May 27th, 2008


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Okay, so I just signed up for Scrabulous because I was bored, and I can't get the screen to load! I click on a game room, a window pops up, and it's ... nothing. Blank.

What's wrong with me, TQC??
Agents are Go!

Inspired by voice posts

You know what would be interesting, either a lj comm like TQC but with voice posts only, or a TQC Skype room (or mayhaps ventrilo, but I don't have that right now).

Does anyone else like the idea of actually talking to other TQC-ers?

How often do you use/hear the word "mayhaps".

Muchobene It's Basically Anonymous TQC. Good idea? If you try it out, how do you like it?
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Dutch Blessing

Does anyone know a traditional Dutch blessing? Preferably one that would work for a wedding...

My Mom passed away 4 years ago and I'm getting married on Saturday. My fiance just brought up the fact that we should have some sort of a Dutch blessing to incorporate her into the ceremony and I really liked the idea. Of course my google-fu BLOWS tonight... HELP PLEASE!?!?

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Will you tell me your experiences about when you've been hit on by creepy, old men?

Tonight, while I was working, I rang up a man who was in his late 40's-early 50's. (i'm 20). While I was handing him his change, he said, "You're adorable, you know that?" and winked at me. Gross.

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What's the meanest thing you did as a kid?

I sprayed a boy in the face with aerosol insect repellent and said "GO AWAY BUG!" He ran home crying. His family ended up moving (not because of me), and I never got to apologize.
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<social retard>I go to this bar, 45 Tchoup every Monday night to drink margaritas and play Trivia. When I got home I had a message from Melanie on my Facebook Wall: "did I see you go to 45 Tchoup? i didn't think anyone else knew about that bar. i live like across the street."

Melanie is smart and gorgeous and funny and I had a huge crush on her in high school. I'm not in a relationship and I'd really like to kiss her and smell her and buy her stuff. I can't come on too strong though, chicks hate that. How should I proceed?</social retard>

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I have 2 weeks after my exam before I fly back home. I don't have a lot of money left so I can't go too far. I'm in England. Where should I go/what should I do?

2)Lake District
4)Stay home and pack leisurely and chill and explore around the city
5)Other (non-srs answers always welcome! Actually I'm looking to do something a little unconventional for my last days here)

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Do you drink 8 cups of water per day?

I've been trying to, recently--but I can only get up to 6 cups no matter what. And this is me sitting at my desk studying all day, with the water bottle right there. I don't think I can manage 4 if I'm out and about during the day.

Unrelatedly, what is your definition of happiness? What do you think when someone tells you they can never be happy? Ridiculous Y/N? Or is happiness overrated?
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If you were pregnant, would you want to know the sex before the baby was born? Why or why not? (You crazy Cf-ers, imagine for a second, will ya? Thanks!)

Would you have names all picked out before the baby arrived or name it after you met him/her and matched the name to the personality?

If you can't wrap your head around this or/and don't want to answer questions about babies, are you wearing pants right now?

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1) Watched the film "Comfort and Joy" over the weekend -- here's a question for you Scottish LJers -- do you really have ice cream trucks plying around in December, or was that just in the film?

2) OK, so your fanclub has gotten the money together to get you all the studio time you need to record a cover of one song -- what would you choose?

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What is a common misconception people have about the area in which you live?

Gloucestershire, England - Everyone drives around in tractors and shouts 'Get off muy laaaand!'. Also that there are no big towns or cities nearby.

What is a common misconception people have about the country in which you live?

We have bad teeth. I feel that's rather unfair.

What correct stereotype is held about the country in which you live?

That we drink a lot of tea.

I'm pretty sure this was horrible grammatically.
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1. If you could wake up tomorrow being completely fluent in any 3 languages, but you had to sacrifice knowing English (and couldn't ever re-learn it), would you do it? Assume that you could move to another country if you so choose so English wouldn't be absolutely necessary for everyday communication.

2. Do you have access to a cassette player anywhere? Cars count. When's the last time you used one?

3. What sort of person do you think should have a 30" monitor? What about a Mac Pro? Do you think someone who just uses those things for MSN, internet browsing, and occasional gaming is out of their mind?

4. Do you have dimples?

5. Do you have anything from when you were an infant? (It doesn't count if your parents or whatever have it. I mean currently in your posession).

6. Would you refer to an SUV as a car or truck? SUV takes too long to say, but neither car nor truck seems to fit. (As in, "I just got a new [blank] last week.")

