May 21st, 2008

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gas is crazy, therefore i have no choice but to part with my beloved SUV.

what kind of car do you drive?
what do you like about it?
what do you dislike about it?
most importantly, how's your mileage?
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Earlier tonight, Jason poked me in the shoulder, gave me a terrified expression, and said "35 hours, Slane. We get married in 35 hours."

I wasn't nervous until he mentioned this. Now I feel like I'm living in an episode of 24, complete with clock sound effects and all. D:

What was the last thing you were nervous about?

Did it turn out okay in the end?

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Everybody on A Shot at Love should be severely beaten y/y?

How hard would you laugh if Flavor Flav died due to some freak clock related accident. Like he swung around to fast and it, dare I say, clocked him in the head, or the chain it was on got wrapped around his neck too tight and he was strangled?

^feel free to share the Flavor Flave clock related death you think would be funniest
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Quick question about verizon wireless, text message and overage charges.

For the past few months I've had a plan with Verizon for 250 text messages a month (and seeing how I wasn't really big on that). But works been slow lately and I've been texting a bit more than I usually do. I log in to my Verizon account tonight and see that I've gone over my amount by about 125 messages.

I really don't want to pay the $27 that is going to cost me and notice the little 'upgrade plan' underneath the overage message. I don't want to get charged for any additional messages sent this month so I decide I might as well do it. So I upgraded to the 500 message plan and after a few minutes my little text message bar is no longer full and the overage warning is gone.

Does this mean that Verizon backdated my plan and I'm no longer going to get charged an overage fee?

I did a google search and got two different answers (one being that yes, it was backdated and the other saying Verizon doesn't work that way and it's only partial for the month). I'm planning on calling tomorrow anyways but I'm a bit anxious to find out.

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Anyone in the LA area know of a place I can find Orange Supreme cake mix and Coconut flavored pudding mix?

Or instead of that, anyone have a good recipe for Mountain Dew cake that uses other flavors of cake/pudding?

I can't find these two ingredients anywhere.

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I tried to give a friend some cookies I baked him but he wouldn't accept them. He said girls always put too much sugar in them and sugar makes him sick. I tried to assure him I didn't put too much sugar in them (I never do and never would!) but he still wouldn't eat them.

Can I sue him for sexism for refusing to accept my loving gift of chocolate chip goodness simply because I'm female?
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do you call them chickpeas or garbanzo beans?
what's your favorite way to eat them?

Allister's version of We Close Our Eyes sucks, agree or disagree?
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my sleeping schedule is TOTALLY FUCKED UP. i've been sleeping until 1 in the afternoon and going to bed around 4 am. i feel like i'm totally wasting my life sleeping.

so, to fix this, should i just stay up? i'll be a zombie today but i'll be able to fall asleep earlier and as a result i will wake up earlier too. it's 4 am right now and i have to be awake around 8, so i won't get much sleep anyway.

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Does god answer prayer, or does god have a master plan?

If it answered prayer, then the will of the all-knowing can be changed at the whim of the mortal - not much of a plan (or an all-knowing) if the brilliant plan changes every two seconds.

If it had a plan then prayer would fall on deaf ears - as an omniscient being, it knows better than you. Whether events are 'good' or 'bad' for an individual is irrelevant, since they're in the plan and are destined to happen. Going further: assuming it's a plan that is trying to teach you something by putting certain obstacles in your path, instead of a plan that's just for shits and giggles, why would one try to pray them away at the cost of your soul's place in paradise?

Verse numbers supporting either side would be appreciated.

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how do you keep yourself from yawning?
i'm having an awful time with it, and the tissue in the back of my throat is trying to scab and everytime i yawn it feels like it's being reripped and all.....eeck i dunno how to explain it but it hurts! so any idea on how to keep from yawning would be great!

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How do people sleep in those sleep clinics? You know where you go to find out why you can't sleep... If I can't sleep in my own bed, why would I be able to fall asleep with wires attached to my head?

