May 19th, 2008

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A cute boy from Italy came into my work today. He smiled and looked me in the eye and was super nice. And when he left, he said "Ciao, bella."
My heart seriously like, stopped.

When was the last time you were just simply in awe?

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are you good at giving surprises? example?

are you bad at getting surprises? funny example?

i have three surface piercings and a very vibrant tattoo. spray tanning would make my piercings disgusting and irritated and my tattoo dark and gross looking, y/y?

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marcel's rap

Attn: Copywriters

I have a job interview on Tuesday at my university's student paper, for the job as the copy editor. What kind of questions should I expect? I've been interviewed a few times to be an arts and entertainment reporter (as my journalism experience has been as a reporter), but I'm not exactly sure how I can prove that I'm capable of being a copywriter when I've never done it before.

Also, does anyone have any experience writing for ad agencies? I'm interested in getting into this field. I would like to get an internship somewhere...should I just start cold-calling? Would they even bother looking at me when I only have a B.A. in English? What can I do to show I'm enthusiastic?

Thanks in advance.
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1. Is there any specific way to go about finding a good therapist? Other than looking in the phone book, that is.
2. Is it generally allowable for another person to be present for the session, even if they are not a part of it?
3. Is there much of a chance of finding one that works on a sliding scale or some other reasonable pricing system?

Caveats - the person is in school, but the school doesn't offer mental health services. They have health insurance, but it doesn't include this sort of thing.

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So, I’m in need of some pictures to use for my up and coming art projects. I’ve become a bit obsessed with silhouettes and profiles lately. Would you post a picture of your profile that you wouldn’t mind me using as a reference for my future pieces? It doesn’t have to be silhouetted, but that would certainly be a bonus.

Thank you!

Also, keep an eye on my lj if you care to see whether I pick your photo or not. :D
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If your boyfriend is constantly "joking" about tying the knot, is he really just joking or is joking (as my friend has told me) a way of testing the waters and an indirect way of speaking the truth?

Would you only joke about marriage with your girlfriend if you could actually see the two of you tying the knot in real life?

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TQC, you and a friend are walking around looking for a place to hang out in a dorm hall around 1AM. You see the common room door (It's a small room!) is shut and you hear someone talking on the phone.

Do you two go in, sit down and start talking really loudly anyway?

If you do, do you feel bad if the person on the phone gets up and walks out?
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How do you go about telling someone you have feelings for them? I always hate when you don't know what to expect and worse off if they don't feel the same way.

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 Does anyone remember maybe a year or two ago(or maybe longer), there was a news special on this perv cheerleader coach who was trying to fork his cheerleaders and making them do the "shocker" as their team "symbol"? I am trying hard to remember what network the spcial it was on. 20/20 maybe? thanks for info if you got it.
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Tan Lines Of DOOOOOM


So.... I just moved to California in September. Being from Illinois, I had only heard about the sun by rough description, so in my first week here I laid out with inadequate, patchy sunblock coverage and got really incredibly silly looking tan lines... mostly on my back, but also on my butt. It's been what, eight months now? and they are faded but still definitely there. Is there anything I can do about this?? Things I've considered:

-Submitting to massive exfoliation
-Going to a nude beach and getting burned all over to even it out
-Some kind of lemon juice/caustic acid treatment?

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Do you know of a brand or store that sells stud earrings with very small backs?

I think cartilage piercings are very cute and I would like to have mine done, but I don't like seeing a chunk of ugly metal on the back side of people's ears. Since my ears stick out a little, the backs would be pretty prominent *grin*.

Give a dog a home

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Who was the last person that you added to your f-list?

If someone hurts you, do you turn the other cheek or do you try to hurt them back?

Should I have a salad or an omelette for dinner tonight?


How many journals do you have on LJ?

Did you start any communities that are still going strong?

Are you a mod anywhere?

Is your LJ(s) public or private? 
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 What's something strange about yourself you've noticed that doesn't even make sense?

For example.. I've notice I procrastinate and lag around ALOT more when I wear my glasses as compared to wearing my contacts.
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First ever question

Do I need a visa to go to Japan for 3 weeks? I've been searching like mad, and as far as I can tell I don't need one for such a short stay, but now I'm paranoid that I've missed something!

