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Inspired by eissak. If you're hot and bothered or just bothered, take it up with her

You wake up after a night of drinking, and next to you is a short, squat, bearded redheaded guy. Holy shit! It's Yosemite Sam! What are some qualities or quirks do you think would be associated with a night with Sam?

Incessant cursing when he couldn't get it up
His balls, like his mouth, is covered in a pubic red moustache
Secret furry (rabbits)
Needs a pile of phone books to do it doggie style
Sasparilla stains on the sheets
Occasionally has threesomes (the double stuff) with Elmer Fudd
Yosemite Sam never has sex. Stop ruining my childhood!
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So I managed to rear-end someone today, driving my cavalier under their SUV's bumper. The guy was totally nice, said there wasn't any damage, and then freakin' offered to take me to work. We didn't have to call the cops, exchange insurance info, or anything, it was pretty lucky. And the whole taking me to work thing (10 miles or so out of his way).

1. How should I go about saying thank you? Small gifts, home baked goodies, whatever. All I know is his first name and where he works (a small place so I'm not too worried about it getting confused)

2. Would it be tacky to give him like 10 bucks for gas money? I felt kind of like an asshole cause I didn't have any cash on me at the moment. Well, that and because you know, I just fucking rear-ended him.

3. Where do you get spare car parts? I found a website that has parts but idk how I feel about ordering parts online...
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  1. What is your deifnition of happiness?
  2. Are you happy?
  3. If happiness was an object, what would it be?
  4. If happiness was a little creature, what would it look like?
  5. If you could find happiness somewhere, where would it hide?
  6. Where do you think happiness comes from? Internally? Externally? Something spiritual?
  7. What makes you happy?
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Have you seen Expelled
I kinda want to see it and find out what its arguments are, but I don't want to pay $9 to see it.

Do you believe in intelligent design?  Strictly creationism (God created the world and everything in it, relatively recently) or combined with evolution in the long or short term?  Or something else I haven't thought of?
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Any of you ever heard of Medical Transcription as a course/job? Seems like you pay for the course and then you work from home...sounds too good to be true, is this legit and something that the healthcare industry will actually hire?

If you wear contacts, esp. for astigmatism+near or farsightedness, was it really hard to get contacts and get fitted and all that? I think my eye doctor might be a hobo in a stolen lab coat, but idk.

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My friend is having an all vegan potluck tomorrow, and since there isn't much vegan friendly food in my house, I was just going to slice some apples. BUT I need an idea for good dip to go with them. Any ideas, TQC?

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Have you ever been either subtly or aggressively pressured by a significant other to sacrifice something in order to not be apart?

(ie: turning down a job offer as a result of pressure to relocate to be near your S.O.)
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So I was scheduled to meet up with a girl later today. We're both into each other but we are waiting for a better time to make anything official (supposedly). She texts me at 2:30 AM (which I don't get until 4, when i wake up to go to the bathroom) saying that she suddenly has work, and can't make it.
Should I read too much into this? I get the sense that she's avoiding me, but I'm not sure. Her other texts seem sincere that she wanted me to visit her. This is also not the first time she's cancelled at the last minute, though doing so this late is new.
She also mentioned going to work today in her LJ, but I figured that she'd be working around my visit. Guess not, eh?

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What did you have for breakfast?
Are you a fan of hot cereals?
What question(s) are you sick of being posted?
Is there an idea, question, dream, worry, concern, or goal, etc., in your head screaming "LET ME OUT!"?

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last night some type of animal was shrieking at the top of it's lungs right next to my window.
After I fell back asleep, I had VERY terrible dreams.

Was the last dream you had a bad or good dream?
When was the last time you had a sex dream? Who did you have sex with in said dream?

I know I know, tl;dr but alas, I’m desperate!

