June 2nd, 2008

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Do you know a lot of people who've never had an orgasm? I know like at least five over 25. Is it really that common?

If you've never had an orgasm.... do you think or hope to eventually figure it out or are you just content being a nonorgasmer?

If you knew people who've never had one, would you try to encourage them to try different tips or techniques or would you not want to even talk to them about it?
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Grrr @ Google Earth

Time and again, I try to save locations on Google Earth, but it ends up crashing, causing me to lose ALL my places and notes - even the ones I had saved in prior sessions. I've updated GE and tried everything, but I'm just tired of tinkering and reentering everything from scratch. Is there another online map thing that functions better in terms of saving favorite places worldwide, checking distances, zooming, etc? And doesn't crash? Yeah, that's a biggie. Google Earth has pissed me off for the last time.
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(no subject)

  1. What takes 15 minutes?
  2. Do you own a pea coat? I am buying one this week and i can't wait.
  3. I was given a book of breads to make along with some white bread flour. What bread should I make first?
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I know I posted recently, but I think my oldest dog is dying. The last couple of weeks she has not wanted to go out, which is abnormal. I just picked her up and put her on the couch. I opened the window because she likes fresh air. I tried calling all the vets but I got answering machines to all of them.
1.What should I do to make my Spunkerdoodle feel better?
2.Have you ever had a pet pass away in front of you?
I wont be able to handle it, I just won't.

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In recent Dirty Job commercials, I've noticed Mike has his hands on his belt buckle. Is this an intentional tongue-in-cheek joke to get us to "notice him" or have I simply been listening to too many of Mike's sexual innuendos and references?
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(no subject)

Inspired by previous post.

TQC, I am turning 18 two weeks from...yesterday. So Sunday, June 15th. My boyfriend lives 800 miles away during the summer (we go to college together) and is coming to visit that weekend. It'll be short, he's coming in Friday night and leaving Sunday night. Our main day together will be on Saturday, since he'll have to go to the airport at around 4 PM on Sunday.


If I tried to go to 18+ places, such as piercing shops, tobacco stores, many concerts, etc, the day BEFORE my birthday, do you think they'd sell to me/pierce me/let me in? I think not but I want other opinions.

EDIT: yes, I know about not going to irreputable piercings shops. Thanks.
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(no subject)

1. Other than a strip club, where should I go/what should I do for my 18th birthday on Saturday, TQC? I don't have to worry about any minors being with me - everyone else is at least 19.

2. When you HAVE to go to the bathroom in a public restroom, do you hover over the toilet?

3. What's the weirdest combination of food you eat together? This can include things like mustard, ketchup, etc.
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(no subject)

Okay, I haven't slept all night - I have no idea why, but I just couldn't sleep. XD

I have an exam in five hours--I also have to be at school in about three, so I really don't have time to try and catch some sleep now. I also have another exam at 1pm. 

How can I stay awake all day?



so, i have a bit of a problem, i would like advice.
i smoke on and off. i LOVE smoking. i am talking about cigarettes here.
i am trying to stop because my boyfriend of 2 years and i are wanting to move in together and he doesn't like cigarettes. i've been more or less quit since last july. but i just... i love smoking. i see myself as a smoker, and i am drawn to people/characters and often later find out they are smokers. i enjoy it and i really don't give a damn about the health problems. i'm not the health nut type of person. i'm only getting into shape recently because my time to join the academy is coming closer and closer and despite my promised spot i would like to go through with top marks instead of sitting low on the chain.
i've tried the gum. it sucks.
i've tried the mint/cough drop type deals and those are more ass than the gum.
at my high of smoking almost 3 packs a day i tried the patch thing and it made me faint. it was too much to fast or something. i tried the lowest dosage and i got the same effect.
when i go without smoking i am mildly more depressed, and i always have to stop cold turkey otherwise i get pissy about it.
what the fuck am i supposed to do? i love my boyfriend, i want to move in with him, and i am sick of feeling guilty after i smoke or rushing to shower and brush the shit out of my mouth until my gums bleed. i would like to either figure out a good way to say "hey, i don't think i will ever quit smoking" and not have him respond with "i don't want to share my life with a smoker" or "you won't quit when you're pregnant"/"i don't want my children breathing in cigarette smoke"
so it's basically i quit for good forever. or i keep smoking and i risk losing him. i mean, he is more important, but i don't want to give up something i have done for almost 10 years, heavily those 10 years, when i don't see the risks as that huge a problem.
do you think there is some middle ground here neither of us see?
if not, what can i do to try and find smoking no longer this wonderful, large part of my life?
i don't think it is some controlling thing. i totally see his points. it really is not fun to kiss someone who smokes when you yourself do not. i'm sure if the situation was reversed and i was telling him i hate cuddling up to someone who smells and tastes like an ash tray and i don't think he'll stop when i get pregnant, people would call him a jackass for not quitting. so what do i do, TQC?
this is literally our only problem. my utter and complete lack of regard for my personal health. the smoking is the biggest part of that, but our only fight consisted of me not taking pills after i had been stuck in the hospital and the doctor told me i could die. give me a good idea, here, please!
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Batch o' Questions!

