May 30th, 2008


black widow - what do I do??

I'm pretty sure I've found a black widow in my apartment.
I live alone and I have 3 cats. The spider's web is easily where my cats could get to it, though it is out of the way for me.
It is also 12:30am.
I live in a 2 family house and my landlords live above me.

How do I deal with this spider?
Smoosh it and tell the landlords our house is infested later? Will venom get me if I smoosh it?
Leave it alone until morning and then make the landlords call an exterminator?
Call an exterminator myself?
Should I not even bother to tell the landlords?

My landlords, though nice people, are super super picky about everything. (I don't fault them, not really, for most things. They live here and it is their property, so they have a lot of standards).

(no subject)

Have you ever totally and completely lost your shit?
I am one of those people who gets angry but I have never been FURIOUS. Or if I've been furious I will refrain from doing really stupid things.
If you have, what lead you to lose it?
What's your experience with anger in your life?


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can someone recommend me a book that cheered you up? the one i'm reading right now is pretty bleak and it's bumming me out a little, so i'd like something happier to read afterwards. i'm not necessarily looking for something romantic, just something that left you feeling good after you read it.


Has anyone ever used the site to book bus tickets? i am wondering whether this thing is legit cuz sometimes it offers practically free fare. What was your experience?
i like to live on the edge

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how old were you when you took that leap of faith step?
where you scared shitless and how did you deal?
looking back, what are your thoughts?

ie, signing a lease under your own name and moving out from your parents home for the first time or taking a job and moving to the other side of the continent, etc. it could be something big or just something that was big at the time.
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

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What are the most accurate words which correspond to the onomotopeyic sound the action makes?
(sorry for the weird wording)

for example, the word "SH" for "shh" (not "be quiet")

I think the word "clap" is the nearest word-sound to the actual sound of a clap.
pushing off

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Can anyone tell me what's in an Angel's Orgasm? And yes, I'm talking about the drink. My friend orders it but he has no idea what the actual mix it. I saw the bartender put in Sour Puss and Rum, but I didn't recognize anything else. Google has also failed me.

TQC, what the hell is in this drink?
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What are some good jokes or riddles?

I think I'm going to need a lot... clever ones, hard ones.  Actually, give me whatever you've got, please.  Can be about anything.  Any kind.  Like... I don't know.  Math, words, shapes, abstract?  In any language... (if foreign, I'm probably going to need a good explanation).  Or point me to someplace else to look.  Thanks!

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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Is Sally really selling seashells down by the seashore, or is seashells a secret term for sex?

Bruce Campbell for President?
Kill Bill - Elle
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What's the stupidest thing you have done lately?
I just ate a 1,600 calorie meal at Denny's after a month of weight loss and really good attention to my caloric intake (versus calories burned). I just feel like I need to take a huge dump and go the gym D:
story of our lives

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Should I bike to school? Or just take the bus?
I've never biked to school before, but I imagine it wouldn't be any faster or slower than taking the bus.

Would a 20 minute bike ride make me super tired or give me a burst of energy to last the whole day?
I've been up all night writing and essay, and I might be able to get a 45 minute nap before I have to leave for class.
aw | blink

(no subject)

Did one or both of your parents own a business while you were growing up? Did you help out with the business? What did you do to help out? Did you get paid? How old were you? How often did you work?

Did you end up viewing one or both of your parents as your employer instead of your parent(s) and did that strain your relationship as a son/daughter?

Hillary Macros

I've looked my sorry ass all over and I can't find a certain Hillary macro that was posted a few days ago. (Oh Mighty Mods, please don't squish me like a bug.) Can you point me to the thread or post some for me? Pleeeeease?
i say, old bean

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on a scale of 1-10 about how disgusted are you by leftover poo in the toilet?

when someone says 'tell me when', do you tell them when? if not, what do you say instead?
(example: someone is pouring you soda and they say 'tell me when')

what is one thing you think that everyone you're friends with should know about you?
is there anything I should know?
a zim

(no subject)

if you drive a car, do you have 'driver's tan' (where your left arm is more tan that your right)?

my left arm is like twice as dark as my right and it's not even summer yet! i figure i'm going to look pretty freakish by july.

