May 2nd, 2008

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Wedding Gifts

I'm getting married at the end of the month and I have a group of girl friends who are helping HUGELY. One is doing my hair, one my makeup and photography, one videography and one is going to be performing our ceremony. They are all between 25 and 35ish and all very open minded. I know it's good etiquette to get your attendants gifts for being in your wedding, but since I'm not having any, I figured these four ladies were the ones I should be thanking! What do you all think of getting them gift cards to Good Vibrations? Totally tacky, or something actually useful? I would obviously wait to give them the cards till we weren't around my family or anyone else...

ETA: All of the women in question currently use and own sex toys and are fairly open about it.

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I'm flying home to visit friends tomorrow, and would like to take some of this coffee:
do you think having a metal can like this in my carry-on bag would cause any issues with airport security?

Last time I flew I had a pineapple shaped candle and they had to take me aside and go through my bag by hand, but that was at a much smaller airport.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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What word makes you laugh every time you hear it?

I know, I'm immature, but 'fart' always does it for me. That and 'gazongas'. And 'fluffernutter', although I'm pretty sure that's just a word my dad made up. And 'hork'. 
ETA: Okay, 'fluffernutter' is a sammich. My dad's word is "flufferstat" which is equally hilarious. He used to call me that, but I'm not quite sure why. I think it had something to do with me calling farts 'fluffs'.

Do you like the smell of your own farts?

Yep. Especially when it's bad and there's someone else in the room >:D

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my keyboard has spontaneously started screwing with me.  When I press the left shift key, I get this {.  When [I press the right i get this ||\.  Any suggestions why  
i can't do question marks now btw.

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 Whats the most dangerous place you've ever fallen asleep?
Have you ever fainted in public? What were the circumstances? Where you alone? 
edit:have you ever lost anything belonging to your SO? what was it?
mulder pencils

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i am so bored. no one is awake, and i can't leave this room. i have wicked insomnia, so sleep is not going to happen.

what would you do to entertain yourself if you were in my situation?

on a completely unrelated note- if you go from a relationship where you have sex once a day at the least, to not having sex at all, how long does it take you before you lose your mind?

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when the hell are we getting our stimulus checks? i know some of us are getting ours today but akjrt;aekrj i want it NOW so i can pay off my credit card and stop freaking out about my debt.

so, when do you think we'll get it? right when business hours start? some other time?

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Do you know the Frito Bandito?

Do you think that if that commercial were produced today in the United States, people would be more offended by the blatant racial stereotype, or by the fact that he has guns?


I love the Frito Bandito. Now I know what my dad was singing about when I was younger. I'd never actually seen the commercials until recently. I want to sing the song all day!

I think people would be more offended by the stereotype, but more shocked by the guns.
a sushi

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Ugh! I just made my tax refund jump almost $4000! I am still trying to figure out what or if I did something wrong.

TQC! What did I do wrong?

What would you like to blame me for?
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when filling out a job application, do you bother listing jobs that you only worked for a month or so?

if you left on bad terms, and the application says "may we contact employer for reference?" is it better to risk it and say yes, or to say no?

if any of you do any hiring for your job, which would you rather see on an application?

my terms for leaving were justified, but i could have done it more professionally. my old boss hates me, but he was an alcoholic and a terrible manager and i couldn't stand working for him one second longer.

what would you do if you were in my position, looking for a new job?

as a note, that was not my most recent job. i have a current job. should i even bother listing it? ugh i don't know. i hate applications.

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There probably aren't too many of you up right now, but what the heck:

I took my cousin to a special early screening of Iron Man last night at the fancy movie house in town. I was outraged, because it cost $8.50 per ticket! I figured they must have upped the price for it being an early showing, because they normally only charge $7.25.

1. How much do movies cost where you live?

What was funny was that we bought the tickets early, and the fellow told us we'd best come early to get good seats, so we showed up at 7:15 for the 8 o'clock show. By the time 8 o'clock rolled around, there were a total of 12 people in the theater. :(

Yesterday, I got my hair cut. I think she took about four inches off, cleaned up the layers, and then did something about "thinning it out" or some such. My hair has looked the same since I was a freshman in high school -- aside from one time my dad's friend Larry cut it for me with his magical hair dresser skills. The girl suggested if I wanted to mix it up, I come back today and have highlights put in. I have never colored my hair before, at all.

