June 1st, 2008

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I have really sensitive skin and made the mistake of slathering myself in Aveeno lotion earlier this week, which has a history of doing VERY BAD THINGS to my skin. Sure enough, I am now very rashy and gross. HOW DO I MAKE THIS GO AWAY SOONER? Or if that's impossible, how do I stop itching?

Also, my boyfriend works till 3 AM tonight. It's 12:30 now. Should I stay up till he gets home or go to bed soon? I'm not too tired, but kinda.
If you think I should stay up, what should I do between now and then?

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Say there's this girl you like and you've asked her out and she gets back to you with a 'oh we'll talk later." So then you do talk later and she doesn't say yes but she doesn't say no- just 'give me some time to think it over.' Is this a good sign?
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What's your favorite chick flick? (The funny kind, not the stupid, over-sentimentalized "PS I Love You" kind.)

I just watched Mean Girls for the 1497537th time and I'm looking for something similar to watch.
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Children's Books

What subject do you wish could have been covered by a Children's book? All potentially inappropriate answers are very welcome. This could either be because it would be funny, or to avoid an awkward conversation with your child, or, because it's a difficult subject to explain to a child in their terms.

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1) So I planned a trip to Busch Gardens (amusement park) about a month ago and I am really excited because I haven't been in a long time. There is a 30% chance of rain the two days I'll be in Williamsburg.

Should I risk it and go or should I reschedule?

2) What's your favorite amusement park?

3) What's your favorite ride there?

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Have you ever read or heard anything about Vector Marketing?

My friend just got a job with them and I've read nothing but evil about that company. Should I slap her upside the head, or is it really not that bad?

ETA: Oh man thank you guys. I am glad I'm not effing insane. I told her it was a bad idea and she told me it was just summer work and that she'd "done her research." Normally she's really level-headed so I didn't press the issue, but now I'm definitely worried she's going to get herself scammed. It makes me wonder how much research she did within the company rather than outside sources. :/

New question!

How long until my friend asks me for the $150 it takes to buy her demo set? :D

The cake is a lie

What kind of cake should I make TQC?

I'm making my own birthday cake for some sort of gathering tomorrow. I can't figure out what ice cream/cake combo. I was thinking about one of the following

White cake with lemon frozen custard middle layer.
White cake with vanilla bean ice cream layer and fudge frosting
Opinions? Suggestions?

ETA: Those aren't the only two options. Suggest something if you want.
ETA too: I forgot to mention I hate straight up chocolate cake D:

wut 2 do

i'm at my house having a ~~crazy~~ after prom gathering. everyone is drunk and hooking up with one another. the only ones still awake are my crazy friend stephanie with large boobs, my super lightweight passed out friend andrew, 2 friends that are licking each other and myself

i'm still really drunk. WUT DO I DO TQC!?!
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 So I just captured/released outside this huge spider(re: size of a quarter) I found in my room. Do you think that was the only one? Are his spider-buddies hanging out in the dark corners of the room mocking me? Am I being entirely too paranoid and need to go to sleep?
How to you react to spider-sightings/encounters?
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1. It's 5:30am on a Sunday. Do I play some COD4 online, or do I take some Nyquil and go back to sleep?
2. What are you doing today, TQC?
3. Ever been propositioned by a hooker? If there's a good story to go with this one, tell me the story!

ETA: There's a hitch hiker who stands at the end of this gravel path-type thing (it goes back into the woods) every single day, all day on a road not too far from my house. Psycho killer trying to find someone stupid enough to pick him up, or just a guy looking for a ride?

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So do you ever have nights when you want to sleep but you basically can't shut off your brain? What's going through your head on nights like that? For me, it's either baseball or the book I'm reading... and right now I'm reading a book on baseball, so I'm really screwed. Also, I get the TV show LOST stuck in my head a lot.
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Woman who was locked in cellar for 8 years gets talk show

What can we learn from this situation?

Incest eventually leads to fame and fortune
If you want to make it in the business, you have to be prepared to make sacrifices, like taking your relationship with a family member to the next level
Vienna obviously has some pretty boring tv
Sex sells, and forced sex with your father sells big time
Nothing can kill your dreams. Not even raising 7 kids on your own
Parents, if you want your child to succeed in life, you may have to bang them over a period of several years
Exploitation is an ugly thing in any language
There is no lesson to be learned. Polls are fun!

