April 28th, 2008

Kill Bill - Elle
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I also confess to getting off on midget porn. Oh, and my biggest fantasy is to have SUDDENLY! UNICORNS! in my asshole.
Validate me, plz?
dc love
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Hey, TQC!

Any one live in or near the Washington DC metro?

Will you name places you like to shop for clothes, in real life and through the internet?

What are you craving right now?


Hey, have you noticed how people here are always posting about how much pimples in the ear hurt and how they get them there so often and so on?
I got one today, wtf! Now I'm wondering if it's due to the power of suggestion. (Kidding, sort of)
What psychosomatic illnesses are you susceptible to? Are you a hypochondriac?
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What are three things that if listed as interests on someone's LJ profile would make you want to be their friend?

3 things that if you saw them you knew you couldn't be friends with this person?

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I have this ridiculous ENG 102 online class that is so many levels of dysfunctional. We are supposed to be peer reviewing each others papers. Do you think we have assigned partners? No of course not. Do you think anyone is actually reviewing your paper? Of course not. So this shit is for a grade and needs to be turned in by Friday and I have yet to hear back from any of the people I have sent my essay too. What the h should I do?

Ps I cut all my hair off against your advice. :]

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 I just saw a commercial for this tv show or countdown or something that is called 'when good shows go bad' or something like that. 
I think one of the examples was when felicity cut her hair? or the car crash that killed marissa on the oc?

so my question is...

What do you think was the downfall of some of the tv shows you liked to watch?

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I just read this on the internet. A human head remains conscious for about 15 to 20 seconds after it is been decapitated. While it might be gross to think about, the blood in the head may be enough to keep someone alive and conscious for a few seconds after the head has been separated from the body, though reports as to the accuracy of this are widely varying.

so if you were beheaded, and you had 20 seconds to say something, what would you say? would it be something that you want your loved ones to hear, or would it be nonsense that puzzles people, or what? I mean how many of you could actually take it seriously when you're going to be fully dead in 20 seconds?

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what was the name of that mtv dating show where their best friends would watch from a van and yell in their ear the whole time?! my bf and i have been trying to remember all day.

eta: what's your favorite mtv dating show?
mine's the x effect! oh man, i could watch it all day long.

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Lookit this picture of Miley Cyrus and her dad


What is your comment about the Cyrus father-daughter pic?

Normal. There's not one odd thing about it
They've definitely banged. Incest is a houseguest in the Cyrus household
A little provocative, but harmless. It's just a picture, you sickos!
It's a little suggestive. It makes me feel uncomfortable
It's a little suggestive. It's turning me on
That picture's boring. The seemingly-naked Miley pic next to it is more interesting/omgwtf
Things are different in the South. Hannah Montana's of fine birthing age now, and it's only right that she put that information out there before she's an old maid at 25

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So, I stole the idea someone else had a while ago. I want to donate to a charity in my moms honor for Mothers Day.

Would you recommend any charities? What do they do?
(we already donate to the ASPCA)
ETA pt. II: I'd like to stay way from medical and scholarship-ish stuff.

What should I make for my friends cook out/swim party soon?
I was thinking maybe chocolate silk pie or tres leches cake.
I'm really handy in the kitchen. I can probably hack nearly anything you can throw at me. Have at it.

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Can sneezing a lot from hayfever make your shoulders/sternum/back side of your ribs ache?

My dog is missing her right back leg, and she lays in the sun and that side of her belly seems to be getting burnt. What can I do to protect her belly? The other side doesn't get burnt because either she's laying on it, or her leg covers her belly. I don't want her to be in discomfort.
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What is your favorite bedtime story from your childhood?

I love anything by Hans Christian Andersen + Ronald Dahl.

If you could get a certain type of candy for free forever, what would it be?



2) My friend's cat that I'm sitting who won't stop crying, even after a week.
(How do I put a stop to this? She's in Surrey for a month....)

3) Contemplating my crazy mother and if I'm becoming her.

4) Debating if I should get up and get some water, knowing that if I get up I will get online and lose more sleep, get drowsy again at precisely four in the morning and then not want to get back up at 6:30. Every bleeding night.