Situation: I took out 10 federal student loans during college. 8 of these loans were with a specific institution. I have since graduated and am trying to consolidate them into one monthly payment instead of 10. The company I took the 8 out with is refusing to consolidate with me because the total debt is not over 30k. I have looked/applied EVERYWHERE I can think of at this point, local banks, Student federal services and even the AES. No one is willing to consolidate my loans because they do not total 30k+ together.
1. What are my other options? (Taking out another loan to equal the 30k won’t work because I have terrible credit/no cosigner)
2. Does anyone know of a credit union that will consolidate student loans under 30k?
3. For those that don’t have a clue wtf I’m rambling about, did you ever pack Kool-Aid to eat later or was I just super ghetto as a kid?
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Dear Dr. El-Jay,

A muscle in my stomach (on the left side, about halfway between the top and bottom of my ribs) has been twitching for three days, off and on. It doesn't hurt, it's just annoying.

What could cause a muscle to twitch for three days?

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Is 11 AM too early to start drinking?  I made myself a gin and tonic last night and ended up falling asleep without even taking a sip of it.  I have nothing to do today and I tasted it just now to find that it's still pretty yummy.  Should I drink it now, chuck it, or put it in the fridge for later?

ETA: The drink in question was consumed long ago.  I'm now on drink number 4 and just found out that my boyfriend is coming home and wants to take me to the FARMER'S MARKET!

New question: Should I tell him I'm tipsy and decline the invitation (he'll probably be pissed off if I do this) OR go and try my hardest to pretend I'm not intoxicated?

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1)Having a reunion for the street you grew up on, normal or weird?

2)How do I tell my mother that I really don't need to go to the doctor again for my chronic headaches? She has anxiety issues.

eta: do you know any people that logic doesn't work on?

most people :D


Who has moved from the country to the city? I mean a rural, low-populated small-town type area to, you know, New York, Boston, Chicago, the like. And how difficult is it? My boyfriend and I have lived in the sticks our whole lives but we're planning on moving somewhere after college. Some days I think it's gonna be a breeze and other days I'm all omg I've never been on a subway before and I get lost going to the mall how will I cope.

And just out of curiosity, what about the other way around? What's that like, if anybody knows?
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i was wondering what people do as in work?
do you like it?
what do you want to do?

sorry i spelt people wrong :( i'm kind of stupid
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I am making those custom printed M&Ms. I can only choose 8 characters per line. So will you choose a line for me? Which one do you like the most?

ily, bb!
ilu, bb!
luvoo bb
Something else that is 8 characters that I will share in a comment

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People who play MMORPGs:

1. When you quit, did you sell your in-game currency to companies like IGE or Mogs? How much?
2. When you quit, did you sell your character to someone? How much?
3. Have you ever bought in-game currency with real life money? WHY?

4. What MMORPGs do you play?

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1.What's your favorite made for TV movie/mini series?

10th Kingdom

2.Do you think there are any old movies that cover such sensitive subject matter that they would never get made today because of PC reasons?

Yeah, Heathers
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Why can't i see youtube videos on my friends page or in comments? I just see a big blank space and very tiny in the lower right of the space a tab that says "block".

Have you ever been to Vermont? Is it nice?

What are some of the worst movies ever? I'm watching Wild Things right now, and it's sooooooooooo bad.
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What instruments do you/have you play(ed)?

I currently play French horn, I taught myself flute (but I gave it up because it screwed with my horn embouchure plus I just thought it was boring) and my friends are trying to teach me electric guitar (even though I don't have much of an interest in playing electric guitar).

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I have a gateway laptop computer. When I try to turn it on the screen stays black except for a small flashing white line in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Has this ever happened to you? What did you do to resolve it? I've turned it on and off a few times, turned it off and waited a while and still nothing. I'm looking at various troubleshooting sites including the gateway one or whatever, I'm just not finding anything that tells me what the hell is up. And so, my search continues.

And I guess another less boring question inspired by the (in my opinion) not so great Cloverfield: How do you think you'd react in that type of "monster destroying the city" situation? I think I'd throw up. Multiple times.

ETA: Computer problem fixed! Thank you.
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My netflix queue is looking a little low these days.  Will you recommend me a new sci-fi show to watch?

