May 6th, 2008



So I have been going through a whole lot of fucking shit lately.

1. Will you post an inspirational video for me?
I will post one for you.

2. Can you guess how I'm feeling right now?

3. What matters most to you?

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my boyfriend and i have been speaking about marriage and proposal a bit here and there. i already own the ring i would like to be married in. i want to change the stone from a fake emerald to a real one.
we have two issues
how can he propose if the ring is already on my hand, what does he do? just knee and ask me to marry him? he pulled a jim halpert on me when we were leaving dinner and he barely got out "dakotah" and i said "omg no!!" and smacked his shoulder, cause i knew what he was doing. now he says he is worried that i will do the same thing when he really wants to propose.
so three issues.
what can he do to propose so i know he really means it?
how can he propose when i have the ring on my finger?
how expensive are emeralds? mine is about the size of a pencil eraser, and about as thick as a nickel, maybe a little thicker. any idea how much that would be?
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Has anybody ever worked at a Kids R Kids, or any other corporate daycare? I just had to leave my daycare job of 5 years (a privately owned amazing one) and am starting a job at a Kids R Kids this month. I was wondering what makes them special or if there was something you hated about your job that I should look out for.

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I want to learn to play the guitar. What's the best way to go about this? Should I just buy an acoustic guitar, or should I wait for someone to help me find the best one? Should I just get a DVD and start there, or should I ask a friend or find a class or lessons?

(no subject)

Why do the people in food commercials have to grin like morons?

I know the aim is to make the buyer associate the product with posative feelings but do these ad execs not realize how horribly lame and fake the people look?

(no subject)

When your lips are dry, do you lick it?

Have you ever been told off for doing that?

I used to have a schoolmate who would nag me if I lick my dry lips because apparently, it will "make things worst". I don't care!

Do you wear lip balm? What kind?

(no subject)

I am a Texan who will be working as a counselor this summer at a camp in Canada. 

What (false) things should I tell my campers about Texas and Texans?

What (false) things should I tell them Texans believe about Canadians?

Besides wearing a "Fuck y'all, I'm from Texas" shirt, what are some other ways to endear myself to my campers and other counselors?

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Do you actually enjoy reading?

If yes, do you feel insulted (for lack of better words... feel free to apply your own negative emotion here) by people who claim to not like reading?

If you do not enjoy reading, why?

I love reading, and I don't know why, but to hear someone say "I DON'T LIKE READING" makes me feel so... sorry for them, but disgusted at the same time.
wile e wtf

fuck ticky. grow a pair.

Poll #1183384 i had ta go.

It's a half hour before your alarm goes off, and you have to pee pretty bad. What do you do?

get up to pee and go back to sleep for a half hour
get up to pee then lay there unable to go back to sleep
don't get up to pee and fall back asleep
don't get up to pee and sit there fretting over how bad you gotta pee
pee/don't pee but sit there thinking up TQC polls

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Do Australians call cats "moggies"? K says that New Zealanders do, but you know, I can't in good conscience ascribe the traits of New Zealanders to Australians, so ..
Do other people in Brit-style countries call cats "moggies"? Do Canadians?


I'm leaving to have surgery in a few minutes.
I'm sick as shit.
Seriously, throwing up at the sound of my own breathing sick.
I have been waiting for MONTHS to have this surgery and now I'm as sick as a Monkeys Asshole.

1. What do you think is going to happen? Will they send me home because I'm sick?

2. Should I try to pretend everything is fine so I can get this shit taken care of?

3. Have you ever lied to a doctor? If you did, what did you lie about and why?

4. All I want is a Momma Panda Bear to rock me to sleep. What do you want?
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(no subject)



I need want a new job. What type of job should I start looking for?

I would love to start my own business some day but i am SCURRED. D:

(no subject)

How long is too long to carry on an internet argument?

more than a day
more than 2 days
more than a week
more than a month
more than 6 months
more than a year
until any party to the argument dies
internet arguments were meant to go on and on until the end of time. not even death is the end.

Also, I am positively sopping wet from my knees down and my ass is a little damp too. It is unfortunate that I can't take off my pants at work. What's your recommendation for drying myself out?

(food) usagi eating ice cream
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Is it really that strange to be able to see a positive side to everything?

Everyone seems shocked and amazed that I'm never mad at anything. Or stress out when everything is crashing down around me (okay, rarely). Or anything. Is this me being positive, or me just being an oblivious lunatic?

look ma, mac needs pc!

