May 22nd, 2008

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Will you post a picture of yourself having an orgasm or farting?

Since probably none of you will oblige me, will you pick your favorite style of sausage? I will come over and cook it for you for $50 to the tune of Free Bird.
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A band that I am "friends" with on myspace posted a bulletin saying to comment on their latest blog with your name and address and they'll send you free stickers. What sort of moron posts their first and last name as well as their home address (there's already ~70 kids that have posted theirs). Is there any way for me to report the blog specifically?
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TQC, I just opened my medicine drawer in the bathroom and there was a roach in it! I went to get the spray but I guess I took too long because now it is gone. I don't want to spray all of my mediciny things and hair ties if I'm not sure I hit him, but then again I don't want to go to bed and wake up every five minutes fearing that it will crawl on my face.


Also, where in the world can I live that doesn't have bugs?

EDIT: My husband saves the day! He rustled around in the drawer until the roach reappeared and then sprayed it for me. Wooo!
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How do I decide whether I want to cut my hair or grow it out?
How many bad haircuts have you had in your lifetime?
When was the last time you got your hair cut?
Do you like your hair?

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Section A:
TQC modeling school, I look horrible in pictures. I have a square jaw, a huge, blobby, smeared-across-my-face nose (from front on) & bad smile, how do I deceive people into thinking I'm pretty & trap them into a date or something? I am short so I already know I must walk around in high heels 24/7 and permanently fuck my ankles in order to have a modicum of social worth.

Section B:
I added someone on facebook recently and they keep forwarding me stuff that is OLDER THAN THE INTERNET. Seriously, there is so much weird shit out there and you send me the 'omg I'm a penis & my nearest neighbour is an arsehole' business - why? Should I spam her with really disturbing mod-blog stuff? What else can I spam her with? She's a friend of a friend from school who is a bit of a bitch really, and a lot of a skank.

Section C:
Whats something you can say that your kids wont be able to? I just realised that they won't have a 'before the internet' time :O (yes the internet has been around since like the 60's, but it wasn't in even semi-frequent use here until I was at least 10). Also 'before mobile phones'.
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Type A VS Type B

Are you more Type A or Type B?

From wiki:
Theoretically, people who fall under Type A generally exhibit characteristics such as being time-conscious, highly competitive, direct and more assertive, and less relaxed. Type A individuals are often high-achievers who multi-task, and are unhappy with delays.

In general theoretical terms, the Type B personality, is not as time conscious, less competitive, avoiding of confrontation and easy-going. They are inclined to self-analyze and evade stressful situations, and less capable at coping when found therein. Type B individuals are more given to maintaining composure during delays.

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I have an opportunity to go home and visit Chicago. I am a terrible person for contemplating leaving the kids with a trusted babysitter for a week, yes?

Really, am I terrible for leaving the kids for an extended period of time, so soon?
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Ok, so here it goes. I'd really appreciate serious answers for this guys.

My ears have been clogged for over two years. I went to the doctor three times and all three times she looked in my ears with a flashlight and told me she sees nothing wrong. I've asked her to refer me to an ENT more than once and every single time she refuses. I'm really frustrated, I don't know what's going on. I researched it online but most of the stuff I found was not really helpful at all. The only time I remember when my ears were unplugged was when I went on a plane. They unclogged and as soon as we landed they clogged up again. To that, I say WTF? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? What the hell is wrong with my ears TQC?

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So I bought a dress shirt. And what I thought was a tag was actually a small envelope with two plastic strips in it like the kind you see in a steak at the restaurant. What are these strips for?

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my mom has totally taken over my room. earlier she was sprawled out, sleeping on my bed and talking to me about rainbow gardens while spilling beer on my favorite comforter. now she's eating a meatloaf sandwich (that smells awful, btw) and watching fight club for the second time tonight. i would really like to go to sleep.

how do i make her go away?
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During which time period would your body have been considered the most attractive?

(e.g. a very small waist and larger bust and hips was desired in the 18th and 19th centuries, a plump, pale female figure would have been highly desired in the 1940s and 50s; a very tall, very thin physique was desired in the 1980s)

This is such a convoluted question. I am so glad y'all know what I'm trying to ask.
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I should be asleep right now, but I just got home from watching the new Indiana Jones movie. Did anybody else get a chance to catch a midnight showing?

I am going to be spending the next 6 days away from my friends and my boyfriend and stuck with a bunch of family. What should I do to keep myself sane?

