May 10th, 2008

It's a free country

One of the rules for the question club
4) Snark is okay, but don't take it too far. Harassment of other users, making threats, and blatant disrespect for others is not welcome here.

I notice a lot of you disobey this rule.
Those of you that do,
Are you illiterate?

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Have you heard of the drink Purple Rain?  If so, what goes in it?  On the internet, I've found recipes that include vodka and/or cranberry juice, but the way it's made around here (and the way I like it) is blue and red maui with sprite.  I'm guessin it may be a regional thing?
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Will you post a song lyric in fancy English so we can guess what it is?

Ex: "I like big butts and I cannot lie" becomes "I am fond of a large gluteus maximus and am compelled to tell the truth."
keen omgwtf

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Please help me, as Google is not.

jay kay, I fail at searching. I got it.

So, um, should I waste time trying to make more cupcakes before my flight? If I DON'T, I get an extra hour and a half of sleep...even if I don't make more cupcakes, I'm getting a maximum of...four hours.

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Will you post a recent picture of you and your SO?
Tell me a little something about the picture?
How long have you two been together?

Do you have pet names for eachother?
If so, what are they?
Do you like them? How come?

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I <3 TLV

New turtle!

On Sunday I'm adopting a turtle! A girl at my college is rehoming her painted turtle, so I said I would take him. I've never had a turtle before though, so what should I know? What are the best resources out there for new turtle owners? I'm prepared to do lots of research, but I know the web is probably full of a lot of bad information so I want to make sure I do this right =)

(x-posted to turtle communities)
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What should I wear to my husband's graduation ceremony?? It's going to be 65 degrees out and rainyish (don't know if it will be inside or out). If it were warmer I would wear a sundress, but for this kind of weather I don't know. Suggestions please?

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I've stumbled across a softcore movie (Showtime), where a girl with a bad boob job is being given the business by some vacant looking dood. Which is best in life, Conan?

Fake boobs that are an overinflated D cup
Real boobs that are A cups?
Boobs are equally unpleasant, regardless of size
D's are a starter set. I like boobs in the H-cup range

And for the guy. His expression should resemble...

Guy who's caught up in the higher altitudes of pleasure
a feller who's mentally calculating how much he owes the IRS
the ravishing magnetism of man who's intent upon satisfying his woman
The focused brow of one who is out to get off and not shortchange that goal
donk... donk... donk...

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Why do cats slink around your feet when you're not paying attention, then give you mean looks when you step on them? I can understand the ferrets doing it (without the nasty looks), but I thought cats were supposed to be smarter than that.
Chad Hedrick

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Today is my first day of "summer vacation". The weather is crap -- raining all day and cold. I have $100 to my name. I about 7 miles outside of DC. How should I spend my day?
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1:  Friday, May 16 is Bike To Work Day.  If you are able to ride your bike to work, do you plan to?

2:  If you like to run/walk, how many miles or how many minutes/hours do you spend running?

3:  How long does it take for you to get hungry after you wake up?

4:  How is your day so far?

5:  Any special plans for the weekend? 

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1. Have you ever been on a cruise? Was it a good experience? If you haven't, do you want to go on one?

2. What's the furthest you've traveled for a vacation?

3. Where did you go on your best vacation? What made is the best?

4. When/where was your last vacation and when/where are you going on your next vacation?
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(no subject)

Has anybody her declared bankruptcy? Care to share your stories?

I ask for my fiance, who is seriously considering it. His ex ran up some credit card bills under his name, and it's catching up to him - he's getting his paycheck docked.

on giving lessons

I give flute lessons to a gaggle of high school girls, and this past fall I picked up an extra student when a friend of mine (who taught this student) moved away to school three hours away. My question is, should I offer to let my friend teach her again for the summer?

I would really hate to do that because it's an unstable learning environment and I don't want my student to feel lost, but I don't know what the etiquette is for passing along a student. And now just the idea of my friend wanting to teach her is making me feel guilty. My friend hasn't said anything, I just wonder if I should check with her.

eta Do you ever surprise your mom with gifts or does she tell you what to get her?
My mom just has a list of things to get her so it's more of a matter of when she's getting something. I kind of think it takes away from the gift-giving/-getting experience. :(
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(no subject)

Have any of you personally had any experience getting black out of your hair? I dyed my hair 'blue' and it is basically black, and now I'm over it, so I want to lighten it up to a darker brown. Any suggestions so I don't have ugly roots/orange hair, etc?

Would you rather have sex with Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

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Guys, I need your help.