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1. if you download music what program do you use? (my limewire randomly decided to stop connecting yesterday? and i've been wanting to download a beatles song!)

2. what should i make for lunch? (something easy, srs & nonsrs!)

3. tell me how you met your significant other (if you don't have one, tell me how you met your best friend)?

Is this a new type of scam?

So, although I have a little bit of work through a temp agency, I'm still responding to ads and sending my resume around. I got an email from one place, informing me that they tried to reach me at both my numbers and were unable to do so, so I need to call them. Yet I have caller ID and voicemail on both numbers. I have not missed any calls on either number. So, I think they're lying.

Are they lying?

Is this a new type of job scam I've previously not encountered before?
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When you are grooving with a band and you are playing bass, what exactly is a "pocket" or "Pocket Groove"?
I play bass and was wondering what it meant.
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Odd question but I was wondering, of all the actors/actresses that have played presidents (real or fictional) which one would you most likely have voted for and why?

I'd go for Bill Pullman in Independence Day. Any president who's willing to lead fighter jets to defeat invading aliens is all good with me.

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1) what do you feel like when you've just woken up?
like shit.

2) what was your last dream?
one of my best friends mum was in my childhood house making smoothies in my bedroom.

3) what plans have you made for this week?
tomorrow - media exam then baby hospital to see my mum give birth.
tuesday - spend time with mum and baby brother.
wednesday - college bridging and see my boyfriend when he comes back off holiday.
thursday - baby brother time!
friday - college bridgingggg. -.-
friday evening, saturday, sunday - partying? family visiting the house, probably. -.-

Vicious dog question

I have a chihuahua one year, one month old. He looks almost identical to this one, minus the cheeseburgers.

He's always been protective of our family, but lately he's started growling at us and getting territorial. He hasn't bit any of us yet, but it's still scary to have a dog growling at you and bearing teeth at 2am. We got him neutered last week to try to curb the problem, but it hasn't done much.

Any ideas?
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SO TQC, let's say I'm friends. With some people. Real people. It's a stretch, I know, but stay with me here.

So let's say I hang out with them a lot and they occasionally call me a name and make fun of an aspect of my personality, and it was funny when they started doing it. Now, six thousand times later, it's not fucking funny any more, and their tone seems to have changed towards being more mean and less joking. I've asked them to stop, and they won't stop. Do I have the right to pop them one in the shoulder until they do stop?

On a more serious, also friend-related topic, these same friends have a tendency to never back me up about anything ever, and one of them says it's because she's 'afraid of conflict'. I had a clash with another (now ex) friend a while ago, and the problem has persisted over the last two years. Nobody's ever backed me up or stuck up for me about it, even though they tell me when I ask them that I'm OMG IN THE RIGHT SHE'S BEING AWFUL, but then turn around and are all sunshine and butterflies to her and act like nothing happened and they can't understand why I'm unhappy being around her.

Now, she's pulled the same shit on the friend who claims to be afraid of conflict, and friend wants me to help her confront her. I told her no, she has to do this on her own because obviously nothing I've ever said to the ex-friend has made any impact, and anyways I'm not involved. She whines to me that she's afraid of conflict, 'omg but you're better at confronting people than I am', but eventually agrees to confront her about all that has happened...

Then goes and brings ex-friend to a gathering that I'm at the very next day, acting like she's not mad at her at all, and didn't confront her about shit. She proceeds to be playful and friendly with her, and can't understand why I'm irritated.

Is everyone this ridiculous, or is it just my friends?

Dreamweaver Tutorials for Dummies?

Hey all!

I'm wanting to make myself a simple, basic but reasonably decent looking website for my art. Can anyone recommend any decent Dreamweaver CS3 tutorials for absolute newbies to Dreamweaver? Like, with step by step images on how to make a website, haha! Obviously I'm doing my own googling but thought I'd ask you folk too!

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after throwing up twelve times in eight hours and laying on the couch for two days, i am feeling much better today and am STARVING D: !!

what should i eat as my first meal besides a popsicle in two days?!

what food are you craving?

what is THE BEST kind of popsicle?