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inspired by the last post...what's your drug of choice?

i'd have to go with marijuana because you can get a decent amount for relatively cheap and it goes far enough. plus, it helps me sleep. i love getting super stoned and passing out on my bed while listening to music.

though i do enjoy coke. except it's very expensive and doesn't go very far.
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I have literally just now discovered that I have something in my new apartment that likes to chew things.  I had a sneaking suspicion, as the previous owners left down rat poison and mousetraps, but I figured as long as we didn't actually meet and the critters didn't start eating my stuff, I'd rather just leave them in peace.  Well, one of them just woke me up and I am entirely freaked out right now.  I plan to get out of here ASAP (there are other problems that nobody mentioned when I moved in, and this was kinda the last straw), but in the meantime are there any repellents that actually work?  I don't want to kill the critters, I just don't want them around.
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Should I go to work this morning?

I gave my one week notice - yeah, only need one week - and I want to crawl back to bed and sleep since it is an early morning shift and I'm tired. However, my boss wanted to sit next to me and listen to some of my calls today. (which I can't stand)

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i do not for the life of me understand the people who just let their animals be taken by people.
like... for real. i mean, if it ain't your cat, fine, but if it is, why are you letting them get taken without a fight? i have threatened lawsuits, caused bodily harm, and gone into debt for my animals, all without thinking twice. and yet these people just let their animals get taken from them by spouses when they split up or something of the sort and i am just befuddled..
so, if you have given up an animal, why? did you try to fight? how were you trumped?
if someone tried to take your animal, would you fight? if yes, how?
if you have fought for your animals, what is the story there? how did you battle?

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OK, so I have 2 instances of Winamp on my computer. Each one is on a separate drive. (C:/Program Files/Winamp/Winamp.exe and F:/Program Files/Winamp/Winamp.exe) I want to be able to run both of them at the same time. I actually used to be able to until I downloaded the new version of it. Anyway, I have C: open. When I double click on the F: one, it just takes me back to the C: one I already have open. How do I get them to run as separate instances again?


New question: Is it possible to change the icon in this screenshot:

Collapse )

If so how?
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There is a sort of a cliche about guys who cheat on their wife/girlfriend, that if they get in a relationship with the person that they were cheating with, they will cheat on her also. Once a cheater, always a cheater, type of thing. Do you think this is true in most cases?

I have never heard this applied to girls. Think it's true for girls also?

ETA: Another unrelated question.

You're going on romantic getaway. Your options are:

a) a secluded cabin in the mountains away from everything. No tv. You have to drive 10 minutes to get a cell phone reception. No beds, you'd have to sleep in sleeping bags. There is hot water, a shower, and amenities like that.

b) Your SO's rich uncle's guest house on a ranch. It's fairly secluded from the main house, but there will be people nearby. It has everything you need and is pretty much just a really nice house with tv, internet, everything you could reasonably think of, really.

Your SO wants you to decide. You have never been to either place. He likes both places, though tells you that the cabin is one of his favorite places in the world. Where are you going and why?
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1a. Who are the most important people in your life?
1b. Why?
1c. Do they know they are that important to you?

2a. Do you believe online friendships are somehow less real or important than those with people you have met in real life?
2b. Why?


baskin robbins heath bar shake:
2300 calories
108 grams of saturated fat
266 grams of sugar

what is something that you found out has a surprisingly HUGE amount of fat and/or BAD THINGS?!?
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Gas is ridiculous and it appalls me that oil companies are completely unapologetic about it. WHY CAN'T THE GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING?

What did you dream about last night?

If you had a friend on your f-list and she was fantastic and hilarious and you adored her, but she would often post NSFW pictures without a cut, would you say something? Or would you just filter her out? You really enjoy her entries otherwise.
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I'm going on a picnic, and I'm bringing an axe. What are you bringing?

(you know the game. copy the answers from the person above you and add your own with the next letter in the alphabet, start over when you do Z. for instance, the next person says "I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing an axe and b____").

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Yesterday at our house we got new laminate wood floors installed as well as had our new front door stained and installed. The fumes are kind of strong, and I was here for the whole thing. Last night I started getting pains in my side and felt kind of under the weather/light-headed. I slept really restlessly, too, and woke up and didn't feel all that much better.

Could this be a side effect from the fumes? Should I try to spend the night somewhere else tonight? I'm worried that the fumes are making me ill. They haven't affected anyone else in the house, though (my parents or brother).

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Have you heard of the Every 15 Minutes program?
Have you ever participated/witnessed it in action?

Its going on at my school right now and I just think it's terrible and upsetting and, most of all, ineffective

edit for anyone who hasnt heard of it:

they're staging a funeral right now, with like, bagpipes and a coffin and people crying everywhere. this happened at my school for real last year, i don't see why they have to engineer it for spectacle.

