May 4th, 2008

taylor swift at billboard awards

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Someone asked this question on topicless and I liked it so I thought I'd ask it here.

"Songs with a sociology undertone

For my soc101 class he wants us to write a short paper about a song, that talks about the sociology aspects we learned this semester. Basically anything that talks shit about the government, corporations, or like Marxism, anything ~~controversial~~."

So what songs would you choose?

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Why do I still have feeling with a guy I broke up with more than a year ago?

Why did he message me on facebook, was it purely to highlight the fact that I'm a total idiot over him and it's never going to work?


Are you currently taking finals? Hows that working out?


Which would would be the least attractive on a girl?

Pixie cut
Small tusk/spike through septum
Unshaved armpits
Very little/no makeup
Oversized/boyish clothes
None, those all sound cute/neutral
EDIT for stupid wording:  By oversized think not completely fitted.  Maybe a fitted tank and jeans layered with a boy's cardigan that is too big.  No burlap sacks.
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Pee in closet! Pee under the bed! Why?!

My beloved cat, chino, has taken to peeing in my closet! He has a litter box!!! Why is he doing this????

He's about 8 months old. An unneutered male, there is another male cat who doesn't really care about him that resides in my house.

So Chino has been "in jail" alot when I can't supervise him, otherwise he runs to the closet and pees!! :(

He's my baby & I don't want to get rid of him. Any ideas?
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Do you tuck the blanket under your feet when you go to sleep?

I do this and my boyfriend hates it. He says I'm not maximizing the size of the blanket or something, but that's how mommy used to make the bed when I was a kid and now I'm used to sleeping like that.

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For girls, do you find guy's sexual jokes funny?
What do you do if you don't find the joke funny?
I don't want to seem like a bitch or prude, but god sometimes it's just not funny.

eta: I'm in love with Yoder, where should we go on our honeymoon?
bitch please

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is there a song/movie/tv show episode/book/etc. that makes you cry every time you see/hear/read it?

what is it?

yes. the only thing i can think of right now is ludo's "broken bride part iv: morning in may" because i am a big dumb girl.
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Are there any German-speakers here?

What, exactly, does the word "jugendfrei" actually translate to?

I've seen it translated as "rated G" AND as "rated X", which, um, doesn't make any sense. I'm leaning more toward "rated X", because I see a derivative of "jung" (young) and "frei" (free), from youth / adults only / rated X makes more sense. But I want confirmation. >:(

Before you ask, NO, it is NOT for a tattoo. I'm not that stupid.
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TQC, should I take my eyebrow piercing out?

Do you like canned cheese poured straight on your mother fucking tongue?
Do you not think that it is damn delicious?
Would you smoke a bowl with me?
When is it alright to throw frisbees at peoples faces?
How long does it take to run to McDonalds?
Is it ok for a man to wear a skirt if it's my skirt?
Which is larger: a peanut, an elephant, a kettle, or the moon?
How many threads are in a king size sheet?
How many numbers are in the number fourteen thirty.
Who owns the color yellow?
Do you want to be my friend?
Do you care if I rape you?
Have you seen my cat?

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it's 6 in the fuckin morning, but i want some velveeta because i want my body to scream at me.
but it's 6 in the fucking morning.
should i, or should i not, make velveeta??

ETA: totally eating it right now. it's amazing!
Londo and Vir

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Why do so many women say, "Look at her implants, OMG!" whenever they see a large chested woman? I know what implants look like -- we all do. It's actually pretty rare (at least, if you live outside of the OC) to see a woman with implants and not just naturally large breasts. It seems like a really catty thing women flippantly say just to dismiss another woman's looks.

While working as a waitress, I was actually asked on three different occasions if I had implants. That's not okay, either. D: Why would someone feel like they had a "right" to know about my rack at work?

"Hi, can I get you something to drink?"
"A coke, please. Oh, and are those implants?"
"Nope, our restaurant uses only the most natural breast tissue! We have a DD special tonight, if you're interested."

WTF. As if I'd have the money to get implants while working for $2 an hour at a restaurant.

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I know people have asked in the past what others are using their tax rebate checks for. But, my question is: do you feel any obligation to use the tax rebate check for what they are giving it to you for?

This stems out of a conversation with a friend who was perturbed that people are going to pocket the checks instead of using them to "stimulate" the economy.