On a similar note, who has visited Tokyo? What would you recommend doing/seeing?
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What are three things you love about yourself?
1. My sense of humor
2. My intelligence
3. My ability to give good advice

What are three things you hate about yourself?
1. My eyebrows
2. My tendency to be a "people pleaser"
3. My laziness

Edit: Was it easier to think of things you love or things you hate?
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What's the one thing that you always mean to take on vacation, but you always forget and wind up having to buy when you get there?

Mine: sunglasses

What's something that you always take on vacation?

Mine: Protein bars

If you had a week to spend in San Francisco from May 20-27, what would you do there?

Mine: I'm planning on eating my body weight in avocados, but I'm open to suggestions.  That's where you come in!

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How old were you when you first had to have a filling done?
(24. I'm scheduled for tomorrow.)

Edit: When's the last time you've met someone who looks like a celebrity?
(Yesterday, I saw someone who looks like a slightly fatter Sean Connery.)

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TQC I am going to be a teaching assistant in a course on my focus in my major (art history) in the fall. My professor/mentor has asked me to come up with a list of my duties and I'm kind of drawing blanks. The class is very discussion oriented, with more focus on the themes of the visual culture as opposed to just memorizing slides. During the course my professor will be away for a week and the class will be in my hands. I will not be doing any grading.

Um, what should I do? All I can think of is leading review sessions before the midterm and final, being available to help students during my set office hours, and I know that I'll have to give at least one lecture during the week my professor is gone.

Have you had any cool TAs? What should a TA do, in your opinion?

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If you watch TV shows from a country other than your own, do you ever find it difficult to keep up with the cultural differences and so on? If so, which shows cause you trouble?

I love Boston Legal, but sometimes I get completely lost amid all the complex foreign politics. A recent episode about superdelegates just broke my brain.

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Say you didn't speak English, and you'd just gotten to this country. What ten or so words would you absolutely need to know in order to get by?

(Inspired by the cute little guy I just heard at the mini-mart asking for "Marlboro Light one hundred", probably using up all the words in English that he knew just to get his cigarettes).
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what was the last thing that irritated you?

i just got one of those calls from a telemarketer where it makes you hold for the next available blah blah. i just hang up, obvs, but still SO ANNOYING.

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What are some foods that are easy to digest?

(Edit: I think I should mention that I'm having gallbladder problems, and that it might have to be surgically removed. As opposed to all those other ways they remove organs.)
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My boyfriend and I have an ongoing debate:

Are buffalo wings harvested from a whole bunch of really tiny buffalo, or do the wings grow back when cut off (like a lizard's tail) and then get harvested again when they're still small?

me - with gun
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So I totally had a dream last night that instead of an LJ community, TQC was a bar. And you would go up to the bar and other users would be at it (unfortunately my brain decided not to specify who was there with me... LAME) and you would order your question at the bar and they'd bring it to you and the users at the bar would gather around and answer. I blame the fact that I drank before bed that this happened.

Yeah, weird.


What popular/overused TQC question/inside joke should be made into a drink? What should it have in it?

If you were drunk at the TQC bar, who would you hit on?

If you were sober, who would you still hit on?
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Holy tl;dr - am I haunted?

For the last year or so, I have had a really strange phenomenon going on in my room. I only notice it at night, when I am trying to sleep, because that is the only time I am in there. Every couple of nights I will hear a very strange, yet distinct, knocking sound coming from inside my walls. I used to think it was my hamster fucking with her wheel, but the location varies from time to time and my hamster isn't that talented. You see, the knocks come in twos, everytime, no fail. Sometimes the sets of twos will be five seconds apart, sometimes a minute, but typically very pattern-like. They are really loud, too, so unless a rat is being pummeled to death, they couldn't be making the noise. I don't think it's a rat, either, in that they are so pattern-like, and then stop for no reason. The knocks wake me up everytime because it's hard to sleep when someone/thing is fucking knocking on your walls.

Do you have any of this weird kind of shit going on?

Is your house haunted?

Hey baby, how you doin'?