5.) Randomness. (Did I take the change from my pockets when I did laundry, etc.)

What keeps you up at night?


Can you predict the future?

The date: April 28th, 2028
The task: Pretend it's twenty years in the future.
Describe your day, from beginning to end.

For example, You wake up after spending the night in a Motel with no running water or electricity. (Why the hell are you there? What are you doing? Who are you with? What do you do next?)

Or something like that

Be vague and/or specific.
In twenty years, you can come back to this post and see if you're a psychic.
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I know they're all pretty useless, but which of these college majors would be the most useful in the real world?


What sort of career could you have from any of those outside of being, like, a minister???

and fyi, I'm thinking of taking one just to do something with my brain, since I'm disabled. I don't truly expect any of them to lead to a career, I've just always wanted to have a BA in something.

Moral Dilemma Question Time

Guy works in a cigar/smoke shop. Woman who appears to be 8-months pregnant comes in and wants to buy cigarettes. He refuses to sell them to her. She leaves in a huff and call him an asshole. Did he do the right thing?

I say no. He's an employee of the store, not judge, jury and executioner. Yes, the woman's decision to smoke while pregnant is reprehensible but that is not his concern. She was of age and came in to buy a legal product. Mark my words, she's going to get her cigarettes from some other source.

What say you?

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What's a good book for a beginner gardener like me to start reading?

I have a front yard and a backyard to start planting and I'm pretty clueless about making a garden. How did you start learning?

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Do you own a flask? What do you keep in it?

Why didn't I sleep for the hour I had before class?

I just posted this to my personal journal instead of TQC. On a scale of one to eleventy, how stupid am I?

screen names

How do you delete people off your AIM list? The only way I know is if they sign on and you can click delete contact but that's only when they sign on. I have a ton of people that I either don't talk to or they sign on once in a blue moon. Is there another way of deleting them? I use AIM Pro if that matters.
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Help Me with a Word

Anyone familiar with those wire carts that people in cities often use to schlep groceries, laundry, whatever from one place to another? They are more vertical than grocery store shopping carts, may have only two wheels instead of 4, and I think also a handle. I have been looking under shopping cart, push cart, hand cart, all sorts of things and can't find what I'm looking for. I would insert a helpful image, but I can't find one. What's this contraption called?

Anyone know?

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what do you season artichoke hearts with? how should i eat my artichoke hearts?

do you like eggplant? what is your favorite way to eat it?

how much should a linux support engineer be making?

eta : what is the average salary for someone working at mcdonalds?

The religion conversation

My boy and I have been having the religion conversation, repeatedly. He is Roman Catholic and I am a reform Jew. I was raised Jewish even though my dad was Christian until I was in high school when he converted. In Judaism, the offspring follow the religion of the mother. My boy went to Catholic school for elementary and middle school, he feels he was forced into religion. He thinks they need to decide them selves, make that choice, and I don't want to be like DUDE I think they need to be raised Jewish because I want to be open and accepting, but I think that religious school wise Judaism give a much better education but I don’t really know how the others compare. We both do not go to church/temple often. I am a Sunday school teacher, well was it ended yesterday. I DO find it important to go to temple for high holy days and every once and a while for services, but not very often. And he only went to church for Christmas and Easter, and now that his grandma just died it might not happen even that often. While he was at Basic training for the Army, he started going to Bible study but mainly because it was an hour or so off base and they got candy and stuff when they went.

I am having a very hard time. How would you talk this out and solve it? Or how did you if you were in a situation like this come to an agreement?

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1. There is a guy at work here, his name is Miles, but everytime he answers the phone (for a call that isn't work-related), he says "Hello, Mark speaking". I know this because I'm the only one who sits anywhere near him enough to hear when he's on the phone. If someone from here calls him though, which he sees on caller-id, he says his name as Miles. The only thing I can think of, is that he has a Freelance buisiness, so maybe that is registered under his other name. But still. Why the heck does he have two identities?

2. I say "Your mom" ALL THE TIME. I have no idea where I picked this up, or when it started, but it's starting to drive me crazy. But sometimes I can't help it, it just fits perfectly!


