May 23rd, 2008

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1. How tall are you? And what is your inseam?

2. If you are female with a male partner, does he actually like you in lingerie? Or is lingerie just one of those cliche things that it seems like guys should like but none of them actually care for?

3. Do you know where this bear is from and if I can find one in a panda suit?
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power to the peaceful


What is something that, for you, was caused by dumb luck but ended up drastically changing your life?

Meeting my best friend Kristen. I was thinking about it and realized that we met because we ended up living on the same hall freshman year at a huge university... pure dumb luck. Today I cannot, cannot imagine my life without her


What's the most you've ever seen charged for a hoodie at a concert? I don't want to bring too much money but I want to know how much a hoodie could potentially be.
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I'm on the DVDs sent out by Comedy Central to the people voting on the Emmys this year. (I went to a taping of The Colbert Report that ended up on the DVD.)

This means I'm famous, RIGHT? Please tell me I'm famous.

I'm going to a strip club for the first time this weekend. (female strippers) Any etiquette I should know? Would they do lapdances for me, considering I'm a woman, as long as I pay?
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Do you have a good landlord? Why/why not?

How much notice would you have to give to move out?

Ever skipped out on paying the rent?

How long would you give a landlord to contact you if you have left repeated messages for him?
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(no subject)

Have you ever hitch hiked?

Have you ever picked up a hitch hiker?

If no, do you know anyone who has hitch hiked or picked up a hitch hiker?

Any hitch hiker stories?

And for everyone else: what color are the shoes you wore today?

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It's 2:30 and my boyfriend isn't home from work yet.  I'm gonna make some dinner when he gets home, it was gonna be hambugers.  But now I'm slightly drunk, slightly high and unmotivated.  Should I continue to cook?  ( I already made some roasted potatoes) or should I go down the street and pick up a pizza?  The later would involve putting on pants

This find was provided by the majestic poo from a part of youtube few have discovered

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much more enriched is your life after seeing this youtube?

Mean: 4.83 Median: 4 Std. Dev 3.69

After viewing the video, my strongest reaction is ______

"Aww, cute sheep!"
Hunger. Mutton sounds good right now
Pleasure. That's some good listening, poo
Further suspicion that the world is a no-good place and the less I know, the better
Mistrust. "Whatcha gonna do with that sheep, mister?"

This clip will end up _____

on my Ipod
in my journal
forgotten. It's pretty stupid
being sent to my friends
being sent to all the people who annoy me
destroying my brain (I'm still so confused)
costing me a lot of money with all the blow-up sheep dolls I found myself craving while watching the video
in Hell, where it will be replayed on a loop forever
becoming poo's next icon

Edit: I seriously love this video. It's probably the most awful hairball the internet has coughed up in a good while. It's so ridiculously terrible that it becomes a thing of affection for me.

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My roommate is drunk and rolling around on my floor   What should I do?

Now she's standing there in her underwear holding a bottle of liquor.

Goddamn she is an annoying drunk.  Hopefully she will pass out soon. I am done. 
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(no subject)

I'm going to the Dominican (Puerto Plata) in a month-less-a-day and I'm beyond excited. It will be my first time out of North America, and my first time on a plane.
If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
Where did you go for your first overseas trip?
Have you been to the Dominican?
Anything you want to advise me of, regarding the Dominican or riding a plane for the first time?

I am confused

So I don't know what to think on this. I just need advice.
   Let's say you have a "crush" on your good guy friend, and he knows about it. You guys have talked and decided to let each day go by and see what happens. 
   The thing is, he's not over his ex. Since his ex knows he still loves her, she is totally taking advantage of him because of that.  Asking him to drive her and her friends around and picking or dropping them off She has also, taken his sweat shirt, gave her sweat shirt to him, and says he can keep it while he's down at the beach with you and your friends!!
   Not only that, but some days when you 2 hang out, he's either very distant, or he's all lovey dovey. (He cuddles with you, but no kissing yet!) Plus when he is distant, he brings up his ex a lot. 
   What do you do??
   Sorry it's one of these questions, but I need some kind of advice.
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I have 3 girls hung up on me. They all have their flaws and awesomenesses. I cannot choose. Please tqc, help me decide.