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 Have you ever gone touring on a bicycle? Where did you go, how many miles did you ride in how many days, and where did you sleep at night?

if you haven't been touring... does the idea of riding a bicycle hundreds of miles away from where you live, and sleeping on the side of the road, sound like something you would like to do?
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Drinking Songs!

What are some of the songs that you always listen to while drunk/partying?

I know it's strange, but O.A.R.'s That Was a Crazy Game of Poker always seems to end up getting played at every party I go to. *shrug*
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where are you at right now? What are you doing? What SHOULD you be doing? How are you feeling?

I'm browsing the Internet at work via my phone. I should be listening to my trainer. I feel sick and also annoyed that the wifi on this floor sucks.
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How important is physical attraction in a relationship?
Do you think you could be in a relationship with someone you do not find physically attractive?

Why is my car making a funny noise, right before I make my final car payment? Is it because I touch myself at night?
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For the purposes of this question, try to distance yourself from the spellings your country uses, and the spellings you prefer to use.

Which words do you think look better, aesthetically?

Favourite or Favorite?

Artefact or Artifact?

Colour or Color?

Analyse or Analyze?

Theatre or Theater?

Aeroplane or Airplane?

Fulfil or Fulfill?

Analogue or Analog?

ETA: Where are you from?

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i feel fat today
what exercises should i do?
i have myself...and an exercise ball. preferably something i can do in my house haha.

and how come it took me so long to spell exercise? i thought it had a z.
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I've been throwing up all day--three times so far--but I haven't eaten anything, just water and ice chips, and the acid in my upchuck is hurting my throat. I bet it's not that bad: I'm just a wuss when I'm sick.

How bad of an idea wouldit be to drink, say, milk, to try to lower the acidity a little, knowing that it'll come back up (I've heard milk=bad idea for sickies)?

Should I just take a Tums and wait for the pretty colors?

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If I buy a whole pack of cigarettes, I will smoke them all. If I just have one, I will be good for a few days. But I reaaaalllly need one.

Why don't they sell loosies anywhere but shady barrio liquor stores?
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1. After you've watched this trailer what were you thinking?
2. What is your attitude towards the trailer/movie?
3. How likely are you to go see this movie now that you have seen the trailer?

4. What other Pixar movies have you seen?
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Who's in better shape, you or your SO? (substitute best friend in place of SO if you don't have a SO)

For those of you that have a job.. how many of your personal/sick/vacation days have you used up so far?
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Based on some weird rant I overheard...

1. When someone dies of lung cancer, it's often asked if/how long they smoked, right? Do you consider this rude?

2. If someone dies of, say, insulin-resistant diabetes, would we ask their loved ones if the deceased was overweight?

3. Which is ruder- 1 or 2? And why, if you are so capable as to explain your thoughts.
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TQC, you know of my awesomeness. Can I use you as a reference on my resume?

If not, can you give me some advice on what to do about our neighbor's dog?
We live in an apartment complex and the people across the hall from us have a small (not a chihuahua) yappy dog. Whenever the people are not home (which is a lot of the time), the dog stands at their door and barks/yaps. And it just does not stop. Yesterday (Memorial Day), I was woken up at 8:15 by the yapping -- and our room is at the other end of the apartment, not next to the door. I should not be able to hear the dog! But it is just really getting on all of our nerves. Do we mention this to the complex management? Do I leave a note on the door simply stating that I was convicted of B&E and I know how to prepare dog for eating? I feel bad for this dog being left alone all the time.
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Edited for errors

Do you agree with the practice of killing bears/big cats/other predators that attack humans in the wild?

Does your answer to the above change if the person attacked is a child?

What about big predators that attack their zoo keepers? Should they be put down?

Do your feelings about killing predatory animals change when the predator is a reptile?

My questions were inspired by this Collapse )


Help me out guys. I have absolutely no idea what to get my boyfriend for our 5 year anniversary! I've stressed about it for so long I'm running out of time as its next week! 

Help me out guys... What shal I get my boyfriend for our anniversary?

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If I sent you a letter in the mail, would you rather I address it to your name or your username?

When's the last time you sent someone from the interwebz something in the mail? (if ever)

What are your plans for tonight?

Want to play truth or dare (not really possible..) truth? (feel free to ask me whatever you want in return)

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I'm flying for the first time in my life this summer. I made my reservations in early March, and I made sure to get a specific seat (11A) so I could sit next to my boyfriend, who got 11C. However I got a boarding pass in the mail today that says I have seat 07-C.

