May 17th, 2008


My brother has been falling sick regularly; almost once a month in fact, for about three months now. Each time he would have a high fever and a really severe, phelgmy cough, and he would be dead tired for the one or two days he is sick. We went to the doctor and everything; he gets better, and the same thing repeats the next month.

He's going for a blood test tomorrow, but I was wondering if this sounds bad to you guys/have you heard anything similar?
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My boss says if I miss too many days from work I'm going to get fired, regardless of the reason. The only reason I have *ever* missed work was because of asthma related issues (this Spring has been kicking my ass!). After I told her about my lung disease, she told me it wasn't a legitmate disability (lol what?) and I will be fired if I have another (asthma related) abscence again.

Question: Am I protected by the Americans with disabled junk law (whatever it's called) or not? Because I dont think it's legal for her to be able to fire me if I have an asthma attack and can't come into work for a couple of days.

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On the subject of diaries...

Some SVU ad recently had "Most little girls write in their diaries about sweet and innocent things, but this girl writes about MURDER"

As a child, did you write about sweet and innocent things?
I sure as hell didn't. Why do you need to write sweet and innocent things down? As a child those are the things you can actually say to people. I didn't keep a diary as such because I knew if it was found I would seem crazy and deranged (and since I knew, wasn't), but I thought about and wrote about murders, kidnappings, sadism and very dark, detailed sinister things.

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I have Verizon wireless, and my contract is up. I'm now month-to-month and looking to upgrade my phone. I'd like to purchase a Blackberry 8703e, Treo, or MotoQ. However, if I purchase them through Verizon they are way outside of my budget. I know you can buy them off of ebay and have your service transfered to them.

Anyone done this? Pros, cons, or advice? I'm not sure how to go about doing it, or if I'm begging to be scammed.
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i xposted this to whatwasthatone. Hope it is okay to post here too..

On Tuesday night i was in a art gallery bathroom and they were playing this crazy song. I am pretty sure it was French, with a backing band and a male singer. It was so fast and sounded like this " ba bom babom ta tung ta tung" i really don't know how to describe it. It was the fastest song i have ever heard, at the end it was mostly

I am going to buy the Broken Sword trilogy. I also am getting a collectors edition of TinTin. Which makes me think i might love adventure...if you had to plan a huge adventure holiday where would you go?  Tibet, Mongolia, Russia, Tunisia,Iceland.


If someone asked you in regards to an ex's penis.. Would you get over the top mad and drop F-bombs all over the place and freak out? Or would you take it as an opportunity to bash your ex?
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No octopi!

Probably old meme but will you leave a message here and then comment with the message you get?

I did LJ seek and it appears to have last been asked 2 years ago

Do you prefer octopuses or squids?

Eta: From Ask Oxford:
"Although it is often supposed that octopi is the 'correct' plural of octopus, and it has been in use for longer than the usual Anglicized plural octopuses, it in fact originates as an error. Octopus is not a simple Latin word of the second declension, but a Latinized form of the Greek word oktopous, and its 'correct' plural would logically be octopodes."

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Have you ever or never been to a funeral?

If you have, how old were you for your first funeral?
I am almost 20 and I'm going to be going to my first funeral Monday, for my [?] great-second-aunt.

Were you-- I realize this sounds childish-- scared or nervous about all of it?
The idea of seeing anything post-mortem makes my stomach turn very phobically and I'm just afraid of the entire situation.

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So I was watching some j-rock videos and was wondering...

Are all those jrockers gay/bisexual? Or do they do all that boy kissing/humping/feeling uppy just to make the fans happy? XD

Also, I see alot of cross dressing. I mean I love all they have to offer but I was just wondering if their really gay or whatever...
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What kinds of shitty things do you do at work that aren't really part of your job but you do anyway?

I just got done cleaning out the vacuum cleaner of all the hair and dust in the world, and apparently I'm the only one that takes the recycling down to the basement (as the bottles were overflowing all over the kitchen area).

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i woke up this morning with white rabbit stuck in my head. i haven't heard that song in forever.
what weird thing have you gotten stuck in your head recently without explanation?

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How do you motivate yourself to get work done?
I have to finish writing a paper that i've put off for a week...we've been working on it for the whole year (or supposed to) and it's due on Monday. i haven't started my annotated bibliography either.