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What was the first thing you said when you woke up this morning?

"Where's andre!?"


They're reshowing that season of project runway, and I tuned in only after Andre had been voted out.

EDIT: what happened to blame_lauren?

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For those who write fanfiction...

Have you ever been afraid of writing a character out of character?

I feel that way all the time in my fandom. There's a character I'm obsessed with, but it's so hard to write him without making him super-duper evil. And I get sick of it every now and then.

What character have you had trouble writing?

Mine is Lezard Valeth from Valkyrie Profile.

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Hey all, I'm after an elusive piece of software, hoping one of you knows of such a thing:

I need a WinXP/2K utility that will search through MP3 files for specific matching strings within their id3 tags (id3v1 or id3v2, either way). By "search through" I mean it will present me with a list of matching files in an explorer-style interface — exactly the way the built-in Windows search function does, only more precise and efficient.

(Windows' native search function does this, but it's overkill. The function searches through every byte of the file, which takes much longer and is very inefficient because I know that what I'm looking for is specifically in the id3 tag of each file. Why search through 4 megabytes of data (i.e. each file) when I know what I'm looking for is located in the first couple thousand bytes?)

Hence GREP is no good here either, not to mention that its output isn't usable to me for this purpose.

I just need to be able to say, "Show me all MP3's in D:\music\blabla with the word 'agent' in the comment field of the id3 tag(s)."

Not rocket science, but apparently no one has such a thing. I've Googled it six ways from Sunday but found nothing. Any of you know of such an animal?

(Just to clarify: I do not need a program to search for MP3's. I know where my files are — I need to search THROUGH a specific part of each one of them for a specific matching piece of data.)

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 How do you think you would do if you sold/gave away all the things you really don't need?  (I mean like books you've read, cameras, tea sets, way too many shoes, movies, video games...).

 I thought about it earlier and realised how much stuff I use to define who I am.  I can't imagine parting with my tea sets.  I feel ridiculous.
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Does anyone have the original picture (or something without text) of this icon:

What's the last thing you studied really hard for / worked really hard on? What was the result?

You are...

You're a stripper. What song are you dancing to?

You're running for president. Who's your running mate?

You're a country. What country are you?

You're incredibly lucky. What celebrity are you banging?

You're a child. Who's your daddy?

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I have the liquishits, and the doctor told me to keep to a "clear water diet" for the next 24 hours. that means no solids. if i get hungry, he suggested i eat chicken broth. CHICKEN BROTH. oh, and no dairy products.

TQC, do you guys have suggestions for something i can drink that would be filling in case i get super hungry?

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1.Do you think you're attractive or unattractive, physically?

2.Do you think your appearance has a positive or negative impact on your life?

3.Are you scared of getting old, or looking forward to it?

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1) My birthday was in March. Is it tacky/too late to have a ~sweet sixteen~ party in June, when the weather's warmer?
2) What have you been putting off, lately?
3) How long have you known your best friend?
raining leaves
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a money

Do you know your credit score?

What is it? (if you feel like sharing)

Would you date someone if you knew out the gate that their credit was significantly lower than yours?

If you had a good friend or close relative who was always struggling financially, would you ever help them out if you had the means, or would you just expect that to be a slippery slope?
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I'm renting a cute little house in a good neighborhood, and my landlord's nice and doesn't charge me much. The house isn't perfect, but I love it.

On and off there's been problems with the plumbing here. Recently one of the pipes began to leak and spray out water and he's dragging his feet in fixing it. He told me he's spent over $200 trying to fix the problem, and that whatever else it costs, I should have to pay half because I probably did something I shouldn't have. (He accused me of washing a pillow in the washing machine. I did not wash a pillow.)

Some people think I should offer to give him some money to help, since he's been so nice & I don't want to burn bridges or get my rent raised or give him reason to want to get rid of me. Others say he's the landlord, it's his responsibility & his pipes & he needs to fix them.

Thoughts? What would you do?

Let's Get Personal

1) Have you or someone you were with ever yelled out someone else's name while having sex?

2) Who do you think about while you're having sex/masturbating?