So TQC, what's going on? D:

(I emailed them, but they said it'll be a while before I get a response.)

My sob story

 I signed myself up for the Peace Corps because I'm too much of a mess to go to college, and as it turns out, I'll have to go to college in my home town which makes it that much more difficult. I've always had this dream of helping people and making some kind of a big difference so the Peace Corps seemed like the best option. However, I just turned 18 and apparently they like volunteers to be 18 or over and have 4 years of college under their belt. What should I do with myself? I really need a change of scenery... a different life for a while. I thought about going on a missions trip but I'm not religious at all and in fact I think religion played a huge part in the depressed and twisted mess that I am today so that's not an option. I can't be a "fresh air kid" because I'm not a kid anymore and I don't live anywhere near a city. I can't pick up and move because the area I live in is so financially depressed that you cannot possibly make enough money to save enough money to move...especially with the price of gas/groceries. I applied to colleges in the city, but as it turns out, my parents didn't plan for me to go to college so they can't help me financially. I can't get a loan either because both parents have bad credit and I need a co-signer.

What else is out there TQC?
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Your hobbies, what are they?
Are there any dollhouse miniaturists here?
Or anyone who considers creating websites or comms or forums, one of their hobbies?

What's the funniest costume you've ever dressed in? (the other day I dressed as a pregnant chav teenager. It was hilarious because I looked so entirely different!)
Do you know those 'message beans'? How do they work??
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how do you know when you love someone (not necessarily being IN love with them but just loving them, if that makes any sense)?

how do you know when someone loves you?

eta: i REALLY need/want to get a hair cut but i'm a little phobic of strangers cutting my hair - i haven't gotten a 'real' hair cut in 15+ years. my husband refuses to do it and says i should go to a salon. any advice?

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1) What do you think is a reasonable/healthy length of time to lose approximately 10 kg/22 lb? [edited because I failed at math]

2) Do you think punishment for psychopaths should increase or decrease, given it's a biological/mental disorder?

3) Do you know how to eat a whole, intact coconut?

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Inspired by an earlier post:

What is the worst/most unusual thing you've found in your food?

My dad had a wire in a cookie and very nearly died from it

Do you have commercials for places that aren't in your area?

We have Sonic and Dairy Queen commercials CONSTANTLY but I don't think there are any within 50 miles of us

Those damn kids...

Let's say you, for some reason, are opening your magical mystery school. You have the funds to do this, and you are a private school, so you can do whatever the hell you want.

1) What classes/requirements would you have that are not necessarily part of regular curriculum?

2) Anything that is required that you would take out?

3) Would you require uniforms? If so, what?

4) Any rules of note?
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kitten pounce ball

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I just checked on the status of my computer repair online, and it says "Awaiting QC". What does this mean? Quality control? Anyone have any idea what part of the repair process my computer is in by this comment? Can you tell I'm going through computer withdrawal?
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Disney: Pumba hits a high note :D

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There's a blog somewhere, run by two women I think, where they take covers of Harlequin/your typical "epic romance" novels and mercilessly make fun of it. It's hilarious! But I have lost the link. :( Does anyone have it?

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do you know anyone who has/had skin cancer? what type?

how long after they started noticing symptoms did they try to get treatment?

i think my dad might have a basal cell carcinoma growing on his face... he has a huge (i mean huge) white growth on his cheek that popped up a couple months ago and it's just getting bigger and bigger and bigger. he keeps using mole removal cream on it but it's not doing shit. he used it on other moles, and it totally got rid of them... i think that should be a sign that this is something else, but he refuses to get it checked out by a doctor. i'm really worried :/
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What annoys you the most about summer and when school's out?

The summers in Kansas are freaking HUMID. It sucks.

I have a slew of underaged kids coming in to apply for the non-existant job openings we have right now. The questions alone wouldn't be annoying. However, a negative response to their inquiries always results in that whiny, teenaged squeal voice. I refuse to believe I ever spoke like that.
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A discussion on a forum I frequent led me to these two questions:

1. How much do you pay for a ticket to a movie theater?
2a. If you see someone recording a movie in the cinema, would you report him?
2b. Would you do it for a small reward?

I shall answer my own questions:

1. Normal ticket prices are between $12 and $14 but you have several discounts, I usually pay between $8 and $9.5.
2a. No.
2b. Depends on the reward I guess.
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The other week I asked about working at Walmart. I'm still considering that. BUT!

