May 18th, 2008

Apolo flag


Anyone remember the story of Ticky Ticky Tembo No Sarimbo Hari Kari Bushkie Perry Pem Do Hai Kai Pom Pom Nicky No Meeno Dom Barako?

WTF is going on with Game Show Network? They took away all the good shows in favor of poker, Russian Roulette and 15 versions of Family Feud 20 times a day. (I like FF but every time I turn GSN on, there it is. More Chain Reaction and Lingo please!!! Kepp Bingo America too, Patrick Duffy is awesome.)

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Why does the Yaris hatchback not have an adjustable height driver's seat but the sedan does?

Is the universe conspiring against me so I can't have the hatchback I want?

What do I need to do to make all things right in the world?

Yes, I know most people will sneer at my car preferences. I am used to it. Heh. :)
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All right, how hard is it to remember the difference between Laura and Lara? They're two different names. They sound different when you say them... or they should, yes?

Why am I so full of vitriol today?

Last thing I'll post for a while

Too WTF to keep to myself

How does this community make you feel?

Furries and christians,all holding hands? OMG. This is SO where I need to be
Are all christians furries? Are all furries christians? If the Rapture happens, will the world be furry-less by default?
Quick, somebody make a community about everything I hate
Part of my respect for humanity just died a little
I thought I was the only one...
That community is probably for people who couldn't work out the differences in the rival mythologies for Easter, and just combined them in their head
I'm confused. Jesus doesn't want us to have sex outside marriage, but yiffing's ok? Religion is so complicated...
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Whether you are amused by, annoyed with, or totally oblivious to the drama occurring on TQC today, will you please type your name with your forehead?

I'll go first:


That was "Cynthia" btw. Thank you. That is all.
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Why is TQC going totally fucking insane today?

Can you list all the drama going on?


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I wear jeans and T shirts....

how does one dress 'nicer'?
does that mean more girly? or what?

I guess I am not good looking enough hahahaha... which brings me to this:

TQC... brains or beauty?

I don't know why I am asking this.... maybe I am still a bit drunk.

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okay, so i just went online and ordered my boyfriend a subscription to a magazine that he's been asking for. except i didn't use the gift subscription thing. so i put it in my card information but now it's attached to his name.

is it going to go through? my card hasn't been charged yet but i only did this like ten minutes ago so that's probably why.

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About a month ago, my least-favourite ex added me as a friend on Facebook. I've been letting the friend request linger since then while I ponder whether I should accept it or not.

Scroll down for the tl;dr in a nutshell or keep reading for elaboration.

I haven't spoken to him since he was a complete asshole to me and dumped me four years ago. To be brutally honest, I was an emo, obsessive wreck for 3 1/2 years and only recently really got over him. He just wrecked me.

If I accept his friend request, will it just open the door for all those awful feelings to rush back? Should I nip this in the bud and reject the friend request to keep my distance from him in an effort to keep my life simple?

I'm at a place right now where if I ran into him on the street, I'd walk the other way, and if he called me, I'd politely make an excuse and hang up. I really don't want to somehow get pulled back to that place where I think about him all the time, and I really don't want him writing on my wall and messaging me and weaseling his way back into being a big hurtful part of my life. Or am I totally overreacting, and that probably won't happen?

Should I just accept it because otherwise I'll look like a bitch, or, even worse, look like I'm still upset about him? Should I lighten up and realize that it's just Facebook and nothing catastrophic will happen just from having him on my friends list and if he messages me I can just ignore it? Is it best to just accept it and not treat it like a big deal? Or should I not bother accepting the friend request if I'm not in a place where I would even respond to his messages anyway?

For the tl;dr folk:

Is it a good idea to accept my asshole ex-boyfriend's Facebook friend request, or will it open a can of emo worms?

Have you ever been in this type of situation?
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I'm looking for a specific gadget, but I'm having a moment of temporary Aphasia can't remember what it's called.

I need to record a short voice reminder. Only around 5 seconds long of recording, and for it to store at least two of these very short messages, but I can make do with just one 10-second long recording if needed. It has to have a speaker built-in, as in it should not be an mp3 player that needs headphones. My friend used to have something like this, but it broke around 5 years ago and I don't talk to him any more to ask him what it was called.