"What was that noise?" - "It was your mom"
"Who should I give this too?" - "Your mom"
"That's crazy!" - "Your mom's crazy"

Is there anything else I can say????? Please, help meeee

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What's the best t-shirt graphic/slogan you've ever seen?

What t-shirt have you made yourself, or always meant to make?

ETA: Why is everyone so depressed and/or obsessed with psych meds today???
kiv dancin.
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pop quiz, hotshot.

ttly hypothetical scenario, rite: you've got a friend that is of your preferred gender. you're good friends, have been for years. you have the same interests, senses of humor, etc. however, there is a LOT of sexual tension. you've "circled" each other a few times, but never actually dated or crossed the line. their partners through the years can all see the tension. they all have commented about it, although you've never been the reason for problems or a breakup. you've seen this person in relationships, and they almost never remain friendly with an ex. the best relationship they have with an ex is awkward and distant at best.

the circling is starting again. you're single. they're single.

would you rather keep the friend as a friend, and therefore keep a palatable, very real sexual tension that would never be fulfilled, or would you cross the line, date/have sex and risk losing your friend?

what would you do, tqc? how important is friendship vs romance to you? would it bother you, the "what if" in the back of your mind? would you rather have an awesome friend for life - but a metaphorical, unscratchable itch that never goes away, or end the tension but possibly lose the friend?

sorry if its tl;dr, srs bsns
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I bought myself a small bracelet (proceeds go to domestic violence awareness; $3; I suggest it to any woman, and hell, guys too) to reward myself for surviving the semester, and on a whim I decided to Google coupon codes, and I ended up getting myself free shipping, which would have cost more than the bracelet itself. I am positively tickled.

What bargain have you gotten lately that you're particularly pleased with?
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It is my birthday, TQC! As a present I've got a $15 gift certificate for Amazon sitting here and I have no idea what to buy with it (most the stuff I'm considering is over $15, so I might just get one of them and pay the difference ;)).

What would you buy?

If you could get a gift certificate to any store, what would it be? (limit is $100, let's be sane ;))
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So I was wondering how I could convert music files to be able to play in ITunes? The music is legally downloaded, just not in the proper format. I believe they are Winamp music files, but I am not very tech savvy when it comes to these things. Someone told me it can be done, but didn't know the name of the program to download. It would really be helpful since my school just paid for us a service to download music, but I only use ITunes to play them in and they only work in Winamp or the media player that I downloaded from the service.

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- would you consider hitting a child on the butt with a belt as a form of punishment abuse?
- where would you personally draw the line between disciplining a child and abusing a child?
Baro Bitch Stare
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How do you know you're depressed?
How do the doctors know to give you meds?
Why do you take the meds if you don't believe the doctor?
How many of you are diagnosed as depressed?

And to make this happy, what is your favorite kind of muffin??
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Do you take any medications daily?

What and what are they for?

How many pills do you take on an average day?

Do you take any medication that isn't in pill form?


Yes. 75mcg Synthroid for an underactive thyroid, Spironolactone for PCOS, the pill for (hopefully) shrinking a cyst, and vitamins.


No Yes, I'm so forgetful. I have a topical gel (Clyndamycin) for acne.

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Poll #1179200 Just pick the most appropriate one

What is your favorite type of movie?

Anything about some branch of the U.S. Military, starring Samuel L. Jackson, and having lots of explosions
Ones regarding women coming to terms with their sexuality, mortality, and shoe size
Feel-good romps
I don't care as long as someone in the movie is pregnant
Documentaries about how the liberals are ruining the world
Documentaries about how the conservatives are ruining the world
Bleak cinamatographic gems regarding what it's like to grow up in Kosovo
I don't watch movies

What kind of snack do you like with your movie?

snake oil and Dr. Pepper
I don't eat; I'm sustained entirely by my own self-regard
Saltines with cottage cheese and sugar-free Kool-Aid
Weight Watchers' chocolate mousse, followed promptly by regular chocolate mousse
Fair Trade tempeh nuggets dipped in organic carob powder
semen/vaginal fluid
yummy beer!, yummy

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How do you take your iced tea??
For those who grew up or live in an area where sweet tea (in restaurants, drive-thrus, and such) is the norm, do you doctor yours some other way?  Do you actually prefer it unsweetened?

