May 5th, 2008

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Have you ever gotten into trouble for reading certain books?
If so were you just scolded or were the books taken from you?
If so: What books were taken away?
How did you react?
Did you ever get around to finishing them later?

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I called out sick from my internship on Friday because I was legitimately sick. I feel a lot better now, and I'm on the schedule to show up to my internship tomorrow. Since it's the end of the semester, though, and this internship is unpaid, I'm not really motivated to go.

Should I call out sick tomorrow too, and do something else instead?

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How do you feel about people using the word, "Gay" to describe something that they consider to be "stupid" ?
Does it bother you?
Do you use the word "Gay" in such a way yourself?
Be honest

Also, if it does bother you when people use the word gay as an insult, how do you respond to it when you hear it?

Do you think some people are too uptight about being politically correct?

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I think I just scared the shit out of my Mother:(
She said she wanted to watch a scary movie, so we did.
Now she is a wrecked scared lady.
I grew up in Maine, so most of us our fans of King.
She had never watched the Mist.
So we watched the Mist.
It scared her half to death:[
And she just called me into her bedroom to point out to me that there is mist coming from the distance.

1. Should I go sleep with my Mom?
2. If Aliens come up from the Mist, how should I defeat them?
3. Are there any incantations I could say to keep that Alien/Monster at bay for a while?
4. While watching this movie my kitten jumped up on a stool and watched almost the entire film with us. I also had a puppy in my lap and a cat in my arms. When did you experience your latest cute moment? What happened in this cute moment?
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Talking in your sleep??

Does anyone talk or yell in their sleep?

Also if you do, is it certain times in your life when you do this (like maybe stressful times?)

I use to talk in my sleep and sleepwalk when I was a kid and now I started yelling and talking in my sleep just lately and it's freaking me out.
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What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you in recent memory?

My mom was looking for my boyfriend's flickr account, googled his name, found his photo blog, and thus saw very raunchy photos of me (no sex acts, but nudity and sluttiness). She found these, I'll add, while she was on the phone with me, trying to get my help finding his flickr. ::sigh:: She just laughed and sighed, but I made my BF take them off his site right after.
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I'm applying to work with mentally handicapped adults.

How would you answer these questions?:

1. How would you handle walking in on a resident while he/she was masturbating?

2. A resident is disrupting dinner by throwing things and yelling. How do you handle this situation?

3. A co-worker refuses to do their cleaning duties. How do you handle this situation?

Answer in any way you see fit.  ;)
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Hi, I have a question, obv. D:

There's this girl I really like... and I think she likes me too. 

But she only really acts like that when she's high. So sometimes I pretend to get high with her and then we have sex. My roommate says I'm raping her...

But I disagree. I mean, she IS pretty much willing. And even though I'm not really high, and she is REALLY high, I'm only lying to her for her own good.

Anyway, is this rape? 

(Btw, she's sixteen.)

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Mike Rowe is the Rachael Ray of Discovery Channel-only much less/not annoying, agree or disagree?

EDITIn that Mike Rowe and his shows/related shows are always on Discovery. Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs seem to always be on. However, let it be know I am not comparing their talents. Mike is by far much more talented as well as intelligent, and interesting than Rachael.

Playboy Mag under mattress??

 My friend Heather caught her 13 year old son with a Playboy under his mattress. He apparently got it from one of his friends. She is pissed and wants to ground him but her husband says it's not a big deal and she should relax. This has caused her to get mad at her husband. 

My question is: How would you react? Do you think you are more or less likely to get mad as a man or a woman? 

Have you ever been involved in a similar situation?

- I being a man wouldn't really mind that much because I think it's natural for young boys to do this type of thing.

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1. I'm considering taking a car workshop class to learn all the basics of a car, learn how to change tires, etc. Have you heard of a such thing? Where?

The main reason I'm considering this is because I hear awfully a lot of car mechanics take advantage of unsuspecting women and jack up the prices, con them in paying for unneeded repairs, etc. I don't want that happening to me, not ever. I don't know if it's necessarily true though.

2. How old do you feel like? How old are you?
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I've been checking the roommate ads on C-list for New Orleans, where I want to live, and I found one by this guy, can't find it now though. Basically he said he was an artist/writer/poet/fartsy douchebag-of-all-trades and wanted to live with someone and not pay rent, but would contribute in the form of "a copy of his book, once it was published" and general chores, taking care of pets, etc. Idr if he said anything about utilities or food expenses, let's say he acquires his own food. My friends and I have dubbed him Ron DeLite.

Would you let Ron live with you?