What should I do this weekend?
I'm 14 years old and my parents are driving down to Oberlin to pick my brother up from college...I'm not supposed to leave the house (I might go play around outside though) and they'll be back Sunday night. Good movies? (i'm scared of everything though so they'd have to be funny)


So I'm graduating from college today and I'm trying to get ready (by sitting on the couch of course). I can never remember how the tassel thing works.
What side of your face does it start on?
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Someone on my flist claims to have heard a story on NPR about Obama "appointing" Clinton to the Supreme Court if he wins. I can't find anything about this on NPR's website or CNN.

1. Have you heard this?
2. If it's true: good idea or bad idea?
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Do you tip at places like Moe's or other fast food restaurants that DO NOT provide any type of service besides taking your order and putting it on a tray for you? I noticed there is a line to tip, but I do not tip when no one is actually getting my drink, throwing my tray/plate away, or anything like that.

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GREAT NEWS! my friend, Emma, DOES want to go see Prince Caspian. she just can't afford it! so i'm going to buy her ticket since we're going before 5. only i can't decide if i should order the tickets now online or risk it and get there a bit early.

should i get them now? it's just half the fun for me is going up and saying "One for _______!" sometimes i even do a jig as i walk up(ok, not true but i do it in my mind).

and there's a $2 service charge! DDX

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I need to re-install Windows on my pc but when I got the pc it didn't come with any driver cds. Is there another way I can find out what drivers I need to download?

Also, any of you into Linux? What are the pros & cons with using it?
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1. How long does it take for a black eye to heal?
2. I don't want my parents to know about said black eye, because they would be incredibly ashamed of me for how I got it (and so would you) so what's the best lie I can come up with for how I got it in the event that they notice it? And no, I did not get punched in the face.

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what is a free fall sensor? i'm finally getting a new laptop and a couple of the hard drive options say "free fall sensor". i googled it but all i found were prices and stuff. my guess is that it doesn't detect that your laptop is free falling and deploys an airbag or something.

BONUS QUESTION: what are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
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TQC, why won't Carlos Mencia just drop off the face of the planet? What did humanity do to deserve this?

What celebrity, in your opinion, just needs to STFU already? Why do they need to do so?

Blatant Advertising!

What would you like to blatantly advertise to TQC (or anyone else on the internet)? Post it here and then go and read what other people posted (fair's fair, right!)

Is there a way to get a free, interesting, game onto a website? What sort of game, and where can I find it?
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My roommate (a 40-year-old realtor guy from Guyana) left his laundry in the washer and dryer. I have no clean jeans.

How long should I wait before moving his stuff out of the washer and dryer?
Should I put his stuff from the washer into the dryer for him, or just move it out onto the kitchen table wet?

I had the following conversation last night:
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What kind of food should I buy tonight at the grocery store?

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What are some social things you are great at?

I can get along with almost everyone.

What are some social things you are not so great at? 

I am absolutely helpless over the phone. I am terrible at starting phone conversations.

In general, what are some things you need to work on?

I need to learn how to tell if someone is really my friend or not.

Will you spill your guts for me about whatever you're feeling right now?

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Have you ever written to somebody who has publicly criticized a performer/artist who you really liked?

If so, was the criticism recent?

Am I nuts for writing to a guy a couple of weeks ago, who made some assumptions and wrote negatively of Danny Elfman and his apparent lack of like 1990?

I wasn't going to pick a fight with him or anything, I was curious if he felt the same way

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What is the last thing to really annoy you?

My Red Wings are losing at the moment and I am really annoyed that I am not going to be able to watch the whole game because of work...

What is something you absolutely love about the weather right now.

It is sunny and windy, but it looks so beautiful and warm out right now!
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Where is a good place (online) to buy cell phones at a retail price, not with plans or service. I already have Sprint and my phone is broken and I'm not eligible for an upgrade yet.

Also, I don't know anything about cell phones and such, what does an unlocked phone mean? Do I need a certain kind of phone to be compatible with my Sprint provider? The phone I'm looking at specifically is the Motorola L6.

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Do you know of any good websites with advice on moving out on your own for the first time? I'm looking for a good collection of roommate etiquette, how to make the most of your ramen, things of that nature. Thanks :)

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1. If your SO told you that they wanted to have a sex change what do you think your reaction would be?
2. If they went through with it and you stayed with them would you consider your sexual orientation to be changed?
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Why, when my cat heaves up a grassy hairball or chucks up his lunch, does he run top-speed to a carpet or mat and THEN do it? Come on, cat, why not on the hardwood or the linoleum?

Srs/nonsrs welcome.
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so I just finished my last final. I kind of want to spend the night doing reading a long, involved, and well-developed webcomic (something soap opera-y, maybe). I already know about questionable content, anyone have any recommendations for me?

