May 1st, 2008

ma ti ricordi l'acqua verde.

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Do I want to spend the 20€ to go to Lisbon for the day and go to the beach and wander around and stuff?
I have nothing better to do and none of my friends are in town so I'm painfully bored.

(Yes, I really need someone to answer this question FOR ME!)

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What was the last disappointing movie you saw?

I rented "Juno" tonight and had high hopes for it since it got great reviews and everyone seemed to love it, but I was disappointed and didn't really care for it at all :/
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How do you keep yourself awake when you need to stay up late?

I have cigarettes and a 2 liter of Mountain Dew.

I now remember why I don't drink Mountain Dew anymore, because I am quite certain I will either not be able to sleep at all tonight, and/or puke. Also, I get quite annoying when I get hyper from this stuff...

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Let's say, hypothetically, you have an SO in Iraq. Great fun, whatever. You occasionally send scantily dressed images of yourself to him via e-mail. Obviously because you are a big idiot you don't delete them from your send box, you just sign out every session and have a password-protected screen saver. Now let's say you forget to sign out and your mom gets to your computer before your screen saver comes on and looks through all your e-mails [like 196] and all your pictures [like 795]. She also says that your SO is incredibly ugly [he had half his face bitten off by a dog when he was younger] and looks mentally ill. And calls you a whore and says she is ashamed of you. How would you personally react?
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It's 1 in the morning and my neighbors left their car lights on. What would you do?
I don't think it'd be appropriate to go KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK LOL UR LIGHTZ IS ON at this time of morning
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When you're writing out your name, do you spell it out letter by letter in your mind?

I remember being taught how to write out my name in kindergarten....and I would spell it out like "M-E-L-A-N-I-E" and now, every time I write out my name, I still spell it out like that, I can't just ~write~ it.

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I just moved into a new house tonight. It's 2000 square feet with a big back yard and it's just me and my mom. A huge change from a 1000 square ft 2 bedroom apt.

I really want a pet, but my mom says nothing furry blablabla.
I want a bunny :[ but i don't know where i could hide it and have it live a happy life.

So, TQC, what kind of pet should i get that i can hide from my mom?
or, for you who abide by rules, what kind of pet can i get that isn't furry?


It's nearly 2:00am and I've been kept awake for the last hour with horrible muscle cramps in my feet and toes.
Do you have any suggestions to get rid of these?  I'm out of ideas.  Give me your wierd, wacky and wonderful remedies please.  I'm in pain!

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Why can't I work the goddamn graph function in Excel?
Srsly. I select my y values, create a scatter plot, select my x values, and I get ONE point. I should have 10.
What am I doing fucktardedly wrong?
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I keep hearing an odd scratching sound outside of my bedroom window, which looks out onto the porch roof and across the front yard. But every time I look outside, I don't see anything there.

TQC, what the hell is making that sound? Is it a monster? :( Am I going to die?
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If one of your best friends cheated on their SO, would you stop being friends with them?

What is the one thing a person could do to end a friendship with you, no matter how long you've been friends?

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1) i just started working at kmart about two weeks ago, making minimum wage as a cashier. so far, i'm only getting 12-15 hours a week. i just found out that the local walmart where i used work is now hiring cashiers, and i will probably make a dollar an hour more working there as well as getting more hours. also, there are a few big retailers (target and lowes) moving into new complex down the road from kmart, and they'll be hiring soon as well, and will probably pay more than minimum. should i try to get a job at either walmart, target, or lowes, or should i stick with kmart, since i only started two weeks ago?

2) have you ever worked at target or lowes? what position? how were you paid, compared to your state's minimum?

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I have class at 9:00 am - Should I go to bed or just stay up for the hell of it?(edit to add that its almost 5 am where i am right now)

My laptop's fan gave out a while ago, and just a few minutes ago it miraculously started again. Does this mean that my cd drive might magically start working again?


