May 16th, 2008

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For those of you who have moved out of your parents' house:

-how old were you?
-who did you move in with?
-what was the reason?
-how did you tell your parents?

ETA: I'm not really considering a dorm to be "moving out." I'm talking about getting to a point where *you* are the head of your household instead of your parents; not still spending school breaks at their house. Moving out and starting your own life.

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So, there's a person of the sex you are attracted to working in a local Starbucks/whatever. You are very attracted to them.

What would you do?

What do you suggest I do being that its been so long since I've approached someone?!

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TQC, long-story-short, my boyfriend won't watch Lost with me anymore, so we need a new show to watch together.
Problem is, we don't live in the same city, so it needs to be something we can watch on DVDs when we are together.

Now, I watch pretty much anything that isn't Star Trek, but he hates almost everything.
He really likes character driven plots, whatever that means.

What shows would you reccomend?

Internet Trolls

1. Have you ever trolled a community?

2. Was it funny? Didja fool anyone? Did they deserve it, or were you just being a cockface?

3. Who's your favorite internet troll?


1. Nope.

2. See above.

3. Tough one. ragnarok20 never fails to get a rise out of me, but I hate the sonofabitch. njyoder makes me laugh, though.
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I went to the eye doctor (yanno, that big 'o' word that's hard to spell and pronounce (for example, my gram called it obstetrician the other day. Yeah...big difference between eyes and hoohoos)) today and they did a glaucoma test for the first time.

I thought it was just blowing air into your eyes, so why did they numb my eyes and start poking them with a stick thingie?
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I have a couple pairs of heels that fit fine when I'm wearing them bare-footed, but when I wear them with tights my feet slip out. What kind of insoles would remedy this problem? I remember someone asked this question a while back, and someone recommend corduroy insoles...but I can't seem to find the link to it.

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Beauty Question...
Which brands of face-wash do you use, how well does it work? Anything to stay away from? Can you recommend the best (anything) for someone with an oily forehead & dry cheeks?

     I use "Neutrogena oil free acne wash" now and I feel like it just drys out my face and if I skip a few days with it I break out...

Eichmann Trial

I'm writing a script and there is a scene where 3 law students are discussing the Eichmann trial. (It's set shortly after the verdict was announced)

I'm familiar with the trial to an extent, but I'm looking for smaller details. specifically, what an American would call a German during that time (derogatory). Or any popular insult.
or any other facts surrounding that time/trial/Yale/ anything at all that might work.

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My cat woke me up a couple hours ago by putting a live salamander that she found in the basement on my bed. This is the third or fourth time it has happened. It really pisses me off. Sometimes she puts worms on me while I'm asleep too, also found in the basement.

What kind of weird shit does your cat do that pisses you off?

What is the crappiest way you've ever been woken up?
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What is the weirdest picture you have in your photobucket account? or any photo hosting thing? I was perusing my PB because of the post-a-peek-of-yourself thing and found some strange things.



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Um, yeah.

1. Will someone explain the movie The Cell to me? I feel like I should be on LSD.

Edit. There was so much symbolism in this movie, it really blew me away. Any particular visual scenes you could connect with the meaning to?
Damn thats hard to put into words.

2. What movie do you not understand?

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my percocet has me all doped up and makes the room spin when i try to go to the bathroom.
i got my tonsils out so it hard to get anything down, in case that helps.
what can i do to stop myself from being so damned dizzy? i can barely see straight..
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I turned a paypal transfer over to my bank account late wednesday night. How likely is it that it shows up in my account by tonight? I know the site says 3-4 business days, but it usually takes less than that in my experience. I need to buy a greyhound ticket for tomorrow and am about $15 short and I can't afford an overdraft.
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Hey guys... I'm getting new music, and I need some more electronic, upbeat fun stuff for summer. I'm downloading some Yelle now, and yesterday covered Goldfrapp.... what else should I get?

What is the weather at where you are? Where are you? Do you like it?
It is unbearably hot in NorCal right now. But I LOVE summer heat, so it's pretty much okay

What kind of alcoholic drink would you like right now? Non-alcoholic?
I'm drinking a Rasberry mixed drink containing vodka, toriani raspberry syrup, and raspberry juice squeeze... yummy!

What are your plans for this evening?
Dunno yet

When was the last time you cleaned your fridge? Was it icky?
right now. YES!

ETA: I just walked by a (probably homeless) guy masturbating outside of my building, laying down in the bushes. what is the weirdest thing you've seen today, and how weird was it, based on your daily scale of weirdness? It wasn't that weird for me, I'm very used to strange things given where I live.

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Someone I love and respect deeply just quipped: "If I can be sued for sexual harassment for talking about my penis at work, I want to be able to sue for sexual harassment for the crowd of women two cubicles away talking about their birth stories."