I'm working on a Mac, and for reasons that are tl;dr, I need to know if a certain font is in the default settings of a Windows XP platform:

If you have Windows XP, do you have Bernard MT Condensed installed? (I wish I had a sufficiently dorky icon for this post.)


As it's been answered, here are some related-but-dorkier questions.

What's your favorite font? For writing papers? For making powerpoints? For chatting on IM?

What's your least favorite?

What font do you wish people would stop using?
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Anything that you want to share with the class, TQC'er? (this one recipe that you heard a few days ago, a fashion tidbit that we could all use, a home remedy to cure a cold, how to make sex more pleasurable, ETC.)

If you text GOOGLE aka 46645 the name of a business (restaurant, tanning salon, etc) along with the city and state that it's in, it'll text you back with their contact information.. so you don't need to rely on 411 anymore. :D

(no subject)

If you like Lebanese food, what do you usually order and what is in it? My sister is taking me to a Lebanese restaurant, and I have no clue what to order, I'm pretty open to trying new things though. Recommendations?

(no subject)

Can you think of a language that distinguishes between female and male when using the informal, single, 2nd person pronoun?

The people at my Hebrew lessons speak a total of about a dozen languages, and no one could come up with one that makes that distinction.

(no subject)

1. When was the last time you made yourself laugh? How did you do it?

2. Have you ever witnessed a natural disaster? If you did, what was it and how did you react?

3. Do you have any big scrapes or bruises right now? If you do, how did you get them?


 TQC, my birthday is coming up on the 19th. I'll be 18, so its sort of a big deal to me. I don't have any friends( I'm homeschooled... and sort of a freak), well, I have one bestfriend and he just so happens to be my boyfriend. What should I do for my birthday?
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K, TQC. I just finished my last exam. It's noon, I check out at 7 pm, and have packed everything except my bedding. All of my friends are gone so I'm virtually one of the only ones left in the building, and I am hungry with $2 to my name and an on campus Chic-Fil-a.

What do I do with my life? 8(

(no subject)

TQC, why should I go to cosmetology school? Why shouldn't I?
Pros: I think I'll like it. I will be able to work doing something i actually enjoy
cons: I'm scared. I would have to switch to the late shift at my job since there are only daytime classes at the school I'm interested in and get out at 1 am.

dear tqc

Is it inappropriate to be in the buff under your graduation regalia?

Regardless, would you do it?

I'm graduamatating from college on Sunday, and our robes are bright blue and tacky, so I was thinking nudity might make me feel better about the whole thing.

(no subject)

My cat scratches a lot, He has a few scratching post around the house.

I have tried the spray that is supposed to keep them from scratching, but it never worked.

My boyfriend mentioned de-clawing him, but after some research I decided de-clawing is not the route I want to go.

When I was researching I found a product called "soft paws."

1. Have you ever used soft paws? 
2. Was it uncomfortable for the cat?
3. Do you think it would be uncomfortable?
4. What other methods can i use to keep my cat from scratching my furniture to pieces?

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(no subject)

When was the last time you skipped doing something fun because you thought it was irresponsible?

Or, when was the last time you did something fun or went out with friends when you were supposed to be doing something responsible?

(Inspired by the fact that I'm sitting in the library when it's 70F and sunny outside and I could be going punting with my friends, because I have a chapter due Friday D:)
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(no subject)

Are you ever afraid that a pharmaceutical company is going to come out with a pill with your name and it's going to be for something really embarrassing or lame? Like "Ask your doctor about Amanda, the once a day pill for curing anal leakage." or something like that?
Us- cutting the cake

(no subject)

What is the most blunt or embarrassing thing that your child or children has said to someone? Do you know the person or people that they said it to?

What was something blunt or embarrassing that you said to someone as a child?
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(no subject)

Hey TQC! I'm teaching myself how to cook/bake/make food edible in a way that will fetch me happy growls from my boyfriend. What are the basics I should tackle first? I did scrambled eggs today.

What are your favorite foods to create?

Master of my domain.

Have you ever registered a domain name?

Was it a naughty name and/or site?

Is there a particular domain registry company that is more reputable and/or better than others?