Serious and nonserious answers welcome. Hoping for more nonserious ones.

Please be more creative than just saying fight to the death.


To those of you who graduated from college with a degree that won't/didn't make you a lot of money, how did you go about paying off your student loans? Did you have to do something not related in any way to your career focus? [retail or other work for example] How long did it take you to make enough money to support yourself with your degree? I know a LOT of people who graduated from college and never even used their degree so I'm just curious.
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My fiance is in Idaho right now for a summer internship.  I want to send him some food (preferably something sweet, since he likes sweet stuff).

What would be some good online stores to check out?  Any specific food I should send him?  I only know of Etsy.

I've also got $15 to spend, so obvs I can't send him anything really nice.
Michaela Coel

Gallup Data

I'm writing a paper for a class and I'm trying to access Gallup poll survey data as far back as I can for religion in the U.S.  How does one navigate the Gallup Poll Website controlling for year?
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(no subject)

TQC, do you wanna go to the drive-in with me tonight?

Indiana Jones and Iron-Man are playing at the drive-in in a double feature, and it's only $7 per adult for it. Plus, it's the drive-in!

What do you do when you have no plans on a Friday night and not a whole lot of money?
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(no subject)

What have been your experiences carrying on gel/cream medications on airplanes?  I'm flying to Costa Rica on Sunday and prefer to keep my prescriptions with me, but this one is a gel and is larger than the 3 oz. permitted.

I could always put some in a smaller container.  Just curious about what you've all done. 

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I 'm meant to be going on a sort of second date for lunch today.
Thing is, I really don't want to go.  I just can't be bothered with a relationship at the moment.

I have an excuse in the form of an ill brother, but it's possible I might enjoy myself once I get there.
Help TQC, do I go (I have to pick out of a crappy choice of lunch places) or use the ill brother card?

Screw it, i'm going.

(no subject)

1. What do you drink the most of on an average day?
2. Should I take off my nail polish before my pedicure?
3. What topic do you rely on to get you through conversations with people you don't know very well yet?
4. What do you seem to always forget when packing for a long trip?


To make a long story short, I've been working 40 hour weeks for the past year, and I only got 2 weeks off this past Christmas. I should have taken more time off for health reasons but thats not the point.

The point is starting next week I get a month off! What would a home schooled 17 year old girl do with a month of moderately free time?
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(no subject)

1. This is probably an ignorant question but I'm Canadian and Google fails, so I come to TQC

I was wondering if Puerto Rico is considered a domestic flight within the US (ie: you don't need a passport to fly there from, say, NY)

We don't have passports so we usually drive over the border to Buffalo and then fly within the US, and we're interested in going to Puerto Rico.

If it's not, or you don't care, can you suggest somewhere we could go in the US (except Las Vegas, NYC and anywhere in the south, because we've already been)?

2. I have pneumonia in my left lung, an inner ear infection in my left ear, strep throat and quite possibly pink eye. Why does my body hate me?
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(no subject)

Have you eaten Pizza Hut's pasta? Is this new delivery push they're making the same crappy pasta they have on the lunch buffet?

Do you worry about the germs that are STILL THERE EVEN WHEN IT LOOKS CLEAN, the way the commercials want you to?

How many cat celebrities can you think of? Should I say cat celebrities or celebrity cats?
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(no subject)

1. do you think in an average day, you have enough time for yourself?

2. what do you do in your spare time? what do you do for fun?

3. what has been the highlight for you for the past 7 days?

Digital camera shopping

My friend is looking for a fairly cheap (but durable) digital camera to use for snap-shots and the like (non-professional).

Right now he's looking at a Kodak 8 megapixel slim digital camera with 3X optical zoom.

I've always been a Canon girl myself :P Any suggestions?

(no subject)

Have you ever literally walked out on anything or anyone? Why?

What was the last thing you quit?

