May 9th, 2008

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TQC, I need names for a story I am writing, but I am apparently crap at coming up with names for random people.

Give me names?

ETA: These people I need names for are really not important for the story. There is just a segment where a list of people are read off, and forgotten after that.
Michaela Coel

TQC Study Playlist

For those of us who are studying for finals, lets make a TQC study playlist. Think of songs that get you motivated to work or that are chill and keep you focused. Try to keep the flow of the playlist going considering what the song above you is.
First song: "Clark Gable" The Postal Service

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I JUST realized that I can put my hair in pig tails, curl then up into little buns and have my hair be curly! I am very excited about this discovery!

What "new" discovery have you recently come across?

ribcage pain.

i've had this pain in my ribcage for the past couple of weeks--on & off. the first time i noticed it was right after getting up from the dinner table about 2 weeks ago. i felt an intense pain on the left side of my lower ribcage. after awhile, it went away. today when i was walking outside, i noticed the pain again and it actually made it pretty uncomfortable to walk.

when i press on the area a little, it feels like the actual bone hurts, not the skin or anything. i asked my boyfriend about it and he said it might be a fracture, since apparently you can get fractures pretty easily in that area (example: coughing too hard). but i feel like if it were a fracture, the pain would be a lot worse and not so on and off.

i've only felt the pain on the left side, but i noticed that when i pressed on the same area on the right side, it was sore there too.

i added a picture for clarity just in case. the red circles indicate the location of the pain. if it doesn't go away in another week or so, i'll definitely go see a doctor, but until then, does anyone know what it might possibly be?


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You are going to be on 30 Days. What lifestyle will you be immersed into? It has to be something you are unfamiliar with even though you have strong political stands against that lifestyle.  Or you don't have to have strong stands against it.  But just be totally ignorant. 

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does your dog have a long tongue?

my dog has the LONGEST tongue i've ever seen (on a dog at least). i always bust out laughing when he's panting or licking things because it's SO FUCKING LONG.
macro - procrastination cat

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For those of you who play Grand Theft Auto (any version), did you like the soundtrack aka the radio?
What did you like or dislike about it?

What was more fun for you, playing through the story or all the other things you could do?

If you're not a fan of violent video games, what time do you usually go to bed on a Friday night?
A Monday?


What is the worst Tattoo you have ever seen? Be it horrible idea or artwork.

I have a tie. One is my brothers; he has the cover of scarface on his forearm. It's the silhouette of Pacino with the smoking gun, and below it it says "Your fucking with the best" - and yes, he actually has the wrong your.

And the other is my old roommates, imagine this on the entire back of a very large and tall girl

Collapse )
hannibal skull


Are you one of those people who stuffs money in other bits of their wallet/purse just in case? Do you forget that you have it there and are happy/surprised when you find it again?
Kill Bill - Elle

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Dear TQC:
I am getting all four of my wisdom teeth out in exactly nine hours, leaving me one more hour to eat. Eight hours of fasting, then God knows what I'll eat after that.
What should I feast on this morning?

Do you have something you'd like to rant, bitch, complain, talk, discuss, or open up about?
i say, old bean

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TQC, today is my little sister's show-and-tell and she's taking these "pearls" she found in the backyard. Uhm, yeah, those pearls are BB gun ammo but of course, my parents seem to find this okay. I don't know why, but the thought bothers me..
What do YOU think the chances are that anyone at the school will get on her case for this?

what do you remember taking in for show-and-tell as a kid?

no, it is a clown car

I have to leave for work now and can't sit and watch them on The Today Show. What do you think the Duggars' big announcement will be?

ETA: Damn. I was hoping they were going to tell us that they are now pro-choice.

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What exactly does this mean?

Does it mean, "The US is so awesome that our flag's colors don't get messed up in the washer or any other conditions?" I don't get it.

Also, who would you associate that message with?

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So how does one go about moving a 100lb dorm fridge to a new apartment? Would a stroller cut it?

It's like the only heavy thing I really need help with because everything else can be in luggages and shit, and since the apartment is only a few minutes away I can go back and forth for my stuff. I might take a cab to transport the fridge. I'm also moving 9am on a Saturday, on the week before most of everyone else's finals, so I don't feel comfortable asking people in the dorm for help. (I realize I shouldn't have left thinking about it until this late, but. I like not thinking about things. :|)

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In the past 48 hours I've contracted a nasty case of food poisoning that's kept me bedridden aside from occasionally dashing to the bathroom to dispel liquishits, and I've possibly lost my job. I'm awfully guilty of schadenfreude, so I probably had this coming.

