April 29th, 2008


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1] Assuming you don't hate them, have you had to deal with the guilt of denying a parent friendship over MySpace/Facebook?

2] What's the reason for why you were last running? [I'll give you a dollar if you can phrase this better for me.] When did you last run, and why?

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I'm bored of the music I listen to. Can you suggest something for me to listen to?

(Some bands/artists I like are Kate Nash, Belle and Sebastian, Feist, Goldfrapp, Paolo Nutini, Iron and Wine, Rogue Wave, The Shins, Joy Division and Imogen Heap)

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Poll #1179542 Important Celebrity Poll

Haley Joel Osment and Frankie Muniz, both armed with chainsaws and high on PCP, are about to fight to the death. Does anyone care?

Not really
OMG EVERYONE! Chainsaw dismembering makes for a successful youtube clip
Agent Cody Banks vs.that emo robot kid! ....I think I just left a wet spot
Only if, during the battle, they somehow managed to carve up some other kiddie has-been, like Lindsay Lohan
I care! I like them

Charlie Sheen is like the highest paid comic actor on tv, despite the fact he's never really been that funny his whole life. What happened to get him this unlikely reward?

Sold his soul to Satan
He's really the funniest guy on tv. He's hilarious!
He's really the funniest guy on tv. Isn't that a sad reflection on tv comedies?
He blew the right people. He's probably got the best lips in the biz. That's the real reason he went to Heidi Fleiss so much
His dad used to be the president. He pulled some strings for him

Which of these sisters would you most like to have a slumber party with?

Hilton sisters
Duff sisters
Simpson sisters
Spears sisters
Olsen sisters
Nuns from St. Lucy's

Someone is going to give you a handjob/fingering, with their hand wearing a famous puppet. What Muppet would you most like to have diddle you?

Miss Piggy
Fozzie the Bear
Swedish chef
Sam the Eagle
Oscar the Grouch
The Count
Cookie Monster

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soo, my last post was a no no.... so I deleted it. which I guess I wasn't supposed to do... sorry guys. =/ I forgot that.

Do you drink 8 glasses of water everyday?

Do you play any musical instruments?

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My mom called me today to let me know that she opened a new LIPA account in my name/social security number. She promises to pay the bills on time. I was pissed. She goes "Well, do you want lights or not??"

Is my mom going to fuck up my credit???
Do I have a right to be annoyed by this?
I hate you go die Roxo

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I got this question from my homework. But I'm not asking you to do my homework, because I've already done it, I'm just curious what you all would do.

(I'm majoring in early childhood education, in case you were wondering.)

Say you were a teacher at a pre-school. You have a dozen bright eyed, bushy tailed three-year-olds under your care (I know this would be all sorts of hell for some of you, but just pretend). You've been charged with coming up with a theme for a weeks worth of curriculum for them that could be applied to lots of fun activities. What would your theme be?

The one I wrote my paper on was "camping."

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Around the majority of your friends what archetype do you most often represent?
Ie. Are you the funny one, the cute one, the cynical one. etc.
And of these types, which do you think is the best to be?
Out of the Friends characters, who do you most identify with?

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Are you religious, TQC? In what religious tradition were you raised, if any?

I'm increasingly attracted to Christianity via liberation theology and the Black Baptist church tradition of the American South (awkward, being a white northerner, but that's life?). I was raised by a pack of secular humanists - Mummy's an atheist, Daddy's an agnostic, my brother couldn't care less, and though I've never liked Richard Dawkins I've never really believed in God, either, which is making this whole Christianity Thing a bit awkward. My Atheist Jew of a boyfriend is a little annoyed at me, too, heh.
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my favorite band is playing a show in about a month. however, it's at a bar and the show is 21+. I'm 19.

is there any way I can get into this show? my sister is 21, but we only kind of look alike. I'm the same height & weight that's listed on her driver's license, but she has red hair and green eyes, and I definitely have brown hair and blue eyes. I don't know how closely bouncers look at photo IDs, but we have different ears & noses & eyebrows.

honestly, I've seen other people get away with using someone else's ID, but I'm afraid I'll get caught. can anyone give me any tips on getting into a 21+ venue with a "fake" ID?

eta: I should clarify that I plan to use her ID regardless, I'm just looking for dos & don'ts of fake ID usage.

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Anyone else here love Motown with an obsessive, unhealthy love? Favorite Motown song?

