April 30th, 2008


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has anybody here ever worked at Target? I may get hired there and I'd like to know what I may be in for- Obviously I know that each store will vary but I'm just looking for personal experiences there. I know one person who works at one and she really likes it.
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I know college/advice questions suck, but TQC sometimes has really great advice, so bear with me, please? :)

1. I have one more semester of basics. After that, should I continue as an English major or do something like Engineering, where graduates are pretty much guaranteed a job and decent salary? (Suggestions welcome.)

- Neither subject really ~calls~ to me, but, as far as I can tell, nothing does. S'okay.
- I'm awful at math, great at science and English.
- Honestly, being financially comfortable is more important to me than having my ~dream job~

2. How did you decide what to do with your life?

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Have anyone seen the movie "My Flesh and Blood"? What did you think of it?

For those who don't remember, it's about a woman who has adopted 11 kids with special needs.

I thought it was excellent, and very interesting. I wanted to know more about the other kids the film didn't focus on, but it was all very poignant. My soc teacher was sweet enough to lend it to me and give me an addressed envelope so I could return it, even though today was the last day of that class.

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So I was eating at this restaurant recently (I'm pretty sure it was Greek), and I had this delicious lamb dish. I can't remember the name, so I was wondering of anyone would have an idea?

It was lamb, potatoes, vegetables, wrapped in paper and baked for ages. Really tender and tasty.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Dream Concert Lineup?

If you could see any 4 performers/bands dead or alive play a show together who would your "Dream" line up be?

Mine is a strange mix

1. The Beatles- Post Abbey Road
2. Elvis - Pre Military
3. Rage Against the Machine- Post Evil Empire
4. Bob Marley- Ft. All his sons
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1) Is there any reason to go to prom if you don't dance? My boyfriend really wants me to go and he's a huge dancer, but I hate hate hate dancing in public and I wouldn't know anyone but him there so I'd feel so uncomfortable. If I suck it up and go with him how can I make it so we both have a good time and aren't miserable?

2) What happens if you don't pay a doctor's bill? They keep sending me reminders that I owe $250, but I don't want to give them my whole savings account. What can they do to me if I continue to ignore them?

3) Are any of you military spouses? Do you like it, hate it, feel it's the same as any other kind of marriage? What kind of things would you tell someone who was considering marrying someone in the military?

Sorry for all the MEMEMEMEMEME questions, but these are the things I'm curious about right now.

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Poll #1180161 Stupid poll

You've switched bodies with Paris Hilton for just one day. What will you do with her body in that 24 hour span? The next day, she has to live with the consequences

Sleep with as many guys as possible without using protection. So, in other words, act like Paris Hilton
Consume nothing but Big Macs all day long, even if you gotta force them down. 15,000 calorie consumption, here I come
Tattoo Lindsay Lohan's face on her back. Actual size (Paris and Lindsay don't like each other, I thinks)
Try and kiss and grope Hilary Clinton, to the point where Secret Service has to taser you, and thousands of paparazzi are snapping pictures of you
Get her hair shorn into a militant dyke cut
Donate half her money to the charity of your choice
Donate half her money to your real bank account
Make another 'One Night in Paris' sex video, except this time, she gets it on with a horse
Give away all her pretty, expensive designer dresses. Replace them all with bib overalls and Hawaiian shirts
Get breast implants, bumping her boobies up to an F cup
Replace all her little chihuahuas with midgets in furry suits. See if she notices the next day
Get pube extensions, so you look like you're straddling Don King's head. Then, go out to some public, high fashion event wearing the shortest skirt you can find and no underwear
Show up at a red carpet event wearing only a I"M WITH STUPID shirt, pointing upwards, and diapers. Nothing else. Not even shoes
Publically convert to Mormonism

Same as above, except, you've now switched bodies with Osama bin Laden for 24 hours. What sort of things will he find himself doing for one day?

