May 3rd, 2008


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Hi TQC.  Today is an important today.

We haven't know each other for very long, but there's one thing that I've always known.  We were meant to be.  We met here on TQC, and so I thought this would be the perfect place to ask.

freakshownia, will you marry me?
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Iron Man

So, I just saw Iron Man tonight.




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If you had not so amazing skin and now you have a fabulous face...what did you use to make it that way?

I'm not impressed with my skin lately, so I want to try something new...
What are your favorite face washes, moisturizers, toners?

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I was just smacked in the face with "I don't know what is so hard for you. I mean, every single time you have put in your resume, people have called you back, or you've been hired on spot. What is holding you back?"
and I realize they are right.
What did you recently get smacked in the face with?
Was it hard for you to accept?
Was it in your face the whole time?

What is a picture that makes you laugh without fail?

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Who else hates those goddamn Visa gift cards?
If you have the money for a gift card, why not just give someone the cash so they don't have to fuck around on the intarwebs to activate the fucking card??

What's your favorite, non-generic pizza? [i.e., I LOVE breakfast bacon pizza!]

let's share art and/or photographs!

Hey you self-proclaimed photographers and artists, I've got some questions for you:

a) Can I see your favourite piece of art and/or photograph that you made/took?
b) What about the artwork/photo that you suspect other people would like best?
c) If you've got a Deviant Art or a Flickr, do you want more friends?

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At my preschool, we're doing "teachers' favourite books" week. I'm doing activities with "In the Night Kitchen" by Maurice Sendak and "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein.

What are your favourite kids picture books?
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I drove to Austin Friday afternoon and got there ~4:45ish, and hung out with a couple friends until 4:50am, and I just got back to Dallas about 20 minutes ago.

Should I bother going to sleep or just stay awake so I don't screw up my sleep schedule?

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1.Dude, where did youtube go?

2.Do you like claymation?

seriously tho, where did youtube go?

3. I had a dream last night that Angelina Jolie bought me a bike and when I woke up and realized that her and I are not best friends I have to admit, I'm a little sad by this. What was the last dream you had and woke up sad from?

LOM glee
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Do you hate it or love it when someone states a fact, which you know is very very wrong, and then insists they are right, and continues to argue the fact?

You know when you get to go "HA! I may have no friends, and burn when I see even a hint of the sun, due to me spending the last fourteen studying dark rooms, in a dark room, but you MADAM ARE WRONG! So suck it."

No I don't study dark rooms, in a dark room, but that would be kinda cool

I'm torn, on hand I like being able to go HA! but often when you are arguing they keep on insisting that they are right. And it's possible that they may be right and they get to go HA! And then you realise that your last fourteen years have meant nothing, and the only option left is death or cake, lots and lots of cake.

So TQC hit me up with your stories of being pwned, or of pwnage. (Is pwnage an actual word? Do people even use it seriously? I giggled while typing it.)
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Freezing food

Which would you use to freeze pre-cooked roast meat in - cling film or tin foil? (No, you have no tupperware/gladware/plastic boxes to use or freezer bags.)

Do you have large freezer or only the one in your fridge? What's in your freezer right now?
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Does everybody get Lane Bryant ads when they are on sites like Facebook, Snopes and IMDB, or is it just me?
Does the internet know that I am fat?!  :(  This has been piquing my curiosity for a while now.
If you don't see Lane Bryant ads everywhere like I do, is there a certain type of ad you always see when you go to these sites?  What is it?

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1:   If your only breakfast options are cereal with milk that expired on April 27 and pizza that was out all night, which would you choose?

2:  I live with my in-laws and last night my MIL posted two notes on the restroom mirror.  One said "Please keep your towels off the floor."  The other note says "Please keep your toothbrushes and shavers in your bedrooms."  Her house, her rules.  I completely respect that.  I keep my toothbrush in the medicine cabinet (which is unfortunately too small to hold all the toothbrushes) and I keep my towel in my room.  She thinks in terms of what things should be and I think in terms of what things are.  At best, everyone will keep their toothbrushes in their rooms for a little while but not forever.  Realistically, I think they're just going to ignore the notes.  I was thinking about buying a little container to keep all the toothbrushes upright to take up less space.  Do you think that sort of gesture would come across as "I'm going to try to help the situation" or "In your face.  Here is a better idea that works for everyone except you."?