Anyone know the name of this kind of thing? And anyone got any specific products they've tried? It only has to last a month and can be as cheap a Chinese knockoff as they come. I don't want to pay $100 for something that records hours of audio; I'll probably buy a second-hand version off eBay anyway.
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today has been more painful that the other days and my pain pills just knock me out instead of making the pain go away. so i got some tylenol sore throat and it was all "do not use with acetaminophen" but that is in the percacet. it's also in the vicodin.
should i switch over and try maybe the tylenol?
or should i try the vicodin and see if that works better?
should i say fuck it and use both the tylenol and the RX meds?
what can i do to make my throat feel better? i've been careful with foods, i have barely been eating but with the pain pills i'm in too much pain to swallow or i am passed out.
please help.
if you have no advice for the above, here is another question:
did you see your SO tonight? if so, what did you do?

my answer: we watched my name is earl and the office and i wasn't expecting to see him and he took care of me for a few hours. :D


Does it annoy anyone else that on voter registration forms, the options are "Democrat, Republican, Unaffiliated"? It's not that I have any intention of registering with the Constitution Party or the Libertarian party - I just don't like the presumption that it's an official two-party state.
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 Just got on and it seems a lot of people had a bad day today.

 So, what made your day suck? And if it didn't suck, then how was your day?

Mine was fine, until I got a speeding ticket (I honestly had no clue that road was only 35 since there was no sign and every road around it was 45) on the way home. Blah.
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I'm not sure if it's true or not, but can't you get in trouble if you have a party, like 15 people so it's small, and someone gets alcohol poisoning, but you just put them in their car? i thought it was. but my google-fu only brings up signs of AP and a story about some sorority person who got in trouble.

p.s. i'm in texas if that helps.

p.p.s. it's not for me, but my b-i-l. he went to a party, got alcohol poisoning, and they just threw him in his car. i showed up an hour later with my sister to get him and he was passed out/dead-ish so we called 911.
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I'm taking my car to the mechanic in preparation for a long road trip. It's an '04 Nissan Sentra with about 75k miles.

The oil needs to be changed anyway, but what else should I ask the mechanic to replace/check/etc?

I feel like a helpless 1950s housewife around mechanics. "The alternator is leaking freon and it's going to cost $8,000 to repair? Oh noes! Do you accept Visa?"

Twilight series

Alright, I am getting tired of all the Twilight fangirls squeeing over HOT sparkly vampires and werewolves or whateverthehell.

So, I want to piss them off.

But, I refuse to read the books to come up with my own material.

So, TQC, what can I say to piss off Twilight fans? What criticisms can I make?
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I'm going to my local library to borrow out some books for the first time since I've been back at home. What are some good summer reads? Something light. Or just your "you must read this book before you die." Thanks.
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So tonight, I will go to my first non-church hosted all night party.

What's a recent first for you?
Who is someone you know wants to jump your bones?
Who in TQC do you deem sex-material?

I just cracked my neck and wrists and it made the loudest cracking sound ever. What is a super awesome sound to you?
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When people in the movies and on tv brush their teeth, they never get any toothpaste foam on their face. EVER! Are you a messy brusher?

I am. I always get toothpaste everywhere.

Alternately, do you get to have a Sunday Funday today or are you working?

I am working :(

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To the girls:

Have you ever been completely ripped off by a mechanic?
Do you bring your car when it needs to have repair work, or do you go with your dad/SO/guy friend?

I feel like every mechanic I've gone to instantly sees dollar signs when I come in and can A. Not tell me how much they think it will cost and then B. Over charge me by a shit-ton of money.

Do you have an IKEA by you?
What have you bought from there?
What about the ridiculously good food? What's your favorite thing to get?

I just bought a desk for my room for $25 and I LOVE it
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My four best friends and I are graduating from high school in a few weeks and are proceeding to move to separate areas of the country/world from each other. What kinds of things do we have to do before separating?

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Hey guys,

Feel like sharing macros?  I am looking specifically for 2 kinds--ones that incorporate M*A*S*H in some way, and WTF/What is this fuckery ones, but if you just want to share some that make you giggle, that'll work too.

On a completely unrelated note:  My boyfriend's kitten, since she first came into heat about 3 months ago, has been in heat just about every other week.  Are there any circumstances under which this is normal?  His mom insists that it's because cats' estrus cycles are shorter than ours, but I'm really wondering if something is wrong.

(Macro request x-posted to all_macros)
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 Dear Dr TQC

I look like a squirrel with a HUGE NUT in my left cheek... Which leads me to my question:

Why would my salivary gland suddenly go mental if it's my *throat* that's been hurting for the past few days? And by mental, I mean sore to the touch, and giving me the constant feeling of fizzzzzzzzzz in my mouth.

Also, any good cures for a mental salivary gland?


EDIT: I've been watching my cheek swell to gigantic proportions over the past 3 hours, and sadly I think it's the friggin' mumps. *sad unsymmetrical face*
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What is something/s (food, show, store, movie, music, etc) that you used to hate, but don't now?