Is the vagina and its functions less vulgar and disturbing than the penis and its functions, and is the vagina a more appropriate subject of work conversation? Why/why not?

ETA: Please note it was a quip. I'm not asking if talking about birth is truly "sexual" harassment. Just if it is appropriate in the workplace.

For the record, I think if anyone talks to me at work at all, it should be purely to tell me penis/vagina jokes.
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Skip Day

I'll be skipping school with a guyfriend on Thursday, May 22nd (there's nothing going on that day), and we were hoping to partake in some fun/mischief. Our assets:

- One car
- $300
- Art supplies
- Common household objects
- Your brains, his strength, my steel

What would you do? Or, rather, what do you think we should do?
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in the interests of science...

...I'd like to run a little test.

The following link goes to an absolutely disgusting, puke inducing, visual horror that should never be viewed by the human eye. It will shred your souls, you will begin spewing blood out of your eyes as your brains leak from your ears.

This and more will happen to you if you click this link.

Click here!

Can you resist clicking it?
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Have you received the Gardasil shot?
Did you have any side effects?
Do you think all women should get them?

My doctor told me to come in for my first shot and then I did some research and I'm not totally convinced...

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What should I have for lunch?

Sushi from the grocery store

Any particular menu items from the fast food joints I should know about?


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I am leaving my job in two months. I planned to give my boss a 3 or 3.5 week notice since he makes up the schedule about three weeks in advance. One of my co-workers, however, is under the impression that I should tell him *now*, because he is planning to promote me soon. This promotion is not really that big of a deal, however, because it doesn't require me to have that many skills/that much training and there are many other people in the area who are qualified for and would want the position he would promote me to.

So, am I under any obligation to tell him I'm leaving this early just because he might promote me?
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There was a link to a webcomic in a response to a question last week. The question was about getting a m-day gift for a chick about to get an abortion. The first strip of the comic was about abortions and coat-hangers or something. I can't remember what webcomic it was...can I has a link?

Why do I keep accidentally posting my TQC questions to my personal LJ?

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I arrived at work at 11 AM. It's 12:30 and my boss still isn't here.  I've called his cell phone three times, no answer.  I'm the only person in the office and I have NOTHING to do.  I'm going to keep trying his phone and wait for him to come in, but I feel at a certain point it is ok for me to leave.

What time should I say fuck it and go?

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 What do you call bread made by a bison?
a buffa-loaf!

HAHAHA. It's hot, so I am eating popsicles with those corny jokes printed on the sticks. What's your favorite flavor?

I like the banana and rootbeer ones.
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LJ feedback. :)

Hello, everyone!

I'm interested in getting all of your opinions about what issues on LJ concern you the most. I am one of the final 17 candidates, and I want your feedback.

I would love to have all of your opinions on the following, so that I'm able to make all of YOUR voices heard, in addition to my own. I want to take your concerns into consideration too, because I feel that's an important part of being elected to this advisory board.

1) What do you think is the value of LJ?
2) What changes would you like to see LJ make in the next year?
3) What do you think are the community's greatest concerns?

So if you would please chime in and give me some feedback on these three areas, that would be wonderful. Feel free to pass along to your friendslist so that I can get as much feedback as possible.

Here's the link! :)

You can reply there if you like, or here. :)

The more responses I have, the more voices that can be heard.

Thank you all in advance.
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Do you know what it's like to be all revved up with no place to go?

If someone took the words out of your mouth by kissing you, what do you think those words would be?

You and me, round about midnight, y/y?

Can you guess who I have been listening to lately?
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help plz!

so i microwaved some broccoli in a (microwaveable bowl) and i put the microwaved splatter proof cover thing over the bowl, microwaved it for a minute, and when i took it out, i realised the splatter proof cover which is hard plastic stuck to the bowl! (you know how plastic wrap sticks to bowls and plates when u microwave food). my question is HOW DO I GET IT OFF? :(

ETA: i got it off! yay! ^_^

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Are/were your parents strict about boys?

i'm 17 and my parents freak out if i go somewhere to hang out and guys just happen to be there, like a friend's house or something. it's ridiculous. oh, and my mom thinks it's slutty to get in a car with a guy. one of my friends invited me to six flags in california this weekend (i'm in arizona) and she invited three of her guy friends too, but i can't tell my mom or she's not going to let me go. they're all just friends and her dad is going to be with us the entire time, but my mom would still freak out. they're even mormon, what's the worst a mormon boy could do?! haha. hopefully none of them will be around when she drops me off.
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What is the most shocking thing you've realized too late to change it?
    Apparently one of my co-workers quit a week ago, clean out his office and just left -- I just noticed today...