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Poll #1189590 The things you do for money

For $5,000, would you swap bodies for one day with a very beautiful/handsome felon, who's about to serve prison time? You're trading places with them that first day, and you'll be in their body when all the other hardened inmates notice what a fine, unclaimed piece of ass you are. Would you swap places with them for one day for 5k?


For $2,000, would you swap bodies with Katie Holmes for one day? Bonuses: you're filthy rich, have a nice wardrobe, and get to hang with Victoria Beckhem. The bad side is that you spend a great deal of your day with Tom Cruise and all sorts of Scientologist handlers. You have no real privacy


For $500, would you eat a slice of pizza with extra cheese, all of the cheese made from the breast milk of that pregnant man?


For $3,000, would you bathe in the used bathwater of a homeless man? They take some bum asleep under a bridge somewhere, run a bathe, and let him clean himself up in the tub. Then, when he's done, they don't drain the water. You come in and have to sit in the tub next, amidst the dirty hobo water, and soak in there for 10 minutes. Ten minutes for 3k?


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Do you like the sound of wind chimes?
How about fountains?

When you're driving at the legal speed limit, perhaps somewhat above, and the person behind you feels the need to gun it and then use the opposite lane to pass you, do you ever hope that you'll come up and pass them to see that they've gotten in an accident OR that they've been pulled over by a cop?

And I don't neccesarily mean a life threatening, need to go to the hospital sort of crash, just a 'look what I did to my car because I was being careless type'

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1. So how many syllables does the name Kyle have, exactly? I say 1, but my 8th grade English teacher tried to convince the class it has 2.

2. What do you think of the name Kyle for a girl (pronounced the same as for a boy)? Do you know any girls named Kyle?
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Since we always seem to have the 'how long until you can move someone's laundry', I have a similar question.

We have two microwaves at my work (in the teacher's lounge). There are 4 lunch periods, with each period having around 50 people - not all of them use the microwave, of course. Periods are 46 minutes long.

There is a line of 2-3 people waiting to use the microwave. The timer has finished and the owner is no longer standing right there. Do you take their food out and put yours in? How long do you wait, if you're going to move theirs?

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What is an unusual trait in a person that you find attractive?
I love boys I can speak German with!

When, if ever,  is it acceptable to break the chicks before dicks/bros before hos code?
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I was listening to my local radio station. The DJ said "Coming up after the break, Anna Nalick." I was hoping it was her new song, so I stayed tuned. Instead, I got this. Was I just IRL rickrolled?
Why did summer come so fast? I feel like I didn't even see spring.

(no subject) says that a package for me was delivered to my house today (status: "Delivered"). However, the package is not here. Nor is there a notice from the post office of attempted delivery.

Has this ever happened to you, and did you end up receiving the package?

And it's not something a neighbor would want to steal. It's a pair of flip-flops!!
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Are you STILL playing with the Anonymous Message Server? I just got something about masturbating with bananas whilst trolling TQC.

EDIT: ALSO: What TQC messages are you getting???

Here are a few of mine: "I am a member of TQC on livejournal. I often feel as if my life is hopeless, but I don't want to say anything because I don't want sympathy. It's just a realization that has settled into my bones and become me. I know that I will die young and I am okay with that."
 "come visit lj's The Question Club and TROLL US! ...TROLL US! INFLAMMATORY, STIR UP SOME SHIT! USE ALL CAPS> !!!"
 " psssssssssssst. thequestionclub is killing chat.....pass it on "

i fucking hate tessibean. She's such a stupid bitch. I got pissed even thinking about her stupid fat face.

oh, i also hate eidna. Stupid fat cunt.

I wish they'd both DIAF."


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Does anyone have a recipe for chocolate cupcakes using melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder?

I'm trying to make some for a friend's birthday, but I don't have any cocoa powder, and the local shop's sold out. I have loads of chocolate though...

Or would anyone know how much melted chocolate to use if a recipe calls for 5oz cocoa powder? And a way of stopping that affecting the consistency??


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Have you ever been to a Body Shop home party? I don't usually do the home party things (like MaryKay or Tupperware or whatever) because I usually think they're kind of dumb and I don't like the products, but I love the Body Shop's stuff so I thought it might be kind of fun. If you have been to one, what was it like?

High School Graduation: To Give or Not To Give?