I would let him crash in my living room if he seemed unpsycho and with the caveat that I would kick him out if he got annoying. I can always use a house-servant, and it sounds like there is lulz potential. Too bad I don't live in NO yet.

so... kind of adult question, I suppose?

I'd cut it, i just dont remember what the code was... but anyway....

what if you find some pictures of your boyfriend, and you know these pictures were taken after you started dating because he's wearing a jacket you bought with him. and in these pictures, he ends up taking his clothes off and masturbating in an apartment, or room, you've never seen yourself. and someone obviously took the pics of him.

but the way you found out was because you snooped in his e-mail one day, "on accident"
and you googled the e-mail, and it shows that it belongs to an adult industry director.

how do you bring it up? I mean, it wouldn't have bothered you if he actually told you, lets say. so why would he keep it from me? Do you think he'd eventually tell you?

and you've been kinda talking for a year, but you became official 8 months later.

now change all the "you's" to the proper form of "me" lol...

I'm just curious, and want to know, but dont know how to bring it up without sounding... stalker-ish? lol

oh, the email was sent the same month we became official. which was a few months ago, so obviously nothing came out of it.

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How long should I wait for a reply to a text before I write someone off and make other plans?

Let's say for instance that I sent it around 9pm last night and I know the person I sent it to is up and at work already by now.

I feel stalkery but also more annoyed.
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I get to pick out new glasses today, including prescription sunglasses. This is the most exciting thing to happen to me in God knows how long.

What are you excited about?

If your days are looking bleak and bleary, would you mind telling me what it is that is on your mind?

I just want you to know that I typed this whole post while moving my head rapidly from left to right and am quite dizzy, nor can I see.
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My co-worker needs to get her own LJ, I've probably asked you guys like 4 or 5 questions for her in the past few months.


Say you have a daughter about 8 years old. Say she takes money out of your purse/wallet and buys stuff from a garage sale down the street from your house. When you find out about it and ask her why she would steal and do that without asking, she says that she knew if she asked you would say no. Since she didn't want to hear "no", she decided to do it anyway without asking.

How would you handle this?

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1. Who is more annoying:
- people that can't figure out how listservs work, and so spam your inbox with emails replying to all 1000 people asking to be taken off

- the people who reply to the first morons telling them to stop sending emails to everyone, which inevitably gets sent to the entire listserv too, doubling the spam

- the people that made the listserv and left it unmoderated in the first place

2. What possible reason is there for me getting so much porn/medication/financial scam spam in Hebrew?

3. Have you ever had to do research for a project that you're now sure has left an FBI flag on your IP? What project was it?


Has anyone here ever taken Celexa or the generic version, Citalopram? I just started taking it for a panic disorder but I was wondering if anyone here has had any experiences with it? Do share:]
Thanks TQC 
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wedding time?!

My lovely BFF is getting married. She is looking for silly/funny/sweet ways to ask the people she wants to be in her wedding party (aside from me, cuz I already know) to do so.

Anyone have any ideas?
Anyone really like the way they were asked?
Heard of a fun way?

I'm at a loss. Her sister had t-shirts delivered to their homes, which I thought was cute.

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When you eat a slice of watermelon, do you like to nibble on the white part of the rind?


Every morning, in my bathroom as I get ready for work, Pictures of You by The Cure pops into my head. Without fail! I haven't heard that song in years, or at least many months. Does anything like this happen to you?
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TQC, I start a college biology class tomorrow.  I'm scared to death, because it's been 5 years since I've taken any sort of science class. 
I was reading through the syllabus for the class and it said that we will be penalized for every day that we do not bring a calculator to class.  I don't own a calculator, and this means that I need to go out and buy one. 
I e-mailed the professor to ask her what sort of calculator I need, as I would rather not buy an expensive graphing calculator if I can get by on a basic, everyday calculator.  I sent this e-mail on Friday and it is now Monday and I have not heard back from her, even though her syllabus says that "if you e-mail me on Friday, you will hear back from me around 8am Monday morning" ... it is now approaching 11am and I have yet to receive an e-mail from her.  The class starts tomorrow, but the only chance I am going to have to buy a calculator will be today.
So, TQC...
Do you think she will penalize us for not having a calculator on the first day of class?
What kind of calculator do you suppose I would need for a biology class?  It is "The Biology of Humans", if that matters.
Should I bite the bullet and buy a graphing calculator anyway in case I need one later on in life?

