May 26th, 2008


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Which are you more persistent at doing...

An important, worthy task which you are forced to do (by your parents, teacher, job, etc.)


An unnecessary, just-for-the-hell-of-it task which you decided to take up of your own will?


For me, it's the second one. Always.
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my brother has a friend of his sleeping over. whenever he has friends over he becomes a major asshole to impress his friends i guess idk.

what are really super annoying ways i can wake them up after they fall asleep? all i can come up with is soundboard stuff. though i kind of just want to dump a bowl of water on his head.
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Who is your favourite Marx Brother?

I know not the wonder that is the Marx Brothers

Is it automatic Fail to pick Zeppo? I say yes.

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where I can find someone cute to chat with about those old sweet things, which make our life so amazing and inexhaustible, you know, like rascism, sodomy, some kind of philosophy..?

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My four-month-old son woke up 45 minutes ago. I already fed him, but he's wide awake now. We have to be at some parade at 8:00 today/tomorrow/whatever you want to call it and I haven't slept since last night (but my husband did let me sleep until 10 today since he was off) Do I...

Let him keep watching The Oblongs and hope he falls asleep again
Give him a bath now and start getting ready for the day
Lay the baby on the couch with me, go to sleep, and hope he falls asleep, too
Take a handful of Vicodin, wake up my husband, and tell him it's his turn to stay up with the baby all night long
Something else - I'll tell you in the comments.

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 What's the cheapest way to travel from Milwaukee, WI to Arkadelphia, AR?

I thought taking the train would be cheaper than driving, but it seems like it might not be.  I have no idea how much it would cost to drive down there, or how to find a cheap train ticket.  Does Greyhound go that far? 

ALSO, completely unrelated:

Tell me your travel horror stories.  Like, lost your passport, got in trouble with the mob, car broke down, got lost, mugged, attacked, scammed, etc.  Gipsies, anyone?


You've seen those really invasive pictures of various celebrities taken by the paparazzi. (Of them sunbathing at their house or having a private party type thing) If you were a famous celebrity what would they catch you doing right now?

Me: I'm sitting in a clear photo zone since I'm right next to two huge sliding doors, they'd catch me without sleep for nearly 15 hours. I've been on the computer for just as long so I don't look my best from STARING at the computer for so long. Plus, I'm wearing not so flattering outfit since I'm in my pajama's. And my hair is a mess as well.

What are you doing on this nice Monday holiday?

Me: I'm trying to finish as many assignments as I can for school and then it's off to a theater rehearsal. I wish I could just sleep instead though.
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I know I left my Sims 2 discs in my friends car, but she claims they're not there. :( Why would she lie to me? I don't know how to deal with a betrayal like this, TQC~

But in all seriousness she's really bad at looking for things in her car. How do I convince her to let me take a look?

What if, by some odd, cosmic chance, they're not in there? What do I do then?! Where would my game go between getting out of her car and going into my house?

Music. Makes the people, come together, yeah....

Name some musicians that you like that no one else seems to like(at least in the environment you're in)

I enjoy: Prince, Madonna, Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and the Black Eyed Peas.

While all of those are quite mainstream and very popular, at my school, no one seems to like any of those artists and i'm considered a freak of nature because I do....
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So I want to get a new laptop. I've heard enough horror stories about Windows Vista that I'm probably going to avoid it. I've found some good deals on laptops with Windows XP from Dell and Lenovo. What I don't like about Windows is the worrying about viruses and spyware. On my current PC, I keep having to remove spyware in spite of antivirus protection. Also, in my experience, Windows sort of deteriorates over time. It does serve all of my purposes, though.

I'm also thinking about getting a MacBook. The screen is a little bit smaller than what I prefer, but the larger MacBook Pro is quite a bit more expensive. What I like about the idea is that I'd still be able to do the things I already do, and the OS is resistant to viruses (though not as immune as some people believe, according to my readings). I am also trying to figure out if it's more reliable, less likely to become outdated, more likely to last, etc.

I've been asking for feedback from friends. I use a Mac at work and have used them at school, and I never noticed many problems; but some people on my friends list said they misbehave as much as Windows and they are harder to fix when something goes wrong.