Which one?
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(no subject)

Have you or any relative or friend of yours ever totally ruined a holiday or get-together because of drunkenness? I'm not just talking about silly drunken antics, I'm talking full-blown YOU RUINED CHRISTMAS AND NOW THE CHILDREN ARE CRYING.

Please tell your story.

The Office

A few questions about The Office:

1. Which is your favorite Office (US) episode?

2. Do you like The Office UK version? WHy/why not?

3. Have you ever since the German version of The Office? If so, what do you think about it?
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(no subject)

1) Is it okay for a significant other / prospective significant other to ask you detailed questions about past relationships?

2) What are your feelings on verbal affection? Do you regularly give your significant other compliments and / or do you expect them to do this?
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(no subject)

Do you tip the food delivery person more depending on the conditions?

really snowing,rainy-so they have to walk in it, very hot or cold, if the house is hard to find, it's really dark etc?

Cash and possibly crash

The glass-bottom sky walk at the Grand Canyon. For $1,500, would you be willing to jump from one end of the sky walk to the other, on a pogostick?


You're on a plane. Before you are 15 backpacks. 14 of them contain parachutes. The 15th one contains the pilot's dirty laundry. You cannot tell from the exterior which one contains the laundry. They all appear the same. The plane is flying at several hundred feet. If you grab a pack and jump out, you'll be rewarded $1,000,000. You have a 14 in 15 chances of being rich, and only a 1 in 15 chances of being dead. Would you jump out of the plane?


You're brought to a mine field. You're at the most narrow portion of the mine field. Across the field, there's a Porsche, and in the trunk there's $5,000,000. Keys are in the car. All you have to do is cross the mine field. It's 100 feet across. You're told that it's fairly dense here, that there's a pressure point every 20 feet or so in every direction, but you obviously can't see them. Do you cross the mine field?


Lastly, you're brought to a coed brothel. There's men and women of all types who have sex for money here. For $1,000,000, you just have to sleep with one of the whores (of the opposite sex, so there's penetration of genitalia involved)...WITHOUT protection. Just you and your selected partner, skin-on-skin, sexual intercourse until someone orgasms (no early withdrawls). You do know that it's been 3 months since their last STD test. Do you let your crotch earn you a million dollars?

Bandit Driving

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

My close friend/roommate just got dumped. What are some good chick-flicks that aren't about a girl and a guy falling in love?

When you've been dumped what are some things your friends did that made you feel better, other than just being there for you to cry/vent to?
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(no subject)

Have you ever had a really good friend and then you started spending a lot more time with them than you used to, and you got along okay at first but then you just started arguing with each other all the time?

(no subject)

Okay, so I want to get a tattoo. I want something quite girly and feminine, but nothing tacky and cliche, in a place where I can hide it easily if need be.

Does anyone have any ideas for tattoo design/positioning?

If you have a tattoo, can I see a picture?

(no subject)

 1. have you ever had sushi? i want to try it but i don't know what one to try first. suggestions?

2. i want to give my mother a locket with a picture of her mother (she recently passed away in dec) inside of it for mother's day. where should i go to get this done/do i have to go to a high-end jewelry store?

3. have you ever tried to sneak a camera into a venue? what did you do and did it work?

(no subject)

I have to dress up as a literary character for a party I am going to.  I am stumped for good ideas.  At this point I'm thinking bedroom slippers, nightgown and Victorian-esque robe and go as Wendy Darling.

So I guess my question is who is your favorite (female) literary character.

P.S. I really would love to go as Jane Eyre, but I don't have the costume, or the time to make one.


I have a tattoo on my leg that is starting to annoy me.  It's huge and it's meaning is no longer significant to me.  I've looked online and found things such as tat b gone and wrecking balm but they're UBER expensive.

1) Has anyone tried these products?  If so, what were your results?

2) What to your knowledge is the best, cheapest method of tattoo removal (excluding a cheese grater of course) Do you think there will be more effective methods in the future worth waiting for?

3) Describe the worst tattoo you've ever seen
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Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) I'm going to someone's house to buy a table I found on craigslist. Am I gonna get raped?

2) Will you tell me about your craigslist experiences?

3) For those of you who have pets - what do you do with them while you're moving? Doors will be open all day...should I put my cat in the bathroom with his litter and food and shut the door, or something else? Plz halp.

(no subject)

do military girlfriends hate /stop "supporting" the military after the relationship ends?

do you have a funny example of this?

mainly concerning screennames and things, if something reads like gibberish forwards, do you ever try to read it backwards? i find myself doing this a lot. sometimes it works.
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(no subject)

My sister's boyfriend is taking her out to the botanical gardens and then out to some fancy dinner.

