May 12th, 2008


do you hold grudges? how easily do you forgive people?

tell me a story about someone who did something that hurt you or someone you know... that was worth you holding a grudge.

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Do you have any personal crepe recipes that you will share with me?  (Not just links to online ones but really good ones, unless your link is really good.)

What number are you thinking of?

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This may sound morbid and I do apologise.

I know my  Mum doesn't have many years left so I'm taking as many photographs as I can and remebering as much as possible but I want some video.

If you could record anyone close to you doing anything what would it be?

What do you recomment I record just incsae?

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Do you have a hard time falling asleep on Sunday nights?

Ever since Elementary school, I've gotten probably half of the sleep that I usually get. I think I slept all of two hours last night and now I'm exhausted and have two finals and a job interview today

Are you hungry as soon as you wake up or does it take some time before you can eat breakfast without feeling sick?

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The inside of my right ear is all swollen and painful. Does this mean that spiders are gonna hatch and eat my brain soon?

ETA: Also, why the hell does my aunt want me to try out for ANTM so damn badly?
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If you eat something that is not traditionally a breakfast food as your first meal of the day, do you still call that breakfast?

When you drink tea, do you lift your pinky finger in the air?

For those who drink beer, do you drink it from the bottle/can or from a glass?

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At what point do you consider yourself sick enough to call out of work or ask to go home early?

Does it make a difference if you're not actively puking or contagious?

I dragged my butt out of bed after weathering an awful night with a stomach bug, because being a wage employee it's hard to lose that day's worth of pay. But now sitting at my desk with a blanket and some weak tea, even though I'm not barfing anymore I'm absolutely miserable. What do I do, internets?

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Has anyone else noticed how in that Silk commercial with the woman getting all her book club friends to try it, one of them calls it "milk-plus"? I started laughing like an idiot, and my husband didn't get it.

Do you know what "milk-plus" is?

Mm, technology

So we're getting a MacBook Pro in a few days. My fiance is planning on using it mostly for music stuff (He uses Sibelius and Logic) but we're new to Mac - what's new, hot and happenin' that we should get or do with it or whatever? Tweaks, fun stuff, etc?

Also, I used to really enjoy using photoshop back in the day and I'd like to get back into computerized graphic tinkering and such - what program is good these days?

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I'm going to cry. I got my period last night and woke up this morning in an unbelievable amount of pain. I had a temperature of 102, was having hot flashes and now I'm freezing. I had two finals today, one that I tried to go to and ended up running out of to go puke and one I just rescheduled. Only reason I'm able to even type now is because the pain is very slightly less than it was 30 minutes ago but I can tell it's coming back.

I tried midol but that never works and I started BC yesterday in hopes of making my periods less painful. But this is unbearable. I want to finish this up because I think I'm going to die in a minute. So my question is:

Do you think if I went to a doctor (first care clinic place) they would be able to give me anything, anything at all, to help with this? I cannot take it anymore. I'm about to cry, seriously, and I never cry from physical pain.

I must go die now.

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Do the freetards (those at the extreme and wacko end of the childfree spectrum, for those unfamiliar with the term) celebrate Mother's and Father's day with/for their parents? Or do they shun and berate them for being moos and stupid breeders?

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During the week, one of my coworkers always comes into the office really late, like at 10:00 or 10:30 am.  This is because she often works late and is tired, and we all respect that.  But she comes in the same time on Monday, without the working late excuse.  Is she out late partying?  Does she have another secret job Sunday nights?  Why does my coworker come in so late on Mondays?
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Since this is apparently debatable... (see

Is Kentucky a part of the South? 
--Southeastern United States, to be clear.

Also, what do you count as the South? 

Personally, I don´t include Texas or Miami, but I do include Virginia and West Virginia and Kentucky. 
Apparently some people go by who seceded and who didn´t, some go by geography (which would include Miami), and I go by accents. 
Some people in Kentucky apparently identify as mid-western.  Now I´m all confuzzled. 

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Would it be acceptable to wear my fuzzy bathrobe to class today?
It's a long one, so my bits would not be hanging out. I can't seem to get myself dressed today as my robe is 216546845 times more comfy than anything else I own.

If that fails, will I get odd looks taking a queen sized down comforter to class with me?

ETA: guys, I was totally kidding when I wrote the post. I was dressed by the time the question was written, I was just sad because my robe was way comfier than my standard jeans & T shirt.

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1. What is your favorite SoBe drink?

