June 3rd, 2008

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Do you have OCD? Do you have OCP? What is your funniest compulsion, ritual, etc?

I get angry at soft food or food that doesn't have the right texture. I'm notorious for throwing puddings at the wall. It's only funny until I clean it up.

Questions inspired by my day:

1. Do you ever have days when you just can't seem to wake up? You have things to do but just can't get up and do them?

2. Green tea ice cream, jasmine tea ice cream, or hibiscus tea ice cream?
3. What is the most expensive dinner out you've ever had?

4. My best friend's brother-in-law just asked me out on a date via Facebook. Aside from the fact that I'm not looking to date anyone right now, he's also got a ton of emotional issues and is generally not my type. I know refusing him will make him pissed off and probably nasty to my friend (hence why I won't be dating someone like him). What is the best way to turn someone like this down without ~*drama*~?

can I see your ID?

Recently I was picking up groceries and added a bottle of wine to my purchase. The woman didn't card me, but I didn't really think about it until later.

But when I did realize it, I had a little sentimental moment about my first time not being carded. It made me feel so "grown up" to just look natural buying wine with my groceries! LOL.

Just a year ago, I was the ONLY one carded at a table at dinner at a restaurant. That was kinda embarrassing and cringey. *cringe*

So, if the situation applies to you, do you remember your first time not getting carded for something? How old were you? What were the circumstances? Did you feel sentimental about it too?

Relatedly, how old are you and how old do people tell you that you look?

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How important is your college GPA in regards to getting a good job and "succeeding in life" (whatever that means to you)? I'm a communication major with concentrations in corporate comm and broadcasting, hoping to get into public relations, but would like opinions/experiences from all. 
MLP - pinkie chicken

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What do you guys do when you know you're going to be outside in nearly 90 degree weather for upwards of 5 hours? I work in a daycare and we're going to a game ranch from 10-3 tomorrow, and I have to wear khakis and a smock, so all I can really work with is my hair and the shirt I wear underneath it. Anyone have any clever hair tricks they do to keep cool?

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TQC, I dislike hair. Arm hair is kinda meh, I tend to pull it out. I try not to think about my legs because shaving is such a big chore. I buzz most of my head when I can deal with having to wash all the clippings off.

But the hair I hate most is armpit hair. I shave my armpits every other day AT LEAST, because if I don't I get irritable and pissy.

How do you feel about body hair?

Do you have any pet peeves like mine?

Oh, right, um, I don't mind hair on other people. I just don't really like it on ME. In fact, oddly, I like my men hairy. Go figure.

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I know I just asked a question but I'm heading to bed soon, which this is related too

Do you ever not feel tired at night so you stay up but then you realize you need to go to the bathroom sometime later, and suddenly you're sleepy?

Do you think this is your body's way of keeping you up until you need to go so you don't have an accident or need to wake up to go?

It happens to me sometime, even if I just have to pee. Like I won't feel a damn thing, no urge at all to use the restroom but then once I have to go I start to feel sleepy.

my birthday is so soon!

i'm booored tqc!

what do you look like right now?
what time is it where you are?

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bonus question: how old do you think i am? or, if it's a different question, how old do i look?

ps: i always think "TCQ" even though i know and type TQC. what's wrong with my brain?


How come ONTD doesn't use tags by celebrity? Do you ever wish they did?

If they had tags by celebrity, which celebs would you personally check first or most often?

Which celebs would have the largest names in a tag cloud format?

And I tried googling but I suck at searching apparently -- what is the firefox addon to expand livejournal comments?

blind dates are blind

If you were setting up two friends who'd never seen each other (if you never would do this, just play along or keep scrolling, whatever) --

1. Would you feel the need to warn them of each others' physical flaws?

2. What flaws would you consider warn-worthy?

chubby? obese?
receding hairline? completely balded head?
bad teeth, like brownish? teeth a little uneven but white?
wrinkles? acne? freckles?
severe-ish accident scars?
excessive body hair?
really tall? really short?
bad dresser??
anything else I haven't listed?

3. Reverse situation, if someone was setting you up, what do you think might be your physical flaw that they would warn the other person about?

4. Is there a physical flaw about the other person that might be an immediate deal breaker if you were otherwise considering the date?

5. Will you forgive me for posting so much because I'm really bored and tqc is really slow tonight for some reason anyway? please don't banninate me!
hannibal skull


Do you sponsor charities?