Lost question:

Now, this really isn't a spoiler, since it's been going on for a year, but I'll cut it anyway.  And there MAY be spoilers in the comments, so be warned if you haven't watched last night's season finale yet.
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ETA: OK, so I missed the part last night where they explained that part.  I's slow.... anyone want to talk about the finale?  Favorite part? LEAST favorite part?

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So, I got a card from my grandma a couple of days ago that one of my friends that I've had since I was 4 (although I haven't seen him in a few years) had died in a horrible car accident. He's part of a family that has been very close with my grandmother for decades. So I call her last night to get an address so I send a condolence card to his family, only to find out that my grandma, who is quite elderly and can't hear well, had misunderstood the message: it wasn't the guy my age that had died, it was his father (also a wonderful man and a very good friend of our family).

But, she had already sent a condolence card...for the death of the son. When she told me this I laughed and said, "Oooooooh, no!"

So, TQC, what is the most socially stupid thing you've done lately without thinking? (The socially stupid thing here is that I laughed, not that my grandma misheard the message about the death...that was just a mistake born of her general geriatric condition).
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(no subject)

Do mice actually like cheese or is that just a cartoon thing? What should I bait snap traps with?

If you don't know about snap traps or care about the mouse in my apartment: What five songs describe your day today?

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Would you ever do this (video, about 6 and a half minutes)While filming it?

How much would someone have to pay you to do that?

It gave me the willies just watching it. There's no way I'd go anywhere near that.

Since that had been asked recently, what video/computer game would you like to live in, and be part of? I'd go for Sims 2.

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What should I put on my shopping list?

I'm having an ultrasound in an hour and have drank so much water i need to pee but i'm not allowed - what can i think about to stop me needing to go?
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eh it's a dumb question but:

Girls, do you say "I'm on my period" or "I have my period"?

I've NEVER said's always have

What are you having for lunch?

I'm going out for Korean food with one of my best friends
power to the peaceful


Were you a happy kid?

Were you a cute kid?

Would you want to go back to being young again? For a day? A month? Why or why not? What age?

Are you happier now than you were then?

If you want to, will you post a picture of yourself as a kid?

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Do you own a car?

If so, what kind (make, year, and model) is it?

What colour?

How long have you owned it for?

Do you like it?

Have a name for it?

And finally, got a pic of it?

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unrelated, i swear. ew.

Have you ever used or heard the term "jacking off" for female masturbation?

If you heard it used, as in playfully, not necessarily heavily crass, would it strike you as really odd, or would you just get it like any other slang? Like for a girl to say that something is jacking material or something similar.

What is your usual terminology for masturbation in a lighthearted context? Not necessarily your favorite creative euphemism, but something you'd actually say out loud without feeling awkward.

To settle a debate: Who is "bigger" in terms of fandom, Miley Cyrus or The Jonas Brothers? (not a question of whether you like either at all)

But if you do like either, which are you a bigger fan of?
Zooey face

No monies?

I went to go check my bank balance online and it's listed as "Not Available". The Posted Balance is listed, but not the Available Balance.

Does this mean that there is problem with their website or an issue with my account?

On the brighter side, I want to bake a pie this weekend. What kind of pie should I bake?

(no subject)

Do you do a lot of online shopping?

I like getting my clothing online because I hate being intimidated by salespeople and I seem to find things easier. For everything else, I prefer to go to the store, but I'm not fond of shopping in the first place.
Watership Down

(no subject)

Today's question is:

I used to watch an LJ community which involved people posting pictures of what they were wearing each day. Anyone known where I might find it again?
Thank youuu.
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Running for Office

In running for an office that is decided by election by one's peers, is it ever acceptable to vote for yourself?

Would you vote for yourself if you were running for office?
Would it make a difference if you respected any of your fellow candidates or not?
Would the voting visibility - like an invisible election (such as voting booths or marked ballots) vs. a visible election (like a show of hands) make a difference in whether or not you were willing to vote for yourself?