And is Diana Ross's Love Child supreme cheese, or irredeemable? I can't help it, I sing along every time.

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is there a way to see if someone has read a message that you've sent them on facebook?

which is your favorite link/tabbing favorites site? that's a bad description, but i'm talking about stumbleupon, del.icio.us, those sites. i've recently gotten into del.icio.us, and i'm having trouble figuring out how to do the bundle tag thing. basically, what i want to be able to do is to make a section for email. my school email, gmail, and all my other email accounts are the only things i want to be saved under that. i know that this probably sounds really easy and self-explanatory, but i've tried to do this three times and i cannot figure it out. i'm thinking i might give up an switch over to stumbleupon. y/n?

what's been happening with photobucket lately? i wish i would have known about flickr sooner. flickr is beautiful. when i click on a picture from my photobucket album, the picture doesn't show up on the next page. it will only get as big as the thumbnail. i'm really angry, because all of my pictures since three years ago are saved there. is there any way to recover them safely and at their original size?

also, when i'm trying to to make an album on flickr, how come i can't rearrange the pictures once i've tried to use the "organize batch" function? i messed up by accidentally putting a picture where i didn't want it to be, and once it's been put in the place where you click and drag, they're stuck in that position. i needed to move a picture at the very end to earlier in the sequence, and none of the pictures would move positions.

okay guys, i've really looked into all of the FAQs for all of these, and i CANNOT figure it out. help please!

oh, and one more for the road. i was discussing this recently with pals.
kissing the person who has just performed oral sex on you. y/n? if no, why not?
do you think it makes a difference if it's a heterosexual or homosexual situation? (that logic being that a straight girl might not want her boyfriend's mouth to taste like vagina, but that probably wouldn't matter in a lesbian sexual encounter.)

thanks guys. finals have screwed up my sleeping schedule. that leaves me to my own devices at 5am, and this is what is produced. :D

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When was the last time you changed your icon?

Did you find that people that you don't know, or people you do know that didn't catch on right away, reacted to you differently than people generally did before you changed your icon?

Do you notice pretty quickly when people change their icons?

Have you ever felt or reacted differently to someone after they changed their icon?

What do you think about the Stanford University study showing that changing your online avatar can change the way you interact with people in real life?
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Since this went over so well for my other son, I decided to do it for my oldest.

It's my son's birthday today! He's now 6!

Will you go here and wish him a happy birthday?

Images and the like are more than welcome!

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Scenario: An employee is going to the bathroom "many times a day" according to the supervisor. The supervisor suspects the employee may be texting on the cell from the bathroom and wants to ask him/her. If you were the employee and someone asked you why you were going to the bathroom so many times a day, how would you feel?

And no, this didn't happen to me.

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I bought $9 organic butter the other day because it wasn't worth driving to a real grocery store. Let me tell you, organic butter tastes just the same as regular butter but it is twice the price.

What's something you spend a lot of money on because you really believe the product is worth it?

What's something you spend a lot of money on because it's not worth seeking out the cheaper alternative?


I've just looked up my name, because it occurred to me I had no idea what it meant.

What is your name?
What does it mean?
Do you know why your parents chose this name for you?

(Payton - English, Villiage of the Warrior
Anias - French, Grace
No idea)
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what are your pet peeves when it comes to waiters/waitresses?

i can't stand it when they go "you're not going to eat any more than that?!?! you hardly touched it!!! was it bad, weren't you hungry?" etc. this seems to happen to me quite a lot.

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What kind of dirty text messages do you like to send to your man?

What do you like to hear from your woman in light of dirty text messages?

I am going to see my boyfriend tonight, and weve been soo busy lately we really havent had time for sex, and id like him to be thinking about it all day till I get to his house tonight...

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So my iPod has a fucked up headphone jack and only outputs sound into one headphone unless you wiggle it and hold it at a weird angle. (I have tried different headphones.) Its a 30 GB iPod video thats about three years old. I have the basic apple care plan for it (but I think that only lasted a year).

I'm planning on bringing my MacBookPro into the local Apple store to get looked at for some things and I'm planning on bringing my iPod as well.

My question is, has anyone had a problem like this? Was apple able to help at all? How? Maybe a refurbished model at a discount, or could they repair this?

I'm thinking they're just going to say, this is old and you use it constantly so it's just worn out you're SOL. :( Which would suck.