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1. Have you heard of the Amazon Kindle?
I want

2. I have a few sweets in front of me, which one should I eat?

1. Espresso Pudding Tart
2. Chocolate Mouse
3. Mocha Cupcake Filled with Espresso Cream
4. Boston Cream Pie Cupcake
5. Lemon Cheesecake Cupcake
6. Oreo Sundae
7. Grapefruit
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Is there any way to delete a Yahoo! account? I have an old one that uses my current email address, and I created a new one recently to make my Flickr account, but I cant use my current email with my new Flickr, because my email is still associated with my stupid old yahoo account. Changing the email on the old yahoo account doesn't make my current email unassociate with it. I hate yahoo.

(no subject) has come to my attention that my neighbors are stealing my cable....

What should I do!? (serious and non-serious answers are welcome)

The husband was outside, taking down some cable line that he put up when he noticed that one of the lines went down to behind the underpinning (we currently live in a podunk trailer...thankfully we're upgrading to a nice house within the next 2 weeks). He took the piece of underpinning (at least I think that's what it is called...) off, and sure enough, there was a splitter with an additional line attached. The extra line ran down the side of our house for a few feet, then directly underground. He dug a bit of it up, just to tell the direction that it is going in, and it is running directly towards my neighbor's house.

We have no idea exactly how long it has been there. He knows it wasn't there when he put the additional line up about 6 months I guess it was done sometime after that.

So...what would you do?

EDIT: We've already cut the wire. I should have mentioned that. They haven't said anything yet though.
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1. If you had to get a degree in Literature, what would your concentration be?

2. What is your favorite opera? In what language is it?

3. What is one philosophy or opinion that you find endlessly fascinating despite disagreeing with it?

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So seeing as there's lots of personal 'HELP ME!' questions, i'm going to do one of my own.

I met a boy last saturday at a festival, a bit of drunken revellery ensued.

We met up on what I suppose you could call a 'date' on saturday, and seemed to get on really well.
I got a text saying we should meet again, but that the next weekend he is fre is in 3 weeks time.
I understand he has exams and stuff but I feel slightly insulted that
a) He thinks i'll just hang around until it suits him
and b) that i'll instantly drop everything to meet him.

So, I'd like to get this across subtly in a text.

Sorry for such a childish request, but i'm crap at this sort of thing.

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What is your five-song playlist for a rainy day?

1.  Bridges and Balloons - Joanna Newsom
2.  The Water Jet Cilice - Andrew Bird
3.  Tiger, My Friend - Psapp
4.  Robot Ponies - Laura Barrett
5.  Make it Rain - Tom Waits
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what is one thing you would like to accomplish before you die?

to any regina spektor fans... i have one song of hers and i really like it. would you recommend some songs you like for me to get?
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When was the last time you had surgery? What was it for?

When was the last time you went to the Emergency Room? What was it for?

How do you keep yourself entertained when you are home sick from work or school?

What is the best food you have found to eat when your stomach is upset?
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I know the general TQC consensus is that 'snooping is bad and shouldn't be done'. I was watching Cheaters, and was amused by the fact that the cheater often gets indignant that he was being watched and acts as though he was the wronged party.

So, I'm asking you, there any truth to that statement or is the cheater just trying to shift blame and not look like such an asshole?
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Okay, when a person is sick and coughs or sneezes it's not only polite to cover the mouth but somewhat necessary as to prevent the spread of germs. Granted, germs being determined little things I'm fairly certain this isn't 100% effective but still...

...we do what we can.

What about sneezing from an allergic reaction, either to pollen or dust? Still the covering of the mouth is polite but this doesn't actually spread germs in any real way, right?
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Let's just say that your adorable 15 month old threw out your keys and they are probably in the dump at this point. these keys happen to be a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle of AWESOME and you are completely bummed.

after scouring the house what would you do? call a VW dealer? VW parts place? locksmith?

my dad, the car guy, only tells me to put a flashlight in my son's eyes and interrogate him, or hang him by his toes and shake him to see if the keys come out of the diaper (they didn't work, he won't tell us!)

edit most dealerships don't deal with classic cars :(

EDIT2 I just switched out the ignitions because I am a badass, it was $20.
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For those of you who are not in a band, do you ever think about what you would name your band, if you had one? What about your first album? Do you even think about what a DJ might say when he or she plays a single off said album on the radio?

So here's the latest from Ratio to the Front, off their premier album Nitroic Oxoic, it's "Napalm Babycakes..."
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dorm bathrooms

if you were living in a dorm with 3-stall bathroom, what kind of things would you post on the doors?

and i dont mean writing things in marker. i mean that currently there are Chuck Norris facts and someones spanish notes and im going to go insane if i have to look at those for any longer.

unfortunately, i cant think of anything else to put up there.

help me, TQC. pweaz

Because I'm paranoid about going back to work...

