May 25th, 2008

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Anger management

For various quite rational reasons, I'm in an absolutely foul mood this evening. How can I vent without landing either in jail or the morgue, and still be able to get to work on time in the morning?

Please note, hookers and blow are not an option due to finances.
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(no subject)

In which of the following places have you cried? (excluding when you were a kid)

plane (not in the bathroom)
public bathroom
ferris wheel
national park
local park
mall/department store
none of those places

What happened?

Earlier tonight, there was a rather suspicious looking guy running down the alley between our house. My husband heard a cry from across the the street- He's over there! The next thing he knows the guy is running full tilt trying to hold up his pants(which are falling off), my husband is shouting "STOP!" and the police are running around and asking my husband which way the guy went. A few minutes later three squad cars came racing by, one down the alley- which is little more than grass(we live in small town Minnesota, eh, and this is excitement on a Saturday night. Really.) We are assuming they caught the guy because the neighbors across the street came over and thanked my husband for yelling at the guy long enough to let the police catch up to him, but did not tell him what he did.

So, I ask you, TQC, what did he do? Did he weenie wag? Steal something? Poop in their backyard? I want theories! Serious or not. The falling down pants part gets me- apparently he was having trouble running and at one point my husband saw the full monty. He is still not quite recovered.
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(no subject)

I'm on a mini vacation in New Hampshire with my SO and his friend.  The two of them are sitting directly across from me right now, on another computer, watching lame YouTube videos.  I'm kinda sorta horny.

How do I let my SO know that it's time to go have sex without making his friend feel awkward?
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shopping list

tqc, i'm going back to the states for a visit next week, what wondrous american foods should i bring back with me to the uk? (peanut butter and oreos are easily accessible, as is bisquick)

also, do you liked carrots cooked and raw?
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(no subject)

So a few days ago, a friend and I were watching "The 40 Year Old Virgin" with Steve Carrell, and we got to the poker scene where we first find out the awful truth about Andy, as he describes how this hot chick's great tits felt like "a bag of sand". Cal (Seth Rogen) starts making fun of him, asking if he'd ever actually felt a breast before, and then the group has that epiphany about where Andy stands in the sexual experiences game.

After a couple of days of heavy thinking, some hands on research, and some open discussion with a few friends, I'm still at a loss of how to describe how a boob actually feels....or how to liken them to something, idk. So TQC, I ask you:

What would you liken the feel of a real boob to? A fake boob?

The closest thing I got to was one of those Slippery Water toys kids play with: here.
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(no subject)

godchildren and I were supposed to meet on AIM but we missed each other. I e-mailed her about 20 minutes ago saying I was on (she left me a note) but she's not responded or gotten on. Should I just assume she went to do something else or went to bed and go to sleep myself? Never mind, she's on. So....

Will you share a true ghost story? It doesn't have to be first hand.

(no subject)

1.) What was the last movie you saw in theaters that you considered a total waste of time and money?

2.) What actors or actresses can make you see a movie just because they're in it?

(no subject)

Do you ever feel slightly offended when someone asks you if you've lost weight, but you haven't deliberately made an effort to/not enough effort to really see the difference yet? Or you know there's no way you've lost weight, considering what kind of food you've been eating? Or vice versa, someone asking if you've put on some weight but you know you haven't.

(no subject)

They make the most realistic Real Sex doll ever, and it's given to you. It's in your image. It looks just like you, literally. For $50, would you have sex with it?


One day, you come home and find your SO having sex with your ultrarealistic Real Sex doll. Sure, it's only rubber (or something) and isn't alive, but your SO is banging it in a sexual position he/she's never done with you. Are you jealous and feel threatened by your own doll?


Obviously, this Real Sex doll is only trouble. You want to get rid of it, when that creepy, perverted neighbor down the block/hallway knocks on your door. "Can I buy your Real Sex doll off you? I'll give you $1,500 for it". That may be a good amount of money, but when you think about it, this neighbor will probably be doing all sorts of disgusting, immoral, unspeakably sex acts with it, and the thing looks exactly like you, so, he'll be banging your clone, sticking it in every orifice available. Are you ok with that? Do you make the sale?

