May 8th, 2008

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ok I'm totally sick of this.
I've never had a tick before. ever.
within the past week I've had 5 that i know of, plus 2 more in the past month. neither my son nor my husband are getting them. my dogs are frontlined with flea+tick. my cats aren't outside cats but apparently that doesn't matter because I'm not an outside person and I'm getting them.
I'm going NUTS about this right now. I'm so itchy and I feel like something is crawling all over me.

I wear flip flops outside, and shorts and tshirts, so does my family.

Why me?

ALSO, is there a way to prevent them without chemicals? and what can I do to keep them the (#*&)&(* out of my yard?

also, I don't have health insurance and money is tight. am I going to die of lyme disease?

Lain Out

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What's the dumbest argument you've ever been a part of in real life?


- When I was a freshman in college I lived with the bitchiest bitch to ever bitch in bitch town. Due to overcrowding we were stuck in a triple for a few weeks before rooms opened up. She made it as miserable as possible for all parties concerned since she was the spoiled type who couldn't make concessions for anyone. Anyway, it all came to a head one day when she exploded on me as if I had kept all three of us trapped in this one room just to spite her. The crowning moment of the argument though was when she told me that this was "the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to her!"



- On a forum a lady once fought me for being an atheist. Religion is always good for bringing the wank but she was telling me that since I hadn't experienced severe illness, lost a parent, a child or a spouse I obviously had never had been tested. I tried to calmly explain to her that she had no idea what I had been through in my life and that I thought her criteria was very narrow minded (loss of sibling doesnt count?) but she pulled the old "fingers in ears, i can't hear you" response mechanism.

What should I do?

My husband's best friend is getting married soon. I went to the bride's bachelorette party and spent around $50 on her presentand then spent another $60 at the party (it was at a wine cellar/restaurant - the few girls that went split the bride-to-be's dinner and drink cost). My husband, being the best man, has to pay for the bachelor party that's coming up on Saturday. We also have bought my husband's outfit and my son's (he's the ring bearer).

I feel like I've spent a TON of money that we don't necessarily have a lot of lately for their wedding. I still have yet to buy them a wedding gift. My husband says not to, since we've already spent a bit already, but I think that's tacky.

What would you do?

(I just noticed my trend of crap questions, sry.)
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Another freak accident occurs, and you're the proud mother/father of a newborn. (For argument's sake, assume you wanted said baby very badly.) The catch is that you must name the baby after a celebrity's baby. What will you name your new bundle of joy?

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Aliens have pulled you from your warm bed into their spaceship late one night. Why do you suppose they've chosen you?

My intelligence
My healthy DNA. I'm a model human being
I'm a woman. Mars needs women, don't they?
It's common knowledge I'm open to anal probes
Because I saw Star Wars 20 times

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what should i do right now?

get another glass of wine and put a movie on
make something to eat (either a sandwich or a burrito)
go to sleep
clean my bathroom and organize my studio
practice drawing roses
green addiction

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I work the front desk at a hotel.  I'm the night auditor, so I work overnight from 11pm to 7am.  My security guard was doing the rounds, and he came across this car in the parking lot (black Dodge Challenger, Virginia plates).  The doors are wide open, but there are no people in or around it, and there's a note under the windshield wiper that says:

"The meter is broken."

We have no meters in our parking lot. 

It's been sitting there for about an hour and a half.

Creepy or just weird?

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When you kiss someone and it feels really good, do you wonder that they might be experiencing something totally different?
What is good kissing for you?
What's the longest amount of time you spent kissing someone? Who/when/where?

For me personally, kissing is good if I feel in synch with the other person and don't feel their tongue poking around weird places, or their mouth totally gobbling mine up.

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1. Is there something you'd like to say to the opposite sex as a whole?
     -Just because I'm single, doesn't mean I'm available.
2. How about the same sex?
     -Stop calling each other sluts and whores it just makes it ok for guys to do that.
3. What season does your birthday fall in?
    -Beginning of Summer
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1. Are you celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday? How?
2. Do you get Mother's Day cards for anyone other than your mother?
3. Would you actually want to be the president/leader of your country?
4. What is the most recent image you uploaded?