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1. What the hell was in my vomit? :X

2. What book are you reading right now? Do you suggest others read it?

3. What is something people do that really pisses you off?

4. Do you swear a lot?

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Someone just linked me to some sort of TQC clusterfuck hate meme thingie whatever that happened over the weekend. So, I have some questions:

WTF happened?

Do you participate in TQC chat or other TQC-related activities?

Do you spend time outside of TQC thinking about TQC? Do you dream about TQC at night? (For the record, I had a dream about TQC last night, there were some weird questions in my dream).


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Do people ever call you "hon"?

How do you react?

Do you like it? Hate it?

Is it more acceptable (to you) for family/close friends/partners to call you "hon", vs. strangers?

Is it more acceptable (to you) when the person saying "hon" is older than the person they're saying "hon" to?
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OMG Shoes

TQC I bought these shoes yesterday:

Am I getting too fond of comfort in my old age?

Will you show me a picture of a pair of shoes you own and love?
If you can't find them online, how about just a pair you'd buy in a hot second?

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I have been trying to paint my fingernails for the last hour.


- I finally found a color I like. It's very light iradescent pink.
- It's GOOD nail polish and I paid over $5 for it.
- I apply a coat, wait for it to dry, then apply another coat.
- The results = a streaky, uneven mess.


What do I need to do???

Please help?


I usually work everyday but today is a rare day off! My plan was to go to Petco with both dogs and also make a tattoo appointment at a nearby place. BUT my father wants to stay home and work. Should I:

Try to go to Petco with them anyway? It isn't easy to handle both dogs b/c Hannah is terrified of people and Cadbury is really strong and pulls on the leash.


Leave the dogs home and go to the tattoo place myself?


Just stay home?
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Do you ever go out to a restaurant with a group and not eat?

Do you think it would be bitchy of me to ask my friend's boyfriend to not come with us to MY workplace if he's not going to eat? We're a large group and one more person would probably require an extra table, which is kind of dick to our server if he's not going to eat.

ETA: Nevermind, I let that one slide.
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What are you proud of? No major accomplishments or lifelong commitments. Something small, that others may not see as a big deal, or may even consider trivial, but it means something to you.
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how do you feel about hickeys? is a visible hickey ever okay? does it depend on age? where it's seen (ie: work vs school vs the grocery store)? blah blah, tell me about hickeys, your personal opinions, and their social acceptance plz.

alternately, do you enjoy bowling? cosmic bowling? mini-golf/putt putt? cosmic putt putt?

Drinking related

This weekend I had my 1st shot that didn't make me puke. My bestfriend made me take a lemondrop.  It wasn't bad but i didn't love it.  I know jack doesn't agree with me.

What shots could i try that won't make me puke?

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Do you know anyone around your age who is the product of a same-sex parent household?

It is made out to be a "new" trend but I'm sure there are a lot of grown people who were raised by same-sex couples running around.

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Do you have a 101 in 1001 list?

Can I see it?

Do you have a goals list? For short term or long term? Can I see it?

101 in 1001 is a list of 101 things you want to do in 1001 days : )
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Do any well meaning things irritate you? I don't like it when someone tries to show me a band and is like "but you HAVE TO listen to them!!"  I feel so turned off whatever the point was when someone says that.

I have some nasty cuts on the inside of my leg..anything that will make it heal quicker?

What is the best thing to eat in Winter?
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I didn't end up ordering Chinese the other night, so I'm going to tonight!

What's your favorite thing to order when you're ordering Chinese food?

Also, I tried googling it, but I guess I'm just stupid.

What's the difference between an egg roll and a spring roll? I don't know anything about Chinese food, but last time we got complimentary things that are egg roll/spring roll shaped, and I'm almost positive they had cabbage in them, and I want to order those, but I don't know what it is :(

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So today in the Dentist's office I made two awesome new acquaintances:

1. An adorable mutt from New Orleans who was rescued from a dumpster in 2005 and adopted North, and who answers commands in French (Allons-y!)

2. A guy who must be over ninety, sharp as a whistle, looks physically great, who regaled my mother and I with stories about how he joined the Navy in 1937 and served on the same boat from 1941 to when it was decommissioned in 1946, and saw the Normandy Invasion, action in the Pacific, and the Japanese Surrender.