What is your favorite hot weather/summertime beverage?

Your favorite summertime treat?

Does the community seem kind of slow today?

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Are there any weird things you like that may or may not be sexual (As in, you don't know if they're sexual or not)?

For some reason I like watching girls eat, but it's not necessarily arousing. Muffins are especially sexy. Hamburgers are a no-no unless eaten totally cutely.

Will you post a picture of yourself eating a muffin?

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Blogging Software/Tools

Are there any blogging tools/software that allows users to upload multiple pictures in a single post ?

I am aware WordPress allows this, but so far it's only worked for me in Firefox (in the IE 6, 7 that I've used will only allow single uploads of pictures). The blog will be used by multiple students studying abroad, which is why I need cross-browser capabilities (ie, the uploading scheme works across all browsers).

(no subject)

So, TQC...any tips on shopping for an engagement ring?

Failing that, what's your current occupation and/or your desired future occupation?

Right now I'm a waiter. I'm going to be a professor/world famous author someday, though. At least that's the plan.

ETA: Thanks a ton, you guys are awesome. Stay tuned someday for polls on which one to buy/how I should ask her.
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What's something that someone* should really stfu about already?

(IRL, on the interwebz, in the news, etc.)

What's the last thing that made you question why you live where you do?
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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Why didn't I get hired back at the summer job I worked at last year?

In the letter I got, it said they've selected applicants whose backgrounds are most closely related to the current job requirements. It's a day camp counselor position and I'm majoring in Elementary Ed. -- Early Childhood. WTF?

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Poll #1179249 Doctors

Who is the best doctor? (based on a /. poll)


Discuss? Missing poll items?
kurt halsey

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On Facebook, the "Religious Views" of a friend of a friend of mine say, "Cleo. if you don't know what this means you never will." He is, however, Jewish. Does anyone know what this means? (I feel like I should, or like I did at one point but forgot. Ehh.)
me - with gun
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Because none of us want Paris

If there was a new reality show to be "Be [celebrity]'s New BFF", which celebrity would it have to be for you to try out for it?

What if the show were "Be [TQC member]'s New BFF", who would it be? What would you offer them to be your BFF? (besides hookers and blow, that's required to even audition)

(no subject)

Ok, this is going to sound awful, I know, but depesperate times....

I met a guy on saturday, gave him my number.
I have 2 missed calls from what I guess is him.
Should I call back now (45mins later) or later in the evening, or wait for him to call again?

(no subject)




We have to throw rudezombie's bachelor party and get sinkopayshun geared up to ask the big question so we might as well throw a Strengthen-Your-Will party for him.

Who is bringing what?

I'm stepping out for a moment to price the hookers but I'd better have some people signed up for more than coke and napkins.


(no subject)

If you were going to adopt get a new dog (assuming you like them and are not allergic), where would you get it from? Would you find a breeder in your area or adopt from a local animal shelter? Or would you (*cringe*) go the pet store route?
Sam outside

(no subject)

 1. what are you excited for tonight?
2. how was your weekend? any pictures to show of it?
3. i keep dreaming about my straight friends being gay with each other...what does this mean?
4. what's something your mother likes a lot?
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Weird(er Than Normal) Dog

So, my husky sometimes has seizures. We keep track of it, but since they're (luckily) few and far between and haven't been any grand mals, our vet suggested that we don't put him on meds. Of course, if it becomes more frequent, or more severe, that could change. As of this year, they seem to be a bit more frequent, but not so frequent that we've felt the need to do more than bring it up to our vet. He's also agreed that since they've been minor, it's been ok that the dog's still untreated for them.

Today, he's acting really weird. My husband said when he woke up, Dogbertowitz was just staring at the toilet. Our dogs don't drink from the toilet, and when my husband opened the door, DB didn't rush to the water dish or anything. But for whatever reason, DB was staring at the toilet. This is not normal behaviour.

