May 24th, 2008

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i just found a baby opossum in my back yard, and it has a wound on its back. i felt bad for the little thing so i put it in a box with some water, dog food, sticks, and covered it with a blanket. i want to keep it. i don't think my cousin will let me but MAYBE MAYBE i can talk her into it.

anyone know about keeping them as pets? i know they get big, and that they are friendly, and that they will eat damn near anything. i also know that the laws on keeping wildlife vary from state to state so i am about to look into that.

but does anyone have any advice?

oh and i DID search the area for a mommy opposum, and didn't see any. they turn up as roadkill all the time in my neighborhood. :/

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How many of you have irl life friends who use LJ or similar online communities?
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most, what would you rate your Internet nerdiness?
How old are you?
Have you ever had a relationship that started online?

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1.) You know that flab on the inside of your upper arm? What are some really, good, effective ways to get rid of that?

2.) What, exactly, is the big deal about giving birth to the first grandchild?

3.) Why is my husband such a douche all the time?
drama llama

emo question

When was the last time you just wanted to scream "YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!"?
What is one area of your life/thing that has happened to you/goal that you have/whatever that you feel like nobody else really understands?

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Which is most likely to happen from Anthony Bourdain and Bobby Flay being in the same room?

1. they'd fawn over each other and talk for hours about $59 bowls of salad
2. they'd squabble over who is more talented
3. the world would implode due to the sheer amount of ego in such a confined space?

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TQC, I have incredibly dry skin on my face, I've been dealing with it for about 6 years now. Every moisturizer I have tried leaves me flaky + acne. What moisturizer do you use?

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Wouldn't it be awesome if all of our mostly-circular orifices were, like crucifix-shaped, or triangular? My pee-hole would be so pretty. P.S. If you were wondering from that post I made a long time ago, I've located my pee-hole.

What are some things I can do to accentuate my Asian-ness?

just 2 questions

I'm online, really board, so I wanted to see what peoples answers would be to these two questions:

1. If you could have just one power, what would you power be?

2. If you could transform into any animal (weather it be a pet, insect, wild, or tiny creature) what animal would you be?

My Answers:

1. I would want to be able to move things with my mind.

2. cat 
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GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

Huge favor?

I suck at photo stuff (not an exaggeration), so could you help me extract the logo from the shirt of the guy who is on his head and make it into a big photo by itself?

(Big = a normal size photograph)

You dont necessarily have to clean it up or reduce the noise unless the photo really needs it.

I'm willing to do sexual favors in return-
Or knit you a onesie.

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The road less travelled

Watch the video above. For $10,000, would you travel the entire course...without ropes? Remember that part of the path that's little more than metal piping


For $30,000, would you walk across the entire course wearing platform shoes? There's no rope


For $100,000, would you travel the entire course on stilts? No parachutes or ropes


For $10,000,000, would you travel the entire course by....pogostick? No ropes or parachutes


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Can you give me your opinion?

My ex-boyfriend of four years dumped me on facebook from another continent after he cried in my arms and professed his love for me the night before he left. Turns out he was cheating on me and is with this girl now. (Mind you, he never actually said the words. Just changed his status to "single" and I haven't heard from him since the night before he left.)

My best friend of 20 years is dating his best friend. (We set them up.) After the whole situation, I asked her not to go out of her way to be friendly to him. Granted, she's in a tough position but her loyalties are to me. Not him. (I, in no way, shape or form asked her to choose her boyfriend over me.) After providing no support to me of any kind, she then went and offered him a ride home from the aiport. Then she had him and the girl he cheated on me with over for dinner, took pictures of the night and posted them all over. I obviously cut her out of my life because I don't tolerate such disloyalty.

That's the situation in a nutshell.

Now, the thing is, everyone around my age (25) agrees with me for cutting her out of my life. Older people, I'd say around 50+ think I'm being ridiculous. I find that interesting.

What do you think? Would you have done the same thing? I don't think that I'm wrong but I'd still like to know what others would have done in my situation.