What is one of the "work rules" you want to break the most?
    We aren't allowed to date fellow co-workers, but I work with football player and wrestlers and all around good looking men -- damn that rule

TQC, today I have eaten lucky charms, waffles, a cinnamon bun, cheez-its and can a coke (well I didn't eat the can) should I just chalk it up to PMS and go home to finish GTA 4 or go to the gym so I don't feel like such a fat lazy pig?

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 David Sedaris, Y/N?

Will you tell me something about one of your family members?

Who is your strangest relative? Is it you?

When people ask you who your favorite relative is, can you choose?

Who is your favorite relative?

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what is the best self-tanner that you can use on your face and body? (it must be non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog pores)

and whats your favourite tv show?
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TQC, I just drove all the way to work (35 min commute) only to find out someone had picked up a shift I forgot I put up. I have to go back in at 6, so I just came home.

What's the last thing that annoyed you?
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Has anyone here ever had to get an International Health Certificate for one of their pets? I have to get one for my cat for when I move to Scotland for grad school next October (but my cat wouldn't be coming until late Dec/early Jan). How much can I expect to pay, and how much of a hassle is it to bring a cat to another country with you? Should I just take up my sister's offer to take my cat for the year?

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Inspired by a thread in a recent post:

Do you have a really strange/crazy friend? I'd love to hear stories.

One of my best friends is a very strange eater. She doesn't like to use utensils, preferring instead simply the hand to mouth method. She attacks food like a lion attacking a gazelle and views chewing and using utensils as "wasting valuable seconds in her intake time".

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How does money laundering work, exactly?

Like, say you give your drug deal money to a laundromat to launder (lol, I'm so funny), how does that make the money seem legit... what's the process?

Do you know about the calories?

If I got my ferret a bunny friend, how long until something disastrous happened?

My housemate says you hate me TQC. Why you do this? :(
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does it ever amaze you how many people take ridiculous things (especially in LJ communities, specifically at this moment in the twin_cities community) so seriously?

Should I take a study break tonight and go listen to Augusten Burroughs discuss his new book? (I'm definitely going to see david sedaris in a few weeks).

Should I skip work to go see Indiana Jones at midnight? (most likely I won't since I need money buuut)
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Do I push through this or not?? D:

If you were reading something really really awful and managed to force yourself through about 75% of the book but were slowly losing your will to live drive to finish, would you try to finish it or dump the piece of shit? (note: it's not a book for school or anything so you actually have no REASON to finish it)

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Have you ever hung onto a relationship even tho its bad right now only because you cant forget the greatness it once was?

(I need advice for my (maybe) soon to be ending 5 year relationship)
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my doggie is coughing and he's thrown up a few times. the coughing is loud and dry, like he's got something lodged in his throat.

any idea what's wrong? my parents said this has happened before, about a year ago and he was fine by the next day.

i'm taking him to the vet tomorrow if it doesn't start to get better.

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how do they slice almonds for cereals and such?
why do i suddenly feel like going on a murderous rampage?
is it because of pms?

is there any online shooting games you can recommend? my cd drive died so i can't play the one's i would usually play when feeling this irritated. digital violence alway makes me feel better.

Marlboro or Camel?

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So..I just got hired for a pretty good summer job and the paperwork came to my house I read through, I noticed it said my salary and then you will be paid in TWO installments ...Have you ever heard of this?

I'm starting mid June but won't be paid until the end of July and then again at the end of the hell did they leave that out when they were hiring me?

So my question to you is: Have you ever heard of something like this?
Has it ever happened to you?
What was your last major disappointment?

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i got my tonsils out
what can i eat that won't hurt?
i am sick of sorbet and apple sauce. i haven't even bothered with jello cause i hate that crap but i got some made. my mom is heating up some mashed potatoes, but what else is there? doctor says not a lot of dairy. he says it's not a good idea.
it's only been like 2-3 days. i'll go crazy doing this for 14 days!

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Think of TQC as the new ~gossip~ mill around town.

What are YOU on the cover for this week? The papz got pictures of me running errands around town dressed ~casual~ and with my hair not done. :o!

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since that first batch of haikus were so popular, will you write one about your work day?

here's mine:

my supervisor
knows dude from band i really like
cool to find that out

or if you didn't work today, one about your pets? i love pets.

cat doesn't like it
when me and the dog play tug
and i hold her too

BONUS QUESTION: what the hell is wrong with me that i just want to read and write these things all day?
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When you post a question to TQC, do you usually do it when you know you'll be at the computer for the next little while? Or do you do it before you go out and then come back to check all the answers in a few hours?

(no subject)

Will you send me fun and exciting and entertaining text/pictures to my phone to keep me entertained on my drive to Des Moines?

(yeah yeah yeah i've done this before so i know i might get creeppies but idk 6087127191)
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What's a special benefit you get from work? ex: free daycare, juice bar, software discount, employee day at a theme park, choose your own schedule (within limits)

If your work is too cheap to offer them, what's one you would like?

