrets have been meandering through the corners of my mind today, and I've come up with a fairly sizable list. Some are significant, most are minimal. But they each have this incredible hold over me, and I can't seem to let any one of them go for the moment at least.
What is a regret that you have? It can be big or small, universal or personal, just something that you wish you could take back, have done, or reinvent.

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i'm sorry for all of the work related questions, but i am very stressed out at work and need some advice, so please, TQC?

My co-worker is extremely lazy, and does "fake" work all day, like working on old files for an hour instead of taking new ones, looking things up on the internet instead of filing, and chatting with our manager. We're a small office, and are all friends, and occasionally hang out for happy hour type events. I wouldn't mind her pretending to work if it didn't effect me, but it does, and I'm swamped with new files. Would you say something? To who? and what would you say?

Haruhi disappearance
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I have absolutely nothing left to do at work today. I have a little over a half hour left, and my boss's office looks right out to my area, so I kinda gotta look busy. She can see what I'm doing on my compy...

What the hell should I do for 40 minutes?
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Have any of you bought tickets through ticketmaster and then have the show postponed? Is it hard to get your money back through them?

Are you going to watch the hockey game tonight? Are the wings FINALLY going to wrap this series up? I hope so!!!

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I have a bump on the tippy top of my gum. I don't know what caused it.
Does this mean I have the herpes?

If it just so happens that I have contracted the herpes, would you like me to service one of your enemies with a blowjob?

Also, have you ever used Dr. Pepper in cooking? How?

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TQC, where is your "happiest place on earth?"  This can be current or of all time.

Currently, my "happiest place on earth" is my gym, because it is chockablock full of young hot, single men in medical school.  It's like a buffet that I've just yet to sample!  Mmmm!

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1) What kind of mp3 player do you own?

2) What album do you listen to the most?

3) If you use an Ipod and have Linux on your pc, what program do you use to organise your music?
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Is mortadella just fancy bologna?

I got salmoned and I didn't like it. It felt like being really wasted and inside of a tiny elevator with a stranger on a ride up to, like, the 117th floor. How does getting salmoned make you feel?

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Paula Deen just made a soup with a base of BACON cooked in BUTTER...to "cut the richness" of the soup, she added a mixture of MAYO and SOUR CREAM on top with some BACON BITS.

My question: How long before she drops dead? Does anyone actually make her food?

The thought of eating that soup is making me gag, but since I'm a bum and stupid, I'm still watching

Which food network person's recipes do you use?

I really like Tyler Florence and Giada DeLaurentis' recipes...they always come out really well.

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How would you feel about your state making a transgender nondiscrimination bill that would make it illegal to deny a person access to public accommodations, including restrooms and locker rooms, based on gender identity or the perception of gender identity?

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So, I'm staying at this nice beach-front hotel for a couple days on a Florida beach for vacation. This evening I walked along the beach, took a swim in the pool, and then took a shower. After that I decide to go down to visit the chocolate/fudge/ice cream shop they have in the lobby, and I walk out of the room with my hair still wrapped in a towel. I got halfway down my floor's hallway before some nice (and cute) guy in fatigues looked at me and said, "I couldn't figure out if you were my fiancee like that." I reach up and feel the towel and say something like "Oh my god!" He started laughing when he realized that I didn't know I still had it on. Needless to say I quick-stepped it back to my room after that.

Block of text later, TQC, what's the last embarrassing thing you've done?

(P.S., the fudge was fucking delicious)
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When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

What do you want to be now?

I was a little nerd, the careers I really wanted to be were: an archaeologist, a botanist, a meteorologist, a veterinarian, a pastry chef, a lab researcher, a microbiologist...and countless other things.

Now I'm teetering between: a math professor (I'm not sure what type of math), something with astrophysics (I guess?) or work with social behaviors of humans and try to implement them in computer technology. I would really like to work with human behaviors and math, but I really still am not sure what I want to do. Aaaaand, when I'm retired, I'd really like to open a bakery.

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Anyone have any ideas on how I could get a product not made in the U.S?

My mom bought a Nivea sunscreen when we were in Italy, and she really likes it. I know it's not carried in the U.S., so any ideas on how I could manage to get some, aside from ebay?

on a completely random note.....