For the sake of argument, say that the office in question is non-essential. Like, it's for chairman of a decorating committee or director of a charity, rather than like, the President of the United States.

(no subject)

So I live in the rural U.S., and there are a lot of people who have our national flag in their yards, in their windows, on their truck's radio antenna, on their horrible sweaters, etc. It's not as bad as it was after, when was that? Oh yeah SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH, but our flag is still pretty prevalent around here. None of the other countries I've been to seem to be as plastered over with their national flag as this one, even though at least one of the countries I've been to seems to have even more national pride than I've noticed here.

So, are any other countries like this, with all the flags everywhere?

And, America, WHAT'S UP WITH ALL THE FUCKING FLAGS??!? Our flag just isn't that pretty, all things considered.

Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer will try the case!

Supposing you were to come across a caveman, frozen in a block of ice. After unfreezing him, you discover that he is in fact (magically) not a modern human being but an evolutionary predecessor who originally lived thousands, if not millions, of years ago. The two of you suffer a misunderstanding of some kind, and in the heat of the moment, you shoot him! He falls to the ground dead.

Is that murder?

Funky Friday Free For All...

1. Have you ever been a part of a group that most other people aren't? For example, the BDSM community, a Polka Band, or a historical recreation society. 

2. Any interesting stories from that little world?

3. What's a healthy food you really like?

4. Got a favorite gemstone?

5. If Anthony Hopkins didn't exist, who would you like to see play Hannibal Lecter?

6. Guys, do you prefer a girl who bluntly lets you know she likes you, or a coy chick that sits back and lets you pursue them?

7. Girls, has a guy you weren't attracted to at first ever won you over?
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(no subject)

You have rubbed a lamp and a genie has appeared.

He offers you 3 wishes BUT you must use those wishes on someone else eg - I wish my mum had a million dollars.

What do you wish for and who are they for?
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more wanky questions

Is it considered masturbation of one does not reach orgasm or intend to reach orgasm? If so, how long of a touchy session does it take to be considered masturbation versus just touching?

Is it considered a threesome if two of the people are not participating with each other?

Is it considered a threesome if one person just sits and watches? What if they sit and jack but don't actually touch either of the other parties?

Don't you think blue-balling boys is fun? I know it's mean but it's a little bit fun, too, right?

Would you rather be watched masturbating or watch your preferred gender masturbating?

Do these questions make you assume that I have a touch of The Frustration?

(no subject)

When you stay up all night, do you find that you sleep a LOT the next few days? Or do you recover your usual sleeping habits right away?

I stayed up almost all night 2 nights in a row a few days ago, and I'm finding myself sleeping 9 hours a day now and still sleepy.

Unrelatedly, what are you doing this weekend? Looking forward to it?

(no subject)

You're dating someone new. They're good looking, have a great body, are funny and intelligent. On the car ride over to the restaurant, you notice that they pass a silent fart in the car. Being polite, you don't say anything. During dinner, they go to the bathroom and are gone for 15 minutes, and when they drop you off, they ask to use your bathroom again. Another 15 minutes. When he/she comes out, they admit that they have a bad case of I.B.S., which gets aggravated when they're nervous. You may have seen what it would be like to date them. Will there be a second date?


You're dating someone new. They're good looking, have a great body, are funny and intelligent, but when asked about hobbies, your date says that their greatest pasttime is big game hunting. Once a month, they hop in a truck with some friends and go kill a deer. The thrill of dropping a large animal is a rush like no other. Will there be a second date?


You're dating someone new. They're good looking, have a great body, are funny and intelligent. You get into the subject of exes. Their last 3 exes are dead. The first died of a congenital heart condition. The second died in a car accident. The third was killed in a drug store robbery (they were waiting in line when the thief opened fire). Pretty much, every person your date has been with in the past 5 years is now dead. Will there be a second date?