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Which lj communities have you joined because they are interesting but don't at all apply to you so you can't actually post anything in them?

I like looking at baking communities (I don't bake) and art show-off communities (I can't art).

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1. What do you eat your nutella on?
2. If you were offered $5000, would you pluck out each of your pubic hairs individually?
3. Should I take one class this summer from 6p - 930p on Mondays and Wednesdays, or should I just work and come home and be lazy?

venetian blinds

I may be moving into a new house in where my bedroom will have a big sliding glass door. There are no window treatments as of yet, how much do you think it would cost to put up venetian blinds on a 8ft wide sliding glass door, either with or without installation. Any suggestions for cheaper places to find the blinds? Thanks!

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Do you look like your siblings? or do they look like each other? Pix plz.

No, but I only have half siblings. I do wonder if full siblings look alike, and maybe the ones who don't are anomolies/affair babies.

Does anyone have that statistic on how many babies aren't fathered by who they are told they are fathered by? I recall it was rather high - one in five?

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I'm doing a huge group project and this is part of my portion:
For AIDS – you need to have a fact sheet about AIDS. You will also have an additional entry on current research and perspectives on AIDS. You must find at least 3 research articles and write a 3-4 page summary discussing current issues on AIDS – statistics, treatment and prevention (including current vaccine under development) and world wide health perspectives.

Is that three different parts? A fact sheet, entry on current research, and then 3 articles with a 3-4 page summary? Or just a fact sheet and the 3-4 page summary?

I feel silly because I've been under the impression that it was two parts and now I'm worried it's three. :/


So my whole life i've collected alot of different things... What do/did you collect?

Mine include: beanie babies, stickers(giving to my best friend), rocks, shells, pencils, keychains, movie tickets(just threw all away), cards (just threw all away), Candles. Ican't think of anything else
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If you were a 20-year-old college student home on summer vacation, and your older sister invited you to go to Best Buy to shop for appliances (refrigerator, washer, and dryer) for her new house and then go out to lunch, would you think it’s lame, or would you possibly enjoy it a little bit?

I ask because I’m thinking of asking my little sister to come appliance shopping with me, but she’s the kind of person who always tries to tell people what they want to hear, so even if she thinks it’s the lamest thing EVAR, she will probably agree to do it and pretend to have fun. But if she does, in fact, think it’s really lame, I don’t want to pressure her into going.
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Are you the sort of person who doesn't like to walk to the trash can to throw away those little stickers that come on apples?

If you are, where to you usually end up sticking them?

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1. My hair smells like bacon.. I'm a vegetarian.. and I have not been near anyone cooking bacon.... What's up with that?

2. What's something I can do to improve my dull mood?

3. Where's your favorite place to shop online?

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What are you allergic to?

I'm allergic to nickel to the point where the metal things on the inside of my jeans have broken out my hips so much that it's permanently scarred me. I now have to coat them in nail polish. :D But nothing else that I know of.
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I have never hit another car/object/human being in my two years of driving. Despite numerous speeding tickets, I consider myself a good driver. Yesterday, I was at fault for two separate accidents, four hours apart.

1. What the fuck am I doing wrong?

2. How do I apologize to my sister for banging up her car... twice?

3. Can you please tell me about your accidents/driving mishaps to make me feel better?
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1. Which should I throw away: my Chem book or my Psychology book?
2. Physics or Chemistry?
3. Have you read (and finished) any play by Shakespeare? Which one?
4. What song is this from: Are we going up/ Or just going down/ It's just a matter of time/ Before until we're all found out/?
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 I had a dream last night that I was pregnant.  The dream lasted through the whole pregnancy and until after the baby was born and I had a baby shower at work after!  AM I PREGGERS?!

 Who is your fav Jedi?  I like Mace.
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What is your favourite Disney movie?

Mine is a cross between The Great Mouse Detective, The Page Master, and The Lion King --[ETA] ok, The Page Master isn't Disney, but I still love it.
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What language is "ego fum papa" (I am the pope) in? I'm thinking Latin, but I could be wrong.

I'm fucking depressed. Will you share something depressing with me?
Be it a story, something you need to get off of your chest, a picture, I know you have something. Let's go.

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What's the average rent for a one bedroom apartment where you live?