I just told my friend I would go to the zoo with her. She failed to mention that I will be helping her watch five kids. Kids. Children. As in like, little people. I can't explain to you how hard it is for me to be around children. Yes I love them they are cute, they make me laugh and cry. But when they start screaming I loose my mind.

1. How should I prepare myself for this event?

2. At the zoo, which animal is your favorite to gawk at?

3. Have you ever held a wild animal? If so, what animal was it?
(swimming with Dolphins and stuff counts)
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Should I go see "Baby Mama" or "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"?
Do you go to movies alone?

I'm going to eventually sell my wedding rings. Apparently, gold is at an all-time high right now. What would you do with money from something like that?

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hi. i got out of a bad relationship a few months ago, where i was really badly hurt. i have now developed trust issues and am apprehensive to try to date someone else. however, i know that the one thing that i'll need to be 1000% oaky with the past is to be with someone who can redeem my faith in humanity.

there is a girl that i'm interested in, but for whatever reason, it doesn't feel the same as when i normally crush on a girl. i don't get the butterflies as much, though, i do get excited to see her and spend time with her.

do you think that maybe i've put up a mental block because of my past relationship? i am really terrified to get hurt again, and i know that i'm not pursuing this nearly as vulnerably (is that a word?) as i normally would.

my friends have hung out with us and have come to the consensus that i like her but am afraid to like her, and that's my mental block.

any advice? have you been in this situation before? any thoughts would be amazing.
thank you all.
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Which one is correct?

#1 This letter is to inform you about the marriage between my cousin Sofia and her husband, Valeriy Winecoor.

#2 This letter is to inform you about the marriage of my cousin Sofia and her husband, Valeriy Winecoor.

Ok well, whatever, screw that. What are you doing tonight?

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so, i'm getting my legs waxed for the first time today. what kind of pain am i in for?

when did you get your first laptop/computer?

do you have porn on the computer you're using right now?

what was the last site you were on besides livejournal?

how many e-mails do you currently have in your inbox?
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So I just spent the last hour two hours or so crying. My nose and eyes hurt but at least at the moment I'm on my break.

So TQC, what can I do to make myself feel better?

How do I make my face stop hurting?

What is somthing that is super awesome that happened to you today?
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Edit: Since I apparently cannot brain or read today, another question!

What's the best Disney villain?

I vote Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty or Jafar in Aladdin, since he's kind of pervy.
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(no subject)

Inspired by this post:
Who is your favorite movie villain?

I have never made cheesecake before. How difficult is it to make cheesecake? Do you have a favorite recipe?

I just watched my cat leap from the table landing face first into the coffee table that wasn't even three feet away, slide off from the coffee table and tumble onto the floor. The other day I watched her jump from the coffee table to the table, undershoot and ran into the table head first. Was it wrong of me to laugh when this happened? Does my cat have bad eyes or is she just very stupid?

(no subject)

 What is some trivial thing that you think that other people might start an argument over?

I personally think that George Clooney is not that hot.

Will you post a picture of yourself in a costume or playing dress up?

(no subject)

Career-wise, how does what you want to be now differ from what you wanted to be when you were a child?

If it changed, why do you think it changed?

Most inappropiate thing you encountered this week?
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(no subject)

How would you classify the early, mid, and late part of a century?

I classify the 20th century as follows...

early century (1900-1940)

mid century (1940-1970)

late century (1970-2000)

Am I wrong in this classificaton? How would you classify it?
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Why is it that in most horror movies when you have two chicks, one who is battle-ready and tough and the other who is a simpering idiot who constantly needs rescuing, the tough one ALWAYS dies rather than the accident-prone bimbo? Is it because the weak one is the one the hero will fall in love with and the tough chick is probably an icky lesbian no one wants to see survive?

What is your least favorite movie stereotype?

(no subject)

so this guy I've been dating and I are supposed to hang out tonight. since his phone is currently broken he's going to call me from someone else's phone. we've been dating a while but seriously how long should I wait for him to call?
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I have two questions for you all:

1) Am I a terrible person for not liking flowers? Not that I dislike them, I just don't feel strongly about them one way or the other.
2) What do you think of a woman wearing a fragrance designed for men?
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I am going with my friend to her house for a week. She lives like 5 hours away, at the beach on the coast of Georgia. She just called me to inform me to "pack light and squishy" because my stuff has to go in a trunk with a PC in parts. TQC, this is a week. How "light" can I get away with, really? How many pairs of jeans/how many shirts should I pack? (considering I can do laundry). And where do I put my books? I can't travel without books!
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I called a close friend of mine a few minutes ago to make plans for dinner. He sounded kind of sad, so I asked him what was up. He often sounds kind of sad when he's stressed out about work, but instead he said that a friend of his from his hometown died last night.