Do you get a full night's sleep more often than not? What time do you go to bed? What time do you wake up?
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1. Do you love wearing clothes that are warm from being fresh from the dryer?
2. Anyone else playing AOC? Do you think it is going to be another disaster like Vanguard?
3. Would any of you like to motivate me to get up and cook lunch and do homework?
4.  Is is possible to save a plant that is dying of root rot? Its really bad. I've never seen it turn that shade of green before. It is making me sad.

5. To everyone else who doesn't want to bother with the first set of questions- what is your favorite kind of cookie?


(no subject)

If you
a) feel that we'd be better off as nomadic hunter-gatherers
b)eat meat,

have you ever killed, gutted, and skinned an animal?

If you agree with a, but don't eat meat, how do you plan on getting your protein given your current geographic location?

(no subject)

How old were you/what grade were you in when you had "Sex Ed" at school?

It was the second half of my SENIOR year in High School (I was 18) and by then I would have to assume most of us had been having sex for at least some extended period of time

(no subject)

Ever played truth or dare? Pretty self explanatory really. So, if you're having a quiet drink or three with some friends, what are some good truths to ask or dares to dare?
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(no subject)

1. have you ever cheated on anyone? if so, why?
2. what did you eat for lunch?
3. have you seen the indiana jones movie? (i have & i hated the ending, but shia laboeuf was surprisingly better than i thought he would be!)
4. favorite lj icon? (post with it!)
5. show me a piece of clothing you really want right now?

(no subject)

I'm bored, TQC. It's a slow day at work. I've cleaned out my desk drawers and everything. Is there anything exciting happening on LJ or the internet at large today? If there is, please give me links. It doesn't necessarily need to be work safe, but I probably shouldn't be looking at porn or anything here...
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(no subject)

TQC, I have a dilemma...

I have next-to-no gas in my car, and next-to-no money to fix that problem at the moment.
My husband and I have a million places that we are expected to go this weekend.
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So, round-trips considered, we have 160 miles to travel this weekend (assuming we don't go to my friend's brother's open house).
Is "sorry, but gas is too expensive" an okay excuse to give my best friend for not going to her brother's party?  I know she will understand, but I don't want to sound totally lame...
Is it acceptable if we DON'T bring a gift to my grandma's party or my cousin's open house?  With gas hitting $4.19/gallon here yesterday afternoon, we SERIOUSLY cannot afford anything more than a card and a nice, hand-written letter. 
Would this be completely tacky, or would it be understandable from a young, married couple who are in the midst of buying a house (all of our funds are tied up in house-stuff at the moment and everybody knows it)?

My father-in-law's birthday is next Tuesday.  My sister-in-law called us up yesterday and told us what she is expecting us to get her father for his birthday, and it is AT LEAST a $35 expense.  We were only planning to send him a card, and then get him something nice for Father's Day in a couple of weeks.  How do I go about telling my sister-in-law to fuck off and that I don't have the kind of money to participate in her elaborate plans for her father's birthday?
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TQC, on Wednesday night, we had Panda Express for dinner. That night, I had really weird dreams (involving your icons and the Tilt-a-Whirl). I woke up from the dream all queasy and had to go hug the toilet for a while, just in case I puked.

And then last night, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Again, weird dreams (not as weird as the Tilt-a-Whirl one, though) and I again woke up super queasy.

So tell me, am I pregnant? How many babies are in there? And which one of you impregnated me on the Tilt-a-Whirl?! (And if I'm not pregnant, seriously, WTF is up with being so queasy for the last two days?)

Speaking of Tilt-a-Whirl, do you even like that ride? Or even better, what is your FAVORITE carnival ride? I used to like the Gravitron one, but then my boobs got big and they choked me and it was all bad. :(

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Poll #1192870 Sintilating

What kind of drunk are you?