B&W Face

(no subject)

1)  What terrible song lyric do you have stuck in your head?
2)  What do you think of a 5th grade graduation ceremony?  Is it marking a milestone in a child's life or is it celebrating mediocrity?
3)  Would you put food out for a stray cat or would you let survival of the fittest run its course?
4)  For 9 to 5ers, how glad are you this week is finally over?
5)  Do you have any alcoholic drink recipes involving ice cream?

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(no subject)

How many times have you been out of your state/region?

How many times have you been out of your country?

Can you name all the places you've been (not including where you live)?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever seen a tornado? Had your house/property destroyed by a tornado? Had your town hit by a tornado?

2. Where do you live?

3. Aren't Tornado Drills the funniest things in school?

1. Never seen one, but during my father's birthday we received a Tornado Warning for the county and decamped from his birthday dinner to our basement, where we tried to find a place not in the path of fragile glass windows. After forty-five minutes of hearing nothing, my father - born and raised in Nebraska - went upstairs and ate his dinner, "so that the cats won't get it." Meanwhile, my Australian mother huddled in fear down in the basement, covering her babies with heavy blankets.

Turned out that a tornado did in fact touch ground five blocks from us, but was so weak that it removed a bunch of shrubbery from someone's front lawn and then melted away. All of the neighborhood kids went and stared at it the next day.

2. Ashland, Ohio. Went through a couple of Tornado Watches living in Indiana, but nothing ever touched ground.

3. I think it's the "Sit with your head between your knees, so that when the twister comes you can kiss your ass goodbye" posture that does it for me.

(no subject)

I have to give a speech at my graduation on the 8th.  I hate speaking in front of people.  Last time I had to, I was shaking and crying and a mess, and it wasn't even my own speech!  I'll be in front of approximately 3,500 people.

TQC, do you have any tips for me on how to calm down?
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(no subject)

Poll #1196453 Dating hijinks 2

You're dating someone new. They're good looking, have a sexy body, are intelligent and have a great sense of humor. You two are very compatable. However, he/she says that they're old fashioned and believes that no fussin' around should occur until the 10th date. You agree and proceed to date them. Nothing happens more than hand holding and kissing. The 10th date happens, and over a bottle of fine wine, he/she leads you back to the bedroom. You undress them and make a shocking discovery. They're not the sex you thought they were. They're a pre-op transsexual (or whatever the female equivalent is called), with a penis or vagina where there shouldn't be, and not the genital goodies you were expecting. You demand an explanation, and he/she says that they really liked you a lot and felt that if you just go to know them, you'd fall for them and ignore the physical aspect, which will be corrected in 6 months (surgery to complete the sex change). What do you do?

I like them a lot. After the 10 dates, I enjoy being with them. I support them and stay with him/her til the sex change happens
I'm outta here. This is too weird. I can't deal with this drama
WTF!? I can't date a (whatever sex you aren't attracted to). This relationship has to end here
Heyyyyy. This is kind of a turn on. I can get with the person I really like AND explore my bi-curiousity at the same time
Whew! All along, I thought I was the only one with a surprise 'down there'. We have a lot more in common then I thought!
I beat the crap out of them for deceiving me so. This is the absolute worst kind of lie. I feel so betrayed
Honestly, I probably don't even notice. I just assume he's not very large

(no subject)

my grandparents are divorced, and my grandmother remarried. we call her husband uncle larry. my great-grandparents also divorced, and we call my step-great-grandfather uncle colin. my family is all from england, so i was wondering - is this a british thing, to call step-grandparents aunt or uncle, or is it just my family that does this?

your kid is doing poorly in school because they spend too much time reading and not enough time paying attention in class and doing their homework. what do you do?
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(no subject)

do you listen to the radio? if so, what song do you hate the most?

i listen to the radio while at work, and i want to jump out a window every time that new simple plan song is played.

EDIT: will smith's summertime plays at least four or fives times a day. this annoys me because it should be in the saved by the bell summer episode credits where it belongs.
real men read

Some stuff.

What was your worst travel experience EVAR?

Should I get my hair all chopped off this Sunday to have it donated to the Pantene Great Lengths wig-making people? (Eight inches off would leave my hair at about my T1 vertebra.)