I hope I'm that awesome when I'm ninety years old.

Who are some awesome people you met lately, TQC?
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What movie do you hate as much as I hate The Village?

Plz feel free to insult/debate other people's choices.

eta: What movie do you love as much as I love Reign Over Me?
Dirty Job

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To any Chicago-area people out there:

I'm going to be going to school downtown but continuing to work in Deerfield, across from a Metra station.

I want to move closer to the city so I can dump my car and be closer to both school and work, what neighborhoods can I get a 1br/1ba for under $900 and not have to worry about being shot or mugged?

A born and raised suburbanite

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Yesterday while on the bus, I noticed that the man sitting in front of me was reading big folder with about 100/200 pages, printed and put into plastic wallets.
He was in his late 20's, and was one of those 'mum-still-dresses-him' sorts, and was tapping the page at intervals, then flicking through to another page.

In his folder was the entire contents of the Narnia Wiki page. Something tells me it was not for a course.

What do you make of this?

While inwardly I thought it was a bit snazzy, I wondered what sort of a 20/30 year old would still need the escapism Narnia provides. The bus station is just outside the cinema, so I think he may have gone there to try to watch Prince Caspian before realising it doesn't come out for a month.

My google skills are failing me

Are there any kind of pre-written sample letters around online to inquire as to why the fuck one's former landlord has not returned any of your calls on the status of your deposit?

I have tried various phrasings on google, but maybe I haven't hit upon the magic words, because all I keep getting is crap about bank loans. If we simply wait until the end of the month, we can sue for triple the amount (in my state, that's how it works if the landlord doesn't return the deposit or have something in writing within 30 days explaining why they aren't returning it). But that would be a pain in the ass.

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 What is your first name?

 What do people call you?
Julie, Ju, Jules, Bean, Jelly, Calamari, and Shutterbug (there are more, but these are on a regular basis).

 Wanna do it?
I'm kind of tired right now.

Two problems

1.  A guy I used to fuck with almost a year ago still calls and texts me ( and occasionally my best friend) constantly.  He sends dirty pictures and he doesn't get the point that I don't want him, even though I'm two hours away and live with my boyfriend.   What can I do to make this stop? 

2.  My pms gets outta control.  I swear I become the super bitch and get mad and upset at things for no good reason.  Any suggestions to help with the mood swings?
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I just found out that I've been spelling mischievous wrong, and saying it wrong too. I used to spell it mischevious and say it as such. What's a word that you found out you were spelling or using wrong?

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on friday night, i lost my wallet. thankfully, my bank card (somehow) ended up in my purse. i'm wondering, how expensive will it be to replace everything in my wallet?

i have my license, four cars worth of proof of insurance and registration, five or six gift cards*, CVS extra care card, other things like that. thankfully, i only had $4 cash in there.

*i know i probably can't have them replaced, but they probably all total to about $65.

please refrain from sassing me about being irresponsible. :( i already feel stupid enough.

has this happened to you before? what did you do?

i've checked everywhere and not only do i feel really stupid, anxiety is taking over my life, because i am imagining the worst possible things.

this is crossposted. thank you guys so much.
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Should I cashier at Walmart?

For those who work there: Is the pay decent? Are the hours flexible? I want to do 7pm-11pm or midnight 3 days a week. What responsibilities do cashiers have?

Why is it that my local Super Walmart has 20 lanes and 10 self service lanes but only 2 or 3 of each are open at any one time? Totally lame.

Would it creep you out to live next door to a cemetery?

Why was the eyeglasses guy at BJ's such a dick to me? Is "How much do toric lenses cost?" a difficult question to answer? He said what kind and I said that I didn't know I just wanted a range and he sneered at me and said he can't answer because I didn't know. WTF? Jerk.

Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders?
What category do you do best in while playing Trivial Pursuit?
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Ordered my chinese food!
Chicken and broccoli with veggie egg rolls!

Is 3.00$ a bad tip for the delivery guy?

Should I drink v8 splash fruit medley, Oj, or go crazy and get some soda (which I don't drink a lot of, especially lately)?
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Are there any names that automatically make you LESS interested in someone romantically?
I'm not a fan of Kevins, Mikes, Tims or Bills.