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I just have a minute before I have to leave for work, so this will be short:

I'm thinking of going down to NOLA this fall to help with the STILL ongoing repair efforts.  Does anyone know of any sites or contacts I can look up to find a place to work, stay or even (if I'm lucky) help with the travel costs?  I'm Canadian, if that makes any difference, but will be with a friend from Charleston, so she can always make the contact if need be. (We're both turning 30 this year- 4 days apart- and we'd like to give our souls a "thank you" gift for surviving this long!)


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Update from this/another question:

Haven't bought it yet. It's exactly her style. Thoughts?

I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna do it. But I'm gonna do it. How should I do it?

edit: I have to run to work, but I'll check on your opinions when I get back :)

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It hasn't rained in over 90 days.
I live in Arizona.
when it rains, it sprinkles for 5 minutes and then it's gone.
Go figure that on the day of my graduation, there is a 50% of ACTUAL rain and scattered t-storms. 50% means it's pretty much guaranteed, by the way.
If it's bad enough, they're going to move us into the gym and scatter our parents around into different classrooms and they're going to watch us graduate on the tvs since the gym can't hold thousands of people. HOW FUCKING RIDICULOUS IS THAT?! I have the worst luck in the world, i swear. It's 68 degrees outside and i consider that cold. I'm going to flagstaff next week and it's 45 degrees there, i need a winter coat, but i don't know where to get one.

Should we protest if they try to make our parents watch us graduate on tv?
Does anyone know where I can buy a winter coat?
Do you have bad luck like me?

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Referencing this, does being an objectivist mean you're an asshole?

Also, I need grammar help :(

"In March 2006 a bill was filed in South Carolina allowing for the legalization of sex with animals and young children."

What punctuation, if any, am I missing in that sentence?
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I had a dream last night that the Ahhrnold the Govinator died. I woke up and had too google it to be sure it was a dream. When was the last time you had a dream you swore was real, only to find it wasn't?

How long have you been on livejournal? 4+ years
How long have you been on TQC? a few months

To counter my last question....
if you could jump ahead in time, would you? Where? Why?

I'd go forward to when all of my housing shit is figured out and I've moved. That would be really, really nice
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I paid my credit card off a couple weeks early this month, and now on the website it says that my next payment is due tomorrow and that the minimum payment due is $0.00.  Does this mean that I don't actually owe anything tomorrow because I already made a payment?  There is still a balance on my card... but does this mean I get to wait until next month to pay it?

And because this is a boring question...

When was the last time you surprised yourself?

Last night I took a quiz for my biology class.  I thought I didn't know any of it and was guessing on it all, but I wound up getting 100% somehow.  I was shocked.

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If someone lists me as a friend on LJ, and I don't want them to, how the heck do I get them off my friends list? They aren't listed as my friend, they just put me on their list...???

What was the last thing you ate?
What are your plans for today?
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Both my roommates will be gone till Tuesday. What should I do now that I have the house to myself?

The name of my roommate's cat is Samantha. What is the weirdest name for a pet you've ever heard?
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dye jobs.

beyond the zone: purple passion. as crappy as the intarwebs make it out to be?

ps yes i am bleaching before i put it on. i'm takin the plunge, baby.

(i am sending my friend to pick up manic panic ultra violet for me anyway, but i thought i'd ask. it was kind of an impulse buy.)

do you read books on a regular basis? go to the library? what are you reading right now?

me: dragon rider by corneila funke

Has anyone heard of this website? apparently it lets you opt out of pre-approved credit cards and loans. I tried to check it  out online, it seemed legit, but I'm not completely convinced. I guess all this identity theft has made me paranoid.

Does anyone know if this site is legit?
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Are there any laws around religious-pamphlet-pushers not being able to leave their pamphlets day after day underneath our front door? We have a "no soliciting" sign posted, but I don't know if that's considered soliciting.

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 My boyfriends piece of shit Kia Rio just failed the California Emission Standards test.  Lame.  Its going to cost him $600 to fix this stupid problem in his car.  He passed the smog and everything, but he has some sort of air leak, and he needs a new filter of some kind.  We're moving to Nevada in a few months, so I suggested that he not get this repaired, and then see if he can pass the Nevada Emission Standards, because California has the strictest ones. 

Is this a clever idea or terrible advice?  He has the money, but we really need to to move.   
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If you've ever trained a dog, or new a dog who had been trained to put their paw on your hand, what was the command word?

I taught my puppy to do this, and I just tell her to "shake" like we're shaking hands.

I've also heard people do "paw."

What have you heard?