What are your feelings on that particular something/s now? (love it, like it, don't care, etc ;))

(no subject)

1. does anyone plan on going to a midnight showing of The Dark Knight?

2. have you gone to any midnight showings recently?

3. if not, what was the last one you went to?

we're going to the midnight showing at the IMAX if they've gone one. it's going to be crazy fun. or at least it was before Heath Ledger died..

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I have had so much anxiety lately that I have been throwing up multiple times a day and I noticed that I am starting to pick at my face, even if nothing is there.

1. Do you have any nervous habits? If so, what are they?

2. Have you ever been able to break a nervous habit? How did you do it?
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Have you had Pizza Hut's new pastas?
Do you like them?

I would choose these over the pizza almost any day.

After sparring on Friday for a good 3 hours, walking around Ren Faire yesterday and an all night party tonight, how dead am I going to be on Monday?
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My dad keeps asking *me* and I have no idea, so maybe someone out there does.

-If he gets an iPhone, but doesn't pay for a phone plan or anything like that, will he still be able to use the wifi capabilities to use the internet?

And for those who don't know/care:
Do you like McDonald's breakfast?
What's your favorite McD's breakfast item?
V is for Verisimilitude

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People, if you are so dumb that you're considering crime to get ahead in the world, think it through first. I know the neurons rubbing together can burn sometimes, but it's better for you in the end.

Which reminds me of one of my various ongoing thought projects: if I were a sleazeball that wished to resort to crime, what would I do to maximize profit and minimize the chance of fuck-me-in-the-ass prison time?

1. Valet lifting.

Around here, there are valet stops everywhere. Just about every restaurant has one outside their doors. And have you seen your average valet lately? The skeezier, the better. My idea: get some friends, some slacks and blazers, throw together a sandwich board, print up some numbered tickets, and you're in business. Once the last of your friends has been given a car, they pick up the sandwich board and take off. People give you their key, and don't suspect anything for hours! By the time they do, you're long gone. If you're lucky, they even gave you their house keys, and there's some indication of their address somewhere in the car.

2. Sports donations.

The Cubs are huge in Chicago, most probably because they don't seem to be very good at winning games within the last century. This would also work with any other underdog or sufficiently moneyed popular sports team. Get the biggest and most annoying Team X jersey and hat you can find, make up a clipboard full of appropriate forms, and start walking and knocking. Bonus points if you gin up some kind of certificate of authenticity proving you are who you say you are.

Then, start going door to door looking for donations in the name of said sports team. Sponsors would have the choice of donating something like $2 per win, $.25 per run and $.50 per home run, or just a straight dollar amount for the season. They also get to choose from a short list of target charities. Later on in the season, you follow up with scoring updates, and start collecting money when the season is over. Then make up a cheap-o one page newsletter full of unverifiable information and Google images, so the marks can feel good about what they gave and be more likely to donate next season. Yes, I admit to being inspired by Choke on this last bit.

So, what would you do to hone and improve these ideas? What would you do to prevent unscrupulous people from implementing them? What are your own ideas?
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1. What's your favorite food that you know is bad for you, but you love it regardless?
2. What's your favorite guilty pleasure television show? Do you have a guilty pleasure kids' show you'll watch? What is it?
3. What's your "I'm dancing around in my underwear" song?
4. I'm home from college, and need to read stuff that's good and engaging, but not taxing. What do you recommend?
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So my roommate and I are buying stuff for our new--first!--apartment today. We have no furniture, just a mattress for her, a shitty futon for me, a coffeemaker, TV, microwave, and lots of video game consoles.

I know we need things like plates etc.--what were the things when you moved in that you wish you'd thought to buy? Things that didn't seem important at the time, but turned out to be major?

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Who's the last person you wanted to punch in the face?
What did they do to arouse your ire?
When's the last time you actually punched someone in the face?

My neighbor's teenage son.

He blasted his music late into the night and kept me from sleeping, even though he's supposed to switch to using headphones after 10pm.

Back in '98 some obnoxious drunken frat boys were trying (unsuccessfully) to mosh at a show, and they were pissing everyone off, so when one of them whipped by me, I clocked him. He called me a bitch, but everyone else applauded. I got a free drink from an appreciative bystander.
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Hey tqc,

can you recommend me some zombie-themed songs? I've already got I walked with a zombie and She was a teenage zombie. and Google only suggests Rob Zombie. Thanks!

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On a scale of one to ten how sexist would you say you are towards the opposite gender?