Happy, everything's-so-funny drunk. You laugh often
Angry drunk. Fistfights are no stranger to you when imbibing
Sad, emo drunk. Nostalgia and sentimentality are a bitch
Horny drunk. You're looking to hooking (up)
Flirty drunk. You get all flirty, but not trying to hook up
Taciturn, quiet, or withdrawn drunk. You don't have much to say, preferring to watch
Entertaining drunk. You're just funnier when you're drunk
Asshole drunk. You're the one wearing the lampshade
I've never been drunk
None of the above

In some improbable situation, the majority of TQC shows up at a community convention in Las Vegas for one weekend. What activities do you think you'll get into these 2 nights?

Hanging out with a bunch of TQC members, just chatting away, face-to-face finally
Hooking up with one or more key TQC members, in a room somewhere
Strip club
Dance clubs
Hanging out around the pool or hot tub
Doing lines of blow off a hooker's ass
Doing lines of blow off shippo or latenightdrives's ass
Beating up certain TQC members that you don't like, who you swore you'd pound if you saw them in person
Making posts in TQC, to see who's still at home
Stalking uberash, known Las Vegas denizen
Visiting Boulder Dam
Getting incredibly inebriated
Feed the kitty

Devil without a clue

In Kid Rock's latest single, "All Summer Long," he mashes two songs for his backing track: Zevon's "Werewolves of London" and Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama."

The question: was Kid being intentionally satirical by combining Zevon (look up the lyrics to "Play It All Night Long") with Skynyrd, or is he simply an ignorant fool who thought "Hey, these songs sound similar" and went with them based on that)?

ETA: I didn't intentionally seek out the song. I had Squizz loaded on XM and heard the intro to "Werewolves," which always makes me happy. What followed was so horrifying that I was unable to switch stations out of morbid fascination. "How bad could it possibly get," I thought. And I got my answer, oh yes.
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(no subject)

The lights in my office are controlled by motion detectors, and they just turned off because I'm the last one here today and I'm apparently not moving very much. Should I jump up and down, or take a nap?

(no subject)

 For my going away party, it's going to be something simple with my family (so like, no drinking or dancing or anything). My five year old and three year old nieces are going to be there. If someone has Cranium, that'd be an awesome game to play with my family, and the girls can just be on their own team and attempt to play. They'll have fun just being involved. 

What games would you recommend we play? They can't be too physical because my parents can't move very well. 

What's your favorite game to play with a group of people?

(no subject)

Poll #1192807 friends only

Are you wearing shoes?


Are you wearing pants?


Are you wearing a shirt?


Can you run backwards?


Should I go in town on Sunday to just chill?

I will tell you my awesome idea in the comments

Do you like dogs?

Yes, I own one (or two or three or five)
Yes, but I am allergic
They're okay
No, I hate them
No, just plain no
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Referencing... and pie

If I was trying to reference a quote that had been quoted in another book, how would I do so?

Eg. I read E. Mulligan's book Stuff, and in it, there is a quote from J. Killbot's book Junk, and I was only wanting to use that quote, how would I reference it?

Would it simply be Mulligan, E. (2006). Stuff...
or would I have to include Killbot, J. (1999). Junk in there somewhere?

I checked my referencing book, and have googled, but it still eludes me.

Would you prefer to eat a piece of a family sized pie, or an individual pie?

What's your favourite fruit pie?

How do you eat pie?

(no subject)

Hypothetical/not-so-hypothetical situation:

You (a female, presumably) work at a small deli with lots of regular customers. One single old man in particular seems to have taken a liking to you. He comes in every morning, frequently compliments you ("You're such a good-looking girl", "You're the best", "You're a good girl"), and asks when you'll be working in the morning. Aside from staring at you awkwardly, he's polite and seems relatively harmless (if not slightly creepy). He just seems like a lonely old man, so you smile pretty when he talks to you and then go about your business.

One morning, out of the corner of your eye, you notice he is sitting at his table holding up his (camera) cell phone and it is pointed in your direction. You brush it off as your own paranoia, until you walk by and see that he (still sitting) is moving the phone to follow you, glancing up at you every few seconds.

Now of course you didn't see a flash or see exactly what he was doing with the phone, so there is no proof of what he was doing.

