May 28th, 2008

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This customer came into my workplace today and kept calling me "darling" and "honey" and things like that, several times, much more than necessary. It was in almost everything he said, like, "Well thank you honey," "Oh, honey, I you didn't have to bring that to me!" "Goodbye, darling", etc. He is older and was with (a woman whom I presume was) his wife, so he wasn't hitting on me. It seemed like he was using it pejoratively because it was so excessive. Maybe it's just his personality, but I really wanted to tell him to stuff it.

It really bothered me and made me feel uncomfortable. Would it have bothered you?

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I have three vertebrate in my lowerlower back (by the coccyx) with mild stress fractures. Well, I was at work the other day and I asked a co-worker or mine to pick something up for me that I'd normally done my self but that whole physical therapy and all has sort of put me on light-duty... Well, the guy asks why and when I tell him he laughed and was like, I seriously doubt thats true and proceeded to go on a rant about doctors telling patients they have fractured back to "avoid liability in the event of future disability"...

Long story short, my question is: Have you ever been, in some way that wasn't clearly visible, disabled physically/emotionally[?] and had people mock/disbelieve in the issues existence? How did you/would you deal with this?

Also, what do you think about that liability theory? Do you agree?

Surveys that pay?

I'm looking at the job listings on craigslist for a second job, and I'm noticing a lot of these "Take surveys for money" links.  But I'm noticing most of them require a membership fee.
I've heard that if they require you to pay, it's a scam.  How can I find one that's not?  I really need some extra cash.

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Hey TQC,

What kind of everyday or ordinary thing is an adventure to you, worth telling everyone about?

For me it's going to the library. I love telling people what book I checked out, what it's about, what I've heard about it, and what I think so far.

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Do you like to randomly dress up?

I swear, my room mate does it all the time. It's freaking midnight and she's just putting on random clothes for no reason and then throwing them on the floor.

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Have you heard of Twitter before? Do you use it?
[edit] for the link-phobic, it's a micro-blogging site, kind of like the "status" in facebook (from what I can see).

Am I really out of the loop with these things? I just heard about this today...
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If you come across a group of people discussing something you have no interest in, do you butt in to bitch about how you don't like said topic, or just keep on moving? Does it make a difference if it's online or in the real world?

Have you ever been a victim of a drive-by bitching about a topic you're talking about?

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I've only worked in the retail/ beauty industry my entire life, excluding my first job at Dunkin' Donuts. I don't want to do the make-up thing right now (I like it for fun, but don't like the business, and it's not worth the time to find shoots to snazz up my portfolio). I want to get a waiting job since I feel I'd get better pay, but I've never done it before.
I get kind of nervous apply for waiting jobs because I don't have any experience to list on my resume. Just Dunkin' 4 years ago and the cafe where I volunteer at now. Should I just stick to retail (even though I don't really want to)? How would I go about trying to find a good/ decent/ wetting-my-toes waiting job? Or, how can I talk straight out of my ass?

Also, have you ever had cherry blossom tea?
Muy delicioso.

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This might sound weird but... Im Puertorican. I dont like dating hispanics basicly because Im not attracted to most hispanics Ive seen in my life. Ive dated mostly white guys my whole life and now I have this asian obsession... like woah.

So my question is... Do you have a specific race you date? And am I being too picky???
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Should I watch the seventh season of Buffy tonight or the movie Constantine?

Where do you rent movies from?

What's your favorite web comic?

Sixth Harry Potter movie: Are you highly anticipating it, don't care, or despising that day due to the 40 year-olds you'll see dressed as Luna Lovegood lined up at the theater?


This thread reminded me of something.

Do you think that it's appropriate for a school to give out, as a prize for something, a gift card for Victoria's Secret? This is a high school (around prom time). If you were a parent, what would you think? What do you think now?

For the record... the high school I teach Social Studies at did this in May. I was like D: when I heard it over the announcement.
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I just got a call today (or yesterday, depending on where you are) and found out that I got a spot on a Birthright trip to Israel.
I have 4 days to pack, I need to be at the airport by 820pm on Sunday the 1st.
I'm freaking out because I haven't had time to shop or think about what I'm gonna need.

Anyone ever been on a Birthright trip?
What things should I bring that aren't on the traditional packing lists?


What kind of food or snacks should I make sure to try?

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i just saw an infomercial for these videos that are supposed to help your baby learn how to read. they're showing babies 9 months to a year old that "know how to read".

do you think this is too young to be trying to teach your kid to read?

eta: is it even possible, really?