Who do you think tends to react worse toward sexist comments, men or women?

Would you say the word bitch has all negative connotations or is there some positive traits associated with it also?

What kind of pie do you like?
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1. Ok TQC, this has been driving me crazy all night and morning. I'm sure one of you who has children will know. What is the name of the kids show with the little green blonde puppet girl who hangs out with her dog in her grandma's backyard? She has a round head and it pretty much flops opens when she talks but she doesn't say much of anything besides "Na na na" "No" and "yes"?

Nanalan'! plain_mornings wins at life.

2. And do you think it's mean to bet on how long a friends new relationship will last?

To give this post more fill, have you ever done such a thing?
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what item of clothing should be banished for all time?

wolf shirts or hunting camo

Your record for longest headache?

2 weeks

Your record for standing up in 100 degree heat?

maybe 30 minutes.

Tip me

I just started serving for the first time, and I'm doing really, really horribly. It sucks because I'm used to picking things up easily, but for some reason I can't DO IT!
The other servers make well over $100 a shift sometimes, while I'm pulling no more than sixty. I smile, and bring the food right out, and chit chat when I'm spoken to, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. (And because I know someone is going to say it, NO, I don't stink, and I'm also pretty hot, to boot.)

I think my technique just sucks.

So, TQC servers, can you help me? Tell me the best tip you know? Ya know, something that 'wows 'em every time'?
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(no subject)

So now that we know what your LJ friending policies are...

Do you ever make a friends cut?
Do you just silently delete friends?
What are any and all reasons you have to delete your LJ friends?
How long do you ponder deleting a friend before you actually delete them?

(no subject)

I want to include cliff notes in my works cited page but most people are saying it's a bad idea. Should I or not? WHY?

ETA: Fine, I won't.

What is the highest # of essays you've had to do in one day? I need to do 4 essays today!

(no subject)

do you like your nose?

where do you live? what's the weather like over there?

what are you wearing?

what are a few of your absolute favorite movies?

are you listening to anything right now? if so, what?
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(no subject)

Does anyone else here have a sneer/smirker's smile? You know when you smile and one side of your mouth goes higher than the other?
Which side is it?
Do you like it or no?

What's something a little asymmetrical about you that you like?

(no subject)

Do you like the jeans from American Eagle?

Do their sizes run small or short or fit strangely to you?

What kind do you wear? (Artist, favorite, boyfriend, etc?)

If not, where do you get your jeans from?
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Following your escape from a dungeon below the castle of a possibly sexually demented ruler of the area you lived, during your time as a peasant farmer earning less than an ear of corn a week, you decide that the best course of action is to take up being a hired assassin for a collection of people whose name sounds roughly like a combination of letters that you will never be able to properly pronounce while you still have a tongue. You find that the life of a killer is a good life, aside from getting blood all over your really cool uniform made of leather and straps and shit, but you keep going through with it because the pay is really good. Like, FOUR ears of corn good.

One day, while going about slaughtering puppies and kittens and old people that happen to tell you about the wonders of "the good old days" like you actually care about this sort of thing, you find that you've been hired to kill twisted, pervert ruler that held you prisoner and was probably going to engage you with various forms of corn sodomy. You giggle like you just peed in the pool at this notion.

Do you:
1 - Sneak in, all steathy, and kill the ruler in his sleep--running out of the castle, and the city, before the guards have the chance to react to what is surely going to be a messy death?
2 - Use Dark Charizard?
3 - Double-click the power cord?
4 - Break down the door with a fireball, killing all the guards who run up to stop you, with more fireballs, only to roast the ruler with another, larger fireball and probably end up setting the entire castle on fire?
5 - I don't play fantasy RPGS.
6 - Engage the ruler in various corn-related sexual acts and kill with your sexual organs while he is in the heat of passion?

(no subject)

so, if someone kills themselves because someone was nasty to them online, who is to blame?

(yes, this is following the recent news-story of a girl who killed herself after her neighbor was harassing her on myspace.)
Feed the kitty

(no subject)

I want Chinese for lunch. The restaurant is three blocks from work.

Problem: There are no [sidewalks|pavements] for two of those blocks.
Problem: It's [103|39] degrees.
Problem: I detest people who drive that short a distance and I don't want to be one of them.
Problem: Even if I do drive, it'll be on the motorcycle, which has (at the moment) no way to carry an order of lo mein and a couple of cans of soda.

So, TQC, the question comes down to this: is Chinese food worth the risk of heatstroke and being run over?

(no subject)

I have a mild hangover. Nothing compared to the monster hangoverrs I normally get so its not too bad.