With the economy being how it is, do you notice yourself eating at restaurants less than you used to?

Do you work for a small business, or a large corporation?

And completely unrelated, what kind of dress would you wear to a wedding at a small vineyard in two weeks? The bride says to wear whatever, but the last wedding I went to was when I was 14 and "goth."
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When was the last time someone gave you TMI? what did they say? my co-worker talking about her son-in-law not being well endowed.. at all. our reaction? HOW DO YOU KNOW?! lol

Why do you think that Google hasn't decorated their ~logo~ like they usually do for a holiday? did they forget?


OK, now that I've gotten that out of my system:

I am filling out a questionare for a new job. I have come to this question:

"What do you need your next employer to provide for you to succeed?"

Edit: Thanks to those of you who mentioned feedback - that is awesome. Here is the official answer I am giving:

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Barring the completely obvious (and completely inappropriate) answer, what kind of stuff do I put as an answer to this question? Or better, what have you said when asked such a thing?

Serious and non-serious answers are fine, just know that the good ol' h&b has already been taken care of by my subject line :D

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In response to an earlier question about some ducks outside someone's you have frequent animal visitors? what are they?

and where do you live?

we have 3 cats, 3 raccoons (all 3 come together sometimes), at least one possum, and we always have ducks around. my favorite was a few years back when there were some gay one would get on top and try to fuck the other one, it was so sad and awkward. we live in michigan
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Ok guys, I think I might want to teach at a new school next year.

I've been at my job for 5 years, so it's been a LONG time since I've had to send out resumes and cover letters. I really like where I am, but I hate that it's so far away (gas is to much $$$ and taking public transportation takes too long). Do I mention that on a cover letter?

I also have no ideas if schools around me are hiring - it's ok to send them a resume and cover letter anyway, right?
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Guys, I need advice. How to you politely, yet firmly, tell a guy to back off and leave you alone? I can't outrightly tell him to fuck off because I'm going to have to see him in class for the next couple months. (I realize this is vague, so if you want the whole story LMK.)


1. How did women ever survive cramps without medicine?
2. What kind of cell phone do you have?
3. Do you have pictures in your head of possibly made-up places?
4. What should you be doing right now and why aren't you doing it?
5. Where do you shop?

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Are there any philosophers that you know of who don't believe in any sort of god or higher power but still stress respect of life? See, I'm having a debate with my friend (who has a lot more philosophical training than I do...) about the role of a higher power in ethics, and whether you can believe in the ethical treatment of other human beings without believing in a higher power or something else to which you must answer for your wrongdoing.

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How much would you estimate a first-trimester abortion costs?

According to everything I've looked up, the range is (highlight to see): Between 300 and 500 dollars for a first trimester abortion, and upwards of a 1000 dollars for a second-trimester abortion.
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There are certain sites I have not been able to access on my desktop computer using either Firefox or IE. I don't know why. I've cleared my cache a few times. They still will not load.

I am able to access these sites on my iPod Touch using the same internet connection.

Any idea why I can't access them on my computer?

Failing that, could someone do me a favour? I need to access these two pdfs: Map 1 and Map 2. Could someone download them and upload to yousendit/sendspace/megaupload? <--- Got them, thanks!

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Best story of an injury you've endured which had the ability to be very publicly embarrassing?

I walked into the cafeteria at Uni. A friend of mine, who I haven't seen in two weeks, ran toward me, I jumped to the side [to avoid his tackle] and lost my balance. I ended up, belly to the ground, with a wicked red and purple swollen knee. The friend ended up on the ground with me, laughing his ass off, and the rest of the people in the cafeteria looked around to see what the huge crash was caused by.


I've spent few days doing some researching on bikes. The trek 3900 is 349.99 dollars and I like the color of it. It's designed for women. However, reviews gave it a 3.8/5

The trek 820 got a 4/5 and is 289.99 dollars. I'm not too keen on the color but it did get a better review.

Which one should I get? Generally... I follow the rule of thumb: the more money it is, the better it is. I'm looking for a bike to ride every day for exercising.
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What would cause my cat to have a personality change?

She's gone from being extremely finicky about food to eating everything in site. I just caught her trying to eat a cheez-it! She was licking the kitchen floor last night! We feed her plenty of food, so she's not starving. Also, she's gone from being evil and quiet and biting to crying all the time and laying on my chest as much as she can and craving attention. She's always been a bit neurotic. My brother told me last year that when she was a kitten, he'd blow pot smoke in her face (I did not know this and I want to kill him).

Should I take her to the vet?

She just turned 7, and has been fixed for the last 6.5 years.

EDIT: I just made an appointment for the 17th. I will post to tqc_updates after the visit.

