May 15th, 2008

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Following your recent outing as a government agent during a news report detailing your various sexual exploits in Russia, you have been forced to take a job as a grunt police officer with a man who is no less than completely incompetent. During one patrol, you two are forced to encounter what appears to be a man with a sword that is entirely too large, who has hair that defies gravity, and is partnered with a man whose arm has somehow been replaced with what looks like a type of automatic weapon.

You want to, really, leave the battle, but you find that you're unable to do anything other than stand like a fool as the two run at you, chop you, and shoot at you. Then you run up and make a half-assed slash at them that seems to completely forget that it's supposed to do damage, despite clearly connected with them and making cool sloshing noises.

In an effort to speed the battle up so you can either die or go home to your ungrateful, possibly unfaithful wife, do you:

1 - Double-click the power chord?
2 - Accept bitter defeat?
3 - Use Dark Charizard?
4 - Notice that you can suddenly turn yellow and attack people with an absurd level of choreography, and use the skill that coincides?
5 - Smokebomb?
6 - Quit because you aren't getting paid enough to fight people with huge swords and guns for arms?
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Since when are PayPal links deletable offenses? I remember tons of posts with them that were never deleted.

I mean, they're certainly LOLworthy, but is that deletable?
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You are moving in one year overseas for the rest of your life.

You have a good opportunity now to get rid of most of your stuff now to save space/time in the coming year.

Would you pack up 90% of your stuff and send it to your final destination or would you wait?

What are things you would NOT be able to live without for a year?

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My friend has a cat but she can't afford to take it to the vet now.  It's nearly bald from over grooming and has licked raw spots on it's body.  What are some problems that might be the cause?

I really have no control over her, so all the 'if you can't afford it don't get it' comments do no good.  She's had this cat for like 8 years and it's been fine until recently. 

Believe me if I could, I would get rid of her cat.  Not only do I feel super bad for it, but it creeps me out with it's baldness/bloody raw spots.

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What were the books your high school had you read?

Where all of them depressing as hell?

My Answer:
Lord of the Flies
To Kill a Mockingbird
Catcher in the Rye
Alas, Babylon

Along with 3 Shakespearian plays win which everyone dies and all is miserable.

Every. One. Of. Them. Was. Depressing. I think it was a plan in the school to get us to kill ourselves.
(Plus, two nuclear holocaust books? What the hell?)
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Do your dishes/flatware/glasses match?

Will you tell me about a time when it was easier to throw dishes away than to wash them?

When was the last time you ate chicken?

If someone unfriends you, do you notice?

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would you rather:

a) be able to orgasm only once every 6 months, but that orgasm is the most amazing, mind blowing orgasm you can imagine
b) be able to orgasm whenever you want but it is always mediocre

Dating your best friend?

 Have you ever felt like you would make a good boyfriend/girlfriend with your best Guy/girl friend but circumstances never worked out right for you? 

- Would you be willing to risk a great friendship to find out if it could potentially turn out to be love? 


- Have you ever had a friend for a long period of time and then eventually you started to date them? 
More than 3 years as friends?
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When on a full bus/train and you seated in a spot that would be easy for you to stand up, who would you give your seat up to if you had to?

  • Elderly
  • Handicapped
  • Someone who is obviously injured with a cast/crutches
  • Someone with small children
  • Pregnant women
  • Others??


Radio Contests

When you hear about contests on the radio, how often do you participate?

My favorite morning show is giving away $100 in free gas. Another local station gave away over a million dollars during the course of the month of April.

I just don't think my luck is *that* good.


What do you call this kinda bag?

Someone said it's a locker bag, but locker bags are more involved. This is just a simple 12x14x7 bag made of backpack material with a zipper. No bells or whistles. No other compartments or anything. I'm trying to find another one like it.

Is there a particular name for it?
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Help me TQC!

Does anyone know of a proxy avoidance website, that doesn't have "proxy avoidance" in its metatags? The at-work-firewall is blocking important websites, like LJ (and every proxy avoidance website I've tried).


When your alarm goes off, how mant times do you hit the snooze button before you get up?