2. I have black hair. For serious, it's black, and I'm quite pale. What color highlights should I possibly get?
James Franco joint

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1. I work in a really chill fishmarket (indoors). Do you think wearing a black bandana with white polka dots (hxc) rolled up to keep my hair out of my face would bother my boss? (Like this but I have hair) My mom thinks it looks too gangster and they may think I'm in a gang (my mom is silly). It's not like your standard bandana. I have those, too, but I knew that would be TOO much like a bandana, so I decided not to wear that. WDYT? (Before you get all LOL Scenster, they are great for keeping my hair out of my face, and I plan on just asking my new boss if it's okay if I wear it anyway, but I'm just curious if you think it's too 'gangsta' lookin')

2. Do you use Stumbleupon? It has become my biggest time waster since I came home for summer.

3. What was the last thing you took a picture of? Show me?

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Since this hasn't been asked (in like what, three days), is there anyone here you'd like to friend but haven't for whatever reason?

Do you like Thai food? What's your favourite dish?

What non-hat would make an awesome hat? (Besides a lamp shade.)
i say, old bean

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TQC, for the past 4-5 months, every morning at 8:47 I have heard a beeping noise coming from somewhere in my room. What do you think it is? Should I go looking for it?

Is there anything in your life that seems to happen at the same time, everyday?

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How do you make yourself feel better when you wasted spent a fair bit of money you can't really afford?

I drank way more than I intended yesterday and now I'm too scared to check the purse. I am hangover free though.

(no subject)

What are your hangover symptoms? - Nausea, raised temperature and feeling like I'm still drunk if I close my eyes.
Do they change based on what you drink? - No
How do you get rid of or deal with your hangover symptoms? - I curl into a ball near the toilet and cry like a baby until it's over.
Are you drunk right now? No. Alcohol is evil right now.
How are you feeling? Aside from feeling like I'm going to puke for the 6th time today, I feel pretty damn good.

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It's my Birthday today, but i'm stuck at work, I can't even go out for lunch b/c there's no one to cover the front desk where I work. No one here really knows it's my b-day cause it's a bunch of weird crazy strange guys.

What can I do to make today fun/celebrate at work?

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Sorry to post again so soon but my google skills fail me this morning.

I have a 2gb memory card for my phone so I guess I can get around 500 songs. But I read somewhere that if I used a different file type I could get more. This true? What do I need to do?


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Poll #1181356 What's your favorite Maury theme?

What's your favorite Maury Theme?

"Wild, out-of-control teenz!"
"Are you my baby's daddy?"
"I was almost killed/spied on and my life was RUINED".
"I have no face D:" AKA expoitating freaks.

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So I am buying a bike but I don't know which kind to get. I want to spend 200 max on it. I'm at this website, it looks like theres "fun bike" "mountain bike" and "road bikes" I'm looking for a bike to use for exercising on biking trails. Which bikes would I want? Any suggestions on a brand or websites to check out for buying a bike?
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Are you a good negotiator? What's the best deal you got (ex.. how much $$ or what bonuses did you get from your skills)

I'm in the market for a used car, and I could use some tips TQC!

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I have been out of work for a few weeks now and when I left my job, my boss told me that he was going to pay me for the week I hadn't been paid, then two weeks pay after that. Well I got the week paid, but it's been a while now and I have yet to get that two weeks pay. I haven't talked to him or called him or anything and I'm sort of wondering if it's worth the trouble. I have a habit of picking my battles and being more or less mellow when it comes to crap like this so for the most part I just haven't cared enough to bother. However, that is $600 I could really use, especially with a big move coming up soon.

What would YOU do in this situation, TQC? I mean, he doesn't really owe me that money, I didn't work for him very long or anything... but on the other hand he did say he would pay it to me.

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I'm bored, TQC. Would you tell me a story? I don't care what it's about, just tell one!

Which TQC member would you be interested in seeing a picture of to FINALLY see what they look like?
Baro Bitch Stare

How is your google fu?

I've been scouring the internet to find the 2002 version of the Cindy Crawford Diet Pepsi commercial. Can one of you find it for me?? I feel like I fail at internet searching cuz all I can find is the original one!