I'm going to my doctor in 2 hours... I have some questions... ok
  1. I'm 24, those of you my age... have you gotten the HPV shot?
  2. What did you ask your doctor/how?
  3. Was it your decision or your doctors?
  4. Anything else you can tell me?!!?

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what's the strangest place you've been Rickrolled?

i got Rockrolled in a McDonald's about a week and a half ago. i was at the counter getting us drinks and i got SO impatient waiting because i couldn't wait to get back to my friend and be like "WE JUST GOT RICKROLLED!"
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Whoa. Hey TQC, halp.

I worked at a car dealership for 4 years part time, and I told my old boss to always keep me in mind for any open positions...well, she just happened to call me with one. I do have a good full time job, but it's a 20 minute highway commute every day and it's wearing on my car - this place is right in my hometown less than 3 miles from my apartment, -and- I'd get the lovely employee maintenance discount once more if I got re-hired there. The downside is that no one ever really gets promoted there, and the bosses are a little...weird, but otherwise nice.

I informed her I had a job and we hung up...but I'm thinking. Should I call her back to talk about the position anyway, find out salary and everything? Or should I just let it be and enjoy the cush job I've got? If I do decide to call her back, what should I say?

eta: by "keep me in mind" it's probably just a courtesy interview, since I've interviewed once more...but I still think it wouldn't hurt to talk? I'm unsure.
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What is, in your opinion, the worst way Lucas could fuck up the new Indy movie?

What is a movie you like that you are very very glad your least favorite director didn't control? How would it have been different if they did?

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Should I start a new LJ to chronicle the disgusting pig that is my sister?!

ETA: she is a pig and there is crap all over the kitchen that she hasn't taken care of in WEEKS.
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1. What methods of public transport are available where you live?
2. How does your SO react upon seeing you naked?
3. How do you react upon seeing your SO naked?
4. What can you hear?
5. How is your day going?


1. I just found out that I got a job today (yay!) so I can stop the job hunt. Now I've got the rest of the day to do whatever I want. It's only 12:30ish, so what should I do with the rest of my day, TQC? I only have about $20.

2. What's some good news you've received recently?
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I swore I would never ask this question in here, but my friends are giving me mixed opinions and I trust you guys.

For the last five years I've had my hair short. I'm torn between growing it back out again or keeping it the way it is now. What do you guys think?

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Childhood Memories Real or, Memor-ex

To this day I have been carrying around inside of me a memory of an event that I think sounds impossible but, really did happen;

One of my best friends when I was around 5 years old,  was playing in his DIRT driveway with his next door neighbor, (a 5 year old girl), and she decided to jump in his parents car and release it out of park in which case the car rolled backwards...over my friends head!
I have vivid memories of the tire marks on his head and the reason he survived was ONLY due to the fact that his driveway was completely dirt and his head - apparently- was pushed into the soft earth rather than pop like a balloon.  

When I think of this story now, it seems impossible but, I know it happened.  At the same time, I wonder when I think of the facts... did it happen or, have I imagined it?

What memories do you have that, like this one, are so unusual that you wonder if it happened or, you imagined it?

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Hi TQC, it's me again. I realized that my reasons for waiting on going vegetarian were kind of lame. I'm going to start tomorrow. Right now, I'll be lacto-ovo just to transition easier, but eventually will weed it out.

Any advice?
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Would you rather be with someone who has:

- an amazing body, but a completely hideous face (think big-time acne, scars, piggy eyes, a huge schnoz, a unibrow, and a harelip)


- someone who is 100+ pounds overweight, with stretchmarks and cellulite and only wears caftans, but has a pretty face/hair/etc.?

Both are fantastic in bed and give you everything you want in a relationship.

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tomorrow i'm getting my wisdom teeth out.

do you have any advice to make this be an ok experience?

i took until next thursday off from work to recover.

what should i do with all that free time?
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Fix-it ticket

I got pulled over a month ago, and the cop gave me a citation to repair a tail light that wasn't working. I've never received a fix-it ticket before. I had like 45 days to get it repaired, so I had my tail light done, and have the receipts to show it. I was looking to book an appointment, so I read the instructions in the Superior Court notice and the website, and I've reached a snag. On the Superior Court website, it says this:

Corrections for most mechanical violations can be inspected by the Sheriff, California Highway Patrol or other approved law enforcement agency. Violations concerning lights and brakes require a certificate of compliance that must be obtained at any certified light and brake station before arriving at the inspection station. Pollution Control Device violations must be certified by a smog check station licensed by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.

My receipts aren't good enough, because I'm sure the small shop near my house isn't certified, but the problem here is that I don't know how to find a certified light station. Google didn't help me. Maybe you can.