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If you saw these babies in nouglybabies, what would you vote for them?

Also stop lying, there is no way you can vote NO for #4!!!

I'm removing the pictures now, since these aren't my babies, and I don't want to leave pictures of someone else's children up for all eternity without their permission! The poll results are still behind the cut :)

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Money problems TL;DR

While living abroad, you hooked up with someone and moved in with them. During this time, money for you, despite working 3 jobs, was super tight because you were sending money home to your ill mother and paying off massive student loan debts.

Your partner that you lived with KNEW of your financial woes when you met. You made no secret of them, as you rarely went out or had 'fun money'.

In this time when you lived with your partner, he/she often paid for you and gave you a little money here and there. YOU always covered your rent/bills before sending your cash home to pay things off there.

Now, 3 years later, said partner is harassing you for $2000 in repayment that they claim you owe them for this time. They are threatening to take you to small claims court in Canada to recover the money. They have no receipts for this money and it was not as if they bought you a plane ticket or something large.

If you were the (still)struggling person - would you pay back the $2000? Would you talk to this person and try to work something out?

If you were the partner - would you demand this money back or write it off as money you would normally spend in the course of a relationship?

If you were the 3rd party (me) - would you fly to Japan and kick the arse of the partner because he is a tightwad little doofus?
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If you have had your tonsils taken out:
how old were you when you had the surgery?
why did you have them removed?

If you still have your tonsils:
how often do you get strep throat or tonsillitis?
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TQC, I recently found out that loanwords is a robot (she claims she was, and therefor isn't any more, but I'm not sure I believe that).

How long until she uses her robot skillz and takes over the world? I hear that she's also able to make more robots, and make them look just like people, though maybe a little pixelated.

What's something surprising* you've found out about another TQCer lately?

*real or not, juicy gossip is always fun
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TQC, tomorrow I will be scared. Why, you ask? Because I will be taking my very first big car trip ALL BY MYSELF. It'll be around eight hours with a car thats A/C is a joke and the oil likes to leak. I'm leaving early in the morning so the A/C won't be a problem for a few hours and I have plenty of oil to refill the car when it needs it.

What other advice do you have for me?? Please ease my mind :(

Will you tell me about the longest trip you took by yourself?
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You have decided to pick up and take off for a new place, far from where you live right now!

Where would you move?
What would you take?
How much money do you think you'd need?
What would you do for money/a place to live once you got there?

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What is your opinion on "stealing" someone else's Wifi Connection?

I don't mean like, doing some serious hacker shit to get to it... I mean just going to your connections and picking an unlocked connection to use.

edit: I've been doing it for a few days, and I think that there is some wrongness to it, but I'm going to continue to do it.

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1.) For those of you who use PayPal and have either had to file a dispute against a seller or had one filed against you, if PayPal got involved did they side with the seller or the buyer?

I often hear people say that PayPal always favors the buyer, but I wonder if that's really true.

2.) Do you have a PayPal horror story you'd like to share?
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What in the hell is a soft yeast ball, and why would it be served in a vegan restaurant?

I'm googling it, and only finding 'hard yeast balls', which is actually a component for something else. :( I saw it in a movie, and wonder if it's just yet another bullshit made-up thing, or something real, that no one will dare write about on the internets.

What's the last thing you saw in a movie and/or book and/or something else, and tried to look up what the hell it was? Did you ever find out?

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I'm making cheesy chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight. Should I make them with red or green sauce? I have both at home, just can't decide on which one to use.

Have you tasted the "mystery" doritos that are flavored like Mt. Dew? Gross or Tasty? It tasted more like trix cereal to me.

Yesterday was my anniversary here at work and I get $100 cash. I have to spend it entirely on me and show the boss my receipts to prove that it didn't go to bills or serious stuff (he really wants his employees to splurge on themselves with this cash). What should I spend it on?

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If you are non-religious, have you ever, for whatever reason, been in a group of people that started praying, for whatever reason? How did you feel and act in this situation?

Conversely, if you are a religious person, have you ever been doing your thing with your religious buddies, and you started praying for whatever reason, and you noticed that one of the group wasn't joining in or was looking awkward? What did you do, and/or what did you think about that person?

Inspired by the fact that I ended up in a large group of praying Catholics last night. Longish story.

[am i bi?]