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It's 10 o'clock on a Saturday morning.  I just got pulled over by a woman cop driving a Charger.  The reason?  I have a rosary hanging from my rear view and I have one of those decorative license plate covers that apparently 'obstructs' where it says Michigan.  We have 5 different kinds of cops in my small little city (it has the third highest ratio in the country after LA and Vegas), do they really have nothing better to do?

What's the stupidest thing you've ever been pulled over for?

Wisdom teeth

What's it cost to get yer wisdom teeth yanked?

My wife's birthday is coming up and all she wants is to have her painful wisdom teeth pulled. I'm pooling money from friends and family to afford this (no insurance), but not sure how much to aim for.

Anyone have a rough idea?

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Poll #1181866 lovelovelove(lovelove)

Do you like hugs?


Do you like cuddling?


Do you like kisses?


Do you like making out?


Do you like oral sex?


Do you like sex?


Do you like the movie Stuck on You?
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What college did/do you go to?

What made you want to go there?

Did you live on campus? Was it worth the extra $$?

Whenever a school talks about the average GPA of the incoming freshmen, are they talking about the weighted or unweighted GPA?

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so, my photoshop 7 has a problem that just occured within the past 2 or 3 days. no matter what size i put the text on, be it 1 or 1296(largest) it still appears to be microscopic, so small you wouldnt even notice it if i typed in a letter, do you know what the problem is, or how i can fix it?
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I'm going to have dinner at my boyfriend's family's house for the first time tonight. What was the first time you spent any significant amount of time with your current (or past) SO's parents? What was it like? Were you nervous? Any funny/terrible/awkward stories?

What is your favorite Vonnegut book? I'm reading Breakfast of Champions right now but still like Slaughterhouse Five best, I think. Or do you not like Vonnegut? Why?
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Ok TQC, the boys who live above me must have just gotten DDR or a Wii or SOMETHING cause there has been pretty much constant thumping above my living room since last night.

Soo...what method should I use to kill them?

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It's my friend's birthday soon, and a few of us are trying to make a recording of us wishing her happy birthday in as many languages as we can. I've googled away, and found loads of examples, but I have no idea how to pronounce most of them. I know lots of people here speak second languages, so would anyone be able to give me phonetically spelled 'happy birthdays', in any language?

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At what weight do you start to feel 'fat', whether or not you actually are?

If you don't feel like answering that, would you rather have the ability to communicate telepathically with your pets/friends or to perform mind control on one person a day?
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1. I enrolled at the two-year college yesterday. I'm taking 12 hours of courses there. I can also take classes at the university, finish my Bachelors degree earlier than planned, and even get a scholarship for it. Thing is, I'm going to have to work while I go to college.

Should I take a class or two at the university this fall semester? Wait until spring? Wait until I get my two-year degree? Just drop out and become a crack ho?

2. I ate some mac and cheese, but I'm still hungry. What else should I eat?

As always, serious answers appreciated, non-serious anticipated, macros tolerated.

yes we're immature.

I want to pull one last prank on my dad before I leave. Something harmless. Like in the past I have put fart sounds on his computer so that they went off every time he opened or closed a program or emptied his recycle bin, etc. Something along those lines and not like the Kardashian boy prank robbing his sisters at gunpoint. I think that's taking it a little too far.

What should I do?

ETA: Where's a good place to hide a recliner?
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trying to word things politely

It's one week till the end of the term, and internship-finder-guy has kept saying he'll talk to X Y and Z people about an internship for me but he hasn't. I don't *want* to sound snarky, even subtly snarky, I'm trying to politely lay out the situation so he can either get his rear in gear or confirm that it's too late and I need to look in town. But, possibly because I'm irked, I either can't write non-snarkily or I'm seeing my non-snarkiness as snarky.