Keeping with that, however, tell me TQC: In what way(s) does your life suck right now? This is an all out whine post, so have at it.

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When I work double shifts there is usually a 2-3 hour break in between. I live 45 minutes from my job so there's no point in driving home. What should I do with this time? Keep in mind, I'm in my uniform, smell like a kitchen, and management probably wouldn't like it if I hung out in the parking lot and took a nap in my car.

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Poll #1185270 I think about age a lot now that I'm old

How old are you?

At what age do you consider someone to be "old"?


How do you think you'll be/feel when you're (or how are you different now that you're) old?

Do you consider youself old now?


What is your basic opinion of "old" people?

part of me missing :(

I have to get my tonsils and adenodes out next week, and I've been having nightmares everynight about it. Like...I'll go to the hospital to get my tonsils out and I wake up without a leg or something.

Does any one else have strange fears like this?

Are you going to be missing a part of yourself soon?

Is this surgury gonna hurt lol?

Sam outside

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 I have this jar full of coins and I want to get it all cashed. Can I just go to the bank to do that? Or do I have to use one of those coin machines?

I'm suprising my boyfriend at work today by bringing him lunch, what should I bring him?

What's the best tv show you've watched lately?
kitten pounce ball

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Is this ad for real, or are all of these things scams? I really need to make money, and I have physical limitations that prevent me from going somewhere else to work. Are there any REAL work at home jobs?

A Few dependable typists needed. Work Home $415+ PT/ $800 FT. Flexible Schedule. Basic Data Entry, PC Required. 1-800-349-5419

Scam or no?
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There are two separate but identical accidents in which a motorcyclist runs into the side of a bus hitting their head-but not dieing. One rider was wearing a helmet but the other wasn't.

Do you have different feelings about the riders?
How would it affect your feelings if it was the riders/bus driver's fault?

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If the Pope farts, is the fart considered holy?

What about when Jesus farted? Did people run up to catch a whiff of the holiness?

(ETA: You can also apply it to Buddha, but I ain't sayin' shit about the other guy).

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My friend at work has been rejecting me to go to lunch together lately.  He doesn't talk to me like he's mad, so I continue to ask.  Today I text messaged him and he blatently ignored my text.  I sure won't be asking him to lunch again anytime soon.  Or ever.  Now I have to wait an hour for my lunch so I don't have to sit near him and look like an even bigger loser.

When was the last time you felt like a loser?

What did you do to get over it?

me - with gun

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In honor of me watching Justice League while I fold laundry, I am curious... will you come up with a cool superpower that you would likely have based on you as a person?

What if you had a really lame one, what would it be (also, specifically based on you)?

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Poll #1185327 For $3,000, would you...

...attend a 3-day Scientology retreat wearing a shirt that says "Please help me find my engrams! I don't understand"? You can't cover it up


...take a razor to your friend's head while they're asleep? Just one long swoop with the electric razor, from the middle of the front of the head to the back


...dig up a fresh grave and retrieve a ring from a recently buried body?


...jump from building to building? There are 2 skyscrapers; one 30 stories, the other 28 stories. Extending from the 30-floor building is a sturdy plank, 10'wide that protrudes off the top and runs about several dozen feet, getting within 10' of the other building. What you would have to do is run along the plank and then take a flying leap over the side, which if done correctly, will have you land on a mattress on the smaller building.


...get zipped into a sleeping bag filled with 100 cockroaches? You're wearing only underwear and handcuffs, and you have to stay in the bag for 90 seconds


...posed nude in your journal? For one entire day, you post a picture of yourself entirely nude. Full frontal. The post can't be friends-only or private; it has to be accessable to everybody. You have to leave it up for 24 hours. You can write anything you want in the post.


...make out with a homeless person? They drive you to skid row and the first bum of the gender you're attracted they come across, you have to make out with him/her for 30 seconds. This includes tongue

(food) usagi eating ice cream

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This past week, anytime I leave the house for more than ten minutes, I get at least 130 (one night there was 250+) comments to a certain nomination post that I won't link here, because that'd be all, promoting myself or something.

Anyway, today I'm working, and will be out of the house for at least seven hours. The day I got the 130 comments I was gone for 5 hours, the 250+ comments was when I was gone 10 hours. By way of your MAGICAL psychic and/or math skills, TQC, how many comments do you think will appear in my inbox by the time I get home tonight?
chan marshall

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I am about to clean the downstairs level of the house which is a monster task .What type of music do you listen to while cleaning?

If i were to say to you "keep your eyes on the prize" What would i be referring to?