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should i go see the new harold & kumar movie today?

i liked the first one, but i was hoping for the sequal to be one of two things: harold & kumar go to amsterdam, OR, rosenberg & goldstien go to hot dog know? wtf, escape from guantanamo?

ANYWAYS, should i see it, or will i be wasting my time because it is the most retarded thing in existence?
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Our house was burglarized yesterday while we were at work (!&#@ drug addict offspring). Has your dwelling ever been broken into and your stuff stolen while you were away? If so, did you replace all your stuff, part of it or none of it? Did you make a police report? What did they take? Did they not take anything you consider valuable?
chuck what?

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Arrrrrgggghhhhh. How the hell can I get these stupid contacts in? Are there any tricks or anything? I'm going insane trying to get them in and now my eyes and my head hurt.

ETA: Thanks everyone. I managed to get them in in just a few minutes with all the advice.

Also, new questions!

How bad are your eyes?
If I heard her right, I'm 75 in my right, 275 in my left, which my dad tells me is almost legally blind. My left has always been bad, but it had been getting better, so I stupidly decided to quit wearing glasses and now it's bad again.

How long have you had glasses/contacts?

What's your worst experience with contacts?
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All you music fans.

I'm looking to download some new shit onto my iPod because the Misfits and Sweet are getting somewhat old.
So, I'm looking for recommendations:

Hole: what's, in your opinion, their best album? I've heard a couple of their songs, and I'm interested, but I'm not sure which album to download.

Iggy Pop, Iggy and the Stooges, or The Stooges? Which album and why?

Any other suggestions?

I feel so dumb. Was this awkward?

An acquaintance/friend (from a club we belong to) gave me a ride home after the club meeting. It's 10-15 minutes away from school. He's never given me a ride home before so he doesn't know that I usually give my friends gas money when they give me rides home. During the ride, I told him thanks a lot and that I felt kind of bad for making him drive me home. He was like, "it's ok, it's ok."

Well, at the end, I was like, "I usually give my friends money for gas when they drive me home, so here's some money." and gave him $5. Then I said, "I don't know how much gas is because I don't drive, so it is more than that?" He was like, "No, it's okay." And his expression was like, "OK......." He then said, "Ok, I'll buy them something with this, then." There were 2 other people in the back.

I feel so dumb and awkward. My intentions were genuine, but I feel like it was awkward and I acted really weird. Should I continue doing this when people give me rides home? I genuinely want to show them my appreciation (and pay them back) through doing this, but I don't want to create awkwardness.

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My new dog is very small, and he keeps wanting to step on my keyboard while I'm reading TQC. What do you think he wants to say?

Is "how many comments can we get on this post" an event that can be repeated, or not?

CSI or L&O? Or both? Neither?
Who is your favorite character?

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In exactly one hour I will be reunited with my long lost best friend.
It has been 11 years. She is flying in from Texas, I am in Boston.
What is the first thing we should do?

Have you ever reunited with an old friend? What did you do for fun?

I filled her room with flowers:D

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for all you mac users:

i recently switched from pc. i'm loving everything about my mac, but i can't figure out how i'm going to download without soulseek, which was what i always used since i only want to download full albums (meaning NO limewire). so my question is, is there a mac-friendly soulseek program out there? and where can i download it? i haven't tried to download regular soulseek because i'm told it won't work and i don't want to fuck anything up on my brand new computer.

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Say you have some garlic bread left over from a meal about three/four days ago... and there are a few tiny pin pricks of mold. Do you just take them off and eat the bread anyway, or just throw it all away?
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TQC, what are your views on corporations who donate to charities, based on purchase of a their product?

What would you think of an Emmy "for your consideration" ad for an actor or show, that referenced a charity?

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As much as you hated Episode I, am i the only one to think Pod racing is just the coolest fucking concept ever? you've got two JET ENGINES, connected to eachother with a purple laser. YOU are sitting in a tiny, open-air "cockpit", tethered to said contraption by LEATHER STRAPS. meanwhile, you go 900+ MPH, ramming into other racers, killing several PER RACE. awesome? y/y

also, i'm in the mood for setting up a theme party sometime. I'm thinking 80s rock-and-roll themed, and post-apocalyptic are really, REALLY cool themes. you got any other ideas? also, what types of party games/activities/ambiance crap would you suggest for each?
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It's been done! - it hit 5 million plus!

What's the last activity (besides this one if you participated) that you felt a silly sense of accomplishment in?

edit to add - if you've posted a message on the anonymous message server that's been mentioned a couple of times and it's been posted here in our comm, care to share what it was? - please??

eta: also, my oversight for not paying proper homage to ms. poo for bringing this meaningless, fun time-waster to our attention.  :D