So: Does this sound snarky to you?

This is the resume and cover letter I'll be dropping off at the (Other Local Paper). Obviously this same cover letter couldn't be used everywhere, but it's fairly adaptable.
I'm going to be emailing someone about an apartment here in (town), since I can only be in the dorms for another week. If you're near to getting me an internship please let me know, but I'm trying to get my situation for the summer settled.

VS bra

I have recently purchased this bra and have no idea how to wash it. Is a bra with a memory foam lining washer-safe? It says "hand wash cold only", but then again, a lot of items say that and they survive a few trips through the wash on delicate.

Anyone have any experience?

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Anyone know of some sort of free DVD transcription software for a Mac that you could get to like, pause the video every five seconds or something so you could write it down? My boyfriend is having me help him with transcribing these interviews for his research and I'm about ready to kill myself.

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I'm currently watching The Terminal with Tom Hanks. This movie rocks!

If you were stuck in an airport for an indefinite amount of time what would you get upto?
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I found a really awesome seat for Jim Gaffigan's show in September in Phoenix. I don't have the money for it now, but I will on Monday. Will my awesome seat be gone by then? :( That would be sad.

My other car is a boat

I drive a 1978 mercury grand marquis. I want to install a modern car stereo in my old ride. How would I go about doing this? Are there any online guides?

For the record, I want to do this myself. I'd rather not go to a car audio store and have it done by someone else. Any recommendations on GOOD car stereos? 'cause I haven't bought one yet either. :)

Proceed with (helpful) snark... help me pimp my ride !!!


my friends and I are going out to celebrate my 24th birthday which was yesterday, tonight. 1st my boyfriend and I are going to see Ironman then go to the bar. Typically i'm a malibu and coke girl. (shots can't be done)
What drinks should I get that for my birthday drinks?
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This is another general knowledge trivia quiz I came up with! Test yourself and see how well you do! Feel free to come up with your own questions and post them to the community, I think it's kinda fun.

NO CHEATING. No Google, no Wiki, no comment peeking, nothing but your own noggin. If you don't know the answer, just say so (don't leave anything blank, guess if you have to).

How long has the Iraq War been going on?

The mathematical rule that states, "The square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides" is called what?

What religion is derived from the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama?

Claude Monet began what famous art movement in the late 19th century, characterized by visible brushstrokes and an emphasis on light and movement?

Lorem ipsum is a placeholder text commonly used to demonstrate graphic design (font, layout, etc.); LiveJournal utilizes lorem ipsum in its layout previews. Who authored the original lorem ipsum text?

What two factions fought for dominance in the French and Indian War (also known as the Seven Years' War)?

Name a mammal that lays eggs instead of giving birth to live young.

What famous classical composer continued to write symphonies even after he became completely deaf?

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I enrolled in two summer classes and want to enroll in another summer class for fun. I've narrowed it down to hiking the lost coast and black bear ecology and management in california. Both classes have 4-5 days field trip. I can't take both classes because that'll go well over the maximum units allowed in the summer.
If you were me, which class would you take?

What's the last creative thing you did?
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I'm making bread.

* 2 cups warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)
* 2/3 cup white sugar
* 1 1/2 tablespoons active dry yeast
* 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
* 1/4 cup vegetable oil
* 6 cups bread flour

Is there anything I can replace the yeast with? I have baking powder and baking soda.

Mmmmm books

I recently started to read Neil Gaiman's "Smoke and Mirrors" and discovered that he seems like a really neat author. I did what I usually do when finding a new interest I looked for a LJ-community but didn't really find an active one, which made me wonder how many people here read him.

Poll #1181867 Neil Gaiman

Do you like Neil Gaiman's books?

Meh, they are OK
I heard of him but never read any of his books

To my surprise I couldn't find an active community about him, thought?

Not really I don't like his books anyway
Not really I never heard of the guy
That is sad
Not really, but surprising since there seems to be one for everything under the sun
It only means that you suck at finding communities
idk but YAY ticky!

If you like his books which one are you favourite?