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TQC, plz halp.

My sound settings somehow got fucked up on my computer. I use Sound Recorder a lot and it used to automatically record whatever was playing in the background but now it does not. Do any of you fine young people know how to fix this? I don't even know how it got undone to begin with :(



Do your farts ever smell EXACTLY like the food you ate? Normally mine just smell like... farts. But tonight they reek of the weird-ass concoction of foodz I came up w/earlier. Blehhhh.

The thing about regret is...

OK, is it really better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done? Please support your answer with examples from your own life, detailed diagrams, confusing statistics, Youtube links, unpronounceable foreign words and/or rhyming couplets.
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my friend is kind of a dipshit and went snooping around on her boyfriend's computer and found he's been searching for women on craigslist. she wants to know how to confront him without admitting she was snooping. i don't think she can. what should i tell her to do?

i've never been in a serious relationship so i don't know squat. i think she should just dump his ass if he's doing it on craigslist but she won't.

eta: i told her to just admit it and she actually seems to think that's the best thing to do. which is a shock.


I remember back in middle school there being this poll asking would you rather wake up everyday with a smile on your face because you were happy and looked forward to your job, or have a job that makes a lot of money. (Although I suppose a job could be both).

My questions are:

1. Do you wake up with a smile on your face ready to start work everyday?

2. What is/was your dream job, and what is your status in achieving it? (IE: Still in school, gave up on it, already have it, never figured it out, etc.)

3. How old were you (and was it a certain event) when you figured out what you wanted to be in life?

4. If you have given up on your "dream job" (if you feel like sharing) what happened in life that got you to that point?
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GUYS I need your help.
There's a photo contest going on at my school and I need desperately to win it, 1) because I bet a friend 10€ I would and 2) I need the ego boost (and there's a number 3 having to do with a crush of mine but that's irrelevant-ish).
Problem is it has to be of the region I live in (Alentejo) and all my best photos are from other regions... damn.

Anyway, out of these photos, which one(s, I can use more than one) should I enter?



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I hate these. asoidjfaosijkj. failure.

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Are there any odors that you absolutely can't stand? I mean, besides, you know, poop and farts and exhaust and cigarette smoke- odors that are SUPPOSED to be pleasant, but that you can't handle.

Are there any bad smells (like gasoline, cigarette smoke, your own farts *snerk*) that you actually like?

Have you ever experienced "scent sensitivity", where a scent drives you absolutely nuts, gives you massive headaches, etc.?
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1. What was the last "adventure" you had?

2. Do you seem to always have your adventures with the same person or different people? If it's the same person, can you tell me about that person?
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At what point would you make the decision to have your pet put to sleep?

I have a Dalmatian who is nearing 15 years old (I've heard so much back and forth between dog years and human years I dont know what that equates to in dog years anymore)

He is not sick in the way that he has any life threatening illnesses. He has arthritic hips but he is on medication for it and he also has a skin condition which he is also on medication for.

He has accidents from time to time but with age comes loss of control so thats fairly normal really and we've already had him to the vet and there's nothing thats causing it other than just old age

He still has a good appetite but has lost weight over the past two years.

He is still mentally together and he is very frisky when he goes on walks.

The only other thing is he seems to be developing cataracts in both of his eyes which worries me because I do not have the money IMMEDIATELY to get them taken care of.

He will be moving up north to a very hot climate with my parents this summer and I'm worried that he might not adapt well to the 9 hour drive and the area in general...I dont know how fast or easily older dogs handle changes like this.

Understand I dont WANT to put him down, I just want whats best for him and most comfortable. The vet says its likely he could live another two years which would be EXTREME for a Dalmatian but if hes going to be uncomfortable for him in any way is it really worth it?

What would you do?
Family Guy- dance the dance!

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I have nine days until I am a Mrs. I am starting to feel the anxiety kicking in. (Not about marrying my FH but about little details and such.)

What advice can you all give me for things I should do during the week of the wedding? I feel like I am going to forget to do something and can use all the advice/help I can get.

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We have a huge park near our house - it's got all sorts of hiking/jogging/biking trails and stuff. It's very "foresty" and people aren't allowed in most of it because it's a nature preserve.