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I totally did not what to say. I'm kind of freaking out that I said something wrong or bad and now I've hurt his feelings in his time of need or something like that. Would you be mad or hurt by anything I said if you found out a friend of yours just died?

What should I talk to him about tonight when we get dinner? I was thinking of saying, "Hey, do you want to talk about it?" and if says yes, then of course I'll sit quietly and offer words of sympathy when appropriate. And if he says no, I'll change the subject. But to what? It doesn't seem entirely appropriate to start telling him about the video on saw on YouTube about the kitties running on the treadmill.

(no subject)

What are some brick and mortar (i.e. not online) stores that sell or might sell tea-length petticoats?

I'm planning to check out some vintage shops too, but is that the sort of thing you could find in a lingerie store or department store? I know they have the little short ones for under those "sexy" halloween costumes but I need one for a knee length dress.
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(no subject)

1- Is there any movie/tv show that you watch that isn't really your style, yet it interests you anyway? What is it, if so?

2- What's the last odd association you made with something?

3- What windows/tabs do you have currently open?

1- Twice in a Lifetime... it's a religion-based show, but not overly so, and in the end, it's cute if you rip out the 'save your soul, go to heaven' part.
2- How a mango is apparently the same size that my baby is. Then devouring the mango. ;)
3- A baby names site--clicking on 'random name' to get ideas, this 'post an entry' page, and my yahoo mail.
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(no subject)

My roommate really wants to pick a fight with me today but so far I've been taking his abuse. Now he's escalated to throwing things at me.

Should I keep taking the high ground, stab him and get it over with, or get into the fight and let the chips fall as they may?

(no subject)

I've been left to my own devices for dinner so I am going to bring something home/grab food somewhere. What should I get? My options are

Wegmans which has a decent variety of ready made foods but is 15 min away
Moe's South West Grill-I've never been there and it's 15 min away
Subway-close fast, healthier than a burger but I had it the other day
Burger King or McDonalds not the healthiest I've had more than I normally do (by more I mean a a few times in the past month or so)
got some pizza from Wegmans

Why do all my friends suck right now? I'm bored and wanna talk to somebody but none of them are around.

(no subject)

I'm enrolling in my fall semester classes at the moment, and the two online classes I want are both full.
Enrollment appointments just started last three days ago.

Do your college's online class usually fill up quickly?

Also, what is your favorite song by The Aquabats?

(no subject)

Every day, I've been coming home from work and noticing a black spot that appears in the same place on my right cheek.
What does this mean TQC?
If you were marked for damnation, what would you do?


I was once told that surnames were a way of classing people in the early days.

For example, someone with the last name Carpenter was a carpenter. Someone with the last name Smith was a some sort of smith (blacksmith, locksmith, etc.). And so on.

My last name is a variation of the German word adler, which means something to do with nobility.

What are some surnames that make you lol when you think about what their "occupation" would have been in the old days.

My friend's ex (and their two children) have the surname Drinkard. Wonder if their ancestors were the town drunks?


I've got enough money left on my iTunes card for 3 more songs...what should I buy?

ETA: I have very broad tastes in music: what I don't like is screamy death metal and the majority of rap. I want to try something semi-different though so I'm open to any suggestion!
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(no subject)

It's preferable to count only on yourself; this way, you won't be disappointed

Does this statement ring true for you?

I am at a loss what to do this fine Saturday night...what should i do? options are
1 getting mildly drunk on coconut rum
2 watch a film
3 go to bed early
4 mindlessly press refresh on here

combinations/other suggestions most welcome =D
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(no subject)

This is probably stupid but bear with me, k?

Say someone needed to make a simple little program where they could enter the dimensions of a room and furniture/etc, and they'd get wee scale versions to move around and play with. Like this, but interactive. And with less LOL.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What programming language would be the best one to use for this?
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(no subject)

What are some of your favorite music videos?

Do you prefer ones where the band just rocks out or where they try to tell a story (whether or not it's the one in the song) or something else?

I'm sorry if this makes zero sense.

If you're in a relationship and have always been faithful to your partner, should you limit time spent hanging out with members of the same sex as your partner?

For example, you're a heterosexual female. Your friends are primarily male. Assuming it isn't interfering with time spent with significant other, should you restrict time spent with these males (whether in an attempt to respect your partner or otherwise)?
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(no subject)

How long do NBA games usually last?  For instance, tonight's game, how long might that go for?

Oh PS, if it's on at 8 ET, what time is that central?  (sorry I know I could figure this out, but...)