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What are high school?

So, one of my ex-husband's friends has created a new myspace account (and did a very poor job hiding his identity) and has been sending my IMs asking how I feel about girls who cheat on guys.

TQC, how should I enact my sweet revenge? Bonus points if it includes a squirrel.

ETA: I left him and found someone else after I found out about his girlfriends (yes, plural).
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Perhaps my life is lacking...?

I turn 20 in August so I am wondering, can you please suggest:

1) What are some things I should have done by 20?
b) By 25?

Please don't suggest something that's impossible such as "build a spaceship and fly to the moon", I'm thinking along the lines of "swam in the sea", "had a snowball fight" etc... 


ETA: NO MORE comments relating to space travel please ppl! This r a seriouzzz Q. 

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I recently finished a compilation of short stories by Haruki Murakami and am now faced with the decision of what to read next. Upon looking at my bookshelf, I realized there was an outstanding number of books I have started, but never finished.

Collapse )

Which would you recommend I read (or rather, complete) first? If you have never heard of these/don't like any of them, what is another book I should read?

Job Interviews

I haven't had a job interview in over two years now, and Tuesday I'm interviewing for a job I really want, that would actually use my degree. I only wish I'd interviewed for crappy jobs I didn't want/was overqualified for just to get interview practice. Help!

What information are employers looking for when they ask the following questions?:   
     a. Tell me about yourself.
     b. What do you think of your previous employer?
     c. Where do you see yourself in five years?

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Will you please tell us how you feel about the follow images?

Collapse ) most resembles:
A. a hooker
B. a clown
C. a high school girl who thinks her eXpirt makeup looks kewl
D. there's nothing unusual about how she looks

Collapse ) most resembles
A. a Batman villain
B. a drug addict
C. a psycho killer
D. there's nothing unusual about how he looks
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1. Do you have any projects/hobbies you're working on right now?

2. Have you ever tried one of those photo-a-day projects for a few months/years?

2b. If so... are you doing one now? :D I just started one and wanted to find a few people to watch and link to. Especially since mine by itself will probably be rather boring. Haha!
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I'm taking two college courses this summer to prepare for the fall term. One of them meets on Tuesday and Thursday and each session lasts almost three hours. The other meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and lasts and hour and fifteen minutes. I have the option of changing the second class to a Tuesday and Thursday class. I'm looking to get a job this summer. Would changing my schedule increase my chances of getting a job, or is sitting through two classes at three hours each too excruciating to bother with?


Do the Rastas in Washington Square park sell anything other than weed? Do they sell mushrooms?

Have you been to Amsterdam?


Did you visit a coffeeshop?


Did you smoke marijuana there? If yes, what kind?

Did you try the space cake?
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me: elementary ed major. 3 semesters till graduation.

my primary job: teaching piano. 3 yrs experience. several of my kids have exceptionalities (ADHD, gifted, LD, autism and Soto's syndrome, which is a genetic condition - learning implications are mainly ADD and LD). i have also worked with special needs students on the college level.

the situation: i don't want to take on any more days teaching piano this summer, because i teach across town. and gas is expensive. there's a daycare/summer day camp near my college that has 'help wanted' on their bulletin board outside, and i'm thinking about updating my resume and inquiring.

1) when i google the company's name, it comes up on careerbuilder saying they're looking for full time positions. i could do something like a tuesday and wednesday full day, and the rest of the week i'm teaching piano. would they even consider me since i couldn't do full time?
2) i'm an ed major - i'm guessing i'm qualified for this but am i really? do i have to be certified in anything to work in childcare?
3) have you worked in childcare? plz to be sharing advice?
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cocker spaniel puppies

My husband and I both have our hearts set on getting a cocker spaniel puppy... this is something we've been talking/daydreaming about for over a year now, and we've just been waiting until we live in a house and have a nice-sized backyard for a puppy to play in.  We'll be closing on a home in June and so it's about time for our all of our daydreaming about this puppy to finally come to fruition... but the problem we're running into now is that we have no idea where to find such a puppy.