My husband wants to rent a realistic gorilla (or bigfoot) suit and hide out in the park somewhere where he's off of a trail, but just barely visible to people walking along the trails. Basically, he wants to pretend to be bigfoot to mess with people.

If he got caught, what sort of trouble could he get in? I really want to see him do this because I think it would be funny to watch other people's reactions to it.


I really want to get a bunch of those hanging basket plants for my porch, but they're always somewhere between $15-$30 for ONE and I'm a cheap ass. Has anyone ever made their own? I haven't even seen the plastic hanging baskets empty anywhere. Can I just plant whatever flowers in there?

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TQC, does the following sentence make sense?

 "I would expect small changes that we will work with Time keeping individually"

I work with a bunch of morons, y/n?

ETA: I got this in an email from someone I work with. I think he's pretty high up, too. I died a little inside.

Let's play telephone!

How many phones does your household have(cell phones&landlines)?

How much is your phones bill(s) a month?

If you have a cell phone, is it one you paid for or one that came free with your plan?

Who is your favorite person(s) to call? 

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leave your turntable on

...this is why I can't be taken seriously. ever.

So: a bunch of my friends and I saw Iron Man, and the general consensus among a lot of us is that Robert Downey Jr. is really, really hot in it. Even the ones who weren't into him prior came to the same conclusion. Which kind of leads to two questions.

1. Are there any actors/actresses who have become more attractive to you due to a role they've played?
2. Or is it just possible that we have a thing for superheroes? ('Cause, well, we're psyched about The Dark Knight too)
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For those of you who have worked in full-service restaurants (not fast food or counter service), what were the house policies regarding "tipping out" to other employees?

For example, if a server made a total of $100 in tips in one shift, what percentage was he required to "tip out" to the people who helped him make those tips (host, busser, bartender, runner)?
Was the kitchen ever tipped out? What percentage?
Was the dishwasher ever tipped out? What percentage?
Were the cooks making a higher wage per hour than the FOH? How much?

Please include the type of restaurant (diner, cafe, fine dining, etc.) for reference, and I'd appreciate your opinion on how well your tipping system worked.

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What should you be doing right now?

- studying for my major Italian final that I have in a few hours

What are you going to eat for lunch?

- Pizza!

What was the most stressful situation you've been in this week?

- Driving home from the Bronx after the Yankee Game last night..UGH
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

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when you watch a movie that has been based on a book are you the type of person that tries to keep the two things apart from each other or are you the type to sit and scrutinize every aspect of the movie and then whine about how much they messed up?

what movie genre do you like the most?

which movie genre do you wish would die?

When similar movies come out in relatively rapid succession (i.e. Ils, Funny Games, and The Strangers) would you go and see (or rent/download) all three or just the one that looks the best?

Heritage & Language

Does your heritage interest you? Would you consider taking language classes related to your heritage (if you don't already speak it/them)? How about if there isn't an abundance of opportunity to use it?

I am Slovak and have the opportunity to take Slovak or Czech language classes. Czech is more tempting as visiting Prague is more likely than Bratislava but outside of my local Czech/Slovak club and a trip every few years, its not a language that comes in handy.
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Ok this has been bugging me to hell and back!

I watched a movie yesterday about a ballerina called Alyssa who develops an eating disorder and she's not allowed to do ballet anymore. I think it has the word 'dance' in the title...but I could be wrong

It was really good and I DON'T KNOW THE NAME OF IT! I've scoured IMDB under taglines and everything and it's not there! Does anyone know it?

It was Dying to Dance!

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Do you ever smell things that you KNOW are impossible for you to be smelling?

For example, on my way to work in my car I kept smelling maple syrup. And right now, at work, I smell bug spray. Neither of these things were/are near me.
Am I going crazy, TQC?

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My 'net was down all morning.
I think I had withdrawal symptoms.
What do you do when you can't eget your 'net fix?

(Notice I said net FIX...not net FLIX...two totally different things)

Mish Mash

1. Will you post a pic or link to an item of clothing, shoes, or an accessory you want or have recently purchased?

2. Do you feel you were born in the right time? If not, what time period do you feel you would have been happier in?

3. Are you out of your element, Donny?
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How fast can a person become addicted to caffeine? I mean to the point where going without causes headaches.