He is going to propose, y/n?

If so, when should I be expecting nieces and nephews? How many, would you say? At least 10, right?

(no subject)

Do you ever have moments of unreality about the circumstances of your current or past life? Like, do you ever say to yourself, "OMG, I can't believe I'm actually dating [whomever] and/or living [wherever] and/or studying [whatever]!" or, "OMG, I can't believe I used to be a mafia hitman [or whatever]!"


So I am on Photoshop (7.0), using the pen tool.  I'm not sure how to word this question.  I remember being able to like put a red X on one of the colors so that it doesn't show up while I'm creating my image, but then I can take it off and it will fill up with color again.  Do you have any idea what I am talking about?  How do I do that? :(
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Since my older fish died last night, should I move the younger one into the slightly larger tank, or leave him in the one that he's in now and likes just fine?  Will changing his tank like that be too stressful, or am I worrying too much?


School will be ending soon, and I'm hoping to take advantage of the track after work.  Any tips?  (As far as, what should I look for in shoes/clothes to run in, changes to my diet, things to keep me motivated, stuff to keep in mind, etc etc)  I'm new to this whole "working out" thing.



TQC, i'm about to get my first D. normally, i'd be just all "LOL SUMMER SCHOOL", but it's second semester senior year.

teachers have shoved down my throat that college will tell me "LOL NOPE" if i don't pass all my classes, but i'm seriously worried that i may not be able to pass AP chem (which i was stupid enough to take in the first place). I overqualified for the college i'm getting into (San Diego State University lets you in easy if you're a native san diegan), but it got like a billion applicants this year.

if i get one D in senior year in a ridiculously hard class, will SDSU tell me to go the fuck home even if i've already been accepted, or will they have any mercy on my soul? (theoretically, i CAN bump it up to a C-, but it's going to take an assload of work, kill my social life, and drive me insane).

(no subject)

 What was the last thing that popped into your head for absolutely no reason whatsoever?

I was thinking about the scene from Shrek when they're talking about the Muffin Man.

What little things make you nervous/upset/self conscious?

I always feel like I don't seem sincere when I get gifts. I am, but it feels like I'm faking my appreciation.

Have you made a new friend recently?
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(no subject)

I'm about to go home from college for the summer. This is something I loathe - I hate being separated from my friends and with my parents. What are some books I can read or tv shows I can watch online or things I can do in general to distract me from the hell that is my house, TQC? (I have a summer job that starts in 3 weeks & no car).

Is Lost worth watching?

Also, how many bags/tubs/loads of shit do/did you have on average upon leaving campus compared to that which you entered with? I came with like 3 tubs, a trashcan and a bag and I'm leaving with 3 tubs, 3 garbage bags, a trash can, a fish tank, and a stackable bin. :|
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(no subject)

Does anyone know the title of this song?

It sounds like an RnB/rap song and the lyrics go something like "If you wanna hang around with me (this is how), we get down VIP (in the club), Look its all eyes on me (put your hands up), Get down wha (c'mon shake it up). i'm not sure if those are the EXACT lyrics, but sounds pretty close.
burning words

small laptops?

i'm looking into buying a small laptop that has basic features: internet accessibility, typing up documents, able to use AIM, that kind of thing. since i have a good computer here at home this laptop would only be used when i'm away from home and need to take notes for a class or send an email. i'm looking at the Asus Eee PC but i'm not sure if that's what i'm going to go with. i want to spend less than a thousand dollars.

i live in canada, if that makes any difference.

any suggestions? any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated. :)

Study timetables

I realise this might be a tad belated for some of you but my exams don't kick off until 15th May. Today it hit me I should actually structure my studying beyond "Hmmm, think I'll do some reading about Henry VIII today".

So, guys, how do you structure study timetables? Do you plan weeks in ahead? Or do you draw up a new timetable at the end of each study period?

EDIT: Perhaps I should add these are my final exams and account for 80% of my grade.

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TQC, tell me what to do

We just finished moving for my husband's work. It makes enough to pay our bills so long as we don't eat or go anywhere.

So, I've begun my job hunt, with some worry. I'm about 24 weeks pregnant. And I could see employers passing me over because they don't want to deal with the whole maternity leave thing, not to mention that I'll need time for doctor's appointments. So, I applied at a temp agency, and some part time jobs.

