May 7th, 2008

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Sex Slang

What is your favorite way to say a guy couldn't get it up? I just heard "The alphabet soup did not spell go".

What other sex sayings do you like? I'm partial to "It's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway".
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(no subject)

1.) on average, how much does it usually cost to adopt a child?
i really want to adopt a child with osteogenesis imperfecta, which is brittle bone disease, the same disease i have, but childbirth for me might be fatal.

2.) what are some of your favorite girl names, preferably ones that would go with the middle name "Mae".
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(no subject)

Which would you rather lose?

The right to bear arms.
The right to vote.

I'd say the right to vote, b/c at least I can really do something with the right to bear arms and be sure it will have the results that I intended.

EDIT: The point that I am trying to make, that a lot of people seem to not be getting, is that hear in the US, the right to vote is not a guaranteed result. I did not vote for my mayor, my governor, or the president and yet I am still stuck with their politics and their decisions. With the right to bear arms, there is a one person one vote method b/c each person chooses whether he or she will bear arms or not. It is not a choice made by some sort of governing body and allows for equal say in the matter per person.

Also, as an fyi: I am not pro-gun at all and don't see when I would ever own one.
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever heard any of these expressions? Without cheating, can you explain what each one means?

A. "Now you're cookin' with Crisco!"
B. "eighty-six" (used as a verb)
C. "have kittens" (not in reference to cats)

2. If you've heard them before, where did you live at the time?

(no subject)

Do you like backgammon? Are you old or Persian?

I love backgammon, I play it all day, and I am neither.

Why do I keep getting charley horses in my calves and feet?

My mom claims it's from inactivity. But I want an answer that points to an action I'll feasibly change.

Have you ever had a pet with hyperthyroidism? What type of pet? How did they treat it and was the treatment effective?

My 14 year old kitty has it. They treated her with some pill and it made her much worse, so now she's off it and howls for food throughout the night til they decide how to effectively treat it.
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(no subject)

Ever go to Dave & Buster's?

If yes, what was the coolest part?

If not,then assume you got to pick something to be allergic to. What would it be?

**A serious allergy, not something that's mild.

(no subject)

Would you like to go to the beach with me tomorrow?

If I do end up going to the beach I will be wearing a bikini for the first time in public since I was about 9! I am nervous.

What are you self-conscious about?

In this post

1. Will you write a letter to someone you want to say something to?

2. Will you post the letter here and tell us why you want them to read this letter?

3. 0r maybe you never want them to read it, but it feels good getting it out in the open. Does it feel good?

mine in comments
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(no subject)

What is one belief held by others which you cannot understand?
And can we keep from killing each other over it?

I cannot understand creationism. At all. I don't understand being childfree, but I respect those who choose the lifestyle.
Big Love

My Drama

Ok, so the bar that I always go to has a softball team. Last year some guy (who is our close friend) quit the team twice because he had some bad games. This season they asked him not to be on the team. Who is wrong? The people that put softball before friendship or the people that said they'd rather have someone that wasn't as good but committed to the team? Obviously, I already have my opinion formed but I also want to make sure that I'm not being unreasonable.

(no subject)

1. Anyone know of any cars that get good miles to the gallon?  (Possibly getting a new car)
2. If you could have any animal for a pet, and it wouldn't hurt/kill/poison/eat you, what would you have?
3. Do you like the sound of bagpipes? How about accordions?
I <3 TLV

Mystery game!

I'm trying to find an old game that came with Windows 3.1. The object of the game was to move around blocks so that a big red block could be pushed out of a shape. The levels were all flower names. It looked something like this:

Does anyone know what game this is?

(no subject)

Where do you draw the ick line?
Forty year old guy and a 21 year old woman?
40 and 25?
40 and 30?
40 and 35?

Not for me...for a ...friend...yeah.

Oh yeah...are you guy or a girl?

This is for science.