(I am currently torn between Black and Blue Berry Brew and Lizard Lava.)

2. Do ticks ever go out of season?

(I went on a two mile run through the woods the other day, and when I got home I had to destroy eight ticks. It was very traumatic, but I much more enjoyed running in the woods than on the curvy, broken asphalt roads with no sidewalks we have here.)

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Last night I took my dogs out for their walk. The dog area is this fenced-in area with trees/grass. Well, at one point I has to walk through the grass/trees to get my dog who wouldn't listen to me to come back. So I get upstairs, sit down, glance down at my hair and THERE IS A TICK CRAWLING IN MY HAIR.
I wanted to DIE.

When was the last time you had an OMG I WANT TO DIE freak-out?
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Have you ever had athlete's foot?
If so, how did you treat it?

I'm a bit traumatized because I'm pretty sure I have it between two of my toes. I always thought it was something only gross, sweaty guys got.

Fun Places to Eat in Vegas

As my friend's Best Man, I have the great honor of planning his bachelor party. I'm trying to find a good place to eat dinner. By "good", I mean a fun place, with good food, where we won't be given harsh looks for being a little loud. Not belligerent, but not quiet.

I had Benihana's in mind, but we've been there many times and while it would meet all the requirements for dinner, I was hoping to find something new. There will be 7 of us in total, FWIW.

Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?

Texture books

My daughter really likes the 'touch and feel' type books when we look at books in stores. But I am picky about books, and I can't find any that I really like! I just want books that have a variety of textures, but I want them to be decently accurate. For example, I don't like when there's a pig or dolphin and the texture is a piece of foamy stuff. Pigs are not made out of foam!

What texture books should I get?

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Have you ever jumped off a bridge of cliff?
If you have how high off the ground was it?
If you haven't would you consider doing so?
For those of you who have Zunes: Does it piss you off when albums that you want are shown in the marketplace but unavailable?

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For those of you who work in an office environment:

When a fire alarm goes off, do employees at your work generally look to other co-workers to see if they should evacuate or do they leave the building immediately?

And for those of you who have been in that kind of a setting when the fire alarm went off, did you grab your handbag/coat or did you just head outside as quickly as possible?

A fire alarm just went off in my building and literally no one budged because they were all looking to other people to make the call of whether they should stay or go. I tried to get my department to go and when they wouldn't, I left. Turns out all of the other floors were already evacuating.
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Hair help

So, in an effort to rediscover my natural hair color, I dyed my hair a bit darker back in December and have been pleased with my hair's return to its naturalness. However, the ends of my hair are too blond for my liking, and I'm wondering how to get rid of the blondness. Should I look for lowlights (which seem to be pretty rare at my local drugstores and chains), buy hair dye that matches my roots and just apply to the ends, or suck it up and let my hair continue growing out? I don't want to cut my hair more than a trim because I am growing it out (and it grows oh so slowly).


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What's the last hobby or effort or trend you got intensely in to, bought all of the paraphernalia, and spent a lot of time on, only to abandon it completely after a comparatively short while?

Inversely, what's the hobby or collection or something that you've stuck with for a very long time?
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Will you give me a good office job close to where I live? All the advertisements are for the other side of town.

The Australian version of GTA IS censored. I am going to order off play asia..have you ordered with them before?
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I am constantly tired even though I get a fair amount of sleep.

I get stomach aches in the morning.

I get lightheaded and slightly dizzy in the morning. 

These symptoms disappear if I sleep for three hours, but I obv. can't do that every day.

I end up falling asleep in usually two classes per day.

I get sick about every two weeks.


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What's a good (re: appropriate) outfit to wear to a death/doom metal show but still look girly and flirty?  I love the band (they're from another country, and I am excited to see them!) and want to look appropriate, but I'm bringing my boyfriend and my usual metal show "Crappy torn jeans + ye olden large shirt" isn't the mood I want to go for.
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For the monetarily challenged:

How do you deal with telling friends/family that you can't do something or go somewhere with them because of lack of money?

I always feel guilty as hell and like I'm copping out, but really I can't afford it. :(
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I just heated up some leftover (super tasty) steak in the microwave in its styrofoam take out box. The box totally warped, the meat went from rare to near well done and it doesn't smell that great - all in 1.5 minutes. I do have other food options, but this was super tasty the first time.

Poll #1186695 To eat the meat?

Should I eat it?

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Have you ever had canned water?
Where could I buy canned water?