I would say between $900 & $2000 p/m

Are you the same size in jeans as you are in shorts?

I seem to go up a size or two for shorts..
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Have you ever seen Steel Magnolias? Should I keep watching it, or change the channel?

Would you ever marry someone who will take good care of you and adores you in every way and loves you passionately, but you do not love them back? You like them, but that ~*spark~*~ is just missing.

What should I put in the curry I'm going to make today?

Watching TV

Do your pets (namely dogs) enjoy watching TV? Specifically shows with animals? What do they do? Do they have a favorite movie or show?

My male Chihuahua LOVES watching TV. Right now we're watching Meerkat Manor and he's growling and barking, just having a grand ol' time with it. The animals in the show don't even have to be making animal noises for him to acknowledge them, he sees the image on the screen and recognizes that they're animals. He'll often stand on his back legs with his feet on the TV barking at the animal. His favorite movie is Good Boy, he could watch it all day. My female Chihuahua isn't as into TV as he is as she'll only bark at dogs but she still enjoys it.
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Have you ever seen a username in TQC you didn't recognize and thought 'troll' before you even read the question?

Anyone you're surprised (just by username) wasn't one?
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Isn't it funny how in some pornos where a professor is banging a hot, young student, the student is always some 30 y/o chick in a plaid skirt and braids?

Does anyone else ever watch porn out of sheer boredom?
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1. I have like, a chronic case of Athlete's Foot. Which is usually okay, except in the summer, when I have to wear sandals or whatever and my feet get all "blargh, now I will sweat a lot and make you itch." What can I dooooo?

2. Is me (lazy) having Athlete's Foot like lazy people drinking Gatorade while doing nothing? In a way?

3. My friend said he's going to take me on a motorcycle ride. Like a real one, like over bridges and shit to the country. I'm fucking scared shitless but I wanna go because I think he's cute. What can I doooooo?

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Are there any videos/journals/communities out there where people show off interesting things they happen to own?

Things such as books, DVDs, toys, etc.  Thank you!

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1. recommend me a list of songs i must listen to? (changed your life/song you love/etc)

2. what should i order tonight at dinner? (bf & i are going to his bff's birthday dinner @ a sushi place)

3. do crest white strips work? which kit should i get?

4. what color underwear are you wearing? (;

5. your favorite icon? POST WITH IT!

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Holy Shit!
Today I fell right in front of a firehouse! I was wearing a skirt with no underwear on. Go ahead make fun of me, I WAS IN A HURRY! I don't think anyone saw anything because I fell gracefully, but ACK! One of the firefighters came and helped me get up. Please let me never relive this moment again!
1. What was the last thing you did that made your cheeks turn pink?
2. Should I have pizza or ravioli for dinner tonight? How should I prepare it?
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Do you / How do you visualize time?

For example, for me: When I think of the week ahead I see a white line in my head. The days that I have something to do are black squares on that line. Then when I think of a specific day during the week, it is another white line with black squares distributed during the parts of the day I am working or supposed to be meeting up with friends. There aren't any numbers, so it's not like I'm looking at a datebook in my head, but some how I know that a black square at this point in the line means 3 pm or what have you.
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What should I get my ex for his birthday? I mean, I've already saved up for hookers and blow, but I should probably get him something else that will last a little longer, ya know?

Non-srs answers preferred. Srs answers will only be considered in extreme cases.

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inspired by this post:

It seems like people who like one of my 3 favorite shows also like the other two, and if they hate one they hate all three. I would like to see if I am right about this.
So, can you tell me, of these three shows:

Battlestar Galactica
Arrested Development

(which in my opinion are 3 very different shows)

Do you love all three?

Hate all three?

Or are there one or two you like, and one or two you hate?

And in a related question, if you hate Lost, what the hell is wrong with you?
Is it because you think the show is all about Jack and Kate?
Because I can promise you that most of the people who love the show hate the two of them as much as you do.

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What are some movies you like that are about teachers? They don't even have to be particularly good movies, just "inspiring."

Some examples of what I'm looking for: Pay It Forward, Dead Poets Society, even Kinsey.

Or... tell me a story about a teacher (college or grade school, doesn't matter what subject) who made an impact on you? Whether he or she just did something to make your day better, or your school year, or to change your whole life around.