(no subject)

Are there any things you consistently confuse for each other?

I'm always mixing up Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, and The Man Who Would Be King and The Once and Future King.

I mean, I know the difference, but that doesn't stop me.

(no subject)

Was talking about this with a friend last night, and she thinks I'm a lunatic.

I worked at McDonalds for a while, and I hated the name tags. I hated that people, whom I had never met before, would use my name. Even not counting the lecherous old guys, or the guys trying to pretend they knew me("Hey, you're... Meg, right?"), I just thought it was really obnoxious and borderline rude that people would say "Hi Megan, Can I get a hamburger blah blah blah..." "thanks, Megan."

Now, I'm not, like, "A proper gentleman never speaks to a lady until he's been formally introduced," I just feel like if the only reason you know my name is that it's on the tag, you shouldn't be addressing me all friendly/familiar-like.

Am I the only person thinking this, or does it annoy other nametag-wearing people?
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(no subject)

1. Do you take sick pleasure in popping zits?
2. Do you have any foolproof methods of getting a zit to stop hurting and being all under the skin and stuff?
3. What other TQC-themed communities are you in?
4. What is your favorite dip? What is your favorite item to dip in it?
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(no subject)

When was the last time you pissed some one off, but they were mad for a very dumb reason?

Have you ever gotten a death threat?

(I made two comics forever ago with some lighthearted teasing towards Inuyasha in one and certain kinds of art in another. Just this morning alone I got a pyscho death threat from an Inuyasha fan and a persecution complex from an inflation artist. I am LOLing, so much)
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(no subject)

If you had to interview the alumns of your highschool's first graduating class, what would you ask them?
(my highschool is celebrating 40 years)
(as part of my job, i gotta do this)

non serious are welcome, but im also looking for suggestions!
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(no subject)

1. Does anybody know how to unlock the trunk to a 2008 Volvo? apparently you have to use a key and one of our customers just locked their keys in the trunk and has no way of getting INTO the trunk without the keys.. is there another way? AAA is on their way, thank you though!

2. IN A RELATIONSHIP PEEPS WHO LIVE WITH THEIR SO: who handles the $? in regards to who pays the bills, is in charge of any unforeseen expenses, etc., do you guys have a joint account or separate bank accounts?

3. SINGLE PEEPS: when was the last time you went on a date? who was it with? did you have a good time?

First post

Were you the kind of kid that...

a)sucked on a piece of candy until it disappeared?
b)crunched into it immediately?

I used to annihilate candy as soon as I put it in my mouth. Candy never stood a chance! I am the complete opposite now, though :) Am I more patient?

(no subject)

Is there an easy way to embed a YouTube video into a powerpoint presentation?

I have to present in my Philosophy class tomorrow. PowerPoint is not required at all but I figured I would use it and then embed the Philosopher's Song into the presentation and present last and get a laugh out of everyone since it is the last session of that class for the semester.


(no subject)

You work in an office environment where each person has his/her own cubicle. You come in in the morning and your co-worker approaches you and says "I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your lint roller." Your lint roller is in a drawer in your desk and you are shocked that she even knows that you have one, or more specifically, that she knows where it is.

How do you feel about it? Do you care if your co-workers go through your personal stuff? Would you be put off by it?

(no subject)

This morning I managed to get a pretty good score on my Physical Fitness test, in spite being out of shape due to laziness and puking my guts out.

What made you smile this morning?
Any big plans for today?

I have to go to work and write performance evaluations, ugh.
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(no subject)

I normally don't weight myself often, but I did the morning after I got home from school for the summer, and this morning. I had no no shoes, dry hair, hadn't eaten, same scales, same conditions both times. 12 days apart, and I have lost 13 pounds. My question is, have I really lose 13 pounds, or is my scale wacky?

My face felt thinner, which is why I weighed myself today in the first place...but 13 pounds in 12 days? Come on TQC, what really happened?