Does anyone have any insight on this? Have you ever gone to a sleep clinic?
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 okay, so i have this friend who lived on the east coast, but decided to move back home to chicago. problem is, he had to move back in with parents until he could get a new apartment, and they are allergic to cats. so he asked me if i would take his cat until he found some place to live. fine, no problem, sure. except that as it turns out, his cat is ugly, fat, has a fucked up eye, has kitty-asthma, and is named... "Loki". wtf, a fat, blind, asthmatic cat is not something i would name after some kind of norse god of mischief. he's not even "mischievous", he's just fucking annoying. but hey, i should have specified my expectations before saying it was okay, right? and my word is my word so...

but here's where it gets messy. as it turns out, it's not his fucking cat. it belongs to his wife, whom i've always hated with the fire of a million suns. not only that, but they just got divorced.

i don't want this cat any more, but i don't know his wife's number and i can't get ahold of him. i'm trying to convince my significant other that it's totally reasonable for us to just drop the cat off in the woods to hang out with chipmunks and deer. what do you think? would the chipmunks give him a hard time about his weight? or would he be able to fit in eventually once the hazing is through? settle this question for us. 

ETA: actually, someone just gave me a much better idea. i can just tell his ex-wife that i left her cat in the woods and see if she'll cry! and then i can give the cat back, maybe after giving him a ridiculous hair-cut or something. thanks, seberia
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TQC, I got a bit of a lame question....

Do I need a cover letter if it is being sent to a recruiter? I saw this job posting on Monster, and it says this recruiting agency is hiring for several companies for the same position, so I don't know who to address the cover letter too since it's all done online, and there is no physical address posted. Help!

Also for shits and giggles....

As a kid, what was the dumbest thing that you did?

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1. I am hungry, what should I eat?

2. Should I hang out in pajamas and be lazy all day?

3. Why is my 2 year old so obsessed with Family Guy?


4. Why is one of the side effects of my psoriasis ointment psoriasis?

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I always picture myself as Bette Davis in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?' when I get old - heavy make-up caked over my face except at the wrinkles where it would crack like a dry mud bed, a butt hanging out of the corner of my smeared red-lipsticked mouth, drunkenly shuffling around in a ratty bathrobe in the middle of the day. I'd be reaching for the bottle in the morning rasping out All right, all right! to my disabled husband in another room. I haven't really thought about just HOW I will disable him yet so will you give me some good ideas?

Collapse )
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1) Have you ever lived completely by yourself?

2) Was it lonely? How did you deal with it?

3) How did you keep yourself occupied?

4) US people: Got any memorial day plans?
quite surprising

need you to strain your memories a bit here

A few years back there was a film starring Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig that was yet another take on the Invasion of the Body Snatchers scenario, called simply The Invasion. I knew what it was the moment I saw the very first teaser trailers, as I'm sure many others did. There was a sense of fannish dread for it to come out and most everyone I heard from that saw it didn't like it.

Outright hated it in a lot of cases.

I just rented it recently.

Do you recall if you liked it or not? If you didn't like it, what was it about this movie that didn't work for you?

My review of this film: Clicky!

Note · As there's been a few comments on when it actually came out (the wonders of xposting) I'd just like to add that my sense of past time bites big time.
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I'm finally living on my own (as in, not in a dorm), and I'm trying to start actually cooking--not surviving off of microwavable foods.  However, I'm also on a limited budget and have limited room.  (Plus, I'm still not in a final residence, so whatever I buy has to get moved.)  So my question is this:  What basic cooking things can I buy to essentially minimize the amount that I'm buying and maximize what I can do?  I'm planning on getting a cookie sheet, frying pan, and saucepot--is there anything else I should get?  (I'm only feeding myself, so I won't be cooking a lot.)

Run with scissors

Overly Cautious

Say a guy who was about 5 foot 3 and weighed around 170 pounds went to a party with some people who knew that he'd never been drunk before. If these people happened to find him unconscious and were unable to wake him, and so assumed that something was seriously wrong and called an ambulance, would it be reasonable for him to be pissed off if it turned out that medical attention wasn’t actually needed?

How would you feel if someone called an ambulance for you and you didn’t need it?

How would you feel if you called an ambulance for someone and they didn’t need it?

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It's my dad's b-day on Friday. my sister and I had gotten him 2 dog dishes for a dog we were going to get but it's not happening now. He likes gardening and being outside and doing other dad-ish things. My sister and I both don't have much money rightnow so nothing more than like $40. What should we get him?