Secondly, I have a dented case and a bad keyboard (I'm really hard on electronic, alright!?) on the aformentioned computer. It's also has the apple care plan (but it should still actually be under warranty). Have you ever had a similar problem? What kind of cost was associated with it?
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What are your favorite songs to dance to? Can be any type of music, any type of dancing, and from any decade. I love to dance and looking for some ideas that maybe I haven't already thought of.

Can you share specific songs you like?

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Okay this is vague but hopefully you guys can help me out. I'm looking for a free computer game I've played before.. It's where you are "born" and by choosing different options from birth (for example: a) Cry more to get attention or b) Be quiet), you develop a personality and live your entire "life". It has a black screen in the background and there aren't many images (from what I can remember), only text.

Do you know what game I'm talking about, TQC? If so, can you give me the URL?

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I've been thinking a lot about Christmas (yes, already! I'm looking forward to it so much as it will be my first Christmas at home in two years!) and I've decided that I want to make homemade presents for my family and friends this year. I'd love if someone gave me a homemade gift! I think it's a really nice thing to do (hopefully my friends and family will think so too!). A couple of ideas so far are knitting scarves or gloves, and making homemade fudge. I was just wondering if any of you had any good ideas for homemade gifts?

College Students

What is your major? Do people ever hassle you about it? If so, what do they say and how do you respond?

I'm a psychology major en route to graduate school, and I'm sick of hearing about how my major is "useless" and just a blow off one.

The other Indian in the Cupboard?

A girlfriend in her mid-30's remembers a movie from when she was little that she swears was titled "The Indian in the Cupboard" but I think she's mixing things up with more current titles. The movie she is thinking of is apparently a 70's horror movie about a little wooden figurine of an Indian who apparently has a knife and comes alive at night and kills people. Any one able to help solve the mystery of what movie she's actually thinking of?


1. Do people who cheat the welfare system piss you off?

No, might as well do something helpful with our money.

2. Have you ever been in need of welfare?

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What departments/systems in our government do you think need to be reworked because they're outdated?

Affirmative action, No Child Left Behind, and social security are the first ones that come to my mind.
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My friend gave me his old Samsung Upstage phone (which is actually pretty new) and he told me the ESN was released because he canceled the account. I called Sprint and they said the ESN hadn't been released because he didn't cancel the account. So I called my friend and he canceled it again, and after calling Spring 3 times, someone finally told me I couldn't use the phone until my friend paid off the balance he owed ($350). Does this seem like it's fair? (LOL life isn't fair). I understand not letting me activate the phone had it not been released (stolen, lost phone, etc), but my friend has called and said he canceled the account. Why does the unit itself have to be frozen until the account is paid off?

And for those of you who don't care that I'm pissed about my free cellphone I got, what are you up to this week?

Anyone out for the summer yet? I got out and moved back home for the next four months on Friday.
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When it comes to you and your SO.. whose spending habits are the worst?

Is there a certain actress/actor/musician/athlete, etc. that you always seem to confuse w/ another actress/actor/musician/athlete, etc. because they look alike?

What is your favorite subject to talk about?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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I've heard that french kissing, or at least extreme tongue-thrusting during kissing, is an innuendo for sex. I know kissing itself could be considered as such, but I'm talking specifically about the tongue thrusting sort of mimicking sex. What do you guys think?

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What if I made eggy-in-a-basket, but the basket was a steak? Or more eggs? Or an entire loaf of bread, and you had to eat the whole loaf to get to the egg?

Do library copy machines normally take dimes, or do they give change, or what?

Would you rather have all your sex toys be replaced with the enormous flesh-colored fist from Borat, or turn into Ron Paul-shaped butt plugs?

Who has the nicer nipples––your mom or your dad? Whose nipples do you take after?
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Do you ever think that while you're enjoying your life or complaining about not being able to afford creature comforts and luxuries, someone else is out there living an awful life being raped and impregnated by their mentally disturbed father?
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I'm seeing MSI and The Birthday Massacre tonight, for my birthday, and so I'm curious. Assuming you go to shows,

1.) Do you prefer the pit, or standing off to the side?

2.) If you go with friends/other people, do you even try to stick with them? (I personally never saw the point, if you go in the pit, but some people like to try, I guess?)

3.) Have you ever gone to a show just for the supporting band(s) and not for the headlining band?

4.) Lame or okay, to wear a t-shirt for the band that is playing when you go to a show?