01) If your pee is bright orange...what does that mean?

02) If you put an LJ·cut inside another LJ·cut, what happens?

03) Whether or not you've already had it, how was your first sexual experience?

04) Should it be made legal to nuke skunks from orbit?

05) If you had to describe yourself in 2 words, what would they be?

06) What is the stupidest thing you've ever heard anyone say?

07) What's the stupidest line you've ever heard in a movie?

08) If you think this is stupid...why're you still reading it?

09) Is your weight in pounds greater or less than your height in centimeters?

10) If you absolutely had to shave a part of your body that has hair but isn't the top of your head or your genitals...what would you choose?

11) God appears in your kitchen and demands a girlscout cookie. Which flavor do you think is worthy?

12) If a female dog is a bitch, then what's a male dog?

13) How many animals do you find adorable that could likely kill you if they got a chance?

14) Where's Waldo?

15) If you shoot a bullet straight up and it falls right back down, would it be fast enough to kill someone?

16) Do you own any clothes that're pink?

17) Which of my icons do you think I should delete and why?

18) What do you usually always have in your pockets?
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(no subject)

My stinky husband made me watch Cloverfield last night. It was super lame. In retaliation, I'm making him watch Molière which looks fabulously French and over the top. However, I'm not sure this film alone is enough to pay him back, since he has made me watch a ton of crappy movies over the course of our 7 year relationship.

What other movies should I make him watch with me?
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(no subject)

This might get a little sticky. Bear with me, please. I realize I might not be the best with words, but I'm trying to convey something that I see quite often...

I am wondering if anyone is offended when people claim certain ethnicity ("Native American" is a common one, and the example I'll use here) yet their "dominant" ethnicity is Caucasian or something other?

Like, I had a friend who was 100% Ojibwa native. She would get offended when joe-schmoe came up boasting "Native blood" when he was clearly white, blonde hair, blue eyes... maybe there was Native somewhere along that line, but it could not be traced back. To her, he was not native. To many, it just seemed he wanted to boast "ethnic" heritage and it embrassed and frustrated my friend.

If you are "ethnic", how do you feel about others claiming to share your ethnicity, when they clearly don't look it?

How ethnic do you have to be to be considered "ethnic"?

To those who are "mixed", can you trace your heritage back? At what point do you start/stop calling yourself "Native"? Do you consider yourself "native" even if the only native blood you might have was from great, great, great ancestors who were native? Do you ever feel weird claiming "native blood" in front of "full-blooded" natives?
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So, I have some sort of parasite living in my bed. I have bites over every square inch of my body, and it is terribly painful (o hai itchy buttcrack) and obnoxious, especially when trying to study.  Whatever this creature is, I have seen several of them; they look just like specks of dirt, except moving. I'm pretty sure bedbugs are bigger. What are these? How can I get rid of them?

I am pretty sure they're not bedbugs.  They are a sandy-brown color, the size of chiggers.
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(no subject)

Over the summer I want to catch up/get into a few shows that everyone seems to love. I'm leaning toward Torchwood, Ugly Betty and Heroes.
Which should I watch first?
Are any of them not worth watching?
Are there any other shows that are not to be missed?

(Currently I watch Weeds, How I Met Your Mother, Big Love, Gossip Girl and assorted reality shows like Top Chef.)

iPod skins

Dear TQC,

My friend has an iPod nano with one of these skins Collapse ) from skinthepod. Will taking the "skin" off ruin the iPod or leave a sticky residue that isn't removable? I know she can just try it and see, but she wants to sell it.


I realise this is probably obvious, but I can't for the life of me remember the title of the book.

In the preface, it said something to effect of 'With you it was different. With you I wasn't playing a game. With you it meant something'. It's a book about men/boys and this game they play, the score I believe is related to how many women they get laid with. I haven't read the book though, so I don't honestly know what it's about, that was just my impression.

Anyone know the title?

Various google combinations have been tried.
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why doesn't this sound right?

I'm gonna mail some statements to some customers in canada.

Regular sized envelope and everything..

Is it seriously $1.18 to mail to Canada from USofA now, or am I inputting some information wrong?

It was only $.69 before May 12th. and I'm confused..
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(no subject)

TQC, my husband wants to know...