Do you have a favorite mug to drink tea or coffee out of?

What is the first thing you do when you get to work?

How many bosses do you have?

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For those of you who went to McDonald's for your free chicken biscuit this morning...did it taste like pickles?

(Ours did...judging by the picture of the sandwich they'll be giving away this evening, which has pickles on it, we're thinking they must have come with the pickles and they took them off before they put them on the biscuits.  :p)

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1. Would you rather work 10:15am to 6:15pm at a place 45 minutes away or 12:30pm-8pm at a place 20 minutes away? Those are the two options I had this morning, and I chose the 12:30-8, but am beginning to think I should've took the 10:15.

2. Did you ever have to wear steel-toed shoes for anything? Aren't they horrible?

3. I priced out insurance for the car I was looking at. It's $387 a month. What was the last ridiculously insane thing you have heard? Any good stories?

4. Earl Grey or Orange Pekoe?

5. How's the weather?
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What kind of shoes did you wear to your high school and/or college graduation?

I was reading this one article yesterday about how some seniors~* over here wore UGLY, old, ratty flip-flops along with their ~nice~ attire to their graduation and how that is such a disrespectful thing to do (wearing flip-flops to such a big event)
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How can I wake myself up? I didn't get enough sleep last night, and I am fighting sleep. I'm drinking Jolt, and had three cups of coffee earlier.

Does anyone work a full-time job + a part-time job? How do you juggle all of it?

Why did Bella wake up at 5am and start barking? What do you think she heard/saw?

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When I start my car it makes this horrible screeching noise for a few seconds then stops. Someone told me it's just the fan belt and won't do any harm. Someone else told me it might be the timing belt and will mess up my engine.

Have you ever had this problem?
What did it end up being?

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 HELP ME TQC. What's that online e-greeting card website that has all the funny, somewhat insulting cards (i.e., "i feel like things between us have gotten weird since the sexual harassment", "congratulations on not dying for another year" etc)?


ETA: photogfrog takes the cake. it's
BB logo animated

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I made chicken with pasta and pesto the other night, but it didn't seem as creamy as I would have liked it. How do you make your pesto?

Why do people type the words "each" and "other" together as if it's one word? ex. We loved eachother very much, until he showed me that he was really a she.

I totally posted this to my personal journal accidentally instead of here. When was the last time you failed?
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does every single YOUTUBE video i try to watch pause at 2 seconds????????

edit: let me better explain my situation. I'm on my work computer. For the past 4 days when I get online in the morning, myspace songs and youtube work. After a couple hours, SUDDENLY all youtube videos pause at 2 seconds and wont play and all myspace songs appear to play but have no sound. But my sound is working....

And the rest of the day it's like this. Then the next morning, everything is fine....until it happens again...

is anyone here a super genius that might know what's causing this?

And i mentioned the myspace thing because I'm pretty sure there is some correlation between the two.
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Which chain pizza is your favorite?

Papa John's
Pizza Hut
Little Caesars (are they even still around?)
Other, because I like to be difficult and mention my favorite local shop which is not a chain and I am an elitist bastard.
None. I do not like pizza because I am full of evil and fail.

Is there a good (free) internet translator? I have an LJ friend who posts in Russian and Babelfish is full of fail on translating.

I slept like crap last night. How did you sleep?

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1. What are your pet peeves?
I hate it when girls play with their hair.
I hate it when people talk with their mouth full.
I hate it when people bump into me when there is plenty of room to avoid this.
I have it when people talk really loud.

2. What is the most annoying commercial on t.v right now?
I think the titanium tire black magic commercial is is trying to rape me every time it come on.

3. What is the most annoying accent?
I think women from New Yawk take the cake.

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One of my best friends just texted me to say "your retarted haha."

1. what is a retarted? because apparently it is MINE.

2. also, what is the last failed insult someone ATTEMPTED to give you?
or possibly even the last successful one.
Haruhi disappearance
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Do they make glasses just for eye strain from using computers? Do I need a prescription to get them? If not, is there anywhere online I could find some?