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So questions:

1. Can you find the Diet Pepsi commercial from 2002 with Cindy Crawford?
2. How long do you usually search for something before you give up?
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Job Application Dilemma

I came across a job I’d really like but they are asking for 5 references along with my cover letter and resume. The problem is they are not advertising the salary and I don’t want to alert my boss and other professional references that I don’t like my job only to find out it pays less than I make now. What should I do?

derby time

if you were going to attend a derby party, what would you wear?

what kind of food and drinks would you want at said derby party?

would you want to play any games at or get party favors from said party?

what horse would you bet on winning the kentucky derby?

(edited for clarity)


TQC I have a funky rash for the first time since I was like, 7. I'm trying to go to the Dr. some time today. It's confined to my arms, legs, and the spot where my arms brush against my sides. It looks like little red pimples and is pretty itchy. What do you think it is?

When was the last time you had a rash?


My friend (18) has been flirting with her boss/manager for a while. They have been kicking up the intensity and it's prettty obvious he wants to sleep with her (he is 25). She says he's incredibly HOT and a really nice guy (they're both single). She only has to work with him for another two months before she leaves, so we're assuming nothing horrible will happen in that time. There is one girl there who he used to date, but it was a while ago and she says she's over him and doesn't care about anything involving him.


Thanks, she can't decide so we're turning to the internet, but she's leaning towards yes.

Poll #1181524 sexcellent

should she sex him?

no :(
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When was the last time you were really scared? Why?

For me it was last night. I went to step out onto our front porch to take my little sister home and my neighbours guard dogs had escaped and were growling and lunging at me. I'm so glad I stepped outside and not my little sister.

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I love croutons. I could eat them just for the heck of it (by themselves) lol BUT I don't as often because every time I eat them (to me) it sounds like I am munching on them SO hard.. and I am paranoid that someone will be like 'STOP EATING SO LOUD!' lol so yeah.. :p

Is there a particular kind of food that you're like that about? to where you enjoy it but don't eat it as often for one reason or another. and if so, what?

(no subject)

-if a couple are getting divorced, does the woman have to give the engagement ring back?

-have you ever been divorced? if so, what was it like in court?

-when you feel like shit, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

-have you ever sold something to a pawn shop?
Kick Ass

new living situation

Okay so me and my man lived and did everything together for 6 months which I didnt really want back then I felt smothered... well now that time has progressed I do want it and he decides that we need to live apart... how do I get the old me back and feel okay with not living together after getting so comfortable in our routine?
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TQC - Lapaorscopic appendectomy

TQC - I feel like a puffer fish who swalloweed a Vigara.... I'M PUFFED UP AND I CAN'T GET DOWN!!!!!!!!

It's been 10 days since my emergency Laparoscopic appendectomy.  Got that.  My appendix had not ruptured, but the surgery was a little complcated due top the fact that I've never had gut surgery so there  was much connective tissue that had to be disconnected.  Got that part, too. What they didn't tell me was the do to this surgery, they puff you up with CO2!!!! ALOT!!!  The CO2 gets into your tissue where it eventually just expires through your skin, or if you're lucky enough it *might* get the to colon and you have a fart!  A love glorious rude fart in a public place would be worth getting out this pain i've been living with.

So.........after 7 day of LOTS of pain, physical and gasseous, and a 2 trip the hospital where I met allt he criteria for returning to the hospital just to be told that ... ooops, yeah, you're find ARG!!!!

I am turning to TQC for help. 

1.  Do any of you know of gentle stretches or exercises that my help guide the gas from the tissue under my lungs,  outside of my intestines, under my shoulder blades (inside would be great, but NOOOOOO) to just get it the hell out of here????

2. Do any of you know of gentle food that would help re-start the bowels?  I can't do strong laxitives (would damage the surgery), or killer good soft-ish food, that won't kill me coming out (though the thought of drinking a bottle of hot sauce has crossed my mind)  ----  ANYTHING TO UNBLOAT THIS UNWILLING WHALE????

This is excruciating...i really need some help.

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What's the longest time you've accidentally left the oven on?

I've left it on for 2 or 3 hours, but my boyfriend takes the cake. I left for work as he was baking some chicken, and when I came home 7 hours later, he was playing video games with the oven on and empty.

[EDIT] Okay, my boyfriend corrected me. Before we lived together either he or his roommate left it on over night.