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The Army keeps calling my house, asking me to join.
When I kindly say "No, I'm all set at where I am at", they hang up. A month or so later, I get another call asking the same thing. This has been going on for about 2 years.
Now, they have my email address (how, I have no idea) and are doing it via email AND phone.
It's a minor inconvenience, but they talk a lot and always have a knack for calling at the worst times.

Are they just trying to make me give in and join the Army?

Also, I have a sweet head cold. How do you treat a head cold?

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have you ever been to an auto show? specifically, one that shows newer models/concepts.
which one(s)?
did you enjoy it/them?

i totally want to go to one this year but i have no idea what to expect
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Do you think death is a disease?

I ask because I saw a CNN special a few months ago with Dr Sanjay Gupta and he was interviewing some crazies that thought death was a disease and they're basically doing everything in their power to not
"get the death" by eating certain things and certain amounts. They look terrible, they're extremely underweight and just look pretty disgusting. I thought it was kinda crazy and I was wondering if anyone thought the same.

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What's the stupidest thing you've done that resulted in an injury?

This is mine:

My friend Shannon and I were in my apartment one night, already sufficiently drunk.  We decided that we wanted to open a bottle of wine.  Alas, nothing to open it with!  We decide to push it into the bottle.  Easy enough right?  Instead of using a blunt object to push it in, Shannon grabs a steak knife.  She shoves it into the cork (it was one of those cheap plastic ones) and pushes.  It works, but wine goes everywhere.  The knife is now stuck so far into the cork that we can't get it out.  Now comes my brilliant idea.  "We need something to push the cork off the knife."  In my drunken state the obvious choice was to use kitchen scissors.  We take the bottle outside to the deck, Shannon holds the knife, I hold the scissors.  "On the count of three I push and you pull."  I don't know what got me, the scissors or the knife, but the end result was a gash in my pinky that needed four stitches.

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My husband's birthday is in August, and I want to schedule a trip for us, and he'll need Friday, and Saturday off of work, but I want to keep it a surprise. I've never spoken to his bosses before, but I do know how to get into contact with how do I go about emailing them asking for him to have off these days? I want to do this asap so they have more than enough time to clear his schedule for those how would you word it? : ) Thank you for any advice you may offer!

Short version: I need to email my husband's boss about taking 2 days off work in August, How should I word it?
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Is butter-less, salt-less popcorn a good treat for me?

What about for my puppy?

Who wants to come to my house for dinner? I'm making golumpkis and coconut cream pie.

Who pronounces them "go-limp-keys"? I really hope no one does.

Who here is Polish? (More than 50%)

moving with cats

Does anybody have any tips on how to make a move easier on two cats? 
My husband and I are about to move from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house (YAY!), and we have two cats who are making the move with us.  We only have one cat carrier, though... 
So my first question is: any tips on getting both cats from one place to another with just one cat carrier?  They're both pretty big...
Secondly: What is the best way to help a cat become accustomed to a new house?  One of our cats looooves to hide, and I know he will find some ridiculous place to hide where we will not be able to get him out and probably won't see him for a few days, which is something that I want to avoid. 
And lastly: What is the best way to help them realize the new location of their litter box?  Is this something they will instinctually figure out on there own, or is there something we need to/can do to help them?

I've owned cats all my life, but I've never moved with one before... so any help/tips would be very much appreciated.

ugh. halp.

If you were applying for a job with a company that required a background/credit check, and you'd had identity theft in the past, would you disclose that to the company?

If so, how would you go about doing that?
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Tonight on the American Idol finale, the "biggest star in the world" (according to Nigel Lythgoe) will be performing. Who do you think it is?

(I think it's Miley Cyrus.)

Are you offended by people calling things/people "gay" or "retarded"? What specific ones are you offended by?

What do you think is a sign of a douchebag?

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Poll #1191710 69 to 5

Maxim Magazine cited some statistic that 47% of office workers have hooked up with each other. I find that number surprisingly, but pleasantly high. Have you hooked up with a coworker?

Just messed around with, but it didn't end up in nookie

If, given the option, would you sleep with someone in your workplace?


I wonder if any of my coworkers have been interested in sleeping with me. Maybe I'm just not noticing the 'hey I'm lonely whatcha doing later' signals. If a girl wants to sleep with a guy, what signals does she send? What signals do you send?