I also thought about Linux, but I doubt that I'd be able to get it to work with all of my tasks/files. I used to use Linux, and I found it difficult to fix when something went wrong, which something often did. I guess I'm just not enough of a geek. :P

So what do you guys think? Would you go with an XP laptop or a MacBook? Any experiences or opinions to share?
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I'm working on packing up my room for moving and I have ALL theses VHS tapes and only a DVD player now.  What do I do with all my VHS tapes? 

I can sell them at my parents garage sale I suppose for maybe $1?  but i also have a bunch of tapes that are recordings of TV show/movies what do I do with those?

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Ok TQC  (there I fixed it!)

Yesterday I spent most of my time outside.  There had to be at least ten of us at any given time.  I wake up this morning with bug bites EVERYWHERE.  Nobody else got bitten. 

Why do the bugs love my blood so much and what can I do to STOP THIS HORRIBLE ITCHING?

ETA: Anti itch cream is an obvious answer I know, but any in particular that have worked for you?
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So tomorrow is my 21st birthday. Hooray!

I'm going out to dinner with my boyfriend, my roommate, and my best friend to celebrate. We're going to get sushi.

I kind of want a birthday cake tomorrow, but I feel like it would be really rude to ask my friends to buy me one. I was thinking of buying one myself.

The thing is, I don't have a car, and so I would have to ask either my roommate or my boyfriend to drive me to the nearest bakery, and that just seems awkward. I get the idea that if I did that, they would think I'm trying to drop a hint that THEY should pay for my birthday cake, when that's not my intention at all. I just really want cake tomorrow. :)

It also seems kind of awkward that I'm buying my own birthday cake.

I was thinking of making my own birthday cake (I love to bake), but that seems kind of weird, too. I also don't have all the ingredients for the cake, and I would again have to ask my roommate or my boyfriend to give me a ride to the grocery store ingredients for my cake. Which again kind of seems like the same situation as when they would drive me to to the bakery.

Should I ask my friends to buy me a birthday cake, buy my own, or make my own? Or maybe another idea?

And if you don't care: what kind of booze should I buy tomorrow?

Is sake any good?


1. Why do you think the economy is so bad right now?

2. When do you think it'll get better?

3. Are you ready for a new president? :D

4. Is it just me or does Bath and Body Works always seem to be having a big sale?
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How do you get over writer's block?
More specifically, how do you keep yourself from thinking about things that bother you when you have to write about things that remind you of what is bothering you? (Yes. It is worded awkwardly)

To everyone else laughing at the questions above- what is your favorite color? What are you listening to right now?

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When someone you care about gives you jewelry that isn't in your taste/that you don't like, do you still wear it?

What if it was an engagement ring? Would you say something?

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How would you go about reminding someone to reply to an e-mail sent weeks ago, without being annoying?

I sent an e-mail to a colleague asking her about her experiences in a position I'll be taking on later this year. She replied she was busy with finals, but would reply asap. This was like 2 weeks ago, lol.
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Lighten up, it's a holiday!

I'm playing Grand Theft Auto IV (shut up) and the cost of a handjob from a hooker is $20. A blowjob is $50 and actual sex is $70. A friend and I were discussing this and wondering if these are the going rates in real life for a casual hooker on the street/john hookup. Does anyone have any experiences that they would care to admit to? ;)
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When was the last time you felt like you could just kick yourself?

I spent all day yesterday being upset and bored out of my mind. Then, this morning, I think "Oh, it's around that time of year, when is the Indy 500?" because I love it and watch it every year and it was YESTERDAY. Plus, I've been rooting for Scott Dixon for like five years and he won. I am so angry with myself.

Did you watch the Indy 500? Do you normally?


ok so I am the wost packer ever for moving. I have SOOO much stuff and i'm moving back into my parents house....  I get really over whelemed. Anyway I've cleaned half my room so far, how do you know what stuff to throw away and what you should keep?

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1. What makes you happy?

2. What is your middle name?

3. I just put lotion on my butt and almost slid of my stool. Ha!
When was the last time you laughed out loud at yourself?