If your friends are raising money for a walk-a-thon/head-shaving etc, do you donate to help them?

What was the last cause you donated to?

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How would you finish  this sentence?

I know I am a child of the 80's because  ______________ .

Have you ever made a big change in you life, only to find people don't take it seriously?

What is the book that changed you?

Which do you prefer:

a: the zoo
b: the aquarium
c: both
d: neither
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Hollywood likes to remake stuff for movies: Asian movies, games, old(er) movies, rebooted series, and comics. TV has done the same with the (cancelled) Bionic Woman and now more recently, the 90210 remake in production.

Two questions:

1) What television series would you choose to remake? (Would you only slightly tweak it, completely overhauled it or does it already have an audience?)

2) How in general do you feel about all the remakes?

Addams Family. And I can't say I'm a fan of the remake craze but all the same the creative well does seem rather dry.
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TQC, help I have hives D:

Have you ever had hives?
How long did you have them?
Any tips to deal with them?

I've had them for 8 days. The spots are going away but I still have a little bit of a rash and sooo itchy. The medicine I got from the doctor isn't really working.

Alternately, have you tried the V8 Fusion drink?
What flavors were good?

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Since my last housemate was a deadbeat, I'm now in the possession of a cat. She's just your typical American short-hair, grey with white markings. I took her to the vet, so all of her shots are up-to-date (I don't think she'd ever been after being spayed). My question is about cat food because she's got terrible dander. I know how to read dog food labels, but not cat food! Cat owners of TQC, what do you recommend for a healthy 5 year old indoor kitty with flaky skin?
Oh hay thar

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1. An older lady in my office is SHOCKED that someone keeps prank calling her and playing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." Should I tell her what a Rick Roll is? Or just keep listening to her and LOL at the fact a 52 year old woman is being Rick Rolled IRL?

2. I have diarrhea today and the bathroom is right next to my manager's office. Do I suck it up and go there, or make excuses to go outside every hour or so and run to the coffee shop down the street?
death from above!

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For those of you living in New York City:

When you write your address, how do you write it?  New York City, New York, or NYC?  Or some other variation that I'm unaware of?

Is there a section of the Bronx that isn't in Bronx county?

Here's why I ask:
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Ok, the other drug question made me ask. Do drug dealers really give out drugs for free? I always have wondered about this, as you'd think it'd cut down on the profit margin. "Only the first hit of crack is free, b*tches!" and stuff.

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Any advice on how to make this email sound better?

I received the invoices you faxed over. Just to let you know, going forward these will be handled by Cxxx. In the future could you please let him know you are sending them over so he can be on the lookout for them - the fax machine is in another area.  Also, if it is possible to send them via email as opposed to fax, that would be great; however, it is understandable if that is not possible.


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What is your favorite Olympic event?

Have you or has anyone you know ever been/almost been in the Olympics?

What do you think about the Beijing Olympics? Difficulty: Summarize thoughts in one sentence, no more than 20 words.

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Is DDR honestly a good form of exercise?

I've been trying to get semi-fit and I've been biking, jogging with the dogs, etc... But it's hard to do anything after like 9am because it gets to around 95 degrees/100% humidity every day and I'm not about to go out in that heat. Also, a gym isn't an option at this point. So, I'm wondering if DDRing--I usually do standard 2x speed if that matters-- for around 30 minutes to an hour is a decent alternative to a 30minute bike ride or jog/walk (as far as indoor activities go)?
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Now that I'll actually be home in the mornings, I want to start eating breakfast again. I want it to be healthy and I don't mind a bit of cooking. What should I have/make/eat for breakfast, TQC?

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where is that website that shows you what vitamins your diet is lacking after you put in the list of foods you regularly eat? i'm googtarded.

if you had to guess, what aren't you eating enough of?

Should I stay or should I go?

I was fine when I got to work this morning but now I feel really really sick. I keep coughing, and every time I cough I start to throw up. If I sit really still I'm not too bad, but if I have to move or talk I feel like I'm dying, and I'm a receptionist so my whole job is moving and talking. I only have 3 hours of work left, and my bosses are total assholes about when people miss work, but I keep starting to throw up every time I open my mouth now.

Should I tough out the next 3 hours and risk puking on a client, or should I go home and risk evoking my boss' rath?

Edit: I managed to stick it out but now they're trying to make me stay even later to do some more filing x_x Oh well. Thanks for your help!

Breakfast time!

TQC! Should I have a maple-walnut muffin or a blueberry muffin for breakfast? There will be tea regardless.