I enjoy:
Battlestar Galactica
Quantum Leap
Stargate: Atlantis

I've never been able to get into any Star Trek shows, don't tend to like things with aliens (but will give them a shot), and I absolutely detest Stargate:SG-1.
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I'm eating an artichoke and I find a worm in it.  Do I continue eating the choke, just not the part with the worm, or do I toss the whole thing?

The chokes were 2 for $5. I already ate the other one.

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What are some common-ish italian names?
I'm trying to think of the name of my sister's boyfriend's brother. It may start with an 'O'.

Can I call this guy my almost brother in law? Sister's boyfriend's brother is long, but perhaps the former would always require explanation.

Do you ever want to warn off parters of a friend/relative?
I want my sister to stay with this guy because he's nice and makes visiting her easier, but my sister is really a big bitch, and I shouldn't encourage them to stay together.

What's the last thing you posted to the wrong place accidentally. Bonus points for embarrassment.
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Somebody posted earlier about an older cat looking depressed and possibly suicidal after the arrival of a new kitten ( I hope they were joking), but do you think it's possible for an animal to be suicidal/ have a deathwish?

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Will you tell me about a strange customer interaction you had at your work place?


I thought I've seen it all...until today.

Man walks up to the register.
Me: Hello! What can I get started for you today?
Man: I want a small iced water with 13 ice cubes. Actually, no, make that 25 ice cubes.
Me: *Smiles* Are you serious? (I really thought he was trying to be funny/making a joke..)
Man: (Screams) YES, I'M SERIOUS!!

He made me count out 25 ice cubes while we had a line out the door. Wtf was wrong with this guy?
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I'm bored, and I want to lookit pictures.

What colors have you dyed your hair? (ETA: pix or it didn't happen)
Which was your favorite?
What kind of dye did you use?
Am I going to kill myself because I can't cook that well and we live above a tasty restaurant, thus creating constant tormenting tasty smells?

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Inspired by a question from yesterday that got me wondering:

How old is too old for a child to be breastfeeding? Or should I say, what is the oldest a child that is still breastfeeding should be?

If you truly don't care...
Who is your favorite Golden Girl?

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Are the contestants in Ninja Warrior alowed to climb things with their feet? For some of those obstacles my shoes would be off and I would be grabbing onto things too with my toes.

Can you reach the top shelf of your cupboards in the kitchen without climbing?

You now have your very own theme music- so what is your soundtrack like?

Pit Bull: Reindeer
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TQC, I took the day off of work and slept in til 1:30 in the afternoon. I am sore and still tired, but have nothing to do and it's a Saturday afternoon/evening. Is there anything I should go do, or should I just save gas money, and sit here and play WoW all evening?
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I had a yard sale today, so now I'm dirty.  I have 5 computer monitors sitting out on the curb for free.  Should I be worried that someone's going to shoot them for fun, and they'll explode right next to my fire hydrant, causing it to burst out of the ground and go flying through my window?

Are you dirty?
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New York in July

Hello TQC.

I'll be in New York mid July for 4 days and, besides seeing Wicked, what should I absolutely, most positively do and see?

Great shopping ideas? Where can I get the best deals for "stuff" (all kinds of "stuff")? Good eating establishments?

It's my first time there, so any advice is good really! oxoxox

ETA: By the way, we'll be staying at a hotel in Times Square (but pretty much everything is pretty accessible in NYC, right?)
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is it acceptable for me to wear a black skirt and a black and white blouse with blue shoes? they're a bright blue. i may have blue earrings to match, if that helps. and the style does work. i just don't want to look very drab and go all in black and white to this awards ceremony tonight.

help me tqc!

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1. If you had one super power, what would it be?

2. If you had a super power, how would you use it?

3. Have you ever been to a strip club?

4. How do you feel about stuffed animals?
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What is one major goal you would like to have completed by the end of the summer?