Have any of you ever worked at Blockbuster? How was the pay? Are the hours strict or flexible (I have a limited number of hours I can work)? What were the perks (free movie rentals, etc)?

I was sick with a mystery illness at the end of April. I *still* have a lingering cough. Why am I still coughing? I know it's not my reflux because I take a pill every day. Maybe it's a resurgence of my asthma?

If any of you have ever attended a Montessori, Charter or Magnet school will you specify which in comments and tell me your thoughts?

For parents: are they implementing year round schooling where you live? How do you feel about that? Here, there are all sorts of legal battles going on. I think I would rather send my child to year round school.

God and the Devil and you

One day your SO up and quits their job, and starts work on an ark in the yard. When asked, he/she says that God appeared to them in a dream and told them there's another flood coming, and they've been picked to be among the arkbuilders. See, one ark was fine in the days of yore, but humanity is so spread out now, and there's so many more species of animal and insect, that God has tapped hundreds of people to build arks, and your SO is the one picked for this region. You scoff and ask for proof, and your SO opens a scroll penned with an unusual golden ink, that states the appointment of your SO as official ark custodian #890, and declares the duties to be upheld. Your SO woke up with this parchment in their hand. What do you do?

Clearly, my SO needs meds. I try and get him/her the necessary drugs needed to be functional
This is clearly the involvement of a force greater than I can possible know. I believe my SO, and do what I can to help
This is clearly the involvement of a force greater than I can possible know. I believe my SO, but it's too much sacrifice to ask of me. I break up with my SO
"Look, if you wanted out of this relationship, just say so. You didn't have to go to this extent just to break it off. I'm outta here, asshole"
I love my SO, and even though I don't believe them, I support him/her
I find a similar ink, and write a new letter addressed to my SO, from God, saying how there's been a large misunderstanding and your SO has been relieved of their duties. Leave it in their hand while they sleep

This is for the ladies. The Devil appears to you one day. In a cloud of fire and brimstone, POOFs into your bedroom. He looks obviously inhuman and the appearance is too fantastic to be makeup or a costume. "The end of the world will occur in about 25 years, and I need to find a babymama for the Antichrist, and your name came up. All the bible stories are true, and there will be a final face-off between heaven and hell. Many will perish, but if you agree to give birth to the Antichrist, you will be whisked off to Hell, where you will become royalty and showered with worship and riches. You shan't fear the end of the world, but you will be counted among the damned and locked outside of heaven's light forever, but you will not suffer any pain. If you agree, your son will go on to bring destruction and peril to the world. If you don't agree, I'll just find someone else who will. The Antichrist WILL happen. If you do agree, you will be impregnanted on the spot. So, what's your answer?

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I chipped a bone in my hand when I went flying over the handlebars of an ATV on Memorial weekend. Now I am in a half cast [tho I prefer not to take it off today]. My fiance has to help me sometimes, but he is working right now.

Since I have only have the use of one hand, what can/should I do?
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What's something you've done that you never ever would have thought you'd do?

I'm currently in a poly relationship. I always made fun of poly people I knew and never thought I could ever do it... but here I am.

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Does anyone have a good cupcake recipe? (Vegan or not, it doesn't matter)

Have you made these cupcakes before?

Were they good?

Do you have any other dessert recipe that you'd like to share?


I feel like baking today.

Stack of Pebbles

Ferret question!

How do you go about litter box training a ferret that doesn't like treats?

I'm trying to litter box train mine right now, but I've discovered he doesn't like treats, so I don't know how to convince him that using the box instead of the floor is a good idea.
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Where do you keep your bread: bread bin, refrigerator, or other?

Where do you live?

(it has become apparent to me that possibly no one else in america uses a bread bin)

EDIT: Thank you, TQC, some of you DO use bread bins. Maybe I just have stupid friends who haven't heard of them.

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Should I pop this really gross zit on my leg, or should I wait and see if it gets even grosser first?

edit: never mind, guys, I gave in and popped it. The stuff that came out was like the fluid in a fertilized chicken egg! How cool is that?!

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Our receptionist has been getting worse and worse about showing up for work. Today she only was here for 2 1/2 hours. She tends to miss at least one full day a week, and she shows up at least an hour late in the mornings and from lunch nearly every day.

I have to work with this woman, and she's very nice, and dammit, I'm not her boss because I'm not a good boss. I'm not good at being all boss-like to people. The atty here knows what's going on, and doesn't say anything. But I'm getting tired of it.