Publically announce that he's no longer a muslim. That's for losers. He's converting to Judaism
Get a tattoo of Mohamed on his chest (you know how muslims feel about images of their prophet)
Shave off his beard. Groom the 'stache so he has a handlebar moustache. Shave his eyebrows. Draw on thin, feminine brows
Make another video tape. This time of Osama making out with a rabbi
Announce to the muslim community that there's no more virgins in heaven. When you blow yourself up now, you're going to wind up with 67 gay male prositutes instead. On viagra
Osama climbs out of his cave, finds some US soldiers, and moons them. Up real close and personal, that he wouldn't be able to get away...
Shows up for an audition of Dancing with the Stars
Announce to the muslim community that blowing yourself up won't get you into heaven. People have been misreading that. It should say, "those that blow themselves experience heaven on their lips'
Surrender to the US troops.
Donate half his money to John McCain's election, and publically declare that the two of you have a lot in common. Voters should like to hear that
Make a youtube video of yourself (Osama) lipsynching to 'the thong song'
Get breast implants, bumping his man-tits up to double Ds

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have you ever confessed, on-line, to your crush that you liked them? what about in a public forum? how did that turn out, if you have done such a thing?

who else HATES the redwings? or perhaps just intensely dislikes?

should i start using proper punctuation and capitalization? what about proper grammar? is grammar inclusive of punctuation and capitalization?

should i make my face (see above) my default icon? ETA: if your answer is no, is it because you think i'm UGLY!

is tivo a positive thing in your life or just a pain in the ass? or neither?

you ARE!
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1. What is your favorite teeth-whitening product?
Crest Whitening Rinse, but I'm looking for white-strip type recommendations.

2. What is your oral hygiene routine?
Rinse in the morning when I get up, eat, brush, floss, whitening rinse. Regular rinse after eating, then brush floss regular rinse after dinner/before bed

3. Regular floss or the flossers? (the prepackaged bunch of 100 little picks with the floss on there).
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Detroit ?s

Have you ever lived near or in Detroit, MI?

I have a buddy who says he was out there on business and the city becomes basically vacant after 7PM. Stores close, and nobody walks about the city or anything.

Is it really that bad?

Have you ever gone to Detroit for vacation? (if you have family there, please vote no)

felt so good, BTE lifetime

jobs & makeovers

Job Questions

1. I have a job interview on Thursday for a position I really want. However, when writing my cover letter, I'm 99.9% sure that I wrote "Mr. S" and when I was called for an interview, the caller was definitely a "Ms. S". The name definitely sounded masculine to me and I was a fool for not checking earlier, but now that the damage is done: Do I apologize at the interview? Or ignore it and hope she doesn't hold it against me?

2. How many copies of my resume & reference list should I bring with me?

3. What's the best advice you have for a person going in for an interview?

4. What's the worst mistake you've ever made during an interview?

Makeover Questions

1. Do you have any recipes for a DIY facial? Any ingredients that I absolutely must use?

2. What's your favorite makeup tip?

3. What's the worst makeup you've ever seen?

4. How should I cut my hair? It's pretty straight, but can get easily poofy so I do straighten it every once in a while. I hate layers and I don't want to go too much shorter, but I want something new before my interview. (And don't worry about me hating it, there's not much that can make me hate my hair. I once cut my hair from shoulder length to pixie cut on a spur of the moment and loved it). Collapse )
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I'm trying to figure out what I want to write about for my thesis. Obviously I have some ideas, but I was wondering...

If you had to write a 60-70 page paper, what would you want to write about? Be as specific as you can.

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Poll #1180145 Would you rather...

Would you rather...

be black
Lose one of your 5 senses, your pick

If you picked a sense to lose, which one


If you are black would you rather

Stay black nd recive a $100 check in the mail every month (plus your normal welfare)
become white for free, and stay white for life
R & C

Help me find a song!