I am going to get Indian on the weekend. Will you be eating at any restaurants?
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Can someone please help me?
I've tried google and wtf_nature and haven't found what I'm looking for.

I am searching for an image of a tree that had some sort of human-like form growing at it's base. I think someone called it a tree baby or something. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

french toast

I'm making a Mother's Day breakfast for my family on Sunday. I want to make french toast, but every time I make it with normal bread it ends up all squishy and flat.

Where is the best place to find the thicker slices of bread to make thick french toast? Some recipes call for "challah" bread, but I've never seen nor heard of it. Any ideas?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I've been semi-hired for a really high-up daycare position this summer at our local Kids R Kids. I have to go by today in 2 hours to "test drive" the kids, if you will - make sure they work okay with me, etc. I haven't officially met the bosses yet, either. So I'm kind of confused as to what I should wear - if I dress too formal, I can't play with the kids, but I don't want to show up in jeans and a t-shirt either, because I haven't signed a contract yet and I don't want to blow it.

What should I wear, TQC? Halp, __ria!

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How old are you? Do you look older or younger than you are?

Do you have any stories related to this?

I'm 24 and I look much younger than I am. I answered my door the other day to see a couple of Jehova's Witnesses who asked, "Are your parents home?" Most people are shocked when they learn I'm actually in college and haven't been a high school student for seven years.

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Anyone in here own a Mustang? I'm currently without a ride, and one of my friends told me he would sell me his 96 Mustang for $1500. He had it on Craigslist for $2500. I looked it up and $2500 is the Blue Book value for a car thats in fair condition. I'm just afraid that this is going to be me throwing away $1500.
Good deal, y/n?
Does your answer change if the car has 108,000 miles on it? Is there even any sense in buying a car with that many miles?

My mom wants my sister and I to get her one of those necklaces that say something like "#1 MOM" or "Worlds Greatest Mom". Those are the tackiest things ever and the only place I know to go get them at is K Mart. SHE DOESN'T EVEN WEAR JEWELRY! How lame is my mom?

Is your mom the #1 mom evarrrr? If not, do you feel like a liar when you're forced to do things that suggest otherwise? Or do you just suck it up and realize that this simple (and hopefully cheap as hell) thing will make her happy?

Do you think people who claim to hate drama and talk about it constantly are secretly just waiting for the next thread war to start? If so, do they honestly think they're fooling anyone?!?!
Give a dog a home

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People who have sex with men:

You're hooking up with someone. The clothes are coming off. You discover that they have their entire body shaved, legs, chest, full manscaping, the works.

How do you feel about that?

What's for lunch?

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Should a professor take a good amount of points off of a paper (ie 15 out of 100) because you have "too many sources" when there was no limit put on the number of sources you can use in the paper? I feel like slashing his tires. :/

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We were supposed to get $1200 in our economic stimulus package, but our account shows a direct deposit of only $600.
Tax-paying American citizens of TQC, what's the deal?  Where's the other half of our money?
Did you get your money yet?  How much did you get?  Was it the same amount you were expecting to get?

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Poll #1185395 Hair today, gone tomorrow

In my previous poll, where I asked if you'd shave part of your sleeping friend's head while they slept...let's say the shoe were on the other foot. You are asleep, when suddenly, you're awakened by the sound of a razor and pressure to the top of your head. The first thing you see when you open your eyes is locks of your own hair over your face, that's no longer attached to your scalp. Your friend is there with a razor and apologizes, and hands you $1,500, which is half the offered reward for shaving a slice through your hair. You look in the mirror. From your forehead to the top of your head, there's a stripe of baldness, a few inches across. What's your primary feeling at this moment?

YOU FUCKING BITCH! What did you do? I look retarded! 1.5k isn't worth this!
Alright! Money! I could use it!
I had been wanting to shave my head for a while. Getting paid to do it is awesome.
My friend obviously needs the money bad enough to do this to me. I can deal with this if it helps him/her out, financially
I offer to give my friend my half of the money if I can shave her/his head
N/A. I'm already bald
I can have fun with this. I'll shave my head and tell people I've been secretly battling cancer all this time, and the chemo isn't working, and that they should be really, really nice to me now

Now that you're rocking a reverse mohawk, what will you do about it?

Shave my head. Go through a skinhead phase
Combover. I'll do my best to cover up the bald stripe with the rest of my hair
Hair weave

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Someone's car alarm is going off in one of the parking lots of my building complex. It is super annoying and has been going off for a good 10 minutes. My dogs are quite annoyed as well.