How can I help locate certified light stations to acquire a Certificate of Compliance?

I live in Los Angeles, so any of you fellow Angelenos who have been issued a similar citation might know where I have to go. I'd really appreciate it.

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I want to hand my CV into lots of shops, with the hope that they will employ me.
How should I go about this?
If I do a cover letter, what does it need to have on it?
Should I just hand it to anyone or should I ask to speak to an important person?

How do I calm down?

OK I won't bore you with details because it would be longer than anyone would care to read, anyhow I'm angry from dealing with various asshats in my life and from having friends and loved ones hurt by various douchebags and asshats. Never mind if I right to be angry or just butthurt. How do I get rid off all this anger? I don't have anyone to talk it through with they are either asshats who dodge any personal responsibility or are the persons who are hurt and therefor have enough on their plate without having to deal with my rage on top of that. How do I get rid of all this anger without having to choke a bitch and land my ass in jail? I have an unbeliveable messy home but suck at cleaning.
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What can I complain of to the doctor in order to get a doctor's certificate?

EDIT: in I go to the doctor faking some illness, and they give me a piece of paper saying that I'm sick and so don't have to attend work/school etc

what illness should I fake?

Fresh Choice

I ate at Fresh Choice for lunch today. For those unfamiliar with FC, it's a buffet focused on salad and other healthy items (for the most part).

Their salad bar has two sides to it. A man and a woman, not together, were on side 1 so I went to the unoccupied side 2. As soon as I began my way down the salad bar, the man from side 1 came to my side. I have no idea why he did this as both sides are exactly the same.

This, in turn, made me speed up my salad assembly process as I don't like people being just to my left waiting for whatever item(s) I'm currently blocking. As a result, my salad was not constructed as adeptly as it otherwise might have been.

So, TQC, should I have punched the man in the throat thereby incapacitating him and allowing myself the opportunity to arrange my salad at a more leisurely pace?

Medicate Me With Laughter?

Maybe some of you don't know, but I was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago. In my uterus. NOT FUN. Tissue samples are seriously the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I'm going in tmrw for a a procedure that is going to be very painful. And so, my questions...

1. Will you post something to cheer me up?

2. What was the last painful thing you endured?

3. Do you think Johny Depp will show up at the hospital to hold my hand?
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A small, adorable fluff of a kitten darts under your car as you are driving.  It isn't hurt and runs immediately back to the grass/sidewalk after the encounter.  But you can tell it's scared now, looks a little disoriented and it IS a kitten who obviously doesn't have its mother nearby to prevent it from running into traffic.  What do you do?  Do you continue driving?  Or do you stop to see that it's fine? 

Collapse )

Or, what was the most endearing pet survival story that you can tell me?  Extra points if you can get me to cry.

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Do you think that if someone goes to several therapists and always feels worse instead of better after seeing them this is a sign of not wanting to get help, or could it be indicative of something else?

Reptile lovers: flying with reptiles?

Is it legal?
I'm taking a trip to Cali in the next few weeks, and there's a huge show in San Diego on the 28th/29th. I'm sure I'll want to come home with something [I live in washington] so what's the best way to do that?
Can I check it as cargo like people typically do with dogs?
Is it against regulations and should I ask the breeder to ship it?
Are most vendors/breeders okay with shipping?
Or should I have a friend/relative mail it to me?

Edit: Just checked a butt-load of airline websites and about 90% of them don't allow it. Anyone using united cargo [I think that's it] is okay with anything under 20 lbs.

Well poop :[

What's your favorite soup?
I like tomato with cheese sprinkled on top n.n;

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Your fictitional pet runs out your front door, into the street, where it's run down by a car. A few days later, you're sued by the owner of the car for damages your pet's body did to his vehicle. Like in this incident. What do you do?

It's understandable that he'd be upset. My pet shouldn't have been outside in the first place. I'll accept the charges and pay what I have to to make things right
Bastard! I fight him in court for having the audacity to sue me for such a vile thing
Bastard! I fight him outside his house. Let the sound of sweet justice reverberate off his pointy head
I'll fight the lawsuit, but no matter what, I'm going after his car with a baseball bat, to finish what Fluffy started

Man sues over deleted Warcraft character. What do you think should happen here?