What's your favorite Trader Joe's product?
I like their frozen pastas!
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Are any of you a little chunky with tattoos? I have always been apprehensive of even thinking of getting one because I carry a little bit of extra weight.

Hi, how are you? I want conversation and obviously am not looking for the IRL person to person kind.

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would you ever buy someone else's used/worn underwear?
this is advertised on craigslist like crazy and it got me wondering.
how much does a pair of used underpants go for these days, anyhow?

for some reason, i feel like this is illegal. i know it probably isn't, but it all just sounds so shady.
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Pete & Repete ?s

1) What movies are great or even better with repeated viewings?

2) What movies do you regret buying or burning to DVD or whatever because they don't have much replay value?

3) Not including Snakes on a Plane and RHPS, what movies are only good seen in theaters?

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The roles of husband and wife in the God-ordained marriage are contrary to fallen humanity and the customs of today's society, but we believers can fully produce and enjoy a normal family life. Through a vision of God's ordination in marriage, and being filled with the Word of God and allowing the Spirit to bubble up from within his being, every believing husband can experience the grace of loving his wife in the very way that Christ loves the church, and every Christian wife can enter into the role of submitting to her husband as a living source of enjoyment and fulfillment rather than a doctrinal source of frustration and suffering. Together they can provide their children with the pleasure of a normal and healthy family life.


Nearly every culture today follows the lead of the United States to focus on human rights. Human rights are important, but we need to also realize that, in order for an orderly society to exist, the authority of God and of every human authority (which are ordained by God Himself) must be recognized and submitted to.


Have I been living next door to a scary cult?

And is that why someone set them on fire?

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A friend asked me on holiday, and said she only wanted £100 for activities such as horse riding, archery etc.

I've since found out from another friend who is also going that there is another £100 wanted for accomodation, which she originally said her mum was paying for, as well as about £50 for food - total £250.

Whilst I understand that it's an expensive holiday and it's only fair we pay our way, I don't think it's on to suddenly announce an increase. I probably wouldn't have agreed to go if i'd known about the cost.

What do you think of this situation and how would you deal with it?

ETA: I can't back out, for a number of reasons.

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So me and this dude have been good friends since our sophomore years of high school... so that's about 4.5 years. We've always been like brother and sister, nothing between us. I introduced him to my best friend, and they've been dating for about six months. I lovvve them together.

A couple of days ago she had a dream him and I were dating. She told us, and him and I thought that was the most hilarious thing ever. We joked about it for a while, then let it go.

Thing is, she hasn't. She like, doesn't trust us together anymore. Like, earlier I was telling her about when him, me, and our high school group did something together about 3 years ago. She throws a fit and flips out in a nail salon, snapping about "WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS HANGING OUT WITH MY BOYFRIEND?!" Cue awkward looks from other customers. Plus, him and I haven't hung out exclusively together in about seven months. Whenever I see him, it's with her.

TQC, how do I get her to calm the fuck down about this?
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I have a Dunkin Donuts Box of Joe that I got for after my sister's Girl Scout ceremony this evening. Turns out that not as many family members showed up as we thought, we still have quite a bit in the container. If I wanted to save it to make iced coffee for tomorrow, what would be the best way to do so? Keep it at room temperature or keep it in the fridge?

Besides making iced coffee tomorrow, what can I do with this already made coffee? I don't want to drink too much of it, but no one else in my house will drink it.
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I'm trying to think of this quote, but I can't remember it.

It goes something like

"This adjective adjective adjective life."  But I do not know what these adjectives are.  I have tried google, but it turns out that searching "this life" yields few results.

TCQ, What is this quote?

If you do not know the quote, what adjectives would you put in that space?  As many or as few as you please.


1) What are some things that you find funny when they happen to other people, but not when they happen to you?

2) Are there anythings that you find funny when they happen to you, but not to other people?

Do you think more people will click yes than will click no?

kiv dancin.
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you don't have to shout

when you were a kid, did you deliberately put glue or paint or anything you used in class on your fingers,.... just so it would dry and you could peel it off later?

or was it just so you could be dirty?

PS I love how you guys are just as freaky as i was when i was a kid.