EDITJust to clarify some things. I never TOLD her to do anything. I had a calm discussion with her about it and told her how I felt. I would never TELL her to make a choice. (However, that is what she told me to do regarding another friend of mine.) Also, her boyfriend agrees with me and I never asked her to choose me over him. That's ridiculous. Another thing, this is just the latest after many years of doing hurtful and mean things towards me and I felt bad for ending the friendship earlier. I appreciate her tough position. However, she could've at least have been supportive of me and been there like all my other friends were instead of not even calling to see how I was doing. Also, someone mentioned his new girlfriend. I don't blame her in the least. She probably knew nothing of me so she's irrelevent. I apologize for sounding all high and mighty. That was not my intention. I just happen to believe that hanging out with my ex and his new girlfriend on a regular basis (when the situation is still fresh) isn't very nice. I just wish she would have been open with me about the situation instead of going behind my back like she did. So yeah... that's pretty much it. Sorry again for coming off like a bitch.
regina [lupinskitty]

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Anyone else watching Eurovision tonight?

Who are you rooting for?


My friends are even having a party. :)

Eh, I don't know. Spain's clearly-not-serious song is not as funny as Ireland's was, so I feel like it would not be as lulzy if they won, and I am clearly not watching this seriously. I do kind of like Greece and Serbia's songs, though
hannibal skull


How many addresses have you had in your life? Could you recall them if you were pressed to?

How many phone numbers? Do you remember them all?

I have moved house 25+ times. I have had about 10-12 different phone numbers, maybe more. :$

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Alright, I got the right side of my lip pierced yesterday.

I wake up this morning, and it's about the size of a grape.

Normal: y / n ?

I got my labret pierced last summer, and I don't remember
swelling quite like this..
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Oh hay thar

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So I have been working at my new job (first job out of college) for one month now. It's a small office of 4 other people, I love the people and I have the most responsibility in that office.

My boss operates out of another office. Upon hiring he mentioned I get 10 paid sick days a year. I made it clear I had obligations and appointments planned months before and would have to take these days off. One was the second day of work (April 29) another was yesterday (unexpected, I have pink eye), the third is Thursday and the last is June 8 for my grad.

He was cool with this and said they count as sick days.

Turns out one of the women in my office does everyone's hours on the sheet that is submitted to my boss and she's not putting me down for those days. She even told me yesterday "Good thing you got paid for Monday, it'll be like you didn't lose todays pay." Monday was a holiday that we didn't work but were paid for.

How should I bring it up without looking money-hungry or an asshole since I've only been there for one month?

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So who do you consider to be "fat"? (And I'm not talking about obese, just at what point is someone considered "fat" versus "average"?)

(You can give me number of pounds overweight, a picture, an explanation of muffin-top, whatever you want)
Grumpy Angel


So I've recently taken up playing rugby, thanks to a friend who belongs to a club that was DESPERATE for new players.  I'm beginning to realize that most people where I live (western Canada) know nothing about the sport.  How about you guys?

1) Is rugby big where you are?  Where are you?
2) Do you know much about the sport?
3) Do you think people who play it are crazy? (I'm starting to wonder... *grin*)

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Poll #1193193 Doggone it!

It's around 3am and you're driving back home from somewhere. You're going down an empty street, when a white shape darts out in front. You end up running over a dog. It's dead. It has a collar though. The address on the collar indicates that it lives in that yellow house on the corner. It's way late and the owners are no doubt asleep, and you have a dead dog. What do you do?

Leave the dog where it is. They'll find it. I don't have to own up to hitting it. It isn't like it'll change anything if I claim responsibility
Knock on the door. Sure, I'll wake up the owners, but they'll want to know about this. I just want to apologize
Pull the dog to the side of the road. Keep on driving. It won't get further damaged by other cars
Throw the dog into their yard, then drive home
Leave a note on their door, explaining what happened and how sorry you feel.
Put dog in trunk. Dump it somewhere. Better they think the dog just ran away and is alive somewhere than have to deal with its tragic death
Sue the owners of the house for damaging your vehicle and giving you stress
Sneak the dog back onto their property, but curl it up so the dog looks like it's sleeping. Maybe they won't notice
Write apology on note (no address or phone number). Tie note to rock. Throw rock through their bedroom window. Drive off

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1) What has TQC taught you?

2) If you were to recommend a book, a movie and a song to anyone what would you recommend?

3) If you like chilies, where did you eat the hottest chili paste/sauce etc so far?
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What are you excited/happy about right now?

