May 11th, 2008

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Kind of ranty, kind of advicey

How do you go about telling somebody that they're being too pushy? Namely, a parent?

Long story short, I was planning a simple reception to celebrate my upcoming wedding; I had a cute cocktail dress all lined up, but my mother decided that it wasn't formal enough. So now, I have an actual wedding dress hanging in my closet. It's a simple one, but it's still a wedding dress. I had planned on getting a small 3-tiered white cake, nothing fancy. Instead, now there's this monstrous hunk of pastry in the works, decked out with flowers and lace and god knows what else. There are personalized cake knives and servers, centerpieces, engraved champagne flutes, and about 350 guests.

I know she just wants to make it special for me, but she's driving me insane. She's calling me at least twice a day with ideas/suggestions/notices, on my cell phone and work phone. She's paying for everything as well; I feel bad when I get frustrated because of it.

TQC, how can I rein in my mother? This is out of control.

Prescription overkill?

Have you ever felt like your Doctor either over prescribed you pain meds or prescribed them when you didn't need them? Recently I was an Inpatient at a Hospital for a mass in my stomach but my Doctor kept insisting pain meds when I really didn't need them. I refused pain meds the entire time I was at the Hospital but when I was discharged he wrote me a prescription for 60 Vicodin with a refill. I never even indicated that I wanted or needed pain meds, the pain was not that bad for me. Do you think this could be a reason why so many people become dependant on medications?

- Who is to blame for such a high rate of presciption drug addiction in America, Doctors? or Patients?  
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(no subject)

I just deleted my MySpace and have no need for a MySpace toolbar anymore. Now my Firefox browser looks a little naked. Can you recommend a useful toolbar to put in its place?

PS: Who else is watching Stephen Colbert on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

(no subject)

how did i love Speed Racer if i hated the cartoon?

did anyone else see it and think it was awesome?

SPEAKING OF and it being late, did you watch Cartoon Network late at night? what did you watch?

i hated Gumby and Speed Racer and stuff but i loved the Jetsons and Two Stupid Dogs with Secret Squirrel. although now that i'm thinking about it Two Stupid Dogs may have been on during the day.

(no subject)

Your partner has had too much to drink. Way too much. He/she's completely smashed. You're at the point in your relationship where you've decided that you can have sex while one of you is drunk, as long as the drunk half gives the okay. Unfortunately, all that alcohol's not agreeing with your partner, and while he/she's giving you head he/she throws up all over your vulva/penis. What do you do?


I think I'd decide sex tonight might not be a good idea, and think twice next time.

And spend about an hour in the shower, after making sure my partner's okay.

(no subject)

Well I didn't go to a party last night because I had to work in the morning. I hate having a hourly job but this one is ok just in the sense that I have a fixed time to come in all week. Well I'm all tired as piss this morning and go into work, turns out they changed my shit without telling me and I had to work the evening shift instead... fuck!

long story short I worked, it sucked, i missed being able to see my girl and stealing some cars (family repo business) all because some dick head changed my shit without telling me. So I came home had a 24oz can of Miller High Life and smoked a few bowls, I feel better now, a bit, from my day that turned out not as sweet as I had planed. Booze and pot help for me, how about you? What do you do after a hard days work, or just a day gone allll wrong?

tl;dr - What do you do to wind down from a stressful day at work
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(no subject)

Do you believe a 12-year-old child has the mental faculty to consent to sex, and to fully understand the possible long term consequences of those actions? Why or why not?

Do you believe a 12-year-old child has the mental faculty to consent to or deny medical or mental therapies, and to fully understand the possible long term consequences of their choices? Why or why not?

If your answer was 'yes' for one and 'no' for the other, why do you feel they are mentally capable of consenting to one and not the other?

(no subject)

What are some of your favorite quotes?
Ones about just being happy with who you are?
Ones about just taking a chance instead of being afraid of everything/what others think/etc?

How would you cut a small hole in a coin?

(no subject)

What are the chances of me being sent home early from work later today? They sent me home last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but not Friday. Tomorrow is considered a slow day and another person will be in at 11.

In the mean time, what should I do to keep myself awake for the next five hours? Non-serious answers only plz.