Thing is, my head is really sore and my eyes are a bit achy. Any tips how to cure this? I've taken painkillers and used some eye drops which have eased my eyes but not my head.

(no subject)

If you could pick any grade level you want (elem, middle, or high school), what grade would you substitute teach for first? Why?

I used to get my eyebrows waxed but stopped because my skin would get irritated and break out. I haven't gotten 'em waxed in awhile and have resorted to plucking instead, but there are still some bumps on my brow ridge and inbetween my eyes. How do I make them go away?

Where do you like to go to donate clothes you no longer wear?

(no subject)

What have you learnt/realised recently?

I have recently learnt that I sometimes accept things without questioning them just because they are said with conviction. For example, when i wondered aloud what I should put on a job application with regard to a one off waitressing job, my (not very bright friend) told me to put 'ad-lib'. Because she seemed so sure of herself I put it, then later realised that makes no sense. She was also going on about how a certain length of shorts is horrible and no one should wear them, although she doesn't follow this rule herself.
I smiled when I realised this.

(no subject)

What is something that's true about our times?

no one dresses up like they used to.

Would you like to give any kind of advice? Any at all?

There's always going to be something to complain about.  Celebrate when you have the chance.

Have you ever said anything quote-worthy?

"Ignorance is bliss, but sooner or later you're going to have to know something."



Ok, so when you wash jeans, do you have to flip them inside out?
I know you have to have them inside out to dry
But in washing machines...
Gah Mom expects me to have them done
And I completely forgot how...

  • remey

(no subject)

brought on by a previous question, and some of the answers made me curious:

Even with a parent monitoring their child's internet usage, how much do you think  a kid could hide?
 How sneaky could a kid get when they know their parents are watching?

When you were online, did your parents monitor what you did? Did you get away with shit?


If you had/have kids, how much would you monitor their internet usage:

Would you ever read chat logs, assuming they were saved?

If you saw a porn website in the history, would you confront your kid about it?

What about something completely random like if they Googled "murder", would you ask them about it or just assume they were bored/curious?

Would you let your kid know that you would be checking into things like that, or just have some sort of Net Nanny (or whatever secret things are out there that let you spy on someone online)? Or would it just be an over the shoulder glance to check in once in awhile at what sites they were at?

Would you ever read your kids journal, either their paper one or online if it was an open journal?

Has a family member ever read your online/offline journal without your permission?

(no subject)

All of a sudden my teeth have become extremely sensitive--well, more so than usual. Do any of you have this problem?
Is there a specific toothpaste, floss or mouthwash that you use? I would assume Sensodyne would do the trick, but I don't want to buy it and have it not work.
I'm using this mouthwash that my dentist recommended for me, but it hurts like a bitch, so I'm looking for something else. I was thinking about trying Listerine's smart rinse, but it's apparently for kids. Think this matters much?

Sorry for this post being so boring! I will try to make up for it later or something.
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(no subject)

When was the last time you bought a new pair of shoes?

If you had to wake up at 4AM, what time would you go to bed the night before to feel fully rested?

Have you traveled anywhere this year that you had never been before? Where?

(no subject)

Has something ever been so obvious for you that you feel like you're just going to burst and scream "kiss me, you idiot!".....?

Will you sing the praises of the commenter directly above you?



Do any of you guys use Linux?
If so, why?
What distribution do you use?
Do you dual boot with another OS?
What troubles have you had with it?
Anything I should know in considering the switch to/addition of Linux?

(no subject)

In your opinion, when does "dating" become a "relationship"?  When do you stop saying "the girl/guy I'm dating" and start saying "girl/boyfriend"?

After so many dates? After sex?  After they meet the family?

Is this something you sit down and discuss with them, or do you just wing it and start introducing them as your boy/girlfriend when the time feels right to you?


Oh Good God

Does anybody here know the Boxcar Children?

None of my friends know and I'm like GAH.

I only liked the first one.
Rest were pretty unrealistic, the very fact that the kids were rich and weren't spoiled at all.
And all of them were so angelic... Made me jealous.

But really, it'd be wonderful to live in a boxcar and cook on a rock.
Bandit Driving

Boring Question

I've been thinking about getting a larger bed since I moved out of my parents house. Right now I have a twin bed but my mom just called and said a rich couple she works for are giving away their king sized bed (frame, mattress, sheets, etc...) Should I take it? My room is fairly small, but I think it would fit, it would just take up a good portion of the room.

What was the last thing you did for somebody to make them happy?

What was the last thing someone did for you to make you happy?