The other week I'd turned down a part time job I really wanted because it was a less convienet and I was worried my parents would be mad. Afterwards I realized it was a huge mistake because the job I turned down would have gotten my foot in the door in my chosen career path. The guy called me today and said one of the people dropped out and offered me the job again :D I'm so damn excited that I feel like I'm not sure it really happened.
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 So I have this frend who is a boy. I sort of have a 'thing', if you can call it that, for him. He plays a sort of buddy-buddy thing with me, but he doesnt do it with any of our other girlfriends. like mess up my hair or jump on me etc.

I dont give him any impression that I have a crush on him.. does he see me as just a good friend by doing those things? I just cant read him.

yes I know.. i sound like im in middle school. but its driving me nutz!

what do you think?

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to those not tied down:

do you want to get married one day?

who sees it as kind of a death sentence?

does anyone else get a little nauseous when they see wedding photos?

i always thought i'd get married and felt like i was the marrying type. but recently i've realized i really don't want to get married and the concept seems more terrifying than good or romantic. i hate wedding photos, i hate meeting and listening to girls whose whole lives have become their husband once they tied the knot. i always liked the idea until recently when i felt like it just gets you one step closer to death and gets you there that much quicker.

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I am extremely unhappy in my major...unhappy to the point of treating every class for my major as a chore (and my grades reflect this).

Q1: But would it be stupid to try to change my major/transfer (and thus delay my graduation by 2/2.5 years) when I'm only 8 classes and a thesis project away from graduating?

Q2: How do you find motivation?

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i used to read a lot, but i haven't been reading much (aside from what i was assigned for school) in the past few years. i want to start reading again, but don't know where to start. so, tqc, will you recommend some awesome books for me?

i don't like fantasy. anything else is ok.

parrot rescue?

I have a friend who's mum has two neglected African Grey parrots. I've always wanted one and it hurts me to know these two aren't being looked after.

I'm at uni and couldn't give them as much love as they should have, yet I'd give a lot more than they're getting at the moment.

Do I offer to buy them? Both (the parrots are kept seperate) or just one? How much do I offer?

I don't even know she'd let me have them, she's a bona fide animal hoarder.
lulu guinness clutch

ice cream sandwiches

For the last day of school I want to make cookie ice cream sandwiches to bring to work/school (it's an after school program).

What cookie/ice cream combos would you like?

Obviously I'll be doing chocolate chip/vanilla, but I'm wondering what else seems like it would be delicious. I can't use any with peanuts, or regular nuts.


I am thinking of making mussels for dinner tomorrow and I am looking for a good recipe or sauce to do for them with a good side dish and drink. Its for kids and adults.

Any ideas? more so for kids who have never tried mussels before....?

I'm thinking of a cream sauce for in shell muscles but all I can find is crappy sauce recipes online, or spicy ones =/

i like - my babies 6

double strollers


I need a double jog stroller. i have a wonderful twin techno by maclaren, but i walk way too fast and trip over the center wheel, and any attempt at a light jogging pace (ie crossing busy streets) makes the front wheels jiggle and wiggle like a bad shopping cart. I love my maclaren, but its best for STROLLING. i like to move faster than that!

My question is for anyone who's had any experience with double joggers.

what kind do/did you have?
what did/didn't you like about it?
if you replaced it, why? and with what? was it better?

i've read so many reviews on so many strollers, my head is spinning. but not all people who love or hate it actually write a review.. so, tqc, what do you say? help a mom out!
yummy beer!, yummy

actual birthdates and weddings, part deux

Inspired by this, what would you think of a sibling who selects their wedding date to closely coincide with the time that another sibling is due to give birth?

I promise I've gotten past it (most days), but my sister chose her wedding date to be around the time I was due to have my baby. As it turns out, I gave birth two days before her wedding and missed out on sharing that day with her and the family.

If that's too maudlin for you, can you share a time that a family member irked you with a seemingly inconsiderate choice that they made?

edit: they chose the wedding date around the same time I found out I was pregnant - they had the ceremony outdoors and the reception in a family church, so no pre-planning deposits at stake in this situation.

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Do you think parents should lose their children if they post them on ebay or craigslist as a joke? Why or why not?

Would you ever post a joke listing on Ebay or Craigslist? (doesnt have to be selling your child, just a joke one to see what responses you would get)

  • matsu

random questions: fun for the whole family.

1a. Today I found out that my roommates took my rabbit out to play with her, and somehow or other she chewed through the cable to my PS2 three times. Has anything pissed you off recently?
1b. If you can't think of anything, can you think of a creative way to get back at them?

