May 20th, 2008

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Do you get easily annoyed? What is something that annoys you a lot about people?

Are you easily amused? What is something that never fails to amuse you?

Why are you up so late? (It's 12:00 am where I'm at, anyways).

Do you feel bad when you kill bugs?

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Best word?

David Carradine
David Carradine and Latin both suck trouser sausage

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what's the coolest thing a doctor ever did for/to you?

for example, every time i had a surgery on my hand, my doctor did my 11 stitches with one long string. he tied the ends of the string together and when it was time for them to come out, he cut the ends apart and (except for the first time) let me pull the string out. i was 9-14 and i thought it was pretty awesome.
Catsby down under.

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Has your cat ever completely flipped out, begun pacing around the room with its back arched and tail fluffed out, and then ran to hide behind something... for no apparent reason? And repeatedly, doing this several times in an hour? Did you ever figure out what caused the bizarre behavior?
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HOW in this world does anybody EVER get a photography job?? i mean, seriously. i want to know. because i live in a rural town with limited photography studios as is. i'm into landscapes.. i love shooting nature. that's my scene. i don't have the opportunity to shoot people or even bands. i used to photograph bands but that was before i got my good camera & didn't try. people these days want shots of other people, bands, celebrities, etc. how do i break into the market of LANDSCAPE photography?? i read bio's and.. how-to books.. and i DO all the things they talk about. i do. but nothing ever says "how about this?" or "maybe you should try that" or "did you think of this, too?"

any.. ideas..?

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So I'm talking to one of my roommates today, and he was telling me about his exfriend who spread weird rumors about him. The best one being.

Apparently he would catch bugs and put them in bottles and jars... and then pee in them till the bugs would drown.

I think its true.

So I ask!

Have you ever played God in such a way?

What would you do if you lived with a guy that did that? (You have diffrent bedrooms, and bathrooms (not that that matters))
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a few months ago my roommate went to see a movie and she came back all freaked about some trailer she saw. apparently the movie was based on a true story, and the murderous psychopath in question filmed all of his murders. so in the movie they used these videos of the real murders. she doesn't remember what it was called and i REALLY just want to see the trailer. anyone have any ideas?


so would you see this movie?
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For those of you who are or were at some point married... How soon before the wedding did it start seeming "real" to you? I'm getting married in ELEVEN days and it still doesn't feel like its really happening... I'm excited, but I feel like I should be MORE excited... Is that normal?

Sleep Attire

What do you wear to bed?  (What do you like to wear to bed?)

Does your selection change based on the weather?  Who you're with?  Where you're sleeping?  ...?

If I have the option to do so, I usually sleep in just underwear; unless it's really hot,  then I sleep naked.
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TQC, how would you define feline_thespian?

Based off what little you know of me or what you infer from my answers/questions/icon, how would you define me?

In the comments, would you define the person above you?

Just to be honest here, I have an assignment to get as many people as I can to define me, and since I have all my family/friends, and since you all come up with hilarious, wonderful, insulting things, I would love to get some from you.  The "define the person above you" thing is just so that this post is actually fun.
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I just forced my ESL kids to listen to Elton John and fill in the blanks with missing words. Yes, I am going to the concert tonight. Yes, I made them listen to 70's and 80's old lady music. I am a meanie-teacher pants. I know.

What young, hip music can I play for them? I'll do the same thing...blank out words and make them listen to fill in the blanks.

They suggested Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Kelly Clarkson and Madonna.

Help me, youngin's of TQC!!

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why are you guys so full of hate?
first of all i thought any alcohol would work not just whiskey and i havent got any wiskey.
secondly my sons have beautiful names, there really unique and special. everyone loves them.
thirdly there is nothing wrong with my tatoo. the artist did a really good job and plus it only costed me $50
i can't believe how rude ya'all are.

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do you think it would be allright if i left my sons alone for 10 minutes so i can go to the shop for some smokes? they are 4 years and 7 months. my dog is a guard dog so no pedophiles whill get them.