3) If you saw someone you thought was really cute/beautiful/hot etc but they were in a wheelchair would that inhibit you from approaching them?
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Bert Shocked

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 hey tqc,

how ghey is it for three guys to go stag to an Alicia Keys concert? 

what number of guys, besides 1, is the least ghey?

edit: fuck, whats the best way to get out of it? btw, friends are the kind that get butthurt easily
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When someone is complaining to you, do you listen and offer sympathetic words ("Oh wow, that sucks,"  "That sounds really difficult," etc.), or do you offer advice?

Sometimes, when I'm upset about something and I'm trying to vent to my boyfriend or my friends, they just immediately start giving advice, when all I really wanted was for someone to just, you know, listen.

Is there a nice way to say to my friends, "Hey, I don't want advice, can I just bitch to you for a few minutes?" They seem all butt hurt when I say something along those lines.

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1. So, when writing about a piece of art, you're supposed to write in the present tense. But what about when you're writing about a whole movement? Like, "This movement's themes mirror(ed) the preoccupations of the day" etc?

2. Also, do you like Ian McEwan

3. What is your favourite romantic scene in film or literature?

4. What do you consider some of the tiny tragedies in daily life?

5. What's your favourite joke/generally funny thing?

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Should I get a head start on college and do NAU's STAR program, from May 28th-June 27th, which will help me with the transition from high school to college and meet new people, or should I stay home and get a job and enjoy my summer before college here?

It gives me 6 credits too...

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1. What are some bands similar to Beirut and Alaska in Winter?

2. Do you talk in your sleep? What's the funniest/strangest thing you've said?

3. Do you sleepwalk? What's the strangest place you've ended up in?

4. Do you ever have dreams in a language you don't understand? (that is, an actual existing language that you do not speak/understand) I had a dream in Italian a few nights ago...

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Do you know a store in the US (California bay area, specifically) that sells salmiak licorice (salty licorice)?

I know Ikea does, and Cost Plus World Market might have it, but I'm curious if anyone knows anywhere else.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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My roommate has gone home for the semester. I have an exam Tuesday morning and then I leave to go home. I need to spend almost all day tomorrow studying, so what can I do tonight to make having the room to myself worth it? (the girl I'm rooming with next year never goes home, nor do I).

Rural Culture Shock

What is the appropriate gift to bring to neighbors who happened to shoot some rabid raccoons on our property and were polite enough to let us know not to worry if we heard more gun shots and that they're calling animal control?
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Disclaimer: Not For Homework, lol.

How would you say special effects in movies (3d) have impacted our society today?

I have always thought it was a big drive to get people to go to the movies/watch a tv series. The nice thing about effects today is that someone could have a story set in the future and if its done right, you feel like you are really there- that in part with the story and the music.

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why does my bf suck so fucking much at being on time? "i'll be there in 20 minutes" means "i'll be there in 45 minutes to an hour" when he says it and oh man it makes me angry.

what's your favorite animal?

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If LJ is a disease..

Is there a cure?
If so, what is it?
If not, how do you deal?

What kind of condoms do you use?

Has anyone had a VBG?
Whats the worst part of it?
Did it work well for you?

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When I eat a Twix bar I like to eat off the top layer of carmel.. then with my teeth I like
to pick off the chocolate around the top and edges.. then eat the cookie plain.

What food(s) do you like to weirdly dismantle before eating?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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In one of those LJ memes, someone told me she liked about me my taste in music and the fact that I am "really arrogant sometimes".

When was the last time you've gotten a compliment that seemed more like an insult? what was it?

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What happened to option G? Is it 'none of the above'? Is this macro full of fail?

There have been a lot of posts recently about weight and the fear of gaining weight in TQC. Why is TQC's so self conscious about weight all of a sudden?

Are you self-conscious about your weight?

I have to finish my last final. But I'm here stalling. What IRL things are you avoiding by being here right now?


Are there any unusual names you would consider giving your future children (if you are planning on having kids)?  If you already have children, do any of them have unusual names?

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I always hate writing research papers because I horribly afraid of plagiarizing. If I have little to no knowledge on the subject, obviously I am getting the information from somewhere else, but mu paper can't be full of direct quotes. So as long as the wording is coming from my head it's not plagiarizing, even if I am getting the information from not me?