What do you do?

(no subject)

Does anyone here use a pedometer? or have used one in the past?

How far do you walk every day/week ?

Did you find using a pedometer gave you incentive to walk further and improve your fitness?

Do you think walking is a good way to exercise?
Kill Bill - Elle
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(no subject)

For some reason, the lurkers only come out in picture posts. Dear members of TQC, if you are a lurker will you please introduce yourself?
ETA: If it helps, you can just post a picture
me - with gun
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(no subject)

Why was kewpie209 deleting comments on her post about... well I'll be honest I have no idea... something about a sketch she's giving her "artsie" friends?

Also, why did she delete the whole post if she was just going to remove the comments she didn't like?

Are you "artsie"? Will you show me some art of yours?

5.5 vs 6.0

I know that this has probably already been asked, but...

What is better 5.5 or 6.0 ipods? I am looking to purchase an ipod anyway, but I was wondering which is the best.
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(no subject)

Have you ever used on-the-spot? How did it work for you? Did you like it? Why or why not?
I just started it last night. I think it's working, but it's hard to tell so soon.

It started raining cats and dogs out of absolutely nowhere this afternoon and I got completely soaked. It was sorta miserable, but kinda fun, too. What unexpected thing happened to you today? How was it?
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(no subject)

does any one know what song artist sings these lyrics:

"What I'm gonna die for.. what I'm gonna live for.. Ohh Ohh Whoa... Who I'm gonna fight for, I can't answer that..."

It was from the most recent episode of grey's anatomy 5/22/08!

(no subject)

This is definitely a long shot but...
Theres a punk-y alt country-esque band(kind of) that has a song about a girl named Amanda Harris. I've googled the hell out of it and still can't figure it out. Any ideas?

stupid me

so i'm really close to getting a job that i really need. they just want to do a background check on me. but here's the thing.

when i was a dumb kid, i believe in early 2002, i stole a couple things from walmart (i would never actually BUY anything from them) and got caught. this was in oregon. i am back in california now. the judge told me to write down everything i'd ever stolen, take a lie detector test and if i passed, to pay for it all and my record would be clean. so i wrote down a couple things and went to the place to take the test. the lady there interviewed me and determined that i'd never be able to pass the test but that she believed i had only stolen those 2 things, to pay the $37 and my record would be clean. remember how i was a dumb kid? i forgot to ever pay the $37.

so i'm assuming the statute of limitations on that is 7 years, since it seems to be for most things. it has not quite been 7 years. a couple questions -

1) does this even count as a conviction? i'm confused. it seems like the judge and i made a deal. obviously i didn't hold up my end of it, but i never received any mail about it, so maybe it got lost in the system? if it didn't, does it count as a conviction? if they issued a warrant, will that show up on a background check?

2) anyone know of a free way to do your own background check?

3) do you think a vet really cares that i stole some socks when i was much younger? the problem is it's not a private practice, it's a large chain on vet clinics so their corporate office might have a policy.
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(no subject)

You are a male country star, with several multi-platinum hits including "Liberal is a Four-Letter Word" and "A Black Eye Is A Kiss From God". Apparently no one has realized that your songs aren't meant to be taken seriously, as you seem to encounter many women with black eyes telling you how much their husband loves your music and how you wish you could write something about not hitting women. You, of course, laugh at this and tell her that the song isn't serious to begin with, and she should leave that guy before he listens to your OTHER song--"Burn The Gays Down" and takes it out on her brother (from another mother).

One day, while you're walking the street in some city that you hope will not recognize you without your cowboy hat, you are chloroformed and thrown into a van filled by what you assume to be a collection of dangerous women who seem to be armed with sharp blades that may or may not be pointed at your groin depending how you answer their questions. They are surprised to learn that your music is parody, though they wish you would make that a point ("It would the ruin humor of it." you say). They let you loose back into the world, and you hunt down your friends Rex and Ted, who happen to know some people, who know some people, who would be more than willing to do a favor for their favorite singer/songwriter with a geetar.