Okay so after going through six years of this asexual-no-one-is-attractive-phase, I was sitting in class at uni one day and noticed this cute Asian guy sitting on the other side of class. Nice jawline, nice hair, one accessory on the wrist. I mean he wasn't an A&F twinkie, or gangsta thud, or nerdy Asian. Just plain cute Asian. I was eyeballing him for a while and thought I'd approach him after class.

Class ends, he gets's a girl!!!!

Oy, androgynous Asians? I was shocked for about a day and a half, but I think the girl noticed me staring at her because now we give each other weird/awkward glances in class a lot. For a girl, she's still really kind of cute. I guess my heart kind of skips a beat when I see her.

Does that make me bi? I notice girls all the time (especially ones with nice legs and cute faces), but I've never actually felt doki-doki over one. And I started liking the girl when I thought she was a guy, so maybe any continuing feelings are from that false assumption?

Another thing is that the girl and I sit in noticeably distinct places in the lecture hall (although she did move over a bit closer after the weird-staring-day), so it would be obvious if one of us moved closer to the other. I have no pretext to approach her...any suggestions? I'd at least like to befriend her.


Last night my dad found out I had a carton of organic whole milk in the refrigerator and started freaking out about how I should "never EVER drink whole milk, it's horrible for you! Throw it away right now! I can't believe you have whole milk!" [for the record, I drink at most one eight-ounce glass of it, and not even every day, and usually use it as a splash in my tea, while he eats several bowls of sugar cereal with skim milk as a late-night snack...hmm, which one is worse, I wonder?]

So, TQC, why is whole milk so evil? Is it because it's also referred to as HOMO MILK?!?

Which guilty pleasure foods do you indulge in all too often? For me, it's chips and salsa.

Which popular consumable product would you never touch with a ten-foot pole? I do not drink energy drinks.

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Are there any words that really really irritate you to see misspelled?

So I'm on this weight loss community, because I'm a fatty, and whenever someone says they want to "loose" some weight...  I immediately stop reading and go to the next post because I can't not want to go grammar Nazi in the comments.
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1. Is there anywhere in your house/apartment/dorm/whatever that you just don't know how to decorate? Pix plz.

2. Do you keep an emergency stash of cash anywhere? How much do you keep?

3. I saw a guy on a motorcycle, and the back of his shirt said "If you want to drink all day, you have to start in the morning." What do you think was on the front of his shirt? (I didn't get to see it.)

4. How often do you ride a bike?

5. If you have siblings, how close in age is the closest one? Do you like that gap, or would you have wanted it to be smaller/larger?

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1. What major metropolitan area do you live in (or closest to)?

2. What special events (concerts, conventions, etc) are you planning to attend this summer?

1. Washington, D.C.-Baltimore, D.C.-Md.-Va.-W.Va.
2. Capital Pride Parade and festival, Taking Action For Animals, Animal Rights 2008 National Conference, and Otakon.

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So, today I'm going to go to the Secretary of State's office and apply for my new driver's license (i turn 21 in less than a week, YAY!)...
But I just realized... I am moving in about 3 weeks, and I really would rather they put my new address on my new license, but they would need to mail the license to my current address. 
Has anybody had anything like this done?  Do you think it will be a problem?  Do I need to bring any kind of 'proof' that I will be moving?
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Will you give me a clue and/or fun fact about the job position/career that you currently hold?

When was the last time you checked your e-mail? how often do you check it throughout the day?

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 My cheeks hurt. My face cheeks, I mean. Why do they hurt? Did I spend last night smiling extra hard in my sleep or something? It hurts to talk, a bit, and it really hurts to smile. Non-srs answers only plz.
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A friend of mine from work called me around 8 something this morning while i was still asleep,and left a voice mail saying "i hope you get this in time,i can only go to the 12 o'clock showing of indiana jones". I really don't think i'm going to even have time to get ready,and eat, i just pretend i didn't get it in time,or call her back and take a shower at lightening speeds? Is indiana jones worth 7 dollars?

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 I sleep on my parents couch because my room is in a basement/garage and it constantly reeks of motor oil from my step-dad's boat. My dog kept changing positions all night long and somehow I managed to either throw my neck out or else just sleep on it wrong and I feel like shit today. Do I call in sick or would that just be lame? I'm really depressed too if that counts for anything. 

What was the last thing you saw on the internet that made you happy? Pictures, articles, or otherwise. 

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During a playful game of red rover, I got injured. Over the past few days it has started to hurt more and more. Typing has become a pain in the butt and I don't seem to have full rotation anymore.

Should I go to the doctor? or will it just go away?

What would I even search for?