5.) Also, how do I keep my angry guy friend from killing all of the My Chemical Romance teenies that will no doubt be there? Or should I even care/try in the first place? (I'm leaning more towards just letting him at them, but I'd prefer not having him hauled away or kicked out, and all...)
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If you could only keep one CD/Tape/Record, and had to go without all other music for a year, what would you keep?

I'd probably keep my soundtrack CD for "The Big Lebowski". Captain Beefheart, Nina Simone, and Kenny Rogers, oh yeah!

Napoleonic Humour

I have tried (and failed) to find a transcript of the Black Adder special 'Back and Forth'. You see, there is a bit from it that I want to use as an introduction to an essay.

In it, Napoleon is asked why he goes around invading places and the answer was, to me, both amusing and quite telling.

So I ask please, does anyone know of a transcript of this episode, or could give the exact words of the question and the Emperor's reply?

Thanks in advance.
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My friend gave me two little adderall pills. I don't have add/adhd, but I do have to write up a huge essay and I can't get myself to do it. Should I take the pills, or will they most likely make me feel really sick?

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My Boyfriend is having some trouble with the internet, and asked me to ask you guys to see if y'all could help, so here's the issue:
His internet crapped out over the weekend, and he unplugged and replugged the modem, and now the signal is very low. Is there anyway that he can boost the signal?

He is on Time Warner Cable, and the modem is manufactured by RCA

oedipus electra stuff

1) let's say a friend of yours is crazy about a new boyfriend/girlfriend, and finally introduces you. the person seems great personality-wise but is INSANELY similar in appearance to the friend's father/mother. what do you think? does it weird you out? do you mention it to your friend?

2) have you ever found yourself strongly attracted to someone and later realized they bear a strong resemblance to your father/mother? did you feel strange about it when you came to that realization?
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MAIN QUESTION: What was the most recent thing you volunteered for?

BONUS QUESTION: We're getting decent winds, a few sprinkles, and some really ominous black clouds overhead. Do you think my softball practice (and/or my son's tee-ball practice) will be canceled?
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I have two ideas for an art project. One deals with random people caught in the background of photos meant to be taken of something else. The other deals with walls in public spaces that are full of things written by people who have come by (i.e: TZ and JA forever).

Which one seems more interesting to you, if you had to pick one?

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i have a bunch of window chalk on my windows. i need to get it off, and scraping it off is wearing me out.

does anyone have a better alternative? water just smears it around and turns EVERYTHING the color of the chalk.

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A freshman honor society (Phi Eta Sigma) is trying to recruit me for having a 3.5+ GPA. It'd cost me $65 to join for life.

I figured it'd look good on resumes and whatnot but do you think it's worth it?

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Do you think people on the TQC disproportionately avoid questions they're ashamed or embarrassed to answer, or do you think that most of the TQC is made up of thin, attractive young women who voted for Obama?

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I bought some dumpling sauce at the Chinese super market. I understand all the ingredient in the back except for "Salta" is this some funny typo, or a real ingredient? Google just keeps bringing stuff up about some city in Argentina
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What's that game that used to come with Windows (maybe) and had a little guy with a hat that you moved around to get to the teleporter or something to finish the level? There were lots of levels and some of them had water blocks that you could get flippers for or fire blocks or teleporters. He pushed around blocks and also there were monsters sometimes.


Swing, batta batta batta

Some guy with a baseball bat approaches you in a parking lot one day. "I'll give you $400 for your cell phone.". He holds up a stack of $20s. If you agree, you have to hand the phone over to him immediately. You cannot forward or copy any numbers or pictures you have stored in the memory. Would you sell your phone for 4 bills and watch it get destroyed?


One day, the same bat-wielding guy knocks on your door. "I'll buy your computer for $3,000.". Like above, if you agree, you simply unplug it and hand it to him. Any programs, pictures or anything else saved on the harddrive will be lost and most likely smashed by a baseball bat. Would you sell your computer for 3k?


Your neighbor asks you to walk his toy poodle, and you kind of owe him for some act of kindness he did for you, so you agree. You're 2 blocks away when Mr. Baseball bat approaches you yet again. "Nice dog. I'll buy it from you for $75,000". He opens a suitcase full of money. It's not your dog and your neighbor is a nice guy, but that is a lot of money. Do you sell the dog?

Yes. I make up some story about how the dog ran away
No. I could never do something so evil.
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I got a phone call today telling me I got a full ride scholarship (through the band) to go to college!

What should I do to celebrate, TQC?