Here's all the info I can give you (google and youtube proved useless) Please see if you can help me out with this! I will be eternally grateful!

- WORLDS APART... is how it begins (I think, or maybe the chorus begins with that)
- Male singer (might be a group, but you only hear one male singing the above line)
- Most likely an 80s song (though it could range from 70s - 90s)
- Slow

I haven't heard this song recently, that's why I can't give clear enough details.. :-[ but I desperately want to find it!
I don't think it's an obscure song.. I just don't have any more keywords to search by unfortunately.

It is not by:
- Jars of Clay
- Journey
- Bruce Springsteen

Thank you! *fingers crossed*

hannibal skull


Imagine if you will:

You are a fairly straight-edge person. You do not drink, smoke or partake of caffeinated beverages. You have big problems with the tobacco/coffee industry. You also don't believe in paying rent to The Man and have been squatting in various places for the past year, the last place, with a friend of yours where you did not pay for rent/utilities for the entire time you were there. Occasionally, you cooked said friend dinner.

You have managed, however, to get enough money together to go on a trip to various places for an indefinite period of time, at least 3 months.

The friend you stayed with smokes and inhales coffee like it is life blood. Said friend asks you if you would mind getting him some cigarettes/coffee from various places on your travels.

Assuming you are old enough to purchase such items, would you bring some back for your friend or would your principles prevent you from doing so?

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So, in the last week, I've:

Accidentally trotted off with someone else's cart in the grocery store (I did figure it out and give it back);

Tried for a solid 30 seconds to unlock someone else's car in the parking lot with my own key (DAMN! MY KEY'S FUCKED UP OR SOMETHING!);

Accidentally dialed 911 from work (long story, but it was really confusing).

My brain is apparently stroking off and I'm not invited to the party.

Do you have any true tales of brain farts (your own or other people's) that you'd like to share?

Also, why does my office smell like cigarette smoke? I'm the only one here!

strip tease / lap dance

Have you ever given your SO a lap dance or stripped for them? Would you, if you haven't yet?

I have never done it and won't for quite some time.. I have no rhythm and I can't take stuff like that serious enough not to laugh half-way through.

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Are there words you have trouble saying?

For example, for some reason I have issues with saying statistics, successfull(y), Springsteen, and sometimes physics. I think all the Cs and Ss mess me up!

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This is a general knowledge type quiz I came up with. I thought it'd be fun to see how much history, science, math, etc. facts you remember!

NO CHEATING. No Google, no Wiki, no comment peeking, nothing but your own noggin'. If you don't know the answer, just say so (don't leave anything blank).

Who was the first emperor of Rome?

What is π (pi)?

Who said, "I think, therefore I am"?

What causes the seasons?

The invasion of what country started World War II?

In what language was the New Testament originally written?

What would someone be referring to if they called you quixotic?

Who wrote, "The Communist Manifesto"?

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I can't access any search engines or web-based emails. There's also a lot of other random things I can't access, like mapquest and certain blogs. When I try, either nothing happens or the connection gets reset. I did a clean up with super anti spyware and that helped for a day, but now I'm back at square one. I have Java installed and enabled, but that doesn't help either. How can I fix this problem once and for all?
edit: I use Firefox.

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Do you watch VH1 or MTV?

What is your favorite song(s) to dance to?

What song makes you so happy you have to sing along with it?

What new band or singer you just discovered and love?
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There is a deer sitting outside in my yard next to a tree. I thought it was unusual for her to be there during the day as they usually only sleep in my yard at night. I went out to see what was going on and she tried to get up and her back leg twisted around and she went down. I think maybe she was hit by a car but idk.

I can't stop crying and I need to leave for school soon. What should I do? Do you think I could get a vet to come look at her? What are the chances they could help her? I'm afraid to go back outside. I called my dad and begged him to come home and he'll be here in about 15 minutes.

EDIT: My dad called the non-emergency police number, and they arrived very quickly and shot her =[

Social experiment on non-interference of neighbors?