Say you've got two packages of hamburger buns.  One of them is open and missing 4 buns, the other one has never been opened at all.  Both of them have been sitting in the same spot, on top of the refrigerator.  Why is it that the one that has been opened has not become moldy, and the one that has never been opened has?

ETA: The packages were bought on the same day and have the same expiration date
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(no subject)

all pots and pans are not created equal, y/n?

what do you look for in cookware, tqc? specifically in pans. what are some good names, what should i stay away from?

bakeware and stuff that goes in the oven isn't an issue; all we'll have in the apartment is a cooktop.

(no subject)

1)Do Obama's bigass ears help him to hear what the people want like a fuckin elephant president?
2)If I wrote a passive aggressive sticky note requesting my neighbors get their TV off the landing at the top of the stairs (even though it's not really in my way) what should I put in it? I was thinking of making some reference to Poltergeist.
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(no subject)

i know i just posted like, 8 questions ago, but... get over it. :P

Today I am going to go visit my grandfather in the hospital.  When I was there last Friday, my grandma was talking about how lonely it is in bed at night without my grandpa (he has been in the hospital for about a week now), so I told her that she should get a body pillow so she had something to cuddle with at night.  My husband and I were out yesterday and we picked one up for her... would it be okay for us to carry the huge body pillow into the hospital with us to give to her, or might they not allow that?
Also, I want to bring some sort of a small gift for my grandpa.  Would it be tacky to bring him a picture of me and him together at my wedding, in a frame, so he can display it in his room?  Or would that be a good idea?  Should I just get a balloon or something instead? 
I'm not very well versed in the whole "visiting people in the hospital" thing...
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(no subject)

1. I just blew my nose and it made my front teeth hurt. Why?

2. I woke up in a funk this morning even though I got plenty of rest and had a fabulous weekend. It's not PMS so why am I so mopey?

3. Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

4. Most sleeping pills say "Warning: May Cause Drowsiness" on the label... what other silly/unnecessary reminders have you seen?
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(no subject)

Not only do our windows not stay open, or lock but two of them are broken, (by our neighbors) and our garbage disposal does not work and our leasing office will NOT agree to fix these things.

Are these reasonable terms to break a lease on?
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just something I was curious about...

I have many tattoos planned, but haven't had any yet. For those of you that have them, how much do you usually tip the tattoo artist? If there are any tattoo artists reading this, how much is an average tip that you get? My friend just got a tattoo that cost $50, and he gave the artist a $30 tip on top of that. I thought that was kind of extreme, but I don't know.
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chocolate covered cherries & Terminal 5 NYC

1. Does anyone know approximately how many average sized chocolate covered cherries are in a pound? I've been googling but I'm not having much luck.

2. I'm going to a sold out show at Terminal 5 tonight. Doors are at 7, the show starts at 8, and I won't be there until 9:30. If you have ever been there, do you think I'll still be able to see okay? I always get to places quite some time after doors and I've never had trouble seeing, but I've never been to this place and it looks way bigger than the places I usually go.
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Irish books!

Inspired by an earlier post about favorite books (and the fact that I'm going to Ireland on Friday!!):

1. What is your favorite Irish novel?

2. What is your favorite novel/story by James Joyce?

3. Who is your favorite Irish author/poet?

4. Have you read Seamus Heaney's translation of Beowulf?

(no subject)

Our lease specifically forbids dogs - "No dogs, ever."

Our neighbors upstairs have recently moved a dog in.

The dog has been yowling all afternoon at top volume.

I've tried knocking on the door. Nobody's home.

Do I leave them a note? Or should I just go ahead and call our leasing company?

I wouldn't care except that the dog is driving me up the wall. It's my only day off and the only thing I wanted was some fuckin' peace and quiet. Now it's not happening. Fuck.
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(no subject)

I work at a clothing store. We were having a sale Saturday and it was very busy. My manager mentions to me that there's a small child (3? 4?) alone in a stroller right outside the store like it was a dog. I was busy and hoped/assumed that someone else would look into it.

When I realized that everyone in this city is fucking passive and too chicken-shit to take initiative about ANYTHING (or "interfere" with anyone else's "business") I went outside and brought the child in. She ran straight to 2 women. I assumed the older one was her mother, and I explained as politely but forcefully as I could that she should watch her child so she doesn't run away or get abducted. The woman just kind of smiled a lot and nodded and agreed with me but didn't seem to take anything I was saying seriously.

10 minutes later I went back to check on the child and saw that she was *back in the stroller outside the store*. I could not fucking believe it. I went and found the "mother" again and restrained myself from flipping out on her when I reminded her to WATCH HER CHILD. Only then did the woman bring the child/stroller into the store.