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okay so i have a slightly odd question ... please keep in mind that this is purely hypothetical.

so theoretically, if a (fairly young) woman raised a boy (but not from birth or anything, but like eventually she got care of him because she knew his mom for example and took him in when his mom died when he was a preteen) would it be ethically wrong if when he grew up and turned 18, she had sexual relations with him?

i mean, it's legal, but is it wrong?
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have you ever bought a t-shirt from threadless?

it's a really popular site but I swear, their girly Ts are shrinking. I get larges and after one wash they don't fit me at all anymore. and i'm not a big girl... my other shirts are all mediums, pants are 8s or 10s.

so ladies... what do you do, just buy guy's Ts? Or do the girly ones actually fit you? I can't imagine who they'd fit, that's the thing.
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Help! A decade or two ago I thought it was cool to get some tattoos, against the advice of my father and society who told me it would restrict my future career options. Wouldn't you know it, they were right. Now what do I do?

a. have painful and expensive tattoo removal surgery

b. wear long sleeves and long pants all the time, even in the summer

c. find a new career, where having tattoos isn't a liability, such as professional basketball, or becoming a tattoo artist

d. buy expensive dermablend make-up and smear it on my hairy arms and legs to cover the tattoos up at work

e. your suggestion, let's hear it.

By the way, I'm in the lucrative and exciting field of cleaning up after animals.

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short version: i have issues telling guys when they make me uncomfortable, how do i voice when i am uncomfortable?

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to make this post happy:
what is your favorite type of jolly rancher?
do you still sleep with any animals? stuffed or living?

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Who could be the person filling up the skittles machine(like a little gumball machine) in my office on my desk? no one knows who it is
Who brought up a plant and put it here today?
Is there somewhere you can get sungasses for a good price that fit your head aka don't go back way to far behind your ears?

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'Morning, TQC. So, I've always been one of those people that sniggers a little when I'm walking behind one of those people that jog compulsively so that they have these big, triangular beef-slab calves. But I changed my workout routine a little a few months ago, and I was scratching the back of my ankle yesterday and I noticed my own calves are looking a little ham-hocky themselves. BEEFCAKE.

Have you ever seen, or thought you saw, something in yourself that you'd previously made fun of in others? Did you then proceed to make fun of yourself, or feel disgusted with yourself, or go into denial, or what?
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Seasonal Allergies

If you suffer from seasonal allergies and take medication for this, what medicine(s) do you take?

For the past few days, I've been taking Claritin and Benadryl, neither of which have been very effective.

EDIT: I took Zyrtec today and it works!

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In terms of dating or sexual relations or what have you, what do you consider your "type"?

Do you more actively seek out people who are your type? Or do you just find yourself dating the same sort of person without trying too much?

Have you ever dated people that weren't your type and found that it had a negative impact on your relationship?

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My smoker friend is moving into a room in a house full of non-smokers. She's worried that she may be asked to leave because her belongings smell like smoke (this has happened to her in the past). Besides using gallons of Febreze, can you recommend other ways for her to de-smoke her clothing, comforter, books, etc?

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i'll be typing an e-mail and all of a sudden my cursor jumps to the address line...or jumps to some where else in the e-mail.

WFT is up with that?
Is my computer possessed? Or do I fail at e-mail?

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A friend of mine was posting on here livejournal about how she never gets contacted on dating websites by the right kind of man. She is looking for a quiet, sensitive kind of guy and seems to be finding jerks.

I wonder what other people's experience of these sites are? I always assumed that a half decent woman with a photograph would be bombarded with replies. Is this true? Has anyone had much sucess with these sites?
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Do you steal wireless internet?

If you do, do you feel guilty?

I steal it at home. I don't feel guilty because I figure it takes 2 minutes for my neighbour to lock it if he wanted to.

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What genetic traits of yours do you hope to pass along to your children?

Which ones would you rather your children do not acquire?

Longevity, blue eyes, fast metabolism, intelligence, general health.

Frizzy/curly hair, lack of orderliness (thanks, dad), bad temper.
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I wrote a check to a travel agent who is arranging the plane tickets for my upcoming trip (it's a trip through the university). I paid for my plane ticket on April 1, and the check still hasn't gotten to my bank. I called my travel agent and she said she submitted it to her bank and everything was fine with the tickets, and everyone else going on the trip has told me that their checks have cleared. I know I have the funds in my account, and I submitted this more than a month ago.. I called her, but she's almost impossible to get ahold of. I know it's not a scam because the university has done successful business with her before.

What's the deal?

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I overslept by about 40 minutes.  I don't think I have time to shower.  My hair looks like a grease pit.  I've heard that baby powder does a pretty good job of soaking it up and making it look more presentable, but I don't have any in the house.  What else could I use in that respect?  Flour?

Or should I just shower and take the heat for being EXTREMELY late?