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"The Talk"

Inspired by the porn question...

How old were you when you were first given the sex talk?
 What did they say?
Did anything in that talk have any bearing on when/whether you eventually became sexually active?

Me, the closest I ever got to that talk was watching a porno when I was 7 and walked in on my dad and his friends  MST3K'ing it (all hands were visible, nothing naughty going on in the shadows).  I was raised by my grandparents and then lived with the Mormon aunt and her family, we didn't talk about things like that (actually, we don't talk about anything, really, but thats irrelevant to this).  I didn't even get the "Wait until you're married" talk.  (I did, however, get the "if you come home knocked up, you're out" talk)

I didn't start having sex until I was 20, didn't even kiss anyone until I was 19 (my first boyfriend).. thought it was a big deal holding hands when I was 17/18... and was shocked to the point that I stopped speaking to a guy in high school cause he tried to get me to give him a handjob in the auditorium during some kind of assembly.  For all the early repression, I'm not very sexually open and comfortable.. partly because I spent so long ignoring and avoiding the topic.

**ETA*** That was actually meant to say "Now very sexually open and comfortable" but I figure the typo says a lot... it did take me years to get to that point, lol
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(no subject)

In your family or circle of friends, is it normal to choose a brother or sister to be the best man or maid of honor?

When a person doesn't choose a brother or sister, what are some of the reasons (besides not having siblings)?

(no subject)

There seems to be an unspoken consensus that warm, sunny weather is beautiful. But I much prefer the fog, or those rare occasions where there is lightning in a snow storm. What kind of weather do you find to be beautiful?

What are your thoughts towards people who refuse to train thier cats and dogs?

What problems does your town/city have? Do these problems effect you?

How important is spelling and grammar to you? If it is important how do you feel when people do not share this value to the degree that you do?

Where the hell are my keys? Do you want to help me look?

I also want to retire this icon for another. What should my new icon be?


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Crossposted to gdaycliche

What do you think about that kangaroo cull that was on a military base where they killed around 400 kangaroos, because there were way too many of them in a small space and they were eating all the vegetation? People overseas were protesting it for months, and they finally did it the other day.
Personally I think that people overseas think that kangaroos are so cute they're practically sacred. The number of times I've heard people who aren't Australian express horror that anything that cute could be *eaten* (kangaroo steak anyone?)... it's no wonder they can't deal with what seems to me, to be a necessary cull in a small area. It's sad that it has to be done, but... what else can you do? I'm worried though that this is yet another image of Australians being heartless bastards, from people who just don't get it. Unless they're vegetarians and don't like any animals being killed. But I think most people protesting it just think it's heartless because they're kangaroos.

Question 2. If someone was a BMI of 24.5, would you still consider them to be overweight?
Question 3. If you are a BMI of 24.5, how do you deal with the conflicting messages there?

(no subject)

Strawberry smoothie ice cubes + raspberry lemonade y/n?

Do you like quiche? I have one in the oven and it smells really good.

Also, how old were you when you got your first car?
I just got mine at 20.

(no subject)

my sister keeps asking me why Christians don't believe in cavemen. I myself have never heard of this, and really, I don't care. But is this a widely known fact? or is she watching too much crap on tv?
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Can you shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding?

Why do my coworkers at the other end of the operations center, 150 feet away, insist on shouting that they're transferring a call to me, instead of IMing me or simply transferring the call?

Why are Oreos so damn tasty?

(no subject)

Poll #1193623 Popin' corn!

How do you like your popcorn?

Salty and Buttery
Sweet (like kettle corn)
Red Cinnamon
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(no subject)

Let me ask you all something.