2. I have to make a dessert for a party tomorrow. Will you share a recipe you like with me? Bonus points if it doesn't use a metric ass-load of ingredients and if it's easy to make.

3. As stupid as I think the people on this show are, I'm more or less addicted to A Shot at Love. Is there a show (or if not, movie, book, etc.) you're embarrassed to admit you like?

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What steps are involved in giving yourself the perfect manciure and/or pedicure?

When was the last time you had a manicure/pedicure?

What's your favorite nail polish brand?

What's your favorite nail polish color?

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Today, for the first time ever, I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize, googled it, and actually GOT AN ANSWER.

What do you do when you get a phone call from a number you don't recognize?
How often do you actually find out who it was (through whatever means)?

Also, google your own phone number. Does it say who you are?

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Don't you hate when you are hungry....oh so hungry and look in your kitchen to find something to eat NOTHING looks appealing enough?

What's the weirdest meal you have ever eaten? was it yummy?

What should I make for lunch?

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How much would you say has the rising price of gas affected the way you live?

What do you do different now than you did when gas was cheap?

How high do you think gas will go before the world (or at least America) implodes in upon itself?

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So I posted earlier about getting a job I really wanted, now I have a related question. I was hired at Target on the 14th-that was my first paid day-for the orientation. I've only actually worked there two days so far. For 90 days I am under probation, where they can pretty much fire me at any time and such if they decide I don't work out. obligated am I do give them two weeks notice?

I think the new job would be willing to try and work around the current job but honestly I despise the job and really would like to get out ASAP. I don't know if there's any sort of legal obligation to give them two weeks notice, I wouldn't think so since shit happens sometimes and it can't always be done. My mom figures if they can fire me at any time during the probation I should be able to quit any time.

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For those who smoke, why did you start smoking? What got you to smoke that first cigarette (and continue)?

I'm curious to hear from people who've never been regular smokers but have tried cigarettes, too.
marcel's rap

To the Filipinos

I need a picture of Haw Haw candy. Not the commercially produced Haw Haw candy, which is this:

But the kind comes shaped as skinny square logs and wrapped in tissue paper. My friend told me that that's called Haw Haw too, but is it?
do the d.a.n.c.e.

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What does your voicemail greeting say?
"Hi, this is Giovanna. If you don't know who Giovanna is, hang up now. Otherwise, leave a message."

Do people still leave messages intended for someone else after hearing the greeting?
Yep. This morning I got 2 voicemails from a stranger in Spanish about a rendez-vous. I'm anticipating another call from that same person.

Do people listen anymore?
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bad kitty

My monthy review

Okay, you got a new job a month ago. Things seem to be going pretty well. It's a family business, so your boss is very particular, but nothing major has come up. At the end of your decent first month review, your boss says,

"This is just to remind you that the probation period is three months long and our decision to keep you won't be made on just this month."

How do you take that?

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 How do you keep yourself from throwing up when you feel like you are about to?

For those of you who have finished FF7 Crisis Core do you have any tips for the final boss fight? The walk-throughs are not very helpful.

What is/was your favorite Shel Silverstein poem?

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Did you see the movie Spanglish?

Did you like it? Why or why not? 

I'm just curious because it's on right now. It's one of my default movies (when nothing better is on tv, there are a few movies that I'll turn to because I don't mind watching them).

(My cut has spoilers if you haven't seen it.)

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uh, what exactly is a girl supposed to wear golfing? i'm not going to buy new clothes just to go golfing once so i'll have to make do with what i have. i was thinking i would wear a polo shirt and a pair of black shorts, would this be acceptable?

what kind of shoes? i have a lot of flats and flip flops and heels, but i'm pretty sure i can't wear those golfing. i also have a pair of vans velcro sneakers, some puma athletic sneakers (one of which doesn't have any laces, but i could borrow some from someone elses shoes), and a pair of kind of dressy flats that are kind of old ladyish and are pretty comfy. i know these all suck, but which is the most appropriate?
  • kaethe

Running shoe recs?

I want to do the Couch to 5K running plan this summer. Does anyone have recommendations for good walking/running shoes at a reasonable price (preferably under $100, but I could go up to $150 if I had to)? I have duck feet and practically no arch, so I'd need something that comes in wide width and provided plenty of support.

me - with gun
  • shinga

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When you're buying something new at the grocery store, what is the first thing you check for on the ingredients list/nutrition facts? Why?