How do I bring this up with her in a constructive way that won't make me sound like a bitch?

Or, alternatively, should I just call in sick for no reason next week...because, hey, what the hell, everyone does it and gets away with it?

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A little while ago somebody posted a link to a blog written by a woman who worked in a video store that rented out porn, and it was hilarious. I was dumb and didn't save the link. Does anyone have it?

If you don't care, how are you feeling today? What's the weather like?

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I'll be surprised if this hasn't been asked here before but:

1. Do you believe that people of other racial groups have a certain smell to them?

2. Do you believe that your OWN racial group has a certain smell?

3. Can you identify what these smells are/ what they are similar to (i.e. "white people smell like bologna")?

4. If so, is this a reality or is it just something that people generalize about? Do people actually smell different based on skin pigmentation or diet or what?

EDIT: It just occurred to me that you may think I'm ignorant or awful for asking this; as I just wrote in a comment, I ask because the high school students I teach seem to think this is true, and when I asked some other adults about it, they agreed.

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So, here's the situation.

Girl and guy start hooking up, not really dating or anything. About 2 months (and that's stretching it) into whatever it is that they have going on, girl gets pregnant. Guy finds out girl is pregnant, and promptly quits his job 3 weeks later. Girl is a student and not employed. Fast forward 5 months later and neither one has really even made an attempt to find a job.

Question : Who the hell quits their job after finding out they are having a kid? And who the hell doesn't even attempt to find a new one with the due date just over 4 months away?

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What is going on in this video?

He is trying to exorcise the demon soul trapped in the phone.
This is his way of saying 'Fuck you' to his cellphone company.
He is trying to start an electric fire.
He wanted to break the microwave in a dramatic and aesthetically pleasing way.
Other. (explain in comments)


I have a zippo, same as the one above. Today i pulled out the wick and trimmed it and when i tried to light it , it couldn't light up and there wasnt any sparks. However i was able to light my zippo before i tried to perform the heroic miracle of trimming my wick which got me into sh*t -_-

does anyone know how i can fix this? besides ' sending it for repair / getting a new one"
i believe its not that big of a problem as the only change i made was trimming the black parts off my wick ):

lulu guinness clutch

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How do I explain to a 4th grader that all fat people do not look the same? I've tried several times and it hasn't worked. Should I give up?

Before he constantly confused me with another lady who worked here, and told me it was because I looked like her. The only thing we had in common was being fat. She was at least 10 inches shorter than me and a few sizes bigger, plus our faces looked nothing alike. The only reason he has stopped calling me her name is because she's been gone a few months now.

Now he keeps telling me I look like Lori Beth Denberg (apparently The-N has been showing All That) and I seriously look nothing like her. I don't even know why it bothers me so much.

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Have you ever heard of chayote?

If yes, how do you like it prepared?

I'm making some with chicken tonight; what would be a tasty way to cook the chicken to compliment the chayote? It'll be served with fresh sweet corn, too.

Shot in the dark

A while ago I read this blog, which was supposedly about a well-off young girl who essentially ran away from her family and her life. The premise was that she was going to be forced into marriage with some guy (this part is fuzzy, I might be making it up), and in order to get away, she ferreted away some money, then "disappeared." She used an alias in her blog and didn't give many details. I'm thinking it was fake, but I can't remember where I found it.

Has anyone heard of this? I wanted to see what happened to her!
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SATC fans?

I'm going to Sex and the City movie premiere on Thursday night and have been instructed to dress as Charlotte. I know she's a classy chick but any ideas on attire? Pictures? I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl so I need serious help.
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hey guyze!

my computer isnt reading my external hard drive. everything is connected and it turns on fine, but my comp wont recognize it.


did you ever see "Original Sin" with Angelina Jolie & Antonio Banderas? Watchu think?

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My laptop keyboard is messed up. It won't let me go down the page using the down arrow. This just brings me to the bottom of the page. I can use the PageDown function and click on the scroll arrow on each website...but I want to be able to just tap the down arrow to scroll...
Any idea what's wrong or how to fix it? It's a Toshiba Satellite if that helps...

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What are your favorite baby names? What about your least favorites? (You can answer even if you're childfree, obviously.)

Personally, I'm kind of sick of variations on Aidan, as well as Kayleighs/Kylies/Kaylyns.
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Do your teeth tingle when you have to pee really bad?