My eyes hurt ;_;
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on the radio...

today, as i was driving into portland, one of the radio personalities commented about sending all the skateboarders to Wyoming- because it's flat.

what assumptions do you have about wyoming?

or, alternately, what assumptions do you hear people say about where you're from? (not stereotypes, but things like the above, where they believe that a very mountainous state is flat.)
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How old were you when you got your first gray/white hair?

If you're too young,

what's the first time you felt like an adult, whether or not you actually were?
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Teal Deer about Teeth!

I had braces many years ago, and now I have a bonded retainer (bit of wire cemented to the back of the teeth) on my bottom teeth.  Last night, I was brushing my teeth, and the cement on the one end tooth broke off, so now I have a wire sticking straight up and poking me in the tongue.

I have dental insurance, but no orthodontic coverage.  I called a dentist who participates in my insurance this morning, and they said that they couldn't do anything for me, so they gave me the name of an orthodontist.  I called them and they gave me the impression that they would not treat me, and told me to call the orthodontist who put it on.  I really didn't want to go to this guy, because I think he's a fucking quack and he fucked up my braces before. But, I digress, do you think this bastard will charge me for fixing my retainer?  It was put on almost ten years ago.
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Heat Wave

It's hot as hades where I live... What are your favorite hot weather foods?

I love cold veggies like jicama or bell pepper slices, fruity sorbet and watermelon.
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Why is our Congress so dense with regards to the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

Why do they think that 70,000 barrels of oil per day is going to even make a dent in the price?

Why do they think that we should stop stockpiling the FUEL for our MILITARY MACHINES?

This is something with which I'm in agreement with our president. You don't stop putting such a pittance in your STRATEGIC RESERVE or take out of it to help taxpayers - especially when its total amount is just enough to keep the U.S. going for a brief few months.
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Can you justify paying $7,500 for an internship program in Los Angeles in which housing, food, transportation to and from your job, and weekend trips are included? Also, the internship is found for you based on your interests, so you wouldn't have to do any job searching.
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1. does this make you lawl?
2. do you think getting a vanity plate that says "KHAAAN" is hilarious?
3. what are you up to this weekend?
4. is your best friend prettier than you are?
5. what's the grossest place to have body hair?
6. do you have body hair there?
7. would you rather write in blue or black ink?

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I want to change my bedroom color. Currently, it is a light (but bright) blue. I've had it for 7 years and need a change.

I was thinking of either an orange or a nice teal. Or really anything that's crisp and light and a little less juvenile.

Poll #1188350 colorssssss

What color should I pick, TQC?

Other, that I will tell you in the comments

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Hey TQC, will you help me decide what I should do tonight?

Option A) Go with a friend to a Brett Dennen [who happens to be one of my favorite artists and I’ve never seen live before] concert. I’d have to drive an hour and a half to get my friend who would go with me and then from her school drive an hour to where the concert is. Then after the concert I’d drop her off at school and go back to my hometown which is 25 minutes away and stay there until Saturday just studying for finals. My friend would pitch in on gas but when we get there we still got to spend like $30/ea on tickets, but it’s Brett and I don't know when I'd be able to see him perform again.

Option B) Stay at school and do things I need to get done like study for finals [which start on Monday], finish homework, clean, pack to go home next week, and watch LOST. Blah blah boring. Plus I would save $50 by not spending it on gas or the tickets.

So should I be responsible or have one night of fun before finals own me?


Does anyone else have a skirt that hangs off the back of your butt in such a way that you always feel like your ass is exposed, because it doesn't touch the bottom of your butt, or the backs of your legs? Or do I just have a bubble butt? (Please answer that, TQC, I need to know about my ass).

ALSO: T/F: I'm a pussy because I feel guilty for walking along the canal on my lunch hour, because it disturbs the nesting birds.

AND: I went home early from work the last two days, feeling severely pooped probably due to just being generally mental. Now apparently a rumor is circulating that I'm pregnant, even though my husband has a vasectomy. Do they think I'm a whore TQC? Alternatively, tell me any story you've ever heard first through 100th hand about someone getting pregnant even though their SO had a vasectomy.
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  1. When was your last workout? Tuesday night
  2. There isn't much to eat in the house. I am tempted to go buy ingredients for pad thai. Should i?
  3. Is there anyway you can make it warmer where I am?