My sister is getting married on Saturday, my boyfriend can't make it and my backup date might have to work. Who will go with me?
odd enthusiasms


So I'm having a birthday party at a local park next Sunday.
There's a girl I work with occasionally, and we get along really well: joke around and talk during slow periods when we're both on at the same time, but that's the only place we've ever spoken/hung out/etc.

Would it be weird for me to invite her to the party, assuming we work together in the next few days?

Will *you* come to my party? ^_^

Do you have a standard, "oh shit, I was invited to this stranger's party and I don't have a gift" gift?

(no subject)

So, they're making Brideshead Revisited into a movie (and, thankfully, they're not letting Kiera Knightley anywhere near it). Nevertheless, I can't really see the point, given how definitive the BBC miniseries was.

What do you think, TCQ?
chan marshall

(no subject)

You know how there is a firefox add on which means you can view everyones LJ layout as your own..Is there something similar for Myspace? All the html kind of kills my eyes/computer screen and it would be cool if i could view it without the coding.

How is the weather? Pretty cold, windy and wet.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)


So, I love to bake. I really want something sweet and chocolate-y right now (like cupcakes...or homemade Oreos...mmm!) but it's 100 degrees out and my roommate lives in a loft right above the kitchen. So she will surely bake right along with the brownies I am so eager to make right now.

Anyone got any good dessert recipes that doesn't require an oven? Stove top and no-cook is OK with me. Or, if anyone knows any good communities where I can post this question (bakebakebake said no, because they're posts require something being put into an oven at some point during the recipe)?
The Black Lou Ferrigno

(no subject)

When it's all said and done, who do you think will have had more sexual encounters?

Jack Nicholson
Paul Newman
Benny Lava
The Harry Potter Kid

What is your favorite type of milkshake?


For those of you who masturbate to porn:
Is it more important that you find the people involved attractive or that they are doing something specific that you think is hot [anal, blowjobs, whatev.]?

Or are they equally important?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

So i have a friend who is a great guy but kind of.. not doing anything with his life. Least nothing productive or progressive. He's 22 and living in his parent's basement, working two dead-end jobs. He talks about trying to go to school or something but mostly he seems complacent. have you known anyone like this who eventually made it out and started doing something with their life?

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I'll be moving out of state to live with 2 other grad students that I haven't met yet. As the date gets closer (August), I realize we have a lot of things to work out.

- How do I approach the issue of random stuff we'll need in our apartment? Do most people do an every-roommate-for-themselves type of thing? (Pots & pans, shower curtains, dishes, etc.) Or do people usually talk about what they should split up before moving?

- What's a good way to ask if they'd be cool with my boyfriend staying at our place when he comes to visit? Even though it wouldn't be that often, I don't want to step on any toes.

- Our apartment is 3 BR/2 BA. Rent is $1100/month. How should we decide who gets the room with the master bath? What would be an appropriate rent division in that case?

- What are other important topics to discuss with your future roommates before you move in?
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What are some questions that you would feel very uncomfortable answering in detail, but aren't overtly sexual or drug related?

I'm doing an experiment for psych class on self-disclosure; seeing how much people will reveal about themselves willingly, but we can't do questions about sex or anything that's "not appropriate for school" which makes it considerably harder to think of questions that people might refuse to answer.  (I want at least a few that some people may refuse to answer)
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credit card question(s)

I just got my first credit card and had a few questions.

1.) If i set up my account so i can pay the bills online, then I can just throw away the paper bills that are mailed to me right?

2.) If i used my credit card for something (say $40 at target) then i go online later and pay the bill with my checkng account, then end up returning the item, does the $40 i already paid go right back into my checking account? or do i have some kind of $40 credit in my credit card?

Sorry if i sound naive, im new to the whole thing.

thanks in advance for the clarifications!


thanks everyone for the clarification!

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Ahhh firefox

I finally made Firefox my default browser.
Now I remember reading a few comments regarding a plug-in available on/through Firefox that enables thread expansion in LJ communities/journals and I want this option very muchly, as so many comms just go crazy with long threads.
However, browsing the faqs page has not revealed any information so I am hoping that someone here might be able to show me the way.

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What places of business can you think of that allow patrons in the building before open and continue to enter the building, with the intention of doing business, after close?

[ETA] I'm thinking more places that require full staff while patrons remain in the building.

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1)Have you ever changed? tell me about it?

I've always been the same, I think.

2)a metaphor for your undergraduate years?

a ballet school.

3)what do you think when you hear of a weird religious doctrine?

I wonder if that's a new one. *writes down*
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Someone was telling me about a website where you can view full episodes of TV shows online. I can't remember it's name, I only remember telling myself I'd remember since it rhymes with Sulu (The George Takei Star Trek character)

Does anyone know what the hell I'm talking about? Do you have a link?