1. Are the IHOPs where you live open 24/7?

2. Do they have maple syrup/old fashioned syrup on the table, or do they bring it to you with your pancakes?

3. How do you pronounce "syrup", anyway? See-rup or sur-up?

4. What's your favorite thing to order?

Collapse )
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For Mother's Day I'm trying to convince my brother to give our mom a 'gift certificate' entitling her to a day of being driven around by my brother to wherever she wants to run her errands. My mom doesn't drive at all, but when we were little she would always take us wherever we wanted, even if it meant commuting for about an hour and a half at noon in high traffic, just so my brother could race toy cars or I could meet friends. (And I'm not in the country, so even if I do know how to drive I can't do it myself, lol.)

I thought he'd protest the actual act of driving her around for a day, but my brother, who is 19, says that's a girly gift. Do you think it's a girly gift? I thought it leaned to soppy, but I don't equate that with girly, haha. Is soppy = girly?

Also, what are you going to get your mother for Mother's Day? Do you have a fairly decent relationship with her or is it always filled with drama?
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What are you excited for?

I'm excited that soon I'll be finished with these damn essays and a test on Tuesday. Also having Indian food on Friday and my boyfriend coming up Tuesday. :D

How's you day going so far?

It's all right. There's finally milk in the place so I could have coffee.
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Oh wise TQC

My hair normally looks like Collapse ) and I'm attending a wedding today and would like to try some sort of up do.

So, somewhat-long-haired TQC members, what are your favourite up do techniques (You Tube videos would be a bonus!) and what the heck should I do with my hair!?

Also, do you have any photos of your awesome up dos?

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1. How many copies of Ron Paul's Manifesto have you bought so far?
2. Ron Paul?
3. Ron Paul??

4. Actually, I had a real question. Almost every morning I feel really sick about an hour after I wake up. Upset stomach, nausea, all that. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. Once I head out the door to work, I'm fine, but it's really terrible until then. I've been switching up my diet in hopes that that would change something, but it hasn't. My girlfriend thinks it might be subconscious anxiety over work (I have no conscious anxiety over work.) I don't know. What say you, TQC?
5. Also, what's your favorite place for a burger?
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What was the last stupid thing that upset you?

I just moved yesterday and I couldn't figure out how to work the shower. Seriously. There was no tab thing to pull up, and no switch on the detachable showerhead. I literally stood in the shower, bare-ass naked, for 10 minutes this morning trying to figure the stupid thing out, before giving up, sitting my fat ass down in the bathtub and splashing hot water over myself. It was pathetic and I broke into tears over it.

If you live alone, or with a roommate that you are not close with, how do you keep yourself from getting incredibly lonely?

Is a DVR worth it? I have to order cable, and I am considering getting one. I've never had one before.

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Think of the celebrity you're most attracted to. One day they admit that they're converting to scientology, and they happen to enjoy being a furry ("the furry arts"). Would you still find them attractive after that?

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My coworker is having a pissing match with one of our sales people. She's in the wrong because she misunderstood something but she won't let it go and is going to cause all of us problems if she keeps it up. I've already attempted to discuss it with her and help her see both sides but she's being extremely stubborn.

So uhh, what do I do now?
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cross country drivin'

If you were driving across most of the USA (District of Columbia to Montana and back), what are some things that you would pull over to see/make detours to experience?

I'm kind of pissed that last time I got outvoted on seeing the Crazy Horse memorial, but we're definitely going to do it this time around.

edit: if you've ever done a cross-country drive, will you tell me a funny anecdote or give me advice?
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1) Have you ever intentionally megadosed on Vitamin C? What happened? Why did you want/need to take so much?

2) What is your ideal way to relax?

3) Do you have any handheld game systems? Which ones? What are your favorite games for them?
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Hey TQC. I'm having a party tomorrow night as a birthday party/housewarming. Yay turning 25 and moving in with the boyfriend!

1. What should I make to eats? Appies only.
2. What kinda drinks should I pair with it?
3. What music should I play during?