Should I have done more? I'm not sure that even if I had said all the things I wanted to say to this woman about what a negligent/selfish parent (or babysitter, whatever) she was that it would have gotten through her DENSE SKULL. I can't stop thinking about it and getting angry and regretting not trying harder to make her realize that she was a fucking shitty parent.

Also, it makes me angry that I can pretty much guarantee that if I hadn't brought the child in and said something to her "mother", no one else would have. Why are people like that?

college sucks

Ive been an Architecture major for two years and I'm about to start my second summer of Arch courses.. I ran into a 3rd year and he recognized me (we never really had "met" before) and we got to talk talking and he said he was switching majors and we discussed it and I sort of started to thinking, do I really want to do this? Then I had a conversation with my manager at work and he asked me, "What are you passionate about?" And I thought, Architecture? But I knew that wasn't really true...

Which brings me to my question: Am I crazy to set myself back this much and change my major to film studies--with the technical aspects as a concentration, editting or possibly cinematography, that sort of thing-- (possibly a double major with graphic design)? Do you have or are you working on a degree that your family/friends says, Why?! Thats USELESS! How's that working out for you?

(no subject)

I want to cut some flowers from my garden to put in a vase, I know florists and such will often add nutrients or food etc. to the water to help the flowers live longer. Do you think if I put some Miracle Grow plant food in the water I put them in it would help them live longer or is it more something that needs to be absorbed into the soil and then into the plant?
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what could this do to your health?

say that you have really irregular eating habits... like you mostly only eat one real meal a day (usually pasta or meats) and the rest is junk food. sometimes you don't even eat a real meal, just fast food/restaurant food and then junk food. you drink regularly/use drugs. what is this doing to your health?

now, say you didn't really eat for three days, but then went back to your shitty eating habits and there's this piercing pain in your side anytime you move. what is this?
Great Pumpkin

Apparently I am an idiot

I just downloaded Firefox and am slightly confused as to the point of the download manager. I’m trying to save a song from Sendspace to my computer and while it’s in the download manager, I can’t find it anywhere else on my computer. With Internet Explorer I would always save everything into a file and then add it to itunes from that file, I can’t seem to do that with this. What am I doing wrong? Is there something else that I need to download?

EDIT: I've done everything you all have suggested and it's still not there.

How old are you ?

I've always wondered how old most people on livejournal really are.

So honestly, how old are you and when did you start using livejournal ?

I'm 18 (almost 19) and started using livejournal when I was about 14, I guess thats average.

(no subject)

1. Do you think there is some truth in sarcasm (sarcastic insults specifically)?
2. What's a piece of useful information you think I should definitely know?
3. Where could I buy some fantastic skinny jeans?
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When someone says that they want to move slowly in terms of dating, what does that mean to you? What does it look like, i.e. how long do you wait to kiss? how often do you see each other? How long do you wait before having sex?

Do you think it's possible to revert back to slowly after hooking up? Any stories when this failed or when it worked?

(no subject)

Were you voted "most" anything in high school? (Most likely to succeed, most likely to get a DUI, etc....I was "most individualistic", which is just a euphemism for "strangest").

What should you be voted "most"? (If that makes sense...I don't know how else to phrase it).

Do you want to vote another TQC member "most" something???

(no subject)

I'm debating on whether I should go to a rave next weekend. And I'm only debating because my dad scheduled me for a physical, which includes a blood test. The deal breaker.. If you get a regular blood test , nothing besides cell count and things like that come up on the results, right?? Or is this wishful thinking?
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For those of you that wear a bra:

How many do you own?
What size do you wear?
Do you think you're wearing the correct size?
Do you wear ones with underwires?

And lastly:
Why does the front part of the band in all of my bras feel so tight and uncomfortable on my ribs? I'm pretty sure my band size is not too small because I can easily pull it about 3 inches away from my body. All my bras are wireless as well...
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(no subject)

I have to give a 15-20 minute PowerPoint presentation to my chemistry class on Wednesday. I'm already done with my slides and I have all my information, but I'm pretty much deathly afraid of talking in front of the class and being graded on my presentation. So:

Are you afraid of speaking in front of other people?
How can I not make a total ass of myself?
How can I make sure that people aren't falling asleep in their seats while I give my presentation?

And, slightly related, what's your favorite nerdy joke?
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wedding bloohah

If you were getting married, what song would you want to be played as you went down the aisle?

Mine: Celtic Dream by Ronan Hardiman. Yes, it's a Lord of the Dance song.

It's pretty rude for someone to invite themselves to your wedding, right? I've recently been informed that someone I had an altercation with a year ago is going to show up to my wedding and make a huge spectacle of themselves and try to ruin the ceremony. Should I have the police on speed-dial just in case this does happen?
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(no subject)

how would news of an ex getting married affect you?