So, last night, my boyfriend, my roommate, and her boyfriend all got REALLY drunk last night. I have not gotten that smashed in so long. roommate has a really sensitive stomach, and she drank a bottle of champagne and had three shots of vodka in, like, an hour. Not long after that, she was curled up on the floor of our living room.

Meanwhile, my roommate's boyfriend was four-fifths of the way through a bottle of Jaeger -- and the guy was SO GONE. He's usually really quiet and shy. Seriously, sometimes when I say hi to him, he just kind of looks away and mutters something. But he would not shut up last night. He kept trying to cuddle with my roommate on the floor, but she kept snapping at him that she felt sick and to leave her alone.

Collapse )

Yeah. OK. Needless to say, it was VERY awkward. And I'm not...I don't know what to do. I mean...what the hell was that all about, TQC? I'm not really sure what to do here. I don't know if I should tell my boyfriend or my roommate about any of this. My boyfriend isn't really the jealous type, but then again, I don't usually have guys falling all over me. My roommate is, however, the jealous type, so...I don't want  her getting pissed off at me or her boyfriend over this. Plus, her boyfriend is over here all the time, so, I mean...what do I say to him? Should I just stay quiet and pretend this never happened?

(no subject)

I'm about to take some Mucinex for the first time (holy shit those pills are huge!).
Should I expect drain like a faucet? Pharmacist says, "no" and 2 people have told me I'll blow through a box of tissue in an hour.

Tell her to get over me already

Look, I broke it off weeks ago. I haven't been answering my phone because I don't want to talk to her. I have been going to the more expensive organic grocery store down the street instead of Wal-mart because I don't want to accidentally run into her. I have intentionally tried to sever all ties. Now will you please tell your mom to stop calling me?
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(no subject)

do you both love and hate the internet?

you know how people respond to comments with 'this' instead of 'iawtc'? my husband said it was weird, but i like it because 'this' is easier to type that 'iawtc' - he didn't believe that it was easier to type. why do you use 'this' instead of 'iawtc'?

(no subject)

Dear question Club, I wish to know some cures for writers block. (preferably ones that relate to fanfic writing)

On a related note, does anyone else here find that they can form fantastic stories in their head, but cannot for the life of them get them out and onto paper (or a computer)?
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(no subject)

1. Can you blow fire? I have a question to ask you.

2. Does a K-Mart "lose prevention detective" sound like a fun job? Or would just be frisking gross people who look suspicious?

3. How often do you shoplift/steal?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever met someone in real life that you've known online first? How did it go? How long did you talk online before hand?
A friend is driving ~20 hours to meet me today. We've been talking online for a little over 2 years.
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(no subject)

1. what 3 movies should i rent tonight? (no horror or chick flicks, plz!)
2. did you go shopping this memorial day weekend/will you? if so, what did you buy/what are you going to buy?
3. your hero/role model?
4. favorite home made meal?
5. ugliest piece of clothing you've ever seen? (pics?)

Resume Question

Okay, so I'm trying to make up a decent resume for an internship. And I know they don’t really expect much experience from an intern, but my resume is sorely lacking in the work front. However, I do go to a really excellent school, so I have that going for me.

The thing is that I spent five years after high school taking care of my grandmother. This isn't a traditional job and I have no idea how it cite it on my resume. Caretaker? Personal assistant seems to be a bit of a stretch. The job that I'm interested in is in Marketing, too- so it doesn’t really have anything to do with anything I’ve done. I feel as though I HAVE to put it down, because aside from that my only other experience is short term work in an office at my old school and as a nanny last summer.

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!!cheer me up!!

 Put yourself in my position..
You're 7 months pregnant. Still working as a waitress. Full time.
You have no family to go to.. no friends.. You live with your boyfriend and his family.
And then one day you have his phone on you when you get a txt.. when you read it you get the feeling he is cheating. So you look at some of the other texts and lo and behold he's flirting thru txts with his little cousins best friend. (who is also underage).
What to do, what to do??

Confront him? Ignore it?