Oh, and what's a nice way to say that we'd rather not get gifts..?

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It's 10:30AM right now and I'm hungry. I could make something breakfasty like eggs or toast, or I could just wait the hour and a half until my boyfriend comes home and have a sammich then. What do you think TQC?


Also, have you ever played bioshock? What did you think?

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Does anyone find having to wash your hands after you pee strange? I can only speak for myself, but my hands probably have a lot more germs than my penis. It would make more sense to soap up the genitals, yeah?

Spread of germs, etc., I know, I know, but I touch lots of stuff throughout the day, and my penis is probably the cleanest thing I come into contact with, so wouldn't it make more sense to wash your hands after, I don't know, touching a doornob?
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1. Does it gross you out when someone posts pictures of their dirty room/house?
2. If so, do you say anything?
3. If you post pictures of where you live, do you tidy up first or just show everyone the au naturale version?
4. Is your space normally pretty clean or is it messy/cluttered/downright dirty?

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What's a good thesaurus? All the free online ones I've tried suck. They tend to recommend more obvious and simpler words that you'd expect from someone with a more limited vocabulary.

I'd prefer one that's free and online (or on CD), but will settle for one that's not.
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Dear TQC, I start my job tomorrow. I'm kind of freaking out and I'm super nervous. Any advice for me to calm the fuck down? Will you tell me I'll do GREAT at my job and that they'll love me? TELL ME EVERYTHING WILL BE OK PLZ.

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Hey peoples, this Monday will mark the two-year anniversary of when my current husband finally moved to town, and I showed up on his doorstep with a six-pack of Deschutes Mirror Pond and a homemade cheesecake, and then jumped him. Since then, my life has really turned around for the better, and we got married last October.

What can I do to let him know how awesome he is on our "anniversary"? All I can think of is to bake him another cheesecake and jump him again.

Inspired by Cherrybaby's last post, about getting your life headed in the right direction.
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As usual, I have no idea what colors go together, or how to get matching/complementary colors.

Since TQC has such fantastic taste, I put it to you.

I have this color:  (#b1bacd)

I need a color that won't look horrible on it, preferably something "classy" or pretty.  What would look best?

ETA:  The color(s) would be for both a background complement color and/or text for graphics.

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Are you easily impressed?
When was the last time you were impressed by something?

Is it easy to make you laugh?
What was the last thing to make you laugh?

Does it take a lot to shock/amaze you?
What most recently shocked or amazed you?

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TQC, I am confined to the house this afternoon and would like to do some cooking. I would like to make a pasta bake type thing, but the only pasta ingredients I have are as follows:

- A small jar of sundried tomato pesto
- A small jar of regular green pesto
- A frozen package of Olivieri alfredo sauce
- Two types of penne, whole wheat and regular
- Stuffed three cheese ravioli (it's good)
- Stuffed porcini mushroom type pasta (also tasty)
- Feta cheese
- Gouda
- A package of frozen spinach and some red peppers
- Assorted spices
- Assorted meats (beef, pork, meatballs, etc)

If I used the stuffed porcini mushroom pasta, baked it with the alfredo sauce, and put a mix of gouda and feta on top, would that be good? Or would that be weird? Do you have any other suggestions?

I'm not able to go to the grocery store. I am also planning on making spinach and feta pinwheels, as well as funfetti cupcakes.
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a longshot

About three years ago some friends of mine moved to Santa Cruz, California for college. One of them told me he discovered something called the chicken show which was amazing, but he couldn't tell me what it is. He said I'd just have to see it for myself.

If any of you have lived in or around Santa Cruz, do you know what the hell the Santa Cruz chicken show might be?

I know it's vague. Serious answers appreciated, non serious speculation totally welcome.
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So, I decided to bake cookies to keep my mind off of my new job tomorrow, and so I'll have a snack to bring with me!

What are your favorite types of cookie?

What was the last thing you baked?

Will you come bake cookies with me?