EDIT: this is my answer/reaction:

right now, i can't help but think: how did you get someone to marry you?
and: why am i still single?
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(no subject)

I have some chicken breasts that I want to coat in flour and seasonings by shaking them in a brown bag (simply because I've never done it before) but I also want to bake them in the oven. What should I bake with them? I'm looking for healthy options and I have a lot of vegetables on hand. I'm up for anything and being creative.

Do you keep a food log? How?
What would you think of someone who ate an entire tub (like gallon sized) of ice cream in one sitting?

Does your face sweat? How do you feel about it?

What color is your shirt?
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(no subject)

I'm spending the week packing for my move and I live by myself, so I wanted to take myself out on a date to a movie today as a little reward. I figure it's a fine time to see something my boyfriend wont watch, so my options are Made of Honor and the Sex and the City movie. I've only seen a few episodes, plus randomly all of season 4 (thanks library!) of the show, so I know the characters but not extremely well.

Which should I see? If you've seen either, what did you think?
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(no subject)

So I'm going out tonight with a couple of people from work to see a co-worker's jazz band. Everyone's coming straight from work, but as I was only in for half the day I have an opportunity to change my outfit. I was thinking of wearing a strapless silk black dress (knee-high), some nice dangly earrings, a cute cardigan (it's cold here!) and some heels.

Does this sound too dressy? Everyone I'm with is male and they'll be in suits, plus it is a jazz club so that kind of sounds dressy anyway; but I'm worried that it'll just be too OTT and I'll look out of place.


Okay, I was just wondering how you guys would interpret a part of a dream in which "something" is killing off everyone, and you as the protagonist of the dream run into that "something" and it turns out that its just other "people" who don't ever speak (they also eat the dead)?

I had a weird ass dream, but that part freaked me out. I escaped their clutches by pretending to be one of them, and just standing there silently while the others passed by, before running in the opposite direction. I wonder what my subconscious was referring to.

(no subject)

I'm lethargic. I'm supposed to leave in less than an hour to meet my mom at the gym. The question is, should I go to the gym or stay home and pack for my upcoming field trip? My mom has a tendency of coming straight home instead of going to the gym when she's supposed to be at the gym anyway.

When did you last slack off? What for?

(no subject)

What do you want for your birthday?

When is your birthday?

How old will you be?

What was your favorite birthday? Why?

What did/will you do for your 18th birthday?

I'm turning 18 in 17 days. So, I'm curious. :P
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Weight Watchers.

What is the calculation for working out the points value for food if you're on the weightwatchers diet?
I assume you do something with the calories, fat, and weight of the food... but I don't have a clue what.

My pal has lost her special calculator and is fretting about the amount of birthday cake she had yesterday...

I told her not to worry as it was her birthday, but she won't shut up about it..
can anyone help me shut her up?
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zombie baby cede! :D

(no subject)

 So... as part of my internship we shawdowed chaplins at a local hospital today, and I was lucky enough to be with one who has simular belifes as me. However, some where stuck w/ really conservative ones, and they brought up the point that the chaplins had a lot of issues following other peoples belifes and traditions. ( ie: baby babtisms, wiccan last rights, jewish prayers) (the chaplin they were with was a bit of a prick) 

So I ask, if you were in a situation where you were asked to follow some one else's belifes or traditions other than your owns, would you?
(not just religious stuff of course)

have you?
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another tattoo question...

Sorry, I forgot to ask this earlier.
I want to get a tattoo of a cartoon character. Do I have to get permission first from the creator? I understand that I would if it was a webcomic character or something on a local artist's website, but this was a cartoon on basic cable.
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(no subject)

If a set of identical male twins marry a set of identical female twins, and each couple has a child (both of the same gender), will those children look alike?
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Spongebob and Patrick SHOCKED
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(no subject)

TQC, what insanely awkward tidbits of information have YOUR families sprung on you recently?

I called my mom yesterday and she said she had to call me back because she and her boyfriend were just sitting down to have lunch somewhere. Soooo, she calls me back like four hours later and says, "It was a long lunch" and then did this weird little giggle. Immediately, I'm like, "EW, THEY TOTALLY HAD SEX." I prefer to live in a world where my mom only ever had sex twice - once to conceive me and another to conceive my brother.
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(no subject)

There's this guy who hangs around my friends a lot who hates my guts, and I have no idea why. I haven't said anything to him aside from light conversation ("The weather's nice, huh?"). I know I can't win 'em all, but every time he is there when I hang out with my friends, he talks about how much he can't stand me like I'm not even there. I never talk to him, but he insists on butting into my conversations and generally acting like a royal douchebag all the time. He says he's just being "honest", but come on!