What has been making you happy lately?

oh and what community would you say you spend the most time reading?

Losing my friends to their religion

 I am a very liberal person that respects all races and religions.  However, although I was born, raised and bar mitzvah'd Jewish, I do not consider myself a "practicing Jew".  My questions pertains to 2 friends I have had for many years.  Until a few years ago, there was nothing unusual about the way they followed their respective religions.  Since a few years ago, they have both become religious "devotees".  I don't know if that is the correct word but, I am trying to describe one step under fanatacism.  Both are female and married, as I am, (married that is -not female).

1. Has anyone heard about this revival that is going on in Lakekand, Florida conducted by a Todd Bentley?
2.  Do you believe in genuine "healings" on a grand scale or, otherwise?
3.  Since I am Jewish and as such, do not believe Jesus is the son of the Lord - am I screwed because I can never go to heaven?
4.  Have any of you ever lost a friend to a "jelous" God?

I hope these questions are appropriate to ask in this club.
Kill de bastards

Favorite Geek Threats!

"You know, we're all basically descended from fish. Theoretically, it wouldn't be that difficult to go back in time, find the fish you came from, and toss it in a cuisinart."
The Real Ghostbusters

"I come in peace."
movie of the same name

"I have come to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubblegum."
They Live

Your turn:
What are your 3 favorite movie/geek/fandom related threats, implied or otherwise?
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1. Waking up after a one night stand to find that you wet the bed
Waking up after a one night stand to find that your "partner" wet the bed

2. Diarrhea

3. Never trusting anyone
Always trusting everyone

4. Being unable to shower
Being unable to brush your teeth

5. Premature ejaculation
Erectile dysfunction

6. Great sex with someone you hate
Horrible sex with someone you love

7. In an elevator...
Loud fart with no stench
Silent fart that smells like dead animal

8. Drowning
Burning to death
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Name that quote

No googling allowed

What movie is this quote from? I want to put a bullet between the eyes of every panda that wouldn't screw to save its species

Natural Born Killers
Fight Club

What movie is this quote from? Mongo only pawn in game of life.

Animal House
Blazing Saddles
10,000 B.C.
Young Frankenstein

What movie is this quote from? It's important to have a job that makes a difference, boys. That's why I manually masturbate caged animals for artificial insemination

Chasing Amy
Clerks 2
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

What movie is this quote from? "Would it... kill you to say something?" "I did" "No." That's the first thing you've said in the last four hours. That's, a fountain of conversation there, buddy. That's a geyser."

Uncle Buck
Ace Venture: When Nature Calls
Starsky and Hutch

What movie is this quote from? If there's one thing this last week has taught me, it's better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.

True Romance
Pulp Fiction
Jackie Brown
Kill Bill
Reservoir Dogs
me - with gun

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Have you ever had a cast?

What was it on and why did you have it?

When you had it removed, did you do any physical therapy?

I just heard today that it's apparently normal to have to do physical therapy after removing a cast, but I had one all the way up my arm as a kid and didn't have therapy for it... guess it depends on the injury ;)

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Does it annoy you when people edit their comments to your posts repeatedly?

I posted to a community, and this girl edited her comments at least 3 times. EACH. I got an email every time. And the edits weren't big things...they were commas and capital letters. I say, LET IT GO. Maybe she is still editing them...I made it so I don't get emails anymore.

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Do the "who likes me" and "ask me something" posts on TQC remind anyone of being in grade school on Valentine's Day, with your little hand-decorated paper bag hanging off your desk, waiting desperately for a pretty valentine with candy inside?
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Let's say you find yourself in your kitchen, you're getting ready to make cookies for your boyfriend/girlfriend/pimp/goldfish whenever you realize you're out of the materials needed to make it from scratch. Thankfully, you remembered you had a package of pre-made stuff in the fridge so you get that out and unwrap it. You notice an odd smell, but nothing too out of the ordinary. You just hadn't used that stuff in a long time, so you chalk it up to being unfamiliar.