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So, in our next living place, me and a friend are investing a lot of time & money into building brand new bathrooms, putting up walls, building a darkroom, etc. The roommates (about 2 or 3) will come later. I think it would be nice if they paid slightly more than we do, in order to cover the costs of the work we've done (we have to pay for a brand-new shower, we're sanding the floor of the entire space, etc.). What is an honest and not-sketchy sounding way of describing this to future roommates?

I'm not trying to make money off of them, just recoup our (pretty extensive) expenses. Should I just distribute costs into their rent?

Also, does your local sandwich place have a cheese steamer? Aren't they gross?

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My friend was just on a flight from Buffalo to Boston and he sat directly in front of Mike Lowell (the 2007 MLB World Series MVP).

1) What's the closest you've ever been to a famous person?

2) Who is the best "rocker" type in the history of American Idol?

3) It snowed here on Tuesday, which is the latest in the season I've ever seen snow. What's the latest in winter that you've ever seen snow?

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For those of you who are planning on buying a house one day or own a house already:

Will you be/are you the kind of person who calls and pays someone to do a service for the house (anything from aesthetics such as tiling to electrical or plumbing work) or would you be able to do it yourself?

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If you have seen "Capturing the Friedmans" or are familiar with the situation it's about...

How did the film make you feel?
Do you believe in the guilt of the two men found guilty?
How did you react when you realized:
- Mr. Friedman raped his little brother?
- Mr. Friedman molested two boys outside of his family?
- Mr. Friedman (allegedly) molested Jesse?
- David Friedman is the #1 children's clown in NYC?
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I had a dream last night that they were knocking down a Burger King just down the road from me and building a White Castle instead. I was super excited! I woke up and checked the White Castle website, and sadly, the closest one is still a few hundred miles away.

What did you dream last night?
Do you dream in color or black and white?
Have you ever had a lucid dream?
Do you think all dreams mean something or just some dreams?
Does MY dream mean anything deep and important??
How is it that after 11 years, I still get cravings for White Castle? The little frozen things just aren't the same.
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Why do people think Carlos Mencia is funny?

How on earth is Larry the Cable Guy funny?

Or, more bafflingly, why do people think George Lopez is funny?

Wait...the weirdest thing of all:  Why do people think DANE COOK is funny???

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So awhile back I worked with a girl that was really was nice but had a mean case of b.o. It was so bad that people complained but the manager wouldn't do anything because she said she couldn't imagine having that convo with an employee. My question is if you were in my manager's position how would you handle it?
Have you ever had to tell someone they stunk? Have you ever had someone tell you that you smell bad?

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Poll #1181044 Survey

Your gender is:

Orlando Bloom

Approximately how many posts/comments have you made in TQC this week?


How old are you?

31-fucking old

More Potty Q's

When you go in a public restroom for reasons other than pottying (looking in the mirror and such) and another person walks in while you're at the sinks do you feel compelled to wash your hands? You know, so that this other person doesn't think you're a gross person who potties without washing your hands.

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I had a job interview a few weeks ago with their HR recruiter which went well, in my opinion. After basically playing phone tag for a few days last week, I finally got to talk to the supervisor who told me they weren't hiring for the shift that I wanted, but she'll track my application and call me back this past Monday. She called me to say that she hadn't tracked my application yet, but she would like to meet with me, so let's meet Friday.

Why would she want to meet with me when it seems like she doesn't know anything about me?