OK, so I just went out back to put a few things on the line to dry. There's a couple of garbage cans out there that the last people who lived here left, and we've never used them. I glance down into one, and it's about half full of rainwater...AND A GIANT FUCKING RAT CORPSE FLOATING IN IT. What the fuck do I do with this, TQC? I can't leave it out there, it's going to start decomposing and reeking up my yard soon, right?
ETA: I grabbed 3 trash bags (since I didn't have any heavy duty ones) and a shovel, then shoveled the thing out and dropped it into the bags which I put inside each other. Threw the whole mess into the dumpster, emptied the garbage cans and flipped them (so this wouldn't happen again) and washed my hands like fucking mad. I didn't ever get close to touching it, but still.

Second thing. What do you do when you wake up in the middle of the night to hear your neighbor having loud sex? Do you LOL, or does it make you uncomfortable? First time that happened to me last night, and I was pretty uncomfortable.

Favorite cereal?
Evil Me

My turn!

I wanted to make a quiz that wasn't Amerocentric, can't guarantee it's all "common knowledge". Should be fun anyway!

No cheating!

Poll #1182456 More Quizzes

What type of scientist specifically studies Lizards, Reptiles and Amphibians?

What city is the capitol of Australia?

How many Gigs are in a Terabyte?

What is the smallest breed of dog according to the American Kennel Club?

Who is George Stroumboulopoulos?

What is the name of the largest island in the world?

What are the two largest natural harbours in the world?

Name all of the Canadian provinces and territories.

at seven

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For those of you who have facebook--

1. What's the most recently tagged photo of you on facebook?

2. How many photos of you are there on facebook? Of those, how many are tagged by you, and how many are tagged by others?

3. How many friends do you have on facebook? (Ballpark is OK.)

4. What's one quote from your favorite quotes (if you have them)?

5. What's the name of the group that's halfway down your list of groups you're in?

6. Who made the latest post on your wall?

7. If you search for your first and last name on facebook, how many come up?

8. If you search for the name "Elizabeth," how many friends come up for you?
hannibal skull


Which actor and actress have the most unblemished acting career? NOT their personal life for crap choices, but solely based on their good choices of movies and roles, save one or two questionable movies?

Which actor and actress has made the best come back?

Which actor and actress will be the next BIG THING?


What should be the goal of scientific research: the pursuit of Knowledge or the pursuit of Cures?

(In this case, "Cures" being anything that would assist humanity in some way)

edit: ===Background behind my comment===

Yeah, I guess I suck at being clear.

A few months ago I had a professor would made the offhand comment that scientists are pressured by society to find cures and are discouraged to do research out of curiosity.

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Youtube has suddenly decided that I am a spanish speaker. All the buttons and instructions are in spanish, which I can not read. How do I navigate to the place to tell it that I speak English? There is a link marked "configurações" which is probably what I want, but once there I am lost.

All I really want is video of angry swans attacking people, but I do want to convert back to the English version of youtube.


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What was the last thing someone said to you?
What was the last thing you heard?
What was the last thing you touched (besides anything to do with your computer)?
What was the last thing you tasted?
What was the last thing you smelled?
What was the last thing you saw?

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What is a good way for a single, 30 year old woman to meet potential dates other than the work environment?  I don't go to church, and I'm not interested in attending social events, as I am not a people person. I'm a boring homebody, but I'm fun when you get to know me.

What internet dating sites have you/a friend used and been happy with the results?

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So, I'm graduating at the end of this month and so is my cousin. We live close together and having our graduation parties combined is an option we are both looking you into. I get along with him and I don't mind sharing with him, but at the same time, I want my own memories. Sharing with him and his family may mean saving money, though, so this is a real conundrum for me. What do you think, should I share or not? Is it bad etiquette to decline his invitation to use his family's house?

Doctor Visit?

Alright, I am 22 years old, and I haven't been to a doctor appointment thing since maybe middle school. My mother would always handle/do all the paperwork, my only job was to "wait" and practice not being bored.

My question is, I think there might be something wrong with me, and I probably need to see a doctor, but I have no idea how to even begin/start. When my mom used to do it, I would be taken to a pediatrician and I don't know if they are a walk-in type thing or if you have to make appointments. I don't have insurance, medicare, medicaid, or really even understand what most of that means.