When will it shut off?
Has this happened to you? (had to listen to this awful noise)
What did you do?

Politics/Racism/Sexism OH MY!

Do you think black people are going to vote for Obama just because he's black? Why/why not?

Do you think women are going to vote for Hillary because she's female? Why/why not?

And in the reverse sense, do you think that people will vote for McCain because he's NOT black and/or NOT female? Why/why not?

*edited for verbage, I wrote it too fast*

*edited to add*
This was topic that came up on a talk radio program yesterday.


I'm going to relocate far away for a job soon. One of the current interns at the place where I'm going to work e-mailed all of the newly hired employees about the apartment where she lives now and how there are going to be room openings in a couple months. I e-mailed one of the landlords saying I was interested, and she said there was a room available. I said I definitely wanted to move in and asked if I needed to send her any other information and when I needed to send the deposit, and all she wrote was "Don't worry about the deposit until we see you. Look forward to seeing you!"

I e-mailed her back saying I would inform her of the exact date I was going to get there and asked if there was anything I needed to do in the meantime, and she hasn't responded. She never mentioned anything about paperwork or any of the details, and didn't confirm her address or the deposit/rent amount the tenant had given me, either. I would normally be suspicious, but since someone from my company lives there, it can't be that shady (?).

So, I am hoping that I will not just show up and have no place to live, but assuming this woman's offer is legitimate, what should I do next as far as contacting her? Should I just keep asking her to confirm details and hope she eventually responds or should I e-mail her the date I'm going to come as a courtesy and then just show up?
oh mr. tea

Money money money! (tl;dr)

So, yesterday I got an e-mail from a kid in my religious studies class asking the class for notes, and it ended with "I WILL PAY!"

I, being in desperate need of cash, and feeling like a nice person, offered to type up notes for them, and asked how much they were offering. They replied that they'd pay me $50. I said $65 would be better, but I'd be willing to stoop for $50.

I e-mailed them the notes last night against my better judgment, figuring that it'd help them out more than me handing them the notes 20 minutes before the test.

Flash forward to after the test today. I stopped him and he said he forgot to go to the ATM machine to get my money, and gave me his phone number and said he'd go and we could meet here in the library after going to said ATM.

Against my better judgment, I said fine. I've called twice since we finished our exam 1.5 hours ago. HE HAS NOT PICKED UP, THE BASTARD. I don't mind about the time it took to type them up, since it was just a way of studying for me, but I really wanted the money. D:

Poll #1185312 So, these are my questions

TQC, am I being strung along for a ride?

Yes, duh.

Will I ever get my money?

No. Duh.

Do I need to call in the mob?

Yes. Duh.

Should I call and spam his inbox until I drive him crazy, forcing him to pay up?

Yes. Duh.

I was stupid, right?

Yes, duh.
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Maynard pen

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Why does my check card keep declining, even though I have more than enough money in my account? The bank says everything is fine, and something about pre-authorization charges that sometimes will interfere with normal banking or whatever. My eyes kind of glazed over at that point, so I'm not sure exactly what she was talking about.

Anyway, WHY IS MY CARD NOT WORKING? I really need to gas up my car.

Does this ever happen to anyone else?
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Did you know there are artificial intelligence applications that can take a sentence and re-write it to mean the same thing?

Do you like to re-write sentences or express the same thing in more than one way?

I think it's awesome to do that, but I never paid much attention until I started to write rhymes. You know that internet joke where it says that arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics? Even if you win you're still retarded. I mostly re-wrote it as "As I proceed to get to preenin' with the drivel, I leave a little bit of dribble when I quibble".
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TQC, when looking at a new apartment to move into (specifically a basement apartment), what are the obvious/not so obvious things you should make sure you look at/for (besides water damage lol).

Any ideas on how to make a basement apartment brighter?
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

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Im looking for the name of a song and I've google searched and zip came up.

The only words I can remember are:

"Every time I hear that mellow (or another?) saxophone"
And then something about, "Mumbo Jumbo, Rock Rock Rock"

It's a swing/jazz song!
Help? Please?

Found it, thanks!

Anyone hear watch Bravo's Work Out?
Watcha think?

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I've been wasting a lot of time on the Internet these past few days, so I've caught up on all the sites I usually check when I'm bored.

Any suggestions for what I should browse next? I'm at work, so I'm pretty limited to Internet surfing for the next hour.
Cranky Rar!

People Magazine Mess Up

Anyone who gets/buys People Magazine notice that this week's issue (the one with Mariah and Nick Cannon's wedding) is messed up? After the Movie reviews (around 37) the pages repeat and the numbering is wonky like pages got shuffled up in the binding process. I'm wondering if it's just mine that got messed up or the whole batch.