So you take a knife and cut out of the first slice of dough and you hear a scream. Not the typical kind of scream that comes from cookie-dough, but something that sounds much more like you stabbed your neighbor in the throat with a sharpened toothbrush after learning that he's been sleeping around with your mother for the past three years and forcing her into various BDSM things that would cause even the most free-thinking sexual deviant to turn shades of red that resemble something not unlike your cookie dough.

You cut into it again, and it screams again. You decide the best course of action, at the point, is to throw it in the garbage. This doesn't work out very well, because your garbage becomes possessed by the spirit of the stuff and turns into something not entirely unlike a giant garbage golem that smells of old and expired food. You discover you're quickly running out of tools to throw at it, because it absorbs them into itself and becomes a sharp, smelly and rotting thing that is quite capable of causing a severe infection if gets any closer to you.

It looks at you with it's dead eyes made of chewed gum and pieces of moldy cheese and gurgles out, "When does your milk expire?"

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1. The satellite Voyager launched more than 30 years ago, and on it is the Golden Record which contains music, languages and pictures detailing pieces of human civilization. It is intended to be found either by other intelligent life forms or future humans and is our first message to space.

If you had to pick one song and one photograph or picture as examples of human heritage to go on a new Golden Record, what would they be?

2. There was controversy over the inclusion of Pioneer plaques on various other satellites. These indicate the origin of these satellites if they're found by other life forms. Is it dangerous to put these on and give away our location to "anyone" who might find them? Why or why not?

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For those of us that missed out on this last night!

Is there something you always wanted to know about another TQCer? Comment and see what people have always wanted to know about you. Whether or not you want to answer is your decision.
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How exactly can I get it through my mother's unrelentingly thick skull that I do not want to go to school for art? I've said it I don't know how many times but she pushes and pushes and even gets total strangers I've never met to agree with her and tells me about it. ?!!??

What did/do your parents want you to do with your life?

What did/do you want to do instead?

(no subject)

Your boss has proposed a policy to be set forth. While she is out, the president of your organization approaches you and asks you for your opinion. You don't agree with the policy that your boss has proposed. Do you tell the president this or do you go along with your boss?
House cartoon-style

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What was the last thing that frightened you?

Me - I woke up this morning, and the first thing I did was head to the bathroom to use the toilet. I gave myself a good scare when I looked at my hair in the mirror. I shit you not, my hair looked EXACTLY like Professor Beakman's hair. I have black hair as well, to boot.
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1. When was the last time you gave something to a stranger? What was it?
I gave a cab driver a scarf for his wife this morning.

2. What is your hair washing routine? What products do you use and in what order do you use them?

(no subject)

What should I get my mom for mothers day? I usually give her earrings, a cd, or flowers, but I'm hoping to do something different this year. Suggestions?

Edit: I'm also going to make her dinner that night, but I feel like I need to get her something little as well...

feminism (i know..)

I'm planning on writing a paper on the problems with feminism. I'd like your honest answers to these questions. I'm not going to define what I mean by feminism because that would skew the answers.



Poll #1184771 Feminism

What is your (current) sex?

Other (specify in comments if you can, please)

What is your current gender?

Trans (and the like)
Other (specify in comments please)

Are you a feminist?


What is a feminist?

Why are you [not] a feminist?

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what's the last fun/funny thing to turn sad for you?
extra points if we can laugh at it.

earlier, my boyfriend and i were wrestling and it turned into a slap fight and then got to pinching. he pinched my shoulder, not realizing that my nerve damage flares up when things like that happen... then he bit that same arm. now my arm and my shoulder and my hand hurt :( i want to whine but i don't want him to feel bad because it was a mistake.
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The colors on my monitor have suddenly become very red for no discernable reason. When I turned it off last night, it was fine, but today everything is red. Anyone know why, or how I can fix it?

ETA: False alarm, turns out I'm retarded and the cable that hooks to the computer wasn't screwed in all the way. Thanks for you help (and to the person who likes my icon).

Yeah yeah no one likes anime

I'm having a heck of a time finding a new anime to follow, any suggestions? Preferably something not dubbed into English. While henti is great in its own light, the cheeky soft pr0n panty shot type isn't really my thing. Some of my favorites have been Elfen Lied, Monster, Last Exile, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Claymore, Gankutsuou, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien etc. etc.
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(no subject)

What are some songs that everybody knows the words (or at least the chorus) to?