 Edit: I just tried the maple-walnut and ohhh skippy is it good. So I'm going with that one.
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TQC, will you help me plan a vacation?

My friends are planning a trip to Vegas for Thanksgiving, what hotels do you recommend?  We're looking at the Mirage, MGM, Trump Towers, or Venetian right now. They're all in about the same price range so that's not really an issue. So, which one is the best? Where should we stay?

What's your favorite Guitar Hero song to play?

EDIT: What about the Bellagio?

--Thanks for all the help!!

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How do I make my eyeballs stop feeling so fuzzy and tired? I took my contacts out and put my glasses back on, but they still feel yucky and fuzzy.

Do you wear glasses or contacts? 
Will you post a picture of yourself in contacts and glasses?
Kitty lite

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1. Should I take half of Friday or all of Friday off of work?

2. Why do people believe you when you say some fact like the number of stars in the sky, but check when you say the paint is wet? What is something you always check for yourself?

3. Why do we smell or see something horrible and then turn to our closest pal and say "Hey, come check this out!" ?

4. If you're an atheist, pagan or some other non-christian religion and had to testify in court, would you place your hand on the bible and swear to god? Can a court force you to do so if it is not in your beliefs? Also, is the sworn statement valid if you don't believe in god?
**And no, all you TQC drama queens, this is not a christianity bashing question, it is asked with all serious as I'm not sure what I would do in that instance.
Sword man

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What was that book with a child death in it that caused a scandal? There was a lot of hoo-hah about it being bad or children.

Do you miss kids shows where bad stuff happened?
I miss things like gumby where they actually dealt with death, and bad stuff happening. Like that people aren't nice ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

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i just heard a study on the radio that says 1 out of 5 men have a child they don't know about.

have you ever had a big secret that affected someone else's life? were you able to keep it?
if not, how did said person find out?

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To the homeowners:

Has anyone had Lowe's do installation of big things, like windows or a roof? We're buying a house that needs some significant work, and Lowe's both has really low prices and a very attractive financing plan so we're strongly leaning in that direction but I have no idea if they do quality work.

Any experiences to share?
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When did "medieval" become a synonym for "anything I don't like"?

(Edit: Yeah, I know this needs context. It stems from various LJ and blog entries that I've read, more of a running pet peeve.)

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1. I just gathered a bucketful of apples from my backyard. What should I do with them?
2. For my black bear ecology class, my class and I will be in the mountains next week trying to trap a black bear. What do you think are the chances of us trapping one? (The trap is not harmful at all to the bear.) Will we get eaten?

Eta: All we will be doing is putting on a radio collar on the bear to track where its location is then we'll release it. Our teacher is a long-time wildlife biologist so he knows what he's doing.

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What do you think about companies running a credit check on you when you apply for a position with their company? (is it fair to do to someone who has no credit whatsoever? should they be held accountable for not setting up any credit by the age of 25?)

*not inspired by actual events.

silhouette theater

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last week i won tickets to concert from the radio. they didn't tell me how i get the tickets. i'm going to call them but i'm not sure which number to call. which seems to make more sense to call: the studio phone and requests number, the general manager number or the program and operations directors?

and if you don't care about how retarded i am, what are you having for lunch today?

i'm probably just going to have a bagel or a peanut butter and apple sandwich

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Which do you think would have an easier time,

a veterinarian who had to work on a human or a human doctor who had to work on an animal?

EDIT-I don't mean any sort of ethical or emotional issues that would arise but more just which is harder to do/work with
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Can you think of any national banks that don't do credit check/clears to open a checking account? Do credit unions require credit checks?

I stupidly voided out my economic stimulus check. This was so stupid on my part, but I mistook it for a check I wrote out. Is there anyway possible I can still have this cashed? I was hoping to open a bank account with it.

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Does anyone know where I can get this comic without the screwed upness? (do not direct me to explosm.net, my internet is too slow for all that searching)

I can see it. Does this work?

Description: Cyanide & happiness comic - guy's walks in & lady is pantsless on bed, says "happy birthday to me!", then "ew, did you leave your tampon in?" *pulls* She says "that's not a tampon" *party-popper type confetti sprays out* "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

Anything else I could post for my friend's 21st?