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i got my tonsils out yesterday and my entire throat is killing me.
ice packed around my throat and drinking ice water isn't helping and i am only staying away for like 20-30 minutes at a time, and if i get up i feel whoozy. what can i do to make my throats swelling go down and the pain ease a little? i'm not getting better pain meds for a few more hours and it hurts to breathe.

what is your favorite flavor of sorbet?

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I live in a shitty neighborhood with a lot of creepy men living on my block. I had one really horrible incident a few weeks ago that required me to call the cops, but otherwise it's mostly just annoying/disconcerting.

Collapse )

I can't stop people from talking to me I guess, nothing criminal about it. But it's really a bad situation and I hate that I can't walk the twenty feet from my door to my car without feeling unsafe. What do I do?
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Augh... I know nothing about website java forms (is that even the right term?) and such yet I find myself having to fix a broken one on my work's website. Can someone help me?

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Okay. So.


Thursday was the deadline for people to give my company a request for us to send an announcement to their colleagues/friends/whoever they want that they passed an exam that we offer. The stipulation was that they had to include a self addressed, stamped envelope.



Postage just went up one cent. So now I have all of these sealed letters with 41 cent stamps on them, which I just realized.



-Have to send them using our OWN postage, which will cost us 42 cents each (plus envelopes, plus restuffing them into different envelopes/labeling them).

-Send them and hope they reach where they’re going.

-Put the individual person’s address as the “return address” and hope that the post office returns to “sender” i.e. their intended destination (does that work??)


ETA: Buying 1 cent stamps isn't an immediate option as a)all supply purchases have to be approved and that person isn't here and b) these have to go out today.

ETA2: PROBLEM SOLVED! I'm an idiot and didn't think until now to print 1-cent labels through the postage meter and just stick them on. Ugly, but effective!

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So I'm teaching a summer course in hands-on physics to 8th and 9th graders. I'm currently having trouble in developing the electricity and magnetism portion, as I'm not sure what I can do. I was not educated in public schools, not do I remember what I learned in science at that time. I was wondering, what should I teach in electricity and magnetism. I have a total of 2.5 hours to teach it (two days 1.25 hours each, and I can't assign homework) I would also like some good activities for the kids to do related to the subject.

Also, on the same lines, I have about 3 activities per lesson and my adviser for developing my curriculum says that that isn't enough. They don't want me explaining so much as showing and allowing the kids to do stuff (i.e. hands-on). Could anyone help? I'm planning on teaching Newton's laws, Electricity and magnetism, bridges and Rockets (the last two are in the course name, so I figure that I might as well).

Also, this is my first time teaching and I'm kinda nervous (especially since physics isn't my strong suit. I soo shoulda taught the Java class! I own at Java and programming. *is CS major*) Have any of you out in tqc land taught (either during the year or for a summer program)? How was it? What age group and what subject?

Thanks a lot!
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Can they do that?

Yesterday I was driving on the freeway and saw a truck loaded down with a bunch of stuff which looked like junk auto parts. On the back of the truck, they had a sign that said that I should not follow them closely. The sign also stated that because they had this sign/warning posted, that they are not responsible for any damages if something flies off and hits my car.

Can they do that?
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make my life choices, plz

i'm at work and i am SO SO TIRED and i want to cry because i'm so damn tired. i usually go to the gym after work 4-5 times a week, but kind of don't want to go today cause i want to nap before i go see a show tonight (called "into the hood," i shit you not). however, i feel guilty because although i've been 3 times already, yesterday i only did 45 minutes on the bike and no weights or anything.
Poll #1188283 blghhhhh

so, that being said, should i go to the gym or go home and nap?


ty, boos
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Okay so would you stay at a job you love but only get like 20-30 hours a week or change to a full time job with possible overtime but you know it will be a decent job but not as enjoyable, def doable though?


I am going to Chicago from tomorrow until Monday, do you think I can get by without bringing a winter jacket?