A while ago I ran into a mention (but not any links) of a social experiment dealing with "suspicious neighbors." The experimenter simulated a look and feel of a killer maniac. I don't remember any details, but I think some fake screams from the basement, blood-stained clothing and suspicious "body bag" type trash was involved. He made sure to do all that when neighbors were out and about, so they had chances to observe him at it for a while. None of the neighbors approached authorities saying that something suspicious is probably going on.

Was there ever a social experiment of that sort you heard about? If so, do you know where I can find more info?

I spent some time searching the web in general and snopes.com in particular, but could not find anything. I guess my recollection of particulars of the story is so fuzzy I am using wrong keywords, or maybe the story was invented on the spot to prove a point in a flame war where I saw it.
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There is a guy at work whose phone is broken and IT can't seem to fix it, for whatever reason. What's broken about it is that it does not go to voicemail after the standard 3 or 4 rings - it just KEEPS RINGING, sometimes over 50 times in a row. When the guy is not in his office, I just go close his door, because 50 rings happening multiple times a day, that's excessive (IMO). Today he is IN his office, just working merrily away while the phone is on it's 30th ring. I went over to see what is up and he said he "likes the ring, it is pleasant". He knows it's recruiters or services calling him, so he just lets it go. He does not want to turn down the volume on his ringer for fear of missing an actual important call.

How annoying would this be to you, on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 being you also like the pleasant ringing phone, 10 being you want to rip it out of the wall and shove the phone cord in his eye).

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Who do you find more attractive, Harold or Kumar?

If you saw either the Harold and Kumar movie (#2 at the Box Office) or "Baby Mama" (#1) this past weekend, please explain how you made your movie choice.
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TQC, I want to drive over to Wendy's and buy myself some cheap burgers, but I am the only one home and "sometime today" the bug man will be here to spray. But I have NO IDEA when, so if I leave it's possible he'll show up and I won't be here and he'll leave and not be back for like a week. This is annoying me, because dammit, I want burgers.

1. Why the hell can't exterminators ever give an exact time they'll come by?!

2. When was the last time you were annoyed at something/some one? How come?

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back in high school my foods/cooking teacher told us how at one point, while they were still using the four basic food groups-as opposed to the pyramid-there were PSA commercials that counted potato chips as a vegetable-like it was a girl shopping with her dad and they're making a "healthy" meal and she asks if she can get chips and he says sure because they're potatoes.

Don't you wish potato chips still counted as a serving of vegetables?

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I was up all night writing a research paper.
I don't have time to take a nap.

What should I do to stay awake?
Whats your favorite energy drink?
How do you take your coffee?

I want a tattoo! Show me yours?
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is there a name for when your eyes get out of focus and you stare at one thing and people are talking to you but you mouth half-answers because it feels so good and you don't want to get out of that zone?

is there a name for that feeling? i bet the french have a name for it.

poor pig?

my tok teacher insists that in the production of BABE (movie with the pig), they had to replace the pig periodically because it took so long to make the movie and the pigs grow really quickly. he says that each time that they replaced the pig, they ate the previous one. i can't find any of this, but he says that he read a response from one of the crew members or something.

can anybody confirm or DENY (please?) this?

(edit:// spelling/grammar terrible, in class, trying to listen to teacher, thanks.)
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i has a question

Okay the backstory is we are tearing down a wall in our house, so we have one of those ginormous dumpsters in our yard.
which is almost full..

Neighbors come over and cut up a tree in my driveway and put all the bark and twigs and things in our dumpster which clearly states "no yard waste" on the side of it.

Now i have to find a way to dispose of the bark and twigs and things.

What should I do with it all?

The house is not being lived in, the owners live a few states away and have declared they are going to let it rot, so I am not sure why they even came and cut down the tree in the first place, and why they felt the need to do so in my driveway, which involves going around a large chain link fence.
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What do you think about this, about the island of Lesbos raising Cain about the term "lesbian"?