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I was offered a job I really wanted the other day but I wasn't able to take it because of personal circumstances, I was very dissapointed and the man was so nice in trying to make it work for me. So I want to send him a short letter/note thanking him for everything. Should I type it up like a business letter or make it more personal and hand write it?
The letter more professional and business like but hand-writing it is more personal, I think.
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You go out to dinner. Your waitress/waiter/server is wearing short sleeves (as is everyone else working there) and their lower arms are covered with cuts and scars.

Would this make you a little uncomfortable?
I <3 TLV

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Have you ever tried to rekindle a friendship with someone you hadn't talked to in years? Especially one that ended on bad terms. What happened? Were you able to work things out and be friends again?
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Anybody ever been in a friendship that just felt completely toxic? That is, the other party was always depressed, and didn't want your help, and you felt so bad for them that it started to take its toll on you, physically and emotionally? (in this case, the other party is currently reaching out for everyone but me, and we used to be best friends). How do you convince yourself that this relationship isn't doing you any good and you need to step away? How do I stop the pangs of sadness every time he logs online?
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I just had a phone interview that I feel went relatively well, considering how nerve-racking phone interviews are and that I can be very inarticulate in such conditions.

The interviewer said that there are 4 positions available for the one I'm applying for, and 3 of those 4 have been filled. She said to have the reference forms sent by this Friday so that she can save me a position.

Does this mean that if the references are good, I pretty much have the job??

Words schmords

Would you recommend a book for me to read?

(Books I've enjoyed in the past include 1984, The Time Traveler's WIfe, The Blind Assassin, MIddlesex, Suite Fracaise, and Me Talk Pretty One Day [also Naked, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, most other D. Sedaris stuff])
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There is a class starting tonight that I want to take at my community college. I checked last week and there were 8 available spots out of 15. I forgot to register, went on vacation, and now there aren't any available spots. Am I out of luck or is there something I could do to get into this class?
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Do you use any type of moisturizer or lotion?

How often do you use it?

Why do you use it?

Do you think it makes a difference?

I just noticed there's dried sneeze all over my computer screen.(um. ew.) What's the last thing that you noticed?

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Has anyone used the patch to kick a <10 cigarette a day habit? How did it work for you?

I keep thinking that I did it cold turkey once, I can do it again, but I dread the feeling of craving a cigarette and having to keep myself from smoking one.

Should I suck it up and just quit? Or would the patch help?

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whenever i clean my 8 week old kitten's litter, she comes into the room i guess to investigate what's making noise. she sees what i'm doing, climbs into the litter, and sits down and pees or poops right in front of me. she then covers it up and walks away.
why does she do this?

my old cat would refuse to go to the bathroom if someone was watching her. i thought cats were very private about that stuff.
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Hey guys,

I'll have a pretty huge dorm room all to myself next year, and I'm looking for a pet to come home to. Right now I'm considering a ferret, but since I've never had one I don't know if they make good pets - what do you think? Are ferrets good pets to come home to? And by that I mean, can you bond with them to a point where they want to cuddle with you, like cats do? And how bad is the ferret smell, really?
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Poll #1190863 gooooin to the chapel

is it ok (socially, ethically, morally, etc) to invite a guest to only the ceremony of a wedding and not the reception?

something else

is it ok to invite someone to the reception only and not the wedding ceremony?

something else

please feel free to expound in comments

k, nevermind on gmail, but for a follow-up question:
lets say you were having a very large wedding because you have a very large family, all of whom are invited to the reception. if you needed to keep numbers down, what exactly would you do about your friends?
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the incest post made me think of this but i hope that incest isn't your answer.

what is the most scandalous affair you've been a part of? it could be something actually scandalous like a boss or a married man, or just something that some people don't accept, like an interracial relationship, a big age gap, or something homosexual?

tell about your affair and the reactions if anyone knew about it.
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Why does my family buy me incense/oil burners for birthdays and holidays, but never allow me to use them?

What is annoying you right now?

My room is at that middle-ish stage of cleaning where things look messier than they did when you started, but I don't have everything I need to continue cleaning, so I'm stuck like this for a little bit.

Cool Ranch Doritos - Delicous or not?
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Which of the following apply to you?

I'm from/have lived in Utah and I know where Moab is.
I'm from/have lived in Utah and I don't know where Moab is.
I'm not from Utah and I know where Moab is.
I'm not from Utah and I don't know where Moab is.

Would you eat ho-made pie?