When we got home from lunch, he was holding his paw up and sitting in the living room like he was confused. I thought maybe he'd had a seizure while we'd been gone, but A) our corgi was calm (we call him 'seizure squad' because he always lets us know if DB is having one, even if we're asleep or in another room) and B) my mother had been home and didn't say anything and she would have called us and told us again when we got home. He just seemed out of it. His paw wasn't hurt, though, and he wasn't shaking or drooling, nor were his muscles tense, so I don't think he was having a very mild seizure, either.

A few minutes ago, I went downstairs to try and get him to come upstairs with me while I took a nap, but he wouldn't come when I called him. I called and called, but to no avail. I walked down and he was laying on the couch, just looking up at me. I said, "come on, let's go take a nap!" and he wouldn't move. I tapped his rear and said it again, still nothing. So I went to jingle his collar, like we sometimes do to get him to move and he bit my hand four or five times, not HARD hard, but hard enough that it hurt enough to swell and make me cry.

I left him down there, but I don't know what's going on. The only thing I can think of is either it's somehow related to his seizures or the fact that he got his rabies shot and heartworm snap test yesterday. But yesterday when we came home from all that he was fine. He and Ein got cookies and they both took naps and were totally normal.

Can anyone who made it through all this offer any insight? Maybe he's just having a bad day, I don't freaking know? If he's not any better in a day or two, to the vet we'll go, but I wanted to ask and see if anyone could give me some help. Sorry for all the variables - I just wanted to be a thorough as possible. Thanks everyone! :)

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I asked a vague version of this question a month or so ago, but now I have more information and really want specific opinions.
I was recently accepted to the Disney College Program for "Quick Service Food and Beverage" and want any experiences you or people you know have had with that job.
Will you tell me these things?

Miroku Turn

(no subject)

Has a dream ever made you rethink something?

I had a dream about getting a tattoo, and now I'm not sure I want one anymore.

What's your favorite t-shirt?

My parents bought me a t-shirt at an air show from the Japanese booth that says "Noshiro Space Event" and it's got the cutest little girl holding a rocket and wearing a rocket hat. :O And it's soft as fuck, I could wear this forever. ;;

Ice water or regular kind?

Ice. :O
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Based on a real life situation with a friend:

Boy likes Girl 1 and Girl 2.
Girl 1 is very hot headed and possessive over Boy and has known him for over four years. Boy had pursued Girl 1 many times over the four years, but she never verbally admitted to liking him, despite her possessiveness over him around other girls. Boy and Girl 1 are very close friends.
Girl 2 is not possessive at all and has known Boy over the last 4 months. They have gotten very close and Boy has told Girl 2 that no one has made him this happy in a long time.
Boy must choose. Boy says he chooses Girl 2. Boy tells almost everyone Girl 2 is his girlfriend. When Girl 1 asks, Boy says he did not choose either. He tells Girl 2 he cannot tell her that he chose for fear of losing Girl 1 as a friend.

How screwed up is this?
Isn't it worse if Girl 1 finds out from someone else that Boy lied like that?
What should Girl 2 do?
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So I'm listening to the local news, and it's very weird today. A seven-year-old stole and wrecked his grandma's car, a school was in lock-down because of a fake gun, and a man tried to rob a big box store with a sword.
So my question is do you think there is something in the water today?
Should I stay at home and lock the door, or get out the camera if something else happens?
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(no subject)

Can you identify the TV character who stated and series that featured the following quotes?

1. There are four lights!
2. Don't make fun of grad students. They've just made a terrible life choice.
3. remember how hard it was when I realized my father was a son of a bitch. I can't imagine what it must be like when you realize you raised one.
4. You have to stop the Q-Tip when there's resistance.

Do you have a quote you'd like us to guess?
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If one of us is going to bore the other with clothes/shoes shopping, it'll just about always be my boyfriend boring me, instead of us following tradition with the female dragging the male along.

In what ways are you and your SO against the "relationship norm"?
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(no subject)

Its my b-day and my friends are making me pick dinner. There will be 4 adults, 1 pre-teen, 2 kids, and 2 toddlers.
They told me to pick anywhere in the city (Des Moines, Iowa)

Where should we go?