Thank you caaamwhore:
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so tqc, how do you feel about political correctness?

i mostly think it's all gone too far and everyone has been made too sensitive. it's going to help everyone die a stress related death. i think that we need to be (at least a little) politically incorrect to get shit done. cops are afraid to do what they need to do because they're afraid to be called racist. i do feel it depends on the situation though. not everyone should get away with every shitty thing they say.

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Why did I wake up and instantly feel like I was going to faint? It lasted 20 minutes or so and I was actually collapsing. I still feel sick now, several hours later.

Have you ever left a note around for a random person to find? What sort of thing did it say?
Have you ever found/read an anonymous (I assume) note left around for someone to find? What did it say? Did you enjoy finding it?

Why I ask: Because I was going on about wanting to do that, and then one of my friends made a forum about it. Ask me if you want the link for it. I also had fun leaving about five notes around the place yesterday!

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Do you have a Nintendo DS? What color is it? What was the first game you bought for it?

I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon but I think I can finally afford one. I'm just overwhelmed by all the choices!

What do you like to eat with Saltine crackers?

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a male friend of mine says that men are inherently poly and are only monogamous because women impose such values on them.

do you believe this is true?

are you being forced into a monogamous life-style?
would you rather be polyamorous?

are you imposing puritanical values on anyone?
why would you do such a thing?

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Dear tqc,

This has been troubling me lately, so please tell me ... am i a racist?

I like to think I'm not. I mean, I believe that all people should be equal, regardless of race. I don't believe in racist stereotypes. In fact, I actively argue against them.

But I'm afraid that secretly I'm racist. You see, I have never found an Asian, black, or Mexican man attractive. I've found other minorities attractive (mediterranean, other latin, middle eastern, etc.) but never any of those three. Is this just a matter of preference or does it bely a deeper seeded racism?

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I am actively trying to correct my posture and have been doing so for the past few days. My back is starting to get a bit sore though. Am I doing it wrong?!

If not, how long do you think it will take my body to stand straight naturally if I walk/sit correctly everyday?

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There's a Desperate Housewives computer game. The website is www.desperatehousewivesthegame.com. My question is, if anybody has this game, what store did you buy it at because I can not find it anywhere!

[job quitting?]

Here's the situation:

I'm a poor college student in dire need of money (as many college students are). I've found a potential job with my uni, but if I get hired (a likely possibility), I won't start work until July. Until then, I still desperately need money for bills and loan payments.

1. How do you guys feel about hunting down a job and then quitting after 2, maybe 3 weeks because you have a better one? A lot of hirers ask how long you can work. Naturally, a lie is necessary. What would you say?

2. When you do need to quit a job for ethically-itchy reasons (such as ditching it for another after only 2 weeks of work), what excuse would you give?

3. What was your shortest job experience ever?

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1. I'm starting to write up my resume. Can anyone post their resumes? (or email me: thatstooeasy@gmail.com) so I can have an idea of what they should look like?

2. Your current job? Love it/hate it?

3. Your worst job?
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i have my hand on my trackpad, scrolling with two fingers (mac)
i'm fancy and so my pinky is being held higher than my other fingers and started to shake. i brought it down and it stopped, and i brought it up again and it continued to shake, the higher i hold it the more it shakes.


if you have no answer, then tell me what tastes good with a sweet potato?
(food) usagi eating ice cream

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Why did fancy_x delete, after posting the following edit?

EDIT: Actually, it's more like. Why be sarcastic and mean on the internet? Is it because you are hideous in real life and get made fun of and have to resort to the internet waiting for questions and making snide remarks, or simply because it amuses you. If it amuses you, don't be upset when something sucky comes around and bites you in the ass. Karma's a bitch.

My reason for making a big deal about this.. I'm bored. I have some time to kill until I go out. Kthx bitches!

Karma is a bitch, so ... her name is Karma?

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Poll #1198843 Would you rather...?

...shave your head with Nair-laced shampoo....or slip Nair into your best/closest friend's shampoo?


...gain 2 extra toes on each foot...or lose a toe from each foot?

4 more piggies
2 less piggies

..punch Paris Hilton in the tits...or Ann Coulter in the balls?


You're naked. Would you rather go on a Slip-N-Slide with freezing water, or with scalding water?


...eat 3 lbs. of marshmellows, or drink 3 lbs. of milk?


...take a guided donkey tour down the Grand Canyon on a one-eyed donkey with no depth perception, or go bungee jumping in a suit of armor (that's a lot of extra weight)?

Cyclops donkey
Bungee knight

...run/walk 26 miles, or drive 500 miles (that's a lot of time sitting on your ass in the driver's seat)?