Doing anything fun this weekend?
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(no subject)

 I was riding my motorcycle into town to get some coffee and as soon as I came into a clearing I was attacked by a bright yellow plane and crop dusted... he came out of nowhere, it was freaky.

should I be worried about breathing in those chemicals? the stuff smelled like pickles and ant poison.
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(no subject)

So I have a two year old little girl. She's kinda awesome. But that's irrelevent.

Her dad has never met her. I don't know if he ever will. And her paternal grandparents don't know she exists. I don't know if they ever will.

Sometimes I think about calling them or mailing myself and being all "surprise! it's a girl! a couple years belated! teehee." but I haven't. Yet. Or ever at all? idk. I don't even know if they'd care.

So TQC, out of curiosity..... do you think it's a mother's place to tell her child's paternal grandparents about her existence just so any grandparental knowledge/decision/emotion lies in their own hands rather than the disinterested father's hands?

Or is it the mother's place to butt the eff out cause that is his family and his business to deal with?

Please opinionate.

To clarify, this isn't a "validate me" question cause I'm kind of content in my "meh" standpoint for now. Just curious what others might think.
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(no subject)

So, sometime between 3 and 7pm yesterday, my wallet either fell or was picked out of the front of my bag in or near the university library. At 8pm yesterday it hadn't been handed in anywhere, and I retraced my steps and couldn't find it.

It had no credit cards, and not more than $3 in cash in it.

But it did have things I sort of urgently need like my health insurance card, social security card, bank keycard, drivers license, student/library card. I've filled out a police report, cancelled the bank card and ordered a new license, but the new laws for young drivers mean I can't drive until the license gets here.

What're the chances it'll find it's way back to me? After how long should I give up? What can I do to increase the chances of finding it?
housewares, ash

(no subject)

my friend is going to a costume party. he has a blue pin-stripped 3-piece suit. he wants to be some fictional character (could be anybody). who should he be?

EDIT: no offense, but im looking for something a bit more original than 1930s gangster
hate pimentos

(no subject)

Does your SO have an article of clothing that you absolutely HATE?  Have you ever thought about just throwing it away?  Would you/have you?

If you don't have an SO, have you ever stolen a road sign?

(no subject)

1. Over Memorial Day weekend, I got a really bad sunburn. Today it is blistering and grody. What should I put on it to help it heal that won't get in the blisters and make it worse?

2. When it is warm and you're driving, what music do you like to play too loudly?
(The Violent Femmes!)
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(no subject)

Is anyone suffering from apathy? 
Mine has been going for a good few weeks now.  I mean I just don't care about anything or even anyone (which might sound really bad, I know). And I don't care that I don't care either. Sucks. I want my emotions back, but I seem to have completely forgotten how to feel. 

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Is it really bad that i feel like my long-distance love-of-my-life boyfriend's job could cause me to end our relationship?

(he works for Uni of MN's Police doing Security which means shitty hours (which he likes), working over nights, being grumpy, but I think he's working soo many zillion hours cause he wants to propose cause we've talked about getting married a zillion times)
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(no subject)

you work in an office where you only have one co-worker (the other employees are above you). this co-worker makes more money than you, but does the same job. there is a pile of files that accumulates each day, but you are the only person who ever does anything about it.
how long do you do the filing before saying something? and what do you say/how do you say it to keep the tension low? do you just keep your mouth shut and not say anything at all? there is no one to complain to, so the woman has to be confronted or your mental capacity will continue to deteriorate.
also, this person is not actually working. she is surfing the internet all day. (not me. hahaha.) and when the file pile gets out of control, she pretends to be busy to avoid it (e.g. working on one file for three hours).
Mitty box

Have you worked there pt3

So the other day I asked about working at Blockbuster. Well, I applied last night so we'll see how that goes. Now!

Have any of you ever worked at Borders/Barnes and Nobles/Books-a-million? Can you tell me about your experiences? Job duties? Payrate?