My questions are, how should I go about getting checked out? I don't know of any doctor offices type things, other then the pediatrician I used to visit years ago. Are you supposed to go to the Hospital to schedule a doctor's appointment? Or is that a place you go to for emergencies/surgery? Can doctor appointments be made online? How do you go about paying for a doctor's visit? Do you need cash on hand and show them you have enough money? Is it like a haircut, they don't ask you if you have money, but after the service is done, if you don't have enough money you both are just staring at each other awkwardly? Do they accept Credit/Check cards? Do they bill on the spot or mail you a bill? How much does a normal doctor visit cost? What documents do I need to bring with me? Would visiting the Emergency room be cheaper/faster or do they charge a fee because it is "Emergency Aid" or something?

My second type of question involves, prescriptions. If I am written a prescription of antibiotics, I assume I go to a place like K-mart/Wal-mart, but what other documents do I need to bring with me? Do I need to bring my ID/SS Card/Birth Certificate? Do you pay for the prescriptions there, or do they bill you? How much do prescriptions normally cost? How long do they take to fill? Do I have to fill out a personal information type sheet so they have me on record? Is there a benefit to using the same pharmacist place over and over?

I know, these are probably common sense type questions, but I really don't know how to go about this and would appreciate pointers or even an answer to just one question.


EDIT: So many good responses, there are too many to respond to, but I want to say THANK YOU to all the TQC'ers who cared enough to respond and respond with such well thought out answers :)
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so i have some video files but they are filed as AVI
i want to make movies in windows movie maker, i am new at this i don't know what the hell i am doing.
when i try to move the videos that i know are videos because i watch them on my computer, into the video section, it takes it to the audio
how can i make windows movie maker see them as videos? do i need to change the file type? how do i do that if that is the case?

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What's something that helps you stop procrastinating?

I always leave homework and study for the day before, and end up all angry and stressed out. Even though I'm supposed to have learned my lesson by now, noooo, I end up making an excuse for myself, and I convince myself I can leave it till later. I have great grades right now, but I'm starting college this august and I know I can't keep doing things this way! I have tried to study for a Trig test I have tomorrow all weekend, and though I sit with the book, I write about 2 exercises, find something I don't understand, and then stand up and do something else!! I'm goin crazy here, someone please stop me!
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You have recently been commissioned by a group of people, known only as a strange guttural sound you can't quite make without throwing up, to paint a portrait of them engaged in a complicated sexual orgy situation that can only be described as, according to witnesses of the even last decade, "Traumatizing." Generally speaking, you're displeased with having to go through with this, but you would much rather attempt to paint a portrait of it than suffer the consequences of denying the leader of the group.

Let's just say that the previous fellow who denied the leader wound up in a cell where he became very intimate with a farming implement--the result so terrible that no person can even begin to think about the event without falling to the ground in violent convulsions.

But, just before the day of the orgy/painting, you are approached by a man whose name you remember to be "Jim". Quite a simple name, really, because he's a spy for a secret organization who is going to clear these people and their odd sexual deviant paintings from the world. Mostly because it's gross and the paintings are just really bad quality--this is all for the arts.

The man gives you some options:

Do you...

Tattle on the guy, ratting him out so that he, too, can become part of the farming implement horrors of lore?
Go along with it, because you suck at painting?
Set everyone on fire, and loot the place for gold?
Use Charizard?
Use your time machine to avoid ever becoming involving in this situation?
This space intentionally left blank.
[lost] Goodbye lost


My son and I are going to Orlando in July/August. I have never been to Florida, so I need help!

What is the best hotel to stay in? 

What are some fun things to do for a 7 year old?

Are the highways easy to drive there? I am coming from Houston and get driving anxiety.



mornington crescent
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I had great fun with snowowl's quiz posts, so I made one. I tried to go for stuff that wasn't COMPLETELY obvious, but wasn't really difficult either. I generally arranged the questions from "duh" to "perhaps a bit tricky", at least as I see it. Not counting the last two, which are sort of bonus questions.

Obviously, no cheating with google or wikipedia, or looking at other people's answers. You're on the honor system. And if you don't know one, don't leave it blank. Just put "Don't know" or "Your mom" or something, so it's easier for me to tally.

In what year did people first walk on the moon?

Name three constellations.

Which one is Norway? (click for picture)

Which is the longest river in the world?

Which two elements make up table salt?

Who said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”?