(no subject)

So I am finally moving out of my house. But it is 30 miles away and on an island so getting back over here for work would be a fun, fun time. Also, I get like no hours at my work.
I work at Petco.
There is a Petco close to where I am moving to, like on the island.
I have never done this, but I want to transfer. To be honest this is really my first job. Like stuck job. All the other jobs were dead ends but Petco is easy for me to do, and I enjoy the work well enough.
However, I have worked at Petco for a year now. I am a Small Animal Specialist. But I never received that raise. I am still a lowly sales associate.
What are the chances that while I transfer I get a raise in money/position/hours?
As I have said before I need to make around 1,000 - 1,200 dollars every month. I currently manage 300 dollars if I get worked a lot that month. So I really need more hours than I am getting.
My current pay is 8.50, but I am due for a raise in my review which is coming up soon as I have been there a year, and I should have my small animal specialist raise. This should get me to 9.00 - 9.25 an hour. If I could get a full work week I would have enough money there. But if I got raised to team lead, I could be making like 10 an hour which I wouldn't have to work quite as many hours, but I might still with such a higher position so cool for extra money.
So, how do I transfer? Do I go to the manager where I want to transfer to? Or do I go to my boss? How do I go about trying to get a raise in money/position/hours?

TLDR version:
Need to transfer job, want better pay, how I do this?
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What is the last book you bought?

What is on your book wish list?

I want this one "How to Make Love and Dinner at the Same Time: 200 Slow Cooker Recipes to Heat Up the Bedroom Instead of the Kitchen" just because of the title.
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(no subject)

TQC, where are my black workout shorts? (serious business, I will probably throw a tantrum about it if I don't find them soon)

One of my sorority sisters is having a baby. What's the most hilarious and horrifying thing you've heard today?

Is the only proper revenge for a drunk dial from my best friend a "sober dial" to remind him what he's done sometime before 8 am his time? (This was a drunk dial after receiving a text saying "on drunk dials, please. I love you, sleep well." My predictive text decided "on" was more appropriate than "no")

(no subject)

Are you familiar with the Bobby McFerrin song "Don't Worry, Be Happy"?

What song reminds you of your childhood? What year were you born?

Yes, obv or I wouldnt be asking.
That one! I used to sing it with my mom when I was really little. 1984

(no subject)

Do you ever have a prickly feeling in your gut? Like a bunch of large needles are trying to poke their way out from the inside?

I felt like that pretty much all day yesterday, and although it doesn't seem quite as bad today, I now also feel nauseated.

Any ideas on what it might be?
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(no subject)

Ugh, why do job announcements always ask prospective employees to include salary requirements when applying? I mean, I understand why, but it's still stupid. Who's with me?
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connecting flights and magazines

1. My flight from Newark is supposed to arrive at Dallas at 8:50 AM. My connecting flight is at 9:30AM. What are the chances I'll make it? Am I going to have to run to the gate? I really hate running to the gate. Newark really sucks, and I believe Dallas is rather large. Plus we are towards the middle/back of the plane and people take forever to get their shit and get off. Basically I'm really worried about missing it. Today the flight arrived at 8:56, and yesterday it arrived at 8:52. But is arrival time based on when they arrive at the gate, or when they land? It's American Airlines, and it's this Tuesday if it matters.

2. What current issues of magazines are particularly interesting/entertaining/worth reading?
Halloween 2008

Driving songs?

EDIT: Sorry I forgot to make it into a question. It's been a long week and my head wasn't on straight this morning.

I'm making a cd for my boyfriend with the theme of driving to see one another. (He drives an 18 wheeler for a living)

Does anyone have any suggestions for songs along the line of Old Crow's "Wagon Wheel" and the like?

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Question for you photographers

I'm getting ready to buy a new digital camera and can't decide what to get.  I've always been partial to the Canon Powershot, but I want your opinion. Is there a better camera out there for about the same price? I'll have around $200 to spend. I like to think of myself as a seasoned amature, so I don't need a camera that does all the work for me . Thank you!
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(no subject)

I'm having a dilemma. Obviously, it's Mother's Day. I sent my mom a card, but I am trying to decide if I should go see her. My parents live about 10 minutes from me.

