May 14th, 2008


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What's the name of that comedy show, where one of the guys is foreign, but lives with his friend who isn't and he's always causing silly things to happen?

not the best description, sorry :/

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How come organic milk will keep unrefrigerated for several months?

Do you think it's rude to talk on a cell phone at a bookstore? I was at Border's and this guy was having a loud and long conversation on his cell phone (mostly about fraternities) while pacing around the entire store. The weather was really nice outside so he could have gone outside to do it.

Where is cell phone talking taboo, according to you?

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Whats your comfort food?
What color looks best on you?

Who's texting you right now?
What do they want?

What rhymes with Máiréad? (Muh-Rade)
Where is the strangest place you've ever had sex?

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So guys I'm sitting on some cash from my new job (about 1500)
I can't really travel bc I'm in summer school and I have no desire/time to buy clothes so what should I do with this money?
eta: giving it to you isn't an option (unless you're offering me something really great)

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I'm filling out some "Selling Skills Basic" sheet for my now job and I managed to complete all the questions minus the following:

What is an example of a merchandise greeting when approaching a customer who is looking at bath hardware?
How about the gadget wall?
What is an open-ended greeting when approaching a customer carrying lavender paper?
What is an example of a appropriate greeting when approaching a bride?

I partly get some but then the other half of the question confuses me.

Random but give me your answers. ... any answers!!
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Have you heard of the ClearPlay DVD player?
What's your opinion of it?
Would you ever buy one of these or your family?
What would your kids say if you brought that home? What would you have said if your parents had brought that home?

How do you watch Silence of the Lambs with no references to sex or violence? Or The Omen? Wedding Crashers? Could you watch any of those movies edited to remove all references to sex and violence?
What kind of filter could they possibly put on Ratatouille? Charlotte's Web? Muppets from Space?

I think it's disgusting. If you don't want your children getting the wrong idea about language, sex, and violence: talk to them. Explain why you don't want them watching the movie. You can't keep them in a bubble forever and they're going to hear about it from somewhere eventually. Plus it ruins any artistic integrity the film has.
What cute little hats you guys have!

I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters scatological.

1) Would you eat off a dish or use silverware which you know had been fully immersed in fecal matter of some kind (doesn't really matter, just something sufficiently nasty, so no earthworm poop), but had been cleaned with no way to tell had been previously unclean?

2) Would you use a miracle cure (not too miracle-y, something that makes you look ten years younger, or fully regrows bald hair, or permanently cures flatulence, etc) that you took by mouth, had no taste, but was composed entirely of puréed pig anuses?

3) Let's say your best friend in the entire world is an alien, and you're out at dinner one night when it suddenly begins choking. The Heimlich maneuver worked, but they've passed out and aren't breathing. Would you give it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Please note that this particular alien species eats and defecates from the same hole, kind of like an owl, but much messier. Also, their poo tastes like cherries.

I am intrigued

1 - How much does a tongue piercing hurt?
   - Would you encourage or discourage me from having it done? 
   -  Why?


2 - Do you, personally, know anyone who has had a self harming problem?
[ This can include yourself and a simple yes/no answer will suffice. ] 

3 - What song should I download right now?
[ I love Linkin Park, Lifehouse, Pendulum as well as my heavy metal. ]

4 - What book do I *need* to read?

5 - In your eyes, other than LJ, what is an interesting website?

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does anyone here have a blackberry pearl?
does it freeze sometimes when you're using the camera?
how do you change text message ringtones?
if you have vista as well... have you been able to install the software onto your computer?

i love my phone in general but the fact that i can't make it work with my computer is pissing me off. every time i try and install the software it says i have an invalid drive letter, but i can't reassign my drive letter unless i completely reinstall my OS. and that's just a pain in the ass.

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There's a mosquito in the room I've been battling with all night. It's dark in here, making things more difficult, so I never know where it is 'til it buzzes by my ear. I managed to grab one a couple of hours ago, though.

TQC, will I ever kill this little bastard?
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What's the most interesting fetish you've ever heard of?

For me, it's figging, which is when a person gets off on having ginger inserted into their vagina or rectum. It creates an intense burning sensation that would be torture for most people, but if you're masochistic you might enjoy it.
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What memes do you consider old?
What images are you sick of seeing?

What's a meme you could never get sick of?
Will you post a picture you think nobody's seen before?