porn at the workplace

Today at work this guy was looking at porn. When he noticed I was there he quickly switched the screen and acted like it didn't happen.
He's sort of my boss, he sends me out on different errands.
I'm a little upset by this, because it's hard to have respect for someone who does that at work.
The manager is a sweet lady who is this guy's boss, and she told me that i would be working for him for a little while. She's a conservative woman.. for example: she told me to come in at ten o clock instead of nine because there would be no other women there at nine and she didn't want me alone with men. The board of directors would be upset as well, she said.
So if she's conservative about me being alone around men, I wonder what she would think about someone watching porn that objectifies women. I want to report him, because he's just a creepster, but I don't want to be an asshole. What should I do?
BTW, I'm 18 years old, and this is my first time working at this place.
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Ugh. I have today off of work. I had a list of things I wanted to do, including cleaning my room and grocery shopping. I have already grocery shopped but now I am losing motivation to clean my room. Should I still do it? Or should I laze around until I have to go to a friends house tonight? Can you help motivate me again??
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TQC, I'm going to send in my resume to the Ministry of Natural Resources and they want a cover letter. I've never written a cover letter before, and while wikipedia is helpful I'm curious to hear answers from people with experience: How do I write a cover letter??

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In 35 minutes (and counting down too fast) I'm off to the dentist for a cleaning. It has been a great and long standing tradition for me to fear the dentist. I have the horror stories to back up this fear.

When was the last time you had your teeth professionally cleaned?
Do you floss daily? If so, how many times a day?
Have you ever had a bad experience at the dentist? What happened?
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1. Are you a creature of habit?

2. What habits do you have?

1. Yes.
2. I tend to park in the same spot, eat the same foods, use the same bathroom stall at work, keep the same schedule, watch the same television shows, etc. I'm not distraught if things don't go as planned, but if I have the option, I tend to stick with my routine.


An online group that I belong to are getting all up in arms over rumors of a photographer that I have regularly worked with and had no problems with. The rumors have been started with a girl he previously worked with and stopped because she would show up to photoshoots drunk or skip out on shoots because she was off drinking somewhere. He talked to her about it, she got pissed, wouldn't change her behavior, and he told her he wouldn't be able to work with her anymore, and so she started spreading rumors around.

And now these people are believing her and spreading the "message about this asshole photographer" around the internet. Should I say something? Should I report the group to the moderators (because what they are doing is slander)? Or should I just leave the group and hope they pull their heads out of their asses someday?
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When you cook burgers, is there anything you mix in the meat before you cook them?

I usually just do red onion and salt and pepper, but today I think I might mix in some relish. Is there anything else you think I should try?

Hows the weather?

It is overcast... it makes me want a thunderstorm!

Any exciting plans tonight?

Cooking dinner for a friend and then watching some hockey! :)
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I got this T-shirt at Goodwill today, and I was hoping somebody knew what the writing on it meant, or whether it's just a company name or whatever. I think it's Chinese, but I could be horribly wrong.

Collapse )

Thank you in advance!
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Does anyone else get really annoyed when people talk about drugs and drinking and raging, uncontrolable hormones as "part of being a teen", like it's inevitable and impossible for it not to happen?

Was anyone else drug-free and not dating in high school/early college? Not because of a pledge or because you'd get in trouble or because you had strict parents...but because you were never interested?
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Another post that requires your input

I need your advice again. Twice in 2 days!

The saga unfolds like this. My friend Alvin got an email from the Hooters Hotel in Vegas, which gave him a ridiculously good deal for 3 nights. 2 beds, 2 free tickets to their shows, $100 free gambling credits, and probably something else, all for $180. That's for 3 nights in Sin City. He told me and we both agreed that yeah, that's too good to pass up, even if Hooters is a shitty hotel. So, the plan was it was going to be Alvin, Heather (his girlfriend) and myself. Then, inexplicably, he asks a mutual friend, Kamper, if he wants to come, too. Kamper accepts the invitation. Now, Kamper's gay, and is dating some guy named Eric, and it's still in the honeymoon phase of the relationship. Within the next 24 hours, Kamper asks Alvin if Eric can come along. Alvin said he'd check with Heather and myself and gather our opinions. Also, Kamper's never been to Vegas before, so this would be his maiden trip to that city of lights.