Quick background: I'm a stick. Seriously. I'm over 5 foot 10 and weigh a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet. I recently put on some weight, and I'm rather pleased with the results. However:

I'm looking for ANYTHING, an LJ community, a website, some sort of resource, for a safe way to put on weight. It seems like my metabolism is finally slowing down, and I'd like to be able to give my body a nudge in the right direction. All I've managed to come across are diets to lose weight, and people who starve themselves to death.

Feel free to make fun of me. I do it all the time.

Edited to add - Thank you all SO much. You've given me so much to look over and compare. This is definitely going to help me!


1) Okay, so I turn 21 in less than a month. For my birthday present my boyfriend bought us both tickets to Las Vegas to celebrate and party for the weekend after my birthday. We're going 6/26-6/30 (I think). For those of you who live in Vegas or have been there before what are some fun clubs I should go to or things I should check out while I'm there? My boyfriend's been before so I know he has some ideas, but I wanted to see what other people might throw out there too.

2) Also, does anyone know anything about the Playboy Casino? I'm obsessed with Girls Next Door and Playboy so I really want to go, but my boyfriend said it might be exclusive and we might not be able to get in?

3) And on a completely different note I have a bunch of cauliflower at home but don't really know what to use it in. Any ideas? I can get pretty much any pantry items to go with it, but we don't eat meat.
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Movie question for you folks, via my husband, who doesn't want to log into his own account:

Ok, hello everyone! =D There's this movie i cant for the life of me figure out the name of. The person's name was Pat, but no one in the movie could figure out their gender due to them looking like they could go either way. I know women would be attracted to Pat, but I'm not 100% sure if guys would go after..uh.."it" too. Anytime Pat would reveal its gender, some kind of distraction would occur to drown out the revelation(a jackhammer goes off, a car accident suddenly happens, etc). I've looked on IMDB, wikipedia, other sites, but it just lists a bunch of actors by the name of Pat or characters in general(so....quite a few....) The movie was made somewhere between the late-80s to mid-90s.

Any ideas? I thought it was simply "Pat", but it doesn't look like it. Thanks for any input.

MYSTERY SOLVED, thanks all.

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Ugg, I'm so fucking frustrated.

Stupid little sister messed with my laptop. I can't find a plug in mouse and the left click won't work. I can't double click with my touchpad either.

What do I doooo?

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My friend and I were supposed to go kayaking today but now it's raining and says it's going to rain all day long.  I can tell it's all day rain just because it's been steady all day long.

 So TQC, what's a fun activity to do outside in the rain? I worked all day yesterday so I need to get outside. Help me?


What's a good recipe for French toast?

Do I taste good or something?

My cat has been steadily grooming me for the past hour, having started at my wrist and is now currently cleaning the inside of my elbow.

Do I taste good to her? Does she think I'm dirty and need to be cleaned? Or is it some cat thing, like cats you've raised from kittens trying to nurse on you?
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I'm in a whiny mood so if you can, bear with me.

What do you do to make yourself feel better when you're stuck in doing boring chores that depress you when you'd rather be doing something more interesting?

Making it worse is that you have no money to do anything interesting and its pissing with rain?

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I need a at&t razr. Color isn't an issue but i would prefer pink. I don't want to spend 100 dollars for it from at&t's website.

1. Where have you bought a cellphone online?
1a. If you have a working at&t razr lying around, wanna sell it to me?
2. Have you ever gotten acrylic done on your toenails?
3. How do I convince my boyfriend to drive 45 minutes to the closest build a bear on Saturday so I can get the hello kitty luau build a bear?
4. When do you usually put on/in your air conditioners?

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1.) What odd/awkward things do you have to deal with at your job?

We have a new guy...he's been here maybe a month...and he doesn't shut the door when he goes to the bathroom.  It's a small office...there's only 4 of us here.  Nobody else acts like they even notice this, but I find it very strange.

2.) What would you do in my situation?

I've considered walking over and closing the door while he's in there, but I don't have the nerve.  I really think our boss should just be like "Dude, shut the door, you're stinking up the whole office!"
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Has anyone here ever done inventory taking? Did it make you want to stab yourself in the face?

What are some summer jobs you had when you were young that were mostly inside where it wasn't insanely hot?

My job ends June 24th and doesn't start again until September. I'm not taking many classes this summer so I should find something to do.