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Okay, so I'm curious. If my friend was in a pickle, what little hints would you post on how to be a really good girlfriend?

do's and don'ts, pretty much.

edit: STOP TALKING ABOUT PICKLES! You're making me hungry.
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Have you ever had a significant other more or less flip out on you because you went to hang out with a friend or two? Like, hang out just to hang out, in a " we didn't have plans to do anything and i want to hang out with my friends".

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For those of you who dye your own hair, what's your trick to getting the dye off of your skin?

I always wind up with a spot somewhere. :(

Also, when you're in a car and/or driving, where do you put all your stuff? (Purse, phone, ipod, backpack, whatever)
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1) Why does Spring make me so tired?

2) Do you have any true addictions? What are they? I have a serious caffeine addiction and I'm not sure what to do about it, really. I live on coffee and energy drinks/gum/mints

3) Can you tell me a little about the last major change in your life?
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We rent our house and our landlords expect us to take care of the lawn ourselves. One day, I came home from work and the grass had been mowed. My husband was at work at the time, so it wasn't him. My husband mowed this past Sunday. Today he had the dog out before he left for work and some old dude with a riding mower came to our house, asked my husband if he mowed the yard and then left.

The house next to us has a mowing notice in their yard because the grass is seriously over one foot high. We think that this old guy is supposed to be mowing that yard but is too senile to realize it. He doesn't come a lot, so if he IS supposed to be mowing our lawn, we'd have had grass a foot high as well.

Is this old man senile? Did my landlord hire this guy and forget to tell him that someone moved in?
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0 - America the demented

it's just on my mind... I'm sure it's on the mind of most of us.
  • McCain: Has a decent length last name and, despite having a really cute daughter and having done a better than average interview on The Daily Show, is generally touted as being older than dirt.

  • Obama: Having a slightly shorter name but still be a reasonable, well thought out, intelligent man who seems to have a lot of really good ideas despite the tentative connection to a religious figure with touretts syndrome.

  • Clinton: Having the longest name of them all, is remarkably stubborn, still married to a former president who was unfaithful to her...and, as we all know, she eats live puppies.

Who are you currently thinking you'd like to have as President of these United States?
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Looking at this ad (kind of NSFW), did you 'get' it the first time, or have to read the comments on the page to figure it out?

Why do you think they went with that as an ad? Do you think it's in anyway effective?

I had to look at the big version to see what was going on. But I have no clue at all what they're trying to say with it.
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Will you tell me a random silly fact about you (more than one is good... the more the merrier) in haiku form?

I remember scenes from Scrubs
That are quite funny
At inappropriate times

Edit: Except, unlike me, do it correctly. ;)

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If there were a business that catered to the release of stress and frustration in a safe way, yet allowed you to throw things and yell and scream, would you?

Say if there were all these rooms set up for this, all of them padded, and soundproofed, with a stuff that you could throw around (yet not do damage to yourself or the room with them), as you screamed and yelled and stomped, would you use it? There would be no danger to you with what you did in there, no one would lock you in and leave you, you could get out at any time, but you could stay in there and just get it all out. Do you think that something like this would help society at all? Or would it encourage more angry behaviour?

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Will you post a picture of your prom dress? If possible can you show me your shoes/other accessories too?

Also, I do not know how to dance at all. How do people actually dance? I'm assuming at proms people don't actually dance like they do in music videos, but I have no rhythm and can't do anything. Can you explain to me what to do or, even better, show me videos of people doing "real" dancing?

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Economy stimulus check question:

IRS website says if you were claimed as a dependent last year you will not be receiving one. I was claimed as a dependent but I also received the UR GETTING A CHECK YAY!!! letter. Am I going to get one? y/n
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You go in for a job interview on a Thursday. They tell you that they'll let you know "the week after next" because they are busy and have some more interviews to go through. How long do you wait to call them to see if they've made a decision yet?

Is there anything that can be done to fix a laptop monitor that looks like it's having a seizure? It goes all wonky and turns into blocks of color, usually flashes different random colors a few times before it settles on a color block scheme it likes and stays like that. It fixes itself if I touch the screen in any way. It's an old laptop, so I'm not surprised this is happening. I just want to know if there's a cheap quick solution to make it stop because it's really annoying.
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Poll #1187932 corvettes

pick your favorite body style

C2 (but only if it comes without the douche swirl in shades)
C2 (but only if it comes with the douche swirl in shades)
i am a jackass who for some reason feels the need to hate on an iconic american car

if you were buying a corvette, which body style would you go for?

are you sure i can't have a mustang?

is the saying 'the vette makes 'em wet' true or untrue?