Have you seen Death At A Funeral? Thoughts?
Have you seen The Darjeeling Limited? Thoughts?

What movie should I see next?

Should I drive three hours to see the Ringling Bros circus in June? Or should I just save the money and get lots of ride tickets to the state fair in October?

We are going to Savannah GA to visit friends in September. They'll have a 5 month old baby. Will the weather still be really hot or should it be more mild? What is there to do in Savannah? I was thinking Ghost Tours or something. Should I bring a recorder and try to pick up some EVPs?
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Why is TQC more helpful than my "relevant" communities? (I mean, other than the fact that y'all rock, of course.)

What do you do to calm your nerves? I'm a big ball of stress right now. It has to be appropriate for a high school setting, you dirty, dirty souls. ;-)

Gym Fees

My fiance is rather impulsive. A few months ago, he decided he wanted to start working out, "for real." So he signed up for a gym membership. He went religiously for three weeks, and has not been back since.

However, this gym doesn't have a month-to-month payment plan. You sign up for a year, or you're SOL. So he signed the year contract. With this is the authorization to withdraw the fees directly from our bank account. I HATE HATE HATE auto-pay. I despise it. I wouldn't be opposed to mailing a check in every month on the 15th. Even if he's not going, just because we're obligated. But I canNOT believe he authorized auto-pay without even so much as calling to ask if that was fine. Hindsight and all...

Anyway, how would you handle this? He "works out" other ways. He's in two softball leagues (one male-only, one co-ed), and he practices two nights a week, plays two nights a week, and every couple of weeks, is involved in a tournament. It's not like he really even has time to work out. But we're obligated to pay this fee for the next 8 months or so.

What are some ways to handle this? I mean, aside from killing him?

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For those of you that are at work right this second. GUESS WHAT? Your boss decided to see just what all you've been looking at on the internet today.

What does he/she find?

I just googled 'fake breasts'. :p

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For people who prefer the same sex, and were out to their parents at a young age...

How did your parents deal with sleepovers? Were you still allowed to stay overnight alone with someone of the same gender?

Sorry if this is an ignorant question, but it's just something I found interesting. My mom wouldn't have let me stay over a guy's house at 14 or 15, so I'm curious how parents deal with that situation. My friend Mike's parents stuck to the same deal even after he came out to them; sleepovers with guys were fine but staying alone at girls' houses was a big no. Odd.
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What is the lowest amount of money you could receive now and be happy for at least six months?

Favorite restaurant and what type of food does it serve?
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What's the difference between a touristy picture, and a non-touristy picture?

I've been asked to take pictures of Toronto, but not touristy ones (you know who you are ;P) so I thought I would ask you wonderful creatures what you think the difference is.

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if i am driving from detroit to cave city, kentucky to stay in a wigwam hotel, with a stop in louisville on the way, where should i go and what should i see?

eta: and where should i eat?!

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I took my cousin with me grocery shopping this morning. We saw this cookie in the bakery, and I made him take a photo with his phone:

Collapse )

Does that strike anyone else as a Cannibal Cookie Monster?

Should I go back and buy one, and set up a horror scene of devoured cookie-people with the one Cookie Monster with cookie in his mouth standing over all of them?

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Have you ever been rewarded for something you really didn't do?

What is your favorite kind of sauce(s)?

Do you still have any of your toys from childhood?

Salt OR Pepper OR Both?

If you could buy a piece of art from any artist,who would it be and why?

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Why does my dog insist on barking and growling like he is going to eat someone every time he sees a person on a bicycle or motorcycle, yet he doesn't bark when someone comes to the door? Worst watchdog ever, y/y?

I'm heating up mashed potatoes. Want some?

I'm going to put barbeque chips in said potatoes. Do you still want some?
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If I eat when I am only a little hungry will I be less hungry longer than if I waited until I was really hungry to eat?  Or does it not matter?

A couple weeks ago there was a really loud kid at the restaurant I work at.  One table politely asked the kid's mother to ask them to speak quieter, and after like the third or fourth time the mother said "that is just the way he talks" and the other people told them "then they must be as stupid as you."  How would you react if a complete stranger called you and your loud kid stupid?


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How many hours of sleep do you usually get in a night?
(about 6 for me)

How many hours would you like to sleep a night?
(at least 10, haha)

Do you take naps?
(only if I had very little/no sleep the night before)

Are you a morning or night person?
(night, like whoa)

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Have you ever had an experience with something supernatural?