Edit, added question #3
beep beep beep bonk

work love

if you love your job, what is it and what about it do you enjoy? Is it just a flat-out great job or is there something unique about you and the way it matches with your personality that makes you love it?

you can answer this question with a previous job if it would better apply.
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1. How many times would you say that you refresh TQC (in a row) to see if new questions have been posted before you just give up?
2. How do you feel about those leashes people have for their children (You see them a lot at theme parks.)?
3. What is the weather like right now where you live?
4. When was the last time you saw a real rainbow?

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How many times have you been in love?

Are you in love right now?
very much so

How can you tell when you're in love with someone?
When I feel I can be 100% myself around him without being judged.  When I can't stand being away from him for more than 30 seconds at a time.  When I find that I'm always laughing when I'm around him.  When I get butterflies every single time I look at him, without fail.
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I've been scouring ebay for a new cellphone, and I've noticed a lot of listings for verizon cellphones with bad ESNs. Why bother bidding on a phone with a bad ESN? For repairs/parts only? Is there a special trick to being able to use a phone with a bad ESN?

Which is your favorite cellphone brand for verizon? Blackberry, LG, or Motorola? I'm specifically looking at used Blackberry 7750s/7250s, a Motorola Q, or the older LG Envy. Recommendations are welcome.
jon snow

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Do you have an OsCommerce store? What shipping methods work best for you? I have UPS and Table Rate set up for my friend's shop and they're only close half of the time.
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One of my friends is being very generous and letting me crash over at hers when I travel to see a concert tomorrow. She's giving me a free place to stay, and she even has a shower! She's also in the middle of revising for her exams, and I haven't seen her in maybe 5 months.

What should I get her as a present to say thank you?
She specifically said "NO FLOWERS", because they die.
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TQC my computer where I do all my art in stuff is FRIED! :'( Windows just plain will not boot up... in normal mode, safe mode, anything. At no point did it act like anything was wrong when I was working on it today, so what happened? Am I being targeted by terrorists?

The computer is old and whiny and I honestly do need a new one... so what kind should I get, TQC?

What is the coolest thing about your computer? What's your favorite program you have installed on it?
housewares, ash

pdf file stuff

my computer and Adobe do not get along well. whenever i try to download it, my computer shuts down. its very inconvenient because now i cant open pdf files.

i was wondering if anyone could recommend another program for opening pdf files. please?

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i'm sure this question has been asked before, but pleeease don't eat me.

does anyone have any recommendations for an acne treatment, that could possibly help with acne scars and black heads also? i was thinking proactiv but i hear such mixed reviews for it that i'm not sure.

edit: bonus question, any makeup recommendations for acne-y skin??


I have a brand new high hair, crib bedding and walker i am going to sell.

the high chair i paid $120, the bedding $200 and the walker $90.

they are all in box, never been used and from a smoke free home.

what should i sell them for?

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1. Will you post a picture?
2. Will you tell us a story about the picture?

Once upon a time there was a girl named Seja, she loved turtles. She loved turtles so much that she was the most annoying person on the internet posting pictures of turtles.
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I just indulged in a huge guilty pleasure of mine: soda.

Worse still, I bought a 64 oz. Big Gulp at 7-11 -- and the fucker is huge.

When was the last time you indulged in a guilty pleasure of yours? What was it?

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I lost my student travel discount card, so now instead of the 2.5 hours train journey home tomorrow, I have 4 hours on the bus. Which means I can't watch movies on my laptop. I'm left with the teeny screen of my iPod nano.

Can you think of any films/tv series I could watch on that tiny screen that would not drive me to insanity?

The only thing I can think of would be stand up.
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TQC, my chest is really tender, I've had some nausea off and on and I'm late.
Am I preggers?
Serious and non-serious accepted, serious kind of desired.

Also, what do you consider "young" to have a child?
i like to live on the edge

job interview...

I have a job interview for In Touch Weekly tomorrow as an editorial intern and I have no idea what to wear. I've been told that you're not supposed to wear suits to magazine interviews and nothing too dressy up. The atmosphere, I'm told, is very laid back like jeans and stuff. I have a limited selection of my business clothes because I'm not at home right now... what do I wear? This is my first real interview (well, technically I had interview for Nordstrom, but those don't really count) and I'm nervous about not looking too dressed up or looking like I'm dressed and ready to go out clubbing.

Do you think a dress with leggings and high heels will be fine?