But my mom and dad and I are currently somewhat at odds over a few things, basically, they are trying to tell me what to do with my life and I don't appreciate it.

Should I go see my parents?

(no subject)

Does anyone remember that bit from the Simpsons where Homer is singing about something stupid, to the tune of James Bond-esque music and the last line is "But you mustn't touuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhh..." and he fades out? What was he singing about? What was the rest of the song?

ETA: Collapse )

Whats your favorite breakfast?

Dogs questions ....

My dog doesn't have fur in a couple spots (his ears and above his nose). When I take him out in the sun, should I put sunscreen on him in these areas or am I being silly?

I have my dog on a schedule of taking him out to go to the bathroom. He goes out for about 20 minutes. He always goes to the bathroom within a couple minutes of coming inside. He does this after we go for a walk too (he waits until we are inside, after being outside for over one hour). I have tried taking him back out after he has gone inside a minute, but no such luck. What are some suggestions?
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Poor puppy

At what point in your pet's life would you consider putting them down?

If your *17 year old* dog could not walk, had dementia, massive bed sores and was taking 10+ different meds a day, would you euthanize him?
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TQC, I just made a Collapse )

It has broccoli, tomato, onion, mushroom and lots of pepperoni! Want some?

What do you like on your pizza?

How do you usually get your pizza? (In a restaurant? Delivery? Carry-out? Frozen from the store? Pre-made crust that you top yourself? From scratch?)

A Quickie on the Big G

Inspired by a thread on IIDB, a two-part question:

1. Do you believe that at least one god is real? (For purposes of this question, interpret the word "real" as per Eliezer Yudkowsky's The Simple Truth.)

2. a. (For those of you who answered "yes" to the above:) Describe this god (or a few of the most important gods, if you ascribe to a more-than-one-god theory) to the best of your ability. If you are unsure, say, "I'm not certain of this, but I believe [...] with X confidence". If you cannot find the words, say, "I don't know if I can express this properly, but it is something like [...]". If you are tempted to say nothing at all, please: say something, however incredibly hedged. I specifically promise not to judge anything you say in any comment I make on this post. Just say what you believe.

b. (For those of you who answered "no" to the above:) Describe the characteristics that something would have to have to be called a god. Does it need to be a person? (Would being a person help?) Does it need to be able to subvert the laws of physics? Does it need to be benevolent?

Comments are screened. If you want your comment made public, just say so. Comments are not screened, as per community policy - sorry!

Edit: Anybody who wants anonymity may comment on my journal.

(no subject)

My friend died a few weeks ago. She is still on my Yahoo IM and my Aim IM. Her Aim IM says she is online and for some weird reason this bothers me to see. I also get messages from Facebook about her page. Part of me wants to delete all of these things, but part of me would feel a terrible selfish guilt about it.

1. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

2. What should I do?
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(no subject)

This is inspired by a book that I just finished:

You have two grown daughters. One is married. The unmarried daughter sleeps with the other's husband, the married one ends up divorced. The married daughter is, understandably, very upset with her sister and never wants to see her again (or the husband, for that matter).

As the parent, how do you handle this? For family parties in the future, do you just invite both daughters knowing that the formerly-married one won't show up if her sister is there? Should she just get over it?

(no subject)

1) Do you fight with your SO a lot?  How do you resolve your arguments?

I know that a certain amount of conflict in a relationship is healthy, but my boyfriend and I quibble about the STUPIDEST things. (i.e. me leaving a dish in the sink turns into "You never do anything around here!!!!")  And we don't have the same way of dealing with our arguments.  He gives the cold shoulder whereas I'm a "let's sit down and talk about this" person. 
I'm almost always the one to break the ice because he's too stubborn to ever admit that he was wrong.  I try to give him space and let him cool down but he never comes around unless I apologize or start pretending nothing happened at all.  It's part of my nature to avoid confrontation, but geez, sometimes I feel I deserve an apology.

2) Do you think our relationship is doomed?
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(no subject)

What was your favorite film non-Disney film as a kid?