Also, anyone have a home remedy to get rid of Poison Ivy?
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chan marshall

games games games games do do do do dooo

What are the best games for Xbox 360?

I am getting the console for Ea Skate, GtaIV & guitar hero mainly.

I have an old school playstation 1 which bit the dust a little while ago. The games and controllers are fine however. Should i sell the games + controllers for cash or hold onto them in case a miracle happens? 

Can you tell me your favorite comfort food?

email forwarding

I've been using the same old email address since high school, so I don't wanna quit it. I'm on a job hunt now and I need something more formal-sounding than the one I've got. Is there a way to make all the mail in my new address to bounce straight into my old one?

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 i'm 22.  would going to branson, MO with my family be any fun?  

i typically see these people a handful of times a year and sit quietly, trying not to say all the dirty words and blasphemous euphemisms that pop in my head (they are all assemblies of god pentocostal.  my brother in law is a deacon....i abandoned the church and live in sin with my boyfriend and best friend, who is also male)

i want to do it, but, really just cuz i want to go horseback riding and hang out in the mountains, but i highly doubt this will be what we're doing.

would you go??

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What was the last WTF thing to happen to you?

One of my favorite teachers is in jail at the moment, on charges of being a sex offender. Apparently, he accidently flashed the porn collection on his personal computer to his class THREE times. And he's the girls swim coach, and he took pictures of the girls and put them in his porn folder. Ew. :/ Of course my favorite teacher is a pedo.

When was the last time you went to the mall?

Do you like getting yearbooks?

What could I do to make you love me?
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yummy beer!, yummy

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Have you ever made an extremely difficult decision and been unsure for a long time (say a year or more) about whether you made the 'right' or at least a sound choice?

Have you ever later found out/received info or proof that you did in fact make a very good choice? 
If so, stories please...

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i found the blue prints of the Ruby Slippers online a few years ago. barring any possible legal restrictions, how much do you think it would cost to go to a costume shoe maker and have a pair made? hundreds or thousands?
delicious sushi

(no subject)

I want to plan something fun to do with my friend. We live in a somewhat small town where the normal activities are going to the movies, going bowling, and going to the mall. But we've done those things time and time again and it's getting boring! This friend is someone I'm somewhat romantically involved with, so I guess that could be a factor. I want us both to have a fun time out.

How should he and I spend the evening?
What's the best date you've ever been on?

School Lunch

1. Did you bring a packed lunch or order from the school cafeteria?

2. Which did you prefer? Lunch box or cafeteria?

3. What was your favorite cafeteria food?

4. What was in your lunch box a good majority of the time?

5. What did your favorite lunch box look like? Picture?

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They sell multi pack candies, multi pack chips, multi pack crackers and multipack cookies so you can buy one thing and get multiple flavors. Why haven't they done this with soda? I want to buy a 24 pack and have 4 different sodas to choose from depending on my mood. What do you think?

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...why are there about 30 people over in the lawn of my apartment complex playing with big foam-light-saber looking things?  I've never seen these things before in my life, and now all of a sudden the entire complex has them... kids, adults, teenagers... Is there some significance behind this that I'm not aware of?  I just scoured google images looking for a picture for reference, but my skillz are failing me.

ETA: Apparently some little kid got hurt and they all quit. :(  But they were doing this a few days ago so they'll probably do it again.  I'll hit up tqc_updates if I get a picture

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am I the only person who hasn't seen orange roses before?

any color you haven't seen roses be before?


what stuff is preventing you from using money for fun stuff?

I have to buy an expensive book and study for comps. also, I spent money on liability insurance.

(no subject)

How do you react to someone who used to be very underweight and complains about being fat for being at a healthy weight?

Is there a way to remove dye that has bleed onto other clothing in the wash?

Who is your favorite poet? Why?

Would you write me a haiku summarizing your day?

(no subject)

Have you ever emailed a professor after an exam you think you've done really badly in, but before the results come out?

I'm pretty sure I tanked my final on Wednesday. I tried hard, but the subject was outside usual strenghts, and I just froze once I started. My friend suggested I email the professor with some kind of explanation, on the off chance he decides to take it into account, but I really don't want to sound pathetic and whiny.

Any suggestions?

art comms

So I see all these art communities and people post their artworks on them, of course. Aren't they afraid someone will simply copy + paste their picture and call it their own??? I guess like hotlinking...not sure. I'm not saying they're stupid or anything, just wondering if they're worried about it or not.

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