(all vette pics are ripped from google images)
im french

a bit farfetched..., for my mom's 50th birthday, my dad and I want to get her a '66 Mustang convertible... preferably red. We want the car to be in great shape since we we're not mechanics and it won't be a project car nor a daily driver, but since it won't be a daily driver, it doesn't have to be like, totally perfect. We've checked out a few cars online and went to a car show, but we still don't really know what we're doing.

1. Any tips on buying vintage cars?

2. Any tips on dealing with old Mustangs?

3. If anything, how should we present her the car when we find it?
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I have a question... Okay so for the extra tax relief that the USA is Doing I was under the impression that I would be receiving $600 buuuuut I only received $300... does any one know the criteria for the extra return and why I only got $300

I'm single, in school and filed on my own ... no one claimed me as a dependant

answered, thank you :)
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You work in an office, let's say. You go into the kitchen for a drink, and notice that on the table there's 2 plates. One has chocolate cookies. The other has big, juicy red grapes. Which plate will you draw from?

Both, but more grapes than cookies
Both, but more cookies than grapes

Edit: There's a sign that says 'Help yourself'
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Are there any writing challenges that are NaNoWriMo (or even summerwrite) size but aren't restricted to a certain month? Like write x words in y days. Go. I wanted to do summerwrite, but I found about about it too late, and november is so far away. ;_;

Also, how many of you participate in oneword ( on a regular basis? there a tqc chatroom or something? work is boring.

Last, have you ever lost your cell phone at 6 Flags (or another park)? What did you do about it (mostly how did you replace it, though funny stories about how you lost it are welcome)

I think I lost my phone on the Buzzsaw at 6 Flags New England. It's probably crushed now :(
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1. Favorite Michael Keaton movie/role? (Dream Team for sure)
2. Favorite Jack Nicholson movie/role?
3. Favorite Kevin Spacey movie/role? (Usual Suspects, maybeeee, just because the ending was so kick-ass)
4. Favorite Samuel L Jackson movie/role?
5. Favorite Morgan Freeman role/movie?
6. Favorite Anthony Hopkins movie/role?
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If you had to choose one, would you rather live in a communist state or a state of anarchy?

What is one food or drink from your childhood that you wish they'd bring back?

Is there anyone in TQC that you really look up to/admire? Who? Why?
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My personal theory is that this just a sign from on High that you don't fuck with the Dali·lama...but ignoring that for just a second, given the devestation that is China currently where are they holding the Olympics?
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So last month I watched American Psycho for the second time in like 6 years and at the beginning the waiter is listing off dishes on the menu and one of them is swordfish meatloaf with onion marmalade and I remembered thinking "wtf onion marmalade?" AND THEN in the past few days since I saw it I have come across some online menus for restaurants that serve onion marmalade and I didn't even google "onion marmalade". Is that crazy or what? You don't have to answer that.

What do you like on your toast?
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I just put two bone-in, with skin chicken breasts in the crock pot with a two quarts of canned tomatoes, basil, oregano, garlic, onion, a bay leaf, a serrano pepper, and some hot sauce.

Will this turn out well for shredded chicken to use in quesadillas in about 8 hours?  Am I forgetting something/doing something wrong?

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If you had to choose, would you rather have gone through a concentration camp or an atomic bomb blast during WWII? There is no certainty of life or death during either. You may die, you may not.

Which would you rather go through if you knew that neither would kill you? In this case, you would have to live with the aftereffects of one or the other.
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according to the US Constitution, No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President, does this mean that people born by c-section cannot be president?

Also, were you aware that the US Constitution does not ban zombies from being president?

we should petition congress to fix this y/y?
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So my friend has asked my opinion on a guy she wants to date. This guy has been head over heals in love with her/wanting to be with her for a few years at least now. She was always not so single. Now that she is, they are talking, hanging out ect. He wants to date, she wants to date him too but doesnt trust him. Yeah. 

See, 90% of his friends are FEMALE. about 80% of them he has had sex with/kissed/dated or some form of sexual contact with. He also is a compulsive heavly flirter.

Im worried he will continue on with these female friends (some of his ex's he still has sex with) or do something to hurt her with one of his friends. I want to tell her not to date him. (she asked my opinion)

What would you tell youre friend to do? Would you trust/want to be with someone who is like this, and someone who has been known to cheat in the past? Even if they claim they will *change* and wont do it to you?