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a. Have you ever met any of your significant other's exes?
b. If your significant other shares mutual friends with his/her ex, is the eventual meeting of you and his/her ex somewhat inevitable? (let's assume the relationship becomes serious...I'm talking engagement or marriage)
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this question is for those of you who have lived or are living in an apartment. bonus cookies if you have a roommate.

my best friend and i are thinking about living together in an apartment after we graduate college. this is probably two years from now. we're looking around on teh intarwebs and we've found a couple places locally that we like.

so now, we're thinking about what we need to do. we're not ready to do anything just yet, so we've decided we both need to save up some money over the summer and over breaks from school. that and we've been trying to come up with ideas of what we'll need for our new little place, and we've made a fabulous list of stuff on i feel like i'm overlooking a lot, though.

if there's one thing you wish you had known before getting an apartment, what would it be, tqc?

Rocket Dogs

ETA: The official style name is Asahi by Rocket Dog, made in "tribal brown." I found the exact shoe on Amazon, but of course they're out of stock for any size... Even besides Amazon, I cannot find them anywhere in an 8 or 8.5. Sigh :(

My favorite pair of shoes EVER are slowly dying. The wear & tear after a few years is finally getting to the point where I need replacements. The problem is, when I bought them a while back, I should've bought two pairs - I can't find these shoes ANYWHERE. Are you feeling ambitious?

They are Rocket Dog women's shoes. If I knew what the style name was, I probably would have an easier time looking it up. But all the tags, writing, and ID'ing factors have all worn away by now.

Here is a pic of my shoe:

They look almost exactly like this one:

But instead of those criss-cross velcro straps, they have the same stiching/velcro placement as these, only brown/pink like above:

Any ideas on how to go about locating this lost style of shoe?

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Feel free not to answer...but I'm alway curious about sizes

How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What is your pant size/shirt size?

If you don't want to answer:
How do you reheat pizza?

I broil it... it's amazing
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A friend of mine bought me a bunch of Radiohead CDs for my birthday. She got me The Bends, Hail to the Thief, In Rainbows, and OK Computer.

I don't really know where to start. I like Paranoid Android, 2+2=5, Karma Police, and My Iron Lung, but I keep skipping over all the other songs.

Can you suggest some other songs that I should listen to?

Harvey Birdman, ettorney at law

1a. With whom did you have your first LJ-land internet argument?
1b. What was it about?
1c. Do you think you won?

2a. With whom did you have your most recent LJ-land internet argument?
2b. What was it about?
2c. Do you think you won?

3. If someone who is generally considered to be a total idiot starts arguing with you, do you argue back?

4. If you have never had an e-argument, is it because you are really that agreeable or is it because you don't like to argue?

5. Are you butthurt about anything right now?
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The rule is I before E except after C and in words that say A like neighbor and weigh. Then why is relief not releif??
EDIT: I'm an effing genius... and just think, you're tax dollars pay my salary.

What silly rules do you have to repeat to yourself when spelling/writing in general?


What do you have to amuse me with? Pictures and videos welcome, work safe preferred (or at least make sure you say when it's not).

Chili's vs. Chevy's

Chili's and Chevy's are pretty much the same restaurant--with the exception of free chips and salsa at the latter--but why are waitresses and bartenders at Chili's consistently hotter than their Chevy's counterparts?
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Dear TQC,

In an attempt to not be incredibly lazy over summer break and to get in shape, I've started using the elliptical 4-5 days a week for 20-30 minutes. I'm hoping to be working out for an hour by the end of the summer without getting tired. My question: with this kind of work out, is it possible to lose 15-20 lbs by August?

edit: In terms of diet, I've been cutting out the junk foods, soda, some carbs, etc. I try to eat healthier and eat smaller meals 4-5 times a day. In the past, I worked out a handful of times randomly and ate crap a lot so at this point, I'm doing better than I ever have. I just want to be healthier in general.
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Do you use the word 'chunk' to mean 'throw'? (I don't mean chuck, I mean chunk. (See second definition.) ;P)

If so, where do you live?

If you don't, do you think it sounds like someone doesn't understand English very well when saying it?

suspended stomach

Have you heard of a baby having a suspended stomach? What does this mean? Why isn't google showing me anything? If you knew a baby that had to go to the ER for a suspended stomach, did the baby end up being ok? Do you know what they did to correct the problem?
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I'm on a PC and trying to open an .avi in iTunes- why is it not working? Or am I a boob and it isn't supposed to work?

I'm very very stressed out and wanting to scream obscenities at my school and teachers and most people in general. Can you tell me any obscenities in other languages that I could scream at the top of my lungs?