I'm struggling with my life choices right now and I need some inspiration to remind me why I want to be a teacher.

a clockwork orange

for those of you who have read a clockwork orange:

while you were reading the book and/or after you finished it, did you find yourself using a lot of the language from the book?

if so, how long did that last?

i read the book like three years ago and i STILL find myself using the words pletcho, ptitsa, starry, and appy polly loggies.
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So I'm graduating in a little over a week. What should I put on my cap?

I want to put a saying or something, but idk what. Help me think! Something Harry Potter related would be super dooper too.
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You are a rock star on tour promoting your most recent album, "From Heroin to Heroine: The Very Best of A Generic Band". You have been in the media spotlight with a lot of your major record label problems that are partially, but not limited to: A rumored sex-tape of you snorting cocaine off of your producer's breasts, and accidentally killing a puppy with your guitar during an outdoor concert two years ago. You didn't mean to, it's just that the puppy doesn't really understand the meaning of...whatever it was you were drunkenly shouting to it while in the middle of the solo.

However, this is a new concert, which as gone off without a hitch. Save, of course, for the fact that it's being televised live, on HBO, and you totally didn't realize that until after you were already there. Apparently your producer wanted some revenge, or coke money, and decided this was the best course of action.

You're at the end of the concert now. Everyone is expecting you to play you hit single, "Birds of a Feather Fuck The Government." and possibly engage in drunken, on-stage sex. But you're relatively sober, and feel the need to have a little fun with the audience. Do you:

1- Double click the power chord and show those people how to ROCK?
2- Announce that you're breaking up the band, and kill them all with Dark Charizard?
3- Play the Sesame Street theme song?
4- Play "Free Bird"?
5- Use this opportunity to engage in political activism and express your desire to free Tibet?
6- Just play your song?
7- Kill yourself onstage to be immortalized?

Hotel's Wi-Fi

When you're connected to a hotel's wi-fi (had to log in, etc), how much of your internet activity can they see? Could you for example get caught pirating software/music?

If so, would an application like PeerGuardian block them from seeing your internet history or your use of programs like bittorrent?

(I ask because my school has an agreement with the RIAA to hand over the IP addresses of offenders, and many people have been fined that way.)

And I know you shouldn't download music illegally, etc etc etc.

(no subject)

1:  Have you ever been in a serious relationship then cheated or been cheated on?  How did it happen?

2:  Do you know anyone who has been in either situation?

3:  If infidelity has occured, was there a confession to the other person or was the affair accidentally discovered?

4:  Let's say you you're very close to a couple and you know that one of them is having an affair by over-hearing bits of a phone convesation and connecting a series of events, would you bring up your suspicions to the cheater?  How about the cheated?

5:  Is there a tactful way to mention marriage/relationship counseling?


(no subject)

1) Whats the most adventurous sexual thing you have ever done?
2) Whats the most weirdest medical condition anyone you know has ever had?
3) What do you think of when you hear 'Australia' ?
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1) So my dad is a produce driver and last night he brought home a assload of strawberries, blueberries and cherries. Now TQC, what are some awesome and delicious things I can do with them? Recipes?

2) What is the most fail-tastic thing you did today?

I am twenty years old and I couldn't cut the meat from my ribs. My mom had to do it for me. I almost took off my finger.


Have you ever quit a job that made you miserable just for that reason?
My job pays minimum wage and I can only get about 15-20 hours a week because there are so many people on the staff. My boss likes everything to be done in an extremely specific way, even if there is a better or faster way, you have to do it her way. My co-workers are like high school freshman because all they do is talk about each other when one person leaves the room. There are two co-workers who have been caught literally stalking me in an attempt to get me fired I guess just because they don't like me. These same two people write about me constantly in their livejournals. They all scrutinize the way I do EVERYTHING as if it were my first day or something, even though I've been told by my boss that I'm a really good worker and I do well there. I even got training in an area that usually takes years of working at this place before the boss ever considers training you (I've only worked there for 5 months), so I'm assuming this fueled the flame of jealousy in the eyes of my two stalkers. 
So basically, nobody treats me with any respect and I hate going to work. I've talked to my boss about the constant gossiping and also the stalkers and she's had a talk with a few people about being extremely assy to me (I didn't ask her to do this..) and so now the problem is just worse because they have another reason to hate me. 
Would you:
a) quit and then send a copy of all of the nasty livejournal entries one of the stalkers wrote about your boss to your now ex-boss
b) slam a copy of all the slanderous entires down on your bosses desk first thing on monday and say "it's her or me" ?
c) quit and call all of the different places I recently applied to to ask about the status of my application? 
d) stay and be miserable 