My husband and I got a graduation announcement in the mail for his step-sister's upcoming commencement. We're not going to the ceremony, but my question is on whether or not to send a gift, just a check. Everybody likes money right?!? I think she'll be going to a military academy for college. My husband's recollection of his high school graduation in his small home town did not include any gifts or cash from friends or family, so he doesn't feel we are obligated to send anything. I, on the other hand, am from a city where a gift is a nice gesture when one receives a graduation announcement.

So, TQC, should we send a check or not?
If so, how much would you give a high school senior step-sister?
If not, would you send just a congratulatory card?
If you wouldn't send anything at all, how would you feel if your step-brother and his wife neglected to congratulate you? If you were the step-mom, would you be offended if nothing was done/said after you took the time to send out announcements?
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lolz, it's the anonymous TQC HATE MEME

Someone on The Anonymous Message Server is You all must be Whoever the hell this is, he/she/it must be HOLY SHIT, there are multiple ones. All 109280927582 of you are very, very bored.

Collapse )

But, what's this?! A second message appears!

Collapse )

A third message pops up! It started off nice, until it wasn't...

Collapse )

TQC members mentioned OR not mentioned, how do you feel about this?

ETA: There's one about the pic post too now, but I am too lazy to copy it :P Check the other post.
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(no subject)

What one thing does your pet do that you could really live without?

My dog howls at all sirens.  This was cute the first time he did it and then we realized, "Oh shit, we live right next to the police station."
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(no subject)

Do you think pic posts are fun or stupid?

If this were a pic post, would you post a pic?

How many pics could a pic post post if a pic post could post pics?

Would you like to post a pic?

EDIT: ok, so sarasaurusrex beat me to it.  Lol.

Ummm....grey or gray?

(no subject)

What do you do when you get writer's block?

I force myself to keep writing, even if it sounds stupid. Eventually something pops up, and I make changes to earlier parts if I need to.

(no subject)

scenario: a guy you've talked to/hung out with only a few times through a mutual friend texts you out of the blue and invites you to a party. you've already made plans to hang out with another guy, but know he would be up for going out somewhere.

my question: is it bad form to show up at a guy's party with another guy?
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(no subject)

What's the very worst , stupidest Nickelodeon / TEENick show currently on?

Zoey 101
Ned's Declassified
Naked Brothers Band
Drake & Josh
Just Jordan

Which Nickelodeon / TEENick shows have you had the misfortune to actually watch?

Zoey 101
Ned's Declassified
Naked Brothers Band
Drake & Josh
Just Jordan

What show do you wish they still played on Nickelodeon?


(no subject)

TQC, I am doing a huge project for my microbiology class. The last portion of it requires me to write 2-3 pages on a current health issue concerning STDs.

Any ideas? One of my group members already took Gardasil. :/
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help me decide what to do tonight, tqc.

there's a few bands playing a show tonight and I kind of want to go. should I go or should I stay home?

deciding factors:

-I don't have anybody to go with, so I'll be alone. I don't really mind this except it's a tiny venue and probably no one will be there and I'll be extremely bored between bands. oh and the venue is in a sketchy area. again, I don't really care, but I'll be a girl walking alone at night in a bad area of town, something to consider.
-if I stay home, I'll probably eat some lame dinner and watch some lame movie and be bored and then go to sleep.
-the show is cheap ($6).
-the venue is a 20-minute drive from where I live.
-I have a crush on the guitarist of the last band playing.

would you go, or would you stay home?
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Why is it not possible for TQC to insult each other in a straightforward, non-cowardly manner?

Would you like to get your hatred out here, where other people have a chance to defend themselves and/or agree with you?

Just for the record, I haven't seen any insults to me personally, so this isn't just stupid grudgewank.

(no subject)

So, you're just sitting in your house, minding your own business, when KAZAAM! a magical genie appears before you. You know the drill. What are your three wishes? You're welcome to wish for more wishes, but that wish will not be granted and will subsequently result in a voided wish. 
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Inspired by a post from another community a while back:

What food items have you used during sex/sexual activity?
How did that go?
What have you wanted to use that you have not yet?

Also, what's something you do that people sometimes compare you to the opposite sex with? EX: "God, you're just like a guy/girl because/when you..."
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(no subject)

Based on this article:

Who in TQC do you think will be dead in 5 years? Who will have no job? Who will get HIV or AIDS? Who will be pregnant?

How would you have felt if your teacher asked you this question about your fellow students when you were in 6th grade, and then read the answers out loud?
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Poll dancing...

Poll #1189660 I ain't buying what you're selling...