Will the fact that it's summer and the kids are all looking for summer jobs make it harder for me to find work at such places? Or will it not affect me since I can only work at night?

Do you have any summer vacation plans?
What's the weather today? 86f and overcast!
What is/was for dinner tonight?

If someone genetically engineered kittens to stay kittens and never become cats would you want one? What about puppies?

(no subject)

Inspired by the shaving question, when did you get your first period?
Were you happy?
How did it go down?

If you're a guy, what do you think about menstruation, honestly?
What was more significant to you, your first boner or wet dream?

(no subject)

I have a question for anyone who has ever studied abroad or needed some kind of visa/permit to live in a country for more than just a short trip.

On July 9 I'm going to study at the University of Cape Town. I'm American and I live close to NYC, so going in person to apply at the consulate is not a problem, if that makes a difference. I need a student permit/visa to study abroad, which is supposed to take 6-8 weeks to process. Anyway, long story short, I need a bunch of other documents (including a passport which I already have, the only things that I don't have yet are a police clearance report which is supposed to take 2 weeks to come in the mail, and a letter from my insurance company which will take a few days to come in the mail). Because of the police report delay, I probably won't be able to apply for a visa until about 4 weeks before I leave the US, which of course is a problem because you're supposed to wait until you have the permit before you leave your home country.

My question is, what happens if a visa/permit doesn't arrive before your scheduled departure date? Do you think it's possible that I would have to wait in the US until it comes and arrive late to Cape Town? Could I go through customs as a tourist and then later switch to student status? Would I be unable to go abroad at all?

I sent an email to my college about it and I keep trying to get in touch with the consulate, but I was just wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experiences about people whose visa didn't come before they were supposed to leave home.
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(no subject)

If you could own a copy of a script from any one movie or television episode signed by three people involved in the production (actors, crew, producer, director, etc), what would you pick and who would you have sign it?

(no subject)

 So like one of your best friends kisses you on th lips without you even expecting it and you thought you were just friends you havent even thought of the guy/girl as more than that. So you walk away because what else can you do you have mixed feelings about this person now.
what the fuck do you do now?
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blow me by brightblinds

(no subject)

Of the following which would you rather do?
a) go to the mall.
b) go to the movies and watch The Strangers.
c) go rollerskating.
d) go iceskating.
e) play laser tag.
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(no subject)

It is time for French toast, y/n?

Will the fact that I only have (fresh) whole wheat bread make my french toast yucky? I'd prefer challah or Italian or something, but I've been to the store THREE times today.
Feed the kitty

Validate me, TQC!

I assert that Bush Jr is a fucking tool, and the USAFA Chest-Bump is a yet another example of what an overgrown frat-rat douchebag he really is.

Other people disagree and think it's "cute," and that I need to lighten up.

I think "cute" should never be applied to a head of state, and that Bush needs to go the fuck away before he embarrasses the US any more than he already has, if that's even possible.

Am I correct, or am I overreacting?

(no subject)

"A hooker kissed me once with coke in her mouth".

What would you think about the person that said that?

ETA: this is actually something my sister told me the other day. She's had a colorful history with some odd people.
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What color is your god?

If Veganism were a faith and not just a diet / culinary philosophy, what would their god / goddess / goddette / godot / (eta:) diet-y diety deity look like?

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, why, e.g. for moral reasons, health reasons, etc.? How do you discriminate about what you eat? e.g. "if it has a face," or if it's not meat or not fish.
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Bert Shocked

(no subject)

hay tqc,

i just got a call from a buddy of mine that i havent seen in awhile, he wants to hang

also, i just got home with a sack of taco bell foodstuffs and a couple olde es 

if i drink the olde es theres no way im gonna make it out to his place later

what shall i do?

fuck it i decided, OLD ES IT IS!

hay tqc,

when you party,
do you catalouge everything you drink/smoke/hit/fuck ?

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(no subject)

Ahoy there my lovelies!

I get out of work in 3.5 hours.
I feel like I need some sort of fruit smoothie when I get home, but I also want booze. How does a strange raspberry/blackberry/rum/mint/lime smoothie sound? Delicious? I could do a strawberry+tequila rose thing. Or something with any number of boozes.
Got any ideas?