(no subject)

1. How do you react when you read, see, or think something that really upsets you?

I get this really cold sweat that breaks out over my body, especially under my arms. It's really intense and it's a horrible feeling.

2. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I'm curious: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one book, what would it be?

Mine would be my Norton Anthology of English Literature. I think it would last me a long time.

(no subject)

1. Have you ever seen The Laramie Project? (the HBO movie, the play, either one) 

2. What did you think of it?

(I found it on YouTube if anyone wants to see it. Just let me know and I'll post the first link.)

Movies rarely make me cry, but this one is doing it.
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John Simm, Life on Mars

(no subject)

I am confined to the house because of this post- the doctor thinks it is probably either chicken pox or impetigo and we're awaiting results of the skin scraping she took.

So I'm shopping online. I want to buy a new stethoscope- I was looking at a Littmann Cardiology III but I was wondering if I could get away with a Littmann Master Classic because it's almost half the price, and comes in purple.

I currently have a stethoscope that's roughly as good as the basic range of Littmanns. How much of an improvement in terms of sound volume and quality are each of these stethoscopes going to give me?


(no subject)

Do cats know humans can't see in the dark?

Because I just smacked my cat on the head with an enormous THWACK by accident while going down the stairs, and now he's looking at me like I'm the devil.

Also, I am off to buy some shrimp. You'd better decide what I'm doing with them by the time I get back, do you hear me?
The Black Lou Ferrigno Two

Community ?s

1) Are you a member of any communities that you very rarely post or comment in?

2) When you join a community, do you usually lurk before you begin making posts or comments? How long do you usually wait?

3) Have you ever eaten at a Hooters restaurant? Were you ever served by a pregnant waitress?
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(no subject)

My best friend and I have been trying to coordinate a "date" for a while, we plan on doing lottery/rushing a show (Broadway) and then getting Thai food (my favorite Thai place, Pongsri Thai).
Our problem is we don't know what show we want to see.
TQC, solve my problem.

What show should we see?
Why/Have you seen this show?

Or, if you don't care, what's the best Broadway show you've ever seen?
It's a tie between Company, Sweeney Todd, and The Rocky Horror Show.

(no subject)

Random questions, huzzah.
1. If you have had an IUD, did it cause you to be infertile?
2. What was the longest trip you've ever been on?
3. Have you read My Name Is Asher Lev? Was it good?
4. Have you ever had Rumba energy juice? Was it good?

(no subject)

1. Since I was about 13 years old I've been having dreams that I'm smoking pot, and for some reason, in the dream I feel good and dizzy. I have never smoked before, so I don't know what it's like, but in the dreams it feels real and good. And dammit! Really, the dreams are making me very curious about trying it because I want to know if it feels the same I imagine it in my dream. Do you recommend I stay curious or try it at least once?

2. I have heard that marijuana isn't addictive. If you have smoked it before, have you felt addicted to it?

3. Has smoking marijuana affected your memory in any way?

4. Have you heard about chocolate Skittles? :D If you have tried them, are they delicious? (edited to add chocolate)
anti-time dispensary

Halp Drs. TQC and LJ

So, my right tonsil is the size of Mars. It doesn't hurt, I'm not sick, my lymph nodes are fine, and I'm not bothered by it except that I snore in every position now, including face down hanging off a couch. I can't afford to go to the doctor unless this is the type of thing that won't get better on its own and/or will stop me from working and thus cost me money. Is this something I should see a doctor for? I didn't know what tonsils even looked like before this, so I have no clue. My bottom wisdom teeth are breaking through, could this be related to the irritation that is causing?

Since tilapia is apparently the most ecologically and economically viable flesh-product right now, I'm going to eat more of it and less of other meats. Do you have any favourite tilapia recipes?

What cologne/perfume/scent combination is your "signature" smell?

All the nude that's fit to print

Hypothetical. You're out of work and having problems finding a job. Then, you see in an ad somewhere, there's a desk job at a nudist colony. Would you set up an interview?