What is your favorite recipe to make vegetarian grape leaves or hummus?

If you are from Chicago or have been there, what is your favorite bar and/or restaurant there?

If you got something tattooed on the inside of your lip what would it say or be?

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Are you able to get in to a debate/argument about something you feel very strongly about without getting emotional or [dare I say..] upset?
Which issues get you particularly riled up?

What perfume should I buy?
Are the Lolita Lempicka perfumes rad?

Will you go see Rambo: First Blood at the good theater with me? Everyone I know is either at a wedding or being totally shady. Or they're the kind of girl that would have zero interest in Rambo =/
{wow} sin'dorei pride

what cool stuff should I get for my birthday?!?

So, I've been saving money for a while and I've finally decided to use the money since my birthday was coming up and I wanted to treat myself. I get another $50 from my mom. TQC, what should I get? My limit is $200 (plus $50-75ish, so about 250 total).

- a new ipod (I had a 30 gb, but it got stolen so I bought a 4g from a friend). I'm not sure if I want an 8g or a 30g again. Maybe a 80?

- a nintendo dslite? I heard these were cool but it's been a while since I played with a gameboy. If I got one, should I get it used, or new? What games should I get? I like building games, and making stuff (like roller coaster tycoon). Are those called strategy games? I dunno.

- Any other cool gadgets? I like gadgets. What would you buy (even if it's not on the list)? What would be useful that I haven't thought of?

Cheap, reversible ways, to soundproof an apartment

I may be moving out into my first apartment soon. I'm a loud person. I like to listen to music loud, as well. Now, I know I'll have to tone it down no matter what because it IS an apartment... I know I cant have the same luxuries I once knew of bein loud. :( But anyway, what are some cheap, easy DIY ways of making an apartment more soundproof?

I've searched the web but everythings tellin me to add these layers of stuff, then add more drywall overtop, or to rip down this or replace that. I have to leave the apartment the way I got it when we eventually move out, so I need something I'll be able to take down etc. And I need it to be cheap. I'm planning on establishing a some-what relationship with my neighbours and asking them to come to us if we are being too loud.

The main thing I'm concerned about is surround sound during movies or the amount of bass my computer speakers emit.

So any ideas that work?
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Should I work from 8:30 - 11 Saturday night watching preteens while they're parents are attending a function at my ex-high school that I now work at? I need to know before 4 EST (i.e. 15 minutes)

It seems like it'll just be a movie. And I'll get paid. But the age group sketches me out kinda...
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just a spot of idle curiosity

10:37 AM 4/27/08 · There was this series I used to watch called Tripping the Rift, a comedy/slash sexual romp that was animated & very perversely a good way.


Recently I learned there's a movie. I'm kinda borderline working around possibly renting it. However, for the sake of my sanity, I figured I'd ask.

Have any of you seen Tripping the Rift: the Movie? How was it?
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printed logo products?

 If you work for a company/association that has logo items printed for sale, who do you use? 

My association wants to have logo coffee travel mugs done to be sold in our store. We have a vendor we frequently work with but would like to "Comparison shop". There are so many companies on the internet, though, that we would rather have a recommendation from someone with experience!

(no subject)

My friend had webcam naughtiness with her ex yesterday. They never meet up, will never get back together, are just good pals that keep on contact via the occasional internet chat & phonecall these days..apparently it was just a bit of one-time stupid fun for oldtimes sake-(I gather they used to do it a lot) like watching live porn but you happen to know the person.

She has a boyfriend..(I don't honestly think she would cheat in the physical sense)

did she cheat on him?

should she be feeling really guilty right now?

Have you ever got naked on webcam?
I have, when I was in a LDR.. even though I'm in a pretty LDR at the moment we see eachother relatively often. I'd rather just wait it out and have him miss my body so it's even more awesome when he gets to see it again
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(no subject)

 What is your favorite modern technology?  I love camera phones/picture messages!

Do  you think that global warming is a threat to the polar bear's habitat?  I'm so angry about the clause saying that the government doesn't have to consider global warming when protecting the polar bear!
Mitty box

(no subject)

Have you ever gone to a midnight showing of a movie?
I saw Phantom of the Opera and tonight we are seeing Prince Caspian!