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I am possibly getting a new kitten. I need to decide if it will be an indoor cat, and outdoor cat, or both. Currently I have one outdoor cat and one cat that is both. 

If it stays an indoor cat, should I declaw it? Ok, ok!! I won't declaw it.

(no subject)

just because i know a lot of cats that are old
and because in the early 90's and the late 80's it was considered a good thing to do
does anyone here have a declawed cat?
i have one cat that was declawed, but as soon as we found out it was bad for kitty, we didn't get any others done.

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You're walking along the street, which is pretty crowded with people going home. There's people standing around at a bus stop near the hospital. Behind and slightly to the side of the bus stop and people, there's a large man sprawled out on the ground, not in a 'homeless man' way, he's got his arms above his head and is lying really awkwardly. No one else around you is paying any attention to this, people have been walking past him.

Do you stop?

... do you *really* stop?

Since We're Talkin' Birth Control...

How many pill packs does your insurance(or planned parenthood...or if you just pay for them yourself) give you at a time?

-My insurance will only give me one month at a time, and I can only come in for my new pack on the DAY I'm supposed to start it...

Which birth control pill are you on? Do you like it?

-On Yaz, I don't like it...have to switch soon.

Pee Pee!

I went in this morning to take a drug test for a new job, but I ran into a snag. I could NOT pee in the cup. I got really nervous for some reason. The lady had to be in the room and the door was open ( I was in a stall but still)I just got so nervous. I drank tons of water and held it all morning but when it came down to it I just couldn't get it done. I have to go in next friday to try again; any tips on how to relax? (I got the drink lots of water thing down)
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1. How can I be so awesome to my dad + mom?

My dad is coming down to RI for just one day to help me with serious life matters, and I think it's really, really sweet. The next week, my mom is coming down for a whole week to hang out and go driving with me. I have not seen these silly folks in a long time. I would like to do something nice that isn't cost-oriented, since they are super rich and I am broke and they would not especially be impressed with fancy dinners or such things.

2. Would you wear one of these? Should I buy one?

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(no subject)

So your boyfriend/girlfriend moves across the country and leaves a shit ton of stuff at your house...then decides to break up with you once they're across the world and magically grow some balls...

What the hell do you do with all of their crap that's taking up YOUR valuable space?
~midori~ insanityconsumedme

(no subject)

I've got an 82GB (and growing) folder of movies and anime on my computer. It is my baby, I must protect it. I'm not letting endless hours of downloading go down the drain. D:
So, heres the question:
What kind of portable or external hard drive do you use? Is it reliable, cheap and spacious?

If you don't have one, what the hell are you gonna do when all your stuff is deleted, huh?!
kurt halsey

(no subject)

Inspired by this post.
1a. What are some songs that begin with "y'all know what this is"?
1b. What is the listener supposed to know?

2. Females - how often do you shave your legs?
2b. If you don't shave your legs, why?

ETA my answers -
1. If I knew I wouldn't be asking.
2. Every two weeks-ish? My leg hair grows slowly.

(no subject)

Have you saved money for a special event?

How long did you have save to get enough?

What did you do with it?

I'm going to Amsterdam (again)in Sept.

Will my gov't kickback check cover it?

English iz srs bizns

When was the last time you used the world dingleberry in a sentence?
How about ain't?
What are you thoughts towards people who use double negatives?
How about the use of colloquialism in written or typed speech?
Do you correct people's grammar?
What is your favorite word? Why is it your favorite word?
What was your favorite word when you were a kid?
Do you have a favorite euphemism?
Would you care to post a picture that makes you smile?
Mitty box

(no subject)

TQC, we'll be paying off our car when we get our stimulus money. What would be the best way to do this? Go into the bank and pay it off or just pay it off online like I normally do? If I do it online, will they just mail me the title? Is there anything special I have to do? I called the bank to ask but was on hold for 15 minutes and gave up.

What's the last thing that made you feel like a grown up?

Also, today I called Nintendo because I need to send in my Wii for repair. I mentioned that my DS has a dead pixel so she added that to the repair order and said if they can't fix my DS I can choose a new color! I chose Rose. What color would you have chosen? (Options were Crimson Red, Zelda gold, Rose, standard white/pink/black, and the Blue/black one.)