Thanks for your help!
I was specifically looking for someplace I could catch up with the end of Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica... It looks like hulu only has season 4. This is a long shot, but does anyone know where I might find those online? Netflix is simply too slow for me!

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IF you are a girl with boobs, and you put a elastic belt or a hairband round the part of your waist that is just under your boobs, WHY DO THEY GET BIGGER?

It really does make them bigger to look at, do you agree? I would like to know why.

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i want to watch a movie that is chock full of ivy league boys smoking cigarettes and having pseudo-intellectual arguments and getting into trouble. something like catcher in the rye movie style. what movie is this, guys?? what movie should i watch?!
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What was your favorite chapter book series when you were a kid?

Did your class do those book order things with the paper-thin leaflets that you ordered books from? They were from Scholastic, I think. Did you flip shit when the book orders came in? I loved those sons of bitches.

Did your school do AR or anything like it? (Accelerated Reader). What did you do with your points? We got fake money and had a store where we bought stuff, and I read so much I got an N64 one year.

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Hey TQC,

Are there rumors going on about you? Are you spreading any about anyone? Let me know!

Mine? I slept with some guy apparently. This guy is going around telling people, that I'm telling people we hooked up, but that I'm lying. So he's really spreading this shit around. Pathetic, eh?

[Edit: If there isn't any currently going on, what was some of the funniest/worst ones that went on about you!?]
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Why, for the love of Pete, do GROWN WOMEN not wash their damn hands in the bathroom?????

I thought this was something only little kids did, but no, on campus 2 weeks in a row people were in the stall and did not wash when they came out. THANKS JERK! I hope I don't get E. coli from opening the door after you.

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Is it just me, or is Taylor Swifts voice really annoying?

How does one go about getting over a crush? I am friends with him and work with him. I don't want to stop hanging out with him but that seems to be the only thing I can do... I don't want to.


Does anyone have an enV by LG cell? I have the chance to get a free one if I sign up for a two year contract with Verizon. I have an LG now and hate it, but it's old and really cheap, so I'm thinking that's probably why I hate it. I've never had a problem with my Verizon service, but then again I know little about good vs bad phone service. I'm kind of a techie novice.
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Earrings, etc.

So, I took my earrings out to clean them tonight. Always a painful and traumatic experience.

Did/do you have trouble putting earrings back in?
Have you ever had your piercings bleed while attempting to put the rings back in?
Is there and really good sure-fire way to put earrings in straight on the first try (so that you don't end up losing the back of the hole, ouch)?
Why do I have so much trouble getting the earring completely through the hole?
As far as 'teenage rebellion' (I'm 21, but it's the same idea) goes, how dumb was getting my ears pierced? Especially considering the fact that needles and the like mess up my blood sugar?
What was your prominent act of rebellion against your parents? Stories?

I think this whole ear piercing thing has been kinda dumb...a massive fail on my part. Especially since every time I try to put in earrings, I end up making the holes bleed. Can I have some fail macros? Purrty please?

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How do you choose what you eat during the day?

As in.. do you just have whatever you feel like whenever you want? Have set meals for certain days of the week? Make something from whatever happens to be in the cupboard regardless? Eat things you don't feel like because you know they're good for you and ignore your cravings? Eat whatever your partner/roomie/etc makes for you?

Can you tell me when you were the most poor and what your situation was like?

Do you like cartoons for adults..? Family Guy, Simpsons, American Dad etc..
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so, i'm in a few weddings this summer... but one is coming up in june.

i have a question for all you fashion savvy, color coordinated people (which i am not!!)

what color shoes would you wear with this color dress?
Collapse )

the bride requested non-white shoes. my friend is claiming i can *only* wear gold shoes, which makes me want to vomit.

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you know how game sites will have a fee download trial version of their games, that only work once. Is there a way to delete it so that it cannot recognize that you've already played it?

Passport Question

I'm going to Mexico this summer on a cruise and it says I either need to take a birth certificate with my driver's license or a passport. I don't want to lose the original copy of my bc which you have to bring so I am opting for taking a passport. The expiration date on my passport isn't until 2010.

However my friend told me that if you got your passport issued to you when you were under 16, you HAVE to renew it no matter what. I thought you didn't have to renew your passport until it expired. When I checked on the website online it confused me [maybe because I'm on such a small amount of sleep and going crazy because of finals].