Please share stories with me!

This can be anything from ghosts, superstitions, aliens, your mom, etc.

IDC, i just want to hear some good stories!
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1. what's with (the increase in) natural disasters, and all the people dying. what is mother nature trying to tell us?
2. do you think it's silly when someone says: "you better eat all your food, cause there are people who don't have any"? (because whether or not you eat all, that does not mean that people who don't have would be getting it).
3. are you really into watching news? i don't mean like watching the evening news everyday, but like constantly watching news channels and surfing the net for news...
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Can  you sneeze when you are sleeping?

What is the grossest/funniest sneezing story you have?

When I was in 3rd grade I was riding the bus home from school and the ~love of my life~ sat on the bus in front of me and was talking to me. I started sneezing and on the last sneeze I snotted all over the place, including my shirt and my hands. He never sat by me again and we were no longer friends. :(
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Hey TQC,
I wear hearing aids, am considered severely deaf, and I have proficient paperwork, and audiology evualations documenting most everything for about the past 12-10 years. I'm considered a dependent of my parents (ugh), I'm 20, and I'm not a student otherwise. Can I get social security, disability status, or state health insurance? I live in NY.
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This is so bad, but I'm applying for a job at Harper's Bazaar but the person's name I'm sending the resume/cover letter to is Yuki James. Please, is that a girl or a guy? I've googled this for the past 20 minutes and no success?

EDIT I FUCKED UP AND SENT THE WRONG FILE TO HIM. IT SAYS SHE. Do i write another letter or hope that he doesn't look at the cover letter so closely? Or just kiss my opportunity of getting a job good bye?
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Seen any amusing mistakes in work documents or correspondence lately??

I got an email where someone apologized for the 'incontinence' when they meant inconvenience. I loled.
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Do you trust your gut/intuition?

If you remember my last post, regarding the application, turns out it was a guy. And, I originally thought it was a guy, but didn't trust myself. And I addressed it to a she. FAIL.
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I have a question....

If your unemployed how do you pay your bills, put gas in your car, or do anything for that matter?
what are you living off of?

I'm working a job thats about 30 hours a week and its still tough I need full time every week to make it

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I've been considering buying a new flat iron for a while. I have a crap conair one that I've had for years and it doesn't work very well.

I have really thick, wavy hair and the weather where I live is usually at least 50% humidity when it's warm out. 10 minutes outside and my hair goes all curly after straightening D:

I'm cosidering this guy because... no blowdrying or waiting an hour for my hair to dry by itself!?!? I'm there! It's just so fucking expensive. :/

What flat iron would you recommend?

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How should I tell my landlord that I made a hole in the ceiling of my flat?! The whole light thing has been pulled out and it pulled a circle of ceiling out with it, now the light is like hanging down out of this huge hole. My house is quite old, so I'm a bit scared for the rest of the ceiling now.

I personally think we should just get someone in to put it back together, but my boyfriend says I better tell the owner (they live below by the way) before they find out some other way. My boyfriend did something with the electrics so they haven't like died or anything. I'm scared of the guy, he really hates me! I don't know how to approach the subject with him without making it worse! What should I do?

College graduation....

So....I'm supposed to graduate on Friday...

Should I go through the whole ceremony bullshit, or just say to hell with it?

Everyone keeps telling me that its a special experience and I'll regret not doing it blah blah blah.

Eh. I hate sitting through crap like that. I didn't want to sit through my high school graduation, but I did it to make my grandparents happy.
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1) I know they have devices to make the band on a bra there anything short of tailoring that I can do to make my bra smaller? I have it on the innermost hooks and everything. I'm assuming no and that I'll just need to get new bras, but I'll ask anyway just in case.

2) I'm going to do some baking this week. What can I bake you?

3) Will you tell us your middle name please? Also, could you tell us any religious names(such as a confirmation name for Catholics) you may have? My middle name is Michelle and my confirmation name is Victoria.

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1. i recently got a kitten. right now, she's about 7 or 8 weeks old. i've owned cats all my life, but i've never had a kitten before. obviously, she loves to play and i love playing with her too. but within the past couple of days, her nipping has turned to painful biting. she doesn't break the skin or anything, but it's still a bit too hard. when she's in her playful mood and begins to bite my hand too hard, i say her name sternly and then say: NO. when i pull my hand away, she just goes after it again. finally, after about 5 or 6 times in a row of doing this, she retreated. how can i get her to learn? what has been the most effective way in your experience of teaching a kitten the difference between playful and painful?