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So my Dad broke his ankle and I want to send him some funny videos to help make him feel better. Would you post the ones you find most amusing?

What was the stupidest thing you've ever done that's resulted in physical injury?

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Would you guys give me book recommendations for a 12 hour flight? My favourite genres are probably fantasy and sci-fi (nerrrrrrrd!) but I have very wide-ranging literary tastes.

Any other suggestions of what I could do to keep myself entertained? 
real men read


What do you want to get as a present for your next birthday?
How long will you have to wait for it?

Have you ever given or received a gift like a charity donation? Where did the money go? Would you recommend the same to others?
Don&#39;t wanna be derezzed,

newb here

So here's a question;

my exams are coming up, and I think that cheating during them would be bad, because if I'd have some 'cheat material' prepared, I'd be really tempted to use it. So I thought it's better to go without it.
BUT I'm also told that you should prepare something just in case the supervising teacher decides to leave the classroom for a moment.

So, should I prepare something to cheat off of, (and be tempted) or not?

These supervisors are pretty cunning. They notice cheaters easily.

I hope the question's understandable.

EDIT: Ok, thank you for your answers. I'll stay with how I was and won't cheat.

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For those who it applies to...
Why do you care what people wear?
ex. sally likes a misfits shirt but doesn't know who the misfits are. george says "dont wear it if you don't know about its representation."

Seriously, why does it matter? Shouldn't you be glad they're supporting a band you like? Or company?

(no subject)

I'm attending Phi Beta Kappa's induction ceremony tomorrow. It's around 1pm. What do I wear to something like this?

Do you like getting dressed up?
Where's your favorite place to go for a night out?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Are you biracial or multiracial? If so, what are you...composed of? (Sorry, I couldn't think of a better word)
I'm Filipino and Irish!

From what sides of your family do you get your different ethnicities?
My dad is Irish, my mom is Filipino

Do you think you look more like a person of one ethnicity than the other?
I used to think I looked more white than Filipino, but and I've been in the sun a lot more and now I'm getting this really nice tan. My boyfriend points to my tan lines and says, "Your Filipino side is showing! :D"

What do people usually think you are?
About 50 percent of the people who ask usually think I'm white, while the other think I'm Asian.

If you don't mind, think you can show us a picture of yourself?
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Agents are Go!

Just curious

Exploration Summer Programs.

I'm teaching there this summer at the intermediate program.

1. Is anyone else teaching at an Explo program? (or attending for the super-youngin's)
2. Have you been a summer teacher/camp counselor? For what camp?
3. (Random) Would you rather it rain pudding or Jello? Which flavor? Would it just rain pudding/jello, or would it come in cups?
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Why am I so nauseous?

I'm not pregnant. It's not 24/7, it seems to come on at around 3 PM and I just started Valette, a new BC pill.

Is that what it is?? Is it?

What can I eat that will make me feel better?


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You're dating someone new, and you get along really well. She/he's very attractive, and seem nice and have a good sense of humor. By the third date, it feels like you've known each other for years, you're that comfortable. It's also by the third date when you start to discuss more serious things, and you find out that this person absolutely abhors the ideas of evolution and abortion. Flat-out doesn't believe in evolution ("That hokey monkey-man theory? Hah! I also don't believe in UFOs and bigfoot"), is a creationist but not that religious, and doesn't believe in a woman's right to choose and that, no matter what, the kid must be allowed to be born, end of story.

Will there be a fourth date, or is it time to bail while it's still early in the relationship?
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During your afternoon tea with Reginald D. Erwin, Esq. you find yourself desperately longing for a pastry that he seems to be unable to convince his servant (a fine, upstanding gentleman by the name of Jennison, as best you know) to acquire through whatever means that servants go about collecting pastries for guests. I, personally, like to pretend of a type of black market for guest pastries, with less-than-moral men and women loitering about on street corners with translucent boxes containing delectable from all countries in the Queen's Empire.

But Jennison seems to be reluctant to engage in these underhanded activities to gain the sweet and chocolate goodness that is the pastry you so desire. You have requested that Mr. Erwin reprimand Jennison with an activity that is of the same severity that you might place a criminal for having taken it upon himself to engage in a carnal action with a loved one. I am, of course, referring to "Locking Jennison in the cellar until he decides to be a good servant and acquire delicious pastries when prompted." However, Mr. Erwin seems less-than-eager to throw his prized manservant into the cellar just because you happen to be irritable due to your opium withdrawal.