Last night, my cat bit me on the ankle as I was swabbing my ears and I ended up stabbing myself in the ear and perforating my eardrum. What was your stupidest self injury?
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peapod left

Codon to amino acid website

Ok odd question to ask in here but does anyone know of a website where I can plug in  codons and it will give me the amino acids?


 I can find charts but it would go faster if I could just type in a long stream of nucleotides and it will give me the amino acid sequence.

chan marshall

(no subject)

What records remind you of high school?

The best of Blondie, Post by Bjork, The Pixies live at BBC, Goo by sonic youth, Come on feel the Lemonheads by The Lemonheads, best of The Vaselines, Best of Bikini Kill.

And to think we graduated in 2006..we were stuck in a time warp I'm sure.
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(no subject)

I'm going to see Jimmy Eat World and Paramore tonight with my cousins. I don't listen to either band, but my cousins are awesome and we're going to Atlantic City for it. Are the bands any good live?

What is your favorite casino activity?
8 - my kung fu is better

I can't wait for Chuck Norris to die...

...wait for it!

2:32 PM 4/27/08 · See, so far as fandoms go, there is the considered belief that Chuck Norris can kick anything's ass. It's all over the place, there are lists of things that Chuck Norris can beat the crap out of. Not only that but nothing can beat Chuck Norris. Even the mighty Predator would get it's scaley butt whipped by Chuck Norris.

Bet you've never seen 'Chuck Norris' used that much in a paragraph before. That's because Chuck Norris also beats out good grammar and the odds.

Which is why I want Chuck Norris to die.

Think about it. If Chuck Norris were to die then he'd have to face off against Death itself. There's only one way that fight would end...with Chuck Norris beating Death like It was a little girl. Chuck Norris defeats Death, there is no more dying, everybody wins!

What? You don't think Chuck Norris can beat Death?
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how bad is it to give a small dog a small amount (just a few ounces) of beer every once in a while?

my dad does this and it really upsets me :( he'll pour a little in a bowl and give it to my dog. he loves the dog more than he loves his own kids so i can't fucking understand why he does it. "the dog likes it, and a little bit of alcohol is good for you!" he says.

when i see him do it i yell at him and pour the beer down the sink but there's really nothing i can do if i don't see it happen.

my dad is a fucking asshole and there's nothing i can do or say to make him stop. other than throw all the alcohol away but that would get me disowned and possibly injured.

(no subject)

Do you think that Ross was justified in his response to sleeping with the Xerox girl because he and Rachel were *ON A BREAK*?

In Rachel's shoes, would you be just as hurt as actual cheating?

Would you hold it against him as a reason to no longer return to dating?

Personally I think he was justified BUT I still would be hurt and wouldn't return to dating somebody who was interested in sleeping with someone else.
mornington crescent

(no subject)

Are you good at telling the difference between accents? Can you tell a New Zealander from an Australian? Irish from Scottish? Which accents confuse you? What's your favourite accent?

(Somewhat inspired by this post, because I was confused that the OP wasn't sure if he was Aussie, NZ or English, because they sound incredibly different to me.)
burning goodness

(no subject)

I have a USB flash drive from around 2000 or so (yeah old, whatever). I recently discovered that it still actually works, but the computer that has the drivers for it just so happens to be one that this USB drive is the only way to get info off of it.

From the (very worn) lettering upon the drive, it is a Smart Drive, 128MB. It's FCC ID (I don't know what this is) is PU9USD. Where would I find the drivers (for free) for this? What are the chances the drivers still exist?

I tried Google, but didn't come up with anything, but this may be because I'm not very good at Googling.
clem impulsive

double deuce

What should I do for my birthday on Cinco De Mayo that won't cost more than a hundred dollars and that is not a party(of the traditional sense)? And no bars/clubs. That's a daily occurrence for me.
me - with gun

(no subject)

Will you tell me about a specific time in your life when you had to overcome a big fear of yours? Specifically, how did it turn out for you in the end?

I have a very strong desire, and have for a while now, to be a pilot. However I was (and still am) terrified that I won't be able to because of my hips/legs. But I just now e-mailed a flight school to ask them about it. I AM SO NERVOUS IT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY.

(no subject)

1)a bachelor's degree is the new GED- true or false?

2)Am I too late for a part time office job for the summer? Also, I have to work 20 hours a week for free in top of my classes in the fall.