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I just purchased a macbook pro. I've never used a mac before or even played with one to the point where I know what's going on. Are there any tips you could give me or something that would impress me?

Last night my friend told me to cover the speakers with my hands and the screen would dim... AWESOME but what the heck is the point?
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I teach AP Physics to four lovely young gentlemen. For their AP exam, I would like to make them little gift bags with useful and fun stuff. So far, I have planned: extra pencils and erasers, bottled water, a piece of fruit, a granola bar, extra calculator batteries, a stress ball, and possibly a little kinematic toy to take home and play with later. If you were in this class, what would you like to receive in your gift bag?

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Poll #1183060 Oops, I did it again...

You get a call in the wee hours. It's your friend, who sounds hysterical, and your attempts to calm them down are met with "I'm coming over". Around 3am, your friend knocks on your door. You invite them inside and help calm them down and figure out what's going on. "I..I hit a homeless man with my car. I'm pretty sure I killed him". You're shocked. "I need you to help me get rid of the body before someone finds out it was my car that hit them". Before you can state your feelings on the matter, your friend reveals that the homeless man is in the trunk of the car, which is parked outside. Between the two of you, there's a far better likelihood both of you can dispose of the body without getting caught. Alone, your friend will almost definitely be caught and you'd practically be setting them up for incarceration by sending them away. Also, your friend had been drinking earlier. There's alcohol on their breath. What do you do?

Tell my friend to leave. I will not be party to this act
Tell my friend to leave. I call the police immediately after they're gone
Call the police while your friend sips coffee in the other room
Agree to help my friend dispose of the body. It'll be our little secret
Call 'citizen's arrest'. Pin my friend down and call the cops
Agree to help out, but demand a high price, either in money, services or merchandise

This is a long shot...

I'm trying to identify two songs.
Both songs are in Spanish.
They could be by the same artist, I couldn't really tell.

I could only understand a few random, very generic words, so I'll try to give as much description as possible ^.^;;

1. The first one had a very nice bass line, if that tells you something. At one point the lyrics go:  "doble; ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky tock; -something with a beat kind of like da DA da DA da DA-" and then it repeats. The vocals are male.

2. The second song has a lot of repeated "uno, dos, uno, dos, tres" and a part that goes along the lines of "bajo, arriba". This one is pretty upbeat. Once again, the vocals are male.

...sound familiar to anyone?

God, am I going to get snarked at for this.

Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom


1. What is your favorite comfort food? Dessert? Breakfast item?

2. Do you ever have unexplainable things happen to you and if so, what? When do they happen? Is it something extraordinary or is God/Fate/the universe at large just fucking with you?

3. Have any crazy pet stories to tell me?

4. Did anything awesome happen last weekend? Anything sucktastic?

1. Potato soup, tiramisu, and coffee.
2. Sometimes when I put my hand too close to a radio speaker, the sound becomes all static and nothing else. If I touch it, the sound clears up completely. There's a scientific explanation, I'm sure, but fuck if I know what it is.

3. My cats are utterly insane. The difficulty is finding any stories that don't display this. I'm curious about the rest of you though.

4. I saw Ironman and slept more than five hours each night. Both of these are fantastic events that bear repeating.
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Ok, I'm definitely stealing this metaphor from somewhere, and I can't remember where.

It was in some book or short story I read when I was young, and the metaphor was about God being like the hum of the heater or refrigerator - always present, never notable. I think the main character's dad tells him/her this.

Any idea where this came from?


1) What can you hear right now?
2) Who was your last text message from?
3) What is something, realistic/possible, that I should have done before I hit 20 in the Summer? [Thinking along the lines of, swam in the ocean, made cookies etc]
4) Can you point me in the direction of any interesting typography works?

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For those of you who work in an office environment, do you have co-workers who are constantly complaining that it's either too hot or too cold in the office? Or is this unique to my office?

bathtub cleaner?

My bathtub has had these dark stains on the bottom ever since we moved in our house [I guess marks from the peoples feet who lived here before us?]. How do I get it off? Can anyone recommend a good brand of tub cleaner...maybe with bleach in it???
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I just got my financial aid statement for grad school that I'm starting in August. I need to select a lender for my Grad PLUS loans and have no idea which one to pick. My statement says "We have selected these lenders as a result of their service, pricing, and stability in the student loan industry."

Below, they give a list of recommended lenders:

-JP Morgan Chase
-The Access Group
-Key Bank
-Academic Management Services
-College Foundation
-Southwest Student Services

1. How in the world do I choose?
2. Does it really matter?

If it makes a difference, I already have two credit cards - one with Citibank and one with Chase - no outstanding balance, always on time, basically excellent credit history.