Mine was The Dark Crystal

What would you do if your SO stopped talking to you/answering their phone/generally fell off the planet for over a week? Plz give me suggestions on how to deal with mine whenever I hear from him next (god knows when that will be). Appropriate forms of punishment? ETA: This is not at all the first time this has happened, if that makes a difference.

When was the last time you got a piercing/tattoo? What was it, and where?
three days ago, my tragus :)
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(no subject)

I have a really hard time communicating with people and I have a very difficult time handling rejection. I want to ask some people from work to hang out, but when I "hang out" what I like to do is drive around town and stop at any place that catches my fancy rather than having a specific plan. Most people probably won't go for this, though.

So, what should I ask people to do besides go out to lunch (and going for coffee is kind of out since I work at a coffee place)? I don't like seeing movies because if I am going to hang out with someone I want to actually talk to them. Any other ideas? Or any interesting way to phrase "Hey, let's get together with no plans but just figure out what to do along the way"?
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(no subject)

TQC... have you ever seen this Tom and Jerry movie? With the talking and singing and sheer horror? This is an atrocity, I need to know others have suffered this!!! :(

What is the most painful movie you've ever watched?
silhouette theater

(no subject)

1. what do you believe love is or what are your feelings about "love"?

i think love can be as simple as feeling a sort of connection or understanding with someone. or sharing an experience with another person.

2. if you don't feel like talking about love - how many livejournals have you had (as in regular journals, not communities you've created, graphic journals, etc)? in how much time?

this is my fifth journal in 7 years :/
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(no subject)

So I applied to this library job about a week ago. I got a response back from the person saying this:

Thank you for applying for the student assistant position at the Visual Resource Collection. While the library provides a friendly and quiet work environment, there are two aspects to the job that could be considered less desirable:
1) The "attention for detail, neatness, and accuracy" part of the job description refers in part to cleaning slides (we used to be called "Slide Collection"). The work requires fine motor skills and great patience. Do you think it would suit you?

I don't know what to say besides, "Yes, I think this would suit me." I wanted to say after that, "I am a very patient person who takes pride in her work." It's a true statement, but my roommate said I sound like I'm bullshitting.

So, TQC, any suggestions?

(no subject)

13-year old boy uses dad's credit card for hookers, raises $30,000 charges on card

What would you do if this was your son?

I'd ground him for a couple weeks. These things happen. I'm sure he feels just as bad about it as I do
Beat the living shit out of him with a table leg
He's obviously growing up. This 30k incident is just a cry for help. It's time we have a talk about the birds and the bees
Disown him. Send him to live with his grandparents. I don't want to see him again
Once he turns 16, he has to get a job and pay it all back
Put him up for adoption
Well, this will count as all future birthday and Christmas presents. That's punishment enough.
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(no subject)

1. TQC settle an argument for me: if a charger cable is plugged into a socket, but not into its device on the other end, is it still expending energy?

2. Do you have different length jeans for wearing with different shoes?

(no subject)

So I am an adult and living with my parents, but my dad has promised/continually promises to help me out with finances, and then very shortly thereafter revokes his promises. And then if my mother ever brings up the fact that they'll help me financially after I move out, my dad gets all angry like I'm expecting hand-outs. Then he again promises he'll help me out and yet again tells me he isn't giving me a cent. I don't ask for any of his money. When I call him on it, he gets angry at me and tells me he IS going to help me, and then, like, a day later he gets angry about the prospect of giving me money.

I know I shouldn't expect money from my parents, and I don't, but I think he is being really mean by constantly promising me financial aid and dangling it in front of me only to turn around and say that I'm SOL. Is there any way I can get through to him to just STOP MAKING EMPTY PROMISES? No matter which way I approach it he just freaks out! He thinks it "motivates" me to tell me he's going to give me money and then say "Ha ha, figure it out yourself!", but it really just ticks me off, and he does not understand this.
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(no subject)

What constitutes a troll, in your opinion?

I know spammers & self promoters are considered trolls, but sometimes, people ask questions and they get called TROLLS and I dont understand what the entire criteria is here.

Do this make me a troll?