2. what do you like in your macaroni salad? i went to a restaurant a couple weeks ago and had some with small chunks of pineapple in it. it was so good!

3. what's the best deal you've ever gotten at a yard sale, estate sale, flea market or thrift shop? i recently got a leather purse that i loooove for only $3 at a sale.
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Anyone know what kind of places you can work at when you have unnatural-colored hair?

Also, if you're up for giving heavy advice- my mom's an artistic person. She used to love to draw and paint but she hasn't for years. I talked to her about it the other day and it sounds like she still wants to get into it but she feels pressure and frustration when she thinks about doing it. She says it makes her think of her school days when she had to do a certain thing and have it in by a certain time, etc. I asked her if I could help her get into that stuff again and she said sure. So she's open to it! But I don't know how to get her into it again and to help her not feel frustration and to help her discover herself through art, maybe, and to open up through her art. She says she doesn't know what styles she wants to do, what kind of painting she wants to do, how to do it...I'd try a class but I want to avoid the "pressure/deadlines" that knocked her out of it. I don't know what kind of advice I expect to find here, but anything would be appreciated. =3

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 what is better for an on-the-market house's general appeal - wood or carpet?

We're definitely doing wood on our middle level (as mentioned in our earlier post) because all that's on that level is the kitchen, a foyer, and a dining room (all of this is on a "Balcony" that overlooks the bottom level - we're in a townhouse)

All that's in the BOTTOM level is a family room. Do you think that a family room NEEDS to be carpeted or could we do wood in the bottom level as well without making our house unsellable? 

We're looking to sell the house in two years, and the carpet has been ruined by piss from special-needs dogs. We no longer have special-needs dogs, and the floors DESPERATELY need to be replaced, but we'd rather not do carpet when we're not selling for a few more years and do have a saint bernard, who's large and tends to track mud in the house.
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(no subject)

Does it bother you when people ask for advice, but don't respond to any or most of the comments?

What does your ass say about you?

If you wear glasses, what is your prescription?
(Mine: -1.75 left, -1.50 right)
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grammar help! sorry guys.

Or I could do a phone interview tomorrow if sooner is better.

Is this sentence grammatically correct?

And a real question, are you more like your mom or your dad or even your sibling?

(no subject)

Is  there one LJ courtesy that you follow to a T and hate when other people don't?

Like, I personally hate it when people don't credit their icons.

Do you enjoy analyzing things like song lyrics?

I just read a very interesting annotated version of "American Pie". I love learning about cultural things like that.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how self-conscious are you about farting in public?

(no subject)

Last night, I responded to an ad regarding an internship position. When I checked my cell phone for the first time today at around 1pm, I noticed that I had a new voice message. It was the owner of the company that had advertised the position. He said he wanted to set up an interview, and asked me to call him back today. I returned his call around 2, and his secretary said that he was in a meeting. She took down my name and number.

It's now 5:30, and still no call from him. If I don't hear from him today, would it be appropriate to give him a call tomorrow afternoon (given that I still hadn't heard from him) to verify that he did indeed receive a message that I had called?

I just really want this internship!
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In honor of my laptop acting like a tempermental teenager and needing to be completely restored...

1. What is your favorite web browser to use?
2. What is your favorite instant messaging program?
3. What virus/spyware removal programs do you use on your computer?
4. When you get a new computer, what programs do you need to put on right away?
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Do you get butthurt or offended at all if some one hates something you're a fan of?

If some one were to post in their blog and wrote an unflattering review of a book you like that reads like a 12-year-old fangirl wrote it, would you comment on it and kri kri kri about it?

Or would you read people getting all offended/upset and LOL a whole lot?

Have you ever offended some one by hating something they liked? Stories pls.
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How's the weather? (it's rained here EVERY Sunday the past few weeks and it seems to have fallen into Monday this week with the tornado warnings and whatnot)

What's your favorite way to warm up/relax when the weather's all cold and miserable?

(no subject)

Working in a doctor's office has made me mildly terrified of seeing a doctor. 

Edit, again:  The mild terror comes from the fact that I've realized there's some competence issues when dealing with just about anyone in a medical office who isn't the doctor.  I consider myself only mildly incompetent.

How does that make you feel about your doctor now?

Have you ever had a similar situation?