(no subject)

Do you feel weird peeing if you're with your significant other and there's the risk they could hear? Pooping?

What should I research on Wikipedia? I just researched every era since the Pre-Cambrian and all the different creatures that evolved during that time.
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happy monkey

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do you guys know if there's any website where you can upload your picture and your SO's picture, and it generates pictures of what your kids would look like?

lol... i just thought: "i wonder what our kids would look like!"... a website like that would be fun & funny :p
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This seems like a long-shot, but does anyone remember that commercial from way back (can't remember exactly when) that featured Snoop Dogg tumbling down from the ceiling? I have no idea what the commercial was advertising. I want to find this commercial!

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What time do you typically  "go out" on the weekends?  When do you normally get in?

What was the subject of your last journal post?

What kind of ear-buds or headphones do you recommend?

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if youve taken ambien in the past how did it work for you?  did you take the controlled release tablets or the normal ones?  did you honestly sleep better?  how long before bed do you take it?
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This is a pretty dumb question, but how do you go about buying your own website, like... "". I've been wanting a legit url for my blog and just didn't know what to do? How much does it cast too?
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I just saw an ad on tv for Papa John's new 100% whole wheat pizza crust. Does anybody know of any other big pizza delivery places doing this?

Also, have any of you ever tried Papa John's wheat crust? How was it?

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 ok, so basically two of my teachers have had a beef. Instead of leaving it outside to the streets, or handling it like adults, one has decided to become far more immature than I could have believed and asked my class to go crazy in the other teachers'.

what should i do? of course i refuse, since i have absolutely nothing against the other teacher. it's only her second year of teaching so she's rather inexperienced, but some kids leapt at the chance to destroy her classroom and see her reduced to tears. and they did.

so what to do? i'm so afraid to tell anyone. and if i do, i kind of have a reputation of being the goody two shoes, so if someone says, 'a reliable source' everyone will know it was me. and the whole school is not involved in this childish and destructive conspiracy. it's only my tiny class of 30.

Help! I know that doing right can be more important than keeping a secret, but I don't know what to do.

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I've listened to a couple of songs by Tori Amos, and mostly liked them. Which album of hers should I buy?

ETA: Oh, and which Amy Winehouse album should I get my dad for Father's Day? He really got excited when they were playing a song of hers in the supermarket the other day, snapping his fingers and shit.
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I was just going through some photos of mine, and happened upon several taken of me when I was very, very drunk. I'd almost forgotten how much pictures of drunk people amuse me.

TQC, will you post pictures taken of yourselves when drunk?
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Another life online ?

I saw True Life : I Have A Different Life On The Web

I guess I write fanfiction stories online that are nothing like me in real life but thats it.

Does anyone feel like  think they have a different life online ?
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Imagine you work in customer service (even if you don't). Would you

a) give your customers the benefit of the doubt in most situations and bend the rules as necessary?

b) follow the rules to the letter and it doesn't matter what special situation exists?
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What word rhymes with the non-word (albeit fictional harry potter item) "Pensieve"?

I need to rename my film/video production company, and Im looking for some alliteration..." _________ Pictures"
Any suggestions?
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i know there's more than one alarm clock impaired person on this comm. you know who you are -- you know your alarm clock so well that you can shut the alarm completely off in your sleep, go back to bed, and never remember doing it when you finally wake up.

so how do you fix that problem? extra loud alarm clock? putting your clock on the other side of the room? (i can get up, turn it off, and go back to bed without opening my eyes) a bed shaking alarm clock? a clocky?

i'm thinking about living on campus next semester and this will be a srs issue. i am not a morning person and i've ended up with 8 ams all. week. long. and not by choice either. ugh.

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How many sexual partners do you think is "too many" for one person?

What's the biggest number of sexual partners you've personally known someone to have, and how old were they?