What was it like when you had your first apartment on your own?

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i was going to go to chattanooga and stay in a hotel on top of lookout mountain, BUT i found out it has cockroaches, so now i have to find something else phenomenal to center my trip around.

what should i do instead? it can be anywhere within the entire state of tennessee (or kentucky i guess if there is something there)

i want to "experience the south". i like roadside attractions, scenery, southern food, museums, and, well, anything really.

are there any notable cities i should go to besides the obvious big cities like nashville, memphis, etc?


Copyright laws.

There's a popular game you play and you've taken the time to pull apart the files inside it to compile statistics and information about said game and various things within it.

Would it be against the law to format that information and provide it on a publicly viewable website? You are not offering the game up for download. You are not offering any files up for download. You are not requesting money from anyone to be able to view the information. You are merely putting together a database of commonly-known information for people to see in one place.

Hump day

What was the last thing you did?

When was the last time when went out to lunch with a friend?

What book are you reading?

Do you have any clothing that still has the price tags on it?
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Poll #1195344 For $100,000,000 (one hundred million), would you...

...get a sex change? You have to stay the opposite sex for one year. You can then switch back later


...tamper with a complete stranger's brakes? You're given instruction how to compromise the brakes of a car, so that they utterly fail after 5 taps of the brake pedal. You're then instructed to pick a car at random at a mall and fiddle with its brakes, so that they stop working after 5 stops. And then, you walk away and get paid. Whatever happens to the car is out of your hands


...serve 5 years in prison without parole? You're framed for a crime and given no special treatment

91(72.2%) 30 live scorpions?


...move away from your native country, and never return? You can live anywhere else in the world and buy, manipulate or fill out the forms and become a citizen. At no point can you ever return to your native soil

38(29.5%) shot out of a high-velocity cannon (this part is safe), and soar 100 feet, and land on a pile of pillows and cushions 15' radius. However, everywhere beyond the 15' circle is littered with broken glass and jagged rocks. If the expert can aim properly and hit his mark, you land safely and enjoy a life of riches. If he aims incorrectly, well, let's say you'll have either the best medical advances available to you, or the grandest tombstone in the land.


Artificial sweeteners

I work at a cafe and I always wonder when people specify they want Equal or Sweet 'n Low, how do they choose which one they want? Or Splenda (although their ad campaign kind of sets it apart from the other ones)? Assuming they don't have allergies, how do you think people choose between their artificial sweeteners? Is it perhaps something they were raised with?

(This is the most boring question ever, seriously)

Have you ever told someone who talked way too much and never let anyone else get a word in and interrupted everyone and never really listened to anyone else for more than a few seconds that they talk too much? How did the person react?
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I had an interview yesterday for an internship and it went really well. The lady asked me after we ended to provide 2 references and I was like… ok no big deal. But the problem is now I haven’t been able to get in contact with any of them…. you know, to tell them "Hey, this is what’s up (I’m interviewing for this and this)….. do you mind being my reference?"


Do I send my thank you email with I haven’t been able to find references????

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Let's say you get a good wad of graduation money and a bunch of large back-owed checks from your last job, and have no real outstanding debts. You want to treat yourself to one thing you normally wouldn't lay out so much cash for before you put the rest in to savings. What would you want to get for yourself?

I'm contemplating a really great pair of winter boots, but I keep feeling like I should get something entirely frivolous just because.
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1) Hey TQC, I'm still trying to lose weight and eat healthy, but there's Take 5's in the vending machine and I keep thinking about it, lol. Should I be a fatty and eat one knowing full well I won't work out tonight, plus I'm having a big dinner?

2) For those of you who have a Wii: Do you ever buy from the virtual console? What games do you have?
I just bought Yoshi Story and I intend to buy more N64 games, lol
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(no subject)

What is your gender?

How tall are you?

How much do you weigh?

What do you do for exercise, and how often/long do you do that?

How many calories do you think you eat a day?

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I found a great piece at the thrift store today, it's a Magnavox record player/radio console. The lovely people that work there write the prices on furniture with permanent marker so what should I do with this lovely thing?! eek I love it so much, it actually works.

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TQC, would you be upset if a girl was sending your SO dirty text messages? Not like "i wanna do you" dirty, but pictures of people having sex with 'funny' quotes underneath? Like twice a day everyday?

Would you not care if he showed you?
 would you be mad if he lied to your face about who the text was from/what it was?