Worth a shot

Does anyone have a form lease for an apartment that was through RealtyUSA in New York?

If you like potato chips, what's your favorite kind? Do you like the ruffly kind?

What was the last thing that surprised you?

(no subject)

Well, TQC, I have two options for my January Term next year: London or France. In London, we'll be studying English theater, so we'll be going to and analyzing a lot of plays. In France, we'll basically be traveling to a few different places and improving our spoken French. We'll still be able to do other stuff (i.e. shop, see the sights, etc.), but that's the general gist of it.

So, London or France? If you've been to either (or both), what did you do there?
me - with gun

(no subject)

For those of you women with no kids...

Have you ever been called a MILF?

If some one were to call you that, would you be flattered because they find you attractive/fuckable, or offended because they assumed you are a mother for whatever reason? Or, "other"?

In what ways could you be mistaken easily for a mother? (besides the obvious "having a uterus")
Arrested Development

(no subject)

I need to learn a second language and guys I don't know what to take! My school offers like frikkin everything so gimme all you got, no matter how obscure.

What's the most useful language to speak?

What's the AWESOMEST language to speak?

(no subject)

1. I've noticed that on if I choose "my dates are flexible" and then choose "three days before and three days after selected date" whichever date I selected will have the cheapest fares and the other dates will have really expensive fares (and I have checked this by selecting, say, June 25, and then cheap fares come up for June 25 and expensive for June 23, 24, 26, etc., but if I select June 24 cheap fares will come up for June 24 and expensive for June 25, etc.) rendering the entire feature useless.

Is there any airline booking Web site that will *actually* compare fare dates without having to try each date separately?

2. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say "red, green, yellow"?

(no subject)

Ending a cover letter.

"Please contact me at (number) or (other number), or by email at (address), to talk to me further or schedule a time for us to meet. I'll be contacting you in a few days to" --

to what? I've always seen this line but I can't remember why I'm calling. to make sure they got it? to strong-arm them into giving me an interview?

Alternately, what else goes in this last paragraph? I feel like it should be longer.

(no subject)

You can only eat food with the same first letter, which letter do you choose? (ex: If you choose B, you can only eat food like bread, bagels, bananas, etc). Oh, and you can't use description at all.

What should I order at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse tomorrow?

opossum babies

An opossum walked into my neighbor's squirrel trap and then gave birth in there! We're not sure when this happened, but he said he came home from work and the opossum was already in there. We used bungee cords anchored to the back of the cage to hold open the door and draped an old t-shirt over the cage. Do you think she'll leave by nightfall? I just hope the opossum doesn't think it's okay to just stay in the there, cause I'm sure there are comfier and safer places. He said he's gonna wait to see if it'll leave on it's own before he calls animal control. Any other suggestions?

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nana smoking

(no subject)

SIMS/SIMS2 players:
Have you ever made a sim of yourself and someone you desire to see what would happen?
If so, what did happen?

Do you know anyone who has a "raver" name?
What's your favorite flavor of lipgloss/chapstick?

(no subject)

So i went to the doctor because my stomach really hurt, he said i might have an appendicitis. I went to the lab to do blood tests but, how long does that usually take?
He said if the pain gets worse or things change go to the ER but that is expensive and time consuming. But i also dont want my appendix to blow up.

what would you do if you were me?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know French?

I want to translate "Dominate Me" into French, but don't know how to do it correctly.

So far I have "Dominez-moi" but have a feeling that there is something more...

Anyone know if this is the correct translation?

(no subject)

what are some accessories you tend to use a few times a week?

knee socks and shorts: cute or annoying? does it depend?

if you do wear makeup, when did you start?

what do you have planned for this weekend?

what are your parents' names?
Jane Lane

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the gums around my one wisdom tooth are all swollen and bleed sometimes. It also really hurts when i open my mouth to wide or yawn. I don't have dental. What should I do?

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Lets say you go to a bakery, and the owner offers you as many free large freshly baked chocolate chip cookies as you want. How many do you take?

Note: I'm looking for exact numbers.

i'm depressed

so please humor me.

1)would you work at an office where your boss sometimes rode a yak in?

No, because I am scared of everything.

2)what would happen to you if you rode a train to a new city with only $50 in your pocket and a dream?

I'd die. of aids!

3)what's your field?

being a slacker. I am not looking forward to my summer class.
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Disneyland Ebay Tickets.