(no subject)

Do you feel like you're going to vomit after taking a multi-vitamin?

Within ten or fifteen minutes I feel like I'm going to puke everywhere and the feeling doesn't go away for at least an hour. I thought it was just me, but then I saw a girl at school take a women's one-a-day and puke within five minutes.

Have you ever worked in a group for a class where everyone was getting the same grade...but yet somehow, you ended up doing ALL of the work? Did you talk to the teacher/professor about it? Were you the person that didn't do anything?
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(no subject)

My boss is computer incompetent and managed to move his task bar to the side and lock it there. Due to slow computers, it has taken me about 10 minutes to google the solution, and I am now rather irked.

TQC, what are your bosses incompetent at? Do you often have to fix their mistakes as a result of this? What was the last thing to irk you?

mother's day for aunts

1. Do most stores carry mother's day cards for aunts?

2. My cousins never get my aunt anything for Mother's day and she is always upset about it. I'd like to send her something so at least she gets something. She really like giraffes, Noah's Ark, and easter. I bought a cute little stuffed giraffe because that would be easy to mail. What else could I send her? I know she likes bath products but I don't want to mail anything that could leak. I was thinking about inculding this, is that a really terrible idea?

(no subject)

What was the last thing you were nervous about?

I'm going back to work tonight with no re-training and there have been so many changes. I'm so scared I will make a fool of myself.

(no subject)

Did you or a friend attend UGA? What was your experience? Was the campus nice? What about the surrounding area? The students? I have an a friend in Japan wanting to choose a good school so he can get his PHd.
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(no subject)

For the Australians mainly..but anyone can answer!

What bank are you with? Do you like it?

Do you have a account for savings? I think i might put a small amount from paychecks into one.

And something not money related.

Have you ever been confused by an LJ community? I thought answersondrugs was a trippy version of TQC. Someone would ask a question like what is for dinner..and the answers would be like purple monkey dishwashers..Because the answers were on drugs hahaha
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(no subject)

Have you or anyone you know ever been a flight attendant? What was it like? How often were you away from home? Was it interesting or just boring like being a waitress in the air? Anything else about it you want to mention?
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(no subject)

1) Do you ever get "butterflies"? What kind of things cause you to get them?

2) Are you an optimist or a pessimist? If it changes based on situation, what kind of things are you optimistic/pessimistic about?

3) Do you have anything to say?

(no subject)

Inspired by the punctuality post below:

How far in advance do you prefer to arrive at the airport? Would you rather sprint onto the plane as the doors are closing, wait around in the terminal for half an hour reading a magazine, or something else?

Collapse )

(no subject)

If marijuana were legal, and a group of people were was walking around in the street smoking it, or maybe hanging out outside a building smoking it, in a similar way that people who smoke cigarettes do, what would your reaction be? I'm particularly interested if you're not into doing drugs yourself.

You know how sausage sizzles/barbeques at university can raise a lot of money very quickly and easily for a cause/charity, is there an online equivalent of that? Because people, to be completely honest, do not want to spend $20 on a tshirt or something, but would be way more likely to spend a dollar on something small. Which is how the sausage sizzle works.
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Meetings and Seatings

Say that you are in a large (50+ people) meeting that encompasses employees of varying levels. There is clearly not enough seating for everyone. There are also two tiers of seating - a preferential level of seating around a conference table, and then seating along the wall perimeters.

How, in your mind, should seating be allocated? On a first come, first serve basis? On a hierarchical basis? On an applicability basis (those with the most to gain from the meeting should have the best seating)? Or on some other criteria altogether? For this question, assume that there is no one disabled in attendance.

On a related note, would you be comfortable sitting down at a meeting if your boss or other people outranking you were standing? Why or why not.

(no subject)

I need a new backpack and have some slight back problems. I'm also in college and kind of want something more professional looking than the Jansport I rocked in high school.

Traditional backpack or messenger bag?