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What is the cheapest truck company to move from Detroit, MI to Durham, NC? I need about a 10' truck, I think. The only ones I can think of are Budget and U-Haul, but are there other cheaper, legit companies out there?



I've been hearing a lot lately about how the drinking age is to be raised from 21 to 23 in the States. Anyone else hear about this? Or know if its a for sure thing, and if so, when will this be in effect?
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The Comedy That is My Life

 Recently, I was helping a friend move from an apartment to a new house.  I had borrowed a friends pick up truck to fill and, since I wanted to totally utilize the bed of the truck, I took the huge spare tire out of the bed and leaned it on the back of the bumper of the truck on the ground.   All is going well up to this point.  I need to mention that his apartment, and therefore, the driveway the truck is parked in, is situated three blocks up a STEEP hill and at the bottom of the hill is a VERY BUSY street.  Are we getting a feeling of dread?  

So, at some point, we put some heavy furniture in the bed of the truck which causes the truck to move ever so slightly backwards, even with the brake on.  The tire then "rights" itself and begins to roll down the hill towards the BUSY intersection!  I can pretty much say that I went through more mental calculations than an overclocked Intel  Dual Core processor.  I remember "stunned" as my first thought.  Then "fear" that someone may get hurt as the tire speeds up to 70 miles an hour with no vehicle connected to stop it.  The next emotions, in random order are humor, denial, fear, wonder- you name it!  If I tried to roll that tire so it would stay up straight the whole time.

My question is this. What would you do in this case;

a.  Run like the wind and try to catch up?  (Almost impossible because it had a head start and because of shock)

b.  Get in the truck and drive away.  (Heck, it didn't have my name on it!)

c. Jump in the truck and catch up with it at the end - risking being identified as the owner and responsibility for monetary or physical   damage to anyone or, thing?  

d.  Offer another solution.

This really happened to me.  I laughed my ass off because it was like a clip from a Seinfeld show.  I actually chose c.  With all the traffic on the street at the botttom of the hill, it missed all the cars and went onto a lawn and bounced off a foundation at the end of it's "trip"

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There is this girl I have been friends with for 12 years and I just don't know why anymoer. When I got engaged, she got pissed off and was really mean to me about it and insisted that I was too young to get married and that it was a stupid thing to do and blah blah blah. BTW, I was 24 when I got married.

After that conversation, we didn't talk for about six months because I was so appalled that she couldn't be happy and support me, and I had nothing to say to her. She has been negative and I guess a "Downer" kind of person for as long as I have known her but I don't know, I expected a different reaction? So anyway, over the engagement, she constantly was making excuses about why she couldn't come hang out with me, go to my bachelorette party, pick out decorations and stuff, or just come have a beer or something. Collapse )
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how many hobbies do you have?

I like to read manga, comic books, books, watch anime and tv shows, play board, card, and video games, and so that's about 8, if you don't count jewelry making

are you often behind on the newest things in your hobbies?

Yea, I'm totally at sea with many of the hot new comics, I'm years behind on anime, manga, tv shows, video games, board and card games...

why are you behind?

I just have too many hobbies I guess?

Tell me, oh great TQC

1) If you were a vegan, and you child decided not to be one, would you be cool with it, or freak out?

2) Do you have any strange diet things? (vegan, vegetarian, kosher, no pork, rabbit only when Mercury is in retrograde, etc)

3) Does this cause you any issues?

4) Were you raised with a different diet than you keep now?

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Say you walked into a local retail establishment to purchase something, and you needed to ask someone for help. Only, the person you are asking for help (the "salesperson") speaks hardly any of the local language. On a scale of 1-10, how annoyed would you be in this situation?

If I worded this strangely, I apologize.
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Other than the usual lazy answers like OMFG WHY DOESN'T HE POOF INTO MY HOUSE AND GIVE ME A MILLION DOLLARS THEN POOF OUT, why do you feel you can say with any sort of confidence that God doesn't exist?

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My first week on a job a couple years ago, some dipshit who'd worked there for years got shitcanned after he stole a laptop from a locked room that only he had the key for.. and was caught on a security camera that he knew was there.

Whats the dumbest/craziest/weirdest thing you've ever heard of somebody getting fired for?

Have you ever been fired? What for?
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When you do something tewtally sweet (promotion, recognition, significant accomplishment), are you able to pat yourself on the back or do you brush it off?