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I've decided that Summer 08 is the summer I recapture some of my misspent youth.

What kinda things do you suggest? I have a few ideas but I just fancied some extra input.

Do you feel old?

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Which would you rather choose?

a) a career that interests you and offers a lot of mobility in the sense that jobs are pretty much always available somewhere in the country. This career option is also very stable and comfortable in the sense that almost every day is fairly the same.

b) a career that seems a bit more exciting than career choice A, but its market is very unpredictable. you'd only make tons of money if you became the head or started your own business. May have to work some weekends, and not as mobile in the sense that this career path is really only big in huge cities where the cost of living is high (NYC, LA)
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TQC, please advise:

Is it a fashion faux pas for a girl to wear men's board shorts not only at the beach, but in public on the way to said beach? I want to play in the waves and you'd have to kill me to get into any kind of women's swimwear. I find board shorts cute, but would people look at me strangely if I wore them?

Edit: I'm looking at women's board shorts, but they all seem to be way too small (you don't want to see that much of my thighs, srsly) or too form-fitting. I need baggy to be comfortable.

And yes, I'd have a top with it. Just a t-shirt.

Also, completely unrelated:

Your peanut butter - chunky or creamy? Or if you don't like peanut butter (yet are not allergic to peanuts), why not?

I like chunky, but it seems like my mom and I are the only people in the world. I also have an appreciation for creamy, though.

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Would you rather live:

In a place with a low cost of living, temperamental weather (extreme colds and hots), very little entertainment, but around most of your friends and family?


In a place with high cost of living, awesome weather (70-80 degrees and sunny mostly year round), tons of entertainment, but with only a few good acquaintances and no immediate family?

Batman <3


TQC there is a big spider that is stalking me. I've attempted to kill it twice but to no avail. If I spray it with hairspray next time will it die or will I just be giving it a neat hairdo?

Any spider killing tips? (hitting with a book is not an option since this spider seems to have ninja-like capabilities and jumps)
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What is one thing that seems like most TQC-ers enjoy, but that you do not find interesting at all?

Video games/online gaming

What is one thing that TQC-ers do that inspires you to do the same?

cook more!
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So ladies and gents, answer me this.

Collapse )

So let me ask, TQC, what kind of job do you think this guy has?

And why do you think he was carrying around five hundred dollars in twenties?

Serious answers appreciated, non-serious answers encouraged. :D

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Okay--a few months ago, I pledged to donate some money to the ASPCA each month. Unfortunately, I can no longer afford to do so, but I don't know how to cancel. I went online to their website, but I couldn't find any details. I even tried Googling it, but that didn't help either.

Has anyone managed to cancel from donating to the ASPCA? Could you tell me how to do it?

And for those who have never donated to the ASPCA, have you ever had similar troubles with another charity? Or even had trouble unsubscribing from an e-mail or mailing list?

I've been trying to unsubscribe from Amazon's e-mail list, but they won't stop sending me e-mails!

ETA: Okay, I figured it out. Apparently you can either:

1. Call 1-800-628-0028
2. E-mail
3. Write to: ASPCA Guardians Program
424 East 92nd Street, New York, NY 10128

Just in case any of you wanted to know.

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My grandma knitted (Well, crotched CROCHETED LOL) me a sweater! How cute, I know. Thing is, even though she took my measurements for it, it's pretty big on me and it's the kind of thing that needs to be a bit snug. It's, uh, made of yarn.

I'm afraid to damage it! D:

Should I just hand wash it and pop it in the dryer on a delicate cycle and hope it shrinks?!

Edit: I FAIL.

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What's a great name for a tough dog?

(I'm trying to name my idog. The poor thing is pink. My desk-buddy says I should name him Spike or Killer... but I'm looking for something more original. Any ideas?)
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My boyfriend and I are having a sort of stubborn stand-off to see who can go longer without demanding sex.

I'm seeing him tonight and, naturally, I want him to lose because I'm horny (though I won't admit it). What sorts of sexy things can one do/say to make their boyfriend absolutely miserable and, ultimately, cave into carnal desires (thus, resulting in amazing, pent-up frustration sex)?