It says: "You’ll need to apply in person if you are applying for a U.S. passport for the first time: if your expired U.S. passport is not in your possession; if your previous U.S. passport has expired and was issued more than 15 years ago; if your previous U.S. passport was issued when you were under age 16; or if your currently valid U.S. passport has been lost or stolen."


"You can renew by mail if: Your most recent passport is available to submit and it is not damaged; you received the passport within the past 15 years; you were over age 16 when it was issued; you still have the same name, or can legally document your name change."

I'm taking the being 16 as just a requirement for whether I want to renew it in person or by mail. I don't understand why I'd have to apply for a new one if my current passport hasn't expired yet. If you automatically have to renew it when you turn 16, wouldn't the expiration date be your 16th birthday?

So TQC, do I have to reapply for a new passport? Thanks for the help.
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whats the last thing you've done with something or someone that surprised you nicely?

I just figured out how to plug in my mp3 player to the TV and played a Doctor Who related thing (well, its playing now) and I am pleased with the quality that it is putting out. Its a bit of a weird thing to actually see it on tv, I'm used to watching it only on the computer because its my only DVD player. I'm probably waaay to excited about this, lol. (hey look at me i'm the doctor i could save the universe with a kettle and some string, and look at me i'm wearing a vegetable)
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TQC, what is your least favorite Stephen King movie?

What about a favorite, if you have one?

I'm watching The Mist right now and I'm like a half hour in and this blows hard. Like really hard. Thankfully it's ridiculous enough to occasionally LOL at. :(
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for some reason i started thinking about a movie today and i can't remember the name of it. the only scene i remember from the movie is a young hispanic woman singing to a baby to get it to sleep. it's sung in spanish but it translates to something about having small hands/feet/eyes because it's a baby and a lot of the lines end in "tengo yo" or something that sounds like that's what she's saying. i think it's a fairly recent movie.

what is the name of this movie?

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How come when you post something in LJ communities and the post either has failed HTML or is a repost, 50 people all comment to you with, "REPOST" or "HTMLFAIL" and nothing else? Even when they can see that 49 people before them commented with the same thing? Does this bug anyone else? Should I expect to have 50 comments that say the same thing to this post?

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I'm learning to drive and ffinding it difficult to co-ordinate everything. I can steer perfectly, change gear perfectly and work the pedals great. Just not all at the same time. Any suggestions to make this any easier?

Can you tell me about any of your driving horror stories? I almost hit a lamppost the other day, best part? I didn't even see it!

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I bought my first porn DVD today! What is a non-creepy way of watching it? I really don't want to hole up in my room watching it alone because I will inevitably masturbate and then I will really hate myself.

Will the porn store I bought it at hire me? I want to work there really badly, but I wonder if being small and a girl will work against me. The store has a "video booth" and the store guy went in there with a mop today. Will I have to deal with rowdy video booth-goers?

I am sorry if this question is gross. Very sorry indeed.
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1. TQC, there's a giant fucking hive of feral CATS behind my apartment, and all they do is scream and meow (just two of their ungodly noises) all day and night long. To be honest, I fucking hate cats (especially these cats) and I do not care where they go, I just want them gone. Animal control did "something" a few months ago but they repopulated like 10x already, just judging from the noise. I'm seriously about to atom bomb them all or something. TQC, what should I do?

2. Why the fuck is everyone allergic to peanuts?!
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You are given $35,000, or your country's equivalent of that amount, to spend in one week.  You ONLY get a week to spend it.  You may not keep any material items you spend the money on.  You can, however, buy material items and give them away.  At the end of the week, any material items that you bought with the money and kept will be taken away.  If you spend all the $35,000 before the week is over, you get $10 million to spend however you like.  If you don't spend it all, the remainder is taken away and you get nothing.

What would you spend it on?

I realize this question is based off a movie, but let's try to be original with the answers, shall we?
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I used to have a link at the top of my lj to another journal of mine. I deleted it and now I can't figure out how to put it back up there again.

Can someone help me fix that?

It was in the navigation section at the top of my journal, done in the same manner as the links that are there already.

Thanks!  Got it!  :D

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1) "That's what she said." -- is that weird for a female to say if they decide to say it and they're straight? or should she say "That's what he said." Does it really make a difference?

2) Are you usually pretty quick on your feet when it comes to witty responses? Or do you usually think of something good later and wish you thought of it earlier and hope that person makes the same comment so you can use it?

3) Is it inappropriate for a manager to have dinner with the employee of the month...alone? Just the two of them? It's not a professional job. More like a retail job where the manager is in his 30's and the employee can range from ages 15 to 20.
ETA: The dinner is part of the "prize" for being employee of the month. A free dinner. Nothing romantic.