ETA: The more i think about it, the more i really do get upset over it. How do i get it to stop? He doesnt send her text messages, she only texts him. What can i do?
And in this case my SO is actually my HUSBAND so its really not cool!
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Have you ever been to Brazil?

What is the last painful thing you had done at the doctors office?

Do you think different types of Injections vary in pain?

For example a needle at the dentist (mouth), Blood Test, or a needle like the flu shot. What hurts more?

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I met two girls online both at okcupid.

Girl #1 is sweet and cute and nice and amazing.
Things started working out, but died for a little, so I decided to go back and found Girl #2, who is the same but more into sex and short term relationships than snuggling and cute things. We start (and are currently) dating.
Suddenly, relations with Girl #1 opened up again. She doesn't want to date just yet, but possibly in the fall when we get back to school. She says that she trusts me, and given what's happened before to her, that's quite a feat.

I feel like I should tell her about Girl #2. And I don't know what to do. I'm not expecting my current relationship to last the summer, but I don't want to break it off just yet. I know I will eventually.

1. Does this make me a horrible person who is not worthy of either girl and should be castrated?
2. If not, should I tell Girl #1 that I'm dating Girl #2, but I'm still interested in Girl #1?
2b. How would you go about that?
2c. Should I just break it off with Girl #2 now for Girl #1?
3. What's your favorite roller coaster?

Flames welcome. I'm feeling guilty about this situation already.

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how much does it cost to go bowling? last time i went, i went with my parents and they paid. it's been a while.

edit: fine, it varies, whatever. how much does it cost for YOU to go bowling? i'm not looking for an exact dollar-and-cents amount, i just need a ballpark figure.
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While discussing travel plans, I was trying to describe my desire to go to Edinburgh, Scotland to see those bits of the city that are underneath the city -- youknowwhatImean? There's a haunted one, they say, but I can't remember what they're called and am unsure how to google this.

Does anyone know what I'm talking aboot?

finders.. keepers?

Situation: At your large university, you find an expensive camera in case, complete with cords, chargers and everything. There is no identifying information in the case, but there are 8 train tickets.

What would you do?

Contact the lost and found? Keep the camera? Post something in the place you found the case?
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My media player just went from AYO Technology (50 Cent and Justin Timberlake) to Planet Hell (Nightwish). It was an interesting change up. What are some weird music changes you've experienced?
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Themed rooms

When you walk into someone's house and you see a themed room, do you think that it is odd?

Themed like: medieval, asian or a coutry lodge?

I always wonder what people think of my Ancient Egyptian Family Room. People's first question usually is there a mummy in my sacarphogus. It's really just a bookcase inside.

Edit: Now with pictures. Not the best but you can get an idea.
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Suppose you have something to sell. You post a very well-written ad to Craigslist, including details and contact information. You state in the ad that you can deliver the item in the local area, since it's large and not everyone owns a truck. The ad has been running for a week.

You receive an email asking for photos of the item, and giving the sender's exact address to ensure that delivery is an option. You send one blurry photo. The potential buyer, who is 10 miles away, agrees to take the item and asks how much additional you need for delivery.

You don't reply.

The question: WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?
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I want to make my friends cat into an lolcat.

I tried using Photoflexer to add the captions and junk but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get them off the site.

How did you make your kitty into an lolcat?
Can I see? :)
Michaela Coel


I'm finishing a paper up. Give me some music to motivate me? Better yet, give me some tough love. (Not rough love. I've heard stories about that going wrong.)

Also, what song do you find yourself liking against your will?
Usher, "Love in this Club". It's infectious. Like a disease.


You have two kids. One has been failing various classes, is into drugs, and backtalks you all the time without ever respecting your authority. The other gets straight A's, is clean, and shows you respect every once in a while. The correct parenting method to approach this situation would be to demand the second one to uphold the majority of your motherly [or fatherly] duties while giving the first one a $600 amp, Y/N?

Also, I'm running up to the store soon. Is there anything you need?

Edited to remove poorly conveyed sarcasm.
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I'm going to be at a convention this weekend (yay for A-kon AKA seeing thousands of socially awkward nerds in great numbers... yes, I packed febreeze) and last year I had not one but TWO idiots ask me if my wheelchair was cosplay. I was wearing normal clothes and the only "weird" thing about me (which in comparison to most congoers is NOTHING) was the wheelchair.