3. Would it be beneficial to go with a company that already trusts my payment skills?
4. How much do you owe in student loans?
5. How much will you owe by the time you are done with school totally?
6. What do you anticipate you'll make in salary per year your first couple years out of college/grad school?

Thanks, everyone :)

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my friend david found this weird drink in an asian supermarket, and not only aren't we sure of what it is, but we have no clue how to open it!


does anyone recognize it and think they can help out??
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What is your favourite artistic representation of time?

In ...





My favourite is probably Mark Wallinger's Hymn. It seems hard to find many examples although it's a massive subject

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 1.What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

2.When was the last time you laughed really really hard at something that no one else would think was that funny?

3.What happens in the place you live in that might seem bizarre to other people?

4.Favorite old-time movie star? I'm talkin' 40's and 50's. None of this "Anthony Michael Hall" crap.

5.What's a thing that when someone asks you to pick your favorite, you just can't narrow it down?

6.What can you get into an in-depth conversation about?

7.What couldN'T you honestly care less about?

8.Why do I always think of questions to ask here during the day, but never remember once I'm actually AT the computer?

9.If you were a superhero, what would your power(s) be and who would be your nemesis?

10.Favorite thing about the summer?
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How do you feel about using smiley faces in business e-mail correspondance? Is it unprofessional, or just a sign of friendliness?

I tend to put a smile at the end of my notes to people, it's a habit of mine. Not sure if it's considered unprofessional. (It's not like I'm going :D :D :D Hi!!!!111 :) :) :)"

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Have you ever been to an Indian couple's wedding? Who hosted the wedding?

To let them know what to expect, what would you tell someone who has only been to Christian or Catholic wedding ceremonies and was going to attend a wedding at a Hindu temple?

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"Have you welcomed Jesus Christ into your life?" My truelove hears that over and over from a crazy customer who bombards her with pamphlets.

She'd like to hand him some kind of pamphlet back. Something that offers a choice other than Jesus. Maybe the Campus Crusade for Cthulhu, or Pompous Pagans for Porn, Buddha's Got Your Back. What can I print out that she can give back to him?.

I'm looking for something that looks at first like a legitimate pamphlet, and can fit on one sheet of paper.


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I absolutely love zombies and all things similar (infected) any recommendations for movies?

I've just ordered World War Z on Amazon. I've always been a huge reader but I've never read any 'zombie' books. Any recommendations?

What's your favourite horror movie ever?
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What is a household item you really hate to run out of, so much so that you (feel you) have to buy more when you're down to the next to last one (or even further ahead)?

For instance, I always must have a back-up package of coffee - I cannot be using the last one with no spare, or it makes me unaccountably sad.  The same for peanut butter and toothpaste.


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Something about my friend's essay doesn't sound right. What is the best word to use in a sentence like this?

"I was the first in my family to _____ a Bachelor's degree."

She has "obtain" but it doesn't sound.. impressive enough. Acquire? Achieve?

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I just had to listen to the shittiest thing I've ever heard of a teacher doing to a kid. Telling a young kid to make a Mother's Day gift for her 'new mom' two months after her mother died is shitty y/y?

What gruesome mental revenges should I be picturing to calm myself down?

Italian Parties...

 I decorate cakes for a living and a customer came up to me today and asked me to decorate an Italian party cake for her, what do you think I should put on this cake and what colors should I use? It kind of threw me for a loop when she asked for something I never really heard of...

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do you have a fun recipe you make with just plain popcorn that you'd like to share?

also, what are your fallback 'ooops, your birthday is in one day and I forgot to buy something' gifts?

do you keep track of the post office rates?

Yes, I do.

Need Advice

This Saturday, I'm going to a birthday party for my brother's girlfriend who is practically my sister-in-law (they have 2 kids together).

Her friend is coming, who used to be a friend of mine until she started dating my boyfriend (who was a fucking lazy ass, jobless loser) a month after he packed up and moved out.

Here's the unforgivable kicker: I just flew back home with my mom who had a bladder tumor removed and not even 30 minutes after picking us up from the airport, he told me he was breaking up with me and moving out. No prior warning, just a big slap in the face.

What would you do if you have to see her there? I don't want to be mean but I am hurt that she fucked our friendship over this and that he left the way he did and started dating her. We are 26-27 years old and were together for 2 years.

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My little sister is turning 11. What should I get her for her birthday?

She hates pink.
She loves video games, especially DS games.
She has an obsession with High School Musical.

Also, for sushi lovers, what is your favorite kind and one you cannot stand?