Are there any names that automatically make you MORE interested in someone romantically?
No name makes me like them more, although the rarer the better.

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So I have one of those advice/omg what do i do guyz questions:
This acquaintance that I knew in high school, who I have not spoken to in 6 YEARS messaged me on facebook and asked me if he could buy me lunch when he's in town. I'm a bit creeped out and not attracted to him at all. It just seems like it's coming totally out of left field.

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How should I respond?
Baro Bitch Stare
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1. Are you going to see "The Happening"?
2. After watching THIS trailer, have you changed your mind about seeing it?

3. Why did my university cite me for music downloading when I did no such thing? And why won't they call me back and explain why I'm denied wireless access!?
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1. songs you'll always love?
2. guilty pleasure song?
3. favorite songs right now?
4. most annoying songs right now?
5. what did you have for dinner/are going to have for dinner?
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I'm pretty angry right now.  A little while ago I was livid, but I've started to calm down.
This 7 year-old twerp across the street just tried to 'steal' and keep a piece of a jousting spear, my 5 year-old son's souvenir that he bought with his own money at the renfair yesterday.
He coughed it up, but this is the kid's second strike in my eyes (the first was trying to sneak into our house).

I'm usually very much for kids fighting their own battles and working through problems, but if my kid asks nicely and you still don't want to play fair, then the claws are apt to come out.

So, my questions:
1) What would you have done as a parent in this situation?  Even if you aren't and plan never to be a parent, please imagine for me...
2) Do you remember a situation like this in your childhood?  Did you ever want your parents' help and not get it?  Did your parents butt in when you didn't want them to?  Any other twists on the situation?

edit: If you agree I should talk to the kid's dad (the parent he lives with), how would you approach him with the goal of not getting him defensive about his son?  I'm looking for ideas of actual conversation openers that I can use when I'm much more calm and reasonable.  ;)

Kill Bill - Elle
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Okay this cunt fucking frequents this forum and I'm tired of her douche faggotry. This stupid bitch can't fucking type a sentence without making a typo or a fucking spelling error, plus she's fucking ugly and so holier than thou. This cocksucker totally got mad at me and called me a bunch of hurtful names; now I'm really depressed and not sure how to carry on even though I know it is SO stupid to be SO upset over something SO ridiculous. I mean, this bitch can't even fucking dress herself properly. Shorts with tights? Are you fucking kidding me? The only reason she plays the fucking tuba is because she's too fucking fat to hide her enormous fucking lovehandles behind any other goddamned instrument. She thinks she's all fucking artsy and sooo cool because she sells shirts off of her myspace. Clue, bitch: those shirts are fucking UGLY. She thinks she's fucking radically awesome because her name is part of an elusively cool indie pop band. Too bad she doesn't HAVE a fucking best friend named Sara. Basically, I'm tired of her shit and you guys thinking she's so ~great~. Above and beyond that, she boasts about how intelligent she is and how she's getting into UC Davis. Newsflash, bitch: you'll never make it a day. I'd rather be a high school dropout with street smarts, rather than some maggot infested rotting vulva. ONE DAY THIS DUMB BITCH FUCKING TOOK A DUMP ON MY FRONT PORCH THINKING IT WAS ALLLLL FUNNY AND THEN HAD THE AUDACITY TO MAKE FUN OF ME FOR HAVING AN ONLINE NICKNAME OF "POO". WHUT?!?! I don't know I am just so sick of her shit. I think you guys should be, too. This ridiculous argument we got into - the motherfucker can't even throw a punch. She's too stuck-up and concerned about her goddamned hair and nails so you bet your sweet ass I kicked her pretty face in. The next day she comes into TQC and tries to get everyone all riled up, get everyone going against me AND I AM TIRED OF IT. I AM A RESPECTABLE PERSON. NOBODY EVEN WANTS MY SIDE OF THE STORY. TQC, I want you to validate me. Oh, and the worst fucking part about it? She thought I was sucking her crush's dick! Are you kidding me? I'm a self-righteous lesbian and I would never do that. If you think I do, then you've obviously only been around me when I'm drunk.
What do you guys think?