Kinda of an odd question, but my sister buys tickets to disneyland on ebay for cheap, I'm talking like 12.00 to 40.00 tops, the thing is she has to meet the guy the morning of to get the ticket and then meet him again to give it back to me. I asked her why she has to do this and she didn't really care, she just wants them cheap. I went on ebay to look since I'm going to disneyland soon and I see auctions like this and this. Just wondering just WHY they have to have the ticket back in their hands at the end of day. It seems like such a inconvenience for the seller to follow up and such on... Thoughts?

Also for around three grand you can ride Space Mountain with the lights on after the park closes, among other things....
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contemplation, etc

patton oswalt on the kfc bowls is marked as a favorite by the official michael jackson youtube channel. every other favorite is either 80s themed or directly related to "thriller" or michael jackson. the decision to include patton, while awesome, makes no sense to me.

what was the last thing that threw you for a loop? the last thing that made you think to yourself, "wait.... what? did that happen?"

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While I was cleaning out a spare bedroom that my niece was residing for a while I found some pills. They were No Doz. No big deal. I have tried these things before, so me being the fucktard that I am took one, and now I feel like my heart is going to rocket up my throat.
1. What was the last bad choice you made?

2. Who do you think is more annoying, Andy Dick or David Spade?

3. If you were a mammal, which one would you be? Besides human*
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dear fellow losers with no friends,

how are you spending your friday night?

i'll probably watch bad movies on tv, play the sims 2, maybe get some coffee from dunkin donuts. and if i'm REALLY feeling crazy, maybe i'll actually do something productive like cleaning or reading!
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So, I need to get some waterproof boots for my job cause they get wet. But... I don't have any yet. My feet absolutely reek from being wet all day. How can I get them less stinky? I already took a shower.

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Do you eat lunch at work/school alone or do you have a lunch buddy?

If you eat alone, what do you do to pass the time after you eat if it's too soon to go back to work/school?

If you eat with a lunch buddy, do you invite people who are alone to eat with you too?

Why are colds always worse at night?


Period Sex

I've never really had sex with a chick during her period. I'm going to see a friend-with-benefits tonight and she said she's on the tail-end of her period. I don't mind a little blood, but I don't want it to be like a slaughter house. How messy will things be? Will it be gross?

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1. Is anyone else's google totally messed up? On my boyfriend's computer, all of the searches show up with crazy amounts of question marks. My friend Teren's computer produces search results in Japanese. What in the world is going on?

2. How much do you spend a day on food, approximately?
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Let's say you've been given an obscenely large sum of money due to the death of a relative who you don't really remember, but apparently thought you were really cool or something. In the Will, where it states "And to my estranged relative, [you], I bequeath this obscenely large sum of money" it also states that the money MUST be spent on a house to be built for you to live in for all time, or whatever.

What are five things that you would do with the money?

"Buying a flying couch that can shoot lasers" is completely valid.
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Battlestar Galactica

I missed the first few episodes of season four of Battlestar Galactica. I see that episodes three through six are posted on, but I can't find episodes one and two anywhere. Does anyone know where I can watch them online?
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1. Can you recommend me some danceable, new-ish bands that might or might not sound a bit like Mint Royale, Fatboy Slim and/or Gary Numan?

2. Which is better, ice cream or sorbet? What flavour?

Post-Holiday Blues.

I'm looking to you all to help me find the name of a television series shown about 8/10 years ago (in England at least on channel 5). It was an American TV series about a boy who fell into a coma but was was in this alternate fantasy world. I can picture all these scenes in my head, almost! It's just everything is slightly out of my grasp. I think he fell into the coma when he was knocked unconcious from falling from a tree house or something. He spent his time in the fantasy land travelling through it, trying to get to something or someone that would help him get home.

Any ideas?

And for those of you who don't know what the hell I'm talking about..

because I uploaded mine this earlier..

Can I see a cool snap from your last holiday?
Where did you go?
Who did you go with?
Did it live up to your expectations?
When and where are you going on your next holiday?

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What is the one thing you have to have with you when you travel that isn't absolutely necessary? If you were spending 6 weeks in a country where the odds of finding wireless were low would you bother taking your laptop?
Does anyone know how easy it is to find wireless internet in Russia? I'm willing to pay.