Since regular TV is over for the most part, what are you looking forward to watching this summer?
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TV and DVDs

1. What popular TV shows have you tried to watch but ended up hating?

2. What TV shows do you like even though you thought you wouldn’t?

3. If you have Netflix/Blockbuster Online, have you ever returned a DVD without watching it?

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1. this is probably a really stupid question, but is it possible to "overcharge" my cellphone/ipod/camera? For example, if it only takes 4 hours to charge but I leave it overnight, or plugged into the speakers (which charge it automatically) forever, will anything happen?

2. I just noticed that this can of corn has instructions on how to heat it. Do people really eat their corn warm?

3. What are some creative/oddly logical/funny things you said as a child?

My mom just found a little book where she wrote down all my funny quotes from when I was little, and here are my favorites Collapse )
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Why do girls (and clearly this is not all women, but I've certainly never heard a man do this) feel the need to add some sort of unnessacary qualifier whenever they speak up?

"I'm probably wrong, but..."
"I bet this is a dumb question, but..."
"I'm sure I'm a moron for not knowing this, but..."
"I probably deserve to just kill myself, but..."

Do you realize how irritating your low self-esteem is?
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For those of you who are college graduates, do you actually use your major or are you working in something entirely different?

If working in something entirely different, do people ask you why you're not doing something with your major?

If you haven't graduated/aren't in college yet, does your planned career relate to your major?
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My roommate and I just got approved for a super fantabulously awesome new apartment! We move in on July 1st. So, what is a fair way to decide who gets the master bedroom? We're thinking a contest of some sort, but could do something boring like drawing straws. What are your suggestions?

Edit: The bedrooms are the exact same size, so we're just paying the rent evenly. The only difference is one has an in-suite bathroom and the other's is in the hallway.
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I am currently in a relationship but I feel like I am missing out on things because of it. Has anyone else ever felt this way? How did you handle the situation?

Man...I sound all sorts of serious right there...ick
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media players?

I use BSPlayer to watch 99% of media files on my laptop and loved it. But I just upgraded to the latest version, it sucks, and I can't get the old (good) version back. So, what would you recommend I switch to? I just need a good media player that plays .avis and will let me take screencaptures and, preferabbly, let me click through frame-by-frame.

Also, have you had any really really bad/frustrating experiances with computer programes? Tell me your horror stories!
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What are some issues you feel passionate about?
Mine: Opposing the death penalty, creating humane/decent prisons, and environmentalism are my top three. I'm also huge on [insert oppressed minority here]'s rights.
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Do you like it when a certain band/musician is so unknown you're pretty much the only one that listens to them?

Do you bask in the fact that you're the only one or do you try and promote said artist to people you know?
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TQC, what do I want for my birthday?
My sister just called and asked, and I realized that I have no clue...
I am turning 21 this Tuesday, and my husband and I are moving into our first house in about a week and a half/2 weeks.  My sister wants to get me something for our house...
Everything I really want/need is way too expensive for me to ask somebody to buy... so... give me some ideas, please?
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Why did ma_ee_uh disable comments on her post?  I wanted to answer her question. :(

ETA: okay, so imaria beat me to the meta... but i'm not deleting my post.  so there.
ALSO ETA (suggested by alpacacock):

What are some good books to by a baby for his first birthday?

...seeing as a one year old can't read, I would say buy him/her something that they will appreciate in the future.  When I was a baby, my dad's best friend bought me Oh, The Places You'll Go, and wrote a nice note on the inside of the cover.  I cherish it now.

Paging Doctor LJ. Doctor LJ to emergency.

EDIT: Posted the aftermath in TQC Updates.

About 15-20 minutes ago my dog bit my lip fucking hard. At one point she went all the way through the skin (I was spitting blood into the sink and could taste it on the back of my lip). I have two nice long cuts, one that is significantly deeper than the other and still bleeding (not just little drops every few minutes, but actually dripping-onto-my-lip bleeding). My lip is about twice its normal size. I know my dog is disease-free, but I also know that it's pretty much recommended that you see a doctor after an animal bite. Every time I move my lip I can feel it pull open again, and it stings and hurts and my eyes well up every time. Even my gums and teeth ache. Here's the catch: I don't have insurance. Because of this, I can't even afford a scheduled office visit for another 3 weeks (then throw another week on top of that before I can get in probably). If I show up at the emergency room, I'll be paying it off for a long fucking time.