Hmm I have to admit I felt sick to my stomach at first. And then I just laughed it off.
Now I just need a clever way to 'confront' him about it.
I was thinking about tieing him up and making him think were about to do something really naughty in bed. And then taking his cell phone and calling this girl, giving him the phone and  just walking out on him. And leaving him for good.
Can anyone come up with anything else?
=) Please just make me laugh!!

Edit: Do you consider this cheating? I do. =/ I know its just txting. I know he hasnt messed with her. But the txt mentioned something about 'will you give me a kiss?' and thats just sick enough.
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I'm a mild Luddite...

My fiance wants to bundle our cable and internet services, get rid of our landline phone, and use our prepaid cell phone. It'll save us five bucks a month, the internet connection will be superfast*, and hardly anybody calls us anyway.

I'm a bit wary about getting rid of our landline, though. If something goes wrong with our cell phone (gets lost, stolen, etc...), it'll be a regular pain to get it replaced in a timely manner and have everybody know our new number. I say we find another internet provider that's just as fast and go from there, keeping our landline so we're still in the phone book (and will be somebody!).

What would you guys do? Are landline phones overrated? Am I being paranoid?

*I'll need good internet service soon, as I'm returning to college very soon to major in e-commerce. Although I can use the computers on the college campus until we can afford all the services he thinks we need.


How do you check TQC? Do you go to the comm page or is it on your friends page or what? How often do you check it?

Every now and then I'll pop in on the community page, read all the questions, and move back 20 entries. Repeat. I'll check it about 2-3 times a day (I am a bored uni student).

If you check TQC the way I do, how many entries back will you go (there are 20 per page)?

(no subject)

I'm making cheeseburgers tonight.
What should I mix in with the meat, besides garlic? I want to add something to up the moisture of the burgers.
They will be grilled.

What should I make on the side? French fries is a bit overdone.
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(no subject)

Ok, my family has some strange practices. I know we're all crazy.

In my family, when someone dies, they always put things in the coffin (at the wake) that the person liked. When my gram died, we put in playing cards. My aunt just passed away, and we're debating what we should put in there. Ideas have been: can of Coke, a canning jar, and knitting needles.

Does your family do this, or are we just extra crazy?

Dear TQC...

Should I tidy my room/start to pack for leaving in a week or procrastinate on LJ?

What's your favourite community that you check everyday? Either stupidpetowners or mylife_onceaday

What's the sweetest thing someone's done for you in the last week? My SO took a whole afternoon off revising for his exam on monday to drive me to the emergency dentist and back.

(no subject)

I was just on the beach and when I got inside I had a real bad itch in my crotchal region.  I reached into my bathing suit and found a HUGE beetle type insect  Now I'm convinced that it laid eggs in my poon and in a couple of days I'll be spawning little baby beetles. 

Do you think this could happen?

If it DID lay eggs there, would a good scrub with soap and water do the trick, or does it need a more intense cleansing?
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more tqc etiquette

if you have a question, but do a google search and find that it was already asked about a year ago, should you ask it anyway?

I was going to ask what karaoke song you like to sing but found this question, but I don't recognize any of the users. I guess if you weren't around then, could you tell me what you like to sing for karaoke? If you were around, has your list changed?
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(no subject)

So let's say you're looking for a job. You ask a good friend of yours if she has any ideas. she doesn't. then a few days later she finds out two of your friends who are quasi-friends of hers are also looking for jobs. she texts you: "tell those guys that they can get a job here[where she works], lots of people are quitting or leaving!" Would you be somewhat offended?

(no subject)

When I am going to bed, I prefer for it to be pitch black and silent. But when I'm taking a nap, I like my blinds open so my room is well lit and the TV to be on (But not too loud).

Do your preferences change depending on whether or not you're taking a nap or if you're going to bed for the night? How?