Wisdom teeth

Are we born with our wisdom teeth? If so, are they fully formed at birth or are they tiny little wisdom-teeth stubs? If they are fully formed, isn't that a little large for little baby heads?

Do some people have two "rounds" of wisdom teeth, as if they are some sort of human/shark hybrid?

Also: When I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago, the nurse gave them to me, cleaned up and in a sterilised little bag. Any ideas on cool things I should do with them?

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Miroku Turn

(no subject)

Do you know of any place where I might be able to see reviews or opinions of a particular college/program within a college from students? If they exist, I'm too stupid to find them - Aside from StudentReviews.

Er, this is a stretch, but does anyone here have experience with New Mexico State's Creative Media Institute program? :\

Have you discovered any awesome bands/musicians recently?
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Help TQC! MA RMV questions

My Google-Fu has failed me TQC, if you live in Massachusetts and have a car do you know the answers to these questions? I did this long ago but I can't remember how much I paid.

If I buy a $5,000 used car:
1) How much do I have to pay for the registration?
2) Do I pay sales tax at the RMV or at the dealers?
3) How much do new normal, non vanity plates cost?
4) Any other fees? (besides insurance of course, which I have already)
5) If the dealer can do the registration/inspection sticker/ plates for you, would you do it? I mean the RMV is a hassle, maybe it is worth it to pay the extra money?
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Oh my GOD, moshimishi just called and told me she was going to drown herself in vicodin and Jack Daniels. I know she likes that stuff a lot. I wasn't trying to hurt her. Oh my God, guys, what do I do? :( :(
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So! I just got the Nintendo DS Lite. I'm very excited, especially since it has Wi-FI, which I didn't know when I bought it. I thought it was just a double-screened gameboy, lol.

Anyway, I bought Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing thanks to a rec.

1. Are there any other games that you could suggest to me? Anything at all, and I'll research it on ign.
2. Anyone want to be my buddy or my wifi friend on animal crossing or mario kart ds? :D

i'm new, please be nice XD

i know this has been asked before already, but that was some time ago and i REALLY wanted to know...

which animal do you think do i look like?

you could also post pictures of yourself and we decide what you look like =D

i've been wondering that for so long, but nobody ever had any idea, but maybe you could help me XD
thank you <3

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Oh hay thar

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This is totally lame, sorry

I've been with my SO for 6 years, since I was 18. Just before I met him (probably a month before) I was sleeping with a friend of mine. That lasted until my current SO and I started dating. I cut off contact with him after that but he continued to call, stop by my high school (I was in 12th grade at this time), etc. for 6 months at least. Then my SO and I had a baby and moved away.

I haven't seen him in 5 years until he moved in with his girlfriend next door last week. He is actively pursuing me and really doesn't care that I am married with 2 kids. I have been up front with him, told him to get lost, told him I wasn't interested. My car sticks out like a sore thumb and whenever he sees it around town, like at a store he pulls over and pops in to see me.

I blocked him from any contact on the internet, and I can't exactly just move because we just bought this house in April. He is a serial cheater, and very attractive. This guy gets any woman he wants, every girl he's cheated on or hurt even goes back to sleep with him. Very charming. I just don't understand his obsession with me but it's creeping me out.

My SO knows the deal and isn't worried but is getting irritated with him. He says I should stir up some shit by showing his girlfriend proof that he's cheating, and maybe he'll be pissed and leave me alone.


Battle Royale

My friend and I are having the debate of the century.

So which is better:




I don't want to bias the polls, so I'll tell you my vote later.

UPDATE:  It has been an hour and Twix has won, 20-12.  For the record, my vote was for Snickers.  Perhaps the Snickers fans just come out late at night...
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I have 10 days to find a place to move, because the house I thought I was moving into fucked me over.
How likely do you think it is that I can do that?
When was the last time someone fucked you over?
Can anyone cheer me up?... I cant stop crying :'(

Baby Oil in hair

has anyone ever used Baby oil in their hair?

I was talking to this one black girl at my school, and she said she uses baby oil mixed with hot water in her hair on occasion. She told me she does this so her hair won't feel too think and packed down.

this sounds pretty interesting, so I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it
also, is it "no poo" approved?

thanks for any help

(no subject)

1. Given the choice and money, where would you choose to study abroad? (You can pick any place.)
3. If you have gone backpacking on the lost coast in california, what was it like?