The question: Should I go to the hospital anyway and pay it off for the next 500 years just to be safe? I can't just not talk and let it stay still until it heals. I work in customer service for roughly 5-7 hours a day. I've always been one of those, "Eh, shake it off, pussy" types, but being right on my lip, I'm afraid it might be kind of hard to do.

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On a lighter note, what do you think of Cloverfield?
I swear the monster is my new girlfriend. I love that movie more than everything right now.
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Simply the best

Is your current partner (or for those single, your most recent ex) the best sex you have ever had?

If so, do they know that?
If not, have you told them that?

For those of you who have never had sex before or who wish not to answer that question, do you own a sewing kit? When was the last time you used it?
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What happened to the post about not wanting to do math but not being able to suck it up long enough to get their degree? Was it deleted or am I just missing it? I was enjoying the babywank.

Edit: Oops. By babywank I meant teeny tiny new wank  - not wank about babies. Sorry. I can see how that could be misleading.


Favorite shake?

Burger King's Captain Crunch

Favorite sundae?

Sunday (bloody sundae)

Favorite meat-on-a-stick?

Cocktail wienie (on them toothpicks)
Whatever stepped into your pungee stick trap out back

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What items should you have in your car, for emergencies?

I'm compiling a list, since I had a hellish day trying to replace/repair a flat tire today, and certainly don't want to deal with that again! I want to be prepared for everything, so lay it on me.
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after my fairly recent upset at the fact that my newly red-dyed hair had faded (after only a week) to the horrible burnt orange colour i despised, i have finally decided that i'm done with this colouring for now and that i want to just turn my hair back into a more conservative colour. anyway, i've picked up a box of black dye, "21 bright black" to be exact. i was just wondering, since my recent hair fade catastrophe, i was curious if this black would fade as easily as my red did? and, would the black easily cover all the coloured parts of my hair? or would it turn some sort of odd, inbetween black and orange, colour?
i don't really have that much experience with hair dyes and the effects, etc so i apologize if i may be asking ridiculously stupid questions with ridiculously easy answers.
any help would be greatly appreciated. i plan to put the black dye in tonight.

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I just realised I need to make more of an effort to get to know my LJ-friends. What is a good way to do this? What tactics can I employ?

How many lj-friends is too many in your opinion?

Is there anything you want to ask me?
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Has anybody else gotten random message on AIM from somebody by the username "ImpoundedSalmon"?  I got one a few days ago, and I also got one today... both times they started off with something like "What the hell?  Who are you and why did you message me?"...
I have no idea who this person is, and their AIM profile just says "i liek chearleadin an maybe a bit moer... ;)".

ETA: Apparently this is old meme and there was a post about it yesterday and i am going to hell, or something like that.  Wow, sorry guys.  I'm usually pretty well versed in old meme nonsense, but I'd never heard of this one before.  I hope I can be forgiven...

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If someone didn't have the traditional "growing-up" experiences from the ages of like 14/15-18, if they were to try and experience that time during the ages of 19-20/21 what would your opinion be of it?

Like,...a 19 year old college student hanging out and having "friend" time with high school juniors?

Would you think that this person was socially or emotionally behind, and just catching up?

ooo la la

What are some tastefully sexy poses for partial nudes?  I'm looking for sexy, not nasty.  Poses appropriate to overweight women would be appreciated!

Post some examples, if you want. 

What kind of sexy pic would you love to get from your SO?
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When you link something, can you change the color of it? As in not having it blue.
Someone just asked me if I knew hte html code for it and I didn't even know you could do that.

She acted like a bitch about it too, so I'd like to know if I can bitch back at her by saying she's completely wrong.