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1. Do you think it's normal to have more than one "best friend" or does that go totally against the concept of a best friend?
2. I quit smoking cigarettes for a whopping twelve days, but I really want one right now. Should I give in to my cigarette craving, or continue to live my life without them?
3. Do you find people who smoke unattractive because they smoke?
4. What is your favorite smell?
5. Ice skating or roller blading?
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This little fucking creature was crawling all about my monitor a few moments ago.
He was super itty bitty. I'm talking about the size of the head of a pin, maybe a tad bigger. It was circular and red.


Also, I haven't smoked in 2 weeks. You proud?

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1) When's the last time you saw a movie in a theater?
2) Have you ever been to Disney? If so, how many times?
3) If you make icons or anything else, where do you get your pictures from?


Yesterday I made funfetti cupcakes with rainbow sprinkle frosting.  All the cupcakes are gone, but I have like 1/2 a cup of frosting left.  What should I do with it?! 
macro - procrastination cat

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How many of you had to work/are working on this lovely Memorial Day holiday?

Will you show me a piece of ASCII art??

The new question is: Pretend you're running for office. What would your opponents use against you in attack ads?


Hello everyone! So I have a frog which I've had for about a year i guess. I noticed a couple of months ago that it had a weird bump on its face which has grown a lot since then.

Do you think it might be a tumor? What do you think it is?

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 1. What is the best purchase you ever made?

 2. Name three pet peeves you have

* * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * * * * * *  * * * *

   (mine)  1.  mooncup UK! love it.
                 2. dumb names (mispelled names such as Ashleigh or Krystinah / girls with boy names, boys with girl names / completely made-up names that have never existed before... and for good reason) 
                     certain words/phrases (ending a sentence with "so", using "like" to excess (13 times in 60 seconds? you've got to be  kidding me!), replying, "I know, right?!", to anything. 
                     adult-children- if you are out of high school and 18+ years old... it's time to be on your own! this means getting a job, getting your own place, and paying ALL of your own bills! (if you can't do all of these things, then, at the very least, don't EVER bitch about your parents and how they annoy you or won't lend/give you money)

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Today, as I was driving past the local cemetary, I noticed a family having a BBQ on a grave site. And the kids were playing soccer over other graves. 

Do you think that is an acceptable way to celebrate Memorial Day? Would you be offended if the kids were running over your dead relatives graves?


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I have to go grocery shopping later. I definitely need milk, bread, and eggs, but I can't decide what else to get.

What should I get when I go grocery shopping? Bonus points if it'll make a good cold lunch for me to take to work (no microwave).


I'm going to NYC next Friday to attend a really awesome photo exhibit, but then I have like six more hours and nothing planned. I'm bringing my boyfriend and he has only been to NYC once. What is something really awesome we should do? We are both over 21, and I am very familiar with NYC, I just can't think of something offhand since I grew up near NYC and thus wasn't really interested in touristy (re: not lame comic book shops :X ) stuff.

Also, what's everyone's favorite brand of deodorant? Mine is just not standing up to this warmer weather!
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Has your pee ever been a really odd color?

One time I was on this medicine, and it turned my pee neon orange. It would actually stain the bowl, so I would have to scrub it every time I went pee, so as to not gross out my roommate. Or make her think I put Tang in the toilet.

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I'm going to be graduating from college next spring, and I have no internship experience under my belt. At this point, I don't plan on going to grad school. I do go to a prestigious university, but so do a lot of people, so I'm not sure that it would be enough.

If I don't try to get some kind of a resume-worthy internship/job for this summer, will I be completely screwed when it comes to job searching next year?

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those of you that sell stuff online.

1. if you have an ebay account how much do they charge you if you sell something for $600? what if you don't sell it and the time expires?
2. if you have a paypal account (premier/business) which is better? and how do you deal with the 500$ limit on a personal account? is the 2.9% + 0.30 worth it?

thanks in advance.
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Following a rather rude encounter involving a gentleman with whom you have been involved in a rather large number of underground cartels involving the transportation and sales of various illegal substances, you feel morally obligated to cease operations and begin an honest life as a merchant selling various types of sausages. A problem, however, quickly arises whenever you realize that you have signed a binding contract with your business associate, and any attempts to leave the organization would only result in what is commonly referred to as "castration", with a specific mention outlined in page five, section A, sub-section D-1.