Will you tell me about something good in your life?
We paid off our car today! Thanks US Government!

What are you having/did you have for dinner?
Probably the leftover pizza from last night or a Lean Cuisine.

Baths or showers?
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I really like this girl in class and I would like to be friends with her outside of class. Is there any way to ask her to hang out sometime if you don't get much time to talk in class, but when you do, you really connect, to ask someone to go do something without sound weird? I'm a female & I just think she would make an awesome friend. Or should I just let the friendship develop naturally and if we see each other again, maybe we'll become better friends and if we don't, we won't. Class ends in few weeks, its a college class thats on a community campus.
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How is it none of my swimsuits fit my chest anymore? I've only lost 10 lbs in maybe two years.
Where's a good place to find well-priced swimsuits?
What's the weirdest swimsuit you've ever worn? Pics are a plus.

Edit: Did my sister steal 3 of my best ones? I can't find them for anything.
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Ice cream time

Someone has offered to treat you to some ice cream. Yay! However, you only get two flavours to choose from: vanilla or chocolate.
Poll #1188576 Ice cream!

Which flavour will you take?


(no subject)

When you open a new loaf of bread, do you use the end piece, throw it away, or just dig past it, leaving it on top?

 I dig past it, leaving it on top, but usually try to pair it with the other end piece.

(no subject)

What do you think the best thing is about living in this day and age? The worst?

Also, I have two e-mails in my inbox from addresses I don't recognize, but they weren't referred to my spam folder. The subjects are just "Re: "
What do they contain, TQC?

AP disaster

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anyways, what should i do about this? should i say "fuck it" to mexico? should i sue the little slimeball who did this for the cost of a college class? is there any way i can get college credit still for all that AP chemistry work and test i took/did?
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I'm in a weirdly bubbly mood today :D

I just saw a commercial for something unimportant but in it the whole city this guy was in was COVERED IN BUBBLE WRAP and his jumped and rolled around and OMG awesome. I have decided that that right there is my new idea of what Heaven would be like.

So, TQC... what is your current vision of what your Heaven is?
fab Julie


Who should have won this season of America's Next Top Model?

Who do you think has been the most undeserving winner on the show?

1) Dominique
2) Yoanna from season 2 (I really thought Mercedes should've won that one)
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Sharing the wealth

I am so happy about my job right now, for the first time in a long time. My manager is absolutely the definition of useless, and I've been stuck running my store literally by myself for the last year. If it needs doing, I'm the one to handle it...always. I've been working very closely with my District Manager to fix the place, and today, he gave me a $1.60 raise!

So I ask yon TQCers, when was the last time you had a large sense of accomplishment or pride?

(no subject)

i've recently discovered it's fairly easy for me to figure out songs on the guitar- you know, solos and stuff- without having to look them up. is this at all skillful or is it something anyone who plays guitar can do? i'd prefer not to think i'm in any way impressive if i'm not.
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In INXS' New Sensation, why does Michael Hutchence say "Trumpet" shortly before the sax solo?


Is it a violation of Rule 2 to offer free music samples for which one holds the copyright?

If no, would anyone like to hear a song by my old industrial band?
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1.My friends and I are graduating from high school in two weeks and we want to plan fun things to do this summer before we all split up for college in August. What are some fun things we should put on our "to-do" list? (Just keep in mind, some of us are still only 17.)

2.If you like poetry: who is your favorite poet? What is your favorite poem by him or her?
chan marshall

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Do you like going to the hairdressers? Oh my god no. I usually get my friends to do my hair because I hate the experience so much. I am applying for jobs and feel i need a "professional cut" and i am dreading it.

Have you ever had breakfast for dinner? My parents used to cook it for me when we felt silly and we would have a picnic in the lounge room. I still do it when i feel like something different.