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Have you had an eating disorder?

Did you recover? Do you still struggle with the same issues?

Why are there so many pro-anorexia/bulimia communities on lj? Why on earth are they so popular? Are there really that many young girls with eating disorders? D:

Are these communities a fashion craze?
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Have you ever given something up for someone else?  What was it?

What is the last thing you ate/drank that came from a can?

I am dog/house sitting for a friend who is going to England for 2 weeks.  They wanted to pay me $$$, but I just said to get me a kickass souvenir instead.  They need suggestions.  I already asked for Malteasers, what else should I ask for?


if i mail out a normal letter (put it in the mailbox and put up the flag thing) and instead of a 41 cent stamp, put like, a $1 stamp or more-- will it be mailed out faster? kind of like first class?
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Do you know what Doctor Who is?

If you don't, why haven't you discovered the awesomeness that is this tv show?

If you do, whose you're favorite Doctor/Companion?

What's your favorite episode of this show (no spoilers - I'm on 2x3: Tooth and Claw)?

Did you ever have a day that everything seems to be blamed on you?

My answers:
1) YES!
2) N/A
3) Nine/Rose
4) So far it's either 1x10 (The Doctor Dances) or 2x1 (Christmas Invasion)
5) Yup, every day.

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Have you ever used Rosetta Stone to learn a language?
Did it work for you?
How long did it take for you to feel comfortable speaking that language?
Which language did you learn?
Did you buy the boxed set, or did you only use it through the computer (no written material)?

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Ok, so this may or may not be the dumbest question ever. I'm graduating with an AAS degree in June. I have the option of marking "with honors" on my announcements. I qualify for the "honors cord" at graduation. My mom thinks this means I should mark "with honors" on my announcement. I have no idea if this is the same thing, and I don't want to accidentally lie on my announcements. Who is correct? Sorry if I am being stupid.

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I am going to visit my sister for her birthday, next month. She doesn't know I'm coming. She lives in Texas, and I live in California.

However, I had mentioned the possibility a long time ago that I might have a break near her birthday. Today, she asked me if I was coming and I acted like I didn't know what she was talking about. She said she wanted to know if and when I was going to be there so she could take those days off work.

So now I realize that she definitely should take those days off work, but I don't know how to make that happen without spoiling the surprise. What should I do? I can tell her roommates if I have a plan, and they can put it into action.
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How do you deal with death?

Do you visit family members/friends when they are sick and in the hospital on their last days?
why or why not?

Are your strongest memories of a loved one, the way you last saw them?

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My boyfriend and I has sex a month ago and I'm not on the pill and he didn't want to wear a condom cause he said it felt like a rain jacket so he pulled out right before he came. Now my period is three weeks late and I'm craving all sorts of things I've never wanted before but I can't be pregnant right? The pull out method is all my friends and I use, and it's been 100% effective up to now. Is it possible the universe fucked up?

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So, let's say you're taking someone to dinner and it's your treat. Do you usually account for appetizers or not?

Drinks aside from soda?


To clear up. I'm not asking if you pay for all of it. I'm asking whether or not it surprises you if someone orders these things or not.

Would this be tacky?

I have a "best friend" that I have a really weird relationship that no one else (except my parents) understands. Like, the fact that she has called me once in the past three years and just does *not* call people or, in general, communicate with them, so I have to call her to get together and do anything. Some people think this means she doesn't want to be my friend, but who knows, because she says yes when I invite her to do stuff and she's the only friend I have. She never tells me happy birthday or calls on my birthday but when I call her to get together for my birthday she does give me a present.

Her birthday is coming up in two days. Whenever I get her a present she never uses it (to my knowledge). I've seen holiday/birthday presents I've bought for her just laying uselessly in a corner of her room, even when they are "practical" gifts (a body exfoliator for the shower, a calendar...). My money situation is going to be extremely tight in a few months and I really don't want to waste money by buying her something she would never use. I don't even know that she's use a gift certificate or a Visa gift card because knowing her she might just stash it somewhere and lose it.

So would it be incredibly tacky to give her a $20 bill and a card so I know that she will (hopefully) actually *use* her "present"? And, since she never calls me, would it be even tackier to just conveniently not contact her and not get her a present at all? When we were geographically far from each other she never sent me anything for my birthday (or e-mailed me or Facebooked me a "happy birthday" or anything), and since the ball is always in my court I could just not call her for the next month and be good to go. Or should I just take her to our favorite restaurant and treat her to her meal with a card and say that's her present?
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Any Australians out here?

I might be going to Australia to study, (university) and I'm thinking of Australia National University (ANU).

But I heard its racist over there.