What would you think of a 19-year-old girl who has had 14 sexual partners?
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Approximately how much would a winter-weight duvet (Dacron Allerban) weigh when completely wet? How about a summer-weight cotton duvet?

Handwashing duvets is annoying :-/

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i'm making a bulletin board for things (besides the month) with "june" in the name.

so far i have:
June Carter Cash (second wife of Johnny cash)
June - the band from Chicago
the Journal of Underground Education
June Lockhart
June Allyson
June Cleaver
June Jordan - a poet
Junebug - the movie
June bug - the bug that attacks you when you're in the pool and it digs its creepy dagger legs into your flesh
"June bug" - a b52s song

can you guys think of anything else? i feel like there should be a lot more out there, but i'm drawing a blank.

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what would be the ideal way to transfer all important documents or applications from one laptop to another?

OMG ARE YOU EXCITED THAT IT'S FRIDAY? what do you have planned for this weekend?

how many people named billy do you know?

did you do a good deed today? if so, what?

eta: oh, and, my friend said something today along the lines of, "samii keeps hanging out with joanna anymore."

is that grammatically correct?
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I just saw Baby Mama. It was great...but doesn't "Rob Ackerman" sound like such a generic name? It really sounds familiar to me. Why???

Also: what are some things that automatically endear you to people?
If someone is driving me someplace and they run a yellow light, it makes me like them a lot.  Not in a stupid way, I mean...a happy way? :/

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Do you believe in astrology? And if so, why? (not looking for anecdotal evidence, like "I'm a Leo and fit it to a tee", but why in general do you think it makes sense)

Make this skeptic believe!


Poll #1196649 genetalia!

If you like boys and penises, you would prefer that he...

Shaves his pubes completely off
Trims his pubes, but leaves some for show
keeps his junk au natural

If you like girls and vaginas, you would prefer that she...

shaves her pubes completely off
shaves her pubes into a neat little shape and trims
keeps her snatch au natural

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question for the ladies of TQC

i HATE shaving my legs and hardly do because they are sensitive and always get irritated and itchy for a whole week after . . . this just started happening recently . . and i when i say recently, i'm talking about 3 or 4 years ago lol

what should i do? what can i do? what would you do?

help! summer is upon thee!

I use schick quattro for women and dove body wash
womens shaving cream/gels make the irritation worse :-(
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The black ink cartridge in my printer has died, but I need to print a PDF file. Is there any way I can change the default color my printer uses or something?

Yeah, I know, dumb question and I'll probably just print it at the library but it's worth a shot.

So this isn't a total waste of a post, tell me: Is this completely crazy? I mean, a vegan ordering a gyro wrap. What in the hell?

What's your favorite story from that site, if you care to give it a spin?
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What have you been drinking?

I'm buying some liquor for a party tomorrow night. This will not be the only alcohol there. What kind should I buy?

Why is makeup such srs bzns for some people?

Would you like some Mild, Hot, or Fire sauce with that?

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How do dads get toddlers (2-3 year olds) to sleep without resorting to mommy's boobies?

The situation: my 2-year old son really only goes to sleep one of two ways: 1) mommy's boobie juice, or 2) moving around with some vibration (I used to be able to walk around the living room rocking him to sleep, but if I tried to put him down he'd wake up, these days I have to drive him around the block a few times but can then park the car and wait a couple of hours surfing via iPhone or reading a good book). We're expecting in January, though, and the new kid will be getting boobie juice, which means our older kid won't get dibs on it) and there will definitely be times when I have to get him to go to sleep, preferrably without having to resort to driving him around to accomplish said maneuver. We don't do crying-to-sleep and we do co-sleep, so he's used to getting the boobie (and we're not forcing him to wean, yes, we're liberal crockpots).

So, any suggestions? We've got a separate mattress for him in our room (or his own but he's expressed no interest there), and he could totally transition to that, but he doesn't go to sleep any other way, and we need to start figuring this out sooner rather than later.


I'm so bored and want to find a website to become hooked on when I get bored. I was addicted to Neopets and in Middle and High School but can't get back into it.

What sites are you/ have you been addicted to ?