(no subject)

You guys I was just playing Mario Kart with my boyfriend and then my friend and her boyfriend, online and I got stuck in this tunnel going backwards so I start to laugh. But then I am laughing so hard that my eyes start tearing up and it burned SO SO BADLY. Tears were streaming down my face.

Has this ever happened to you?

What could burning tears possibly mean?? *non srs welcome*
heartlocks @ lipshine

(no subject)

I know there has already been one cruise related question asked today, so I apologize in advance for asking another. I plan on taking a cruise to Europe/Mediterranean in the next year or two, but I can't decide which cities I would like to visit.

So, if you were going on a cruise (or vacation in general), would you rather travel to:

a.) Civitavecchia, Italy; Naples, Italy; Rhode Island, Greece; Izmir, Turkey; Istanbul, Turkey; Athens, Greece; Katakolon, Greece; Florence, Italy

b.) Dover, United Kingdom; Copenhagen, Denmark; Warnemünde, Germany; Tallinn, Estonia; St. Petersburg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Dover, United Kingdom

c.) London, United Kingdom; Copenhagen, Denmark; Warnemünde, Germany; Helsinki, Finland; St. Petersburg, Russia; Tallinn, Estonia; Amsterdam, Netherland

d.) Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway; Skagen, Denmark; Viksoyri, Norway, Norway; Flam, Norway; Bergen, Norway; Invergordon, United Kingdom; Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom; Copenhagen, Denmark

Augh, I can't decide.

(no subject)

How do you revise?

I have important AS exams coming up and nothing is going in! I've tried reading my notes out loud, re-writing my notes, reading them in my head, creating spider diagrams, doing past questions... I still feel like I don't know anything and I have SO much to learn!

(no subject)

How organized would you say your computer is?
I try to keep all my music and pictures in their correct folders and my school work in the school folder, but I'm very good at throwing things on the desktop until it gets really cluttered. :/

If you play World of Warcraft or know someone who does... how many hours would you say you/they play in one sitting? I've been getting in about five hours a day lately... I think that's really sad.
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So, how is this Mother's Day thing supposed to work, anyway?, every Mother's Day, we buy a card for my mom and my MIL from both my husband and myself. We also get them each a card from our son. Now, I was under the impression that the holiday was to honor all of the moms out there, be they moms to human children or the furry kind, women who are "like a mother" to you, etc.

So, here's my question: am I out of line to expect something from my family for Mother's Day? We always go to either my mom's or my MIL's for the day, and usually stay for dinner. We get flowers for our mothers, along with small gifts. So, am I missing some piece of etiquette that states that you need only honor mothers in previous generations, and it's cool to ignore the mothers in generations after yours? Because I'm lucky if I get a "You, too." after saying, "Happy Mother's Day!' I've been a mother for almost 5 years now. Can I get like, a card or something?

Mothers of TQC: Do your mothers get you anything - anything at all - for Mother's Day?
kiv dancin.

i'm getting ready to watch Cars for the first time, so

Poll #1185919 Movies

What's your favorite feature by Pixar?

Toy Story
A Bug's Life
Toy Story 2
Monsters, Inc
Finding Nemo
The Incredibles
I have a feeling Wall-E will be my favorite
I don't like any of them.
I have more than one favorite and I curse you for not having a ticky.

used movies

To make some extra $$, I've sold my used CDs/movies. The first time I did it, I was selling my old Hanson and NSync CDs at a store called For Your Entertainment, and the girl was ringing them up on the cash register to see how much they would pay me for them. A lot of the CDs went for nothing, because they had a surplus of used ones, or whatever. Have any of you ever sold your old stuff to stores that accept them? If so, to what stores? And is there any way to figure out how much they'll pay you before going to the store? Such as, calling ahead of time or going online? Because leaving the store with my old NSync CD that nobody wanted was pretty embarrassing. Thanks!
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internet issues

For whatever reason certain websites don't load for me anymore (google, yahoo, amazon) but every once in a while it will load for about a minute and then not work anymore. I don't understand what in the world could be causing this, does anyone have any advice/ideas?

(no subject)

If you had to pick just one cuisine to live on for the rest of your life, what would it be?

You have to consider how quickly you'd die, for this one. As well as general tastyness.

Me: Italian. Mexican second. Or Lebanese / generic middle eastern.

(no subject)

1)Is it really that hard to maintain a 2.75 GPA in undergrad?

2)why do some kids have half day kindergarten and some have full day?

3)do you collect kitchenware?

I wish I did

4)what is your downfall?

lead me

it's a tooth, and it's blue!

mom is getting me a bluetooth headset for mother's day (from my kitty, booger. awwww.)

so what bluetooth headset would you recommend? you know, the kind for a cellphone.

i have no idea what to look for in these things. do they recharge? can you control the volume from it? anything else?

i am so lost.