If this happens again this year, what would be a totally awesome response to use on them? :D
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1. What was your favorite elective (as in not math, science, history, English) in school? (Not college/uni)

2. If you were to take tests in the following subjects, what grades do you think you would get?
a. Trigonometry
b. Calculus
c. Chemistry
d. British literature
e. Government

3. Where are you in your schooling/how long have you been out of school?
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Okay, let's say that your current living situation has you living with your SO and their sibling. The sibling has been out of work and has had no transportation but an old bicycle for nearly four months and you and the SO have been supporting him. He recently got a job (hooray!) but "didn't realize" he had to lock up his bike. So, his bike got stolen at work today. Now he still has a job but no transportation and would like me to play chauffeur.

My question to you is this: In an ideal world, how would you torture/maim/kill him?

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So, tqc, I have a dilemma and I would like your opinions.

So, I graduated from high school last year. I'm dating a girl who is currently a senior in that school. We're the same age; I just graduated early. She wants to take me to the prom. Sounds fine, doesn't it? Apparently not.

Since I'm no longer a student there I can only go if I have a date. Well, obviously, she'll be my date. But apparently that's not allowed because you have to buy one ticket as a date to allow someone who doesn't go to the school, and we can't go as an official date because we're both girls. Apparently, our school doesn't let same sex couples go as official dates. Yes, this is a public school. Their excuse is that "friends might go together and pretend to be dating to get the date discount." Well excuse me but how is that different than a guy and girl friend going together to get the discount?

What are your opinions on this? Am I right in being pissed, and thinking it's pretty fucked up?
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I saw The Cure tonight, which was definitely the highlight of my month.

If you're a fan, what is your favorite song?

If not, do you listen to the radio? I have a bunch of friends that are anti-radio. I find it amusing.

(no subject)

Do you know any good political blogs written well by intelligent educated people? If so, please link! Preferably outside LJ.
I don't actually follow or even know any political blogs in English, so recommendations appreciated since there are billions of them. Preferably US or UK centered, though!

before you ask, it's nothing illegal

I have a video file. It is 27 minutes; 978MB as an .mpeg, 227MB as an .mp4. I need to get it onto a dvd, in a format where you can pop it into a standard $25 dvd player. How do you do this?

I have:
mac with tiger (10.4.10)
imovie (which seems like my best option, though i have to break up the files into shorter clips)
mpeg streamclip

Any ideas? Any ideas other communities where I can find some ideas? Anything in general?
cliffs of insanity

Paging Dr. LJay

Yesterday morning I was taking a shower and felt this weird dry scaly spot on my lower back/upper butt. It's about the size of a dime, doesn't itch, and just appeared. So, since it is physically impossible for me to check out my own ass (I can see a red spot in the mirror and that's it) and my boyfriend and I have been working opposite hours, I'm asking the internet what is this spot on my ass? Is it the spot where the aliens did some kind of weird anal probe and... missed? And, is the cortizone I put on it going to keep me from getting pregnant with the alien babies?
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Hey guys,

So I've had three lab assignments so far in my class. Lab 1 is worth 5% of my final mark, Lab 2 is worth 10%, and Lab 3 is worth 10%. We just had our midterm, which is worth 25%, but I don't know my mark for it yet.

My marks for the labs were:

Lab 1: 100%
Lab 2: 95%
Lab 3: 87.5%

Can anyone tell me what my mark is so far for this class? If possible, could you also let me know what formula you use to figure this out so I can do it myself in the future?

Thanks in advance!
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You ?s

Who likes Trident?

I do
Not me

Where would you rather eat tonight?

Boston Beanery (American)
Little Italy Pizza (Italian)
Dona Rosa (Mexican)
Saigon Cafe (Asian)
Cally's (Hippy)

If you watch TV, what are you watching tonight?
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Ladies, are you offended when a guy you aren't dating/don't know well calls you honey, sweetie, dear, or similar names?
What if it's a woman using such terms?
Does the age of the person using them matter?

A couple completely unrelated questions.

1. Is there anywhere online where I can watch Daria episodes for free?

2. Within the last couple days or so my "Photos" folder within "My Pictures" has started taking an ungodly amount of time to load. It started doing this right after I put a bunch of pictures on CDs and deleted them from the folder, so I don't think it's just too full or something...any ideas of what might be happening?

3. Were/are you an honors student? Do you think it would be in bad taste for me to wear my honors cords as a belt around my graduation gown?

(no subject)

Prompted by the other gym question...what's your usual workout regime at the gym? Walk me through it.

Also, /fit/ seems to think that if you do muscle training and cardio in the same workout period then you are a dumbfuck. Is doing both counter-productive, or are they just making shit up?