TQC, where should I look to try to find a cocker spaniel puppy?

I check every so often, but I rarely find anything that is within a reasonable distance of where we live.  Somebody told me that craigslist was a surefire place to find all sorts of puppies, but when I looked today all I found were ads from people who are looking for puppies, not people who are selling them/giving them away.  I also check the website of our local human society with about the same frequency as I check with the same results.

So, is there some secret place where people find puppies?  Something I am unaware of?  Neither my husband nor I have ever owned a dog, but his grandfather had a cocker spaniel that meant a lot to my husband, which is why his heart (and now mine) is set on this specific breed.  Don't bother mentioning that we shouldn't go to a pet store - as far as I'm aware, they don't even exist in my area... I've never heard of one around here in my life, so it really isn't even an option to begin with.

ETA: I live in Michigan (Grand Rapids, to be specific), so if anybody happens to be from around here and has good tips as to specific places, it would be very much appreciated!
*also* ETA: It doesn't necessarily need to be a purebred cocker spaniel, so long as it is partly/mostly cocker spaniel/resembles a cocker spaniel. 

Cool stuff

1. Have you read Brian Greene's "The Elegant Universe"?

2. Does physics, quantum mechanics, theories of the universe, etc get you excited?

3.a Do you think we'll ever fully understand the universe?
3.b Do you even want us to?

4. This is my nerdy obsession.  What's yours?
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 You guys know that icon that is a picture of girl's mouth with a gun in it? She has a black bob, I think.  I can't find the icon itself but the image it was made from was from this photography site. From what I remember it's mostly a bunch of  deadish girls with blood everywhere. Lots of bloody wounds and stuff. 

Do you know what I'm talking about? Does anyone have a link to the website? 

edit - not REAL dead girls, posed


OK, here's the story. I'm getting married June 29 and since we're both on a budget, I've decided to use my late mom's wedding ring (circa 1940)as my ring so my dearly beloved does not have to shell out the bucks right now. Down the road, when we can afford it, I'll have my mom's ring designed into something a little more modern, no biggie.

But here's the thing: My engagement ring is gorgeous but it's an irregular shape. That is, it's kinda zig-zaggy. What this means is that the wedding band, which is circular, will not lie flush against it. I have no problem just wearing the engagement band by itself, even after I am married. Soooo, my question is, do folks do this? Are there people out there who chose to wear just one ring instead of two, whether it be just the wedding ring or the engagement ring?
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cauliflower and clove perfume

1. I'm making mashed cauliflower. Do you think it would work well with a potato ricer or is this a terrible idea?

2. In some community someone posted a link to a website that sold clove cigarette perfume. I cannot find the website. Does anyone happen to know what it is? I do not remember much about it other than that they made all of their own scents, and that if you lived near their factory (which I think was in Colorado but I'm not sure) you could go pick up your order instead of having it shipped.
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What is a song you've actually liked/enjoyed that's by an artist you normally can't fucking stand?

What is a song that you absolutely hate by an artist you normally love/like?
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Ok... so i was having a romp with my boyfriend, and he was hanging on pretty tight to my, um, backside...

And when I went to take a shower later, I found that there was a thumbprint-sized dent in the soft tissue there. Three days later, it shows no signs of going away.

Has ANYONE had this happen before?

And if this totally makes you O_o, do you have a spirit animal? An animal that you feel very close to, or are terrified of?

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To any of you college-goers who are also headed to graduate schools...

Are you going to (or did you) take time off between undergrad and applying? Did it make those last few years more bearable? Did you have trouble motivating yourself to go back?

I really think I want to take a year off before heading to PA school, but I'm also paranoid that I'll just get lazy and forget everything I need to know in that time. :P

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TQC, I'm going to NYC on the 15th. What should I do? Preferably something that won't break the bank. :)

Also, about how much would contacts run? My prescription is very, very minimal, and my glasses are just driving me INSANE.

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GUYS: are you a grower or a shower?

GIRLS: would you prefer your guy to be a grower or a shower?