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I don't have cable in my bedroom, so I watch a lot of PBS through antenna.  About 80% of all PBS shows that come through my antenna are described for the blind by a condescending-sounding woman.  None of the exact same shows that come in through cable have these descriptions.  It drives me absolutely insane.

Does your PBS provider have these descriptions?  Do you know if it's different for antenna vs cable customers in your area?

Does PBS just do this to annoy the crap out of me, or is there really a big base of blind people who want PBS shows described, and if so, why do they favor antenna over cable?

Is there some kind of remote button that will let me get these descriptions off the shows?

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I'm looking for apartments, and I found one that's a tad pricier but I can manage.
I walk in, it's in a great spot, and I like it.

So, the landlord man whatever is talking to me and says "I'm trying to get all of the Spanish people out of the neighborhood and only let white people move in." That seriously offended me. Although I look white, both of my parents are hispanic, and SO AM I. I know I'm basically going to end up gentrifying anything wherever I go, but what the fuck, dude.

I'm not going to take it. I don't feel right. Is this a wise decision, TQC?

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Alright all you high-school-aged teens, I know you're out there. What's your opinion on month anniversaries? I mean, like celebrating three months or six months?

I, for one, do not see the point of them. You?
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I found a guide book called Eastern Europe On A Shoestring at a yard sale yesterday, published 1989.

10 cents was a good deal, y/n?

Where shall I go first- Czechoslovakia, East Berlin, the USSR?

(no subject)

Do  you have a Nintendo ds?  Love/hate/tell me about it?

My mom has some gift money for me, and I asked her to bring it to me and on the way to pick me up a ds.  But her boy friend has the car so she's waiting for her friend to take her, which means no I am not getting it till tomorrow ;_;

Why won't I work on the other projects I have due tomorrow?

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Does a woman wearing men's-style clothing make her androgynous? What about a man wearing women's-style clothing?

How do you feel about androgynes? Physical and psychological.

How come people still think that transexualism is directly related to sexual orientation?
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can you explain to me why a 20 year old, whose been driving since she was 16, is not allowed to drive alone at night?
and she's been away at college for two years already?

ARGH (not me, my friend who "cant hang")

ok, less annoying question-
do you or anyone you know attend/attended Hunter College?
what was the experience like?
did you enjoy it?
do you think its a good school?

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my brother is trying to remember a specific horror movie. he says that it's about two or three very clean cut guys who are killers. they capture a family and act very calm. my brother says he remembers a scene where the family is laying around bleeding and screaming and the killers say something like: "we'll give you thirty seconds to run for your lives and then we'll chase you with axes."

does anyone know what movie he's talking about?

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I watched a few minutes of this show on TLC about the Running of the Brides, if you don't know what that is (I didn't before watching) it's this huge event in the basement of Filene's Department store in Boston MA. The women all line up super early like 1-2am and wait for the store to open at like 6am. Then they stampede down the stairs/escalators and through the basement.

How funny would it be if one of the people tripped on the stairs and started a huge chain reaction with everybody behind them?

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 I'm really unhappy. Can you cheer me up with something funny?
If you don't have something funny can you tell me something that will make me more depressed?
If you don't have anything that will make me more depressed then would you spam me with the best of your fail macros for making such a fail post?


i saw these awesome necklaces in miami and havent seen any at home.
they're like wishing necklaces. Theyre string necklaces with a little charm on it and when the string breaks, your wish is supposed to come true.

anyone know a site i can buy them at??


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Argh my brain just died. Would you poke it for me ?
What would you poke it with ?

What is the name of that site where you post interesting/random websites - kind of like Digg, but starts with an S ... ?
Oh hay thar


My SO's best friend and business partner, Tanner, is a close friend of mine as well... He came to me wanting to buy something off Ebay. The item was $300 plus $250 shipping from the US to Canada. He asked me to buy it because he didn't know anyone else with a credit card and he's too computer-dumb to work Ebay.