The fucker who deleted his character should pay through the nose. I can sympathize for his loss
Maybe this was a sign from God that the guy should log off from the Worlds of Warcraft and instead, enter the world of reality and get an effin' life
The makers of WoW should be sued for this incident to have happened in the first place
The makers of WoW should be sued for making one man so obsessed that he's taking legal action over a computer game
All WoW users should be rounded up and flogged until the perpetrater owns up

A wife finds out that her husband is cheating on her. When he comes home, she attacks him with a frying pan, hitting him on the head several times. Defending himself from her crazed assault, he pushes her away, where she stumbles back, trips, and breaks her arm. Hearing all of this commotion, the neighbors called the police, and when they arrived, they noted the woman's broken arm, and carted the husband off to jail. In most situations, the guy is the one presumed guilty in domestic violence cases. How do you feel about what happened here?

He deserves it. I hope the cheating bastard gets cornholed in jail
She attacked him. She should have been brought downtown, not him
They both should be in lockup
The cops should stay out of this and let the couple settle this on their own
It's situations like this that illustrate exactly why we as a civilized nation should ban frying pans
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Would you move to a city you hated because you could afford a really nice house there? What if there were other positive factors (ie. decent job market, close family/free childcare, a general part of the country you like)?

My husband, son and I used to live in Memphis and we hated it with every fiber of our being. We now live in Overland Park, Kansas and actually really like it. But we could barely afford a shack here. In Memphis, we could afford a nice house in a nice area. My family lives there and would be more than happy to babysit so I could work if I wanted to for the extra income. We could also stay with said family and save more for a bigger house if we wanted, rent-free. But it's Memphis. WWYDTQC?

Travel Agents.

Have you ever used a travel agent?
did you find it helpful or should you just have used similiar?
I have a meeting with a travel agent this weekend to discuss honeymoon plans. will i have to pay her when i meet with her? or do i only pay her if we use her services? im so confused!
how much did you end up paying if you used an agent?
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I have a dilemma....

Should I walk across the street and get my eyebrows waxed for $12, or take the bus about 15 minutes down the road and get them waxed for $8? I've heard the $8 place is good, but the place across the street is a little more upscale. I don't know anything about their waxing services.

ETA: Thanks guys! I went to the place across the street, cause I really hate the bus. They did a pretty good job.

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My first anniversary with my husband is june 9. What should we do?

I can't stop eating cheese... what is your favorite cheese? Mine is brie, but I'm currently eating sharp cheddar.

In the summer, I like to float around in the pool with a margarita. What's your summertime relaxin technique?

What is your fave tattoo? On yourself, or someone else if you don't have one. Mine is my calvin and hobbes. <3 for them.

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TQC, I used to have a very nicely landscaped backyard. Pool, firepit, walking stones, shrubbery, the whole deal. This all changed when our husky puppy grew up and we adopted another huge dog, and the two proceeded to annihilate my entire yard. Anywhere that once had grass, is now red clay with a few clumps of weeds. It's horrible.

What are some dog-friendly landscaping suggestions? Locking them up somewhere is not an option, so they run around and tumble A LOT. We were thinking mulch or pine straw may be our best and only bet, but is that really all there is?

If you have no advice, what is your yard like?
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Make my decisions for me

Where would be the best place to live as a grad student?

Tallahassee, FL
Baltimore, MD
Indianapolis or Bloomington, IN
Williamsburg, VA
New Orleans
Washington, DC metro area

Where would be the worst place to live as a grad student?

Tallahassee, FL
Baltimore, MD
Indianapolis or Bloomington, IN
Williamsburg, VA
New Orleans
Washington, DC metro area

Feel free to expand on your answers in comments.
For the record, I currently live in Indiana and would get in-state tuition. Also, grad school in this case is law school.

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What is the perimeter of your mouth when you're in normal mode?
What is the perimeter of your mouth when you're smiling?

Feel free to approximate, or to use a piece of string and then measure that piece of string.

Do you like the song My Ding-a-ling?
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Edited for unholy run-on sentences

I've been sniffing around an online dating site and I hit it off with someone. We've had two great dates and are hashing out a third. Here's the problem: I was talking to other people on said site and while I have no problem telling the others that I'm off the market (if things go that way), I'm not sure about continuing to talk to them knowing that their intentions include the possibility of dating.

What would you do TQC? How would you feel if someone you were dating was talking to people that were clearly interested in them?
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How would you react if you knew that your significant other (pretend you have one if you don't) wasn't physically attracted to you, but was mainly attracted to your personality/intellect/non-physical aspects of you?

He/she feels chemistry and does want to have sex with you and all that kind of stuff, but he/she is turned on by your personality/intellect/non-physical stuff, and doesn't find you physically attractive.

He/She didn't say anybody. But if you had the power to know this, how would you honestly feel?


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 1. Girls,  Imagine you find out your SO has cheated on you. Which one of these scenarios is more upsetting to you:

a. Your SO had hot sex with another girl and saw them several times.

b. Your SO was feeling guilty and unable to get fully erect, but through various other methods made sure the other girl got her rocks off. He continued to do this several times, never getting off himself, but always getting her off. 