(no subject)

girls: when you're on your period how tired do you get?

mine totally wipes me out the first day or two. i've had to stay home from work or school a few times because i literally couldn't stay awake. that hasn't really been happening lately but yesterday i was on my break and almost fell asleep at the table outside half way through my cigarette. so i'm glad i have Wednesdays off 'cause i'm a little sleepy.
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(no subject)

Inspired by this.

For those of you that have given birth.. will you share with the ones of us that are scared shitless just what all you went through? how many hours were you in labor for? did you have it naturally or did you have to have a c-section? etc.

Not Hip

What is scene/being scene/a scene kid?  Is it different from being emo? How so?

Does anyone watch Hex?  The "hip"(?) clothing confuses me.  Is this how trendy British youths dress?  Is there a name for it?

(no subject)

Has anyone seen my *eys? They might have *allen out of my *ocket while I was *iding the *ubway. These *eys open the door to my *randmother's childhood home. If you find them, *lease *ontact me *t:

*ig *at *diot
C/O 202 e. 1st
hillsboro, KS. 67063

*I was only riding the *ubway because I was *issing my *ike.
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(no subject)

The Suicide Girls: Hot or not?
What's the big deal about them?
Do you find their message to be hypocritical?
ETA: From what I've read, they're "message" is that they want to represent non-traditional looking girls. However, looking at their pictures, I feel like they're just representing the same old skinny models who just happen to have tattoos and piercings.

(no subject)

My desk chair is a folding chair, the feet of which don't have much surface area in contact with the floor. The problem is that I have hardwood floors and I don't want the plastic feet to scratch it but the pads you can buy won't stay on. I'm trying to think of something to put on there that would protect the floor. Anybody have ideas?
The Receptionist Classic

Plan my menu

I'm going to make mashed sweet potatoes for dinner tonight. Along with these, which meat and which veggie should I make:
Pork chops or chicken?
Peas or broccoli?

What should I make for dessert?

PuriTan lines

Poll #1184248 Hypothetical

An ultra-conservative president gets elected, and wants to clean up the country and 'return it back to God'. The first thing he wants to clean up are the movies. Through a series of strong incentives, he gets Congress to back him up and certain laws are passed where it's now illegal for films to be made or owned that contain sex or violence. You can serve 6 months in prison for every 'taboo' video found in your possession. Needless to say, they'll never broadcast these movies on tv ever again. Also, at this time, all software and hardware that allows copying from disc to disc is taken off the shelves, so if you don't own them now, you can't buy them. Then, the president offers a buy-back program. For every 'taboo' dvd you turn in, you'll get $100. Would you turn in your dvds for money?

Yes. I turn them in. I can earn some decent cash and it's getting too risky to own these films
Yes. Only after I copy my dvds with the equipment I have now. I'll hide the copies well
No. Fuck that. I'm not giving up my movies
N/A. I don't own any dvds

The president's next act to 'cleansing' involves controlling sex. In his mind, sex should only occur when the couple is trying to conceive. All other sexual encounters are wrong. In exchange for a big raise, he gets Congress to support an act that makes birth control illegal to sell. Stores around the country stop carrying condoms, and birth control pills are no longer provided through pharmacies. Black market birth control exists, at 10x the price you pay now. What do you do?

Become abstinent and go through an orgasm-free era
Purchase the black market birth control at the steep price
I can't afford the birth control. I practice the pull-out effort and cross my fingers
I make DIY condoms out of Gladd bags and rubber bands
I shall call these my masturbation years.

And lastly, the president offers tax-break/refund incentives if you attend church once a week. All churches will have scanning machines, where your ID is flashed. A security person checks each ID, to make sure it matches the owner. Anyone who attends church weekly for an entire year will either pay 50% less taxes (if you typically end up paying taxes), or they'll see their refund double (if they typically end up receiving a refund). Would you go to church 52 times a year for monetary incentive?