(no subject)

I have 3 bottles of cheap champagne in the fridge. They have been repeatedly chilled, gotten warm, chilled, gotten warm etc for like 2 months. (Ew,  I know)

can i drink them or will they poison me? i'm not too worried about taste.
Edit: we are making some kind of crack juice w my nasty champagne, vodka, sprite, and fruit punch. oye.
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(no subject)

Okay, be honest, TQC... what's your price for *daha* sex? What about some globalwarmer action? Yoder?

Who (TQC members, mind you, for all you losers that'd be all "my SO, tee hee!") would you bang for free?
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(no subject)

I'm about to make banana bread for the first time EVAR.

So my bananas are pretty ripe. When I go to peel them and mash them up for the batter, should I only use good parts of the banana, or is it also okay to include brown spots (you know, that mushy brownish part that most people avoid eating)?

Also, do you like banana bread with or without nuts? I personally like it without nuts since I don't like anything but peanuts and cashews.

(no subject)

my laptop keeps shutting down unexpectedly, i think it has something to do with the battery plug-in connector in the back because if i move it slightly, it turns off automatically. it was doing this with the one that originally came with it and i got a new one that worked fine for about a month, and now that one is acting up now too.

does anyone know what the problem could be, or how to fix this?
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(no subject)

scenario: You are in a bar and see someone who makes you feel like putting them up against a wall and going for it. If you had to tell them at least 2 impressive things about yourself in order to woo them..what would they be?
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(no subject)

I just ran for the first time in a long time and it felt so good.
What have you done lately that you are proud of?

I also just removed a blister that formed under a callus while running, it stings a tonne.
What stupid thing have you done lately?

(no subject)

How was your weekend?

Mine was interesting. I saw someone get arrested for the first time and I saw two fights at the bar I was at. That was interesting because this bar I was at doesn't strike me as a fighting type. Everyone said that they were shocked that there were fights there. It is a dueling piano bar and it just doesnt' seem like a fighting place.

Why is it that I only get bills or junk mail? I miss getting fun mail... :(
just a bill
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I'm applying to move into an apartment (to replace someone on a lease). I'm nervous that my credit will screw me though. I have a pretty low FICO score and one delinquent bill ($74 from a few years ago) but everything else has been paid. However, I only have one store credit card and student loans (which I'm deferring since I'm still in school). I've always paid my rent on time and don't have any other debt. Given this, do you think my application for the apartment will be denied?

(no subject)

I'm probably going in for my first pedicure this week. What should I expect? What do they do?

Also, my toes are freakishly hilarious in that the four little ones curl under some. My parents used to joke that I had monkey feet. I'm not really worried about it, but I was wondering if anybody else had something weird like this about their feet?

More Job Opinions

The other day I asked about whether or not I should give the two weeks notice at Target even though I've only been there like less than two weeks. Since most of you said I didn't need to (at least so long as I don't plan to use them as a reference) I have another question I'd like your opinions on. I'm going to work Wednesday since I was already scheduled too. Should I tell them I won't be coming in any more before I begin my shift or at the end?

(no subject)

If you have a sun conure, how has your experience with your sun conure been?

Would it be a bad idea to transport a sun conure? (From San Francisco to Sacramento. 2 hours drive.)

Any tips on sun conures?

What was the last good thing to happen to you?
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(no subject)

I want to make baked macaroni and cheese.

All the recipes I find keep saying to add powdered mustard.

Do you have a good recipe for baked macaroni and cheese?

Why would you add powdered mustard to macaroni and cheese?

(no subject)

Here's the situation: I work in a clothing store for curvy women, sizes 14-28.  I've lost a significant amount of weight and am almost out of the plus size range  A couple of my coworkers have made rude comments about my losing weight.

Seriously, what's up with that?
Do you think their behavior is bullshit?
Or am I being overly sensitive?

(no subject)

a). I recently got offered a summer job at my college to work as a resident community adviser for high school juniors and seniors. I'll get paid $700 for a one-month position, and get free housing and food.

b). I ALSO have the option of interning at a small advertising/media company in NYC. I wouldn't get paid and will have to pay for my own food and housing.