I got a pretty sweet internship that starts tomorrow and I've convinced myself that I tricked them and they'll want to boot me as soon as they figure out how incompetent I am.

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Say you're getting ready to move to a different city.  How far in advance would you leave your job?

Are there any songs that make you think of rollerskating? 
Every time I hear Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock & Roll" I think of parties at the roller rink when I was little.
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If your trying to get jobs in a city which you want to move to and you think your getting turned away because you don't have a local address Would you use your bestfriend's address who lives in that city?
Do you think that will make the hiring people look at your resume more?

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1. Do you make a conscious effort to exercise?
If yes,

2. Is it for health or appearance?
If it's for appearance,

3. Who are you trying to please? 

1. Yes, I go to the gym for an hour about 3 times a week
2. Partially for health, partially because I want to look good
3. For myself. I find it has boosted my confidence.
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Should I buy a electric hybrid bike?

You know how people say "if i had known that was going to happen, i would of stayed in bed today" ..If they can use Psychic powers to predict what will happen..does that mean they still experience it anyway?
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If TLC's Stacy and Clinton showed up at your job and handed you a $5,000 credit card would you go with them knowing just about all your clothes would end up in the garbage? I think i would go if they promised not to throw out my chucks.

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Tips on putting ointment in kitten's eyes? I took him to the vet today and he has an upper respiratory infection. She gave me ointment for his eyes and an oral antibiotic. How should I go about putting this in his eyes?

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I keep getting a phone call on my home phone that says, "Free India Call" and it's a 571 area code (which I searched and it said Alexandria, VA - 703 overlay).

WTF could it be? They call like twice a day, but I'm never able to reach it. lol I want to answer so bad.
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TQC, imagine with me here that you get the job you've always wanted (or just...a job) and you REALLY really want it. later you find out that one of the workers from there (who you would run into quite a lot) is someone who you don't get along with. you and this person clash anytime you're around eachother.
would you still take the job? why/why not?

when was the last time you got a shot?
what was it for?
New Camus

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1. Does anyone here have a Chrysler Pacifica? Do you like it? Details, plz.

2. If you have one, how often do really you clean out your car (vacuuming, windows, etc.)?

3. What color are your glasses (as in the glasses you would drink water or soda or whatever out of)?

4. What's one thing you're not looking forward to today?

5. What do you do with your paper bank statements?
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Did you hear some chick ruined her bf's 18th birthday? How terrible is that?

Will you post here reminding her what an awful person she is and how he'll always remember this?

Where did her post go?

Would you ruin your SO's birthday?

(no subject)

For those of you who use a mood theme in your personal journal, what was your mood in your last 10 entries?

Mine are accomplished, nerdy, optimistic, tired, relieved, contemplative, impressed, pleased, okay and quixotic.
little mermaid

Dr. TQC!

I have to go have an MRI done in a couple hours because they think i have a pituitary tumor. Yes, my life really *does* sound like bad fiction...

So, is it cancer? If not, what is it?

How do i cure it?

If you don't care, what's for dinner?

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Say a piece of equipment is designed to take up to a certain weight limit - how much extra weight can it take and still function properly? Is there a way to figure out what the cut off point would be (other than trying it and breaking it)? I've been googling, but can't find anything. If it helps, this is about exercise equipment.


Who do you think is going to win on American Idol tonight?

I'm hoping Cook because if Archuleta wins I think that's one of the signs of the apocalypse.


My boyfriend and I are going to Las Vegas in 3 weeks. We're 22 & 25 years old, so tacky musicals and Wayne Newton kinda aren't of much of our thing...despite their Vegas tradition.

My questions are, for those of you who have been to Las Vegas in June or live there, what is the weather like during the day/night?

What type of clothes should I bring?

And could you recommend places to go/things to do?

[k.perry] watermelon

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How do you say goodbye to a man leaving for Iraq?

He's a patient here at the chiropractor's office... I don't even know what to do.
Is it appropriate to hug?

EDIT: he's here now, being adjusted..
Serious answers only please.. this whole situation is incredibly difficult.
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I have a group project due tomorrow between me and my 2 lab partners for microbiology. We've been doing tests the whole term to identify two bacteria. Finally, we did and are compiling everything into a binder. I asked my partners to just do a 1-2 page report on the bacteria we identified, and I'd do the rest of the project.