So, will you:
1 - Have the people kill the angry women who attacked your groin with knives and guns and giant dildos?
2 - Use Dark Charizard?
3 - Double-click the power cord?
4 - Hold a huge press conference, and out all of the women as terrorist lesbian nazis who want to set children on fire and eat their charred remains so that they will surely be killed by a mob of your fans?
5 - Hire an attorney and sue the pants, shirt, and other clothes, off of the lesbian nazi terrorist women and take pictures of them engaged in less-than-moral positions for the Internet?
6 - Simply forget about the entire thing and go about business as normal?
7 - Write a song about it titled "Lesbian Nazi And Her Posse"?
gasp zooey

(no subject)

You're driving down a fairly busy street.  In the middle of the street, there is a kid under the age of ten, wearing Heelys, wheeling down the middle of this semi-busy street, completely oblivious to the traffic.

How many points is he worth?

ETA: Kids who use their Heelys in stores/restaurants/other enclosed spaces:  Bad parenting?  How would you feel about your child wheeling unchecked around a public, enclosed space?

(no subject)

If you smoke weed or if you just know a lot about stoner culture:

When toking and the room/car is filled with smoke, what do you call that?
In Mass we call it "fishbowl", in New Hampshire its called "clambake", I've also heard of "hotbox".
at seven

(no subject)

I just decided to get my friend a subscription to Netflix for the summer for a graduation gift. Should I get the unlimited, one-at-a-time for $26.97, or the two at a time for $41.97 (for 3 months)?

I'm leaning toward the cheaper one but I haven't had Netflix in a while so I don't remember how annoying it would be to have to wait for a new disc every time I send one back.


Bert Shocked

(no subject)

 say you enjoying a meal at Denny's with a friend,

during the meal, you cannot help but overhear a conversation between two strangers in the booth across from you.

what must they say or topic must they bring up for you to feel justified in interrupting/joining their conversation?

(no subject)

Are there any words, phrases, spellings etc that really irk you?
I am incredibly irritated when I see people using "your" when it needs to be "you're"/"you are". GAHHHHH! It's annoying.

What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
Opal Fruit red.

What colour is your underwear today? [Did you have to check to answer that?]
Black & purple lace.

Do you live with a sock monster?
I do indeed

(no subject)

Do you ever miss your mommy?

Sometimes I wish my dad would kick the bucket so she could move up here with me.
ETA: Not WITH me, just around the corner. A girl's gotta get her crunk on too, know what I'm sayin' know what I'm sayin'?

(no subject)

Do you tend to be attracted to people who are not 'conventionally' good-looking?
Am I using the right term?
Do you consider yourself unconventionally attractive?
Will you post a picture of someone who is unconventionally attractive to you?

Collapse )

(no subject)

 Is it cruel to shut my tiny dog inside his room while I clean?  He has his bed, food/water/humpy toy/pad he's supposed to pee on but never fucking does...and the only piece of furniture in there is a nightstand so he has room to run around.

I JUST vacuumed and he tore out the fuzz out of another pillow and I want him to go away ;____;

So would locking him up scar him for life or will he be ok?
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(no subject)

 Any suggestions for websites (other than Craigslist) for finding individual-owned vacation rentals?

My husband and I want to rent a room/apartment/condo in Folly Beach, SC but we'd rather save some money and help someone out by renting from an actual person instead of a property management company.


(no subject)

I used to be afraid that if I clenched my jaw really tight, my head might explode. I finally gathered up the courage to try it, and of course, nothing happened. I got a headache, though.

Sadly, this wasn't when I was a little kid. It was only a year or two ago.

What's a completely ludicrous fear you've had to overcome recently?

(no subject)

I'm too tired to hang out and "paaaarrrty" tonight. Is tonight a good night to stay home?

Also, I think I want to stay home so I can avoid having to see my boyfriend an break up with him. Which brings me to my next question:
Should I break up with him over the phone? If so, how would I word it to not sound like a fuck for doing it via phone?