In what year was the battle of Hastings fought?

What year was the Russian revolution? (I know there's technically more than one. I want the year that had both the February and October revolutions.)

What is the name of the small British colony at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea?

Under what monarch was the Church of England formed?

Who wrote Wuthering Heights?

Who won the Peloponnesian war?

Audio question! Who composed this piece of music? (mp3)

In what year were women granted suffrage in the United States? (I will let you off the hook for this one if you're not American)

Pop culture bonus question: Which film contains the quote: "English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?"

Answers are in this comment here. BUT NO PEEKING UNTIL YOU ANSWER.

Edit: I have gotten bored and compiled a spreadsheet of your scores, up through godsickblues. It's here, if you want to see how you did compared to the rest of the class. Nobody got everything right, but sinkopayshun did the best with 14/15. Apparently the easiest question was the constellations and the hardest was the Peloponnesian war. E means that you got the point free for pointing out that you weren't American. Half credit was given if: (a) you said "Orion's belt" plugs two CORRECT constellations; (b) If you said "Henry" but not which one; (c) You said just "Bronte" or had the wrong Bronte; (d) I felt like you deserved it.

Edit 2: I'm going to start taking points OFF of people who aren't clever enough to cheat on the music question. Take advantage of the fail, guys.

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So, my dad just basically asked my permission to have his girlfriend over for the night. This means they are going to have loud sex y/n?

I really wanted to say, "Please just don't let me hear you." but instead I just told him it was his house and he's an adult. What would you have said?
Feet Pyramid

children of divorced parents, please read!

Here's my situation and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or advice they could give me on it...

My parents have been divorced for nearly 14 years, since I was 9 years old. My dad never paid child support during that time, and I was on my own for most of it. My dad has begun paying back child support, a huge amount every month. However, the state sends every penny of it to my mom.

I am 23 now, and I'm wondering if there's a way I can get a cut of the child support sent directly to me, since my mom refuses to give me any. I know it's a unique situation, but I'm really getting cheated out of it by my mom and I have no idea what to do.

So basically my question is, since I'm no longer a minor, have been on my own for years, is there any way I can get my share of back child support or is there no way around it?

TQC Fashion Show of the Sad

stickyblood isn't having a good one. This is a poll to improve her day.

Worst fashion trend of the last 40 years?

Parachute pants
Anything with a lot of rhinestones or sequins
Mirrored shades
Mesh shirts
Nike high-tops
Leotards/Flashdance clothes/calf warmers
Acid-wash jeans/jacket/skirt
Shoulder pads
Polyester suits
Other (mention below)

Worst hairstyle in recent memory?

Cornrows/dreads on white people
Emo bangs
Anything feathered
Other (leave comment)

(no subject)

Do you ever go for coffee or a meal or whatever just by yourself? Does it feel odd?

I went on holiday for 2 weeks by myself but I don't think I could go and sit in a coffee shop without feeling a little out of place.

(no subject)

What do you consider a "real job"? Is it synonymous with a career? Does it require a certain number of hours per week?

Are you going to any music festivals this summer?

Do you have any coffee table books? What are they?

(no subject)

Have you ever been to a wedding that had really really shitty music? What were some of the craptacular musical selections?

What're some of your favorite songs to dance to at a wedding?

Also: I don't care if you don't like music at weddings.

(no subject)

1. What are you craving right now?

2. Favorite person in history?

3. Something weird about yourself?

4. Did you graduate high school? Are you going to? If not, what did/will you do instead?

5. Do you know who Howard Hughes is?
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Zach Braff

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I have a quote from a movie or tv show stuck in my head. I'm tried googling it, but I just can't get it. It goes somewhere along the lines of, "On our first date we watched Shindler's List. I cried. She didn't. I always thought that was weird" Where in the world is this from?

What are you most looking forward to this week?

girls don't poop.

is there ever a time of day or a certain place that you always feel that you have to poop?

for example, I noticed that I always get the urge to drop the kids off in the pool when I'm in a bookstore. I do not know why this is.