Do you ever dream that you're peeing and peeing and peeing, but get no relief, and then wake up and realize that you have to pee really bad in real life?
Approved By The Comics Code Authority

Special thanks goes to meerasedai for giving me the idea.

Following your forced-resignation from a rather successful food-appliance company, you have decided that the best course of action would be for you to get a career in another form of sales. Specifically being, the infomercials they air at one in the morning. Mostly because you've been drinking a lot lately, and things like "steady work" seem about as rational as "not sleeping with that hooker." You aren't sure, really, when you decided this career choice, but it must have been after the third or fourth line of cocaine you did with some old buddies from college who always said you could sell the pants off of anything.

You go into work one day, and you meet up with the friendly old woman who happens to be an expert on all things related to cookery. She smiles and you two do something that would be flirting if you could form a coherent sentences and she weren't old enough to be your mother. So basically there's just a lot of awkward noises made between the two of you whenever she shows you the product you're going to helping her sell. Turns out it's a food processor from the company you were fired from. Specifically, a type of food processor that you designed, only to have it turned down because it was "too dangerous and ugly and are those my wife's earrings?"

Seeing this sends you into a coked-out rage that requires blood, or more cocaine, to be satiated. But at the same time, you notice that the people behind the cameras are giving you the "The goddamn show is starting" signal.

You need to act fast. Do you:

1- Completely sabotage the paid program, possibly killing the charming old woman via face-to-food-processor?
2- Double-click the power cord?
3- Play along with the program, but deliberately fuck up simple aspects to convince people it's too difficult to be used, and possibly dangerous--especially whenever you almost lose a finger doing something as simple as "putting in pieces of apple."?
4- Use Dark Charizard?
5- Decide that you really like this job, and need steady income to keep your drug habit and shitty apartment, so you go along with the program like a good boy/girl?
6- Flounce from the program in the middle of the "Tell the audience all about the great features, Mary!" part of the show?
7- Grab the food processor, walk up to a camera, and loudly threaten the company with processor-induced violence and pain?

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After reading about some tasty university drama in another community, I am curious. What University do you go to? Post a picture of one of it's logos

What are you doing tomorrow?

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

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An author I love is coming to a city about an hour away from where I live. He's coming once on June 22 and once in October.

The June 22 date is a reading/autograph session whereas the October one is just a reading.

HOWEVER, to get a ticket to the June date I have to drive up to Denver on June 3, buy a copy of the book and hope I get one of the 275 tickets that come with the book. This means I will have to drive to the bookstore an hour away just to get the freakin' book signing ticket.

So, my question is, do I go the June event even though I'd have to drive an hour a month beforehand just to get a ticket and I might not even get one? Or do I go to the October event which is just a reading and costs more but I have the option of buying tickets online, thus saving gas money?

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Do car mechanics automatically rip off clueless young girls?
Do car mechanics automatically rip off clueless young girls' clothes and make passionate love to them? Is it a suitable trade-off for being raped financially?

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What is your personal philosophy?

What songs get you all hot and bothered?

What was the last thing that you were soooo elated about?
I just got an e-mail from a Colbert staffer concerning my VIP tickets. SQUEEEEEE!!! I'm gonna meet that guy in my icon!!!!

MacBooKPro help?

my MacBookPro is making the dreaded constant whirring noise that it is so famous for. I need to make it stop or else I won't be able to use it in the Library without driving everyone and myself insane. I figure some of you here must have MBP's

Things I have already tried:
  • downloading dumb programs like ShhhMBP and QuietMBP
  • turning it off whenever I am not actively using it
  • glaring at it and sighing wistfully

    Any help will be appreciated, hilarious suggestions also encouraged.
  • (food) usagi eating ice cream
    • jenufa

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    So I work (sort of, blaah long story) for a cellphone company. The same company that my service is with. I have a feeling the girl I work with hates me, however. Anything goes wrong, and it gets pegged on me. And many other things I won't get into, cuz it is tl;dr.

    Today we went to pay our phone bill over the phone, and the bill is more than twice (almost three times, actually) what it normally is. Many things were added and removed from my number (not my husband's) and every time you add and remove something, it still counts as being on there, adding more and more money to your bill... which pushed my bill through the roof.

    Should I assume this was the work of the girl I work with? What would you do in this situation?
    Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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    So my sister says she's never talked to someone (on IM mostly) who says "heh" that isn't slightly creepy or pathetic. Do you find this to be true for you?

    If so, why do you think that is?