OK so odd thing happened... I thought I lost my cell phone and since my entre life is on it I hurried and called Verizon to make use of my insurance. They suspended my service so that in case it had been stolen no one could use it. They sent me the exact same phone in silver which I like lot more than the black one I had. 

I was cleaning out my car the other day and found my old "lost" cellphone under my son's carseat... Verizon locked the serial number on that phone so if someone wanted to use it they couldn't right? I would like to give my old black phone to a friend of mine but I don't know how to go about doing that. The guy I talked to in Customer Service said I'd need to contact the insurance company and send one of them back (or something). 

Is there a way to put the old black phone to use again? 

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so, i have a few things,TQC..
i am kinda depressed, this week just isn't turning out right at all. everything is just ass and i feel so alone. what can i do to cheer myself up?
will you post funny/cute videos/links/pictures/whatever to help cheer me up?
i'm really hungry, but i have limited possibilities.. i need to eat soft foods that don't require much chewing.. what should i eat?
my mouth tastes horrible and i can't really brush my teeth or anything. besides, when i do brush my teeth it doesn't help where the bad taste is. i have no tic tacs or breathsavers. what can i do to make my mouth taste better? i tried mouth wash but it made me throw up.

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HEY GUYZ!  Im new and I need help!  I like this guy soooooooo much and I want him to like me!  How do I do that?

Oh, and becuz Im getting a puppy soon: what is the best kind of dog?  I want something cute and tiny and fun!

Thanks, I hope everyone is real nice here, Im looking 4 new friends!



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 Are there any songs that you listen to, but they'd normally sound annoying or displeasing to you if you didn't associate them with something else? I don't know if that makes sense.  Like, I love the song "Needle in the Hay" from Royal Tenenbaums, but if I had heard it from somewhere esle I don't think I'd like it. I think I associate that song with the feeling I got during that scene in the movie.
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Let's say you have friends on your flist who are in a big fight with each other.  All their entries are insults to the other person, and it's starting to take over your entire flist.

Do you remove them, or do you try to stick it out to help them?

Have you ever had this happen?
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1. Are you going to watch House tonight?
2. What are some of your favorite shows?
3. What kind of vegetables do you like?
4. What do you think about the current attempt to provide amnesty to undocumented workers in the US?
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My sister and I are identical twins, meaning identical DNA. We are in our early 20s.

Neither of us had the Gardisil vaccine. She was diagnosed with HPV and it is the cancer causing type. After I heard about this, I immediately ran out to my doctor and got the vaccine.

My question, TQC - since we are identical twins, does this mean that I will get HPV too?
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Graduation present???

So I've been going out with my boyfriend for about 3 months now, but we've been talking for a year. and he's having a graduation party on the 31st. I got him tickets to see the musical "Jersey Boys" for the 30th, ( I know, how gay are we? xD I love it) so it'd be perfect, cause we can spend the night together, then have the next day to mingle with the friends/family.

However, it's also his sister's graduation party. He's graduating from high school, and she's graduating from college.

Should I get her anything? and if so, what? I want to, but I dont want her to think I'm like... buying her affection. lol
maybe I'm reading too much into this? I dunno. What would you give a college graduate?
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Okay I just watched two of the most depressing season finales ever and need cheering up. What movie should I put in to cheer myself up? I just rented Across The Universe and I do want to see it... but I have Mean Girls, Treasure Planet, Monsters Inc... you know... something I know could cheer me up.

How would you cheer yourself up? :(

For those in the UK...

For those of you who live in the UK, how much money did you spend moving out for the first time? After University, I mean.

I'm with my in-laws now, but my MIL is throwing HUGE HUGE hints that she wants us to get out really soon, so I'm feeling pressured. I don't have much saved, to be honest, some amount between £1,000 - £2,000 and I don't want to go without a washing machine or a computer.

I'd love to have about £3600 saved (along with whatever my husband has). We're just going to rent some place.

What do you think? I live in the Birmingham-ish area and pay no more than £500 a month in rent. I'm working over 45 hours a week just to do overtime to get out, but it doesn't seem like enough!
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