(no subject)

Have any of you used the Britesmile pen? Did it irritate your mouth? How were the results?

My relatives girlfriend had one and I inquired about it. She said she hasn't had any problems with hers. I can't use traditional whitening strips etc because they irritate the crap out of my gums and teeth. I'm afraid to do the treatment at my dentists office because of my past experience with the strips. I have prescription fluoride paste thats supposed to help keep irritation to a minimum. My birthday is in a few days. I know my mom wouldn't mind getting this for me but I don't want her to waste her money =/
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what's bugging you about today's interweb culture...

maybe being a psychology and sociology major has finally gotten to me... haha...

what irritates you about today's internet teen culture.

here is my list from today....

People who have digital cameras and instead take an entire series of pointless photos with a Polaroid, only to scan them into their computer and put them on myspace. So many more scene points than doing it for cheaper, and easier.

People who make 11000 bulletins a day about how much they hate scene kids, but then they turn around and make more pc4pc posts.

Scene kids who make fun of the scene by posting captions under their pictures saying OMG SOOO MYSPACE. Haha. Yeah… you are… but no one cares. Quit trying to pretend you’re not.

People who use the word “legit” when it doesn’t make any sense in the sentence and there are clearly other adjectives that would fit much better.

15-17 year old girls who take pictures of themselves in their underwear, in their parents bathroom with a toilet in the background and then post it online for everyone to see. (oh, and the men in their 20's who leave comments on these pictures.)

what is happening to society? seriously.

Tongue in your cheek

More tongue than a biped deserves

If you played tonsil-hockey with this girl, what would happen?

I'd probably die. Obstructed throat passage
I'd probably die. God would strike me down for being a lesbian
Whatever happened, it'd be pretty freakin' hot
I'm pretty sure that the sides of my mouth would have stretch marks when we were done, or my jaw would dislocate
Finally! I can close my eyes and fulfill my 'making out with a cow' fantasies
That ain't important, but the oral sex that follows will be mindblowing

Edit: Did any of you have a lesgasm?
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(no subject)

Poll #1186191 Clown quiz
This poll is closed.

How do you feel about clowns?

I love clowns!
They creep me out.
I am absolutely terrified of them.
Not funny, not funny at all.
I'd like to pile them all into that tiny car & set fire to it.

LJ crushes

I have several LJ crushes. However, they will no doubt remain perpetually as crushes due to the fact they live quite far away (Australia is the furtherest) or prefer women (or men who look and sound like Spike from Buffy). Some of the brightest, wittiest, articulate individuals I've come across, but, alas, not the best candidates for e-romance.

Without naming names, what are some of the silly LJ crushes you harbor and what's the amusing, ridiculous, unlikely-to-advance reason why it's a silly crush?

Excuse me.

I am having computer trouble. for some reason, my monitor is completely blank, and i can't get it to turn on. I keep pushing "ON", but it won't work! since this is the only computer in my house (and i don't have very many friends in town), i would REALLY like it to work. TQC, do you know how i can fix this?
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Life's a beach ?s

Have you ever been to a beach?


1) What's the coolest beach you've ever been to and what made it so cool?

2) Have you ever been to a beach where you were able to see oil tankers along the horizon?

3) What do you like to do when you go to the beach?
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(no subject)

Up until yesterday, I always thought the skins of mangoes were poisonous, then I looked it up, and apparently it's not true!

What is something you've always done, not because you knew it was true, but because you were told it and didn't know any better? When did you learn that you didn't have to do it *that way*?


Okay, I've never been to a wedding but I'm going to one next weekend, is Collapse ) dress appropriate to wear?
--It's a cream and black, but in pics it looks white and black. I'm really nervous that I shouldn't wear it because it has cream on it. --

Also, just cause...I'm 5'3", what do you think I weigh?
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Do you own any Spanx?

I had no idea what they were today until a cousin told me about them. Are they are wonderful as they seem? They seem like they would be really sweaty to wear - is that the case?

(no subject)

1)Is it normal for a big city newspaper to only have one page of jobs in the sunday newspaper?

2)How far behind are you on consoles?