Or should I wait until he comes into the city?(He comes in on weekends)

He usually crashes at my place, so what do I do if he expects to stay over when I really just want do is be like "peace out on our love"?

I'm not good with setting boundaries and assertiveness.

(no subject)

what should i pierce?

i already have my lip, my ears, and my belly button.

i had my tounge done before but my dentist said if i kept it in i would lose my front teeth. so thats out.

my bf thinks i should get my lady parts, but im not down for that.

im thinking back of the neck.

what do you think?
jim greco


My best guy friend wants to hang out tonight. I haven't seen him since he broke up with his girlfriend on Tuesday. I don't like him LIKE THAT or anything but I think he might have other feelings towards me. I can't confirm though...he just told his ex that her and I weren't allowed to hang out since they broke up?? I think it's going to be awkward hanging out with him.
We're just going to go skate but should I go anyway?
If he says anything weird should I hit him in the shins with my skateboard?
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When you say realize, does it have 3 syllables, or two?

My friend are debating this. says 3, but he says colloquially the word has only 2 syllables. What say you, TQC?

tl;dr question about cell phones

As much as I love my Sidekick 3, it has seen better days. I have t-mobile and will probably stay with them. I need a phone with the following qualities: Bluetooth compatible, is not a stick phone, costs less than $200, is not a BlackBerry, and is kind of large and/or super resilient. If it has speaker phone, picture messaging, a camera, and looks cool, that's nice too, but not completely necessary. From what I can get on the t-mobile website, I can get Collapse )

So my questions are: do you have experience with any of these phones? Can you suggest one that's awesome or tell me if it's horrible and why? If none of these are good, can you tell me about another phone that I can get through the t-mobile store or a reason why I should switch my plan to another company for a particular phone?

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1) My boyfriend is sleeping next to me and he's snoring really loud, how can I make him stop without waking him up?

2) What is something that annoys you but you know it's so petty/ridiculous you can't really speak up about it?

3) Do you have any silly phobias? Like things you're afraid of that most people wouldn't find scary.

4) What are you fed up with right now?

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damn chilluns

so, what should i do the kids in my apartment complex that keep messing up my car? they've scratched the door, dented it, and gotten bike rubber on it. the complex has video cameras, but they swear that they can't see who did anything...

(no, i can't park somewhere else. it's the only handicapped spot near my apartment)

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Do you like egg salad sandwiches? Do you have a favorite recipe for egg salad? I usually just use mayo and a little bit of mustard but I kind of want to do something a little more interesting.

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I THINK I AM DYING! Yesterday and today I've been feeling so unwell, and today I knocked myself out on a table and was passed out for a couple of hours after drinking a horrible thing. My head is bruised and it is hurting!

What is this happening to me?!


I feel really sad and unhappy and unmelike. What should I do?!? :(
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1. What country were you born in?

2. What countries have you lived in, besides where you were born? (vacations don't count, I'd say "living" would be a minimum of 3 months somewhere)

3. What country are you currently living in?

4. If you had to move to another country, what country would it be?

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1. What color is your hair?

2. Are you attracted to people with the same color hair as you or opposite? (generlaly speaking, i mean your "type" - not necessarily the person you're currently dating).

3. Do you find redheads attractive?

Or, if you dont have hair and are asexual..

4. Stupid kid down the street goes to my uncle's house all the time to be his BFF. He's 14 and my uncle can't stand him. Yesterday he brought my uncle a pork chop.. in a little ziploc bag.. to show my uncle that his mom can cook so that they'll date. WTF. Anyway, he also started playing with his cell phone and advertising OMG I HAVE A $600 PHONE. YOU ARE SO JEALOUS OF MY $600 CELL PHONE. NO YOU CAN NOT SEE IT, IT'S TOO SPECIAL. Well, TQC, I snuck a look and it's a blackberry pearl, same phone as mine (but not pink). DEFINITELY NOT a $600 phone.

Why do teenagers think having money makes them sound cool (when either way, his mom paid for the phone)? Why is this kid a douchebag?