It's getting on my last nerve, and I don't want to avoid him because he hangs out with my friends often...I don't want to miss out on fun parties and outings because of this jackass.

I've tried ignoring him, and I've told him I don't have a problem with him so let it be...being rational with this guy really doesn't work. I don't care if he hates me, I just want him to shut up about it!

How do I shut him up? Insults encouraged.

Nail removal?

I'm all about the posting of questions today, apparently.

I got acrylic nails and I hate them. I've never had them before, decided to get them, it's been two weeks and I'm still not used to them like everyone said I would be, and since they are growing out, I want them gone.

So, is there anything I can do to safely remove them, or am I going to have to go back into the place where I got them and have them removed there?

(no subject)

I have 45 minutes to kill until I get to go grocery shopping, so that gives me ample time to make a grocery list. I know I'm forgetting something though....

What the hell am I forgetting to write down on my grocery list, TQC?

What do you always forget?

Do you even write a list?

I'm going to end up going shopping hungry, terrible idea, y/y?
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(no subject)

Have you ever driven while having one of your feet hanging out of the window or sitting on the dashboard of a car? Have you ever done this as a passenger?

How far do you live from the nearest airport?

When was the last time you made poop?

(no subject)

I'm going to be hanging out in Toronto for a few days with my mom later this summer.  What cool things should we go see/do?  If relevant, I'm 20, my mom is in her 50s, and neither of us have been there before.

(no subject)

I'm going to a viewing of a three year old child who passed away yesterday. What should I wear? Black? Dark colors? I'm wearing a blue-gray shirt and khakis now. Should I wear dark pants, too? I've never been to a viewing before. (I'm going to the funeral tomorrow and wearing a black dress.)
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Have you ever had a significant other who didn't give you a birthday present of any kind?

What is your opinion of an S.O. who doesn't give you a birthday gift (which can be anything from a big bag of your favorite candy to a diamond necklace, whatever) when he/she is well aware that it's your birthday?

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Do you associate certain things with colors or personalities?
What are those associations you make?
I associate numbers with colors and personalities. for instance, I've always percieved the number 9 as yellow or orange, and as for its personality, 9 is a total bitch. 6 is more generous and easy-going. 3 is juvenile, and 8 is a bit of a loner and a poet. I know, I'm so bizare!

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I adopted two kittens, ages 5/6 weeks and 6/7 weeks. My older cat is pissed at me. She is 2/3 yrs old. How can I introduce her to the kittens and avoid having her kill them?

What is your worst encounter with a pet?

Paging Dr Eljay!

I have this weird red swollen bump on the inside of my elbow, and there's these pinkish streaks on my arm near it. And the skin on it is all flaky. The weird thing is that it doesn't itch much, and it's not as swollen as a normal bug bite. I don't know what it is... it's been there for days... and I've never had anything like this before, so it's bothering me...

Does anyone know what it is and/or know how I can make it go away?

EDIT: Okay, my mum just phoned my doctor about it. If the doctor's office reckons I need to see them, which I suppose they will-- infection in the blood stream, bad, got it-- I'll be going to get it checked out 8:30 Eastern time-- less than two hours from now. Thanks, everyone!
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So I need an instrumental version of 'Here Without You' by 3 Doors Down, because I just found out I'm singing at assembly tomorrow.

I haven't got an instrumental version, so I'm trying vixy.net to rip the audio from a YouTube vid. It doesn't appear to be working, though. It's just 'Resolving the Video URL' FOREVER. ­¬.¬

Does vixy work for you? How long does it usually take?
Anyone know of any other ways to rip audio from YouTube vids?

Nevermind, I followed the steps HERE and they worked a treat! Thanks to everyone who put their two cents in!

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If you got married to someone who had a mom and a step mom that they were really close with, would you call them both "mother in law"?

What is something you do sexually that you would be embarrassed if anyone outside of your relationship knew about??

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 I am currently writing my graduation speech that I am so nervous to give.  If you were me, what would you write? Non-serious answers, I just need something to make me feel better, por favor.

What are your plans for tonight?
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I work for this guy who runs a computer repair company out of his bedroom. I'm basically his bookkeeper, I balance his checkbook and organize his paperwork. That's what the job description said, and that's what I signed up for.

Now, suddenly, he's got me doing more secretarial work. I still manage his finances, but now I'm taking calls, making calls, making appointments, writing letters, and dealing with complaints from the clients. And I SUCK at doing all of that. I have TERRIBLE phone skills (I really, really hate talking on the phone), and I don't sound professional at all. Plus, when the clients complain, it's like their talking in another language -- I don't know why the hell their modem isn't working! I don't even really know what a modem is!