I have a PS2 so one generation behind, and a DS, so no generations behind on portables

3)How do you keep your tivo from recording a zillion old episodes on saturdays and sundays but still record the new episodes?

eta: thank you, tqc. go to season pass manager, click on the show, click on recording options, and change to first run only.

(no subject)

Is there something that you always find that you consider to be a sign?
For example, whenever I'm having a really difficult time, I start to find dimes all over the place. Some people find pennies, some people find sand dollars at the there anything that you seem to find an abundance of during a time when you sort of say "I really need a sign that everything will be okay"?

Are there any weird "wedding rules" where you live? Like the Southern United States says wearing black to a wedding is a major no-no, while in New York, it's probably more common than any other "color"...Any weird ones?

(no subject)

So I have an exam on Wednesday. It's the first of six modules, but the only one I'm doing this year, and it's self-study. However, due to life dumping a ton of crap on me, I have done no studying. I'm not being coy here, I literally have one page of notes. This page has taken me hours because I can't concentrate (because of the crap). I was hoping to do four days of hard studying and hope that it would supplement my background knowledge enough to scrape a pass. But I just can't apply myself and have wasted the majority of two days.

I need this exam in order to progress at work and can't re-sit for a year. If I don't show, I will waste the entry fee. Work has given me two days off for study leave and will require lots of explanation if I don't sit.

So, dear questionclub, what do you think?

So, TQC, what do you think?

You're screwed. Just drop out of the exam.
Take the exam. Stop bumming around on LJ and hit those books.
Take the exam, but don't stress out about studying. Your background knowledge might see you through
Throw yourself down the stairs. A broken arm would be the best way out.

(no subject)

TQC, how would you calibrate Mother's Day?

I received an e-card from my ex (he made such a huge effort!), and part of what he wrote said "Today is a day to calibrate motherhood", and I'm wondering how I should do that.
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(no subject)

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to pass the final exam to pass a certain class?

Did you pass?

I'm in that situation now, and not only do I have to pass the final, I have to pass with flying colors or else I'm SOL. And this is the second time I've taken said class. :(

(no subject)

 Everytime I change windows on my computer a pop up shows up saying "you have virus on your computer stop before total crash!"
Are there any free programs I can download to do a daily scan on my computer and basically get rid of viruses? 

(no subject)

If a guy knocked up a girl and she was going planning on getting an abortion he supposed to get her a gift for Mother's Day? If so, what are some good gift ideas?

Edit: Looking more for non-serious answers
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This entry makes me sound sweaty and fat... yay!

1. I just noticed that there are a lot of "perscription strength" antiperspirants out there. Have any of you tried any of them? Is there one you recommend?

2. If a person is supposed to eat so many calories a day, what happens if they get less? I want to lose weight the healthy way, none of that starvation crap. If I realize that I haven't had as many calories as I'm supposed to should I have a snack even if I'm not necessarily hungry?
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(no subject)

Situation: Friend you know walks in, holding a random baby and places it in your arms. He turns to leave, thinks for a second, then takes the baby back and walks out.
Note: This actually did happen today to my friend.

WTF is the story behind this? Serious and non-serious answers accepted.

(no subject)

How many miles do you drive a week? If you don't know, guess.

According to mapquest, I drive 80 miles but I spend $20-$25 per week on gas. How odd. Maybe I miscalculated.

Are you mostly extroverted or introverted? Do you like it that way?
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(no subject)

I rent a room in a house that my friend owns. I went home for two weeks and when I got back I realized that someone had poured bleach all over all my clothes, took a hammer to my laptop, and broke various other things in my room. It didn't take me long to realize it was his girlfriend who couldn't stand me. I confronted my friend about it and he was really pissed off but he said there wasn't a whole lot he could do since we obviously had no proof. He confronted her about it and she played the "I don't know what you're talking about" card.

Since I obviously can't call the cops, what would you do in this situation? Would you ask your friend to reimburse you for the damage since it was partially his fault? (He didn't lock the door that day, and it was his gf)


I don't know if there are any computer-smart people on TQC, but just in case:

I have a laptop that turns off if you unplug it, and I was on it today and I accidentally unplugged it, so it shut down. When I tried to turn it back on, I thought it wasn't turning on at all. But then I realize that it was turning on, but the screen was REALLY REALLY dim (like, almost black). I've restarted it, I've pressed the little screen-brightness key, and I've looked on my System Preferences. And I looked online but couldn't find anythinmg. Does anyone have any suggestions?