Let's say you set up the interview cause you need money ASAP. You show up at the front desk, and you're greeted by the perky blonde...and entirely naked receptionist., Behind her, other people are walking about, buck-naked. "Welcome to Nudecorp. Are you here for the interview? If so, you'll have to disrobe before I let you fill out the application form". What do you do? Remember, you really need a job and owe lots of money to your creditors and family

I take off my clothes and proceed with the interview process
I leave. I can't possibly get naked in front of strangers

Even if you didn't take the interview, you're the only one who showed up. The job is yours if you want it. It pays pretty well (better than your last job), has job security, benefits, 401K, and medical. But, as you figured out, no clothes are permitted in the workplace. Do you take the job?


If you took the job, and all your coworkers are really really hot...on a scale of 1 to 10, how much work will you end up getting done each day? 1 being distracted to the point where nothing gets done and 10 being I become a model employee and do the work of 2 naked people

Mean: 6.83 Median: 7 Std. Dev 2.06

18-year-old girl & 21-year-old guy?

18-year-old girl with no experience and 21-year-old guy with some experience....how does that sound? Is there much difference? Girl hasn't even kissed before. (Doesn't necessarily mean girl will have sex with him. Just maybe go a little farther than friendship.)

GUYS: Would you be hesitant about her? If so, why? If not, why not?
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Me again, TQC. Sorry my last post was recent, but this is only my third post ever.

I know it's good to clean out a coffee maker after a long period of un-use by "making" a pot of vinegar and water to disinfect the ickies. However, do I have to run clear water after that to make my next batch of coffee/tea NOT taste like vinegar? Or am I good to go after the one water/vinegar run?
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I was just looking through someone's facebook pictures of a baby shower, and there are people playing those silly baby shower games in them.
A lot of pictures have people wearing oven mitts. What is this game?

Dirty Jobs Fans-

Somewhat icky talk so if you're sensitive be warned

Was Dirty Jobs less censored in the beginning?

I hadn't watched the show from the beginning and heard that when it first started it was less censored/blurred but as time went on that changed, I know that the past two times I've say seen somebody vomit (Mike on the shark boat Doug in the zodiac well harvesting kelp) they've blurred it out. However, watching last week's show-Floating Fish Factory-they very clearly showed Mike throwing up so are they starting to cut back on censoring?
lost: jears

movies, regret and jears!

What are your opinions on the movies:

The Mist
The Terminator (first one!)


The Little Mermaid?

And second, will I regret not turning off my e-mail comment notifications?

And third, do you love Jears? (see Lost; see Jack; see icon)
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What do you think my chances are of the nice bank employee boy who I made casual friends with the other day erasing my SIX overdraft fees totaling $175? He had casually mentioned being able to do this before and we're on a first name basis.

I will also try to bribe him with free Italian food from my work (he has been saying that he is going to come visit me but hasn't yet.) I think I have good chances of getting at least a few of them erased, they're all from the same day. Otherwise that was the damn most expensive cup of coffee I've ever had.
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My sister suffers from the occasional bout of sulphuric burps and bloating. It's seriously stinky (and she tells me it's rather uncomfortable). Does anyone know what might be causing this? What can she do? She is begging you for help (she claims it is hindering her social interactions)!

Moose knuckle ?s

Inspired by this comment in another post: if you were to open a restaurant placing a strong emphasis on certain body part(s) as it's its central theme, what would that body part be?

What would the name of your restaurant be called?

Bonus: I could have better worded my first question?

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a) You're at Dunkin Donuts, what do you order? (be specific)
b) You're at the SuperMarket, what can you NEVER seem to find?
c) "Ma!! Where's the damn __________ ?!"

a) "Medium ice, skim milk, two Splenda."

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TQC, what're some of your most exciting/scariest weather-related horror stories?

A tornado ripped through my neighborhood this afternoon and decimated the house 2 doors down from mine (as well as a few others), and did a bunch of damage to our house too.
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Where do you download your torrents from?
What color are your eyes?
Working with people that you enjoy being around, but getting paid poorly OR getting lots of money and wanting to kill all of your coworkers?
Are you looking forward to anything this week?
What was the best vacation you've ever had?
How many hours do you average a work week?