I mean like...songs you can put on a CD. Not "Happy Birthday" and shit.



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july 21

(no subject)

i'm due for a little laugh.

funny (youtube) videos, please!?

also, what kind of dog do you have?
if you don't, what kind of dog would you like to have?
or if you already have a dog and want another, then what kind?

i have an miniature american eskimo.
i'd like to add a nova scotia duck tolling retriever or a weimaraner to the family though!


I need new music to clean the kitchen to. Six months ago what I had in my meager collection was fine, but now I am tackling a kitchen that is full of crumbs and sludge and all sorts of what used to be delicious meatloaf mixings. It's pretty bad, and it's going to take at least an hour.

What music do you like cleaning to? Or anything that really gets your motor running? 'Cause baby, I ain't gonna put my dancing panties on if I ain't got anything to dance to.
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Arrested Development

(no subject)

Guys, I am sick of school and want to draw something. Will you post a picture of someone/thing pretty and colorful? It has to be alive, and it has to have a face. Humans are preferable. Also little kids are freakishly difficult, no matter how cute they are, and I don't wanna do anything harrrrd right now. Lol I'm such a frigging lazy artist x)
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cubs hat

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Here's the story:

My husband and I are checking out different cities to see where we want to live. We plan on going to Portland in June, but haven't booked the trip yet. We're waiting because my mother-in-law says she's going to have an engagement party for my brother-in-law some time in June. She's been saying this for a few weeks now.

We've talked to her, asked her to narrow it down. She has to talk to other family members and whatnot to see when people are free. I have no idea if she has or not, but she hasn't come to a decision yet.

Personally, I think she needs to get on it. I'm ready to pick a weekend and book our trip. My husband doesn't want to cause an argument, so he thinks we should wait until we hear back from his mom.

Would you book the trip, or wait? How long would you wait to book the trip?

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1. When you eat & drink does it have to taste 'right' together? For example, would you drink lemonade while you were eating pasta?

2.If you smoke cigarettes what brand do you smoke? If the store doesnt carry that kind, what do you get as an alternative?
For example i smoke Camel Menthols but if they dont have any, i'll resort to Newport 100s.

3. If you do smoke, do you smoke inside or do you go outside? and why?

(no subject)

1. You're hanging out with a friend, whose parents are buying you dinner from a fast food place to eat while you study together. She and her family are vegetarians for religious reasons. Do you choose a vegetarian option for dinner?

2. What does "here's looking at you kid" actually mean?

3. Got any plans for tonight?
Lain Out

Since I just ate...

For those that have worked in the food service industry, what's the most disgusting meal you ever had to prepare or serve to a customer?

I think mine was liverwurst and mustard on a cinnamon raisin bagel or the pastrami, swiss, potato salad, sauerkraut and cole slaw sub.
my bad

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My boyfriend has been e-mail chatting with his ex for a few months... I know this because I saw in his Gmail account (which he gave me the password for) that he had set up another account, so I was snoopy and logged into the new account to see if anything was in there. Sure enough, it's got e-mails from his ex.

I log-in about once a week to see if they've been e-mailing. I wouldn't care if he just told me he's talking with his ex, but he's doing it all sneaky-like and their messages say stuff like "miss you" "kisses" "bye babe"... along with other stuff.

Some days it really gets me down knowing that he's chatting with her and hiding it.

Should I say something to him?

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What is a band that you secretly love but would never tell anyone about for fear of being ridiculed and/or stoned to death?
Mine is Slipknot.  eep.

Do you lose respect for someone (even if it's just a teensy bit) when you find out that they like music you find repulsive?

This has probably been asked already but...What's a genre of music that you can not stand under any circumstance?
Who wants to bet that the number one answer is country?
delicious sushi

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I have raccoon eyes.

What can I do about the bags under my eyes short of getting more sleep? I'm up for home remedies, products off the shelf, hoodoo dances - anything to keep from looking so haggard in the mornings!

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Why is my neighbor screaming for no reason?

Why are people so snarky online?

What color is your shirt? Pants? Socks? Nails?