Yes. Sign me up
Yes. I already go to church every week or so. This hardly changes my lifestyle
No. I shall not
Michaela Coel

Staying Awake

It's finals period and I have to study like I've never studied before. Caffeine does nothing for me. From coffee to tea to red bull I can ingest tons and still be tired and go right to sleep on it. Help me TQC. How can I stay awake?
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(no subject)

Do you know where whykeepcounting might find some manga scans? I suggested LJ, but they seemed to dislike this answer and deleted the post.

Why did whykeepcounting delete? Did they find the manga scan, did they trip and fall on the delete button, or was it a case of butthurt?

If you were to make a post to TQC for the purpose of getting butthurt over the answers, what would you ask?

Flickr problem

I keep trying to sign in using my Yahoo email, but it brought me to this page where I could either merge my account or make a new one. It wouldn't let me merge them, and now all of a sudden I can't access my account. I SEE my account lol, I can see my public photos, but its not letting me sign in. Or rather, its bringing me to a new, blank account on Flickr using my same Yahoo address. Help?
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(no subject)

new ape hangers

So my boyfriend ownes a harley... nice bike

well today he put ape hangers on it... oooo man I really do not like the look of it...

I dont mind a little bit of raise but come on over your shoulder like that ... there is a reason they are called APE hangers...

so question?? how do you feel about ape hangers on a motorcycle?

so many questions today!

when you think of mental illness, what comes to mind?

if you noticed someone had a lot of scars on their wrists/arms what would your impression of them be? would it turn you off to getting to know them?

do you have a favorite band to listen to in the spring time? mine is Belle & Sebastian.

what's the difference between yo mama and a washing machine?
(answer: when i drop a load in the washing machine it doesn't follow me around for a week!)

(no subject)

When it comes to meeting your friends, how punctual are you?
Have you come to accept certain friends will be on time, and certain won't? Or does it still piss you off?
Does it make a difference if you're waiting outside or in your home?

eta: aren't there any un-punctual people?!

hooray for finals

I've got a final paper for my religion class on how new religions/religious ideas come to no longer be percieved as new.
The smart alec in me wants to use this to write a paper about drive through wedding chapels and getting married by Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas.

Tell me, internet: is this a good idea or a bad idea?
(The professor is young, pretty laid back, and he did ask for something new and creative...)
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(no subject)

1. What was your last annoyance?
2 a) What's your desktop wallpaper right now?
b) What's your mobile phone wallpaper right now?
3. When were you last impressed by someone?
4. When were you last disappointed in someone?
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(no subject)

What was the first job you got that you actually enjoyed?

What's the shortest amount of time you've been employed at a specific place?

How about the longest?

What job have you had that has paid you the most?

Do you want to do this again?

Since we all love attention whoring and wank, do you want to do this again? That other lovefest thread is impossible to get into now, and too many people came too late to the game.

Comment to this thread, and then everyone gets to say one bad thing and one good thing about you. And then we all fight and love eachother no?

If no one wants to do this again, eveyone can just comment telling me how retarded I am.
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(no subject)

Aimed mainly at boys but girls are welcome to answer:

Have you ever been pretty much in love with the girl, but totally turned off by an ugly body?

Or, like, during the first time you have sex with a person you really really like, what happens when you find ugly things on their bodies? Like pimples or cellulite.

Do you like Amy Sedaris?
Have you seen this?
Collapse )
What did you feel when you saw it?
stock- laptop time!

(no subject)

What is the most insulting thing that someone has ever said to you?

Who is an example of the worst customer you have ever had? What happened?

What is an example of the worst customer service you have ever received? How was it resolved?

(no subject)

When you have to pee really bad, how do you hold it in (or take your mind off it) if you're not able to get to a bathroom?

Will you share a fact about yourself that is not true but you wish was true?
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I am officially going to fail two of four classes this semester, but I'm just not that upset about it. What is a recent disappointment that you didn't react to as big as you had thought you would?