(no subject)

1. You are granted one item but it has to be something that you or/and somebody else absolutely need, not want. So, what do you choose?
(It cannot be money or anything that will result into you or/and somebody else getting money. If you decide to choose anything money-related as stated above, you will absolutely get nothing and you will get the blue skin disorder.)

2. Is 'Huckleberry Finn' racist to you? Why or why not?
Maynard pen

(no subject)

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

I've been to a lot of good ones, but I think my favorite will always be DMB. I've seen them live four different times.
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(no subject)

There's a poem I read two years ago that's been on my mind lately. I believe it's a classic one and somewhat well-known, nothing modern, and I remember that it talks about people dancing in some sort of room with violins playing while the narrator sits on the steps and observes. In one line in particular, he talks about some of the women smoking cigarettes looking like mannequins.

Ugh! I know this is incredibly vague but I can't remember any more of it and it's really bugging me! Does anyone know what poem this could be?

If you don't...what's your favorite poem?

(no subject)

I am really bored, but I have to work for another hour, so I come bearing questions!

1.) What's your favorite version of Tetris?

2.) I'm going to NYC in June for the first time with my little sister. What things do you think we should do there? We'll be there for either 3 or 4 days.
Edit: She's 15 and I'm 20.

3.) I know this has been asked a lot, but what communities on LJ do you like other than TQC?

4.) Are you active on any forums? If so, which ones?

5.) Are there any foods you used to like but now you don't? Why? I can't eat bad chocolate anymore because I've gotten too used to the good stuff.
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(no subject)

Do you hate it when people post in tiny font?

I don't care
Yes, and that stupid sparkly shit can DIAF too.
Other (leave a comment)

Would you support a TQC rule banning tiny text?

Yes, and that sparkly shit too.
Other (leave a comment)
at seven

(no subject)

Does anyone have any stories about introducing a new dog into your home when you already have pets? I'm thinking of getting a new puppy this summer but I worry a lot about how my two dogs I already have will react, especially since they're not especially playful/sociable and one of them is very possessive of us and craves attention. In the long run I think it would benefit her, because we're worried she'll be lonely when our other dog dies (she's getting pretty up there) and think it would be better to introduce her to a new dog while our better-behaved dog is around to be a good influence.

Anyway I've done some googling and stuff so I'm not just going into this blind, and I don't need your tips per se, but I was just curious about personal anecdotes if you've got some, thanks! The good, the bad, the ugly...
James Franco joint

(no subject)

Scenario: Your parents "bought" you a decent used car for your birthday that they picked out (you like it a lot, it's a nice car, it's probably something you'd pick out yourself), and presented it to you as a gift. The next day, after accepting the gift graciously, they inform you that it is not actually a gift, and you will be paying them back between $3000-$4000. How do you react? (They also pay most of the gas and insurance).

In addition to this, when you come home for summer, your parents frequently ask to use your car and you offer to let them use it because it gets better mpg. Is this too generous of you?

The reason I ask is because my parents did this for me. I am perfectly okay with it, but some of my friends (some of which where given cars when they turned 16, some of which were BMWs, etc, but some don't have cars yet, whatever, that doesn't really matter) think it was a dick move of my parents, and that they shouldn't have given me the car around my birthday if it wasn't a gift, and they shouldn't ask to use it since it's mine...Their opinion has no effect on my actions, I'm just wondering...

(no subject)

1. What was the last thing you were worried about?

I've been having health issues, and so far, none of the doctors I've seen can tell me what is wrong. I've been researching my symptoms, and it is freaking me out.

2. What electronic device do you use the most? (computer, phone, tv)

(no subject)

Blog sorts of websites with a black/dark grey background and white/pale grey text, yes/no?

What other blog type sites are you subscribed to?

Is it possible to plant acorns in Australia and actually have an oak tree grow? How would I go about doing that?

Do you ever click on ads?

Japanese samurai films?

I teach junior high social studies and we're starting a unit on Monday about Edo period Japan. I want to have a really wicked ninja/samurai/something scene from a film playing when my students come in the room to "hook" them. Do you know of any good scenes from Japanese films that eighth graders will think is pretty cool?

Just so we're clear, Edo period is 1603 - 1868.

(no subject)

1. Do you ever have rape fantasies?
    b. If so, what are they like?
2. Have you ever done any sort of rape roleplay during sex?
    b. If so, what did you do?
3. Gender?

edit: if you have rape fantasies, what do you think is the cause of them?