I can't remember what I'm supposed to do tonight. Do you know what I was supposed to do tonight?

What are YOU doing tonight?
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Do you think certain hairstyles are indicative of sexuality?


Your mother is selin_de. What do you do?

Run, run, run, run, DON'T LOOK BACK!
Kill myself.
Kill said mother.
Just deal with it.

I like puppies. Will you post pictures of puppies? Your puppies? Your dogs? Any puppies?

Yes, ok, fine.
No, fuck you.
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What gender do you think the name Gagan is most likely?

Edit: FFS. Enough with your annoying anime prejudice. I'm pretty confident the name is Indian, anyway, based on the last name.


When you were a kid, did you ever mispronounce your own name or a relative's name? Or did a relative mispronounce your name?

Do you remember any of the mispronunciations?

Did the "nickname" remain past the point of learning proper pronunciation?

Collapse )

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Dear TQC, do you feel that your government represents you? Do you feel like your vote counts, and that you have a voice? Do you have a vote?


- What country do you live in?

- With which race or ethnicity do you identify? Is it the race of the ruling elite in your country?
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For people with laptops

What brand is your laptop?

What do you especially like about it?

What do you wish you could change about it?

Have you ever had a laptop that was a total lemon?

I've had a Toshiba laptop for a few years now, and it's been great... but it shit the bed last night and now I need a new one. I'm looking to keep it under $1000

Also, I'm stubbornly dreading getting something with Vista. Those of you who had to adjust from XP to Vista, how did you deal?

EDIT: I love you, thequestionclub. I get more answers in 3 minutes from you guys than from all the review websites on the interweb.

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Do you know any good photography schools in Pennsylvania?

I have done a Google search, but its not like hearing from people who may have gone to them/know of them. I already know AI Philly (Art Institute) has a photography program, and I just sent for information from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design-

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Have you ever left a note on someones windshield? What did it say?

In the parking garage today, I come to find my car had been bumped by the car behind me. I had pulled through the space and there were two little markings from the car pulled in the space directly behind me. The parking spaces have about 2 feet between them. I left a note saying "Pull a little more forward and hit me again, why don't cha?" with a little heart.
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How do you exercise?

If you go to the gym, what machines do you use? Do you swim? Do you take a class?

If you watch tapes, what kind are they?

What kind of shape are you in?

(no subject)

Userpics: do you prefer to call them icons or avatars?

What do people recycle in your community i.e. bottles, paper, plastic, glass, compost? Is there a depot you have to visit yourself or is there regular pickup?
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You live in the US, you are 19 and you are in your dorm drinking beer and smoking marijuana.
Your RA calls the police when she smells the marijuana. The police come and find you with weed and drunk.
They decide to be nice and only give you an MIP (minor in posession), leaving out the marijuana possession.

Do you try to fight the MIP in court? On what grounds?

Would you change your mind at all if this was not your first MIP?

What do you think about this situation outside of what you would do in it?

EDIT: um, not about me.
First off- I'm 21, this couldn't possibly be me asking advice because I no longer am a minor.

Question based on psycho ex-roommate of mine.

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I work for a construction company. One of the guys on our field crew lost his home in a tornado this week. My boss told me to make up a short note, attach it to envelopes and pass them around to the various job sites to ask our guys to donate something to help him out. TQC, how do I word this note? I have one sentence so far that says that our co-worker lost his home. I'm drawing a blank about what to write next. This is, of course, voluntary on the part of the guys (and us office people).
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 Hi, Ontario TQCers!

1. Where in Ontario do you live?
2. (Assuming you qualify for a GST return) Have you gotten your April GST?
4. I haven't gotten my April GST yet. Should I be concerned?

I live in Hamilton. I haven't gotten my April GST yet and I'm concerned that my neighbour's stealing my mail.
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Polaroid pictures

I'm thinking of getting a polaroid camera.