P.S. if there's mad spelling mistakes, sorry. I can barely see the screen.
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I'd really like to learn something new this summer, but I'm not sure what. So for inspiration, do you or have you ever taken any really awesome classes or lessons that'd you'd recommend? Crafts, sports, other hobbies, whatever. What hobby would you recommend to someone?

What hobby would you like to take up if you could?

Collapse )

(no subject)

What do you think of college/uni students who whine about their workload and how their assignments are killing them?

Do you think they should stfu because the working world is 100x harder?

edit: Do you think my icon looks like a monkey holding a no asscrack sign?
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(no subject)

For those who go to school (uinversity/college) or work and have to carry books/papers with a laptop, what do you use to carry it all around?

I prefer messenger style bags in general; I don't know whether to pay for a bag designed to hold a laptop AND textbooks, or just keep my normal messenger bag and get a sleeve for my laptop. I just also don't want to smash my laptop, though; those sleeves aren't heavy padding. (It's a 13-inch Macbook, if size matters. Not tiny, but not huge.)
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eBay Etiquette

I have a pair of shoes listed on eBay and the auction is set to run a week. A user sent me a message asking if I could do a "Buy it Now" for the item. There's a handful of "Watchers" but no actual bidder:
Do I offer the item at buy it now?
Or do I keep the auction going and hope for a bidding war to erupt (they are fabulous shoes)?
I just feel bad if I end the auction and other people didn't get a chance.

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 DO you know of any place online that could show me how to acquire a sixties looking hairstyle? I'd quite like to know.

Have you ever cheated on a test? what was it about? Did/ do you feel guilty about it?

I recently cheated on a math test. Proving theorems.  If I would have to use that kind of knowlege in the real world, I'd actually learn it. srsly.

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Who here works/has ever worked at Starbucks?  I used too, and I know SO many people who have/do (besides the people that I worked with, obviously)

How do you get the scratches of of an ipod?

Should I move to Reno, NV?  I have family there, and I feel like my money might go farther there than it does in LA.  But I do love LA. 
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When did you get your first cell phone? What phone was it? What phone do you have now?

Which cell phone providers have you used? Favorite? Least Favorite?

I got my first cell phone about 5 years ago and it was a Nokia 3205.

Right now I'm using my dad's old phone, a Sony Ericsson Z520A, because my phone broke in half. Luckily I have an upgrade in a few weeks because the sound is going out on this phone. I'm not sure what phone I want, the Blackjack 2s seem nice, but they're expensive. :/

I have had Sprint, Nextel and now Cingular/AT&T. Sprint was my favorite and Nextel was my least favorite.
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Which part of a muffin do you eat first, the top or the bottom?

I eat the bottom first, to save the top for last because it's the best part. I wish they only sold the tops of muffins, like in Seinfeld. :(
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another movie poll.

Poll #1186336 Dr Jones

What's your favorite Indiana Jones movie?

Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Temple of Doom
The Last Crusade
I haven't seen any of them, but I want to.
I haven't seen any of them, and I am not interested in seeing them.
I have seen all or some of them, but I don't like them.
I fucking hate you, you always use radio buttons and I want to choose more than one.
I have a feeling Crystal Skull will be my favorite.
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(no subject)

What do you think is wrong with me?

Lately I've had these symptoms:
-Really tired all the time
-Muscle cramps
-Severely dry skin
-Often freezing when everybody else is fine
-Weight gain (though that may be just because I've been bored and eating a lot more lately...)

Oh, and don't worry, I'm heading to the doctor on thursday... I just want to see if anybody can predict what she'll say.