As a result, do you:
1 - Politely excuse yourself, only to return with a small firearm and take our your frustrations on both Mr. Erwin and Jennison?
2 - Use your connections to The Black Magic Society to summon a large, red, fire-breathing dragon to demolish their home?
3 - Strangle both Mr. Erwin and Jennison and place them precariously at the top of the manor, only to drop them both and claim they have committed suicide as a result of their forbidden love?
4 - Politely excuse yourself, and find a lady of the night who is sure to have opium and engage in various acts with her that will only result in you having a surprisingly difficult time urinating without pain in the near future?
5 - Kill yourself with Mr. Erwin's letter opening knife in a rather overly-dramatic way?
6 - Simple forget the pastry, and resume your conversation with Mr. Erwin regarding politics and similar boring things?

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if I saved the HTML source code for a particularly funny community entry, and the entry was deleted, how do I use the HTML to create a "mirror" of the page? any websites where I can save it?
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I just got woken up an hour or so before I planned to get up by thunder, hail, and insanely strong winds/rain. 
Will this somehow ruin the chances of my friends and me going out?
It's happened before, noone wanted to take up the issue of being the driver due to the sucktastic weather.

What's the last thing that ruined your plans?

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Ugh so now that I am poor and also working really hard every day I have this huge hunger for McDonald's. I will succumb to my desires and visit it in about 20 minutes. What should I eat?

Also can you use a credit card at a drive-through?

Also what does your crotch smell like today?

Finally do you guys like doing mazes? I don't. I like crosswords, though.
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What are some unwritten rules you know? Doesn't matter what they are about.

1. If you wanna go after a friend's ex, wait at least anywhere from a week to a month after their breakup to make a move.
2. Never leave used condoms about.

(no subject)

1 How much does this make you want to throw up?

I didn't know that geckos climbed inside of chickens, and it really, really grosses me out just thinking about it.

2 For the men folk: how much do you want to use this? Would that increase your peeing pleasure?

Do you think that having it as a game would make it more likely that men would miss?

Ladies, would you like to see them make something for our loos?

What game would you like to see them have there?
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My brother is (for about the fifth time now) trying to quit smoking. This means he has turned into a gigantic pooface.

Besides the obvious mature option of ignoring his asshat behavior, what can be done to counter his douchebaggery?

(no subject)

So I am eating my McDonald's food. It is appealing to my tastebuds. It does not even seem particularly greasy. However, I am certain that, as always, in about 45 minutes my insides will feel uncomfortable, I will eventually poop something weird, and I will have uncontrollable subtle stinky breath until the food completely clears my stomach.

So, what is it about cheap/bad/fast food specifically that makes you feel bad and smell bad?

Because I eat meat, and I eat deep-fried foods that are made of good-quality things, and sometimes I just eat cold butter, but I never feel the way I do after eating fast food. Especially the weird breath and the sourness of the belly. I am curious to know if there are specific compounds or chemicals only found in fast food that disturb me so greatly.

P.S. This cheeseburger is fucking delicious.
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I bought my couch six years ago, brand-new. I got it at Sofa Mart. Not Ethan Allen I realize, but a step up from big lots.

Anyway it sort of sucks now, the middle sinks in and it makes funny noises if you can't sit still.

it's the first one I ever bought so I don't know... how long are couches supposed to last?

is it bad that when I lived with my roommate and we had it in the spare room in the basement where random drunk guests slept, we called it "the sex couch"? I mean, there were some mad hookups on this thing. Is that why it's not holding up like I'd hoped?

(no subject)

What is the best scene from a movie?

I love the scene in "The Man Who Knew Too Much" when Jo saves the Ambassador when she screams. ah. what a great scene.

Another great scene is the "Needle in the Hay" scene from Royal Tenenbaums. I can't pick a favorite scene from that movie.

Best Hitchcock movie? support your answer.


(no subject)

let's say you're a heterosexual girl and you start talking to this guy. he's 28, he lives at home with his mom, and he has no job (and hasn't had one for a year). would you ever consider dating this guy? why or why not?

(no subject)

Can you please explain to me why a one-way plane ticket is the same price as OR more expensive than a round-trip one? (I was thinking of buying the round-trip and just not using the first one, but I hear that if you don't show up for the first leg of the trip, they cancel your ticket for the second. Somebody is coming to meet me and then I'm going back to the US with them, and I have a credit card that gives me a buy-one get-one-free incentive for any first class round-trip tickets I buy.)