(no subject)

You must pick ONLY two (2) foods and two (2) drinks to eat for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.
You can put any condiments (Ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, etc.) on said items, and you are allowed buter/margarine/shortening and spices.

What foods and drinks do you pick?
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(no subject)

TQC, what is the book in which the main characters make banana pancakes and banana milk and fried bananas? All I can remember is that they make all these banana dishes...I know nothing else. Heh. If you know, I will be your best friend forever.

ETA: Alternate question:
What is your favorite Beatles' album?

Mine: Abbey Road.
mokona modoki


1. What song is playing in your head right now?
2. What genre of music do you like best? like next?
3. What's the genre of music that you can't stand?
4. Do you like Michael Buble's music?

5. What web browser are you using?


1. I'm Like a Lawyer With the Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You) - Fall Out Boy
2. Alternative rock. Then classical...?
3. RnB.
4. Yes.

5. Mozilla Firefox.
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(no subject)

What are some awesome graphic novels?

I just read "Ghost World" and loved it. My friend is lending me her "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" books. I want to read the Sandman comics as well.
chan marshall

(no subject)

Every time after i eat i always feel dizzy, tired and so dazed. Why is this?  I don't think it is allergies because i couldn't be allergic to everything i eat.

I made a mess while making burritos do you want to help me clean up? we can have a flour fight!!
Mog Writing

Should I go or not go?

Should I go to the fanclub meetings or not go to the fanclub meetings?

There's a fanclub near where I live on one of my favorite things in the world but everyone there is twice my age. Should I still go to the meetings or not? 

Did something like this happen you to before?  
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(no subject)

What are some good LJ comms that aren't for (a) Making fun of stupid people, or (b) Fandom?

Don't get me wrong, I like a good mock. Even more so if it's mocking stupid fans. But it seems like that's all that's in my community list and I'd like to branch out. You know, to build character.

While we're reccommending communities, what comm are you a member of that you think more people should join? I say iron_trash.


i need suggestions for a good place to stay in vegas!

i am considering the venetian. im going at the end of this month. looking for something nice, not too expensive, in a good area on the strip.

can you give me a suggestion for a good place to stay in LV?

will the weather be OMGDYING hot at the end of may in LV?

know of any jazz clubs in LV?
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(no subject)

I have a question for the ladies... how many of you wear makeup as in foundation or powder... does it make you break out?? I think its causing my skin to really go down hill... but I cant stop wearing the stuff

any suggestions for makeup that doesnt break you out?
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(no subject)

I've had the honor of meeting some TQC'ers. If you've met somebody off TQC will you tell me about your experience? who did you meet? what did you do? pics, pls (if you got 'em)

for everybody else.. what was the last piece of ~bad~ news that you received?
watering can

Deleuze + paracetemaol dosage

I hope this make sense, because it really does sound like a stupid question...

I've been taking paracetamol for a couple of days, today I tried taking 1 instead of 2 pills but after two hours it had worn off so I took another one, and two hours after that I took another 1.

1. Is there anything wrong with taking half the dosage twice as often?

I'm pretty sure it wont kill me so far but

2. should i get back into the normal two every 4 hours now, or is it okay to carry on for the rest of today (it'll even out when I'm asleep anyway)


3. can I take 2 in another two hours? Or is it an overdose because I had 1 less than 4 hours before that?

I don't know how this whole paracetamol thing works, I ussually refuse to take it but I need it at the moment to reduce swelling in my throat and I'm worried about the liver thing. I couldn't find anything on google and I've never seen anything about it on the packet. I cant go to the Doctors to ask either I don't have time

Edit -

4. how do you know (ie is that a guess)

5. can anyone explain Deleuze's movement-image in a way that make sense? everything I read about it confuses me

Getting out of interview ......