What is the last new food you tried? Did you like it?

(I check for citrus/citric acid due to the allergy thing... and if I'm buying food for my family I check for gluten/wheat too... also, I tried some new dip at the store, it was nice :))

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I ordered a pizza a little while ago. The pizza delivery guy took a long time, and I was beginning to wonder what happened... He called and said that he couldn't find my house, and I asked him where he was.

Turns out he was in front of the house next door to mine.

So, TQC, what's the most stupid thing you've seen a person do recently?

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I want to email my tutor and ask when to expect my marked essay. (I do my uni course from home). Last few essays I have got back within 2 days, its been almost 2 weeks now.

However I don't want to sound like I'm pushing him if that makes a sense? Whats a polite way of asking when to expect it?



1. Males: Have you ever proposed to someone and got rejected?

2. I saw an interesting guy sitting outside at uni the other day with an amazing red Robin Hood hat (with the feather!). I went up to him and said, "I like your hat," and he replied "Thanks" but not before giving me a suspicious look. This is typical when I give any "stranger" guy or girl a compliment. I'm not out to hit on boys or girls when I compliment them (I'm asexual anyway). I'm not weird-looking either. Nor am I a wannabe-indie-kid-poser*. What gives?

*Not trying to insult the non-wannabe indie kids who are not posers, btw.

3. Are there other people out there who enjoy going out alone? E.g. going out to dinner, watching a movie, going to orchestra performances, shopping, gym etc. alone. Is there a term for this (aside from 'loner')? How do you deal with good friends who are a little clingy and want to 'hang out' with you all the time?
Izma - Flea in a box
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What TV series had the best finale ever?

My vote is for Six Feet Under. That just happens to be the best show ever, too.

What's the last book you read in one day?

From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris. Started it this morning at work and just finished it.
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Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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You are part of an underground organization of thief/home-maintenance people who break into the houses of the wealthy and strip all of their floors of carpet and/or any other sort of fancy flooring, leaving them with something that looks like cement and dirt that a dog peed on and no one really remembered to clean up the mess. Why do you do this? Well, you want to build a giant castle made out of carpet and marble and hardwood too keep out unpleasant types and engage in various orgies. Like all people really do, secretly.

However, during one of your break-ins, with some of your comrades-in-pliers, you find yourself in the large mansion of a country singer that you happen to particularly enjoy. You start picking up his carpet whenever you hear a shotgun blast and feel a sharp pain...and then whole lot of nothing.

You wake up, some time later, finding yourself strapped in a chair. You can't turn your head to see if your partner is there, but you assume he is just because it's for the best. The country star tells you provides you with an ultimatum: Tell him the whereabouts of your boss (and break the code of the organization and possibly face severe reprimand and possible expulsion and/or death) or go in the back room and have sex with him so he can post it on the Internet.

With that in mind, do you:
1 - Use the opportunity while he's talking to undo your hand restrains and attack him?
2 - Use Dark Charizard?
3 - Double-click the power cord?
4 - Watch as your partner shows up from behind with a katana and attacks him, but quotes "Die Hard" instead of "Pulp Fiction"?
5 - Spill the beans and have sex with him anyway because he's hot?
6 - Spill the beans, then attack him and kill him?
7 - Never fess up, and endure really bad, clumsy Internet-sex-tape sex?
8 - Never fess up, and kill him in the middle of really bad, clumsy, Internet-sex-tape sex?
9 - Lie to him just so you can get out there?

dear Dr. Ehljay

Could I have injured my jaw eating a baguette?
Used to be that when I yawned or opened my mouth really wide the right side of my jaw would pop. It didn't hurt or anything but now since chowing down on french bread and delicious jam the right side of my jaw doesn't pop and the left locks up sometimes or pops...but in a way that feels like I've done something very bad to my jaw :/ (holy run on sentences batman)

I'll be going to the doctor some time this coming week but I wanted to know what you guys thought or if this has ever happened to anyone else. Srsly. Could I have fucked up my jaw eating bread?
Feet Pyramid

(no subject)

If you're a part of a minority community (African American, Mexican, Cuban, etc), would you be willing to play a role (in a movie or tv show, for example) that portrayed your character in a stereotypically negative light, such as a black drug dealer or a Mexican gang member?
bob dylan


I recently started working for a friend of my mother's, basically doing grunt work (cleaning, coffee runs) around a shop. Some days (including today) when the boss isn't there, the other employees - higher up on the ladder than I - decide to close up shop early if business is slow. That's cool with me, but the boss pulled me aside and told me that she suspects they're closing up shop too early. She asked me to let her know if they close any earlier than ten or fifteen minutes before regular closing time. She has friends who work on the same street as her shop, and I suspect that she also asked them to let her know.