Whenever I tell him I don't know how to do any of this stuff and if maybe he can guide me a little, he tells me he's busy. Playing World of Warcraft. I'm not kidding. One client was getting really pissed off, and my boss kept saying to me, "I'll be done in this instance in twenty minutes, keep him busy until then." When I said, "Hey, maybe we can just say we'll call him back?" he got REALLY mad at me. "That's completely unprofessional and we can lose him as a customer!" And then he got mad at me again, because his character died.

Now he wants me to send out this mass letter to all his clients telling that his rates are going up. I don't even know how to START that letter.

Soo...any advice how to write that letter? How about tips on being a good secretary?

P.S. I know this job is super lame, and I'm looking for another, but in the mean time, there are bills to pay. :(
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What would you do if a stranger you ride the bus with every day constantly looks at you, moves himself so he can see you better, then holds his phone up like he's taking your picture?

If you're me, you don't say anything to him but freak out later and plan on getting up earlier to take a different bus from a different stop.
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Isn't life just peachy?

Everyone loves a good love triangle. Well - at least until it happens to you. Anyways, my question is just about people's experience in the past with these types of situations:

I dated a guy (T) for a few months, he got cold feet, broke it off. Four months later, I started dating some other guy (D) who is like our mutual friend. We kind of dated in secret, which I don't know if that complicates the situation, but whatever. Anyways, the whole D thing is getting really serious and we just fight all the time - its not fun, and I just don't know if that's what I want right now. Also, I found out that T has feelings for me - and now he wants me back. So, TQC, if you were me, what would you do? Stable / Dependable / Slightly Boring (D) or Fun / Crazy / Inconsistent (T) ?

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Quite some time ago, there was a post asking who's voice you liked (or something to that effect). Someone posted with a link to a website that had a bunch of celebrities reading poetry. One of them was Alan Rickman.

Do you know what the website is?

Are you going out or staying in tonight?


Do you like to go camping? Did you go a lot as a kid? Do you go a lot now?

What are your favorite foods to cook over a campfire?

What's your favorite camp song?

Have you ever had sex outside? Did you at least put a blanket down?

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If you're a smoker, have you noticed lately that your cigarettes have a tendency to go out when you don't smoke them fast enough?
Yes, and it's been bothering me for weeks.  I couldn't understand why it was happening until about 30 seconds ago when my friend told me that by law all cigarettes sold must be "Fire Safety Cigarettes."  The idea is if you fall asleep in bed with your cigarette, you won't burn your house down.

Did you already know about FSCs or are you incredibly slow like me?

And for all you non smokers, when was the last time you felt like you were the "last to know"?

This always seems to happen to me. He became... a girlfriend-bore!

I became good friends with a guy a while ago, but we've just begun to hang out. We went to eat and he saw this girl he thought was hot. He asked her for her number. She hesitated, but I paid her a visit to talk to her and now they're sort of dating. It's all fine.

Except now all he does is talk about her. Every day is like...

Him: Hi, how are you?
Me: Good and you?
Him: OMG I'm going to see (the girl) today!! Look at this text message of her declaring her undying love for me! This is uncomfortable for you to look at but I don't care!! Her her her!!
Me: *uncomfortable* Umm... that's really good.

It's getting really annoying. I have a feeling that it's going to get worse because he's not shy about talking about... er... sexual experiences. He wants to hang out on Saturday. What should I do?

A. Fire him from friendship. All he can think about is her anyway. He can't possibly value your friendship.

B. Talk to him about it. Since I have no tact, I cannot avoid hurting his feelings.

C. Try and put up with it and hope it goes away after a while. See how it goes. Then fire him if it gets bad.

D. (Your comment here)

I even read the wiki how article which said I should try to avoid hurting his feelings because he's *excited.* He's in his 30s and has had quite the number of sexual partners, so he's not inexperienced. He's just... wow. It's getting boring.

Oh and tomorrow I start karate. I'm excited.
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Here I go again...

SO I've had this toy for years and I don't know the name. It's basically just a slim plastic tube with plugs at the ends that makes noise when moved around. What is this thing called?

Here's a sound clip of it:


And if you don't know...
What would you do if you are masturbating/having sex, etc.. and your genitals(or your partner's) start making that noise? Would you stop? Would you laugh or cry?