Well, one of the papers from one partner I got was written really well. My other lab partner sent me a single paragraph that is really poorly written ("M. Luteus is this. It does this. It doesn't do this." It's like an elementary school paper or something, it's so bad. The freaking sources aren't even cited correctly).

I don't have her phone number and she never checks her freaking e-mail, EVER. I'm debating either rewriting the paper or leaving it and talking to my TA or something. What would you do?

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so, i just sneezed my first sneeze since i got my tonsils out.
and it hurt really fuckin bad. like, made me cry type of bad.
i have allegra, but i am not supposed to swallow pills yet, they still need to be crushed up. is allegra fine to crush? or is there some other way to keep myself from sneezing again? i have to go out tonight and take my final for psychology and i sneeze like crazy at the college, it's my last chance to take the final, i couldn't do it on monday because i was still bed ridden. what do i do?
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You have recently been promoted to the highest possible position in a company that you had been involved with for at least 15 years. You are filled with the sort of pride that only comes from the knowledge that you had sex with the right people and only engaged in the most ethical of drug trafficking to and for terrorists. However, things aren't entirely pleasant. Apparently some sort of in-company ethics committee has found out about your completely unethical practices and are seeking to launch into a full investigation that would drag up everything you've ever done to those hookers you keep on salary because that one does something with her tongue that would just drive you wild.

Instead of doing the honorable thing (because, let's face, you're making way too much money to be honorable anymore. You could buy and sell your neighbors like they were drug-store novels.) you decide the only logical thing is to, in fact, have all of the people in the Ethics Committee killed in various ways that would, in no way, make it look like you were involved. You just have to live with the guilt of having killed about 10 people because you want to stop getting your sex from the high-priced hooker you're calling your secretary.

With that, do you:
1 - Double-click the power cord?
2 - Call up a favor from one of the groups of terrorists you've been doing business with, so they can take care of the group?
3 - Use Dark Charizard to just blow up them in a really awesome explosion?
4 - Dress up like a ninja and kill them all while they're walking around the building?
5 - Set the building on fire?
6 - Contact R&D and have them give you psychic powers that would allow you kill people by having their brain melt?
7 - Call them all in for a meeting, but don't show up, bar the doors, and leak some kind of toxic gas through the vents of that room?
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UniFlame Gas Grills

Has anyone had any problems with UniFlame gas grills? My fiance and I got one this weekend, and after spending way too long putting it together, we decided to try it out tonight. Attached the propane, got it all set up, turned the burners on, and it wont ignite. It's like gas isn't getting up to the burners, but when we put our ear down by it, it sounds like it is. So, I called, and they said they'd send me a new hose, but I really dont think that's the problem. We can see the spark trying to ignite, and we even tried using a match, but no flame.

I'm so frustrated right now.
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Random questions

If you have DVR/TiVo, do you ever set something to record and then delete it without watching because you changed your mind?

What is something you don't have to do, but you do just about every week anyway?
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Have you ever dealt with a pathological liar? How did you handle it?

Will you tell a story about a lie that ended hilariously? :D

(My brother and sister's coworker tells the weirdest lies, and they have PROVED beyond a SHADOW of a doubt that he lied right out his ass... and he keeps pushing it. My mom thinks they should ignore him, I think they should "play along" with the lie but in an overly sarcastic and condescending way... wondering if there's a happy medium to this. Because srsly, ignoring would be no fun!)
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This is why I drink, in case you were wondering...

I work at a day care where I'm paid federal minimum wage ($5.85 now, going up to a whopping $6.55 in July). But that's okay, because they give me all the overtime they think I can stand! And they'll only give me a livable wage and hours after I've dedicated a year of evenings and weekends to getting a college degree! And I get no benefits! And the kids give me go-to-hell looks when I get on to them! And everybody above my head is a effing backstabber!

Yeah, I'm going to quit.

But how?

Serious answers only if you have nothing non-serious to say, OK?
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1. Are there any professions a person could have that would be an automatic dealbreaker for you in terms of having a relationship?
2. What are they?
3. Would it matter if they currently did them or did them in the past?