I'm new at the store, and I don't want to get on anyone's bad side. If I tell and the other employees find out it was me, I'll look like a snitch or a suck-up. On the other hand, if my suspicions are right and she has people seeing if we close up shop, I'll look like I'm being untruthful if I don't say anything, and could get on the bad side of my boss.

What do you think? Should I snitch or keep quiet? 


Have you ever gotten a ticket from one of those automatic cameras? did you pay it or throw it away?

i was speeding today and i'm pretty sure it took a picture, is there anyway to get out of this ticket?

also, have you tried the photoblocker spray? does it work?

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Is there anything in the world spiritually satisfying than the whitest yuppies in the world listening to "hardcore" gangster rap obnoxiously loud in the the whitest "camp ground" in northern Wisconsin? Huh, is there, TQC?

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Feed the kitty

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You're hanging out with a friend at a bar. You're driving, and you are your friend's ride home. You told this friend that you're only drinking non-alcoholic drinks - soda, tea, whatever - because you're driving. Friend announces some time later that they're buying you a drink, goddammit. You say, "Thanks, but please don't." Friend orders the drink for you anyway. You refuse to drink it and remind your friend that you're not drinking this evening. Friend throws a fit and yells about how rude you are to not take the goddamn drink that they just bought for you.

Do you:
1. Accept the drink and apologize to your friend
2. Refuse the drink and apologize, trying to smooth things over
3. Accept the drink and punch your friend in the face
4. Refuse the drink, throw it in their face, and walk out, leaving your friend stranded at the bar
5. Something else altogether?

Perfect Day

Describe your perfect day. Who would you spend it with? Where would you want to be? What would you do, or see or whatever fits into your pefect day?

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On a more serious note

How well mannered, on a scale of 1-10 would you consider yourself?

If you'd consider yourself a 7 or up, does it bother you when other people are less well-mannered?

Does it bother you more when you know that they know how manners work, but don't seem to think the rules apply to themselves?

1. Depending on the circumstance, I know I have impeccable manners. So, at my best, 10+

2. It really irks me, especially when I show better manners and patience, as a guest, than my "hosts" do.

3. Nothing makes me want to punch my upper-class friends in the face more than their spoiled behaviors, jesus christ.
Georgie - Smiles

(no subject)

What should I do with my hair, TQC? I'd like to keep the length at least a bit longer than my shoulders, and I don't want anything too high-maintenance, but I'd like something less boring and more flattering. Any thoughts? Pictures would be super helpful, if you have any.

Also, how do you keep your hair from frizzing up in cold weather?

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a sushi
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When a TQCer is no longer with us, how would you remember them based on only what they have asked the community?

Basically, will you name someone in TQC and say how they would be remembered based on their questions?

Where oh where can my husband be?!?

My husband got a call from his friend and coworker yesterday evening, inviting him to go fishing on the ocean today.

He had to leave around 3am this morning. There's obviously no cell phone reception in the open ocean and he guesstimated he'd be getting back to mainland around 4:30pm.

It's now 6:15pm and I still keep going straight to his voicemail.

So, what time do you think he's going to get home tonight?

Edit: I'm not really worried about him....I just want to spend some quality time with him before he goes back to work tomorrow for a whole 24 hours.
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1) Probably tealdeer. But I wrote an entry on a friend of mine and vented my frustrations. I didn't attack her but wrote exactly what I was feeling about the situation on a whole. She called me up today to discuss the situation at hand and was mad that I "wrote about [her] on the internet." I told her it was my journal and I wasn't going to censor my thoughts. I also told her no one on the internet cared. She said it wasn't the point. So TQC, am I a horrible person for writing about someone in my journal?

2) Tell me about your most horrible experiance at work? What was your best?

3) Would you do Mike Rowe? Y/N

high school

I hear people tell crazy stories of all the fun they had evading the authorities with their friends in high school, going to parties, hooking up with the opposite sex, driving around... whatever.