Suffice to say it is most unpleasant.

However, you have established non-contractual contacts without various members of other organizations who would be all but thrilled to assist you in ending your contract. The only problem presented, however, is that there are a few of the non-contractual organization contacts are using this as a means to acquire you and your known business savvy--as well as any possible drugs you might gather prior to your leaving your current employment. It rather puts a hinder on selling sausages, yes?

Understanding all of these things, do you:
1 - Use your contacts with the Dark Magic Society to end your contract with the Cartel via a large, fire-breathing dragon-type monster?
2 - Simply use your combat skills and end the life of your partner and the contract through those means?
3 - Accept the terms of the Prostitutioner's Guild and allow them to end the contract for you, also taking a position as Prostitute's Guard?
4 - Accept the terms of the presented by a collection of Maintenance Workers who double as Thieves and allow them to end the contract for you, also taking a position as a Scout for the organization?
5 - Decide that all possible alternatives are too depressing, as you will never sell your sausages, and slit your wrists in the moonlight?
6 - Bludgeon your business partner to death with a large salami?

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Do you and your friends have a movie that you absolutely have to watch for a certain day or event? One example would be It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas, but this isn't just limited to holidays.

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The situation...

You have been on a couple of dates with a guy a little younger than you. You get on OK, but it's not particularly exciting, and the age difference is a little apparent.
A friend is trying to set you up with a friend of her boyfriends, a bit older. You're quite interested, and will be on a group holiday with him in a month.

What would you do?
Carry on with the first guy and see if it gets better, or leave it for now and wait to see what happens with the second guy?

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So you know how paint stores occasionally mix too much of a color, or they mix up the wrong color so they sell those cans for cheap?
Do you think one could buy those cheaper cans online? Where?

(I know this is totally a long shot. I just need some blue paint and can't get to a pain paint store...)

ETA: What got you pumped lately?
I just found out that the 10 CD changer in my car works, and I figured out how to work it all on my own!

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what are some soft foods or foods that require very little chewing that i can make/buy?

i'm getting sick of pudding, jello and ice cream. and my mouth is still sore from getting my wisdom teeth out on friday.
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 What do you do when you're having a depressing day?

What was the last thing to go wrong in your life? (doesn't have to be major)

Are you a picture person? Will you post a picture that you just really like, regardless of what it is or when it was taken?
garden state flower

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I'm going to Seattle in a couple of weeks (from june 13-june 19), pretty much on my own as my mother will be doing stuff at a conference. Tell me, TQC, what can I do on my own?
I'm 17 if it makes a difference. Other than drink lots of coffee and find Kurt Cobain's death place I have few ideas (possibly because my main place of research has just been Wikipedia).
Quinn Twin

Ebay Fairness

Long Story as Short as It's Getting:

I bought a (supposed) BNWT Tokidoki bag last year from an ebayer for $200 + $15 s&h, cut the tags off and stuck it in my storage trunk without really looking it over since the outside appeared fine. My ferret got cancer. To replenish the vet fund, I sold this bag on ebay BNWOT and a buyer elected to buy-it-now for $199.99 + $10 s&h. I stuck the tags in it for her (I had saved them) and sent it on it's way, but didn't inspect it before wrapping it up and shipping it off.

She gets it and swears it's got signs of being used, including ink spots on the inside but nothing on the outside. I apologise, tell her I never carried it, but never checked it either, and ask what I can do to fix it. She wants me to refund like $70-80. I don't know why she would lie and she has good feedback, but I think that's really steep. Obviously I wouldn't put the tags in there and not at least TRY to cover signs of use if I had lied, and I have 100% feedback.

I've been sitting on this all weekend and need to figure out what to do. I don't want to screw her, but I feel I could have gotten more than $130 even if I HAD known about the condition (if it's true) and listed it appropriately but now I don't have that chance.


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Have you ever bought an outfit/item of clothing that you loved so much you wore it 2+ days in a row?

Would you date someone who had "fuck me" tattooed inside their bottom lip?

I just bought a car. When will the panic and anxiety and excitement and nausea and fright stop?
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If you lived in an apartment and had downstairs neighbors, would you ever play the drums on Rock Band?