...make a sex tape with your SO and leave it in your parent's/parents' tape player, or make a sex tape with a complete stranger and leave it in your SO's tape player?

Shock parent/parents
Shock SO

...have everybody think you're stupid, or everybody think that you had a sex change and were born the opposite sex?

Call me stupid
Call me a post-op

...get a tattoo of Rachel Ray's face, 4 inches across, or get a tattoo of your SO's face, actual size?

Rachel Ray
The person I lay

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My dog has suddenly become really affectionate right after I told her off, I never usually tell her off and thus don't get much attention.
My dog is working for my attention!
Usually i'm the one trying to get her to pay attention to me.

So, TQC, when did you last discover your power over a person/thing?

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Which, if any, of the following do you think could exist?

The Yeti
The Loch Ness Monster
The Chupacabra
Other (please describe in comments)
ETA: Wow.... I forgot to add a "none" option - sorry for the uber-biased poll.

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1. If you could do anything, what would it be.

2. In other news, I'm bringing home my adopted puppy today!!!!!!!!!
What should I name her? She is a 3 month old black lab. I already have a Spunky, Pepper and Liberty. I was thinking about naming her Andromeda or Puppy.

3. Is it totally numb to name a puppy Puppy?
mornington crescent

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I was thinking about this after a discussion in fanficrants about how smoking pot will not make you go on a killing spree.  Ok, we've all heard about pot being laced with PCP, embalming fluid and other evil substances, yes?  I don't doubt that there are people who purposefully add these other substances to their weed, but it seems very unlikely to me that a dealer would lace marijuana with PCP and sell it as regular pot.  Surely pot + PCP has to be worth more than just pot and dealers aren't generally known for their munificence.  So...my questions are these:

If this is not just an urban myth, why would it happen?  Am I wrong about my theory of drug economy?  I can't come up with a better reason than malicious mischief, and while that's fun, it's a less powerful motivator than money.

Have you or anybody you personally know received pot that was laced with something, under the impression that it was just pot?  (And not like, something that happened to your brother's roommate's cousin's drycleaner)
i say, old bean

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I know I've asked this before but I'm curious once again...

TQC, how many keyboards have you gone through in your life?

what are some of the most memorable things you have spilled/dropped on your computer?

orrrrr are you super special and have never done this?
Haruhi disappearance

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1) TQC, I eat super healthy with reasonable portions, and I exercise 3-4 times a week for an hour at a time. Why am I not getting less jiggly? (I've lost 26lbs but now I'm at a standstill, even after changing it up and turning the exercise up a notch) Am I destined to be a fatty?

2) What's on your mind right now?

(no subject)

Will you show us what art-y stuff (paintings, sculptures, etc) you have displayed in your home? Pics please!

And what is the story behind each piece, i.e. what drew you to it, where did you get it?

(no subject)

I have to go to two different graduations this week. One for a friend, and then another for my boyfriend.

What the hell do you wear to them?

Edit: Fine. I changed the icon.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Do you remember the first swear word you ever said?

What was it?

How old were you?

Did you know that what you were saying was considered a "bad" word?

When I was in kindergarten, I said to my best friend's dad, "It's so fucking hot in here, someone open a goddamn window." I heard someone say that in a movie the night before that my parents were watching. When I explained that to my friend's dad, he told me the words "fuck" and "goddamn" were bad and that I shouldn't say them. So that was news to me.
mr jummy

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It has recently come to my attention that 3 of the 4 marriages where I was a bridesmaid in the wedding have failed. Am I bad luck?

What things make you worry that you might be bad luck?
i like to live on the edge

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1. From your personal experience, what are your favorite hotels to stay at in NYC? (Please mention service, quality, price, etc)

I'm looking to book a hotel suite (or a bunch of rooms) for my birthday festivities. I've stayed at quite a couple places, but don't have a good enough memory to remember which one was the best... and want to find the most affordable one (if that's even possible). I love traveling, but hate the actual process of booking a flight, hotel reservations, packing and unpacking... as a result, I've never done it before. Thus,

2. Do you think I can just go to the hotel and ask to see their rooms in person? They'll do this right?

3. Do you book your hotels through a travel agent or do it on your own/ travel websites?

Thanks! Any advice/suggestions is really appreciated. I'm doing this all on my own. So I'm basically screwed. :\

unnoticable firsts

I clearly remember the first time I saw the ocean... I was 6. I first saw the Chicago skyline at 14, first saw mountains at 20, flew in an airplane at 12, ate sushi at 26.