2. Why is the scenario you chosen more upsetting to you?

2. Men, if you were having guilty/nervous dick why would you continue to see and pleasure someone who is not your SO?

3. If you don't feel like answering the above, what's your favorite soap scent?
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What do you usually do at work in the minutes leading up to quitting time? Do you work until the last minute, or do you spend the last five minutes getting ready to leave? Or do you just fool around on the internet and answer questions in a silly LJ comm?

Doctor Who and Torchwood

Right. I've been watching Doctor Who on DVD because I'm not awesome enough to have BBCA or actually live in Britain, which is fine since I'm a season behind anyway. Run across Captain Jack, again, and realize he's on Torchwood (who couldn't?)

Where does the spin-off Torchwood fit in? As in, between which seasons?
Also, TQC, whom is your favorite "doctor"?
And another thing, which pairing of doctor/companion do you like the best?
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Why does North Korea call themselves the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, even though they are neither a democracy nor a republic? (As far as I can tell.)
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1. When putting food on your plate, do you pile it on haphazardly or do you make an effort to make it look good?

2. When you comment on a post and someone asks you a question (e.g. for clarification), does it bother you when someone else jumps in to answer the question?
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1. Have any of you guys found jobs/internships through Craigslist? Experiences?

I'm browsing on it for a summer internships, but my friend warned me saying that I should be careful as some of them could be 'sketchy' and to be wary about who to send my resume (contact info). Ugggh. I need to build my resume.

edit 2. For those of you in NYC or NJ, will you hire me?

I'm serious.
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How do you season your edamame?

I'm cooking some for the very first time.

ETA: Sea /kosher/course salt wins. Now I'm off so try it.

ETA2: I like! The smell and taste reminds me of my gparent's farm. They are a tiny bit on the bland side, so the salt was necessary. But all in all, Yay! :) :)

thx all

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1. How often, if ever, do you get tested for various STDs?

2. Multiple friends with benefits: yea or nay?

3. If all the people you're with know that you're with other people too, does that change your other answer?

4. When people say they're asking a question for a friend, do you generally believe them?

5. Have you eaten anything awesome today? What was it?

Time to get in shape!

Has anybody here ever participated in a triathlon? What kind of training did you do ahead of time? Were you already adept at one or more of the events before you decided to give it a go?

I want to do a triathlon by the end of the summer. I've been running for years (though never for great distances), and I felt pretty good riding a bike while I was on vacation recently. I'm wondering how much I'm going to have to kick my own ass in gear in order to prepare so that I don't have a COMPLETE physical breakdown.

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Why is it that any popular male celebrity always has somebody who is absolutely convinced they're gay?

I've seen this quite a bit with various men, somebody on the thinks Mike Rowe is gay...granted there's also somebody there who is equally convinced he is an alcoholic.

Back to school article (I know it's early to be talking about back to school!!!)

As I mention in nearly all my TQC posts (as I am almost always asking questions having to do with my job somehow), I teach junior high. Some of my students have been involved in writing for a magazine called YouThink, which is written for and by Western Canadian Junior High and High School students. They have this column called Words of Wisdom which is written by a teacher. I've been asked to write the teacher article for the September issue.

The issue will be their "back to school" issue, and so my article should focus on that somehow. The trouble is, I have thought and thought and thought for a week and can't come up with an original or interesting approach to this topic! All I can think of is "blah blah blah yeah it's depressing.... blah blah blah although a bit exciting. And don't worry, teachers think so, too." But that's so BORING.

What should I write my article about?


what are documentaries worth watching?
(keep in mind i don't like scary things)

also, want to suggest any fashion documentaries about designers and such? i don't know very much about fashion but i enjoy it.

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Our local arts center, AS220, is having an open call for instructors to construct their own curriculum and teach a small group of people some sort of artistic project or process.

I know how to do basic painting, casting, sculptural, construction, printmaking, and metal-work stuff, but I want to come up with a project or a theme so that it's not a purely technical demonstration course. What would you do?

I was thinking some kind of project involving making personal altars and using collage and stuff.

Also I'm thinking about becoming a stripper, since my roommate is doing it and making ridiculous amounts of money. I also like dressing up, and this would be an appropriate venue for my nipple glitter. Ideas for costumes? I kind of want to wear a huge blonde beehive but I don't know if that's what guys are going for nowadays :(

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Dating/Engagement Questions

1. How long do you think two people should date before getting engaged?
2. How long is "too long" to just date someone? (i.e. no formal commitment) Is there such a thing for you, personally?
3. Do you think it's important for one/both parties to be done with all schooling? (Undergrad, graduate, doctorate, whatever)
4. How long is your ideal engagement period?