Maybe I'm weird, but I don't think I could date a mortician.
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Should I watch American Idol and lose IQ points but be marginally entertained, or Secrets of the Dead and be slightly bored but a tiny bit smarter?

What are you watching?

TV = the devil?

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I'm looking for a word. I'm writing my thesis for my essay, and I can't find the exact word I'm looking for. I've been trying for the past ten minutes, and google isn't helping (nor is or I came here to ask for help, but when I try to type out an explanation that would lead to the word, it sounds like gibberish.

TQC, why is my brain so dead?

What word includes "societal, economic, and political" aspects of society into one?

Srsly guys, I'm going nuts.
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What is the cheapest way to travel by train throughout Europe? Specifically, I need to get a train from Paris to Heidelberg one night and then from Heidelberg to Venice on another night. Eurail passes are way too expensive for my budget, and I can't seem to find any better options... can anyone help?

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Do you friend people on facebook just because they went to school with you, or met them briefly somewhere? Or do you only accept a request if they are/were real friends? I feel like I might be being a prick rejecting people from my school who never bother to even say hi to me. I don't want them to think I'm bitter.

How come I can't find a decent challenger for mario kart DS? This game has been out forever, you'd think people would not suck at it still.
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A friend of mine from my ex-work is getting married on Saturday (yay!). I have never been to a wedding and have no idea what to wear. It is a formal wedding. Would a "suit" like I wear for work be sufficient?

I have a suit like this but it's baby blue and black instead of green. Would this be okay? I'm lost!

*EDIT* I have a flowy ankle length brown skirt with little cream flowers on it and a brown cap-sleeved shirt. Think that would work?
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For those of you who work classic hours - 9-5 (9-6 in my case as of today), how on earth do you get all the rest you need? Is there some magic trick I haven't learnt yet? What do you do with your precious hours between work and work?

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I'm writing a CV, which should hopefully get me a saturday job.
I have photographed a wedding and theatre production - should I include these?
I'm explaining skills gained from each job, so I could say something along the lines of 'organisation' or something....

ETA: In the 'activities and interests' section, or just bits about me, what can you suggest I include? Should it be a list or more detailed?
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 I dyed my hair a few days ago from light blonde to a reddsih brown....well now it's more pink than I want it to be. Is it bad to re-dye my hair so soon? Is there another solution? Or am I just going to have to live with slightly pink hair for awhile ? :)

I was watching friends the other day and rachel and ross were kissing when rachel started laughing because of something she was thinking. Have you ever started laughing while kissing? Did the person you were kissing get mad like Ross or just laugh with you?
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My cat has a covered litter box and when she gets in there it's peaceful for a minute or so... then suddenly it's like she's trying to escape from fucking prison as she repeatedly beats the hell out of the sides of the box. I took a look one day to see WTF she's DOING in there and it turns out after she poos, she tries to "cover" it... but isn't digging at the litter... she's digging at the side of the box. Violently. In fact she never once hits litter, and leaves all her poo uncovered as a result. She doesn't seem to realize this and once she's sufficiently dug at fucking nothing, she prances out of the box with an obvious sense of accomplishment.

So, TQC... in what funny way is your pet absolutely retarded?

I should get a "caution: slow cat at play" sign for my place, y/n?

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what burns your biscuits?

people saying stuff like think positive...because of quantum physics!

do you prefer realistic or unrealistic racing games?


what are your thoughts on Pokemon?

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1. In your opinion, what's the best job in the world?

2. Homework halp. :[ I'm writing an essay and I was wondering, would it be too weird if I refer to a city as a 'her'?

For example, "the introduction of democracy into her political system". Or should I just stick to 'it'?

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Ladies: Pudgy = fat?
Men: Would you ever tell a girl (girlfriend/wife/fiance/friend) they were fat or needed to lose weight?

What is wrong with the weather lately? Why is it going from hot to cold to hot then rainy? Wtf.
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My friend is planning on smoking pot before a doctors appointment tomorrow, actually a blood test for anemia.  How bad of an idea is this, as in how hard should I try to get her not to do it?

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1. Do you know what klezmer music is? Do you like it?

2. How about zydeco?

3. Would you classify yourself as a music snob? What does "music snob" mean to you? Do you think it is essentially a good thing or not?
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Does anyone know who the boy in the AT&T commercial is?
It's the one where the mom goes "Who's minutes are these?" after she finds them in the trash can, and her son in the orange shirt goes "Those are last months minutes."