The temp agency (Office Team, for what it's worth) really likes me and feels they can place me in various temp jobs. I also have an interview for a "permanent" part time job tomorrow.

Should I cancel the interview and just rely on Office Team, since I am not sure I'd be a good fit for a permanent position at this time?

(no subject)

! - There is a big yellow thing in the sky, exuding warmth and light. I have heard of this phenomena before but I'm not sure what it is. As its Scotland, it doesn't happen often. Any wiseass ideas as to what it is? What is it doing up there?

2 - (Okay, so I guessed the correct answer to question 1) Its warm and sunny, I don't have a garden. So if I take my books down to the beach, will I get much work done? Would you be able to study or would you get too distracted by whats going on around you?
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(no subject)

Have you ever seen Evangelion?

Do you think it's within the realm of possibility to create an artificial intelligence to best govern the people?

If an artificial intelligence were built to govern the people, should it have limited power only to protect the people and their rights like the U.S. constitution is supposed to accomplish?

If you answered yes, would you ever consider being a part of a class action lawsuit against the United States government for denying and disparaging your (two of a copious amount of) 9th amendment rights to drink alcohol as soon as you're no longer under legal guardianship and to smoke a fat joint?
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(no subject)

It's that time again, since I don't think we've done this in a while...

Who is your TQC crush?

Who is your TQC nemesis?

Who in TQC would you be totally BFF with in a week-long road trip?

Please ignore the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing...

I am studying in Spain for a month in June. I have never been out of the country, so I don't know exactly what I should do financially. I have called my bank to make sure my credit card and my debit card will be accessible while I am in Spain, but I've been told not to rely solely on debit and credit cards. The director of my program said to get some traveler's cheques and to carry cash, but I've heard that carrying cash is bad because it can get stolen much easier. 

My questions: 

Have you ever travelled to a foreign country?

How did you handle your money (Did you get some of it in traveler's cheques, some of it in cash, and some of it on your credit/debit card?) 

What would you recommend I do? 

nana smoking

(no subject)

Did you ever discover that you and a friend dated the same person?
Did you have different or similar feelings towards the ex?

Found out today my friend Marina dated my first ex and thinks he's an indecisive bastard as well.

(no subject)

Clearly, I'm an idiot. I received an invitation to a wedding. It came with an RSVP card. It goes like this:

Blahblah tell us if you're coming
By this date

Number Attending ______

___ Dinner option 1
___ Dinner option 2
___ Dinner option 3

So my questions are:

1. wtf is the first line for with just the M? I'm assuming it's for a name but..what?
2. It was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. My Husband (which is a bit degrading, but that's another post..), so how do I fill in our names?
3. It's also folded in half, with a blank part inside. Am I supposed to write something in there? If so, what?

I seriously hate all this. There's a reason I only invited 10 people to my wedding.

(no subject)

What is a good gift for an 8 or 9 year old girl at her Confirmation, when I've only met her twice?  It doesn't help that I'm atheist and think the whole thing is ridiculous.  Add on top of that: I'm not fond of children to begin with, even relatives.

Help?  Something small and fairly inexpensive?

(no subject)

Do you discuss your sex life with your sibling[s]?
How many years apart are you?
Are you sisters, brothers, or brother & sister?

-No...and she brought it up and asked me "why" recently.
-15 years

I'm asking because I was talking to a guy that INSISTED it wasn't weird (and almost necessary) to talk to his sister about her sex life, and I thought it was sort of odd. (Especially because she managed to screw all of his friends...which again, kind of gross)

(no subject)

Dear TQC, will you show me what you did today, or what you will do if your day isn't over? Google Image Search, clip art, and macros are all highly encouraged, but will you please refrain from describing it? Show, don't tell!

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(no subject)

So guy crush and I like to tease each other. Guy crush knows that I have a huge dislike for spiders, and when he dropped off some papers today tucked in them was a large picture of a spider.

Now, I need to be creative in my revenge with him. So TQC, what should I do as payback?
just a bill
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(no subject)

1.) Have you ever said not-so-nice things about people in your journal, accidentally leave it unlocked, and have the person read it? How did that turn out?

2.) What's something you hate that other people do?