Care to share with me some of your favorite polaroid pictures? (You didnt have to take them!) 



Edit: Lol wow I'm a fucking idiot. I didnt even know they discontinued them... haha.. well feel free to share your favorite polaroids :P

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So in the U.S there is the fast lane on highways-left lane WHATEVER the "fast lane" is-I KNOW the left lane is for passing but at least in my area it is considered the fast lane, IF it's different for you and the right lane is the "fast lane" then simply switch it around.-where you drive above the speed limit. If you're in the U.S or have such a lane/rule-

what do you think, is the minimum MPH over the posted speed that people in this lane should be going?


I am debating whether or not to go stag to prom or if I should invite one of my good friends from outside of school. I don't want to go alone because most of my friends have dates, but inviting someone from another school will require I shell out more money. I know that prom isn't that important but it is the only dance we have in my school out of all four years and I had always pictured myself with a date. Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions?  (I was supposed to go with one of my best friends but instead he asked someone else so I am a little hurt and disapointed at the moment)
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random//my dumb face


If this comes off as stupid or MySpacey (for the record I'm not a Myspace fan) I'm sorry, but I have a question that requires a picture of myself to be posted. This is really the only place I could think to ask considering people on my LJ flist know how old we are.

And yes we're both girls. We're dressed as boys though... or that's my excuse anyway.

The questions:

1. Which one of us looks older?
2. How old do you think we look?

Collapse )

Edit Well damn, I didn't know there was a community specifically for guessing ages. I don't know if I'd look like a douche deleting the post though. So uh... sorry for not looking first.
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not a pipe

lj bio

How do you put graphics in the lj bio?

The direction says you can,
but it doesn't have that wonderful
picture clicky thing calles Insert/Edit Image button
or anything.
Gah I feel like an idiot when I don't know how 
to do this kind of stuff.

What's your worst fear?

This person I know told me
that he's scared that in reality
he's actually retarded and everyone compensates
so he doesn't feel bad.
Made me go awww....


(no subject)

1. When is your prom, if you have one?
a. Are you going?
b. Are you excited?

I'm SO excited. SOSOSO stoked. /end gush.

2. Do you wear socks/shoes around the house?
3. When's your birthday?
4. If you could erase any decade from history, what would it be and why?
5. Why are there so many different names for colors? [White: eggshell, off-white, cream, so on and so forth.]
6. Have you ever actually kissed in the rain? How about the snow?
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How old do you think Spongebob is supposed to be? He has a job and a house but behaves as a child. Wikipedia notes his birthdate as July 14, 1986 which would have made him 12 at the show's premier on May 1, 1999; but I'd speculate him to be an "unaging" character as most cartoons are, so that's probably irrelevant.

So how old would you guess he is supposed to be based on the clues in his life?

(no subject)

THIS CUTE GUY has died. He invented LSD and he was 100s of years old when he died, which proves something I'll think you'll agree.

SO, have YOU ever taken LSD?

Will you tell me a story a time when you took LSD?

Would you like to take LSD? I don't have any though, sorry!

In the past, I used to take LSD lots but then eventually I stopped because I thought that it could be bad for me. In my opinion, you shouldn't get into taking it but if you want to once in a while thats okay because it doesn't really make you have side effects (much). You might really want to take it to commemorate his passing which you can if you want to I suppose. It was fun at the time. Stay away from cotton wool.

I HAVE LOADS OF STORIES! But they are a bit jumbled up because I can't really remember all that well.

Also, do you think that ALTHOUGH I just said it has no side effects, taking LSD mixed with other drugs could be a reason for mental problems, or is that just because your born like that?

Censorship for Children

How do you feel about censoring the types of things your child/future children can see on television?