I had no such friends in high school. I felt isolated and invisible and detested every second of it.

And when I tell people this they reply, "Oh that's everybody, you're not that unique, everyone who's 15 feels like that."

seriously tqc, which is it? did you have friends, or did you feel like high school was absolutely horrid (or both)?
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Let's say you have knowledge of a secret code that would be useful to terrorists. You are kidnapped by terrorists who threaten to torture someone until they die in front of you unless you tell them what they want to know. You can't lie, because the code won't work if you give them the wrong one.

Would you tell them if it was a stranger?
A friend?
A member of your family?
Your SO?

Does anyone else feel this way?

I really don't think anyone understands this, but I really hate that I'm so influenced by physical attraction. I hate that it sometimes makes or breaks whether I'm interested in a guy or not. I've talked about this before people basically said that it was natural and there's nothing wrong with it, but I still feel conflicted about myself inside about this.

I know that I would feel horrible if a guy whom I'm interested in rejects me for being too ugly, so I always feel like I should give guys whom I'm not physically attracted to chances, and to not reject guys just b/c of their physical. But it's sometimes hard.

Sometimes I feel so conflicted about this that I've considered erasing the thought of ever being in relationships altogether and to just be sort of be like a nun (but w/o the religion part) and concentrate on helping the impoverished. I even don't feel comfortable if a guy pursues me (partially) b/c he's physically attracted to me, and if I were to do the same to him.

I can imagine you guys thinking this is kind of ridiculous b/c I've never gotten an "I feel you" type of reaction to this whenever I've talked about it. I'm just wondering if anyone else feels this way, too.

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1. What would happen if you actually put your thumbs in someones eyes and kept pushing? Would they explode? Would they live? Do you think you'd be able to touch their brain afterwards?

2. Have you ever seen someone getting curb stomped in real life?

3. Do you press the spacebar once or twice after periods and colons?

I'm dyeing my hair today. Should I dye it dark brown or black?
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So TQC, I recently moved and it has been horrible!

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So...does anyone have any moving horror stories they'd like to share?

How should I cheer myself up? (Booze is out of the question at the moment....)

On the bright side, I'm ecstatic that my husband and I no longer have to deal with his stupid brother.

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I'm listening to an 'adult alternative' station, and The Beatles are on. Would you consider them adult alternative? or 'oldies'?
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1) Do you like sweetened or unsweetened iced tea? My mum got into an argument with me about how EVERYONE she knows hates sweetened iced tea, so I kind of want to know what everyone thought.
2) How are you spending your Saturday night?
3) When was the last party you went to?

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Favourite Chris Cornell Song & album it's from?

Whether that be solo, Soundgarden, Audioslave...

Favourite Nine Inch Nails song?

I'm trying to ditch the indie rock & roll for my boyfriend & i'm starting with his two favourites.

ta very much pals.
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If there is a song I want to import into a video editing program but I got the song from iTunes (meaning it is locked and wont let me do so) what can I do to "unlock" it?

the song is locked and i need to import it into Final Cut. it wont let me convert it to anything and copying it doesnt do anything (neither does burning it into a cd).

what do I doo??

do you own a onesie?

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What's the most common language to study if you want to continuously travel to underdeveloped countries to directly help the impoverished (like the Peace Corps)? I've have credit for 3 quarters of Spanish and am technically done with foreign language credits, but want to take up a language that will help me with this goal of mine. Also, I'm tired of Spanish. I'd really like to travel to Africa, but would also like to go to the most impoverished countries, also.

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I need a new default icon. Can you show me an awesome icon so I can ~steal~ it?

What's your favourite recipe? Links?

Do you drive a Chevy Aveo? Do you like it? I'm thinking about buying one.

And the ever so popular - What hairstyle should I get?

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How comfortable is your home/apartment/dorm/whatever right now?

Mine is not very. A bunch of tenants bitched about being cold so now it's 75 degrees out and the apartments have heat on until Tuesday, when the pipes cool down enough to not feel the heat anymore. It's to early to rent an a/c and the windows are all wide open :(

Also, anyone here good at Java? I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around BufferedReader...
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Okay guys, there's been no dinner in the house and in a minute I will need to make a run up to some fast food place to fix this.

Here's what's in range...