I'm feeling down and bored. Non-serious answers are definitely welcomed.
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i have two 10 month old kittens. two hours ago, a bunch of stuff happened, and i now have a 2 year old cat locked in my bedroom. he will probably be a permanent member of our family.

the new cat has a fresh box of litter, food, water, and an open window for fresh air. how long should i keep him in there? how do i handle the introductions?

right now, the new cat is hissing at my kittens from the other side of the door. the little ones seem very edgy and suspicious.

i would really appreciate some advice. i've never been in this situation before.
Jason the Ninja

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Every Monday I go to this bar to play trivia and drink a margarita with a little umbrella in it neat scotch. The team with the best name gets 10 bonus points, and points are redeemable for free bar tabs. The winners are usually clever and/or obscene. Last week,(Memorial Day) my team won with "Red, White, and Blue Balls."

What should we call our team this week?

Follow-up: For those of you keeping track at home, Melanie ignored my invitation to join us. :/
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What is with everyone getting cats lately?

I really miss having a cat in my house. Will you give me a cat?

And because everyone likes doing these things, will you post a picture of your cat?
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How do you feel about people who get rid of a pet when they find out they're having a baby?

How do you feel about people who get rid of an older pet because they've gotten a newer pet?

Have you even been in either of these situations? Explain why you did what you did, if so... if you feel so inclined.

Yes, jumping on the pet bandwagon. Got something wrong with that?

(As a related aside: my cat attacks me, and only me. We're still keeping her with baby on the way. Unless she tries to attack baby. Then goodbyyyyyyye kitty.)

laptop preferences (windows)

I'm a college student and have used a sony vaio the past 3 years. I'm getting a new computer so my mom can have mine. I don't know what to get.

What (windows) computers do you like that are fairly portable with good battery life and can stand to contain my shit-load of music/photos/documents?

(I like my vaio, but I'd like to see what else is out there).

Visual Art Teacher

Does anyone have any idea of the process it takes to become qualified to become a visual art teacher at a TAFE, Polytech or University level?

Probably a pretty dumb question for TQC but I thought somebody might know!

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I suddenly out of nowhere go these itch red welts that vary in shape and size ALL OVER my body. Excluding my face [so far]. They are horribly itchy and get worse if I scratch them. A welt doesn't seem to appear unless I scratch either but it itches so badly...I have ice on them now and it's helping a little but they still won't go away. Could they be hives? What can I do if they are hives? I thought it was bed bugs but...we changed all of my clothes/bed sheets/everything/bombed my room/took pets away....so I dunno.

I was at the park on Friday with some friends and I thought somehow I may have gotten in contact with poison...I didn't touch anything but my mom said it can be in the air to. If so wouldn't my friends have the same symptoms? I was there Friday and this started in the afternoon on Sunday. It's literally ALL OVER my body like I said. We've checked for fleas and there are none. I had my new [as of April 21st this year] guinea pig in my room with his cage near my bed. My mom thinks there were mites on him [got him at Petco if that matters] and they got onto my bed from his cage. I rarely see him scratch though...

I have googled this and I come up with many things it could be but I'm still uncertain. Should I just see a doctor if it worsens? Any creams I can buy to get rid of these welts?
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kurt halsey

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What kind of gift does one bring to an 8th grade girl's graduation party? I really have no idea. (And yes, 8th grade graduation parties are a little over-the-top, but I'm not complaining.) And what should the card say??? All I can think of is "happy day, have a great life!", and I'm pretty sure that's not conventional.

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For the organized: What is your favorite way of keeping track of things that you need to do? Post-its? Lists? Writing it in your calendar/planner?

I do all three. I write lists on post-it's and stick them in my calendar so that I can move them from one week to the next if need be. For things that must be done on a specific day it gets written on that day and when I'm done with whatever it is I highlight it with whatever color highlighter I have closest to me. If you look at my old planners and flip through them they're a rainbow of color with nearly every page filled.

For the unorganized: How do you survive?

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Anyone know of a relatively good, free MMORPG out there ?
Preferably something I don't have to download (I'm using someone else's PC ...) and where the graphics aren't too painful.

What's your favorite MMORPG ?

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My rebellious & troubled yet treasured 17 year old sister ran away from her foster home. She's been gone 4 days with only a call to our grandma saying she's on the streets in LA with her gangster (not mafia, more thug) boyfriend. Police have a report on her but she's still out there somewhere. I'm the only family member in the area.

I don't know how to find her or what to do.

What would you?
kiv dancin.
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i'm sure we've discussed this, but what do you think about scott mcclellan?

do you think he's trying to set things right, or is he being opportunistic?

have you read the book?

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 Is there a product from an infomercial that you would by?  Even out of curiousity?

What product shown in infomercials makes you think, "What idiot would buy that?"
My personal thoughts: the Ped Egg--the one that "shaves the dead skin off your feet"

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I just finished Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz (amazing, read it), so I went to the bookstore and bought some of my guilty pleasure book