(Note: I live in a little podunk Oklahoma town, so hookers and blow are probably not an option. Try strippers and meth.)
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To those of you with divorced parents:

Do you parents still get along?

Do both sides of your family get along?

Do you ever get both sides of your family together, for celebrations, holidays, birthdays or whatever? How does that work for you?
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1.Is it possible to get a personal/travel loan without a co-signer? From who? I have very little established credit.
    a. Has anyone ever gone through MyRichUncle? Reviews?

2. Have you ever done those surveys that supposedly pay money? Which ones and how much did you make?

rant-ish? sry bbs

So this girl, who i used to be very close with (and now i'm questioning whether i can even consider her a friend anymore, because she doesn't act like one) is really annoying me, and I would try to say something smart to describe her, but I just feel like writing OMG OMG LIKE SOO ANNOYING. she complains about everything to the wrong people and argues with everyone in arguments that she can't win. She just doesn't act like a friend.

her: OMG KENDALL HAS A FACEBOOK AGAIN! (her brothers ex girlfriend from two years ago, i don't talk to her brother)
me: OMG OMG SO COOL...what does this have to do with me

i honestly don't care that i wrote this, because i could have been much meaner.

should i apologize?
should i write her an angry letter telling her how i feel about anything?
or should i just keep acting like everythings okay?
OR should i hire a small asian girl to scare her at night?

Looking a gift horse in the mouth?

So I'm looking at renting an apartment and I cannot visit since it's in another country. It is extraordinarily difficult to find renters who are willing to rent out to people they're never met, but one family offered me a basement apartment in their house. The apartment itself is everything I'd want in a living space: big, nice, just within my budget and that includes internet and TV, has a washing machine, will most likely be quiet because a couple and their newborn are the only other occupants of the building, and...it's by a forest.

The only issue I have is that the location is less than ideal. I was really counting on living in the city, within walking distance or at least a short bus ride away from my job in the city center. I have friends who live in the city and I want to visit with them. I've heard it's very difficult to have a night life while living in this suburb where the apartment is because it's a half hour train ride from the city and the trains stop running pretty early...although potentially a friend might let me stay at their house once in awhile, and sometimes the parties run so late by the time they ended I could catch the first train of the morning.

I am looking at moving in about two or two and a half months, and a lot of people I've contacted have just said straight-out "no." I don't know if I should take this offer or not. The suburb has the necessities I'd need, though it might get boring, and I feel like I should be grateful to have even had a housing offer, I just don't know if I could be truly content not living in the city for the entire time I'm there (over a year). At the same time, it would be really nice to have a quiet place to live and it is near nature, and being in close proximity to the landlords might be ideal.

I told the landlord I needed a few days to think it over. In the meantime, I am desperately searching for more offers and I still keep getting turned down. What should I do? Should I take it and make do with what I have and be fortunate I have the opportunity to move overseas at all, or should I turn it down because maybe closer to the move-in date people will be more willing to rent out places?


I have been chopping chilis. I touched my face and it burned. What can I wash my hands with (or how) to make sure I don't cause myself any more harm?

Is there anything I can put on my burning body parts?

Do most tampons where you are come with applicators? (where are you?)
I once got a crazy pack in some school sample bag with applicators, I've never seen them elsewhere.

What do you put in your nachos?

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how do I clear the search history in google? I'm tired of every damn thing I search showing up. also, how do you feel about museums? What's your favorite museum?
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TQC, I have a 5-7 rough draft due tomorrow for my english class. If I don't do it, my grade on the final draft will drop one grade. I don't feel like doing the essay. I've already done 2 extra credit assignments. Should I do the rough draft or spend all day tomorrow thrifting? I've missed english class 2x. Once because I was sick and other time, I got lost on the way to school.

How are you fortunate?
How are you NOT fortunate?

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1) When was the last time someone fooled you?
2) Did you get them back?
3) What do you smell like right now?
4) What was the hardest thing you've ever had to tell anyone?
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1. There was an ant crawling on my glasses. I was wearing my glasses at the time of discovery. I have decided that I am infested with ants. What do you think?

2. Why do dog farts always smell like garlic?

3. Does anyone else have 400 papers to turn in in the next two weeks?
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1. Have you ever known/do you know homeschoolers?
2. What were they like? (I know this sounds kind of...I don't know, discriminatory or stereotypical, but I'm one myself, and I want to know other people's impressions.)
3. What is your general impression of homeschoolers?
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The girls next to me are about to get busted by the UPD because they're smoking the reefer. They asked us to stay in our rooms but we want to see those bitches go down. What would you do in this situation TQC?