And, if you are good at this kind of thing, what websites are the best for cheap airfaires, specifically international (Paris, France to either Atlanta, GA; or Charlotte, NC)?

At this point I've figured out that it's actually cheaper to take the Queen Mary II cruise ship to America with all of the fun cruise-ship things to do, than to take the approximate 8 hour flight, and I don't really have the time to cross the ocean by boat.

(no subject)

when you have time to kill at the airport, what do you do?

do you think mccain sounds intelligent/educated when he speaks? what about obama or clinton?

what's your favorite food to indulge yourself with?

did you notice i ended the above sentence with a preposition?


I found little kittens (5 or 6 of them)wandering around my apartment building today. They look about 12 weeks at most, they are pretty tiny and stay close to their "home" which is a hole under a balcony and our boiler room (via a broken window). One kitten already has an infected or injured eye and I hate to see aniamls suffer. I would love to get the hurt kitty and one if not two other litter mates out off the streets. They will get pretty close but as soon as I move to grab one they run like holy hell away from me. Cat food has helped but haven't caught any yet.

I need ideas on how to catch these kitties without harm. I would rather not involve animal control as I would want to keep one or two of them and I doubt they'd let me. Not that I am a bad person but I just don't like them all that much.

So to make a long story short...

Any ideas on how to catch feral kittens?
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What is something about yourself, your history, or your family that you didn't find out until a rather late date that surprised you?

For instance: I didn't know that the man I called "Grandpa" was not my biological grandfather until I was about 13. My dad's real father was a douche and ran out on my grandma when dad was a baby, and she got remarried and had my two uncles. Doesn't matter, of course, the man who raised my dad is his father, not some dick who knocked up Grandma and ran. :/

When I was about 3 or so, a man was murdered on our front lawn. It was a huuuge part of the reason we moved soon after. I didn't find out about this until I was 15, when my mom was telling the story to someone. Shocked the hell out of me, I can tell you.

Do you have any similar stories?
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(no subject)

1. What's the last thing you made from scratch?

2. When it's nice out, do you open the windows and turn the AC off?

3. When you get flowers from someone (in a vase), do you change the water and make an attempt to keep them alive, or do you just leave them?

4. I was out of town for a week and my husband swore that he cleaned up while I was gone (I'd just cleaned the apartment, then he tore it apart looking for something right before I left). I got back last night and it was still a mess. How should I punish him?

5. I have a huge dog crate in my dining room. It looks like ass, but there's really nowhere else I can put it. Suggest a way to prettify it?

Headhunters! No, not the kind that actually cut your head off.

I'm talking to a headhunter (that's an outside recruiter, in case you don't know) about a job tomorrow! He called me. This is the first time I've actually done something like this, so I'm quite excited, even though the job's not a great fit.

I'm frankly not sure I'm qualified, but I'm interested in exploring this opportunity nevertheless--I'm always curious to see what kinds of other opportunities might be out there beyond my current gig. So my questions for y'all are:

1. Have you ever been headhunted? What for?
2. What should I expect?
3. I hear rumors that headhunters can be annoying and don't necessarily have any real understanding of the jobs they're getting paid to fill. True, or false?
4. How is a headhunter interview/screening different from a regular first-round screening for a job (like with the actual company)?
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1. Is there a free photo/album host that's less annoying than Photobucket AND is not Flickr?

2. Do you use any sort of calendar, appointment book, or planner (electric or paper) to stay organized? What is your ~system~?

3. Is there anything that you consistently forget to pack for trips/vacations? What is it?

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 Is there any hot-button issue that you can't form an opinion on just yet?

I'm still not sure how I feel about abortion.

What's a hot-button issue that you absolutely take a stand on, and what is your stand on it?

Gays should have the right to be married.

Ah, look at all the lonely people..

For those who live alone (or have lived alone in the past):

How much of your free time do you spend alone? Not visting others, others visiting, going out to social events. Just you.

Are you happy with this? Would you like more/less soical contact?

Do you enjoy your own company?

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So, for whatever reason you have been granted with the ability to tell an ex s/o or ex friend, or someone who annoys you whatever you want and you don't have to worry about the reprecussions.
What do you say?

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When was the last time you volunteered? Were you asked or did you offer to do it?

Do you have a teddy bear? How long have you had it?

Do you still print photos?

What's the longest you've held a grudge against someone?

Do you think the word 'grudge' holds trivial connotations?