Edit:  Are you in massive brain fart mode?  I don't want to feel alone in the fact that I can't seem to construct a sentence right now. 
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Are there any celebrities that you consider "average-looking" but love all the same? Edit: Who?

How many hours of sleep did you get last night? When did you go to bed?

If you could have an unlimited supply of any flavor ice cream, which flavor would you choose?

(no subject)

I ask this because I am a tiny bit confused.

So, people take benadryl for kicks because of the ingredient Diphenhydramine.

Taking an excess amount of it for recreational reasons, wouldn't it just make you extra sleepy? I can't get my head round it!

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Tell me a story about your fucked up family tqc.


I have a really creepy great uncle (Uncle Bud) who molested all of his kids (two girls, one boy). He never got in any trouble for it, but my my aunt and uncle (both of who work in law) swear that he did it. When my aunt (the one in law) was a kid, she stayed at UNCLE BUD'S house and slept downstairs with UNCLE BUD'S kids. They started talking about "daddy's liquor cabinet' and how 'daddy' liked to come down and get them liquored up. One of the girls was like, I'M DADDY'S FAVORITE, and the all started arguing about who 'daddy' liked the most. After that was settled one of the kids said MAYBE DADDY WILL COME DOWN TONIGHT. Apparantly my Aunt was scared shitless.

Also: One of the people in the Magic: The Gathering community I'm a part of just got mad of me for making fun of people who play Magic (I joked about how they couldn't figure out where to put their penis). Am I an asshole or is he just a dumb MTG player?
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Are you too cool for potty jokes?

What's your favorite type of humor?

Lewis Black or Carlos Mencia?

edit: Should I have made the third question harder? ie, Mencia or Dane Cook?

(no subject)

Would you be offended if you were watching a sitcom at 6pm (on one of the free to air channels) that mentioned sex and threesomes? Channel Ten tonight cut out direct references to that in Friends (The One That Could Have Been, Part 2), which I think is freaking messed up. I've never noticed them cutting stuff before at that time (especially from Friends). Maybe they just had their prude panties on tonight.

What colour M&M would you be?

(no subject)

Has anyone here been to Budapest?

I'll be there for a few days next week, and I had two questions.

Is there anything I have to do? We're going to the Opera one night, but there's no plans aside from that.

Could you give me an indication of how much stuff costs? I know the exchange rate, but that doesn't help that much because I don't know what X foint can buy me... So, like, how much is a Snickers, or (probably more importantly) a pint? Just so I can try and figure it out from there


Oh my God you guys what if we reproduced asexually?

Also: how do people drive drunk or high ever? I will be totally alert and sober and it will still take every ounce of my energy to focus on all the things I need to focus on. Whenever I finish driving I feel like I'm going to pass out. Will it stop being like this? I only started driving, like, a week ago.
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Partially inspired by this question.

Has anyone had experience seeing a doctor for chronic headaches? I get headaches frequently, with at least 2 a week stopping me from doing things I want/need to do. I try to avoid taking painkillers unless they are really bad, or else I would be taking them all the time. It's been this way my whole life but seems to have gotten worse lately.

So has anyone had any success trying to get them treated or do I just need to suck it up?


Your hands are torn off in a terrible accident. the doctor says you can replace them with anything you want, so long as it isn't human hands. what would you choose? yes, each hand can be different, no you can't have bloody stumps.

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What is something that pisses you off to no end?

Me: When my car passenger is telling me how/where to drive - where to turn, etc. Especially in my OWN NEIGHBORHOOD.

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1)I'm looking for stationary that is letter paper that folds into an envelope. I used to have some, but I have no idea what it's called and am having no luck on google or in any stores. What should should I be looking for? Any ideas where I could find some for sale?

2)What color/pattern are your sheets? Do you prefer knit or woven sheets? Do you think thread count matters?

3)What would be your ideal pizza? (crust, toppings etc)

4)For those of you that have lost/gained a significant amount of weight- did your shoe size change?

5)What is your favorite site to buy funny/unique t-shirts (besides Threadless)?

6)Do you collect anything? What do you collect? Do you collect for money or for fun?

7) What is the most annoying/offensive/wtf ad you've ever seen on tv?
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What's the appropriate way to ask a potential employer if they've made a decision regarding your employment? It is about a week past when they said they'd get back to you by.
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Ew. Ew ew ew.

I have ringworm. Just one little spot right now. How'd I get it?

Have you ever had ringworm? How'd you get rid of it?
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