His voice sounds really familiar and I feel like I've seen him before too. This is driving me nuts.

Edit: OOOH, HE WAS IN VERONICA MARS. thanks gargoylekitty

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1. If you regularly run/jog, what time of the day do you go running/jogging?
2. Ladies, where do you get your lingerie from?
3. I just read that the average bra size went up considerably. Why do you think it went up?
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If you're the person everybody turns to when something is awry in their life, do you ever get sick of it?
Do you feel like being a nice person is a chore?

Don't you just really want to tell some people to fuck off sometimes?

Will you post a picture of yourself with a kitchen utensil?
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1) What is your favourite 90's sitcom?

I love them all, but Fresh Prince gives me the warm and fuzzies.

2) Who is your favourite reality show family? Can be a celebrity family (like The Osbornes) or not (like The Roloffs from "Little People, Big World").

I have to say Gene Simmons and his clan. I like that his kids aren't idiots.
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Say you are in a committed monogamous relationship and some one else begins to show romantic interest in you. This is some one that, even if you were single and looking for a relationship, you STILL wouldn't date. You have absolutely no interest and never would

When you reject them, are you more likely to say "Sorry, I'm taken" or "I'm not interested"?

If you choose the second option, would you feel guilty (or feel guilty for NOT feeling guilty) at the fact that you didn't mention you had an SO?

Now on the other side of the spectrum, you show interest in some one who is in a relationship (in your defense, you might not even know the SO exists)... if they say to you "Sorry, I'm taken" would that imply to you that if they WEREN'T taken, they would be interested?

What would you rather your SO's response to some one else's interest be (out of those two options)? Why?
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Do you know people who keep talking to you after you have said goodbye? What do you do in that situation? Do you just keep walking or something? Like today, I was talking to someone who's like this, and I realized I was late for my bus. I said, "Oh, I gotta run, my bus is about to leave!" and the person said, "OK. So, yeah, I didn't really like today's lecture --" I kind of stood there for a moment, then when the timing seemed right, I repeated, "I have to go catch my bus," and basically walked away from him in the middle of a sentence. It seemed so rude, but I didn't know what else to do.

What about if you're doing work in a public area and someone sits next to you and tries to start up a conversation? Sometimes, I like to go outside on nice days to do homework, and someone always inevitably sits down next to me and starts talking. When I say to them, "Hey, I can't really talk right now, I'm doing (whatever)," they either get all butt hurt or keep trying to talk to me. Should I just do my homework inside from now on? What is a not rude way to tell them to go away?

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so i just watched cloverfield. awesome movie. but it kinda freaked me out. i get really nervous about dying in some horrifying fashion. or worse; living.
so, what can i do to take my mind off being bitten in half or having a piece of metal smashed through me?
what do you do to keep your mind off scary movies?
have you seen cloverfield?
did you like it?
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So I just realized my pet rat's back leg is swollen and he's not using it, and I'm afraid that it's broken. I can't find a 24 hour vet in the phone book. Any idea what I can do for him til one answers, o wise and all-knowing opinionated internet? I'm also trying to google, but personal experiences with this would help a ton.

He's acting pretty normal otherwise. I think he might have fallen off the roof of his cage, he climbs upside down on it a lot. =\ poor dude.
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If you could travel back in time, when would you go to?

What is your favorite type of tea?

So, hot stuff..... whatcha wearin'??

I'm feelin' the 60s right now.
Can't chose.
Boxers and a tank top = pjs
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I am seriously craving a beer right now

I am trying to decide between whats in the fridge.
My choices are a can of Murphy's, some Stella Artois, or the last Sam Adams Summer Ale. The 4th choice is not drinking any of them because I am supposed to be on a diet and a beer at 11 at night is just extra calories. Delicious extra calories.

Which one should I choose?
What is your favorite beer?
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Since a couple people have wondered...

"is there name for the STD where there are black spikes coming out of you shaft about 5 inches long that seeminize them selves"

Anyone know what this fine fellow was talking about, and what disease(s) he's afflicted with?

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What's your favorite and least favorite (what the hell I started to write nonfavorite) non-instructional show on Food Network?

if you have a Food Network related icon, will you use it?