If you are married/engaged:
1. Who was ready to be engaged first: your fiance/e or yourself?
2. Did you discuss engagement prior to the actual proposal?

If you arent engaged:
1. Do you want to be?
2. What is the reason you aren't yet? (Don't interpret this question as ridicule, just simple logic - like not together long enough yet, too young)
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 I need help with my pup. We've had him for about a month and the most he's chewed up were a couple of my daughter's smaller toys. In the course of 1 hour last night he destroyed the cord to one of our Wii controllers, the cord to one of our surround sound speakers, and 2 pairs of my new shoes. When I got home tonight I found out he's chewed through a bottle of Windex. He has toys and things he can chew on, but he choses our stuff instead. What can I do to get him to stop before he kills himself or damages something really important? Thanks everyone!
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should i take a nap?
what should i eat?
what are you currently listening to?
has there ever been a doctor you thought was just fuckin awesome? was s/he a regular doctor? was s/he a specialist of some sort?
this nail polish is ass, but it's only on one of my hands. should i remove it or just pain my other nails?

deliciousness and candlemass

Do you get frozen yogurt? Do you get toppings on it? What kind?

For ice cream sundaes, what kind of sauce do you like on it?

What do you get when you have a last minute ice cream craving and you're at a convenient store?

Do you like affogato? (scoop of vanilla ice cream in espresso)

For metal music fans:
Can you recommend a Candlemass CD for a 1st time listener?
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tqc faves

do you have a favorite question ever posted on tqc?

a favorite "type" of question?

do you like posts where the are multiple questions on the same topic, or multiple questions on totally different topics, or just one big question?

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Disney World

1) Have you ever been to Disney World?
2) When you hear "Disney", what comes to mind first?

If you have gone to Disney World:

1) How many times have you been?
2) What is your favorite park & attractions?
3) On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least), how much do you like it there?

If you have not gone to Disney World:

1) Do you want to go?
2) Why have you not gone yet?
3) On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least), how much are you interested in going?

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You are going on a road trip and can pick 3 people to go on a road trip with.
Who do you pick and what would their jobs on the trip (for instance, one is in charge of food, the other in charge of lodging, another is the driver, etc.)? It can be ANYONE.

ETA: Would you ever play Russian Roulette?

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What written or spoken grammar and/or spelling mistake annoys you the most?

I was reminded of how much I hate double negatives when someone in my SENIOR english class said "I didn't do nothin'." Also people combining unnecessary words (besides a lot), I've seen "atleast" and "aswell."
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Have you ever had a bad experience meeting a celebrity?  Please tell me about it.

I tend to keep my distance, so the "worst" experiences I've had were Ethan Hawke walking into me (shoulder/body checks are not pleasant) and Ray Bourque (hockey star) stepped on my foot.
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dear question club,

someone recently betrayed a small trust i placed in them. i've decided to  punish them, but i am not decided on a method. in an attempt to represent myself as more ethical, i'm going to put it up to a democratic process of votes. you, tqc, will decide their fate.

should i stab them? i have an ice pick in my car, and i can get them in the leg.

should i punch them? this would have to be repeated punchings, to make up for the severity of a stab-wound. also, for my girly strength.

should i kick them? i wear steel-toed sneakers, and i can kick higher than my head, so this could be dramatic.

hit them with my car? i drive very fast, and i have full insurance coverage.

set their apartment on fire? i can climb in through their second story window(it wouldn't be the first time), and just walk out the front door.

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I just bought myself a Macbook Pro.  Very exciting.  However, i got a little over-zealous in Photo Booth and took lots of silly pictures of myself.  In the process of deleting them, it seems I deleted the entire application.  Can someone point me to a solution to getting it back?  I either need directions on how to get it back from my discs or an online download of the app.
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I started my new daycare job yesterday, and today a set of siblings came back in today. And I kind of want to slaughter both of them. Neither of them listen to me at all - one's a fifth grader and one's probably going into second or third - and when I tell them to do something they just laugh in my face. I've got five years of daycare experience and I've never had a kid laugh in my face. I've tried making them sit out, telling my boss (who doesn't really give a shit), taking toys away ... nothing's working. What do I do with these childrennnnnn? They're making my job a living hell.

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I'm really homesick and probably won't be moving back until next year or the year after (stupid money).

Is anyone here from Vancouver Island?
Have you ever been there?

If not:
Where do you live?
Is it home for you?
(If not, where is the place you call home, no matter where you are)