What's the worst current commercial? kitschy songs
Life Water with the lizards and 'dancing' Naomi Campbell
"Walk of Shame" energy drink...
Um... I kind of like them.

Were you mentioned in anonymemehategate?

Yes... *sob*
No... *sob*

Beg for it...

I'm a vegan!
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(no subject)

Has anybody here taken Bach's Rescue Remedy?
What would happen if I drank the whole bottle?
Is it weird that I bought all the Dove "go fresh" line stuff today?
Will you tell me a funny story?
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(no subject)

What is your special ability? Do you use this power for good or evil?

(something real... for example, I have the ability to see if a citrus drink is has the actual citrus fruit or just a fakey flavor... allergic reactions are helpful! :D)

(no subject)

You're at a hotel for some convention. You pass through the lobby, and Brad Pitt stops you. He pulls out $2,000 in cash and a bottle of champagne and, with a suggestive wink in his eye, asks you to come upstairs with him. Do you get 2k richer?


You're at a hotel for some convention. You pass through the lobby, and Angelina Jolie stops you. She pulls out $2,000 in cash and a bottle of champagne and, with a suggestive wink in his eye, asks you to come upstairs with her. Do you get 2k richer?


You're at a hotel for some convention. You pass through the lobby, and Clint Howard stops you. He pulls out $2,000 in cash and a bottle of champagne and, with a suggestive wink in his eye, asks you to come upstairs with him. Do you get 2k richer?


(no subject)

My keyboard is all gunky, crusty, and disgusting from eating at my computer.

What would happen if I unhooked it and submerged it in water? If I dried it completely before connecting it again, would it work?

Should I just do it the conventional way?

Or should I get a new one?

ETA: I ask because I'm lazy and my favorite way to clean things is by soaking them. You'd be surprised, what kind of things it works with.
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(no subject)

1. What is the most delicious thing you have eaten today?
2. What is the last thing you cooked/baked?
3. Where do most of your meals come from? Homemade? Take-out? Dine-in?
4. What is your favorite thing to order when you eat out?
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(no subject)

Lately I've been REALLY clumsy, I've knocked over like 5 drinks in the past two weeks [ALL over electronics, each time!] and yesterday I dropped TWO CIGARETTES ON MY LAP

Why am I suddenly SO CLUMSY?

(no subject)

what would you say to someone who is honestly worried they're going to kill themselves?

non srs answers are welcome but i would prefer actual opinions/ideas, especially if you've been through it with a friend. i really want to help this person but i'm going through a tough time myself and i don't want to say the wrong thing. like when they told me they were feeling really awful and asked for a movie to download and i suggested Control.

(no subject)

What is the name of the street that you live on?

I live on Strawberry.

Also, what street in your city has the silliest/funniest/stupidest name?
We've a street named Gaylord, and I'm just lame enough to find that amusing.

Indy and the Last Crusade questions

1. In the end of the movie, Indy, determined to validate the 'true' grail, drinks from a very unassuming chalice. Turns out, he was right. The belief is that drinking from the grail will grant the consumer eternal life. Does this mean that, barring an unfortunate entanglement with Nazi tanks, Indiana Jones is now immortal?

2. Anyone else find Sean Connery's character freakin' annoying in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? To me, he was the old man equivalent of the ewoks in Return of the Jedi

(no subject)

why has the movie theater i go to here started playing previews before the movie start time? i've never, ever been to a theater that does this.

example from today: went to see the 4:00 PM showing of Prince Caspian. got there right at 4, maybe a minute before, and the movie was starting. no previews or "GO BUY SHIT AT THE CONCESSION STAND NOW" crap and that stuff ALWAYS used to start at the movie start time, not before, everywhere i've ever been. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Montana, London, etc, etc.
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Save the bourbon!

I had a little accident-- I dropped a small bottle of Jim Beam on the rug and the lid cracked in half. Efforts to glue it have failed and been messy. I don't want to toss the bourbon, and I've managed to put a lid from a small Coke bottle on it, but it's not very secure.

1. Is the booze going to be safe to drink?
2. Will it taste bad?
3. Any suggestions for a lid substitute?
4. (a bit unrelated)-- How long can you keep whiskey in a metal flask before it expires, or at least begins to decrease in taste and quality?

(no subject)

I'm getting a new male yorkie in a few weeks! I always give my pets a fairy tale name... here are some of the names I'm thinking of right now:


Can you suggest anything better? I've used all of the good names from LOTR and Alice in Wonderland over the years, lol. Help!