Kamper's a nice guy, but I'd rather not have him bring his boyfriend along, cause the idea of 2 guys sharing personal displays of affection within my group kind of icks me out. I'm not really that big into PDAs anyway. I've had straight friends who can't keep their hands off their SOs in my presence, and I found that pretty tasteless too. Now, I have a lot of gay friends, but I've never really hung out with any of them when they're with their lovers, so I've never been exposed to that before. I realize the hangup is purely on my end, that I'd be kind of a douchebag if I voted Eric off the trip and compromised Kamper's enjoyable vacation somewhat. They'll get the other bed, and if gay love happens, then I'll just leave the room and stroll around the casino or hit a bar. But I'm worried that the trip will have moments of awkwardness, times where I'll walk on acts of privacy that might sear themselves into my longterm memory, or I'll be privy to romantic opportunity that I'm not very comfortable witnessing. See, any couple in love/infatuation will view a 3-day Vegas trip as a romantic getaway. I sure as hell would. I can't imagine being in a happy environment like Vegas with a sweetie and not holding hands or whispering lovers' secrets in her ear or any happy couple's thing. Is it logical to think that Kamper and Eric will remain entirely plutonic in public? Part of me worries that my tolerance of gay love will be tested, and also that my options ar really only two choices: vote no on Eric and probably look like a bigoted bastard, or vote yes and pretty much sign off on whatever happens afterwards.

I realize I'm overthinking this, but I am torn between being a decent guy and my own comfort level of witnessing PDAs. I'll have to give Alvin my official opinion soon.

What should my opinion be?

Invite Eric along. The more the merrier
If the prospect of gaymance unfolding in my immediate group makes me uncomfortable, I should go with my gut and say that I would prefer Eric didn't come

(no subject)

1)what news story do you think needs more attention?

the situation in Somalia!

2)do you love ebay?


3)what are you hoping for for the weekend?

I want to go to music fest.

4)do you like vintage items?


(no subject)

Have you ever gotten a hair cut that you regretted?

I got bangs on Sunday. I can't get rid of my old cowlick. How do you go about doing that?

I do not like it and am now stuck to wait until my hair grows back out again. In the mean time what are some hairstyles that involve having bangs that do not take a lot of time and effort?

What are your pets up to right now?

Who here is playing the new Grand Theft Auto? thoughts?

(no subject)

Me and my boyfriend were discussing things, and he told me that in the old days, people used to not wash their hands after going to the toilet. They didn't know any better, but aparently it was only like 30 years ago. Also, maybe people did know, but they weren't as disgusted if people didn't is what I think he means.

So, do any old tqc people remember a time when it didn't even cross your mind to wash your hands after using the loo (for anything I guess)?

Does anyone still not find it disgusting for people not to wash their hands?


Theres this amazing pen I got from somewhere that when you try to push the top down to turn it on it gives you a little electric shock. I thought it was quite fun, but then I got a bit obsessed with it and couldn't stop doing it. So I threw it out the window. Now I miss it, should I go and get it?

2 questions

1) I've been having on and off pain in my chest recently. It's a sharp pain in the center of my chest, but also it feels like there is something tightening around my heart. It's worse when walking, and it hurt more when I try to take a deep breath.
What do you think this is?
What degree of urgency is there in seeing a doctor about this? From go to the emergency room right now or you're going to die, to you don't really need to see a doctor, it's no big deal or anything in between. (webmd said seek emergency medical attention, but it told me that when I had vertigo too).

2)I've been working at this branch library for 3 years . The library closes tomorrow. My boss has to be one of the nicest bosses ever, probably tied only with his wife (who offered me a summer job- long story, but was very nice about me applying for another work study job that is good resume/grad school application experience for me as a social work student, and still offered me a job as non-work study despite that *yay*)
So, I really wanted something to say thank you to my current boss. I thought about making something- I knit, crochet, make some jewelry- mainly earrings, and paint candle holders. I couldn't really think of anything with those skills that I could make- especially quickly, for my boss. I'm pretty sure he doesn't wear earrings and I couldn't think of anything I could knit or crochet him that wouldn't totally depend on his style, which I don't really know.
I also have no car, and barely any money- I just took out a loan to pay my rent.