I had a little debate with my friend in the car today. I'm not sure how we got into it but she said something about how her mother didn't let her watch Dawson's Creek because of the sex/drugs, etc. and she agreed with her mother's decision. Personally, I have a problem with hiding things from your children and acting like they're not going to be exposed to them anyway. Also, my parents did very little censoring in my house as a child, and I was able to watch lots of shows and never had anyone behind me saying, "No no no, don't watch that." I turned out very well. I consider myself cultured and aware of many different points of view.

ALSO, another related question, and this is part of the reason that I disagreed with her opinion on censoring in the first place. Her parents didn't allow her to watch Captain Planet (????) or Ren & Stimpy (!!!!??). What? Why not? Anyway, my question is - do you think that's weird??

She mentioned that she doesn't like "bathroom humor." And gee, I WONDER WHY. Your mama never let you watch Ren & Stimpy!
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(no subject)

If you were involved with or came across a conversation like the one below, would you assume the boy was a Transsexual-hating-bigot or just trying to make a joke about his disappointment?

Boy: <3!!!!
Girl: Heh. I am looking at a fit vs. a yaris.
Boy: This conversation is like one of those pictures of a super hot woman, then you scroll and she has a penis.

I actually need your help this time

The local community college is offering some interesting programs, and I want to take a few. They range from self-defense to computer to the quirky. My motivation for these vary.

-The self-defense ones are obvious. They could save my life someday.
-The computer ones I could use, as I don't have much HTML skills and considering my lack of icon, I probably don't possess most of the skills most of you take for granted.
-The home improvement course is stuff that guys should know, and I don't know what I don't know, so I could probably improve in that area.
-The writing courses could be the kick in the ass I need to start writing a novel, short stories or whatever.
-The soapmaking one sounds interesting in the sense that I could come up with some unusual molds, and trap interesting things inside them, which would make for some creative, personalized gifts.
-The balloon one, well, that one's hard to defend, but someday, those skills might come in handy for whatever reason. You never know when I might get tagged to provide decorations for a bar mitzvah or something.
-The accounting course I could use to add Quickbooks and accounting basics to my resume. It's career-motivated.

The local community college is offering some interesting programs. I want to take a few. Which ones would you take if you were me? Select only 2-3

Judo. 6 sessions. Introductory, teaching basic skills and grappling.
Quick and dirty self defense. 3 sessions. Learn how to protect yourself in almos any situation
Tai Chi Chaun. 6 sessions. Ancient Chinese discipline for health, relaxation, meditation and self-defense
Glycerin soapmaking. 1 session. Making soap, how to use molds, add fragrances and toys.
Balloon workshop. 1 session. Learn techniques for making balloon bouquets, arches, columns and sculptures
Home improvement workshop. 4 sessions. DIY skills, like how to fix running toilet, broken front porch light, etc.
Story writing. 4 sessions. Master the short story, transform thoughts and emotions into stories
Write for magazines. 1 session. Find out how to earn an income writing for magazines
Accounting for non-accountants certificate program. 1 session. Hands-on class, learning Quickbooks, account maintenance, etc.
Create your own webpage. 1 session. Intensive seminar teaches how to create a website by using Frontage by Microsoft
Web design workshop. 3 sessions. Pretty much all the computer skillz I don't have
None. Save your money, you hoser

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I live next door to this really interesting guy. I also go to church with him. Actually, all of the people I live around go to church with me, so it's not that big of a connection. He is my neighbor, though. He once walked me to campus after dark (this was the first time I met him) and I discovered he was really interesting and funny. I just don't hit it off with a lot of people that way. That was a while ago and I sort of shrugged it off because I didn't see him again. Now I want to get to know him better. I'm having a hard time coming up with how to do that. If I invite his whole apartment, I don't know that he'll come. What should I do, TQC?

bored at work poll

1. What is the last thing you bought?

2. What book(s) are you currently reading? Is it any good?

3. Any plans for the weekend? If so, what are they?

4. Will you post a picture from your most recent trip or vacation?

5. What color are your nails right now?

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