And I'm Asian.

I've got two questions.

a) Is it true that Canberra (where ANU is) is racists? D:



I have a lot of scar tissue in my stomach from an emergency appendectomy 5 years ago. Lately, I have been trying to get into shape and have been going to the gym frequently. Tonight I did extra ab exercises, including the "bicycle" and the captain's chair. For 15 minutes after my exercise, I had pain (about a 6) where the scar tissue is. Anyone know why, and if it's a problem? I plan to eventually have the scar tissue surgically removed, as it is unsightly and would likely be very painful if I became pregnant.
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External harddrives

TQC, my external hard drive just stopped working. Whenever I try to reconnect it, the green light turns red and the computer refuses to acknowledge its existence.

I've tried reconnecting all the different wires. What can I do to get this fixed?

Sex, Travel, Food and Tattoos

1. Who do you want to have sex with?
Anthony Bourdain

2. Where do you want to travel to next?

3. What was the last thing you ate?
Roast Duck Wanton Soup from Chinatown

4. If you had to get a tattoo on your face, what would it be? You have no choice, you are getting a tattoo on your face whether you like it or not.
I would get a tattoo of taco drippings on the side of my mouth.
I &lt;3 TLV

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Is it illegal to sign someone else's name on a check if they ask you to? (Like they need to write a check to someone but you have their checkbook - would it be illegal to do it for them?) This doesn't sound legal to me, but my husband is convinced that it is. Does anyone know?
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I have a Mac, Leopard OS X, and 9 times out of 10 it doesn't allow me to log into my Hotmail. I get a screen that says I am not a user or that Hotmail is experiencing problems, but if I go to another computer it's fine. This always happens and sometimes it will go a month without allowing me to log in. I have my email set so it automatically sends me straight to my inbox, and during the times it does go though, it'll bring me to my mail. I've tried getting in directly through and clicking the email link on MSN.

This is the screen I get:
Collapse )
Does this happen to anyone else? How do I fix it?


I am in debt, and trying to dig myself out of it. I spoke with one of my credit card companies today and they said I was eligible for a 1099-C settlement.
From what I understand 45% goes away and I pay 55% (or maybe the other way around) Either way, it basically cuts my balance in half. but I have to pay the entire new balance within 93 days.
I understand that I have to count the 1099 as income in my taxes but does anyone know how this will effect my credit score?
I understand I'm going to have shitty credit anyway, but I'd like to salvage what I can and I couldn't get a straight answer from the CC company.

and for my own curiosity...

What is the most amount of personal debt you have been in? (excluding student loans, etc)
How old were you?
How long did it take you to get out of it?
Was there a specific reason?
Did you have a strategy (Excel spreadsheet, living off Ramen?)
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This is so 3 months ago but I kept forgetting to ask. In Eli Stone, why did he decide it was God talking to him through the visions? Did they never really explained why he came to that conclusion and stuck to it so whole-heartedly. Did I miss something?
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Just two ?s

What's something that makes you appear to be weird or strange to people when they first meet you?

Do you swell up type ridiculous when you get bit by mosquitoes or is it mostly unnoticeable, aside from maybe itching?

Itchy beany

I have a knitted beanie that is 100% acrylic, but is itchy. How can I fix this?

I have a debate tomorrow, any tips?

The debate is about executions being televised. I plan to include war executions. I am the affirmative (executions should be televised). Help in any way you find fit. Macros included.

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 TQC, should I buy my boyfriend's mother a Mother's Day gift?

It's not necessarily that I don't have the money or anything, it's just that she's been incredibly shitty to my boyfriend lately and in addition to that she's not been the exactly warmest person to me lately.  She usually buys me something for my birthday and Christmas, and in the past 3 years I have always gotten her something for Mother's Day and her birthday (excluding last year -- she went out of town).  I kind of don't want to, and yet I feel obligated to, and yet I hate feeling obligated to buy people gifts.

Maybe an inexpensive gift?

Hair's To You

TQC has discussed tipping servers to death...

...but what about tipping the person cutting your hair? Do they rely on tips as much as servers do, especially at chains (ex: Supercuts)?

Do you tip the person who cuts your hair? If so, how much?

Like tipping your waitress is mostly an American thing and not common in most of the rest of the world is this also the case with tipping your barber?

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Shit in one hand, hopes in the other-
which one do you think is going to fill first?

What is the worst advice you have ever been given? Did you follow?

I'm getting bored of George Carlin. What are some good comics who are worth listening to?
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Meta post is meta

I decided that my mother's love was unworthy of me, so now I shun her and make her feel like shit all the time. Am I right for doing so?