(no subject)

1. For those who watched Hey Arnold, keep reading, for those who didn't skip to the bottom for other questions.

So, anyways. Ya know that character Brainy on Hey Arnold that was always following Helga around? Well, my boyfriend has a couple friends like that. They won't go away. How do I tell them to give us a tiny bit of space without getting smited?

2. Do you like the author Sarah Dessen?

3. If you could pick any day of the year to repeat over and over and over again, which would it be?

4. Favorite place to get shoes?

5. Is something bothering you? What is it? Let it out. Be mean. [Well, not to me. please/thank you.]

6. What's your favorite cover song?
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anyone know some good-ass limericks?

there's a meme of much internet fame
which incites much resentment and blame
but i'll take no excuse
for your verbal abuse
when you realize you've just lost the-
a sushi
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1. Is anyone else watching Carrier on PBS?

I got asked for the first time today to lend a 'friend' some money. I haven't seen her since high school, we occasionally text each other, and even in high school we weren't that close at all.

2. What would it take for you to lend someone $200 until next Friday? (How close should you be to the person? Anything else you take into consideration?)
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Are there any phrases which are meant to be intimidating but make you laugh?

I can't remember the exact name of the movie...But there was a line in which someone says "I'll neverrr telll" in a creepy voice and it makes me laugh a lot.

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Yay, first question.

In Theology class, we're discussing vocations. There are several vocations, according to the Catholic church: Single Life, Married Life, Religious Life, and Ordained Life.

About single life-

Do you consider being single to be "by default" (meaning that if you are single, you are always in pursuit of a relationship) or a choice?

Personally, I think that it is sad that things are assumed of single people - that they just can't "find someone" or are in between relationships. I know that you may be "looking for someone" and think that you can't ~find them~ but being single is for the most part, a choice.

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I bought a bonsai tree today!
By bonsai tree, I actually mean 5 seedlings, that I have to grow and cultivate and push through the germination period!
I am very excited about this.

Do you have a "green thumb"?
When was the last time you grew something (or at least tried to)? What was it?

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An element has the electron configuration of 2.8.6. Which species is this element most likely to form?

A. The ion Z (2+)
B. The ion Z (6+)
C. The compound H2Z
D. The compound Z6F

Why is the answer C?
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What are some useful things you've learned about from or started doing thanks to TQC?

a great chocolate chip cookie recipe, My Coke Rewards, Free Rice (although the near daily posts about it get old)

What is a useful thing you think people should know about?


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Have you heard of the band Oh No Ono? Isn't it the greatest band ever good? :) Can you recommend some other happy but original-sounding indie pop besides it and Architecture in Helsinki? I'm normally not into pop but I want to start listening to contemporary stuff more and found out that pop music isn't always bland.
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I'm a lady and I wear 10s and 12s in ladypants. I want some tatty ass cargo shorts, mens preferably (I don't want my ass emphasized or any hearts or cute stitching bullshit or whatevs, just baggy khakhi shorts with a shitload of pockets) and not too tight fitting, lose enough to wear boxers underneath and do some running/biking. What size would I be looking for do you think? NB: My hips could swallow Mt Doom, I am not even joking. So a slim waist fit is fine but it has to be able to -get- there.

ETA: I won't be trying to "pass" them as clothing made for womenz. They will be just shorts, on just my butt, if that's cool. For biking and dyking and whatnot.
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Stripped ?s

Have you ever been to a strip club?


Have you ever stripped a screw?


If you were a stripper (or have stripped in the past), how much money do you think you would make a night? Have you ever given a lap dance?

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ok, so my friend and i are in one of those things where
you think about something that happened in a movie and then it
kills you cause you cant think of what movie it was from.
well i gave up and decided to as TQC.

in this a movie a man goes to like a yard sale or something and looks through antiques photos,
he then buys one of a lady from like the 60s or the 70s,
later on in the movie he shows it to someone telling them it was
his mother.
what movie is this from??!!
its killing me.
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What's something that if you can do perfectly without thinking about it, but if you actually try to think about it while you're doing it, you mess up?

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I adore Shakespeare and want to read some plays for fun (lol). Which play should I read first? (I've already read Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, King Lear, Julius Caesar, Othello, Measure for Measure, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Henry IV: Part One, and The Tempest.)