Taco Bell
Backyard Burger

Wendy's and Taco Bell are both very close (the trip there, ordering and getting the food and returning, would be like 15 minutes tops)

Problem is, I have been craving Backyard Burger all day, but it's a bit farther away (maybe about 10 minutes just to get there) and there's no guarantee that it's open, seeing as I don't think it's a 24 hour thing like Wendy's and Taco Bell.

Should I ignore the craving and get what I know I can and just put off Backyard Burger until tomorrow or so?

And if I go Taco Bell/Wendy's, which one should I go to? :D

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 Will you comment with song lyrics that sum up your feelings and thoughts for the moment?

I'm in need of some good brain fluff. Can you point me in the dirrection of a mindless activity? 

Will you post a link to a song that you find to be beautiful? 

Today felt like an eternity in passing yet gone in the blink of an eye. How is/was your day?

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I eat one bag of potato chips a day. This concerns me.

I have no significant known health problems. Get a little winded running, but that's about it. I walk a ton, run a little, sometimes lift at the gym. I am thin, with a little bit of fat here and there. A little bit of belly, but I'm thin enough to be called thin. Besides the Doritos, I eat pretty well, although I don't have the money to eat better. (I'm a college student, so I probably have more instant foods than an older person would, but by no means do I generally eat "unhealthy.")

My question is this: what effects is this bad habit going to have on my health someday? Assuming I eat relatively well otherwise, keep walking as much as I do and generally stay in good shape, will the Doritos do significant damage? What are the health risks of eating Doritos?

I've been wondering about this for awhile. How soon should I give it up -- what would be helpful? And yes, I know this is ripe for a little bit of humor, but I'm looking for advice. I don't drink very much at all, and I don't smoke, so this is my big unhealthy thing. I've been eating Doritos for quite awhile now, and I have wondered for awhile is there a threat to me from these bags and their tasty delights?

Typically, I eat a bag of Doritos Collisions a day, 99 cent bag. If that helps.

Catastrophe Movies

I'm in the mood for movies about catastrophes. Twisters, end of the world doomsday stuff, fires, trapped in a snow cabin etc. etc. etc.

But I've seen all the movies I know about. Name your favorite(s), please :)
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TQC, how out of touch with teenagers am I? I want to give my cousin, who is turning 15 on Monday, a $25 gift certificate to Threadless.  He is really into music, plays drums (both in school band and an actual drum kit), and designs his own clothing sometimes.  Is this an acceptable gift or should I consider something else? 

ETA:  Giving just money is somewhat out of the question.  Both of his parents have always said (very openly) that giving money is impersonal and they hate it.  So I'm thinking this ideology might have passed on to him.  But I like giving the option to choose what the recipient might want, so yeah, thus gift certificate.

Or, what would YOU buy a 15 year old boy for his birthday?

(It's so much easier to buy for toddlers and young kids, gah.)

ETA x 2:  Alright, I wound up going for the Threadless thing after all.  I made him a gift certificate to stuff in his card since they just email the code. 

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My kid rented The Little Mermaid from Netflix, and I watched the beginning with him - there's Ariel, age 16, filling out her bra nicely, ready for love like any human adolescent, adult urges but childish judgment, and narrowly escaping a shark attack. Do mermaids menstruate? Is that what the shark was tracking her by?

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Okay, TQC. I need something fluffy and possibly trashy to read. Basically, I don't want to use my brain.

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So, my brother is kinda stupid. He was messing with my dad and my dad got up to wash his hands; my brother took off and my dad was "Why're you running away?"
"I don't wanna get raped" (WTF?)
"Don't worry, I'm not into bestiality"
And then my dad came back into his room to lay down and muttered "There's probably a name for people who fuck retards, but bestiality was fitting for the moment"

So, my question is, is there a -phile or -philiac for people who do mentally handicapped people?

Also, where is my silver US10 knitting needle? I found one of them, but the second one is missing.

I just finished knitting a hat and I need to jazz it up. It's black and has an all around brim. Should I use a ribbon to separate the brim from the bowl part? What colour ribbon? Silver or plum to match my glasses?
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I spent all afternoon yesterday revamping my myspace and by the time I went to bed everything was saved and perfect. But then I checked it today and a layout was up that I tried out early that day, all my other changes were gone. I have no idea why it would revert back to an old layout and I really don't want to redo everything all over again. Does anyone know what to do or why this happened?