Also, have you ever had angry sex before? If yes, how was it?
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The other day I was driving to work while being annoyed by all of the birds in my apartment complex. They shit all over my truck and I'm becoming more inclined to pay $15 more a month just to have a covered parking space, and I wouldn't be surprised if the apartment complex feeds the birds purposefully to encourage the extra money they make from their inexpensive one-time investment. So on the way to work one of them was in front of my truck on the road. I thought to myself after speeding up, "There are all these birds, and no matter how hard I hit the gas, I still never hit the bird."

Have you ever tried to run over a bird?
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I want/need to wear sunscreen and makeup on my face at the same time. Which should I put on first for the best results?

The person in the room next to me keeps having these marathon rock band sessions (I'm assuming it's rock band). He's the only one, and he keeps playing the drums. It's been going on for over an hour now. Last time it lasted four hours. And he was singing part of the time. Do I shoot him, or just keep playing baroque music really loud?

I ran across this drama mess some stupid teen romance many years ago: Girl meets guy some sort of pen pal thing. They start to hit off, and imply that they both want to date, but no promises are made. Then girl meets an old friend whom she hasn't seen in awhile, and they start to get involved. She goes "ohnoez, turmoil!" and proceeds to worry and not want either guy to find out. She is also putting off meeting Mr. PenPal. What would you do if you were her?
I think I would just tell Mr. PenPal I didn't want a relationship, and hope that things with Mr. OldFriend would just go back to normal. Then I seriously consider removing myself from the gene pool, because I obviously don't possess the common sense God gave kumquats.

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When you think of barbecue do you think of...

Pork or beef?

If you have had both, which do you prefer?

Where are you from?

A girl on my friends list was telling a foreigner to "get out of her state" in a Texas community for asking where to get pulled pork barbecue in Austin. I lol'd because she wouldn't accept that people outside of Texas generally think of pork as barbecue, not beef. Which is why I'm asking, of course, to see if my assumption (about other states) was correct.

Anyway, I like pork better, and I'm from Texas.


I notice that some people on their journals have a column of their tags at the side of their page.

I was wondering how do i get my tags on a column on the side?

I give my entries tags but they never show up in a column.

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I'm trying to understand phone contracts.
If a phone is £15 a month, but has 0 minutes, does that mean that I will be charged over the £15 for any calls I make?

A friend of mine is convinced that by trading in a 90's phone (it only takes and receives calls) she can get £100 cash back at the Carphone Warehouse.
Is this too good to be true?


So today I was hanging out with normal people who are not addicted to the internet. Out of fucking left field, one of them says, "Fuck, I lost the game." I replied, Goddammit, you fucker, now I lost.

How does internet meme cross into your daily life?

What's worse?

Which is worse?

Your SO (long, committed relationship) leaves you to start a relationship with someone else. (They haven't cheated)
Your SO (as above) leaves you because they just want to be single, and all that entails.

Feel free to impart further TQC wisdom/reasoning in the comments.
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A friendship question

This is something I need to clarify for my own sanity, because it's bothering me like nobody's business.

My best friend plays this videogame. It's an MMO on a server, so it's multiplayer. Now, this friend is ADAMANT that I not buy this game - even though it's out in public domain for anyone to buy and play - because he says it's "his private space" an he doesn't want me "interfering" with it.

This bothers me for two reasons. One, because it's a pretty dumb thing to tell someone they can't play something that's out there for everyone to enjoy. That's like banning your friends from playing DDR because it's YOUR workout routine, and nobody else can take that away. It's dumb and irrational.

The second reason his excuse bothers me is that he won't tell me WHY it's "his private space". I asked if he just didn't want me to catch him cybering or anything, and he said that wasn't it, so I have no freaking clue what huge secret he's got about that digital world that he can't allow any of his real life friends to join.

It makes it even more confusing when he sings praises about this game when we hang out, basically making me want to try it, but then he gets all snide and bitchy when I say I'm interested in playing it. The last time I asked him (nicely) to explain why he considered it "private", he called me a "pain" and acted like a total dick to me for the duration of the conversation. I have no idea what's going on.

Am I out of line for thinking his excuse is dumb and irrational? It's not like I'd be playing WITH him, I just want to try out the damn game. But he doesn't even want me to do that. Can anyone give me some plausible theories here? This is driving me batty.

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Cleaning a wig

Hey internet,

I bought a wig at a thrift shop the other day, but I don't want to put it on my head until I'm sure its clean.

Whats the best way to go about cleaning a short synthetic wig to make sure anything gross on it gets killed?

I got no idea how wigs work.