I do not remember the first time I saw a grain elevator, stood in a wheat field, opened christmas presents, played a board game or listened to The Beatles. These are things that have just always been somewhere in my life.

How about you? Are there things that you remember doing for the first time, even though others might have just grown up with them? Are there things you've grown up around, so they're totally normal for you, but maybe not for others?

what to do...

so, i have a dilemma.

you see, i want to be a singer. in a band. like a rock star, only i realize that i'd probably just end up singing in crappy bars forever, but i'm okay with that.

i write songs, i attempt to play bass (badly) and i want to learn banjo (long story), and i can write some music.

now, the problem is, i have horrible stage fright. in high school, i ended up being in the not-so-good choirs because i froze up singing in front of only the two choir directors.

is there any hope for me, tqc?  how do i get over my stage fright to go sing? i mean, i haven't even ever done karaoke!

srs and non-srs answers accepted happily!

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Do you think its a good idea to buy a Canon Digital Rebel XTi on ebay? for a lower price than I would at a camera store?

Have you ever bought a high priced electronic on ebay? How did it turn out? Would you recommend it?

Any specific stores/sellers you recommend?

I'm short about 100 dollars to buy it in the store, but I could probably find it online for the money I have now, I just can't decide.
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Can you recommend an entry-level job that would be enjoyable?  I'm currently looking for an entry-level job for the summer, and maybe for the next year or so.  Tell me about your experience with this job, why you recommend it, and what you liked and disliked.  Ultimately, I want to do something with copywriting and document design, but I don't have my degree or the experience yet, and I really need the cash flow.  Let me know if you need more details.  Thanks in advance, TQC!!!   

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I know I asked a cell phone question once before, but this time it's a little more urgent.

I just f-ed up my phone because I jumped in our pool to get my baby brother because he jumped in and obviously can't swim. I took my phone to the Sprint repairs place and they said they can't do anything, and my upgrade isn't available until November. My husband is gone, and I kind of need a phone because we don't have a land line.

What would be my best option?

Where can I find really inexpensive phones? (Sprint's cheapest is about $160, I was told.)

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TQC, I'm a crazy closet person. My entire closet is color coded and organized by clothing type.

That said, I'm unsure as to how I should organize my bedroom closet in my new apartment.

Collapse )

and if you don't care about my problem, how is your closet organized?

Will you post a picture of it for me?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

What type of crazy person are you? :)

What's in name. Help!

I'm completely stuck for names for two characters and I would love some ideas. The story is still in the early stages, so A is more developed than B.

A) He's the "villain" I guess. He's the most well-mannered, elegant, sophisticated etc man you could ever meet. He's outwardly perfect, irresistible and the like. But he's a prejudiced sadist. Loves knives. He has a respected, almost aristocratic public persona, while in his free time, he's helping to kidnap and torture people in a kind of war thing. As of yet he has no specific ethnicity but I'm picturing him with dark, straight hair.

B) The hero/love interest type. He's very strong and self-reliant except for the one weakness, who is the heroine, tentatively named Lily/Emelia. They all get sucked into this war and he ends up as the prized soldier of the "good" side. I want a kind of strong yet adorable type of name for him, I keep leaning towards Charlie but it might be a tad too cutesey. Oh and he has grey eyes if that helps.
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I have low self-esteem because people don't like me. I mean literally, I have no friends whatsoever. People just generally do not like to be around me and have no interest in hanging out with me one-on-one. But I am also pretty sure that a great deal of this is because I have low self-esteem and get really defensive and turn people off, because I am so used to people saying "no" to my invitations that I'm afraid to ask them to do anything for fear of rejection. And if they do reject me once I just can never face them again and I start getting a complex that they hate me and that's probably not true.

So, how can I end this self-perpetuating cycle and stop hating myself? "Mantras" and such things don't work. It's not easy to psychologically trick myself. Also, if I see a therapist they make me feel lots worse, so that's out. Any tips on getting my confidence level up without outside validation?

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1] Does telepathy appeal to you at all, or would you rather stay in your own mind?

2] Clear CD covers, or colorful ones?

3] Did you personally sell anything in grade school?
For a while in 3rd grade I got to work with the ~cool~ kids who made and sold those craft-book string bracelets. And in 8th grade I made mix CDs for people for $10.

4] What do you see in my eyes?!