I'm unsure of which offer to take. I want to take the one that will benefit me more in the long run, but since I don't know exactly what I want to do in the future, I'm having a tougher time deciding. I'm contemplating careers in college admissions consulting and/or marketing/advertising (but I'm leaning more towards the latter), so I ultimately could benefit from both. But if I take A, and decide on a career in marketing, I don't think it'll really help me.

If you were me, what would you do?


I am thinking of trying to get accepted into a 4 year college. I will of course need to take the ACT's. My question is what year should I take them if I don't plan on starting college until the fall of 2009 or 2010? I don't know much about ACT's or how colleges look at them so I wasn't sure if they'd want a more recent test score or not. An example would be me taking the test later this year and ending up trying to get into a college in the fall of 2010 and the college wanting a more recent test score. Should I wait to take the test? I plan on taking a few months to study if need be.

Also, I graduated from high school last year so I never took the test then. I'm still able to take the test at my old high school [or any other high school testing area] right? Do you have to be in high school to take the test in one? Sorry I know I must sound clueless but I haven't really thought about going to a four year college until recently and I know little to nothing about the addmissions process. :/ I was never in any extra activities in high school and my GPA was average so I am hoping that if I get a high enough test score they will still accept me...
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(no subject)

 What is your favorite take-out restaurant?  What's your favorite thing to order?

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?   What's your favorite thing to order?

My answers: 

Take-out: Chipotle (om nom nom me loves some steak burrito! )
Sit-down: Carraba's (om nom nom chicken gratella with asparagus!) 
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever actually taken a cold shower as a remedy for being horny? Where do you think that saying comes from?

2. Have you ever fought with someone in a store over an item? If so will you expand? :D

3. 19" regular monitor to 24" widescreen - much of an upgrade do you think, considering the measurement is diagonal?

4. What should I watch tonight when I get home? Some Deadwood, Star Trek First Contact or Arrested Development on hulu?

(no subject)

Rachael Ray is annoyed by unicorns-

EW: Do you ever worry that there can only be so much happiness in the universe, and that every time you smile, a unicorn gets punched in the face?
RR: I would smile all day long, every day, if it guaranteed a unicorn getting punched in the face. I find them really annoying.

Why is Rachael such a dumb fuck?
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TQC, Help me look pretty. :D

I bought a dress for graduation today, and I have NO idea what to wear with it. It looks like this...
Collapse )

So, TQC, what should I wear with it?

Shoe, jewelry, and any other recommendations would be fantastic. :D
But, I can't wear very high heels with it, since I'm going to be walking across a muddy-ish field. D:

Edit: I just realized this question might seem funny, since I have to wear a cap and gown, but I'm having a party afterward so yeah. :D

Edit 2: The color is off-white/cream
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(no subject)

For those of you that go to the gym, and if you don't school forced PE counts.

What's your best gym/exercise messup?

Mine was this one time when I was listening to music and running... I got so into it that I accidentally punched the emergency stop button on the treadmill and almost fell off.

inevitable zombie apocalypse

I know we all have this vision of being the last hero when the world is taken over by zombies, but let's face the facts... odds are you'll be bitten eventually.

so if your friends find you wandering the streets trying to eat brains, what would you hope they'd do? Kill you? Just leave you wandering the streets? Would you be willing to be taken to a government facility, where they're searching for a cure, or maybe just chained up in the garage eating rats?
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(no subject)

1. Is cocaine physically addictive, or is it mostly psychological?

2. What do you think of white people with dreadlocks?

3. Are there any celebrities whom you particularly respect? Who and why?

4. If you've lived abroad, what did you most miss about home while you were there?

5. Does anyone else not like Mel Brooks movies? I only like The Producers, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein -- the ones with Gene Wilder in them. I think his others are kind of stupid.

(no subject)

I've recently come across five 100mg pills of desyrel.

I don't know much about them tho I've been reading about them online a bit tonight. Either way, I just want to hear personal experience.