We live on the third floor and my husband thinks it's perfectly okay as long as it's before the courtesy quiet hours or whatever, but I think it's rude because it has to be incredibly loud. Am I being overly cautious? I'm always super-careful about not being loud, stomping, dropping stuff, etc. because we once had the upstairs neighbors from hell, so I know what it's like. But I guess since it's not after 10pm, it's acceptable? idk.

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Did your parents have both boy and girl names picked out for you before they found out your sex?

If so, what would your name be if you had been born the other sex?

Yes. I would have been named Elizabeth.
chan marshall

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If you work in a office atmosphere how much do you take home a week/fortnight whatever?

What is the best food to make with a couple ears of fresh sweetcorn?
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Boo to drunken fucktards

Ok TQC, last night someone got mad at me and, in a drunken rage, FUCKED UP my car door. Like, they opened it way past the point of where it's supposed to open, and threw their whole body weight on it several times. Then they slammed it closed... except it wouldn't close. So they slammed it back and forth about five times.

Needless to say, bitch is paying for the repairs.

Basically, my car door doesn't close anymore. When I try to push it closed, it springs back. And when I press my body weight against it, it will finally shut... but not all the way. It's always at that awkward half way point.

I'm going to a repair shop tomorrow for an estimate. Any idea how much this will be, though? If it matters, it's a 2007 Dodge Caliber.

(Btw, the arguement was really dumb. They said Hilary Clinton didn't deserve to be president because she couldn't please her husband, causing him to cheat on her. And when I said that was really ignorant, their ass went crazy)


The cheapest flight I can find currently to go see my honeymuffin in August is $747 D:<

Why do the airline and gasoline companies hate me so much?

How could I come up with a fast couple hundred to help supplement my meager bank account? Serious (i.e. work overtime) and non-serious (i.e. sell organs on eBay) answers welcome.

What was the dumbest thing someone ever got mad at you for?

This chick in one of my classes got incredibly pissed at me because I mentioned that there were aliens involved in Indy IV. HOMGWTFSPOILERZZZZ!!!1!!! Because Indiana Jones is srs businez. Good thing she doesn't read the paper then, she'd be suing the Star for "ruining something she'd been anticipating for 10 years."

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Do you prefer glasses or contacts?

If you wear contacts, do you like the crazy ones with pictures and shit on the lenses?

If you have no need for glasses but like to use contacts for costumes or just because they look cool, what is a good, cheap brand?

Also, a while ago I asked if I should shave my head (I will), and I explained my reason for having the current cut was for FanimeCon. This is for those of you who wanted the cosplay pictures.

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Would anyone like some books?

My library won't take anything where can I donate books in the Long Island (New York) area... Manhattan is out because I'm not carrying these books everywhere.

If you don't care about my book dilemma:

What do you usually order from your favorite fast food place?
mornington crescent

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Which of the first 40 films on IMDb's Top 250 list have you seen? Or not seen. Whichever list is shorter. (I shall copy+paste behind a cut to save you the awful trouble of clicking the link)

Which do you think should NOT be rated that highly?

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more school stuff...

So, I'm writing my master's thesis on Cloisters. I'm hoping to get in touch with come nunnaries/monasteries and see if I could get thoughts from the monks and nuns about Cloisters, and about their daily lives. I don't know much of anything about nuns/monks/Catholics, but from their websites, they seem like they are happy to talk to others about their lives.
Do you think that they might be up for that? Do you think that monks/nuns would care about some girl just writing a paper?
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What have you done to make the world more beautiful?
Are you planning to do anything to make the world more beautiful?
Do you know to what children's book I am referring?

My sister switched users and left her music playing. It's looping over and over, and I don't know how to get it to stop. It is the Music & Lyrics soundtrack.  Is there any way I can close the program (Rhapsody) without logging on her name?
Problem solved :)

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What are some good songs about highschool being the best days of our lives or just best days of our lives in general?
I'm doing a project for video, and I need those kinds of songs.
I have Best Days by graham colton. But I need more songs. Because my slide show is 13 minutes so far...
im french

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1. Any tips for going through amphetamine/Adderall/general stimulant withdrawal?