Do you want to ask me anything?
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We have a boxer/black lab puppy. She's 50% of each breed mentioned.
How big do you think she'll get?
How big do each of those breeds of dogs usually get?
What are my chances of having a gargantuan dog? ( I really want one )

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For whatever reason, I've always had a deep and abiding love for unintentionally amusing signs. Whether they include a humorous typo or grammatical error, or are just plain inexplicable, it always fills me with great joy when I encounter one.

So, TQC, what are some of the funniest/oddest signs you've ever seen? If you have pics, plz 2 be posting them.

For example, here's one I encountered outside a restaurant in Colorado. Mmm, beef latte.

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So, I just finished my final final, and am now pretty much done with undergrad.

Did anyone else feel slightly anticlimactic when this happened?

How should I celebrate? Keeping in mind I'm very, very, poor.

Do you ever feel like the people you hang out with won't be long-lasting relationships?

Do you ever feel like the people you hang out with won't be long-lasting relationships? Yet you still hang out with them? Like, you can't see you guys keeping in touch after circumstances that brings you guys apart. I attend a community college and it's my freshman year. I feel like every quarter I meet new people and hang out a lot in a new group. Then we end up not talking that much after the quarter. I feel like when we all transfer, we won't keep in touch that much.

Is it really that worth it to have fun and talk to people with whom you know you won't end up having long-lasting relationships? How is it worth it?

Is this similar to the question "how is it worth it to keep a SO if you don't see it going anywhere?" ?
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Do you and whoever it is you live with have differing opinions on what constitutes as "clean" in regards to a room/your home?

Multiple times I've been like, "Yeah! My room's clean! I feel accomplished! This bitch is spotless!" and my parents come in and are like "EHHHHH, well, it's a start."

Do you like Hot Tamales?

Do you like Sunny D?
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If you could kill one character from a show you enjoy, who would it be and how would they die??

What two TV characters would you switch shows they're on and why?
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giving thanks

Is there anyone in TQC you'd like to thank? Why?

I'd like to thank __ria, because in one of her comments to some random entry she linked to a cute white and black dress. I went out and bought it today. Thanks for your fashion sense!

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Let's say you are in a relationship. Would you be mad if your s/o went to bars and were buying drinks for randoms when they were partying with? What if they were accepting free drinks from randoms at the bar? Completely different or somewhat comparable?

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is nashville worth going to? what is there to do there? where is there to eat there?

where should i go to "experience the south"? can i even do this in kentucky and/or tennessee? i hope so, cause i can't drive much further.

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1. What's your favourite musical?
2. Are there any TV shows you can quote large chunks of?

1. Evita, Sound of Music or Oliver. It is impossible for me to decide.
2. I know virtually every word in several Friends episodes - I can sit and recite Ross' wedding at the end of season four by heart.

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1. do you believe that theory people are generally attracted to people who look similar to them?

i never really thought much about it but i've started to realize i do go for guys who look a bit similar to me.

2. when it comes to who you're attracted to, do you find you have a type?

i always seem to go for guys with brown hair and brown eyes. and tall. i can't decide if it's weird or perfect with my being short.

3. what should i do at the gym tonight? i'm a bit bored with the elliptical and the bike.
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I made a deal with my Mum tonight that if, when my results are announced (soon), I end up getting a 1st class degree, I can get it tattooed somewhere on my body. (It's a very safe bet for her, cos it's never ever gonna happen.)

Still, I should totally go through with this, amirite?
Where would I get it tattooed?
I think forehead for sure. Or a terribly classy tramp stamp

For those graduating uni/college soon, are you scared out of your freaking brain about how it's going to go?
I'm so scared. It could go absolutely any way for me :s
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My friend and I both want to go on a vacation. We are both 18 and we live in Ohio. We'd like to go some place with lots of fun stuff in walking distance but if we had to rent a car that would be okay too. Obviously cheaper = better. Going between June 5 - 13 is the best. Can you suggest some fun places for us to take a vacation to?

EDIT: OKAY! NO CAR. We can either fly or drive there.
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A while back, I saw Robert Downey, Jr. in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Great movie, and awesome performance by RDJ. I also liked him in Good Night And Good Luck. I just watched the new Iron Man movie last night, and I'm now an official RDJ fan. What other movies has he been in that I should look for?