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 1.Does anyone here find Manhunt for PS2 to be very amusing,  but at the same time infuriating to the point of yelling at the television?
2. How do you handle a fight with your SO? Do they ever anger/annoy you, and you simply brush it off?
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(no subject)

TQC, what should I do to make my night more exciting? :[

do you recall the first time you ever fell down and scraped your knee?
on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being 'OMG MOOOOOOOOOM I'M DYING' and 1 being 'oh, this is no big deal') how bad would you say you reacted?

do you remember the first time you ever caught someone in a lie?
who was it?
what was the situation?

aaaand is all else you doin?

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When you are packing up to move what is your method?  I just feel like I'm filling the boxes haphazardly with no real system.

I should say,  I will be living in a single room, much like I do at the moment.  Half of my stuff needs to go in storage.  I just hate trying to figure out how to seperate it.

Dear AT&T users:

today around 3pm, I looked at my phone and instead of where it usually says "AT&T" it said "Rogers Wireless." um...did anyone else see this? Why did this happen? It's not urgent because it went back to saying AT&T like half hour later when I checked it again but I'm genuinely confused.
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(no subject)

Considering my family has two people in it with a disease that can make them very ill and on the toilet for FOREVER, how goddamn stupid is it on a scale of 1 to WTF that there is NO TOILET PLUNGER IN THE HOUSE!? (My mom seems to think we don't need one. What the fuck?)

What common household item do you NOT have in your place?

(no subject)

Before I ask, you cannot have sleeping masks, ear plugs or anything like that and are not allowed to do things like cup your ears, put the pillow over your head or cover your eyes in any way.

Would you rather sleep with all the lights on, but it's dead silent?
Sleep in a room with lots of noise, but it's pitch black?

(no subject)

is it normal for JUST the future bride to attend a wedding shower?
why not the future husband? it is after all a union of TWO people.. so why does the bride get all the fun? will it be weird when my fiance and I both show up to the shower? is it weird to have a co-ed shower?

(no subject)

1. What online clothing shops would you recommend?
2. When was the last time you went on holiday, and where did you go? Any amusing stories?
3. I have just started working full time. My feet are killing me and I have to do a lot of walking. Advice?
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(no subject)

My birthday is in a few days and since I'm turning legal, I'm going out to the bars. However, my problem is I don't want my one 'friend' to come. Her and I had a semi-falling out and I told her it was up to her to make and effort to try and save stuff. However, no effort was ever made and I don't consider her a friend anymore.

We all share friends and I've decided to invite the rest of them, but I do NOT what her to show up. How can I go about this? Ask those that I invite not to tell her? Talk to her and tell her I'd appreciate it if she didn't show up?

This is the first time I've ever blown off a 'friend', so help me :(
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Body changes

I'm kinda fluffy... but if I could change any one thing, it would be to have a flat stomach even though I'd still have more ass than two J-Los, a flat tummy would feel sexier. If you could change any one feature, what would it be?

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This isn't meant to be offensive, but I'm curious...

-What happens to a girl if she is active-duty military and she gets pregnant? How the hell does the whole thing work? Is this as common as it seems, or not really?

(no subject)

1. You are given the chance to travel anywhere you want in your country for 45 days. Money is no object. All traveling, lodging, and food expenses are paid. The only catch is you are not allowed to use the Internet for the duration of your trip. Do you accept the offer?

2. Have you read the book "Whirligig" by Paul Fleischman?

3. If yes, did you like it?


1. I would do it. After reading "Whirligig," I have this urge to travel the U.S.

2. Yes

3. I loved it.

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There are (intentional) brush fires all around my neighborhood/house.  

Who is setting them?

Also:  Have any of you survived a house fire? 

Edit:  I think I'm evacuating.  Who is helping me rebuild once my house is just ash?
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1. What time does work start tomorrow for you?
2. Did your mom like your mother's day present or whatever you did for her today?
3. What's the next vacation planned?
4. What are you drinking right now?
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TQC, I... I just read a few parts from Twilight, a book I have been happily avoiding because I already knew it sucked, but I read it anyway and I... I feel... violated. The sheer awfulness of it just hurts. My brain needs serious therapy after that horrible horrible horrible piece of shit.

Why, TQC? Why is this so popular? Why do people actually think the writing is good?

What is something amazingly good that I should read to wash away this horrible feeling that Twilight left me!? OH GOD PLEASE.