Anyways, I bought a MSU "atlas desk clock" today at the student book store.
Is this a decent gift to say thank you for being a great boss these last 3 years?
Any other ideas that I could possibly do by tomorrow afternoon?
Lain Out
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What can I do about this woman at Planned Parenthood that makes me feel absolutely stupid every time I go in?

I consider myself a very educated woman but the way she speaks to me is just infuriating and upsetting. I qualify for free health care according to their brochure but she first ignored my request for an application and then told me I made too much even though I make below the $10 a hour cut off. This lead to a whole big headache I don't feel like getting into but when I called the Administrative Headquarters of my area to inquire into somethings I felt like I sorted everything out. They gave me a price estimate of $22-24 for the nuvaring until I could get the insurance and I felt find with that.

Then I go today and the girl in question tells me $44. And when I cite what I was told elsewhere she knocked the price down by $4 but basically insisted that I make $2,000 a month (I did the math...before taxes its 1,3000) and that lady at the headquarters didn't have my records (she accessed them via the magic of the interwebs so yeah..she did) which basically made her estimate null and void.

Their computers were down so I didn't get anything accomplished and have to go back tomorrow with my pay stubs again I just wonder -- how should I deal with this lady?

This is my first time trying to get prescribed birth control by the way and I would like to think its not always so hard. I just can't afford with rent, utilities, a $1,000 dental bill, etc what she's trying to charge me.

(no subject)

Dear TQC, I am not hungry, but I want to know of all of the other delicious things I could have eaten apart from the cookies that have probably just made me sick.

What was the last thing you cooked/prepared yourself?

(no subject)

If you live alone, do you drink out of the carton and eat right out of the pan, or do you still use cups and plates?

Does whether or not you have a dish washer effect your answer?
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(no subject)

I took "roasted vegetable and mediterranean" sauce out of the freezer last night to defrost. It says "use within one month". It's been in there about two months. It's the only sauce I have left.

Would you still eat it?

If not, what should I do:

Have pizza? (I don't like pizza though. Not sure why I have it)
Go buy more sauce?
Have spaghetti on toast/beans on toast for dinner? (Not very filling though)
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I saw an interview with Gene Simmons (KISS) yesterday, on 'Shrink Rap.' He said he'd slept with around 4800 women. I'm not going to ask how many people you've slept with, rather I want to know:

1. do you know how many people your (current/past) partner has slept with? Or is it a non-issue?
I think I'd rather not know; I don't see how knowing would make either of us feel better.

2.  is there a numerical limit at which you would be unwilling to sleep with someone? I mean, would you say "I don't want to be #4801", or something?
Definitely. And it would be pretty low. Maybe 10 or 20. This may be somewhat unrealistic.

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This is another general knowledge quiz I came up with! Test yourself and see how well you do! Feel free to come up with your own questions and post them to the community, I think it's kinda fun.

NO CHEATING. No Google, no Wiki, no comment peeking, nothing but your own noggin. If you don't know the answer, just say so (don't leave anything blank, guess if you have to).

Who painted the Mona Lisa?

What are the particles that make up an atom?

Who lost the Battle of Waterloo?

Name a religion that is younger than Christianity.

Who said, "The unexamined life is not worth living"?

What is the scientific genus of humans?

What literary work features the Montagues ad Capulets?

Name the continents.

*Typo: that one question should read, "Montagues and Capulets," which you probably knew anyway.

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If other TQCers were to write an article on you for a TQC Wiki, what are five facts about you that they would probably remember the most?

*Bonus: If you had to write for the TQC Wiki, which member facts would you remember best?

(no subject)

1. Will you please tell me about the oddest person you know?
2. What do you think the world needs more of? (Bonus points to anyone who does NOT answer this question with hookers and blow)
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I'm kicking myself in the ass big-time for being such a dumbass.