1.) Possibly. I locked it up as soon as I realized the mistake. I don't know if she read it though.
2.) When people use paper or plastic utensils or dishes at home and don't reuse them (I always put my plastic forks in the dishwasher).
Typing Monkey

(no subject)

What book(s) do you think should be turned into a movie?
The Nightside Novels and/or The Hawk and Fisher Series by Simon Green
Desert Flower by Waris Dirie

What book(s) would you hate to see as a movie?
Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfield

(no subject)

How do you transfer cassettes from camcorders to digital form?

My friend is letting me use his camera to tape a few things. We're going to be using a Sony Digital Handcam from 2000, model DCR-TRV 320. It uses eight milimeter tapes.

What do we do to transfer them?

(no subject)


I need a good facial moisturizer and cleanser!

My skin is being an asshole, and regular soap and water just aren't cutting it. I tend to break out on my chin and forehead more then anywhere else, and I have pretty dry skin.

Pretty much, I need suggestions on what to buy! What do you use?

I have a bottle of MAC green gel cleanser, but I haven't used it yet. Have any of you used it?

(no subject)

Why have I seen several references to mothers day recently?
It's in March! ETA: Excuse me America, England had the idea first. Get off our tradition!

What band have you re-discovered recently?
I just started listening to Rob Zombie again after a 3 year break. It's like getting a whole new CD collection.
free! - haru

(no subject)

Are there any LJ communities (or websites) where I can sell/give away books I don't want, preferably with a minimum of effort (ones that aren't ebay or amazon)? I tried to do an interest search on LJ but I have the flu and my brain fails atm. D: Google search gave me mostly places for used textbooks.

Most of them are hardback "book club" versions, if that makes a difference.

Edit: Ideally, a website would be one where I could unload the whole lot of them without having to sell to individuals, does a place like that even exist?

Do used bookstores take these book club editions?

(no subject)

If your country changed it's system of measurement to either the American standard system or the metric system (whatever is different from what it is now), how easily do you think you would be able to adjust?

Tapioca pudding, yes or no?
sky's the limit
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(no subject)

If one of the requirements for a job is 1 year of work experience, and I had been working part-time forever, but only full-time since July, does that disqualify me? There's also a related position with this organization that doesn't require a year of work experience (and only requires an Associate's...I'm 3/4 of the way to a Master's). Can I apply for both jobs?

(no subject)

People who know graphics stuff:

I'm doing a project and I'm limited to about 20 different specific colours, and each one gives the pantone, rgb, cymk numbers for them. (I'm working with cymk). It says that tints and screens can be used if we need.

Tints and screens are just adjusting the K/black up and down, right?

I remember it coming up in the class portion (this is work for the lab), and I think I'm right, I'd just hate my work to go to crap because I didn't use the okay colours.

(no subject)

Out of the following types of food, which is your favorite?


Do you read TQC at work?

I don't have a job

Are you a music snob?

I rarely listen to music.
Hell yes I am, and everyone knows it.
No, I have terrible taste and I'm aware of that.
Don't talk to me unless your compatibility is "very good" or higher.
No, and I hate music elitists.

Weezer - Y/N?

love them.
like them.
they're alright.
hate them.
i've never heard anything by weezer before.

Your significant other leaves you for someone who is the same sex as them (or the opposite, if you are gay.) How does this make you feel?

Which of these would you be willng to do?

bungee jumping
cliff diving
swim with a shark
move out of the country

mad about shoe

I'm going to be walking over a lot of cobblestones in Europe this summer. As a result, I need to find a pair of durable and v. cushioned running shoes. But I also want them to be non-tacky--either solid black or at least without florescent tones/neons/bright white checkmarks. Do these shoes exist?

Pictures appreciated!

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Does any one know a good website that you can get statistics help on? Specifically with probability?

I'm working on homework and can't seem to find a good website. The book and my notes are not helping.

Things Fall Apart

 Can anyone help me with a book?
It's called "Things Fall Apart"
I'm supposed to write about how guys relationship with his father compared and contrast with him and his songs.
But I don't really get the book.
Can anyone help me please?
Feed the kitty

What kind of snake is this?

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Since the color is kind of odd (gorram cell phone cameras), I'll say it's kind of a dark reddish-orange. He(?) was about 7" tip to tip. He had some serious trouble slithering on the concrete, so I moved him to dirt under a bush. And I don't even *like* snakes. Given his size and very small head, I wasn't worried about him being venomous.
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