DEFENITIONZ LOL: a grower is someone who's penis is proportionally MUCH smaller flaccid than when erect. a shower is someone who's penis remains about the same size, and tend to look bigger whilst flaccid.

i personally am a grower. if i was into cock, i'd probably want a guy who was a grower, if only for the lulz.


To the college students in TQC:

Do you have internships lined up for the summer? If so, where?

Also, I've just finished up my junior year and I have a few potential internships open to me. However, I'm uncertain if I really want to pursue a career in the fields of the internships I was awarded. Should I take one anyone to build my resume? I don't really have any "legit" experiences to put on my resume at the moment so I'm kind of worried about starting the job hunt next year.

(no subject)

1- are you now or were you ever a dancer or choreographer?

2- what is your perception of a choreographer's work?

3- what stereotype do you think society would give to choreographers in general?

4- how would you say are choreographers valued by society?

(hi. since i am 100% sure that one of you is going to say something like "why did you just type out your homework questions for us to answer? you should answer them yourself," i would like to clarify that these questions are for an article i am writing about people's perceptions of a choreographer's field of work. i am looking for YOUR opinions. i am not trying to steal them from you and pass them off as my own. i need YOURS. thank you to all who help me.)

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I have a vest-coat, that is 70% cotton and 30% nylon. It needs to be washed. The tag has no washing instructions. Can I just throw it in the washing machine, or should I get it dry-cleaned?

(no subject)

To those of you who identify as Christian: How do you feel about Chick Publications? Collapse ) I can't quite articulate the lolwut/disgust feeling

How can I keep my hair from bleaching when I go out into the sun? I would like an alternative to stuffing my hair up into a hat.

I have to finish my last final tomorrow. For those of you with finals- how confident do you feel about your finals and the semester as a whole?
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If you are a person with a fairly healthy appetite (normally), what do you think or contribute a sudden lack of appetite to?
If you often have no appetite, when you make yourself eat do you feel sick to your stomach afterwards?

I'm a person with a healthy love for food, but lately I haven't wanted to eat at all. I can go all day without food, and when I make myself eat I feel sick afterwards. Yesterday (trust me I don't normally track my calories) I had 660 calories and today no more than 400 (I just made myself eat a few bites of green beans and mashed potatoes). TQC, am I dying? D:

Everyone else: How have you been?

Gonnorhea? Pleasure That Burns.

TQC, what do you think about the name Pleasure to Burn for my band?

Do you think that sounds like some kind of biker band, or classic rock or something?

What other band names can you come up with?

I ask because today my drummer and bassist, without even talking to me about it first, decided they would change the name of our band (which was pretty gay) to Pleasure to Burn, which my bassist got from a pack of my Camel cigarettes.

Do you think, even though they are the founding members of the band and I came in later, that they should have at least told me before they advertised us by this name in a local music magazine?

Guh, I'm peeved. And I just woke up.
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very interesting...

Do you list any entries on your profile that are completely unique (they don't link to anything/nobody else on LJ shares that interest)?  If so, what is it/are they?

For me, it's "Polish pool"

Are there any interests you list on your profile that you are surprised to see are not unique?  Something you thought nobody else on LJ knew about/was interested in?  If so, what is it/are they?

For me, it's "Rock Lake Christian Assembly", this really tiny church camp I went to growing up.

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Why is it so hard to find a white bikini top?
Where do you think I might find one?

I've tried aeropostale, american eagle, urban outfitters, khols, macy's, walmart, kmart, target and probably others I can't think of. I just want the top only and I'd prefer it not to be terry cloth (that ruled out american outfitters).
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Cause I feel like it.

Poll #1182138 Name my band

What name do you like for my band?

Pleasure to Burn
Stone of Leaves
Resident Zero
Queen of Leaves
Mad Alice
Seven Ships

Or feel free to come up with your own!


Would you rather date a guy who wanted to name your left breast "Bruce," or a guy who named his right ball "Martha"?


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Does anyone here speak Portuguese??

If so, please let me add you, cos all my entries these days are in Portuguese and basically none of the people on my flist speak it but English is too confusing for me.
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