2. What do you think of saunas? I don't really get the concept of them. How are they good for you?

3. Did you ever throw up on the bus or at lunch as a kid? Is it still mortifying?

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 Does anyone happen to know a commercial... where .. ah i can't remember what happens, but some guys in business suits are talking, then all of a sudden one of them says something and the other one summons chuck norris.. and norris comes in to punch him, then walks out???

Oddly enough I really need the answer as to what commercial this is

i like to live on the edge

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hey guys. i have an interview tomorrow and i figured this is one of my only shots of actually getting an interview and i looked my school's career services and all the advice and realized that i should rework my cover letter because even though i thought it was good… it could be altered to be better.

i sent my resume/cover letter already when i applied for the job but i’m bringing a portfolio and was thinking, maybe i’ll leave her my new cover letter? lol

do you think i should bother rewriting my cover letter? will she notice? thanks!

and a better question, what is your favorite breakfast food?

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Are queefs funny?
I'm trying to decide.

The brakes on my new old car sometimes get really, really sensitive. The slightest touch makes the entire car shudder to a complete halt. Sometimes it sounds like something's dragging when I'm braking lightly. Other times, nothing is wrong.
What is it?
practically perfect

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So, TQC...
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most well-versed person when it comes to etiquette, so I come to you...
My husband and I are about to buy our first house.  We move in somewhere around the 17th of June.  Would it be inappropriate for us to throw a housewarming party for ourselves?  Is that something that somebody else should throw for us (along the lines of a baby shower or a bridal shower)?  Or is it perfectly okay for us to throw one for ourselves?  We don't want to be tacky about it or to make it look like we're begging people to bring us housewarming gifts, especially since we just got married a year ago and got a ton of great gifts then... but we do have a few friends who have talked about buying us some housewarming gifts (like a grill, for instance, which is something we could sure use!).  We are by no means trying to be gift-mongers... but hey, if people want to buy us stuff, we want to give them the chance, y'know? :P
So, what's the right way to do this?

ETA: Completely unrelated, but...
For those of you who smoke hookah, what's your favorite flavor?  My husband and I are chilling out with some passion fruit & tutti frutti mixed together, with raspberry vodka & water in the bottom.  Yumm!
Do you ever mix flavors?  What's your favorite mix? 

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 I'm trying to download these programs on this website and it's not working.  I can't figure out what to do to make it work.  Can someone help me?

I get this vague error message when I try to download it.  If I click on details, I get a window with three tabs ("launched file" "exception" and "wrapped exception"), each of which contains lists of Java, which I can't comprehend.

Does anyone know what's wrong and how to fix the problem?

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The guy I'm going out with told me he was married and has a son. Then he tells me he will always care about someone else no matter what (not the ex-wife) even though they've never been together. They're both incredibly long and complicated stories. We are in a LDR (England and Canada) and I will be back in Canada in less than 3 weeks.

Why the fuck do I still like him? Should I DTMFA? Am I crazy for considering NOT doing that?

AAAAAUUUUGH. I have a final exam in 2 days. How can I make myself concentrate?

another question...sorry! D:

I know I post a lot of college related questions but I can't seem to get as many answers from college related

I know I want to go a traditional college for an associates degree [2 years] and I want to major in Arts and Humanities. When I google career paths I get kind of confused mainly because this degree is so broad. I want to know specifically what kinds of jobs I can get besides teaching and management. Any clues? I REALLY do not want to teach. Would it be better for me to get a 4 year degree? I know that a lot of people start out with this major and then after taking several classes decide on a more focused major later on.

Also, I was going to a technical school for graphic design last year for 4 months [hated it] and dropped out of course. I owe them about $7,316 and it's a loan so of course there's interest. My plan was to pay off the loan and THEN go to another college because I'd hate to have to combine that loan with the loans I will be needing for the new college, you know? That just feels like too much debt to me. Then again I can always make a payment plan, right? It will take me a LONG ass time to pay that loan off and I'd really rather not wait too long to start another college...considering how the tuition costs go up every year. :/ Should I wait it out and pay off the money I already owe or combine the loans together and worry about it after I graduate?
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Have you ever had a random crush on someone of the same sex as you?

I know a girl and she's super hot and I get all nervous when I see her. I'm married to a man and have had no previous interest in girls aside from a couple drunken nights, lol.