I have a job interview coming up for a job where I decided I won't make enough money and I need to find a different job. This is the second round, and I am supposed to travel four hours away for the interview. What excuse should I say for not going to the interview? I knew the pay from the start .... I guess other people talked me into realizing it wasn't enough. I made this interview appointment almost 2 weeks ago (from Friday). The interview is this Friday and I haven't canceled yet because I am a shithead. So, what exactly should I say? Is it alright to e-mail instead of call?

(no subject)

Do you ever restrain from asking a particular question because you've asked similar ones and don't want to be labeled/thought of as 'the person who always asks about ______' or do you just not give a shit and ask because you want to and are interested in the topic?

Yeah, I have asked quite a few questions about relating to Dirty Jobs and sometimes I'll not ask one just because I want to break it up a bit and make sure I ask other sorts of questions so I'm not known as "that girl who always asks Dirty Job questions" (to the point it gets annoying or tiresome)

(no subject)

I'm a drama instructor for a group of middle school kids. incoming 6th graders - 7th grade.
The theme of the summer program is the olympics, and we're supposed to atleast attempt to tie our activities into the theme. I've thought of doing something with the first olympics, that way we can discuss the theater in ancient greece as well as the olympics.

I'm supposed to be assembling a rough draft of the lesson plan.
Any ideas of how I could tie things in, from improv game to script writing. Anythine that can tie into drama.

Also, anything that doesn't tie in to the theme but that would work with middle schoolers. It's been a long time since I've done theater games.

(no subject)

My jewelry and accessories are all over the place. I don't have a lot, but I do have some expensive pieces that were given to me by my husband and it drives him crazy to see them sitting randomly on various places throughout our bedroom.

So, I need a jewelry box or some creative thing to keep my jewelry/watches/accessories in.

What do you keep your stuff in? Any pictures of cute jewelry boxes or containers for storing your stuff that you can share? Any ideas where I can find something cute?

I'd be willing to make or personalize something as I can be good at crafty stuff. It's just the coming up with the idea part that I suck at, lol.
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My birthday is on Friday and my parents are keeping my daughters for the night. I should add that this is the first time that my 8 month old has been away from me overnight, so it's sort of a big deal, ha ha.

Should my husband and I...

a) Go out for a nice dinner?
b) Stay in and let my husband cook a nice dinner for me?

Entirely non-serious poll

The vagina is referred to as a 'beaver' sometimes. Why do you think that is?

Both are furry and sometimes wet
Both know what to do when confronted with a shaft of solid wood. They open wide
Without its proper shots, a beaver can become diseased
Like the mammal, vaginas, too, are often eager
Jerry Mathers was a cunt

The penis is sometimes referred to as a 'cock'. Why do you think that is?

Both rise to attention early in the morning
COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO can be quite a mouthful
When both stand at attention, they're ready to crow
When a cock is out and about, it will surely attract foxes
It's actually 'caulk', and like caulk, a penis is good at filling in cracks

Sex is sometimes referred to as 'porking'. Why do you suppose that is?

Sex can be messy, with one or both participants wallowing in the erotic 'squalor'
It's not kosher and you're not supposed to have it with our Jewish friends
That one little pig erected a house of wood, where it attracted much 'blowing'
Porky Pig got a lot of ass. He slept with anything that moved, which explains why he never had time to put on pants. 'Porking' simply means carrying on like the Hannah-Barbara character
'Porking' occurs when the guy's packing a big hog
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Does anyone know of any symbols that represent intuition/insight/perception?

A link to info on the symbol would be greatly appreciated too.

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Which car should I buy?

I actually plan to lease, if that makes a difference :)

Poll #1184316 Which car should I buy?

Which car should I buy?

Mazda 6
Ford Fusion
Acura TSX
Volkswagen Passat
Pontiac G6
Audi A4
Saturn Aura

What's your second choice?

Mazda 6
Ford Fusion
Acura TSX
Volkswagen Passat
Pontiac G6