Do you do those really long myspace surveys?

What's your myspace? If you don't mind sharing.

Did you ever collect beanie babies?

What song ALWAYS makes you happy?
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Do you generally enjoy the music that they play in stores or at the mall?

What store plays the best music?

Will you tell me a good story with irony in it?

What's an example of irony in your own life?

Who else is watching The Office tonight?
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1.) What's your favourite quick/easy meal to make?
2.) When writing an essay, what's your page per hour rate?

1.) Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup
2.) About a page per hour, on average
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Sensitive subject?

Have any of you had a history of being verbally abused? Are you out of that situation now? How did you cope with it afterwards? How did you cope with it during?

If you're out of that situation, how are you doing now? Do you feel any lasting effects?

Edit: Who was doing the abusing?
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Communities of like-minded folks

"The goal of it to establish gated communities containing 100% Ron Paul supporters and or people that live by the ideals of freedom and liberty. "

Would you move to a community such as this?
What are your thoughts about places like this?

I seem to remember a radical christian guy who wanted to create his own community in Florida... anyone else remember this?

Genetics Help

So I can't get in touch with my genetics professor but have no idea how to answer a question that I'm certain is going to be on the final tomorrow:

The number of apples on an apple tree ranges from a minimum of 140 to a maximum of 220 apples. There are 4 pairs of genes involved in determining the number of apples on a tree. We cross a 140 x 220 tree and get F1 trees. We then cross two F1 trees and get our F2.

a: How many apples are on the F1 tree?
b: What does each active allele contribute to apples production?
c: What ratio of trees in the F2 have 200 or more apples?

The answers:

a: 180 apples
b: 10 apples each
c: 37/256

Even though I have the answers I don't know what to do in order to get them. Can anyone help me?
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Have you ever been to the Rock on the Range festival in Columbus OH? 

Would you be willing to answer a couple of stupid questions about the show/venue/rules for me?  
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When is it appropriate to make someone else's business your own?

When is the last time someone made your business their's, unnecessarily?

PS, how do you feel about pussies who comment anonymously? Anyone know the IP of :) Apparently it's shechoselove, why does she have a stick up her ass? Will someone remove it please?

4 questions about drugs.

I’m making a short film in stop animation format that is essentially a drug comedy-drama. I hate the term “dramedy”.


I’m trying to be accurate so I was wondering if any of you could help me out with a few questions? I’ve tried Googling and I’m not getting what I need at all.


Hear are the four questions:

1. What would you say the top 5 worst drugs are? (If you can, make 5 the worst and 1 the least bad of the 5.)

2. According to the 5 drugs listed, what are the physical symptoms usual of a people heavily addicted to each of those drugs. Like which drugs produce track marks, chapped lips, face sores, hair loss, acne, emaciation, etc.

3. How would people act on each of those drugs? Are they moody, angry, overly excited, go into manias like cleaning too much, become amorous, etc. 

4. Name some drug clichés that really piss you off so I can try to avoid them as best as possible.


I’ve seen a fair amount of drug movies because I love them for a lot of reasons though I myself have not tried every drug under the sun. I would just like other perspectives.

I’m grateful for your input and I will be sure to credit the usernames of anyone who answers the questions (as well as the Question Club) in the closing credits of the movie.
Thank you in advance. I may not be around when you post your answers but I will read everything when I get a chance.

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I just went swimsuit shopping for a party tomorrow and it made me completely hate my body and I found nothing I liked. Even one-piece suits don't work because my torso is too long. I look alright in clothes where my love handles and cellulite aren't on display.

What should I do to boost my self-esteem and find a swimsuit that actually fits right?

Instant Messaging

Do you feel offended if you are always the person initiating a conversation with one specific person on your buddy list?

And on the other side:

Do you ever get confused and wonder why the person you're talking to is getting offended at having to initiate each conversation you have with them?
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I was at the used DVD/CD store, and I saw a copy of the "Josie and the Pussycats" movie that said it had been edited for family viewing.

What was edited for family viewing??
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A really close friend of mine just tried to kill himself tonight. He's being taken to the hospital now.

Will you pray/send good thoughts for him?
Have you ever had a friend try to kill themselves?
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