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 what would you do in this situation... (sorry if its a long post)

so i've had this on and off mutual crush on a guy i met my freshman year in high school. we've never dated for various reasons.  when i liked him, he liked someone else, when he liked me i had a boyfriend. we were really close in 10th grade, and then in junior year (this year) we stopped talking. mostly due to his current girlfriend of nine months. 

he's been with her since last july. since then i've had a couple boyfriends, but i'm single now. and around last march this guy texted me and we kind of started talking to me again. he told me how crappy his relationship with his girlfriend had been going. 

we started out just texting a lot, and talking in school if his girlfriend wasn't around. then recently we started talking more, and hanging out. his girlfriend has no idea, but he's cheated on her with me more than a few times. and he's told me that he "loves" both of us. which i'm not sure if i believe but anyways, i dont know what to do.

i have a crush on him, and i'd love to be with him. but i've been waiting since march, and i told him on april 20th that i'm giving him a month and after that i'm done, and here it is may 4th and he still tells me he doesn't know what he's gunna do. 

should i just give up &move on now?
or should i wait until the 20th and see what happens then?
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Have you ever carried on a computer tower on your flight? Did you have any problems doing so?

What's the best/cheapest way to transport a flat computer monitor in your checked baggage?
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How long do cupcakes last unrefrigerated?

If I made some un-iced cupcakes and packed them very carefully, could I fly to California with them?

Would you like a cupcake? :D
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What's the most pathetic, pansy, non-Y-chromosome thing you've done in the past week?

Me: just now, on a Sunday night before I have class at 8.30am, I got out the vacuum cleaner to vacuum up two bees, one that's been dead and one that was in the process of dying. They're attracted to the big window that slants with the roof in my bedroom, and try forever to escape. I would let them out but I'm afraid of getting stung, and the thing was still moving so if I picked it up with a tissue or a little hand broom thing, well, you never can know. So I let them die, and I vacuum them. One just happened to die on a 50 euro cent coin, and the other on a 2 euro coin, both on my desk under the window. Now I'm short 2,50€. That's like a million dollars, guys. I should've thought it through a bit better.

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Bit belated but I was discussing with a friend earlier:

1. Vanessa Hudgens sent a nekkid picture that leaked to the internet. High School Musical 3 comes out in a few months.
2. Jamie Lynn Spears gets pregnant. Zoey 101 stays on air.
3. Miley Cyrus has slutty pics leaked from MySpace. Disney keeps mum.

Miley does an artsy photo shoot with a renowned celeb photographer and now Disney's making her lie low.

So, why is everyone shitting over this "controversy" when it's not even that racy to begin with, and when racier shit has come out before? Is it the fact that Miley posed for a magazine and not for her MySpace friends/boyfriend?

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How do you like spending Sundays?

How did you actually spend this Sunday?

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my bf and i are both having doubts.
he thinks i don't love him as much as i used to, and i feel the same about him.

are we doomed?
what can we do to help our relationship?

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How do you avoid wasting stuff?

What do you use for stains/pet stuff/carpet spot cleaning? How much does it cost?

Me: I waste very little. I use my Dr Pepper boxes for rats or cats to play in. I save my leftovers, and if I don't get to them before they get untrustworthy I mix them in with the dogfood. My veggie scraps go to my rats. I'm thinking about growing herbs in the plastic tubs I used to move in. If I didn't live in an apartment, I would compost. I use all of the buffalo.
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Graduation Poem

I was asked to read a poem aloud at graduation. I can write it (I'm having a hard time with this) or pick a poem or song by another person or group.

Should I read Collapse )

(as suggested by several friends) or something else? If not that, do you have a better idea?

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I have comcast, and up until a month ago I was fine. Until it started disconnecting and lagging. So my husband and I bought a brand new router. Comcast came by yesterday, replaced the cable cord, the cable modem box, the switch in the basement.

I am STILL disconnecting and lagging. Someone just suggested to me to select a slower internet connection.. wtf.. Do you have any suggestions what I should try?

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Do you sleep with your makeup still on?

Have you ever walked in on someone masturbating or having sex? Who was it? How much did you see? Have you recovered from the trauma of it yet?

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If you're in college, what's the maximum # of times you've cut one of your classes? Was attendance mandatory? Did you get dropped from the class?

Are you of petite, average, or tall height?

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In Star Trek IV, how does bringing whales back to Earth stop the alien probe? I read the plot summary, but it doesn't clarify, except to say the transmissions from the probe where from whale songs. It's bee a while since I saw it, so I can't remember.