Thats an interesting site.

Anyways, have you ever taken these little bastards? If so, tell me about, and if you have do you recommend taking 100mg or breaking them and taking 50mg at a time.
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(no subject)

does the mail get delivered on memorial day?

what do you do to make your awkwardly-white new sneaker-type shoes not so awkwardly-new-white for wearing in public? should i go roll in the mud or something?

(no subject)

1. Do you think you're a self-centered person? Or do you put others before self?

2. What is something big that you know you can accomplish but choose to ignore?

3. Do you think I would ever find a best friend?

(no subject)

Do challenging chefs ever win Iron Chef?

What can I add to crackers and goat cheese to make it even better?

Can your lips get sunburned? I know they have chapstick with SPF in it, but does it really prevent anything?

(no subject)

TQC, I have a question.
...... No kidding.

So, I have the animated Lord of the Rings movie....
And it is terrible. I'm embarrassed to be watching it!

Tell me, TQC, How much do I have to drink before it stops being made of fail?
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(no subject)

my friend signed me up for one of those random job things where they show you a presentation and then expect you to be their bitch because they have "flexible hours."

i said sure i'd go to their appointment, but when i found out the job would be going to people's houses and selling cutlery, i realized i would never want to do that.

and i don't want to wake up at 8 a.m. to go to some stupid presentation if i don't want to sell cutlery ever.

so skip the presentation? yes or no?

and if you didn't want to read any of that:
where do you work? do you like it? how long have you worked there and will you be continuing to work there?

(no subject)

So I have a white/beige rug with heavy stains on it. Apart from renting a carpet shampooing machine, or hiring someone to clean it (really expensive) I was wondering if there is any good products that will restore your carpet back to new?
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To female TQC's (and males with an opinion):

Have you ever gone to a car dealer to look for a new car or to a car repair shop for maintenance and feel like the sales guy/mechanic was trying to dick you around because of your gender? (Like women don't know as much as guys, so they are easier to manipulate and get an easier sale out of them)

If so - please share your experience!
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What what, in the butt?

No, seriously, can anyone point me to some vegan dessert recipes? One of the girls in my SnB is vegan and I want to make something that everyone can eat.
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What do you find to be the bee's knees, that no one else you know seems to like?

On the flip side, what can you not stand, that everyone else seems to be in love with?

If you have many of the above sort of problems, do you ever wonder what in the hell is wrong with you?
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If you go into whatever program you use that stores your music and search for the word "sex", how many songs come up?

What is the first of those songs?

Me - 5, All She Wants To Do Is Dance
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He said she said

Why do I keep checking girladvice? It's a terrible fucking community, and all of the members act and speak like they're 14 years old.

I just can't stop! It's like a self-destroying addiction. Help me TQC!

Also, why do people feel the need to type in small fonts?!

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Art history geeks, I have a question for you. There's an image behind this cut:

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There's a thing on a stand next to Mary on the right. Anyone know what that is, or better yet, what it symbolizes? (if anything)

And for those of you who don't know/don't care, how often do you dream about work?

Aaaaand, what are your favorite love songs that could theoretically be played on guitar and sung? (The lady likes when I sing and guitar her, and I'm looking for some new ones.)
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shoes with pockets

Are these shoes completely heinous? What should I store in the pockets?

Do you have shoes with pockets? If so, what do they look like?

I bought them 1/2 size too small, as it's the biggest size they come in. Is there anything I can do to get them to fit, or am I fucked? They felt like they fit when I tried them on but after wearing them for 30 minutes they felt way smaller/completely terrible.

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I'm more interested in the gay community's response but anyone can answer.

What do you think about this? Would it sway your decision in joining the armed services, if you had planned on serving?

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 Can someone please post the picture that says "Envy: it wears a coat in hides in your hallway" (or something like that...)?  I need to show my friend!

Also, do you enjoy Snoop Dogg: fatherhood?  ;-; I do.