Ok so I recently replied to a job listing by submitting my resume and expressing interest via email. The owner of the business emailed me, saying that she would like to set up an interview. She initially set up a phone interview, but something came up and I just couldn't do it at the time she suggested. I then arranged to meet her in NYC for an in-person interview, but a family emergency came up so I couldn't make it. TALK ABOUT BAD TIMING. I emailed the woman 2 days in advance telling her that a phone interview would be best after all (on a Monday at 11am), but she did not respond to this email. So being the dumbass that I am, I completely abandoned the idea of keeping my phone with me. I just waited around to hear back from her via email. At around 2pm that day, I saw that I got a missed called from an unknown number at 11:03. Who else could it have been?

I didn't know what to do, so I just forgot about that job and started browsing for others. but now, 10 days after the missed call, I'm thinking that it would be a good job for me.

So the main question is...Did I completely blow my chances? Is there any "excuse" that she could "buy" and consider me again? Or is it too little, too late?

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I was watching a TV show about a bombing that happened in Bethlehem, PA years ago.  The narrator/commentator pronounced it Beth-lee-hem.  I always thought it was Beth-leh-hem.

Another time during Hurricane Katrina, I read on a message board that people from New Orleans, LA hate when people pronounce is New Orleens, that the correct was is New Arlins or Narlins.

How do you pronounce Bethlehem, PA?

How are you supposed to pronounce it?  (This question is more directed toward the people who live in that area).

How do you pronounce New Orleans, LA?

If you're from either of those cities, does it bug you when people pronounce it wrong?

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Have you ever been stood up on a date?

How long did you wait before you gave up?

What did you do then?

Did you ever talk to the guy/girl again? Did they have an excuse?

Did/would you give them a second chance?


I'm 19- 20 in October. My little brother will be 16 in August, and his best friend, Ryan, turned 17 in April. They are in high school; I am off at college. Ryan has just announced to his family that he has a huge crush on me and they are encouraging him to tell me and ask me out. My family understands that I'm not interested in dating a high schooler, or anyone at all at this point. I care about him like a little brother and don't want to hurt his feelings, but I'm sure it's inevitable.

1. So, TQC, when/if Ryan approaches me, what do I say? Serious & non-serious answers, since young love is a little of both =P

2. People who really don't give a hoot about my story, how long until you're outta school for the summer? (assuming you go)

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I'm going to NAU next year and doing priority enrollment right now.

Should I just pick a major that sounds interesting, or put "undecided" for my freshman year of college, or does it even matter?

I've pretty much narrowed it down to psychology and philosophy, and I'm leaning towards psychology. I'm also interested in humanities, political science, photography, religious studies, physics/astronomy, and international affairs.

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it's the first day of May, which means i get to buy a ringtone! which of these We Are Scientists songs should i get?

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they're each probably just the chorus so you could just listen to that, though i'm not ashamed say i'm pimping this band.
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What are some good bands or songs that are in the bluegrass/newgrass/folk genres? Preferably from the past 20 years or so, but older is okay too. Things like Mindy Smith, Nickel Creek, Bela Fleck (but not the Flecktones), Acoustic Syndicate, etc.

My brain has gone on strike.

Three and a half pages into my Chaucer paper (my LAST one of the semester, and my fourth one in two weeks) and my brain has gone on strike. That's it. No more. I thought it was the sugar high (I am surrounded, to wit, by an empty cup of hot chocolate, a package of Famous Amos cookies, an unopened pack of chocolate cupcakes and a sipped-at Red Bull). No. It's just done. It's completely and utterly fried. Fuck.

Any tips to get my brain off the picket line? I could use 'em. Seriously.
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Inspired by a news report I'm kind of half watching right now...

If your fire alarm goes off, do you wake up easily? (If this has never happened, take it as "IF your alarm went off, WOULD you wake up")

What about family/people you live with, how easily would they wake up when an alarm goes off? Would any one of you just sleep right through it?

(Bonus question: ALSO inspired by the news... LOL do people still give a crap about what Dennis Rodman does??)