So he gives me the $550 in cash, and I put the bid on my credit card, and immediately put his cash on my credit card. Well, the guy who sold it to me is a complete cock. Long story short, he sent it to the wrong address, it was sent back, he sent it again to a sketchy warehouse THREE HOURS away from my home, wait TWO HOURS, drive back home THREE HOURS...on my birthday... And my name is wrong on the box, so Customs would not allow me to take it...it was returned to the seller and he never bothered to send it back again.

I filed a Paypal claim and yada yada yada they returned $315 but not the rest because he didn't have anymore money in his account.

Now Tanner is wanting the full $550 back. I have already gave him the $315. I don't think I should give him it because then I would be out that money and that is a lot for me right now.

Tanner is not being an ass about it, but he does mention it a lot to my SO at work, and brings it up when I see him, and he's clearly upset about it.


I also want to mention we paid a $90 fee at Customs out of our pocket as well that we never asked Tanner for.

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should I buy david sedrais' new book?[I can't spell his name, though] or should I be good and save for summer school?

what's the most embarrassing thing you've done with your parents?

Once I did go to david sedrais doing a reading type thing and that was a bit embarrassing, but when I went to a university play thing because my friend was doing a play, and one of the other plays was the fake rape part of choke, I was embarrassed.

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how many locations does a business need to have for it to be considered a chain?

I assume there is no legal definition but if you happen to KNOW what makes a business legally considered a chain feel free to share, otherwise just give personal opinions.

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I am a cashier. The other night at work, a young man roughly my age came to my register and purchased one snow pea. The total was 5c.

The reason he gave me for the unusual order was "That's my weekly budget. I was thinking of cooking up a stir-fry."

TQC, why are you purchasing one snow pea?
fab Julie

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I'm pissed because someone at my job tried to make themselves look good by attempting to get me in trouble. She has some sort of superiority complex I'm sure. 

I feel like slashing tires >:~0
What pissed you off today?
macaroni murder lady

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When you write an S, is the top half bigger or is the bottom?

When you write an 8, is it one unbroken line or two little circles... or something else?

Which finger do you use to scroll the scrolly wheel on a mouse?

I was catsitting for a friend while his house was fumigated today, and this cat did not have a very fun day. She hid from my cats - her mother and sister, as it happens - in a cardboard box the entire time. When it came time to leave, she figuratively fucking shredded my hand. Will you offer me some sympathy?

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Hi, I'm new.

My boyfriend and I are flying from CA to WA in a few weeks to go to his brother's high school graduation. I've met his family before, but obviously don't know them too well since they live far away. Do I need to get his brother a graduation gift? If so...

What can I get him that's:
a. not money
b. inexpensive
c. easy to take on a plane

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Have you won anything from that Burger King Indiana Jones Reveal The Secret scratch-off game?

I haven't won anything
Chicken fries
Apple Pie
Double Stacker
Whopper Junior
Gift Card
Something else (please specify in comments)
I've never played it because I don't eat at Burger King
I eat at Burger King but I've never played it
I throw them away without scratching cuz I'm a dumbass
burning words

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can anyone recommend a good online store for body jewelery? plugs and that kind of thing. i live in a small city and it's impossible to find anything unique here. if your recommendation is Ebay it would be great if you could point me to a specific seller or store on there. thanks :)

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Are there any words you always type wrong?
I can't type the word "lyrics" right the first time without looking. I have no idea why.

If you could get a 5-minute heads up that you were going to die (like, Grim would appear to you and say "hey, you're coming with me in five, k?" before you died), would you want it? Feel free to add what you would do with such an advisory.

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I want to hear everything you have to say about interviews, because I'm freaking out about mine.

I just had a very strange interview a few days ago. It lasted about five minutes, and I'm really not sure whether it was good or bad. The woman just asked me to tell her about myself, and said that she didn't ask many questions. She seemed pretty antisocial...or possibly just rude. When I asked what she was looking for, she said she had a "sense for who has what it takes"...

What kind of details do they typically give you in an interview for a job you didn't get? Do they still tell you what the training will be and when they'll be starting? The woman interviewed me on Thursday and said they'd be starting on the 16th and said that she thought that would be about 2 weeks and I'd have enough time to give notice. Do they still say that to people who they've already decided not to hire?