Also, does anyone know where I can watch the first Narnia movie online?

pretty sure no one will know the answer to this, but hey

I'm not exactly sure why, but my bedroom has always been the hottest room in the house. Today it is uncomfortably warm.

There was a storm outside, which cooled it down out there, so I opened a window and my bedroom door. I also have a fan going.

How the hell can I get the air to circulate in here?? It's much cooler outside of my room, and with the window open and the fan going, you'd think it would lower the temperature in here. But nay!
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A loved one (parent, sibling, friend, significant other, etc.) has killed someone.

Let's say the murder is a completely random spur of the moment kind of murder. They killed somebody neither of you know just because they wanted to and they take full responsibility for the murder.

Would you support them emotionally through the trial? Would you keep contact with them when they end up in jail? Why or why not?

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What is a food that you like eating cold but a majority of people heat?
What is a good that you like eating hot but a majority of people like cold?

When was the last time you got laid?
Was it good? Who was it with?
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- Do you like to Keigo Oymada aka Cornelius? What's your favorite song/album by him?

- I'm thinking about d/ling Portishead's latest album, but only b/c I yesterday read on this mag Remix one of their band members insult DJ Spooky and not b/c I'm a fan of Portishead. I like them but I ain't into them but this stunt got me interested in this. Is this uncalled for and shallow or should I go ahead and get that album b/c it's real good anyway?
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Have you seen the following video?

Collapse )

Supposedly, a guy in Denver set up a camera because he thought someone was peeping in at his daughters at night. Now he claims he caught this alien on video, and apparently had the tape "authenticated" by some film experts.

What do you think?

(I was a bit disappointed with it. My friend called me up all excited about it yesterday morning, and I finally got around to googling it up and it's just meh. It looked like a deer head to me, but I am watching it on a laptop so maybe I'm at a disadvantage.)
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Say that you and your significant other aren't fighting or taking a break nor are separated by time zones or oceans.

What's the longest you've gone without emailing/IMing/texting/talking on the phone one another?

(no subject)

You're on a cruise ship and a lot of celebrities are in attendance. The ship hits an iceberg, and Titanics it's way to the ocean floor, leaving a bunch of floating celebrities. You're in charge of a lifeboat, and there's 3 spaces left. Either 3 more people or items. Who do you pick up?

Rosie O'Donnel
Kevin Federline
Ann Coulter
O.J. Simpson
Paris Hilton
Larry Craig
Kirstie Alley
Tom Cruise
Miley Cyrus
Pat Robertson
Dina Lohan
Dog who played Beethoven
A second flare gun, and a big box of flares
Box that contains Deluxe Monopoly box set and 20 other board games
I hit them all with my oar until they stop moving
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Today while watching a movie, I went to turn on the subtitles and was presented with two options. I've never had this happen before! There was English or English for Hearing Impaired. So, what's the difference?
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Food Prices

Wow TQC, I just saw a commercial in which KFC pimps their popcorn chicken saying that even though prices are rising, the popcorn chicken is still only $1.99. How do you feel about fast food places pimping their unhealthy products and the increases in the Spam( market during this current economic crunch?

What is your opinion of Mixed Martial Arts in general? What about women fighters?

Collapse )


Do any of you need things repeated over and over again to you [or shown/demonstrated] when you're learning something new? I've always been that way.

Will this handicap me if I want to go to a college where there are over a hundred students per class? My worry is the teachers won't want to give me individual attention and take the time to help me even though I'm paying them a load of money to be in that class.
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1. what are your living arrangements? (studio, 1 bdrm, 2, duplex, house etc...)
2. how much do you pay rent?
3.are your utilities included?

4. What's the last movie you watched?

5. What did you do on your last date?

6. if you're of age,do you prefer going to a club, bar or to stay at home to party?

7. I want to download sounds of the ocean or rain or something that is soothing to listen to before sleep or while reading a book, but when i type in these keywords for d/l i keep getting actually songs. what should I look for?
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aside from other feelings you may have on the radio show, if you have you ever listened to Garrison Keillor's show A Prairie Home Companion, would you say you find it to be elitist?