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I woke up this morning with some sort of bug bite IN my belly button.

Should I be worried about bed bugs or assume it was an ant or mosquito? I just can't imagine a mosquito getting in there.
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Crossword SOS

My girlfriend is doing a crossword on a train and texted me asking for a ten letter word meaning 'light canvas shoe'. It's got to be one word so tennis shoe is out. I want to appear super-smart but cannot for the life of me think what it is, so my quesion is:

What is a ten letter word meaning light canvas shoe?

EDIT: Answered! Thanks! She (theoretically) now considers me a genius! :)
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So my friends and I want to go to Chicago for Lollapalooza this summer. we've done this before, but with different friends who had family in the area so we had free lodging. But now! we don't.

So... what's a cheap way to survive three days in Chicago? Open to all suggestions, including playing like homeless people and staying in 24 hour diners.
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Do you think all books will eventually only be able to be read on a computer, that we'll live in a "paperless society"?

How would you feel about that?

I personally hate reading online journals (for uni). I much prefer it when they're printed out. Also, I hate the idea of reading a novel online. I love curling up with a book on my bed and to have no books, no paper would be really awful. Plus, books look nice on my shelf.


I'm Canadian and I'm doing some travelling through the US this summer.

I've got a couple of flights to book that require me changing planes, since I cannot get a direct flight.
Any idea on how long I should leave between each flight?

Some have me landing at noon but the next plane takes off at 12:45.. is that enough time or should I wait for a later flight?

Thanks for your help.
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If you were a killer in a major motion picture, what would be the music you'd want to play while you were engaging in your various murders?

Who's your favorite killer in movies?
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Where do you want to retire?

If you had 3 hours to indulge, but these were your only options, which would you choose?

Catch up on TV shows you've missed
Surf the web
Clean up

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What sounds better for dinner?

Steak Salad


Whole Grain Spaghetti with Meatballs?


This is a step towards eating better and a healthier solution to my normal everyday routine. If anyone can remember my previous posy about leaving someone that disgusted you, I told the guy to get off my back about it. I haven't talked to him all day.

I went with the salad!

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I've never had a facial before, and i have my first hour long one this weekend. First of all... how does one wash your face for an HOUR? Second of all, can i wear makeup there? or should i not wear makeup at all? 


Where is the best place to buy a 20" or 22" bike for a 24 yr old woman who is only 4' 10?  The few bikes I have found look like little kid bikes! :(
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Do you prefer sleeping alone or with another person?

Do you thrash in your sleep? Snore? Talk?

Will you tell me your favorite sleep-talking story?

Are you a tummy, side, or back sleeper?

Strange thing for me is I like sleeping with someone, but I thrash a lot so people hate sleeping with me. I also do this thing where I'll cuddle, then I'll push, then I'll cuddle, then I'll push again. But I swear my boyfriend is magical, because I'll go to sleep on his chest and I won't move the whole night.

Edit, I forgot my story. I was in New York, and I had to share a bed with my little sister. We were taking a nap, and I woke up before she did. As I was lying in bed, looking at the ceiling, she smacked me in the face. I sat up and was all, "WTF?" but then she started singing "I'm a Little Teapot."

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My google-fu skills are failing me today. I am looking for an article where parents don't want thier kids reading Lord Byron because thier kids like the aesthetic of the Bronic hero. Can you help me find it?

How many hours of sleep do you get every night? Is that ideal to you? Do you want more? Are there not enough hours in the day?

Hey TQC!

I donated plasma and got a tetanus shot today. They gave me an extra $5 for getting the shot, but my arm feels like someone hit it with a sledgehammer haha.

Did you do anything interesting today? What was it?
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Approximately how many books do you read in a year?


What's your favourite book you've read this year?

Or, if you're like me and obsessively keep track so you can be like the cool kids in 50bookchallenge, feel free to tell me exactly how many you've read and link me to your list. (I like reading other people's book lists.) I'm currently on my 28th book of the year. My goal last year was 50 and I read 67, so my goal this year is 60, but I'm secretly hoping to pass 75.
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Don't surf boards get slippery?
How does anyone manage to stay on them without slipping?

Do you think if I called McDonald's and offered to pay a delivery fee, someone would bring me a milkshake?
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So I'm going on a trip next month, and I want to make as much extra money as possible.

So, TQC, how can I make money in the next month?

I have a job, but no car, and I don't really have much of anything to sell.