What's the strangest interview you've ever been on?

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I threw out the box that has the instruction for instant mashed potato - i put the flakes in tupperware to keep it fresh and lost my instructions on how to make instant mashed potatos.

Does anyone have the box with the instructions on it? What is it please for 6 servering?

I know it has milk, water, butter, flakes, dash of salt but I don't know the measurements.

Thank you.

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Huge group project due on Thursday. I'm now compiling my member's work into the final product in our binder (Even though they STILL aren't done with all their portions!). My two member's work is subpar. I already have done more work than both of them, paid for everything and am doing all the final touch ups.

I'm really pissed off that they haven't finished their work, and what they have done is not very good. They've had nine weeks to do this so far! It's like 25% of our whole grade. :(

Should I try and see if my professor will grade my portion individually? I seriously don't want to go through pointing out to them what they need to fix and I don't want to fix it all myself (The whole thing is easily 30-40 pages of work!). What would you do?
girls » barbie

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1. How do you get yourself under control when you begin to laugh in a very inappropriate situation?

I watched the comedy central roast of Flava Flav last night, and Jimmy Kimmel talked about how Flava was responsible for more homeless black children than hurricane katrina....and this morning in church the pastor was preaching on Noah and the great flood and how "so many people and children were left homeless by Hurricane Katrina--our own great flood." I was full on laughing, shoulders shaking and all, and there was no way for me to make a quick exit. I kept it quiet but it took a good 5 minutes to get solemn again.

2. Have you ever laughed so hard you peed? Was it a little leak, or a full on, Fergie-like pants wetting?
I'm sure I've leaked, but I can't remember a pants-wetting laugh.

3. What kind of laugher are you? Loud and projected, quiet chuckle, snicker (for a few examples, feel free to add more!)?
I'm not sure, I think quiet chuckle until I hear something really funny, then it's loud.

4. Do you cry when you laugh?
Oh yeah, bad. It doesn't even have to be that funny. 5 seconds of my loud laugh and boom looks like someone just told me my dog died :(

Silly request!!!

Dear TQC,
My sister recently had triplets and asked me to take a few pictures in the hopes that one of them might be decent enough to use for announcements. As a joke, I sent one to her with a guitar poorly photoshopped into my nephew's arms. Go figure, she and her husband think it's hilarious.

I know that there are a few members here who are 1337 with the edits, and I am not. Would some of you be willing to help me out and provide a better guitar-playing-baby photo?

Collapse )

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Do you use a flat iron?
Is it a cheap one or a nice one?
What product do you use on your hair beforehand?
My hair is already straight, why did my hairstylist insist I use one? What the hell magic is it working that I'm not seeing?
pushing off

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So I had some scotch for the first time last night and I'm in love. It's quickly becoming my favourite drink, but I honestly know nothing about it and the bottle I have is almost gone.

TQC, what kind of scotch do you recommend?
James Franco joint

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1. I took Spanish in 7th-10th grade, up until AP Spanish, but I dropped because my teacher had personal issues with me, gave me a C, and had no tests/grades to show me, my parents, or administration to prove I deserved a C. But that doesn't matter. Now, I need to take a foreign language for my degree, and I want to try to test out of Spanish. It's free, and I have the rest of the year to study, but I want to take the test by September. What do you think is the best way to brush up on my Spanish? It's been 4 years since I've taken any, although I do speak Spanish sometimes, very minimal, though.

2. What are your duties at your job? Are you over or under qualified? Do you hate it/love it? Tell me more about your job to give me incentive to find a job in Tallahassee for fall.

3. What's your favorite kind of cheese?

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So in my new house, my bathroom has black and white tiles on the floor. I had no idea how to dress them up and make the bathroom look nice. When my friend saw them, she absolutely went nuts, demanding I do a retro theme. I didn't really want to at first, as I'm not into retro crap normally.

I've been thinking about it, though, and have started to like the idea. I'm thinking of getting bright red towels, and throwing a picture over the toilet (I'm thinking an oldschool red car or a 50s diner). Any idea where I can get some nice retro lighting? What exactly IS retro lighting? I'm trying for a 1950s theme.